Wolf Recovery Sought Across US…Please Support This Plan!!

I’m reposting this because I think it’s the future of wolf recovery in this country. Wolves must be allowed to reclaim their historical home range, not be boxed in by brutal state management plans. USFWS should scrap the outdated wolf plan and give serious consideration to the Center For Biological Diversity national wolf plan!!  We have to take the lead on this people. Start writing USFWS, in support of this plan. It’s the only thing that makes sense for wolves.


For Immediate Release, July 20, 2010

Contact:  Michael Robinson, (575) 534-0360

Wolf Recovery Sought Across Country: West Coast, New England, Colorado and Great Plains

Silver City, N.M.— Gray wolves should be recovered in multiple, connected populations throughout the United States, according to a scientific petition filed today by the Center for Biological Diversity with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The petition asks for development of a national recovery plan for the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act to establish wolf populations in suitable habitat in the Pacific Northwest, California, Great Basin, southern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and New England.

“Existing recovery plans for wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains and upper Midwest are out of date and apply to a small fraction of the wolf’s historic range,” said the Center’s Michael Robinson. “It’s time to develop a national recovery plan to facilitate true recovery of the gray wolf.”

Currently, gray wolf populations are limited to the northern Rocky Mountains, western Great Lakes and Southwest, which makes up less than 5 percent of their historic range. In part, this reflects the fact that the gray wolf has never had a national recovery plan, though it has been listed in the entire conterminous United States since 1978. Instead, individual recovery plans have been developed for only the three areas that now harbor populations. These plans were developed in the late 1970s and 1980s and are now outdated. Besides failing to recognize that wolves can be recovered to other areas, the plans set population goals well below what are now considered necessary for population health and survival. In the northern Rocky Mountains, for example, the recovery plan only called for 30 breeding pairs, split between three subpopulations.

“Small, isolated wolf populations are a recipe for extinction,” said Robinson. “Science teaches us that we need far more wolves that range across a much wider swath of the continent than the current minimalistic approach.”

The Center’s petition starts a process in which the Fish and Wildlife Service must make a determination on whether to develop such a recovery plan based on the science in the petition and the requirements of the law. The Endangered Species Act requires recovery of endangered animals and plants throughout all significant portions of their range.

“Wolves are an engine of evolution,” said Robinson. “They help feed bears, eagles and wolverines with the leftovers from their kills; they help pronghorn antelope and even foxes survive by controlling coyotes. A continent-wide approach to wolf recovery is necessary both to save the wolf and to restore ecosystems across the United States.”



Finally someone is calling for a national wolf recovery plan. I think the Center is seizing the opportunity to propose true wolf recovery in this country. 

If Judge Molloy relists the Northern Rockies wolf population there will be a chance to rewrite the rules and wolves would no longer be under state controlled death sentences, following outdated management plans.  This is the only hope for wolves to make a full and complete recovery in America. 

I applaud the Center for their bold plan!! 

Read the full petition submitted to the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar and Rowan Gould, Acting Director, USFWS.

Petition to the U.S. Department of Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, for  Development of a Recovery Plan for the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) in the Conterminous United States Outside of the Southwest.


Take Action For Wolves, Support This Plan!!



Photo: Courtesy Tambako the Jaguar Flickr

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  1. My God. This is the news we all waiting. I am so happy and also so sure about all the actions judge Molloy will take. I think he will support this plan and like you say dear Nabeki it will be a great full recovery schedule.

    • Everything rests with Molloy, Vasileios…I hope his decision comes soon.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Nabeki I can hardly believe my eyes. Can it be that finally the Department of the Interior is going to get serious about doing their job and protecting this country’s wolves?! We must not let up, all wolf advocates needs to contact Secretary Salazar and applaud this incredibly good news! I hope with the Jackson Browne concert in Bozeman this will truly start the an avalanche of support for our wolves. They have been persecuted for so long now. I have tears of happiness in my eyes!

    • Hi SoCalWolfGal,
      It’s actually the Center For Biological Diversity that’s petitioning the Department of the Interior and USFWS to rewrite the rules on wolf management. The department of the Interior has to review this. I’m hoping this could be a new start for wolves in this country and I thank the Center for doing this. I don’t have much faith in Salazar or USFWS but if they see the tide turning and feel the support wolves have in this country…they might actually take action. We can’t have wolves constantly bounced on and off ESA, so this makes so much sense to me.


      • I am sorry, I was so excited that something was being done, I did not write very clearly. Yes, the petition is written to Salazar and the USFWS. I did call and leave a voicemail for Michael Robinson at the Center. I at least have some hope now. And I am sure Judge Molloy is aware of this, so hopefully…

      • I’m holding out hope for this SCWG. I think the Center did wolves a serious favor. And we can push this agenda as wolf advocate.


      • I hope this becomes a reality nabeki.

      • Jon I believe the Center proposed this because they are seizing the moment. If wolves are relisted in the Northern Rockies there will be an opening to re-write the out dated plan. Wolves cannot live under the brutal state management plans, their populatons hunted to mere shadows on the landscape. This could really be the answer and I’m excited about it. Now all we need is Molloy to rule and relist them.


