Graphic Photo: This Is What They’re Doing To Wolves

What’s left of wolf B341.

I’m sorry to show you this photo but this is what they’re doing to wolves.  This is the ugly face of the wolf hunts. These are the mangled bones of a wolf, once beautiful, once breathing and alive, now left like garbage to rot, killed for no reason except the enjoyment of killing a magnificent animal.

This is the story of wolf B341, whose bones are pictured above:

September 1, 2009 in Central Idaho:

A beautiful three-year old wolf from Idaho’s Archery Mountain Pack, is walking through a meadow and sniffs the smell of cooked meat. The wolf comes toward a hunter’s camp where there is a barbecue (hibachi) setting on a stump next to a horse. The hunter tears out of tent, fumbles for his rifle and shoots the wolf, which has moved 100 yards away. The man, Jay Mize of Emmett, Idaho, posts a video on the internet and claims the “wulf was tryin’ to eat muh hoss”. Mize shows the dead wolf stuffed into the cargo basket of his ATV. Mize then proceeded to skin, behead and take B341 home as a “trophy” – the second wolf to be killed in Idaho’s infamous hunt. Mize was interviewed by the Idaho Statesman and his story appeared in an article written by Rocky Barker.

Trees where horse was tied and stump that hibachi was setting on.


The wolf was shot here, some 100 yards from the hunter’s tent. He used his ATV to haul the wolf back to camp.


A startled hiker finds B341’s carcass in the woods.


What’s left of wolf B341.

I said a prayer for wolf B341 and the over 500 wolves killed  in 2009.  Wolves are still dying!! Please share this story with everyone you know!!

How many more wolves have to be slaughtered to satisfy this blood lust?  We must have our voices heard!!  Please scroll down for contact information, write and express your outrage!!  Stand up for wolves!!


“If the wolf is to survive the wolf haters must be outnumbered. They must be outshouted, out financed, and out voted. Their narrow and biased attitude must be outweighed by an attitude based on an understanding of natural processes.” ~ L. David Mech

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Write to Carolyn Sime:

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Write to Idaho Fish and Game:

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  1. I took in the photo’s of the senselessly slaughtered wolf and looked the names over of the shameless trigger individuals. All I feel is numb. Cant get my mind around this type of personality. Something in their past must have been terrible to find it acceptable to treat animals in this manner. Just stiffens my back to keep writing , emailing and calling the individuals both political and otherwise to put an end to this tragedy. I was having agood day till I seen this!

    • I know. I feel the same way. And what did wolves do to us anyway? They are just trying to make a living in the world. They are just trying to live. They’ve been living here much longer than we have, and suddenly, it’s ok to kill animals who have a family?!

      • It really hurts to stay on this page so i”m going to be short….We all know that wolves dont hunt people…But i hope a wolfpack finds the guy who did this….

      • CJ The Wolf Willis….If everyone saw what was being done to wolves maybe they would wake up and start protesting. Most Americans don’t condone animal cruelty and would be appalled by this. We have to make sure they find out and keep spreading the word and speaking out.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. “Something in their past must have been terrible to find it acceptable to treat animals in this manner.”

    Let us not forget those that approve these hunts as well as those that authorize Wildlife Services to kill wolves using helicopters…namely, the wolf managers at Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, the director and the Game Commission.
    These are the people who manage wildlife, not based on science, but on the desires of the livestock industry.

  3. Thank you for posting these 74 murderers. I hope that we don’t know any of them. KARMA! What goes around , comes around is the only justice right now!

    • You’re welcome Breanne. I hope this isn’t repeated next year. The hunts have unleashed something really nasty upon the wolves, now all the yahoo’s are out in force. Before it was WS killing them under the radar. It’s out in the open now and so violent.. I’m waiting for the oral arguments to start in Missoula.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. JerryB, You bring up an excellent point. People can say what they want but (I speak for Montana only) the Fish and Game department is no longer run as an independent/unbiased arm of the government. It is now a another polictical arm of the government. Decisions are not based in science but sadly for me in dollars contributed. Thanks to everyone who made the death listviewable to the public!

    • Marc…Wolves are still the political football they’ve always been with people mananging them in the state game agencies for two interest groups. The only science involved is how many wolves can they kill before they have to be relisted again.


