Nail Biting Time As Wolf Advocates Await Judge Molloy’s Ruling

I wake up thinking about a wolf archery season and my blood runs cold. The thought of these sensient beings shot full of arrows is something I can’t wrap my mind around, yet that is what will happen to Montana wolves if the 2010 hunt is allowed to go forward this September.

In my wildest dreams I never envisioned a day when the climate in the Northern Rockies would disintegrate so quickly for gray wolves.

When wolves were reintroduced I was filled with hope but now they are being used for target practice by people that love to kill, pure and simple. There is no reason to hunt a wolf other then the thrill of killing. You can’t eat them, what purpose does it serve other then blood lust?

And who dreamed up a wolf archery season at Montana FWP? Would any living being want the excruciating pain of taking an arrow in the head, the leg, the mouth, the neck. How many bow hunters know what they’re doing? Read this report on bow hunting of deer and substitute wolf.  It will chill you to the bone. This cruel killing method should be illegal and never used on any animal, deer or wolf.

“Report on Bowhunting

This report summarizes twenty-four studies on bowhunting from across the country. The facts in these studies show clearly that bowhunting is inhumane and wasteful. The possibility of a deer being impaled by a broadhead arrow and then dying instantaneously is extremely slight. Wounding and crippling losses are inevitable. Every one of these studies has concluded that for every deer legally killed by bowhunters, at least one or more is struck by a broadhead arrow, wounded, and not recovered. The studies indicate an average bowhunting wounding rate of 54%, with the shots per kill averaging 14. We believe that these numbers are conservative.

The Wounding Cover-up

Bowhunting journals make it clear that they do not want bowhunters speaking to anyone about wounding. Their editorials even suggest that bowhunters should underestimate their losses.a”

Read the rest of the disgusting facts about bowhunting…CLICK HERE:

As we await Judge Molloy’s decision, there is no doubt in my mind that if the upcoming wolf hunts aren’t stopped we will witness the beginning of the end for wolves in the Northern Rockies. 

The gloves are off and the states have openly admitted they are *“managing” wolves to reduce their population, for the first time since their reintroduction.

State game agencies cannot be trusted with wolves lives, period.  As George Wuerthner points out in his recent article Wolves, Oil, Bureaucrats and Judges:

Indeed, the best management of predators is exactly what California has done with cougars—eliminate all hunting of predators, except for those which pose a direct threat to human life and/or livestock. With regards to livestock we should require changes in animal husbandry practices to reduce conflicts such as immediate removal of carrion, use of guard animals, among other practices.

I couldn’t agree more. George continues:

“In California voters were persuaded that Fish and Game agencies could not scientifically manage cougars, and that hunting created more problems than it eliminated. Voters took authority for hunting away from the agency by banning cougar hunting.

Since the ban on hunting in 1991, cougar populations have grown significantly. But surprising to some, California now has far fewer cougar incidents than other western states that have fewer cougars, fewer people, but permit cougar hunting. The only control that California exerts on cougar populations is the strategic removal of individual cougar that are deemed a safety threat to humans.”

Imagine voters taking matters into their own hands, realizing state game agencies have too much invested in pleasing hunters, to ever be fair to predators. Can you envision that kind of protection for wolves?

Wolves in the Northern Rockies truly cannot survive, in any meaningful way, without ESA.  As long as the culture of  hate and persecution surrounds them, wolves will need to be listed. Even under the ESA umbrella they are still subject to  killing by Wildlife Services for agribusiness. It’s impossible for them to withstand that AND state sponsored hunts. 

In my mind it’s not about numbers of wolves, it’s the hateful climate they can’t tolerate. Wolves must be protected from it. That was the very reason ESA was created and why wolves were able to start their comeback before they were delisted by the Obama admistration.

So we wait for Judge Molloy to rule, the fate of the Northern Rockies gray wolf population hangs in the balance. Nail biting time…..


