Remember Wolves This Holiday Season

“The gaze of the wolf reaches into our soul.” -Barry Lopez


Update: 1/2/10..I’m back and renewed to fight on for wolves.  2010 will be a better year for them.  It has to be!

UPDATE 12/31… Dear Wolf Supporters and readers of this blog, I will be offline for a few days.  I’m going to spend my New Years looking for wolf sign and wolves. 

Please keep reading, there are many posts on this blog concerning the gray wolves plight. 

Keep them in your thoughts this New Year and hope Judge Molloy will restore their ESA Protections but remember WS is out there gunning for wolves as well.

Have a Happy New Year despite all the bad news.  Thank you for your support and care for wolves!!  Hugs and Howls!!

For the wild ones,



Please keep the 500 hundred dead Northern Rockies gray wolves in your heart this holiday season.  Don’t let wolves slip away without raising your voice in their defense.  Please write or call the contacts I have listed here.

Say a prayer for wolves that they will survive this awful time and next year we will see them rebound with full ESA protection. 

The video speaks to aerial gunning  in Alaska but wolves are suffering the same fate here in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming at the hands of Wildlife Services, with buckshot reigning down on them from the sky, sometimes chased for miles, injured and bleeding, dying horrific cruel deaths. One third of the Northern Rockies gray wolves are now dead from this wolf killing madness.  Will you stand up for wolves?

For all the loyal readers of this blog and those that stopped by.  Thank you for your support and concern for wolves.  I hope we will have a better year in 2010.  God Bless You and God Bless the Wolves.

For the wild ones,


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  1. For all creatures,great and small.For God made them one and all. For the wolves,past and present.

  2. We only share one lifetime with these animals so let us all enjoy there beuty & grace while we can.

  3. To all you wolf killers. You can’t seek mercy from above if you show none at whats below !!!!

  4. I will call the numbers on the webite and help the best I can for sure.

  5. Paul, you are right. wolves are God’s creatures. Coyotes as well. Where is the logic? Or is it just human ego? greed.

  6. Gline, Only a wolf killer can answer that question

    • Paul…Here is a sample of the comments I get from wolf haters. Needless to say they go directly to spam.
      Submitted on 2009/12/20 at 10:28am
      you guys are just plain fools
      save the poor animals introduce wolves
      some wolves should eat you while you are screaming in pain and still alive.
      wolves should be completely removed your experiment is a failure it should have never happened in the first place.
      you guys need “fools” tattooed on your foreheads
      the liberals of this nation need to be required to where pink so when we have had our fill of you idiots we can know who you are and deport you and that’s my second choice of things to do with you

      Nice huh?

  7. Re: your spam copy above

    My comment to this would be: Why is the experiment a failure if the wolf population rose? I’m lost with that statement. It is a failure now in my eyes because there is a legal hunt, lethal killings of entire packs by Wildlife Services paid for by taxpayer money and idiotic human wolf regulations. Otherwise the reintroduction wasn’t a failure, they thrived. ID, MT and WY have good habitat for the Gray Wolf. It is the human culture of hate that is failing the wolf.

    • I’m just glad I don’t have to argue with these people about the worth of wolves. It’s just easier to hit spam. I mean how do you even deal with that mentality?

      • I’ve been a fan a long time. They actually won today but it’s a huge longshoit that they make the playoffs.

        I think I have writer’s block from all the killing that’s been going on. There are so many good things about wolves that I want to write about but I feel like I have to keep up with all the madness. I knew it would be bad with the hunts and WS but I never dreamed it would sink to this.

  8. Secondly, how do you deport an American citizen?

  9. Last night i emailed a letter to secretary salazar & as of yet i have had no reply, perhaps i’m being unreasonable in thinking i would. Still, as we say in england ” if at first you don’t succeed, try again “

    • We have to keep pushing Paul no matter what!!

  10. I have just sent an email to a well known auction website ( i dont know if i can name them here? ) as i discovered today that they allow the selling of wolf pelts and other animal fur. i will post here there reply ( if i get one ) Thankyou.