  5. Thanks for the info Jerry. I created a page just for them. All I can think of is the sad pictures of wolf 341b that was killed in Idaho but it could have been in either state. That’s what wolf hunting looks like. Ugly.

    Keep up the great work


  6. Good for the killers to know, this is public record.

    • Yep g….I think they’re finding that out now.

  7. How about posting the pictures of the hundreds of elk bone piles that these sweet little wolves leave behind. If you are really a sportsman or a wildlife conservation person than you would understand that there needs to be a balance with these pack animals before they get out of hand.These wolves are nothing but killing machines. Half the time they kill for fun. Educated your self about them before trying to start a fire like this. Control is a must. Naming all your so called ” Murders “. You should be ashamed. These people are not murders. They are doing more for the wolves by harvesting them than you all are by posting pictures and whining about them.

    • Justus,
      Your comment is the same tired ramblings I hear constantly from wolf haters. First of all I’m sure I speak for other wolf advocates when I say I do not refer to wolves as “sweet”. I don’t live in hippieville eating granola. I live in wolf country and I’ve probably had more encounters with wolves then you’ve ever had. In case you haven’t heard, wolves have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, they are predators that kill to survive. I’m not interested in their method of killing. Are you concerned how mountain lions, grizzly bears, sharks or lions kill their prey? Grow up! Or you might want to look up the word predator and see what it means.

      Speaking of killing machines that would be humans, who are the deadliest predators on earth, bar none. How many animals did hunters kill last year? That would be millions. Did they kill them “sweetly” when they blasted their guts out? Just wondering?

      So don’t waste your breath coming here, with your “talking points”. Trophy hunting is a brutal sport that the non-hunting public abhors. Hunters are a tiny minority yet get their way with state game agencies.

      The Ugly Face of Trophy Hunting


      The nastiest form of trophy hunting, CANNED HUNTS.

      “The lioness has been lured into a fenced paddock, by holding her cubs on one side of the fence. As she frantically tries to get to them in clip one, the hunters guide is trying to coax her away from the fence so that the hunters will have the feeling that they shot her in the wild. The second clip is very graphic and disturbing. The hunters shoot her to death, right in front of her crying cubs and then all gather around the dying lioness, with milk dripping from her teats, to have the pictures made. These take a while to load, but the animals need you to be patient and to see what is happening to them all across America. In many cases they are shot in transport cages and don’t even have this much of a chance.

      Lioness With Cubs

      Lioness Being Shot

      Why State Fish and Game Agencies Can’t Manage Predators
      By George Wuerthner, 4-17-09

      • These anti wolf idiots like justus never make any sense. How does he think wolves are supposed to kill other animals? You can’t expect an animal that kills with their teeth to kill another animal humanely. Doesn’t he realize wolves don’t have the luxury of using a fork and knife when they eat? Wolves don’t kill for sport, that is another myth you constantly hear from the wolf haters. I am quite sickened by the fact that hunters try to come across as these people who care so much for elk. The fact is they only care about hunting and killing elk.

      • Hi Jon,
        If you’re looking for logic you won’t find it in any of their arguments. How can they admit what they’ve been doing is wrong? They can’t. So they make excuses for their behavior. Trapping or shooting animals for trophies? In whose world is that a moral thing to do? It may be legal but that doesn’t make it right.

        Did you see the video of the female lion in the canned hunt that I posted? They put her on one side of a fence and her little cubs on the other. She wouldn’t leave her cubs but the cretins tried to lure her away from the fence to pretend they were hunting her “in the wild”. Then several miscreants with guns, shot her with high powered rifles, literally lifting her in the air and throwing her against the fence that separated her from her cubs. They saw their mother die in front of their eyes. She had milk leaking out of her as the cretins took their trophy pictures as she lay dying. That is one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. How those people sleep at night I have no idea.


      • Yeah, I saw that video before. The people who participate in trophy hunts like that are worthless human trash with no regard for the animal’s lives they away from them. And hunters call wolves cruel.

      • Jon, that video literally made me ill. I can’t even watch it again, it’s so sadistic and horrible. I can’t imagine anybody but someone very twisted would do something like that. Just awful.