Gazette opinion: Wolf fans, foes await ruling

Gazette Staff | Posted: Monday, July 12, 2010 12:10 am


July 13, 2010

Wolves, Oil, Bureaucrats and Judges



Photo: Courtesy Kewl wallpaper

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  1. I’m shaking my head in disbelief right now. Some people, how do they get off on this? Its ingrained sure, their daddy took them out on hunting trips, taught them that killing animals is right and that their daddy’s daddy’s daddy did it but for [censored]‘s sake grow a brain cell and break the cycle of stupidity!
    Please note, the use of the male gender is merely an example of how the cycle perpetuates through generations, I know there are women who are just as blood thirsty as men.

    • John…It’s a way of life that’s been drummed into them since they were little. But you know at some point you have to take responsibility for your actions. They have to know what they’re doing is wrong, it’ so obvious.


      • They believe they are doing the right thing, or that their actions, no matter how barbaric it may appear to the larger population, are ‘scientifically’ justified.
        Hence ‘wildlife management’ comes into play and so ‘game’ agencies say they can ‘scientifically manage’ animal populations. Peh! Its a psuedo-science that is teaching generations that for ecosystems to function humans need to hunt in large quantity (for that to happen prey herds are to be kept at high capacity at all times and predatory species are to be kept at a low population level or otherwise eliminated) and farmers need to be protected from carnivores via lethal measures. The rationale is fundamentally flawed and most definitely does not follow current ecological knowledge.

      • John…it’s all about them….as in Dominion. They think everything was put on this earth to serve them. The ultimate in narcissism.


  2. I’m starting to forget in what year we are…2010 or 1910?

    • PS: God bless you, Mr. Wuerthner :mrgreen:

      • He’s an amazing person Loua.


    • Hi Loua….I think 1910.


  3. Dear Nabeki i hope from my heart all the results will be something like wining to us. Please let us know any news..

    Ps: Can we have any contact of Judge Molloy can we do something to secure best results?

    • Unfortunately Vasileios we can’t try to influence Judge Molloy one way or the other. He has to base his decision on the merits of the case.


  4. As every day goes by my opitmism fades. I thought we would hear something by now,However,even if the ruling doesn’t go our way,we should still fight.The wolves still need a voice. One knows the other side will voice their opinion.

    • Hi Rita,
      I have my theory that Judge Molloy might wait until the end of August, right before the hunts are due to start to issue his ruling. I could be wrong but my thinking is he will relist the wolves and it won’t give the haters much time to run to the Ninth Circuit or try to rewrite the rules. I’m sure they’ll try every trick in the book if wolves are relisted..


  5. I grew up with two wolves as pets,,,,they were loyal,gentle, faithful companions and lived with us till they died of old age at 16….they were my protectors and my closest friends….I’ll never forget the courage and unconditional love they gave me through my childhood….I’m forever indebted to them….they protected me as we roamed through the woods of The Missouri Ozarks together and couldn’t begin to tell you how many times they alerted and/or killed snakes only for my safety….I still love to hike in the woods and can feel their presence beside me as I do….they were and still are my heroes♥

    • Thanks you so much Kelly for sharing your story about your wolf pets. You were blessed to have had the chance to spend so much time with these amazing animals. I wish everyone would see them the way you do.


  6. I should have added that if the anti-wolves lose they will voice their opinion and ,even worse,take matters into their own hands

    • That is really worrisome Rita..that’s why I don’t think the hunts should have been allowed to go forward in the first place. It was like opening Pandora’s box. How can we ever go back to the way it was?


  7. Nabeki are we allowed as individual citizens to write to Judge Molloy? I love your new Warriors for Wolves FB! ITA with you that we need to something more to be more visible. The anti-wolf crowd certainly manages to do it, so why can’t we?

    • Hi SoCalWolfGal,
      Glad you like the new FB page Wolf Warriors. I’m very excited about it and hope it will make a difference in wolves lives.

      On Judge Molloy, he’s not allowed to consider our opinions only whatever was presented in court, to make his decision. I believe he will relist wolves, it’s their only hope to avoid the brutal, brutal hunts coming up.


  8. nabeki, I’ve been involved with the wolf reintrduction program and protection they were supposedly given since 1975-1976 and I’m sure others have been involved far longer than I. I agree that the only reason why our wolves are hunted so avidly is nothing more thn ‘blood sport’. When asked what they did today, I imagine most wolf hunters would say something like, “I shot a couple of wolves today…..nothin’ personal”. We shot and killed gooks in Viet Nam, and rugheads in the Gulf War, along with those in Iraq and Afghanastan……nuthin’ personal mind ya. It’s time the blood thirsty hunter be put in their place. Enuff said.

