Wolf Wars…Hate Mail

You won’t see this reported in the media. They’re just a small sampling of what I receive.


 2010/04/16 at 11:26 am 

Fuck all of you hippies


Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:58 PM
I saw shoot every wolf out there


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:50 PM

I would like to see nebeki name and state where she is from so we can send her death threats

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 8:58 AM
I tried to post a comment but it looks like it got deleted. I put absolutely nothing negative in my originial post but since I am a hunter and have a different view the moderator here decided to delete it. That is completely fine, I only tried to educate some but like any anti-hunting group, it always falls on deaf ears. I am now agitated and I am making a promise to you all, I am going to go out this next winter and kill as many wolves as I can in this websites honor and everyone who posts here. In Alaska where I live, you can kill 10 wolves a day in most areas, and they are very abundant. I am going to go back and count every post negative to hunters and kill or trap a wolf for every one. I am going to kill double for you Nabeki. Sweet dreams!!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7:11 AM
“I have an idea. Lets declare open season on wolf lovers. Wear your “I (Heart) Wolves” into a bar in rural Montana on Saturday night. You narrow minded bleeding hearts make me sick. You don’t have a friggin clue about anything except what is popular. I suppose you are all Obama supporters and believe in the Global warming myth. Screw all of you. May something bad happen to your family, and it gets announced on world news.”
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7:04 AM
 wolves kill.  I kill. seems pretty simple to me. If they were smarter and had opposable thumbs, maybe they’d have guns. No? too bad. They die!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:58 AM
I hope you guys get your way and the wolves kill every living thing there. Then when they get hungry enough maybe they will take care of all you people too. After that they can starve to death and nobody will have to worry about either of you!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:22 AM
Shoot all these worthless wolves. You raise and feed  in your backyard.If you want them so bad.
I’ll gut shoot one and let it painfully die for days.

Gallatin Canyon has plenty for target practice this spring.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:59 PM
Can’t wait to kill me some Woofy and publish the bloody kill and butcher photos on the World Wide Al Gore Internet :Big ‘ole Grin Here to all the Woofy Lovers :).
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:13 AM
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:21 AM
How do I get my name listed on this list of GREAT people. I would like to thank them for a job well done and my calfs thank them.
Take a child hunting today
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:10 AM
Congrats to all the lucky hunters!  Well done.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to knock a few over here soon.  The only good wolf is a dead one, and if I see one, he’ll be a good one.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:50 AM
I love wolves and I cant wait til I have a full body mount in my living room! They are so Beautiful, And they will look GREAT on my wall or in front of my fireplace.     IF you want facts,  Fact #1   THe only good Wolf is a Dead WOlf!   Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:49 AM
Good for them… I hope they kill them all… They are NOT native wolves, they are Canadian wolves that should of NEVER been introduced here!!! They are MUCH bigger than the native wolves were, and they are throwing everything out of wack… I hope they kill them all ! ! !
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:49 AM
Congratulations to all who harvested a wolf. I’m looking forward to killing a few more next year. RMEF open your eye these bastards are coming after you.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:28 AM
 you a moron…you need to get out a see the cycle of life…wolves eat each other….maybe you all can eat each other too.. :-)
 Thursday, December 17, 2009 2:49 AM
I’m not sure what is going through your heads with all of this talk.  These animals will starve or die a slow painfull death due to mange.  This is where the animal rubs the fur off of their body and they slowly freeeze to death.  Maybe some of the animals that are shot are not killed right away but I’m sure it would be better than slowly freezing to death.  They will also become over populated then they will start to devour all of your beloved deer.  So before I sign off I hope you will think of the over populated coyotes that will be forced to eat dead, frozen, mangey relatives.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:09 PM
 shoot the blasted things then maybe we will have some deer and elk again.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:03 PM

 Indeed. Karma. The wolves reap what they sew.