      • It is sickening to hear when Idaho fish and game called this wolf hunting season a success and that it wasn’t a senseless slaughter, but 500 wolves dead isn’t slaughter Nabeki? Sounds like slaughter to me. They took away the lives of 500 wolves. 500 wolves killed for nothing. These wolves stand no chance against a coward with his gun.

      • Jon…the whole situation is a joke. They’re high fiving the death of wolves as a success?? It’s looking more and more like the first extermination.

        The delisting has unleashed hell upon wolves and only Judge Molloy can stop the hunts. The problem now is wolf persecution is out of the bottle and it’s getting nastier with each passing day. Even if Judge Molloy relists wolves it seems Idaho and Montana are determined to use Wildlife Services to reduce the wolf population.

        Still if the hunts are halted for 2010 wolf advocates will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

        We can’t give up, the wolves have no voice. We have to speak for them.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, looks like deer hunters in Minnesota are crying wolf. They are blaming the wolves for low #s of deer when deer are overpopulated in Minnesota to begin with and check out these #s. –Research indicates each wolf eats 15 to 19 adult-sized deer yearly, and with about 3,000 wolves, that would be 45,000 to 57,000 deer yearly. An estimated 450,000 deer populate the state’s forested wolf range, meaning wolves are killing 10 to 13 percent, Stark says. Hunters kill about 100,000 deer in that region. Can you believe the nerve of these people? They kill many more deer than wolves and than they blame wolves for apparent low deer #s? These people are selfish scum who expect to be catered to.

      • Jon…Hunters are just jumping on the anti wolf bandwagon…nobody would take them seriously but Fish and Game listens to their whining because hunter’s licensing fees pay into their coffers, so there is a conflict of interest. The rest of us be damned. Who gives them the right to slaughter America’s wildlife?


      • You summed it all up, Nabeki!
        Look, Justus, where do you think that steak you are eating comes from? Did it just magically popped up in the supermarket? NO. Wolves kill to SURVIVE, and most hunters for sport.Look at these images and tell me what you think:

        Tell us, who are the real killing machines?
        Wolves, that keep ungulate populations healthy, helping aspen,cottonwood and willow trees grow, or trophy hunters, that slaughter hundreds of animals each year-for “fun”?

      • Hi Loua,
        You will never get people that trophy hunt to admit they’re wrong. They can’t admit it because they get some kind of rush or ego trip out of doing it. They certainly aren’t eating wolves. You’re dead on, humans are the deadliest predators on earth.

        As for their steaks they don’t want to know where they come from. The saying if slaughterhouses had glass walls we’d all be vegetarians is only partly true. Some people lack empathy and don’t care about the suffering of animals.


  8. I read and hear all the time how wolfs kill their victim in such a violent way! Can somebody please give me several examples of what creature in the true wild will not end up dying a violent death? From the raptor eating a mouse to the lion killed by the bear virtually all nature dies a violent death. This argument does not hold up to scrutiny!

    • Marc….I think the haters need to watch Earthlings to see the depths of depravity to which humans have stooped against animals.

      It’s so hypocritical to think hunters are concerned about how elk are killed when they are blowing elk guts all over the place during hunting season. And lest we forget the gentle fellows conducting the predator derbies. They are real gems.

      This is all smokescreen, they don’t give a darn about how a predator kills their prey, it’s just “talking points’ to further an agenda. The agenda is to exterminate wolves one more time.


  9. Justus, You haven’t a clue!

  10. Nabeki, Have you seen some of the posts on RM’s Wildlife News lately? Over and over I see the same dribble, from the same dribblers, about how wolves are impacting the elk and those poor guys, can’t find anything to shoot at.

    Well hello? Elk are starting to act like elk instead of just harvest numbers……… Idaho FWP is now gearing up for next wolf hunting season, talking about allowing more wolves to be shot by an individual (as though that DIDN’T happen this past season – SSS)

    When is the human species gonna figure it out, its NOT all about us?

    Meanwhile, its almost springtime here in southwest Montana. The Sandhills, Bluebirds, Robins and Redtails are back. Couple of evenings ago, there were close to 150 elk up behind my place. The Pronghorn antelope are also moving back in the valley, dotting the pastures across from me, in groups of 10 to 20.