  9. Why don’t the lives of countless thousands of elk and deer elicit the same passions in those people who rabidly wish to protect wolves? I’ve not taken a stand on this issue, but what kind of sliding scale is in use by those who wish to protect predators at the expense of other animals? How do you decide the value? When I see statistics that cite that over 60% of the GYA elk herd is now gone (+-14,000 elk) where is the outcry from folks who “value” animals. I wonder about the diminished valuation of the ungulates vs. the more ‘romantic’ wolf. What is the ratio? If you bring wolves in because you feel there is an excessive number of elk and the wolves have excessive food then they thrive and in the end no balance is achieved…you have an excessive number of wolves. The manipulation and sliding scale valuation seems only to serve the creation of an out-of-equilibrium predator prey balance….strangely that seems to be what makes the pro-wolf crowd happy. I like wolves too, but I am a realist. How do you justify the sacrifice? You don’t create a balance. It seems to be more of an in-your-face type effort where a twisted notion of making up for the almost total eradication of wolves earlier in the century. Are you just making their day in the sun as reparation?

    • Hi Tom,
      I’m not a hunter and never will be, I value elk and deer for what they are, not for what they can do for me. Elk and wolves have been co-existing for tens of thousands of years together, as a matter of fact it’s the wolf that honed the fleetness of the elk. As for the Yellowstone elk herd at it’s height it was over-browsing the riparian areas in the park, killing off the aspen and cottonwood trees, driving beaver and songbirds away. If you look at pictures of Yellowstone stream beds and rivers BEFORE the wolves were reintroduced you will see the trees are backed way off the river and stream beds. When the wolves returned the elk turned back into…well elk. They were on the move once again, no longer the complacent elk that hunters were so used to for sixty years. They stopped munching down the aspen and cottonwood trees. The beaver and songbirds returned. The aspen started to grow along the stream and river beds once again. Wolves worked their magic. Ask the pronghorn fawns if they like wolves.

      The Yellowstone elk herd may be down in some areas but that’s called nature. It’s a dance between predator and prey. If people would leave the elk and wolves alone things would be fine. The problem isn’t elk, deer and wolves…it’s people. I find it HIGHLY hypocritical of people that accuse wolves of killing elk when all they want to do is kill elk, they just don’t want the competition from wolves. When I say I love elk, I really mean it. The only shooting I’ll ever do of an elk is with a camera. The hunters that kill elk can’t possibly love them, because if they loved them they wouldn’t be killing them. What they love is killing. Yes there may be a small percentage of people that hunt for sustenance but most hunters hunt because they like to kill things. Wolves OTOH can’t shop at the A&P, they don’t have that choice, they hunt to live. that’s their job and that’s why they’re here…to keep ungulate herds healthy.

      Not sure if you’re aware that in 2009 there were 150,000 plus elk in Montana and 105,000 elk in Idaho. The elk herds are fine. It’s just another excuse to demonize wolves. Sorry you’re buying into it. I don’t see wolves shooting people with high powered rifles and smiling over their dead bodies like they’ve won the lottery. I don’t see wolves calling for trapping, baiting and calling. I don’t see wolves pushing for an archery season. No it’s not wolves that are brutal, it’s humans. Wolves are trying to live and raise their families yet they are being slaughtered in the hundreds with more to come. And the reason is not because of elk or deer numbers, it’s not about cattle. The real reason wolves are dying is because people want to hunt them for trophys. It’s blood lust pure and simple. It’s intolerance of a species. It’s the 1900’s all over again.


  10. Nabeki, I have to agree with your basic assessment that elk, deer, and wolves aren’t the problem……people are!!! It’s very much like pointing out the fact that guns don’t kill…’s the people who do by choosing to pull the trigger on a loaded weapon!

    If these hunters had no choice other than to shoot game animals for the sustinance of their families and themslves, #1 those animals wouldn’t be wolves or cougars. And having to hunt out of sheer neccessity as our Native Americans did would leave many of these wolf hunters at a total losThe hunters would have to learn from the ground up how to bring down elk, deer, buffalo and such.

