In Case You Missed This…..A Kid With A 50 Cal. Who Wants To Kill Wolves In Idaho!

I was completely shocked when I saw this. Is it even legal for a kid to own or possess a BMG (Browning Machine Gun) let alone hunt wolves with it?

Why does he want to come to Idaho and kill wolves? Because he states the wolves are killing all the elk and deer so if he kills a whole bunch of wolves then there will be more deer and elk to hunt. He’s asked how many wolves he’s going to kill with that 50 cal. and he says, “quite a few”.

From left:.50 BMG, 300 Win Mag, .308 Winchester, 7.62x39mm, 5.56x45mm NATO, .22LR

Unbelievable. Take a look at the rounds that thing takes. This video was shot in September 09, did this KID use this gun to kill wolves?  I believe the rounds used in this BMG are armor-piercing, can go through brick walls.  Why would anyone allow a child to shoot something like this at an animal?  Or why would ANYONE use a gun like this to “hunt” anything.

Is it any wonder wolf advocates are horrified at the unconscionable things happening to wolves, when you see a video like this?

Things are much worse than I thought. Much worse. Who kills for fun and teaches their children to kill for fun with a weapon so brutally powerful?  Is this supposed to be hunting?  It’s disgusting.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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    • I know Agnes. I’m angry, sad, hurt, outraged and all combined as well!! This is beyond awful.


  2. This is beyond words, sick…. :( Last year the BOG in Alaska was proposing that kids over 10 go on wolf hunting or other hunting…unbelievable. I know in Alaska the Native’s have subsistence hunting, but come on… how many of the other “hunters” are in driving distance to Mickey D’s tacobell etc?
    The Kill & Drill crowd…and we see how that is workin’ out…! It time to take care of the earth and its creatures…

    • Hi Crystalwolf,
      I was completely shocked by this video. Of course it’s the parent’s influence, not the child. A child isn’t born hating wolves, they have to be taught. Still this is truly horrifying and shows how unbelievably cruel trophy killing really is!!

      Are these types of guns even legal or allowed to be used for hunting by a CHILD?


    • Actually, there are those among the native Americans/Canadians that do kill solely for entertainment and act just as moronically after their kill as other sport hunters.

  3. N, Exploiting your children for personal gain! Sad indeed! These weapons are legal but can only be semi automatic or bolt action unless you have a class 3 permit. What bothers me is that the father is not only exploiting his son but influencing his son thinking. Why not let your child develop his or her own beliefs based on who they want to be?

    • Marc…just bad parenting to allow something like that. Also shooting animals with assault rifles gives all hunters a bad name. It’s ridiculous.


  4. Methinks the parents are to blame for this, if that is so then it is even more disturbing.

    • But that’s stating the obvious…

  5. Where are those kid´s biology books? Was he ever taught to respect life or to research about the complex predator-prey relationships between wolves and their prey? His father just taught him to hate and kill, and live as nothing but an ignorant about the life around him. Real disgusting.

    • Loua…I don’t think we’re talking rocket scientists here. Still I think the father is brain washing his child and influencing what kind of man he will be. The apple won’t be falling too far from the tree.


  6. Loua,You are right.They are taught this and conditioned to beleive that this behavior is acceptable.The infamous line of tradition.Those groups don’t respect prey or predetor.The only thing that is missing is their display of thumping of their chests. The children should be in school learning to part of society not being anti-social.They all seem to want the attention like bullies do. They seem to fed on hate.

    • Well said Rita. He’s teaching his child to hate. Will his son grow up with a complete lack of empathy for animals? If you can blow one up with an assault rifle…what does that say about the person? What worries me is this a lot of bluff or did these people really go to Idaho and shoot wolves with a BMG? I fear for the wolves with people like this out in the woods and also any person that may be around when that rocket goes off.


  7. god bless the child with the machine gun if i catch him on my land killing wolves he will be shot on sight

  8. A rifle of that calibre would rip his arm off at the shoulder if he tried to use it. This is not an exaggeration, these weapons are used against armoured vehicles. What I want to know is how did the family get hold of a military weapon?

    • John believe me you will surprised what you are able to find in black market with lot of money to spent…

    • Why are these type of weapons used for hunting, let alone a child using one? These are military weapons. It’s just sickening. The poor animals!!


  9. As Nabeki said the child is not responsible for that no parents are. They feel proud for they son he become a cold blood killer (hunter) and they love it. Well i have an idea. Sure all you know they paintball game with all that equipment that hunters have they gonna have great fun if start playing it and kill each other…

    • If memory serves me correctly, this video was posted by a user alias ‘BigSkyHalo’, a Montanan sport hunter who believes that when wolves kill elk, its a complete waste because those elk belong in hunters’ freezers. Or was it CTGolfer? Probably him, given he owns an outfitting business, hates wolves, brings his son along on hunting trips and has a mouth like a gutter.

      There is a close knit of these types on YT, some even openly admit to poaching or knowing people who have poached wolves. Whether they actually do or not is up to speculation.

      • I stand corrected

      • Ctgolfer aka Jim Spielman and his son were caught illegally killing a black bear a few years ago.

      • Why am I not surprised,Jon.My opinion on this has not changed since the last post I wrote on May 10.I would say,”Birds of a feather stick together”and”The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.”

  10. With such degererates for parents- Do you see a future for this child? College? Maybe a jail cell in his future

    • This kid’s father’s name is Jim Spielman. He took his son (the kid in the video holding the gun) to Ontario Canada a couple years back and were caught illegally killing a black bear. Here is the story about it.

      The kid thinks it is so cool to kill a bear.

      The injured bear growled and headed for Michael, prompting him to shoot twice more before the animal collapsed.
      Later, Michael stopped to admire his work and pose for pictures with the bear’s carcass.

      “I was just amazed,” he said. “The second I pulled that trigger, it was so cool.”

      Michael, an Ellington resident, has been hunting with his father, Jim Spielman, for three years.

      He said the hunting trip this month to Ontario, Canada, during which he shot the 210-pound bear, was his biggest adventure yet.

      “It was just a lot of fun,” he said.

      Jim Spielman, who also learned to hunt when he was a boy, said the pastime instills discipline and shows his son that “there’s more to life than drugs.”

      “A 10-year-old killing a bear in Canada is an everyday occurrence,” he said. “It’s not nearly as dangerous as you’d think.”

      But in Ontario, a non-resident must be at least 16 to be eligible for a hunting license.

      • Jon…..
        Raising a redneck one child at time. This kid didn’t have a chance. How could he?


      • “there’s more to life than drugs.”

        Yeah. Its called Tennis. Or baseball. Or [any form of] Martial Arts.
        Or, better yet, something that is actually beneficial to the function of society!

        (no offence intended tennis, baseball and martial arts fans)

  11. Sorry degenerates! I know how to spell!

  12. If you delight in killing, you cannot fulfil yourself.
    ~Tao te ching, Lao Tsu (600 B.C.)

    • Thanks for the quote John, it speaks volumes. Chinese philosophers have the ability to state the truth in very few words.


  13. I’m as pro-wolf as the next guy but I just have to point out that the gun in question is NOT a .50 cal M2, it is in fact an M99 by the looks of things, but the quality of the video isn’t very good. It could be an M82/M90/M95, in which case you would’ve got the calibre right, but there’s a big difference in ROF between an M2 and an M82!

    • Thanks for correcting, I’m not an expert on assault rifles but the point is made that is not a gun a child should be using or aspiring to use to kill wolves or any wildlife, that’s a military weapon. I’ll have to review the video again but I’ll take your word on the model.


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