    Haven’t heard any wolves howling though since that one lone wolf this past winter. Calving season (as in cattle) is just about over and WS was very busy from what I could tell from the planes out and about. The Battlefield pack over in the Big Hole? Gone. Taken out by WS. Miner Creek pack. Gone. Taken out by WS. Heard some of the Horse Prairie pack was around my area but they unfortunately took advantage of loose husbandry and could also be gone…………

    What do you suppose whould happen, if every rancher got billed for the fly time, man hours and paperwork – instead of collecting – for every cow they claim, is lost to wolves?

    • Nancy…I get so tired of hearing complaints from hunters. Apparently they don’t know they’re a tiny minority and the majority of Americans don’t hunt. It’s all about them, they want to kill the elk. How dare wolves try to survive and hunt elk? It’s laughable if it wasn’t so deadly serious for wolves. Unfortunately for wolves, hunters and ranchers are the only two groups Fish and Game seem to be listening to.

      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t heard any wolf howls. It’s no wonder since they are taking out entire packs. What other animal is treated this way? And yet ranchers aren’t held responsible for their bad animal husbandry practices. Wolves practice such remarkable restraint when it comes to livestock. Only two hundred cows killed out of six million in the Northern Rockies last year yet 500 wolves are dead, between the hunts and Wildlife Services. The American people are actually paying for ranchers to have their own private wolf extermination service. AND the media joins in the persecution of wolves by reporting every wolf kill as if it’s actually news. Shame on them.

      The whole situation has deteriorated so badly since wolves were delisted and the blame rests directly with the Obama administration and his Secretary of the Interior, rancher Ken Salazar.


  11. I don’t think you will ever keep hunters from complaining.They like to feel important and stress that they have more imput on what and what should be done with wildlife.They love to throw at everyones faces on the tags and liscences in order to hunt,not to mention the equipment.On top of it all,if you say to much,they feel that you are attacking them from owning a gun and the right to use it.It is going to a long hard fight,but one has to keep on trying.No one seems to like change and just want to keep what they have and keep the status qua.What is worse,they like the publlicity.It makes them feel important.They seem to only hear what they want to hear,and disregard everything else,even if it is the truth.The wolves have to have people like us to change things and to make it right for all wildlife to live as they were meant to.

    • Rita….whenever I hear the complaining it turns into background noise for me….like the test pattern on a TV. They have no argument. Wildlife is managed for them. What else do they want? The state game agencies are completely ignoring wildlife watchers and catering to one group of people because they want them to buy more licenses. It’s a conflict of interest and the animals suffer for it.


      • You are so right,Nabeki,and boy do they suffer!!!

  12. I made comments to this site which were neither rude, offensive, or obscene. I see you chose to not put my comments up though as you folks only want to hear one side and don’t listen to reason at all.

    • Hi David,
      The reason I didn’t approve your last message is because you started off congratulating all the wolf hunters on the list. People on this site do not approve of wolf hunting, so why would we post that? It’s insulting to every wolf advocate that reads this blog. Your opinion of “listening to reason” which is “killing wolves to manage them”, is not shared here. This is a pro wolf website, what did you expect?



  14. Dave,The same thing could be said about the other side,that they just want to hear what they want to hear and chose what to beleive.

  15. i hope to kill a wolve this year to save a elk

    • Wolves are federally protected so if you shoot one you’ll be committing a crime. If you think you’re anonymous, you’re not, I have your IP address.

    • Yeh,To save an elk,just to kill it with a gun yourself,along with all the other Elmer Fudds out there.That’s really saving and elk.

      • Rita…it’s like The Friends of Animals poster:

        They need one for Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

        If you shoot a wolf to save an elk and shoot the elk you’re either out of your mind or in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.


      • Nabeki, it makes no sense in saving animals just so you can shoot them. That is what the hunters are doing. They pretend to CARE for elk but the fact is, they don’t. They want to kill wolves so they can have more hunting opportunities.

      • I know Jon. This is going to be a very bumpy ride to keep wolves safe. They have so many enemies that want to destroy them for no other reason then hatred. Wolves are no threat to these people, it’s all propoganda pushed by the hunting and ranching lobbies. This is a replay of the first Western extermination. History repeating itself.


  16. Hank is the typical uneducated redneck that is prevalent in the west. Hank the singular is wolf. The plural is wolves. Lets put it into a sentence. Not to trip you up but the singular and plural of elk is the same- it wouldn’t be elks. Next week we can work on our names.