    As long as these hunters are supported by sporting good agencies authorized to sell valid hunting licenses and know that the state and Federal government won’t step in to stop the slaughter, they’ll continue to have their fied day.

    I’m sorry Nabeki that in many cases and issues, debates, the writing of letters and signing of petitions does make a difference. But, as each of us knows, debates, letters, petions have proven to be as useful as hoping and trying to put out the hunters fire with gasoline and matches.
    Once more I have to reiterate that hunters should be made aware, with no punches pulled,”kill a wolf at the risk of being shot yourself!”.

    • David I know Kenya is very serious about poaching…they’ve figured out their animals are more valuable dead then alive. They have a booming ecotourism industry to protect. Kenya shoots and kills poachers but in this country we throw them in jail and fine them. I think if we were serious about catching poachers, handing them big jail sentences in federal prison, where they don’t have parole and slap them with enormous fines, poaching would go way down. I don’t think we are going to be shooting poachers in this country unless fish and wildlife catches them in the act and they get into a shoot out.


  11. I agree with your assessment Nabeki. However, this means lobbying for legal changes to U.S. Goverment laws regarding Federal Prison sentences for the hunting and killing of verious wild species of animals; evern if their population isn’t down, i.e. California cougars, condors, etc. And, a slap on the wrist won’t be enough to change the behavior of hunters in general.

    • You’re so right David…until they get tough with these people instead of slapping them on the wrist, nothing is going to change. The poachers apparently have no fear of getting caught. This HAS to change if we’re going to make a difference for wolves. Wolf Warriors is a growing movement…the “silent majority” of wolf supporters are starting to speak out.


  12. Interesting….again the naivete of the reintroductionists is on display. Sportsman have been the backbone of protection for our natuaral resources since inception of the Pittman-Robertson Act and our concern and financial support has been the basic catalyst for the viability of the populations of wild animals that you enjoy today. You have all come to the table with your romantic notions extremely late in the game. Most of us have a lifetime of experience witnessing the natural world firsthand. Many people hunt. They don’t request that you participate, agree, nor insist you understand. I personally believe it roots are intrinsically woven into development of Homo Sapien as a hunter-gatherer. Actually I have ceased to attempt to justify it one way or the other. I think it just “is”. For whatever reason I have an attraction to providing my own tablefare. It seems perfectly relevant in an omnivorous society. It isn’t a reflection of what level of sophistication or refinement you feel you are as a person. We developed as omnivores and we continue to be omnivores. Some laugh at the haughtiness, condescendsion, and arrogance of others who feel they can deny the physiology, structure, and adaptation of our bodies to that development. That somehow you have “evolved” beyond what you are because you have chosen vegetarianism. None of the sportsmen care and certainly don’t subscribe to your elitism.

    I am a very open-minded liberal. I am also a realist. I have a fairly complete understanding of the natural world I live in. I don’t understand the notion that I must somehow justify a motivation to participate in providing my substinence. What do you see in the natural order of things? I see the most complex interdependency imaginable with all of us contributing or utilizing.

    The elk and deer populations in NE Oregon are well below the carrying capacity for the resources available and ripparian environments are not suffering. Wolves will decimate their populations due to the limited ‘wildness’ of their home environs. Most speak of the predator-prey balance. The advancement of a hearty population of wolves on an already stressed population of ungulates cannot achieve a balance. I think it may achieve a perverted romantic notion concerning wolves at the expense of the viability of game populations. Look at the Lolo corridor in Idaho and other areas where entire populations are now missing. Is that predator-prey balance? I think it is wolf scat.

    The one person’s philosophy on here about “if you shoot a wolf it could result in getting shot yourself” pretty much exposes a twisted mindset. Although I feel we have an tremendous excess of people and have little appreciation for some I still don’t value wolves as I do humans. I think the distinction is clear. What he speaks of is violence and environmental terrorism. Sportsman generally don’t espouse either. I really like wolves, but I am sorry, most of the wolf reintroductionists don’t really know shit from Shinola. If they did they would be advocating sensible game management and get off the bandwagon about hunters being mindless, bloodthirsty killers who only value animals for trophies….ridiculous.