Monday, February 8, 2010 4:48 AM
Wednesday, February 3, 2010 8:48 PM
It doesn’t matter what law is passed, in the remote areas of the west many people still go by shoot, shovel, and shut up.  Why punch your wolf tag if you don’t have to, that way you can get two for the price of one.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:44 PM
You people are a bunch of crazies!
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 5:18 PM
I almost feel sorry for killing a wolf.  When I pulled the trigger I think I saw the wolf cry.  Then it’s guts where blown onto the hillside and it moaned.
Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:22 PM
Hey jerry b cry a little more ill make sure the next one shot is dedcated to you :).   KILL EM ALL ONE PACK AT A TIME
Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:11 PM
God damn u people are pathetic what’s cowardly about hunting the cowards are u pussys sittin at home bitchin wgile I’m 7 miles in the woods packin elk out on my back give me a break
Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:44 PM
To those folks listed above, congratulations on a successful hunt.  To you other whining, godd for nothing pieces of communistic crap, move to China, North Korea or some other communist regime…you DO NOT belong in my country.  You are not Americans and do not deserve to live here in the land of the free!
Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:47 PM


Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:54 AM

Nabeki, Wolfs are predators and predators shall be managed, if they are not managed they will run rampid and start killing all living animals.  It is all you liberal son of a bitches plan to have wolfs desimate the elk and deer population so there will no longer be hunting, well fuck that, kill everyone of those damn wolfs and I hope the fucking wolfs eat your ass and your pets as well……….HUNT ON!!!!


Sunday, December 20, 2009 4:28 PM

you guys are just plain fools
save the poor animals introduce wolves
some wolves should eat you while you are screaming in pain and still alive.
wolves should be completely removed your experiment is a failure it should have never happened in the first place.
you guys need “fools” tattooed on your foreheads
the liberals of this nation need to be required to where pink so when we have had our fill of you idiots we can know who you are and deport you and that’s my second choice of things to do with you

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:42 PM
you people need to shut the hell up.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:53 AM
The only good wolf is a dead wolf! You people are so ignorant! Live your sheltered uneducated lives, and leave us normal hardworking people to manage the wildlife we live and deal with everyday!
You are a joke. You all just need to remember one thing you do nothing to benefit wildlife. All you do is fund groups that sue, cause wildlife agencies to spend money on lawyers, and legal defenses instead of wildlife. If you want to help wildlife buy a hunting liesence as this is how all truley helping wildlife is funded. Please get a life and go do something productive.
One more reason to buy Leupold…..
what is wrong with a predator derby?
wait till coyotes come and attack your pets or worse your children you bunny huggers will have a new outlook on coyotes when you bury a loved one because of them.
You people are so fricken ignorant!
The only good wolf is a dead wolf! You people are so ignorant! Live your sheltered uneducated lives, and leave us normal hardworking people to manage the wildlife we live and deal with everyday!
yeah save all the wolves and coyotes cuz i hate to look at deer and elk! you people are nuts!!!
Shoot all the grey wolves. They are not native to the MT, ID or WY area. You do gooders really have no business in those states, why don’t they re introduce the wolves in central park in NY, see how see how that goes over. Go mind your own b usiness and live your lives and don’t tell us how to live ours!
you guys seriously need a new hobby check out the number of predators in the united states. there is an estimated 50,000 coyotes within the city limits of L.A. predator hunters like myself are an important part of a healthy wildlife management system, maybe we should stop hunting coyotes, allowing them to over-run your neighborhood stealing a couple of your lap dogs out of your back yard and then maybe, you would understand, or maybe you would like a mountain lion to come down and drag one of your kids down the street while swinging on your swingset……the choice is yours but i think you guys should review on who is “degenerate mental patients”\
Wolves are cold-blooded killers. Their numbers should be tightly controlled, if not eliminated, by any means necessary!  The wolf lovers are a small minority of most rational thinking citizens of this nation.  (apparently wolf lovers are the most rational people in the nation!!)


Submitted on 2009/12/11 at 6:22pm 

Nabeki, it’s the weekend and that means wolf hunting, when folks find out you know how to call them in, your dance card is always full. I can’t tell you how much your comments have motivated me to fine tune my craft, thanks. weather has been cold, pelts ought to be awesome. Hopefully with my help we can fill the 220 quote and get that darn season closed. Just trying to do my part to help relieve some of the stress. Wish me luck.