    • LOL…william.

  17. I find Idaho’s ownership of it’s wildlife creepy. The southern crackers had ownership of slaves too. It’s easy to see how Idaho and Butchie Boy rationalize the persecution of certain species- because they own them! They have no problem with all types of unethical hunting principles which the rednecks enjoy! That product C Mere deer that the idiot Parker Brothers endorse has an ad where they state that these hunters don’t have the time to hunt on 100 acres so they are leveling the playing field for the working man!!!!What a joke= it’s baiting an animal plain and simple. If you don’t have the time stay out of the fu#$%ing woods you jerk!

    • Try living here, it can really get nerve wracking. But contrary to what is reported in the press we have environmentalists here that take lots of heat. There are some good people here, they just don’t get the press. Many wolf advocates don’t speak out because they are fearful for themselves, their families and pets. It’s a nasty sitch.


  18. I have seen other video of really bad canned hunts, but after seeing the video of the lactating female lion shot in front of her cubs I got enraged to the point where I became aggessive toward all hunters. I mean really- what type of person WOULD DO THAT? A HEARTLESS SCUMBAG REDNECK- the modern day american trophy hunter. i WROTE the president of safari club AND EVERYONE THAT i could think of- the only way this will change -it will have to come from hunter pressure- what do you think?

    • Hi William,
      That video was absolutely horrific. I remember being so enraged and saddened at the same time by. Do you have the link to it? I’m going to do a post on the face of trophy hunting, to show people what disgusting practices are used to allow people? to shoot defenseless animals in canned hunts. I hope that guy rots in hades for what he did to the lioness…she was so worried about her babies. It makes me cry thinking about it. Something is wrong with these people, they have a vital chip missing, it’s called empathy. Serial killers lack that emotion as well.


  19. As a nurse all I can tell you is that we are trying to isolate the defective gene that makes them so heartless cold and ignorant. Until then if we can get them to breed less that would help- I will try to find the link- i think the video is from south africa where as you know the south african breeders assoc is appealing the ban on canned hunting citing the loss of jobs as a reason to continue this dispicable behavior!

  20. One of the worst videos that i saw was of a beautiful black leopard that this hillbilly from Lousiana shot under a truck. There were all these dogs barking and the animal was cowering in a cage. As I said these actions will ultimately be the downfall of canned hunting in the U.S. They need to feel the anger and outrage! Why do you think China thinks we are hypocrites when we complain about their treatment of animals when they see these actions from americans!

    • William….We’re just as bad as China. Animal cruelty is rampant in this country. It seems to be everywhere. And we can’t forget Food, Inc. and the suffereing inflicted on poor defenseless animals, especially the pigs. Then we have lab animal abuse, abuse of our pets. It goes on and on. Canned hunts are so horrific, I don’t even know what to call those “people” that participate in this torture?


  21. Truly heartbreaking. I hate this people i hate everyone who kill Wolfs i hate also my self being human and i feel so strange because i cant stop all this murderers so now i want to cry. I hope and i dream this beautiful Wolf will be run free somewhere else with all his Brothers and Sisters who died from all cold blood killers..

    • Hi Vasileios,
      These are heartless people, otherwise what explains this abberant behavior? You have to wonder what happened to them in their lives that they would take this path. I would never advocate for the killing of a species. The unbelievable part is many of these people are biologists. I think the biologists are mere puppets of the fish and game system.

      Don’t worry Vasileios…we’re in this for the long haul, no matter how hard it gets.