    • Mr Lawler-It is Sportsmen not Sportsman. Pardon my arrogance. And would it not be arrogant for “Sportsmen” to call people that have concern for animals and for the environment “antis”?This backbone for protection and concern for natural resources is based on a selfish desire to have animals available for killing. Times are changing and as hunters numbers plummet people that have no desire to kill animals will have more of a say as to how animals are treated. The Alaska Board of Game and the Idaho Commission are two glaring examples of how a few special interest groups made up of livestock, hunting and trapping interests have all the say as to how wildlife is managed. Hunters need to clean up their act, from canned hunters to trophy hunters to outfitters that cut corners to ensure the satisfied client these abuses are not isolated incidences. People will continue to expose these abuses whether you like it or not. Show me some proof that the lack of game in the LOLO is a direct consequence from wolf predation!

      • I believe Mr. Lawler is a lawyer from Iowa. Maybe I am wrong. He is the one who doesn’t know shit, excuse my language.

  13. Tom Lawler, Lolo area was bad before the wolves showed up,there is something more than just the wolves causing the problem.It is easy to blame on one thing and completely overlook another.If you are to close to it,it would be better to step back and get a broader view.

    • That’s the same old tune they like to play Rita, it’s called “ode to the Lolo elk herd”. They have nothing else, as if that justifies killing 80 wolves and keeping the wolf population suppressed for the next fve years to just 30 wolves. As I’ve stated before people that know that area have stated the elk herd has been in decline for decades, long before wolves were reintroduced. Most of their decline is due to habitat not wolves.

      These people have no business managing predators, they are too entrenched and beholden to hunting lobbies. After all that’s where they get a substantial portion of their revenue. It’s a bad system and needs to be changed. If we actually had a few wolf biologists that would advocate for wolves instead of sucking up to the state game agencies and their ilk, we might be able to get somewhere. The only two wolf biologists that I know of that don’t agree with wolf hunting are Daniel MacNulty and Cristina Eisenburg. Doug Smith thinks it’s just fine to kill wolves in wolf hunts and doesn’t believe wolves should be allowed near agricultural areas, so much for him advocating for any wolves outside of the park.


  14. Mr Lawler is under the impression that we should just accept the “realities of hunting” and not question any of it. Safari Clump International says “Promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide” is their goal, when their actions of shielding their wealthy canned hunting ranch owner members shows a completely different reality! Or the Florida Conservation Commission who has a goal of protecting their natural resources at the same time allowing coyotes and foxes to be penned for 20 years right under their noses!


      Sport results in mismanagement
      I must respond to the recent column by Jim Vanek in which he attempts to promote hunting as a means of supporting wildlife in general (“Wildlife thrives because of hunting” Aug. 13, B2).

      While I am an anti-hunter, having formerly been a hunter, my associates and I are not “bunny-huggers”.

      Our thoughts and arguments against sport/trophy /hunting are based on empirical evidence, not emotion or misinformation.

      Hunting does not support wildlife in general, just the opposite is true and studies have proven such. Hunting, especially sport/trophy hunting, which is the most common form here in the U.S., actually disrupts wildlife by manipulating minority “game” species and the environment to sustain trophies and unnaturally large herds.

      An article in National Geographic earlier this year showed how hunting disrupted large areas in Idaho by managing for elk while eliminating natural predators to reduce competition to human hunters.

      Once wolves were reintroduced, the elk returned to their natural habits, including migration, which relieved the stress they were placing on both the flora and fauna. This is just one example of how game/trophy mismanagement, under the guise of wildlife management has wrought havoc.

      The example of the Kaibab and mule deer is cherry picked information, and poorly selected at that, as Vanek fails to mention the fact that natural mule deer predators had been eliminated, as were the aforementioned Idaho wolves.

      With neither natural or even unnatural predators in the mix, there is no doubt that the balance was skewed and the herd increased to unnatural and unsustainable numbers. Thus nature stepped in to reduced the herd with the only tools still available — starvation and illness.

      It may not have been a pretty process but there were no other options thanks to man and his gross mismanagement in the name of sport.