  3. Nabeki, is it okay to use the pics you have posted on Wolf Warriors? I was thinking of changing out my avatar.

    • Sure SCWG….which one were you thinking of?


      • Well, I was thinking of the white one in the snow. I have had the black one Denali for a while now.

      • Sounds good SCWG.


  4. Idaho and Montana had their chance and blew it BIG TIME. They bought this on themselves.

    The farmer’s ‘grab your gun’ mentality has no place in the world today. Its utterly hypocritical that ranchers can say they are ‘stewards of the land’ and love the rural life when they haven’t any concern for the wild things around them.

    Most hunters these days have day jobs and live in suburbs, some even work in office cubicles – so I guess there’s a reason for getting stressed. Yeah, I know, those office printers have a mind of their own, someone keeps stealing your lunch from the fridge and your colleague won’t admit to passing wind in the elevator while you’re in there with them. But ‘going postal’ after hours is definitely not the modern or rational way to get relief.

  5. Salazar and the governor of Idaho are both promoting the killing of the wolf population in Montana, Idaho, and possibly Wyoming. In montana as in Idaho they have upped the quota for wolf kills. We live here and the fabricated stories of wolf problems are ridiculous. the FWPs basis its’ wolf population numbers on annonymous phone calls and word of mouth.
    We just saw a huge herd of elk, Bulls, cows and Calves, obviously not affected by wolves.. we see Dogs as being a bigger threat to livestock and wild game. Apparently for these hunters to kill wolves they have to go deep into the wilderness.. Shouldn’t this be the place where wolves are safe?

    • Well said Kay…the anti wolf crowd just thows anything at the wall to see what sticks. They know wolves aren’t a problem. There are many more things that kill cattle then wolves, including coyotes and domestic dogs. Wolves are way down on the list. And of course ranchers lose thousands upon thousands of cows to disease, weather, reproductive issues and even theft. You’re right, it’s very hard to find a wolf unless you have the telemetry from a collar. Wolves are shy and want to be anywhere but where humans are. We sure can’t blame them?

      There are plenty of elk in both Montana and Idaho. And how hypocritical it is for hunters to complain about wolves killing elk when they want to kill them? Unreal.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Some may think when predators hunt its nasty, mean and gross. To them I say grow up and learn a little about the process of natural selection. Not all quarry chased are killed. They may be running for their life but the ones that survive exemplify the will to keep a clear head, not to mention display a spectacular show of strength and endurance the likes of which us humans rarely come to know.

    • John,
      I guess they forgot why wolves were put on this earth, to keep ungulate herds healthy. What do human hunters do? They try for the biggest and the best they can find, removing their genes forever. Wolves can run circles around human hunters anytime when it comes to hunting. They provide food for eagles, foxes, coyotes, ravens etc. They keep the coyote population in check which in turn helps the foxes and pronghorn fawns. They help cottonwood and apsen forests grow. The coastal wolves of British Columbia drag salmon caracasses into the forest to feed on. In turn the carcasses fuel the growth of the massive trees in the rain forest. What do human hunters contribute?


  7. Nabeki,I can answer that question.What do human hunters contribute? Lip.

    • And the numerous species they hunted into extinction.

  8. It would be nice to have wolves all across the US, but I’m a little hesitant about this. As they spread into additional areas, won’t they just come into conflict with more and more people who will be out for their blood? It’s bad enough that we have the hunters and ranchers in the isolated areas where they currently live lobbying against them; what if we had to deal with the combined angst of members of these groups all across the country? I like the idea of readjusting the recovery quotas for the Northern Rockies area, but I’m concerned about whether encouraging the establishment of wolf populations in new parts of their historic range is really going to save wolves’ lives in the long run.

    • I understand your concerns CaptainSakonna but we can’t allow fear of the unknown to stop a natural process. There are other native carnivores that have wide ranges in the lower 48, i.e., coyotes, mountain lions, bob cats, foxes, etc.

      There is no history of a healthy wolf caused fatality in the lower 48. Wolves are extremely shy and afraid of people. Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks have millions and millions of visitors each year. Both parks have wolves. The visitors camp, hike and relax in wolf country with nary a problem. I have confidence that wolves would do just fine if they were allowed to repopulate their former historic range. I believe this will lessen the clout of the big Western states who now spend their time whining and complaining about wolves. It would diminish their message if wolves were not held captive in just these areas.

      A national wolf plan will give wolves the time they need to truly recover. Most of the country does not feel the same way about wolves as the loud vocal minoriy in the Western states, who are held hostage by the livestock industry. They are the ones driving the anti-wolf campaign along with the hunting groups. Do we know where every coyote resides in this country, every black bear, every fox? We don’t. Wolves are tracked relentlessly like terrorists. We have to move away from this paradigm.

      There are no easy answers when it comes to wolf recovery but the national plan developed by the Center makes the most sense to me.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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