  22. After reading through all of the comments, I am compelled to leave one myself. I should say that I am not for, or against the wolf, but I do hunt large game animals. This comment is more of an observation and a question. Besides just on hunts, my family and I do enjoy the great outdoors, and are long time residents of Idaho. I recall the elimination of the wolves in Idaho many years ago, and how the balance of things were shaken up to say the least. I have read through all the posts on here, and this part was mentioned, but the reintroduction process was not. The wolf species reintroduced was that of the Canadian wolf. Much larger, and much more destructive, with an amazing rate of reproduction. I am not saying that by bringing them back was a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. To a point the natural order was restored with deer and elk herds, when there was a balance of predator and prey. Wolves, like all other living creatures have to eat. But, It was mentioned that wolves don’t kill for sport. I would have to disagree. I have seen it with my own eyes the waste. This dosen’t meen I hate them, but more brings me to my question. Logically there should be a balance to all things. Unfortunately wildlife cannot manage itself. Before the reintroduction Elk, and deer herds where so large, the numbers where staggering. Sickness, disease, loss of habitat, and so on set in. Hunters could not control the population by themselves to control this. Hence, the reintroduction, of course you all, I am sure know this.But now we have a problem with dwendling herds, and over population of wolf predators. So we went from out of balance, to a balance, to out of balance again. The million dollar question is, what could be proposed to get this balance again. There is so much hatred toward the hunter, and although I don’t agree with your view, I respect them. Not all hunters are trophie hunters. I do not hunt wolves. I don’t say that to make you like me, or listen. But instead I am a true believer in conservation, and natural balance. In one fashion we as people are encrouching on wildlife natural habitat which limits there space. On the other hand, we as people have introduced a predatory animal into the nearby wild that has thrived, and overpopulated itself to throw the balance off. If there is no control, and conservation medium to take care of this herds of Elk and Deer will be so diminished that Wolves will be the next to experience disease, famine, and loss of habitat. I really am looking at both sides of this for the smart reasons. I don’t feel there is a right reason, or choice of for that matter. Its not about hate of people for there actions. Its about having an open mind to what is best for the animals, and for the people that have to make these imperfect decisions for control. It is real easy to say that we should just leave them alone, but the consiquences for that would be near irriversable. I would welcome sincere feed back on this. Simply saying that it is wrong, or just being hateful will not fix this. It is now just a problem, which in a short amount of time will become more severe. Sometimes we are faced with blinding hate and outrage, we are not able to see that we are only hurting more, what we are trying to protect….

    • Hi Sean,

      Even though I don’t agree with you, I can see you are sincere but I’m sorry to say you’ve bought into the wolf “management” rhetoric.

      First, wolves have been so demonized it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. I wonder if you know wolves were responsible for just 97 cattle losses in Montana in 2009? There are over two million cattle in the state. Wolves are not the main predators of cattle, coyotes and domestic dogs are. Those are the facts. But I don’t want to cast aspersions on the little coyote because predators are opportunists. When ranchers allow their cattle to roam the entire winter on open range, without any supervision, you can’t blame predators for taking advantage. The animal husbandry practices of many ranchers is dismal yet they complain bitterly about a few losses to wolves. Why ? I believe it’s because they’re paid for wolf kills. They aren’t paid when cows are lost in winters storms. Over 10,500 cows were lost one year to winter storms. Disease, reproductive issues and weather are the main killers of cattle, not the wolf. In fact, cattle themselves are raised for food and in the end die horrific deaths in slaughterhouses.

      Wolf hysteria has gripped the west once again just as it did a hundred years ago. Wildlife Services kills hundreds of wolves every year for minuscule livestock losses. They also destroy millions of our wildlife each year. This is the face of wildlife “management”. A brutal system stacked in favor of hunters, ranchers and outfitters. If something needs to change it’s not wolves but fish and game agencies that make their living off inflating ungulate numbers for hunters and “managing” predators to reduce their impact on our wild places. Only in our national parks can we see the true value of predation. The Yellowstone elk herd was doing so much damage in the park wolves were brought back to manage them. The wolves have done a remarkable job, elk are now guided by the psychology of fear and no longer stand around browsing down trees in vital riparian areas. If you look at pictures of stream and riverbeds before the return of the wolf you’ll see the trees are backed way off the banks due to elk over browsing. After wolves returned, the ash, cottonwood and willow are once again growing tall and abundant. This transformation brought back the water managing beavers. The trees now provide habitat for songbirds. Insects drop from their leaves into streams, which is a source of food for native fish. Wolves manage coyote populations, which means more ground squirrels. Ground squirrels are natures rototillers and improve the health of the soil. Wolf kills are a source of food for coyotes, foxes, eagles, ravens and other animals. The wolves presence provides a ripple effect across the ecosystem, called trophic cascades.

