Karma…..Founder of SaveElk, the Anti-Wolf Website, Charged with Poaching

So wolves are killing all the elk huh? Hmmm, maybe Anthony Mayer, the founder of the anti-wolf website SaveElk, was talking about himself.

He’s charged with killing a trophy bull elk out of season, in other words, POACHING. If he’s guilty, don’t you find this person to be a complete hypocrite? He created a website to demonize wolves, yet he stands accused of taking down a beautiful bull elk, out of season and not in a nice way.

From the Idaho Mountain Express:

“The founder of a Twin Falls-based, anti-wolf Internet site has been charged with a felony for allegedly killing a trophy bull elk out of season last year in the Alturas Lake area of northern Blaine County.
Anthony J. Mayer, 59, is charged in a criminal complaint filed in Blaine County 5th District Court in September with “flagrant unlawful killing and possession of a trophy bull elk.” He is also charged with the misdemeanor crimes of hunting without an elk tag, hunting without an archery permit and unlawful possession of protected wildlife.”
According to the Mountain Express, Fish and Game Conservation Officer Merritt Horsmon states Mayer told him:

“he had first shot and wounded the elk using archery equipment on Sept. 30, 2009, and again shot and killed the elk using archery equipment on Oct. 1, 2009.”

That means it wasn’t a clean shot. The animal must have suffered terribly, after first being shot with a bow on Sept. 30 but was not killed until Oct 1. What kind of pain did he endure before dying?

Yet Mayer has the nerve to complain about wolves?  It’s not wolves we have to worry about, its human hunters that don’t know how to shoot. It’s human hunters that poach our wildlife and then brag about it. Apparently that’s what got him in trouble. He allegedly bragged on several hunting sites about killing the bull elk.

He’s facing some serious charges and I hope if he’s guilty they throw the book at him. How about losing his hunting license for life and even jail time? That’s the way to send a strong message.

But you know what gets me? Wolves are poached all the time and they’re a protected species. The little Oregon Wenaha pack wolf was found shot to death recently. Three highly endangered Mexican gray wolves were killed this summer and the alpha female of Washington’s Lookout Pack is missing. Or as one of my readers pointed out, thank you Rita, what happened to the little Mill Creek Pack female, 314f ? She made an epic journey of a thousand miles from Montana to Eagle County, Colorado. and there she died. Her bones were found on a lonely hillside called “No Name Ridge”. We’ve been waiting  for the results of her necropsy, yet it’s been 1 1/2 years and still no word that I know of?

When will a wolves’ life mean as much as a 6×6 trophy bull elk?


Anti-wolf activist accused of poaching

SaveElk.com founder charged with felony in killing of trophy elk


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. What is more the damage to his…erm…’credibility’ [and those that support him - guilt by association] will be phenomenal, mostly due to the irony of the charge against this person. If he’s found guilty SaveElk won’t recover from this.

    • John….I certainly hope saveelk doesn’t recover from this. If the man is guilty he’s a hypocrite and nothing he says on that site will ever carry any weight again, not that it did in the first place. Humans are the deadliest predators on the planet, bar none. His actions prove that point.


  2. What gets me is the double standard,as much as I feel for how the elk suffered in the order in bagging it,wolf poachers barely get a slap on the hand.How long has it been since the wolf that was heading towards Colorado got killed? There hasn’t been any arrests, that I know of, and there still isn’t any answers or results on any of the poached/killed wolves.

    • There is an obvious reason for that. Hunters and the agencies(including the depts of fish and game)that are suppose to regulate and enforce hunting regulations place so little priority on poaching it shows by the attitude of indifference- which then leads to more poaching. Whenever I question hunters about shooting animals with bows do you notice how defensive almost angry that they get when you are questioning their ethics( If they had any). The usual response is that you just don’t understand hunters! Bullshit! I remember I was lucky enough to get the owner of Excalibur Crossbow on the phone and I asked him what the average of wounded animals to animals that were taken with clean bow shots and he didn’t want to answer. This idiot Mayer is a loser, and he knows everyone looks down on him but I doubt he cares. He looks like a degenerate hick.