Submitted on 2009/12/10 at 12:46am
Nabeki, As I mentioned hacking into your site though easy enough kind of gives me the creeps, we’re thinking about starting our own site. Calling it/ Justice for All. Also have you thought any more about our wager. After the latest 2009 reports out on elk, I have a person who would like to double our bet giving you 2 for 1 odds. All we ask is that we can right them off as donations.. Come on Nabeki go out to the porch get some sun light and at least consider it.. I could actually send a fresh killed wolf hide and skull to your town, so you could actually say you’ve seen and touched one. Call me old fashioned but I have wolf meat you can try., color and texture similar to bear, but not as good. If your not interested it will end up as coyote bait, how ironic
Kill one. Maybe You’ll understand…= ^)
Its fun!

I Hope the phantoms are smoked. Way to much lynne drama in ketchum.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:52 PM

I’m not sure what is in the Kool Aid that you all are drinking but you should really take a break!  Hundreds more elk and moose will make it through this year without being slaughtered by these indiscriminate killers.  Sure I have shot a few elk and eaten them all.  Please set that double cheeseburger down before you lay into me for that one.  If you love these wolves so much why don’t you invite them to to live in YOUR back yard with your house pets and see how misunderstood these poor animals really are?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:41 PM
what a bunch of out of touch whackjobs.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:58 PM

I say shoot every wolf out there.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:41 PM

Congrats to the wolf hunters! Keep up the good work and get some more
Thursday, November 26, 2009 8:06 PM
Have any more phantoms been killed?
Hoping to make wildlife services job easier to wipe out the rest of the “problem” black wolves!!!
going out to smoke one next weekend….
and maybe enter the sfw contest!!!!
Wish me luck

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  2. While we are on the subject:

    “I am so sick of biology and science”

    Be advised: This man makes an extremely inappropriate shot at the woman he had an ‘confrontation with’ 0:44-0:53 (i.e. he assaulted Lynne Stone and got off without charges)

    • Ron Gillette is one of the most vocal wolf haters around. He wants to see them gone from the state of Idaho. It’s just like him to make a nasty remark about Lynne. Disgusting.


    • “They hunt 365 days a year”
      I thought that in that biology book I read it said that the average wolf pack hunts big prey about once a week and that the other days they hunt small game such as rats, mice and hares helping to keep their numbers stable…
      “They are the most cruel, vicious predators in North America”
      Go to humanesociety.org, look for a few videos on ANIMAL CRUELTY and tell me. Thank you.
      “If the devil had an animal, it would be the wolf”
      I thought it was those inhumane factory farms, but oh well!
      “There are probably 3000, 35000 wolves in the state”
      LOL now he lost his head
      He also says that”they are going to slaughter all the elk. Really, he just needs to get into the science and biology he hates so much to understand wolves better.

      • Loua…some of the comments are so crazy you can’t really make rhyme or reason out of them. What scares me is these people actually are walking around the woods with guns, aimed at wolves. OR maybe they have never seen a wolf in their life and are just talking big. Either way still scary.


  3. And… we’re supposed to respect these people and what they do?

    • No we shouldn’t respect them at all John. They don’t deserve respect. They deserve nothing but disdain. They are haters, pure and simple. And personally I think they’ve substituted the wolf for the government. They can’t get mad at the feds so the wolves are the government’s surrogate. It’s called scapegoating or transference. That’s my take anyway.


      • It always get to me when some sport hunter comes along and says ‘they love the outdoors’ and ‘have great respect for the animals they kill’.
        The clips I have seen… its blows that out of the water in seconds. A dogger (a hunter who specialises in killing dingoes and dogs) from New South Wales posted his kills saying they were all feral dogs and that he was saving farmers’ livelihoods by doing it, there were twenty killed including two puppies. I pointed out around 10 pure dingoes at the exact second they were displayed and he deleted my post.

  4. Wow, the comments are truly ignorant. I like the way they assume a number of things – we’re Obama supporters, we live sheltered lives, we’re uneducated and we don’t have jobs. Thank God intelligent citizens outnumber them.

    • Lyndell, except for the part about Obama, I think they’re talking about themselves.