    • Paul…this is outrageous. Did you get a response from them? I will boycott their site as long as this is going on. What next? It seems there is a new front opening on this battle every day.

  11. Paul, I would be interested in the feedback you receive if any from the auction site and Salazar. Please keep me posted. Thanks for caring. M

  12. hi there nabeki & marc as yet ive still no reply to either, be sure to know that i will post any replies here first. i also told the auction site that i would report them to all relevant animal wellfare authorities so i am working on that aswell. Thankyou

    • Thank you Paul!!

      • hi there i have been over the past few weeks monitoring my mail from the well known auction site and as of yet i have still had no reply. still….. all is not lost, as one door closes another must open. KEEP DOING IT FOR THE WOLVES!!!

      • Thanks Paul. Hope you get an answer soon. Sounds like they’re dodging you.


  13. everyone needs to get livestock guardian dogs like kangal any place danger for people not to kill them kangal and wolf balance out and no need the kill wolfs

    • Hi tolga,
      Many ranchers are not doing enough to protect their investment and rely on WS to be their own personal wolf extermination service.

      • “Many ranchers are not doing enough to protect their investment and rely on WS to be their own personal wolf extermination service.”

        Could you please expand on this comment?

      • Hi Deborah,
        Wolves killed 214 cows in 2009 out of a population of SIX MILLION in the Northern Rockies. All predation only accounts for 0.18% of cattle losses nationally. Coyotes are the main predators of cattle, next come domestics dogs. Vultures actually killed more cattle then wolves in 2005, those numbers are from the USDA, I didn’t make them up. So number one: wolf predation is a red herring. If you ask any of the “wolf managers” they will tell you wolves kill few livestock. That’s the premise we start with. For the miniscule cows that are killed by wolves, ranchers often invest very little of their money on sound animal husbandry practices, such as electrified fladery, guards dogs, range riders, etc. Additionally, many of their cows are grazing on public land, which can encompass huge areas. The ranchers hold public land leases under the good graces of the citizens of this country who collectively own that land. Ranchers should abide by rules of good animal husbandry or get their cattle off OUR public land. Wolves should rule there, not cattle.

        Ranchers often contribute to wolf predation by not removing dead cow carcasses that sit and rot. Wolves may feed on those carcasses and become habituated to cattle without ever having killed one. Yet the wolves will pay with their lives for feeding on an already dead cow. 145 wolves were slaughtered in Montana by Wildlife Services in 09. Do you know how many cows were killed by wolves in Montana in 09? 97 cows out of millions. Yet 145 wolves lost their lives.

        Cattle are the single biggest obstacle to wolf recovery. Ranchers are compensated for wolf losses with no strings attached to the money. If the feds or Defenders are going to pay for the tiny, miniscule losses from wolves then ranchers should have to practice pristine animal husbandry. I personally don’t think they should be paid because then they have no incentive to change their ways. They are not compensated for the over ninety percent of cattle deaths from disease, weather, reproduction or theft. Are they reimbursed for coyote kills? It makes no sense to reimburse for wolf kills.

        Wildlife Services is the killing arm of the USDA and most of their time and effort is devoted to killing animals that farming and ranching deem pests, to hell with the rest of the wildlife viewing public. Here are a few links:

        Livestock At Center Of Wolf Conflicts

        A WEST WITHOUT WOLVES……The Livestock Industry Hamstrings Wolf Recovery

        Thanks for reading!


  14. Paul, Thanks for keeping all of us updated. Keep trying! Marc

  15. I can’t believe people who hate wolves, what did wolves ever do to u to deserve to die? Cuz no animals like wolves deserve to die!!!!
    I wish there’s still hope for wolves!

  16. Know I have seen that video a thousand times and this video makes me so sad cuz wolves are my favorite animals, these people should be ashamed of themselves,how could they live with themselves!!!!!! I hope u guys save a lot of wolves and I will always care for wolves

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