      The “management” of our wildlife has been a cruel joke. Wildlife Services kills millions of animals every year to sanitize the land for ranchers and farmers. Our native carnivores are targeted and treated as vermin, ESPECIALLY WOLVES. Millions of dollars are spent each year to track, collar, harass and kill wolves, including entire wolf packs and their puppies. Yet most Americans don’t even know this cruel agency even exists, because WS operates under the radar so we’re not witness to their dirty tricks.

      Look what’s happened since wolves regained their ESA protections. The states of Montana and Idaho are pushing ahead with plans to have wolf hunts, even though wolves are once again a protected species. Both states have petitioned Salazar to have “conservation” hunts, which is ridiculous. They want to conserve wolves by killing them? The senators in Montana have introduced legislation that would strip gray wolves of their ESA protections, they are also joined by Idaho’s senators. Rep. Denny Rehberg drafted an anti-wolf bill that mimics the senate bill. He’s holding “listening sessions” this week with panels stacked with woolgrowers, ranchers, hunters, outfitters, the Safari Club, The RMEF and the list goes on and on. He included Toby Bridges on the Kalispell panel, which is outrageous. This man runs the anti-wolf website, Lobo Watch, which recently discussed hunters taking matters into their own hands by murdering wolves with Xylitol. Does this person deserve a place on a discussion panel about wolves? Isn’t it obvious this is nothing more then Rehberg posturing to his base, mining for votes before the November election? The three meetings are being held in some of the most conservative areas of Montana: Hamilton, Dillon and Kalispell. This is what wolves are up against. Not facts or science but a repeat of the attitudes that led to their extermination in the West the first time.

      Yet the only thing we hear is Montana must be allowed to manage/kill wolves. Why? What have wolves done to merit their slaughter in brutal wolf hunts? I don’t see Montana FWP being fair or balanced when it comes to wolves. As soon as wolves were delisted the state couldn’t wait to start killing them, just months after wolves lost their ESA protections. Before Judge Molloy re-listed wolves, the state was gearing up to kill 186 wolves in the hunts. More then doubling the 2009 quota. They created a wolf archery and back country rifle season. Why? Because they are terrific wolf managers? I don’t think so. There was no mention of the 145 wolves that were gunned down for agribusiness in 2009 by Wildlife Services. More then 500 wolves died that year in the Northern Rockies.

      This is a return to the old guard policies of demonizing wolves and wanting them eradicated. A new study reveals the increased wolf hunt quotas would have a far more deadly effect on Montana’s wolf population then Montana FWP would admit.

      As for the Canadian wolf myth, it’s absolutely not true. The average size of wolves killed in the hunts was under a hundred pounds. Most of the wolves killed were yearlings. Please read the book Vicious: Wolves and Men in America. You will see who the vicious one is and it’s not wolves. The hunters and trappers that exterminated wolves the first time around fed them ground glass, sewed their mouths and penises shut after they were trapped and then let them loose. They set wolves on fire and spread their deadly poisons to kill them. We owe the wolf something and it’s not more torture and death. We are the ones that need to look at ourselves in the mirror and hang our heads in shame for what was done and is being done to wolves. History is repeating itself right before our eyes.


  23. A desensitized, disposable, self serving, power hungry race that is what we have become. We are the savages that destroy, rape and slaughter this earth . This will never change. Those who have morals and compassion… stand firm for what you believe. Your vote counts on the ballots, it just doesn’t always help in the woods where those without morals use their weapons to do as they please.

  24. Oh my gosh. If we are talking about the same guy, I commented on his video, pointing out how he was making up the story, because he said his horse woke him up, and when he was filming his horse, the horse was completely still. A horse who is spooked, will not be standing there with its head down like it was just grazing/sleeping. They will be restless, whinnying, etc. I and my family have been around horses, and we know this for a fact. He also said he had shot multiple shots trying to scare the wolf away, and that there was dust everywhere, yet I saw no dust, and not even any bullets anywhere (seriously, you can spot a bullet hole from a mile away; at least I can). I had no idea that that bastard did this. I do believe he took the video in hopes he would not be prosecuted, because the video was shot before the wolf hunt even began. He was just a trigger happy fool.

  25. anybody who kills wolves is like you killing your family

    • wolves are like family to us they hunt they kill they respect any human that protects there young and, while are we killing are brothers and sisters

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