      • Well said William. They are spinning this six ways from Sunday. The haters know this looks very bad for them. Bow hunting is one of the cruelest forms of hunting, IMO. You have to be pretty darn good to kill an animal with one shot. It’s a horrible way to die. That’s why I was so sickened when Montana for Hunting and Cows (Montana FWP) proposed having a wolf archery season with their next hunts. Sick, sick.


    • I pointed that out Rita in the post. There is certainly a double standard. It’s because all the other hunters are mad the guy is going to take away their chance to kill a trophy bull elk, not that they care about the animal. Thanks for reminding me of 314f, the little wolf that made the epic journey to Colorado. It’s been over a year ago since they found her bones and yet no word? Again double standard. Wolves were poached in the North Fork in Montana during the hunting season and one of guys got a slap on the wrist. Certainly not the hoopla that’s going on about this poor elk.


  3. If you read the Idaho MTn Express article in the comments section there is this guy who is not very bright that is trying to link environmentalists to ecoterrorism!!!!! I would be shocked if just once these idiots would take responsibility for their own and their actions. Everyone knows that this ecoterrorism is being financed by the liberal White house to infiltrate hunters of the west and these terrorists are being aided by socialist wolves and other misunderstood predators to take down the hunting community. Everyone knows that!!

  4. Nabeki how that Elk must of suffered… :( Lets hope they throw the book at this assHat! And yes Karma! We do have a small bit of Karma about the two AssHats who killed Juneau’s beloved “Romeo”…their trial has been delayed b/c of them is receiving chemo! Hope he lives long enough to get punished for killing/poaching Romeo and 2 bears! For those who don’t know Romeo was a beloved blk wolf in Alaska who hung out in Juneau and played with dogs, posed for pics and was beloved by all. He disappeared in Sept.’09 and earlier this year two men were arrested for poaching & possession of a black wolf skin. There is one guy who wants DNA done on the wolf skin to see if it is Romeo (he has some fur?) but that hasn’t been done.
    I will never as long as I live understand the mind of a “person” who must destroy wolves, bears, Elk, Moose, caribou, or harm any animal. We must press for harsher sentences for people that do, or poach animals like this hateful asshat.

    • Remember that there are hunters that hate it when we name animals, because then when they kill them it is more personal of an issue. How dare we personalize wildlife- they were put on this earth to be killed for someones perverted pleasure.

    • Yes, and people like Tony Mayer complain how wolves make other animals suffer. There is no guaratee that a hunter’s bullet or arrow is going to mean a quick death. There have been animals shot by hunters who have died slow and painful deaths, but you never hear about these. One of those worthless poachers is going through chemo. Karma at its finest. This scumbag took a wolf that a lot of people liked and admired away from them.

      • Nabeki just got this new petition:


        Now the picture on this petition IS Romeo! I had no idea this was a separate sup-species!
        Please tweet and spread it around. I have tagged it on Wolf Warriors! Wouldn’t it be great to get this guys on Endangered list In AK?

      • Tweeted Crystalwolf!


    • Crystalwolf, they couldn’t stand that this wolf was so beloved by so many. That’s their specialty, killing beauty. I believe in my heart they targeted him.

      Poor Romeo who only wanted to be loved and accepted by his human and dog pack. I think I read his mom was killed by hunters. He was always a lone wolf and found acceptance from his human and dog friends. It’s such a terrible shame. And for what? He’s dead and they’ll probalby end up with a slap on the wrist.


    • WHAT?! Romeo was shot? How sickly!!!

      • Unfortunately Loua the cretins killed sweet Romeo, they couldn’t stand people were enjoying this wonderful wolf.


  5. they really have to throw the book at this self-important idiot! Who does he think he is!

    • catherine…they all have that arrogant attitude of Dominion. They think animals were put on this earth to serve them.