      I know they think we’re all out in San Francisco, with our bongs, eating granola and wearing birkenstocks. It’s hilatrious. They don’t seem to realize wolf supporters come from all backgrounds and political beliefs. I’m an Indedendent for instance. I don’t live in San Francisco, although I love the city. I live in the Northern Rockies, unfortunately with these people. I like country music and believe in the second amendment. Go figure…lol.


      • LOL That is exactly how they think of all of us. Not to mention, they call us liberals and think we all support peta. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe some, but definitely not all.

  5. These comments show who the truly ignorant are. The comments about wolves being cold blooded killers and that they are predators and need to be managed amaze me. We live in a society where people murder each other for nothing more than hate, jealousy or money. Humans are the worst predators of all, does that mean we should be managed??!!!These people who made these comments need to take a good long look in the mirror before they critize others.

    • Becky….I”m sorry to say the people that wrote those comments don’t have the ability to reflect on anything except hate. Talk about having blinders on. They bought the wolf myths hook, line and sinker. I bet many of them have never even seen a wolf, they just like to talk big.


  6. Human trash they are Nabeki. I say throw all of them in a cage without their guns with wild wolves and see who is on top of the food chain.

    • Jon….They wouldn’t last five minutes trying to fight a wild wolf. They’re only big talkers if they have their Remingtons. I’m going to do a hunting and trophy hunting post to illustrate the brutality of the hunt. They act like they are so concerned about elk yet they are killed in the most brutal of ways. I was stunned to see some of the hunting videos. I used to believe that sustenance hunting was OK as long as you ate the meat but when I see the thrill some of these people get from killing deer and elk I realized it’s not just about the meat it’s the fun they get from killing. Why would they take video of the animal dying (snuff films) if they didn’t enjoy the death and killing part? I can’t answer that question.

      BTW. That is just a sampling of the comments that I’ve gotten over the life of this blog. There are many, many more you guys never see. They go directly to spam. BUT I have their IP addresses so they’re not anonymous like they think they are.


      • Nabeki, they care nothing for elk. They only care about killing and eating them.

  7. Wow, these people are truly sick. I agree with jon, lets take away their guns and see how brave they are!
    Sick, sick people who just want to kill animals, next they will kill people, I can only hope they will kill each other…all the wolf haters can kill one another.

    • Crystalwolf….There is a connection with animal cruelty and serial killing. Some of the stuff these people write is chilling. It’s hard to tell if they’re just ranting or if they really believe the stuff they say. I want to believe they are just ranting but lord knows. I know you have to have a twisted mind to write this stuff. I fear for the wolves running across some of these people. The wolves are the ones who will suffer and pay.


      • I know, some of those made my blood run cold, that why I say take away their guns! People who will write twisted crap like this should not have guns and yes, there is a connection to animal abuse and serial killers or just abusive people who abuse their wives, kids, homeless or elder abuse….
        And yes, I fear for the wolves…

  8. These people are all so stupid. Saying things like these are ‘Canadian’ wolves and that the deer and elk population is way down because of them. For starters, its not. I’ve looked at the reports and actually elk and deer are thriving. As you’ve said before,and I’ve read from actual biologists that the wolves here are perfectly normal and not obnoxiously huge. The average weight taken this year was 100 lbs.

    People should start listening to what the experts (biologists) are saying and not just their friends.

  9. Thanks for posting these Nabeki. My guess would be most of the posts are from really frustrated men?

    For the sake of wolves, wildlife and the rest of us (including their families) I would suggest they take some time to seek professional help for what’s obviously, a problem of impotency.

  10. Several thoughts on this. I see the grammar the anti wolf people are using and compare it to the above comments made by wolf enthusiast. Makes a statement on education in some parts of this country. They would rather demonize us then argue this on its merits. The comment that some of us should wear an “I love wolfs” shirt into some bars. I have always felt that violence is the last resort of a limited mind! So, you can assault me, perhaps even beat me down. Hope you feel better about yourself! I hope your spouse or loved one never disagrees with you. I am assuming because you have beaten me down you believe your position is the correct one. I can assure you of one thing! I am not going anywhere and as long as I have a breath in me I will say what I believe is right! The interesting thing is that I don’t hate them, just pity them!