      David Kveragas, Newton Township, Pa.

      • Excellent post Jon!! Finally a little common sense.


    • Hi William,
      Mr. Lawler, is just repeating the same talking points over and over. I’m in no mood to listen to that drivel, I guess he’s under the impression we want to re-hash the same tired arguments over and over. How sad to keep repeating their one talking point about the Lolo elk herd. I think I have to repost something I wrote last year called “About Elk” because frankly, even though I love elk, I’m getting sick of talking about them. These have to be the most self centered people in the world if they think everyone is focused on elk numbers. Most Americans, over ninety percent don’t even hunt. There are only twelve million hunters in this country but you would think, by all the whining, there were a hundred million.


      • And elk is the #1 reason why hunters hate wolves. All hunters are concerned about is their elk hunting opportunities and that goes for any other prey animal that wolves have to eat in order to survive. Wolves should be entitled to elk much more than the hunters. The big difference is that wolves rely on elk for survival, hunters do not.

      • It’s the state game agencies Jon that are supporting this dominion over our wildlife and in turn the hunters have developed a sense of entitlement. They think the forests belong to them. Well I have news for them, they don’t. More and more Americans are balking at what’s going on. Who gave them the keys to our national forests?

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. By far one of the more pathetic examples of this sense of entitlement is former SCI Board member Steve Scott. He has a hunting show, and he is always preaching ethics of hunting. Today was surreal. He goes on a ten minute rant of how hunters need to stay unified in the face of liberal anti- hunting extremism. The next hunting clip shows the owner of Excalibur crossbow hunting a sheep species at a canned hunting facility in Texas! If that wasn’t bad enough- he takes this extremely unethical shot in thick brush cover(You could barely see the animal), at which point he misses the animal completely!!!They just demonstated how extremely pathetic, lazy and stupid they are!!!! This guy Scott is a lawyer- i only wonder how he managed to pass the bar exam!

    • sci is probably the worst hunting organization around William. I believe we talked about this on Ralph’s blog. They don’t give a squat about wildlife. Their main objective is killing it. I am sure you know about the disgusting contests they have. They also seem to like shooting endangered animals for trophies. In other news. ted the scumbag Nugent got caught baiting a deer and killing it. This guy has to have one of the most arrogant personalities around. Not to mention a total scumbag.

      • Nugent displays the arrogance and entitlement that most hunters feel. I hope he feels as stupid as he looks. His music is no longer relevant so he is the badass hunter using bait products to kill immature deer- how pathetic!!!!!The hillbilly redneck Hank Parker and his two sons endorse C mere deer so it must be good.

      • Can’t stand Ted Nugent, talk about arrogance. I happened to be flipping the channels and he was on the George Lopez show talking about how he jammed with Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He can’t hold a candle to either of them. I flipped the channel fast so I wouldn’t have to listen to him talk about himself, his favorite topic.


    • William…I’m not familiar with Steve Scott but I am familiar with the Safari Club, terrible group. It seems the wolf battle has turned into hunters vs. wolves. It’s not just wolf hunters now, it’s many of the large hunting groups, like RMEF. Personally I think some of them are behind the big push to demonize wolves, especially the Safari Club. They signed onto the delisting lawsuit. They have a lot of money and big membership. I knew it would come to this. Even politiicians are jumping on the bandwagon. Baucus wants to introduce legislation to strip wolves of their ESA protections, anything to take attention away from the god awful health bill he created. As for Rehburg he’s preaching to his base. I think if they think they can start meddling with the ESA they will find strong opposition. The ESA is the bible of environmentalism and it won’t be taken lightly. This is starting to look more and more like a vendetta. It’s surreal.


  16. I guess if he had wounded and not recovered the animal that wouldn’t have made good viewing for the audience, not that that ever happens!

    • William, I can’t even count the gut shot or arrow ridden deer I’ve seen, it’s sickening. The poor animals suffer terribly at the hands of some of these so called “hunters”.


  17. Nugent is not running on all four cylinders or the cheese feel off the cracker.I think it would be best if he crawled under a rock.

    • True Rita, so true.


  18. I have a theory about these “hunters”. I believe they are “small” men who get off on killing. This is the only way they have to prove their manhood.

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