Another Blow….Judge Will Allow IDFG To Land Helicopters in Frank Church To Collar Wolves

Chief US District Judge B. Lynn Winmill denied injunctive relief sought by Western Watersheds Project to prevent IDFG from landing helicopters in the Frank Church Wilderness to collar wolves.  This is another blow for wolves and wilderness.  It will only embolden IDGF to continue their war on wolves.  The judge did warn:

“The next helicopter proposal in the Frank Church Wilderness will

face a daunting review because it will add to the disruption and intrusion of this

collaring project. The Forest Service must proceed very cautiously here because

the law is not on their side if they intend to proceed with further helicopter projects

in the Frank Church Wilderness. The Court is free to examine the cumulative

impacts of the projects, and the context of the use. Given that this project is

allowed to proceed, the next project will be extraordinarily difficult to justify.”

My question to that statement is why allow it in the first place if the law is not on their side? In any case this is another salvo across the bow at Idaho’s wolves.

To read the decision CLICK HERE:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. IDFG’s characterizing these helicopter incursions and wolf collarings as “research activities” and “study” sounds ever so similar to the Japanese whaling fleet’s (mis)labeling its current whaling activities as “research.” That the judge swallowed this fiction hook, line, and sinker, is just as deplorable.

    Investigative journalist I.F. Stone had it right almost 60 years ago: All governments lie!

    • The thing I don’t understand Rich is the judge said the law wasn’t on IDFG’s side and to be careful. Well if the law isn’t on their side why not grant the injunction? That makes no sense to me at all.


  2. Nabeki, That is my exact thought. If the law is not on your side why is the ruling not reflecting this. Start your count down clock. More dead wolfs in the making. Good lord what is this coming to? You cant even rely on the bench to uphold the law!

    • Marc….I am praying every day that Judge Molloy will relist them and soon. The longer this drags on the bolder these people get. Can you imagine the celebrating that must be going on in Idaho among the wolf haters over this ruling.


    • Really! Where is The Bench right now?? I have all the evidence I need, and I don’t need Gov Schweitzer to tell me how to think.

  3. It would appear that some in government (who somehow feel they are representing all) in the state of Idaho have okayed penetrating the very heart of wilderness to collar wolves in order to “keep track” of them.
    Collars on wolves are like ticking timebombs – a rancher complains about depredation (whether it be wolves or not) and the planes or helicopters are in the air, within a day or two, hunting them down thru modern technology. The huge amount of taxpayer dollars being spent annually to collar wolves and then kill wolves, rather than DEMANDING livestock owners become more responsible for their “product” just astounds me.

    At some point, hopefully soon, WE humans need to realize this planet wasn’t “created” for our benefit (and abuse) Wildlife got along quite well before WE decided it was necessary to “manage” them.

    • Nancy….A small group of ranchers, elk hunters and outfitters are influencing politics in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Heck the entire West. Look at what’s happening to the Mexcian gray wolves, the ranchers can’t even live with 42 of them and New Mexico only has 15 wolves. The wolf recovery area is all public land yet the wolf is subjugated to cattle. The chutzpah of these people is mindblowing.

      The wolves belong to the American people not the western states. They are killing off our wolves as we sit by helpless.


      • Wildlife is suppose to have priority over domestic cattle and sheep! The west has it backwards and its the way they want it to stay. Laws are made for/to the highest bidder. Laws are unenforced to the highest bidder. Its BS!!

  4. More and more evidence that the states can’t handle wolf “management”. “Management” should and would be rational in normal circumstances. Seems, when you have a state like Idaho- ignorant and irrational, hence you have ignorant and irrational wolf “management”.

    Of course, really wolves do not need management. People need to manage their livestock.

    When Idaho screws up collaring wolves and killing wolves in the Frank Church, the state of Idaho will lose it’s irrational power…. this is not a feudal system.

    • g….
      The fact that the hunts were allowed to continue has only emboldened IDFG and Montana FWP. “Managing” wolves is always about killing them. And for what? So a few people, with hate in their hearts can get a cheap thrill? As John said, this is looking more and more like the first extermination, they’re just being sneakier about it.


      • I agree.

  5. Well said gline. Hunters seem to think that wolves have to be shot in order to control them. Wolves regulate their own #s. After this stunt Idaho is pulling where hundreds and hundreds of wolves are in danger of being shot the cowardly hunter, hopefully most will see that states like Idaho are not capable of managing their wildlife when it comes to predators.

    • It is only logic isn’t it, Jon? Does any other species get this type of treatment? Upon thinking about this, Coyotes get the same treatment. If wolves were to be gone, coyotes would be the next in line for the attempted mass extermination on the part of some humans. (Pesky little dogs, they just don’t seem to go away- sarcasm N).

      Personally, I cannot tolerate a legal extermination of a species. Why let ignorant people be so righteous? God made all Creatures Great and Small…

      • I could not agree more!

  6. Nabeki-At the hospital the patients were watching dances with wolves, I just saw the part where the army soldiers killed the wolf. That same degenerate “lets kill it” mentality still exists today. Wolves have people standing up for them now. I just called the publisher from the sun telegraph in Nebraska to tell her of my contempt for them refusing to expose Cabela’s and their sponsorship of the predator derbies. I am confident Defenders exposure will work, but we must remain vigilant. I talked to Bud Fazio a few weeks ago, he said he would look at your site which I recommended to him. Did he contact you by chance? William

    • William said: “Wolves have people standing up for them now.”

      I am glad you called the sun telegraph William. There is a wolf “movement” now, which evidently lacked 100 years ago. It is not the same ballgame.

      • g….
        So many good people that care. And we are coming together. We can make a difference for them.


    • Hi William,
      You’re so right. We have to remain vigilant but these are very hard times for wolves. I never imagined it would get this bad for them. They’re just animals that have a hard life as it, they are just trying to survive. It’s a shame nothing was learned from past mistakes. It’s like a repeat of the 20th century.

      Haven’t heard from Bud Fazio yet. He has his hands full with the job he has to do for the Mexican gray wolves.


  7. I have said it before. Things are painfully different. In the slaughter of wolves at the turn of the century or so no one cared about them. Now, however there are people defending them. Wolf lovers they call us! As much as I don’t like this being kicked in the teeth it will not always be like this. We will have our days in the sun! How sweet it will be! But I suffer terrible for the moment and to be honest it will always probably be there, the pain that I could not right a wrong and to many animals I care for were slaughtered! And I could do nothing!

    • Hi Marc,
      There are so many people that are committed to saving wolves but unfortunately we have very little power but we do have a voice. And we can keep on speaking up for them. Things will change one day and the west won’t always be run by people that are so intolerant. I hope wolves will be able to live through this and survive. I worry about them every single day. It’s heartbreaking.


  8. A very good article on why top predators are necessary in the ecosystem and what happens when their numbers are diminished. A good classroom discussion for almost any age group.

    • Thank you Nancy…..I may use this in a post. Great article!!


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