  11. Marc, you only have to go into some of the hyped up, wacked out, hunting sites online to realize the “gun” and what its capable of, is really an extension of some failed part of the anatomy, that somehow, has robbed most of them of the ability to communicate an intelligent or decent thought when it comes to wildlife.

    I don’t hunt but I can certainly understand someone who does and wants to provide for their family, but the posts above? They have nothing to do with supplementing the family food bill. These people are down right scary and whats even scarier? Is the thought that that kind of mentality, is being passed on to future generations.



  14. I pray for all of the people who hate the canis lupus
    for some day it may come back and haunt you.
    there has to be a peaceful solition to this problem
    I pray no one kills any wolves on my land if you do you will be sorry.may the lord be with you and your live stock in your darkest hour.

    • Hi JON,
      Thank you for your gracious and kind words.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Wow! It is looks as if there are raining retards in there! They are so lazy they can´t even look for their elk! HA HA HA HA those people that where talking there need a biology book.

    • Hi Loua,
      Can you believe some of those comments? Where do these people come from? Where did they lose their empathy? It’s all about them and what they want. They could care less about elk, they just don’t want to compete with wolves to kill them. Unreal

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. And, it is proved that anyone that is is able to harm an animal is potentially able to harm a human…creepy…

    • Very creepy Loua. I fear for the wolves.


  17. Well, these retards that still think that the introduction of wolves to Yellowstone was an epic fail and that they are decimating elk herds or that they are a non-native species, they should really get a good book and start reading! They only hear their anti-wolf people and go out to shoot wolves. “Oh! Poor little elkies! They are getting killed by the EVILZ WOLFZ OF HELLZZ!!!” Sure, now go see the pictures of dead hunter killed elk gutpiles and we’ll talk again soon. Thank you very much.

    • Loua, I think we are making the assumption they actually care to read anything positive about wolves. I don’t think they are that deep.


  18. “what is wrong with a predator derby?”
    Whoa, yep, they have lost their brains.

  19. I cannot imagine the hate inside of the people that posted those horrible comments! They are killing the wolves because the wolves kill to eat…exactly what these people do. Why is it alright for a hunter to kill a deer or an elk and not a wolf??? Really screwed up world we live in…

    • It’s that just sick stuff catherine? These people will say anything, including death threats. What a bunch. I guess wolves will be blamed for breaking up their marriages and unemployment. Scapegoating at it’s most obvious.


      • Nabeki, wolves are the scapegoats for everything. This recent grizzly bear attack, you know the one in Montana where a female grizzly attacked 3people and killed one, leave it to the anti wolfers to blame that attack on wolves. You should see some of the idiotic things they right. They wrote that the grizzly bear who attacked those 3 people and killed one did so because they couldn’t find food because the wolves ate it all. Such a ridiculous claim. The elk arenot all gone, far from it.

      • I read that Jon, what a ridiculous statement but should we expect anything remotely resembling critical thought from that crowd?

        I read her three cubs were all severly underweight, weighing just half of what they should have. Apparently that mother was very desperate or sick. I can’t imagine the stress on these animals with people crawling all over the backcountry, which is there home. If anything the bears and other predators show amazing restraint. I know Glacier has over two millions visitors every year and Yellowstone is probably double that. Wolves are followed every single day of their lives with people and their spotting scopes, habituating them to people. That contributed to the Cottonwood pack’s death last year, they were so used to being around people they thought nothing of the callous hunters that took their lives. I remember this cold comment from the hunter that shot the alpha female, something like, she just stood there and looked at me before I shot her. What is wrong with these people? It’s not the wolves that stress out the grizzlies it’s people.