  6. If these guys are so concerned about money that they cant let a few cattle be taken by wolves why dont they hire sheppards, pay them room and board, job being to look after livestock and ect. let them camp out there on their land im sure there are lots of guys out there who would love to live out on the range for a season… give them some ammo and blanks, maybe a few rubber bullets or a dog or two and let that small cost settle this…it would be a win-win and at least they wouldnt have blood on their hands… to set some boundaries you have to protect your own and their may be a few loses on the side of wolf and cattle.. but there is no need to exterminate.. anyone can understand small battles where a few warriors are lost on each side; and protecting your own; but any culture who exterminates is just evil/insane.

    • Blake, if you saw “LORDS OF NATURE”, then you would understand the culture of ranching. For more than one hundred years these people have felt a sense of entitlement to the land which is still present to this day. They don’t want to do any animal husbandry, they would prefer to have an ecosystem with no predators on the landscape! It is so ridiculous ranchers want the ability to kill predators for even bothering or making their stock nervous!!!!!!

    • Blake…they blow the wolf depredation issue way out of proportion. Many of the ranchers let their cows loose on our public land and don’t see them again until Spring. Their animal husbandry is terrible.

      Wolves use remarkable restraint when it comes to livestock. The were only responsible for 97 cow deaths in Montana in 2009 out of 2.5 million cattle. More cattle were killed by vultures then wolves. (NASS 06). Wolves are not the main predators of cattle, coyotes are but the biggest losses come from non-predation. The can lose thousands of calves in one storm. They use the predation issue because it serves to demonize wolves and most people have no idea how low wolf predation numbers are, so they get away with it. They don’t like facts, they just make it up as they go along.


  7. Here is my two cents! Most of you folks know of me. So hear me out. Tony Mayer is a real dirt bag. This we know. However, Mr. Mayer just saved me from having to write a thousand letters to many people in favor of wolves. He is his own worse enemy. He has managed to do to himself and his webpage what we…Frankly could not have done. That’s not to say I don’t regret what happened to that magnificent elk. I do! No animal should have to suffer such a violent death.

    The question I have now is will the “Idaho Good Ole Boys Legal Club” Slap him on the rest or make an example of him and burn him at the stake? If I were a betting man I would bet on the wrist.

    • I’m betting slap on the wrist too Marc. They are bellowing now but when it comes down to it, will a jury in Idaho give him serious jail time or take away his hunting priv. for life? I don’t think so.


  8. To all, there were two really good shows on last night on pbs about wolves. One show was called the wolf that saved america. It was about this naturalist named Ernest Thompson Seton who was a wolf hunter and then changed his views on wolves and fought for them.


    • Thanks Jon…that’s one of the movies we’ll be showing at the Roxy on October 25. I watched it online last week. Heartbreaking for Lobo and Blanca.


  9. Everyone should read this great article!

    Death Cults Among Us

    The War on Wolves


    The aforementioned points reflect a disturbing but common trait among provincial, state and federal “environmental” agencies in jurisdictions throughout North America – specifically, an obsessive predilection that drives wildlife managers to reflexively default to the oxymoronic tactic of conservation-by-killing. Given the evidence (i.e., the body count), coming to the conclusion that government agencies which “manage” wildlife essentially operate as death cults is not difficult. Countless policies are designed to harm or kill wildlife, particularly large carnivores. The euphemisms used to describe and camouflage such killing – e.g., “cull”, “harvest,” “control” – speak volumes about the underpinning philosophy (i.e., the so-called North American Wildlife Management Model) of these agencies.

    • They absolutely nailed it. Just an awesome article. Bravo Camilla!! I’m going to repost it on the blog.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. Oh, I’ve seen that website, it’s a mix of exaggeration, lies, misunderstanding and even evil personification of wildlife. Oh Karma, sweet Karma…

  11. Seems most people that speak for others have a problem with following thier own rules. Politicians, lobbyists, spokesmen, etc…. We expected better of this man. As a conservative hunter, I dispise poaching and hope he is made an example.

    • Thank you Joseph…..this man is truly a hypocrite and if that bull elk died the way it was described it is a travesty. Bleeding out and drowning. I cried when I read that.


  12. You are right, this man is a hypocrite, and this makes his anti-wolf actions all the more infuriating.

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