  20. Nabeki, I have only read the first two… :( I have asked my “pack” to join me in support for you…tireless warrior and lover of wolves…I am so sorry these hateful POS send you this and make the energy be reflected back into their sad and pathetic lives.
    Nabeki, We thank you for your tireless efforts…and Love for the wild ones….
    My pack


    Hater need not join

  21. I find it rather strange that the government in each state,,say that the wild life is theirs and they can do what they want.What animal knows boundaries?The Elk? The Wolves? The Bird? I guess I better tell my neighbor to keep his squirrels in his yard,they’re eating all of the bird seed from my bird feeder and I have enough squirrels of my own.Sorry, that is alittle overboard,but it just as crazy thinking wild life belongs to certain State such as Montana and the rest. Who knows, the elk could be finding another state to live in. Idaho isn’t friendly,so move on.

    • Totally agree Rita, why do the state game agencies have so much power over our wildlife? I think we’re all waking up to the fact they have a stranglehold on these poor animals and are trying to turn our wild places into zoos, just so hunters have certain animals to kill. It’s a sick system.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  22. Support the PAW ACT email and write your lawmakers!
    To the vile POS from Alaska…
    You are fighting ME! Yes you can kill up to 10 wolves a day If you can catch them and in some areas you need to be a substance hunter, which you obviously aren’t.And I am fighting so hard to get the PAW act passed which will put a serious crimp in your vile style! Alaska has mismanaged the moose, caribou and reindeer! With a new Gov coming in nov I’m hoping your blood lust will be shot down…As most of the rational people of Alaska don’t want wolf hunts.
    I don’t think a wolf killed the woman in Chignak lake but I hope if you go out to kill…
    one will get you or better yet a Mama grizzly…!
    K A R M A! It will bite you in the ass or maybe eat ya up!

    • Yes crystyalwolf..if only we could get the PAWS ACT passed. Everyone needs to continue to push for it’s support, because unless and until that is passed the planes will continue to fly and gun down wolves and bears from the air. I have no idea what kind of person could take a job like that. They must all be trophy hunters, I think I read Alaska hires trophy hunters to do the killling.

      That vile person that said he was going to kill ten wolves a day has a black heart, even if he was making it up. Who are these people. How did they become people that lack empathy? It’s truly frightening to think they are out in the woods with guns, killing our wildlife.

      Mama grizzlies are nothing to mess with and I’m not talking about that poser Palin. She can’t hold a candle to a real Mama griz. The irony is she has the nerve to use that example when she had such brutal polcies in place when she was the Governor. Like she respects grizzlies…right.

      Well said crystalwolf!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki you know how I feel about that poser/wolf killer, no I meant a REAL Mama grizzly!
        Most of the caribou,killed up there esp. on this island that is a refuge, is the work of Bears not wolves, but wolves always get the blame…
        We must keep pushing for the PAW act, I think right after Nov. elections so it can be put in place by March when they start the wolf hunts again.
        Of course they could elect a good gov who would stop the hunt?
        *HOWLS*4 the wildones Support the PAW ACT~

      • I know how you feel about her crystalwolf…lol. Yes she is a piece of work. I agree we must support the PAWS act. When I have a few moments I’ll place the info on the contacts list.


      • “It’s truly frightening to think they are out in the woods with guns, killing our wildlife.”
        Not to mention some hunting packages include cartons of beer. That’s intelligent isn’t it?

      • Beer is an accessory it seems John. That really makes sense when you’re running around the woods with large calibur guns.


      • John, I wonder if all of these hunters who brag about how they are going to sss wolves this come fall are actually going to go through with their online threats. If they do which I think some will, it will be more ammunition to keep wolves listed, but i sometimes feel that being listed and protected will not protect them from wolf hating hunters who are just waiting to shoot any wolf they see.

  23. Dear Nabeki , this is 1st time I’ve been here…read through most quotes & felt the weight of what you’ve been dealing with..my message is to Add to the Numbers of those Standing with You..Not afraid of their words or hatred , nor weakened by their reveling…without a gun they are all Cowards ( even with one too, as it can’t give an honor they lack )..always here for you ,will answer any words…To overcome evil with good is what always makes me Stronger than them ! I know how it does with You too!…Sending YOU Extra Support & Power of Love…your friend this moment & forever…….Doni

    • Thank you so much Don and welcome. I really appreciate your kind words. I have to admit that sometimes the hate mail does get to me but then I push on and try not be give those terrible people a second thought. What worries me the most is the cruelty wolves could be subjected to, I can only imagine the awful things they must do to them when nobody is looking.

      Knowing I have such great readers of my blog on my side, motivates me to keep on fighting and speaking out for wolves. HOWLS

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. “Hunting”? it is murdering… hunting would be for food. Murdering wolves for fun? No ethics whatsoever.

  25. These low-life assholes make about as much sense as a football bat Nabeki. Do not let these miserable lumps of human sadness demoralize you or intimidate you. They are not very tough or courageous. I challenged some of the more aggressive ones (only after being provoked) on many a website only to find them reporting me & telling others to team up on this “tree hugging vegetarian” etc… When they find a formidable foe that can fight back unlike the defenseless wolves they so ruthlessly & irresponsibly execute they run like vampires from a cross…

  26. And they are spellin fools aren’t they! I think these fools never made it past junior high school. Idaho is known for it’s top notch education system. All the nonsense reminds me of the anti wolf bingo board. What a bunch of white trailer trash

  27. I truly feel sorry for them. Poor unfortunate fools, they are misguided and will never quite get it. Filling a void that will never be satisfied is wearisome work.

    William…any news today…? And is there a way that we can communicate through email.

    • White Wolf
      Raul Grihalva’s environment aide told me today that he expects the Senate to strip the language out of the bill before the senate votes on it. He sounded very sure of himself- it gave me more hope. I don’t think this is over by a long shot.
      Nabeki should have my email address, I would look forward to it. I would give it to you now but you know I have made so many new hillbilly friends in the west I don’t trust rednecks with a thinking problem, drinking problem, behavior problem and overall general shitty world view coupled with bad karma.

  28. Hugs Nabeki…I am sorry for the indignities that you endure as result of standing up to injustice. But you are a spirit that also understands that comments such as these are used as a means to provoke a response.

    The wolf delisting rider is their badge of cowardice. Let them show the courage of their convictions and introduce it as a separate piece of legislation.

    “Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are.”

    ~~Calvin Carlyle~~

  29. Any news to report, other than a budget cut that will affect Minnesota’s wolf management…?

  30. I just got onto this website and read some of the comments about the wolves. These people who think they have a right to go out and kill wolves are sadly mistaken. You can make fun of me all you want, but the God in Heaven that we as Christians know, are going to have a special place in the realm below where they will have to look at what they did to animals when they were here on earth for ETERNITY!!! It is written in the Bible and as I said, you can make fun of Christians who disagree with you all you want–it doesn’t make what you are doing right. No wonder animals are being massacred daily in the U.S. by people who think they have the right to do what they want with animals and God won’t do anything to them for it–wrong. What goes around comes around and believe me God is watching all of you animal haters and your offspring who are being taught to abuse, maim and kill all animals because of your attitude toward all animals, wild or tame!!!! As I said, what goes around comes around and it coming quickly all of you hunters (who by the way have a psychological problem and that is how they can go out and murder any animal).
    You will reap what you are sowing! It has been proven that men who have grown up hunting later on in life end up abusive and murdering other human beings and also animals!!!!! If you don’t believe me, search it on the Internet–under human/animal abuse, where it starts!!!! Domestic abuse starts with I believe, hunters!!!!

    • Jerilyn….Trophy hunting is licensed animal cruelty pure and simple. There is no excuse for it, it’s brutal, cold and callous. I can’t stand to see those grinning faces standing over their poor animal victims like they just won the lottery. Trophy hunting is one of the lowest of all human behaviors and it should be abolished.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  31. These people don’t even know what their talking about. Their just children with a temper who don’t like to be proven wrong. (Off the subject for a second, Idaho’s wolf population is past 800) Honestly, their words mean nothing, their just angry and are typing out of that, and not thinking of valid responses.

    • So true Ketrelflight…. The anti wolf crowd keeps repeating the same tired rhetoric over and over. I do not want to subject people on this blog to that.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. Why do you remove my comments? I have my own opinion and I expressed it in a very sincere, nice way.

    • SpeakingofWolves, Did I remove them?It must have been a mistake. Which comments??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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