National Wolf Awareness Week…October 17-23

It’s National Wolf Awareness Week. A time to celebrate wolves AND expose the hateful persecution they live under.

I begin with the ugly face of wolf hunting, if you don’t already know how hideous  it is. This video is very graphic but necessary. Only when we’re confronted with the horrors wolves suffer, will we truly understand and want to commit ourselves to protecting them.

This is why Howling For Justice and Wolf Warriors are fighting to keep wolves protected. No wolf should suffer this fate. Wolf hunting is cruel, causing immense suffering both to wolves and their families. It makes orphans of little wolf pups like the ones in the video.

Montana and Idaho legislators and their fish and game agencies are working overtime to strip wolves once again of their ESA protections and hold brutal wolf hunts. This must not be allowed to happen.

Please speak out for wolves. Call your legislators and tell them wolves need protection of the ESA. They are not recovered and only inhabit 5% of their historic range. They must not fall back into the hands of the Western states who are clamoring for wolf hunts. This will allow them to profit from wolves’ deaths by selling wolf tags. State fish and game agencies should NOT be “managing” predators, because it creates a conflict of interest.

Hunters pay licensing fees, directly contributing to fish and game agency budgets. Since wolves and humans hunt the same prey animals, whose side do you think “wolf managers” will come down on? Wolves or hunters? I think you know the answer.

State game agencies operate under a 19th century paradigm that seeks to keep predator numbers low, under the misguided premise of inflating game animal numbers. This is politically driven policy, not science based. These tactics have no place in modern society.

There are powerful forces who want wolves dead outright or their numbers depleted to unsustainable levels. Please speak out for wolves and vow to be pro-wolf active this year!! Tell your legislators hands off the Endangered Species Act or they won’t have your vote. If they think we don’t care, then they’ll do what’s politically expedient for them. We have to make our voices heard loud and clear!! The wolf haters winning the war of words. We must get our message out and let people know wolves are suffering, even though the hunts have been halted for now. Wildlife Services continues its relentless war on wolves!!


Celebrate Wolf Awareness Week 2010





Montana State Legislators

Idaho State Legislators




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  1. Dear Nabeki. Once again my heart broken when seeing that video. We are not allow that we will fight them.
    Our voice has so much power and our fight is against to that awful situation that hunters and haters cause to nature to wild life…
    I have faith and i believe we will made the difference we will save the Wolfs all of us all the people who are dedicated to this blog all the Wolf Warriors…
    We must not stop. Come on Wolf Warriors lets aware the WORLD…

    • Vasileios those wolf killers are beneath contempt. Many torture wolves before killing them. It’s sick stuff, this has to stop!! Our struggle will be long and difficult but I know there are more people that care about the welfare of animals then those that want to kill them. There are only 12-13 million hunters in the US but over 72 million wildlife watchers.



      • Back from vacation and back to reality: dealing with sick people who hate wolves for no reason. I am so sick of Butch Otter, I really wish some evil would befall him and just get him off this planet!!

        This is what I just cannot understand: if wildlife watchers outnumber hunters by such a large margin, why does this continue? Because we don’t speak out enough and loud enough. I do think this is changing but we cannot let up for even a day. With election day just around the corner it is more important than ever that our representatives hear from us. Loud and clear.

      • I’m so sick of hearing about plans to kill wolves SCWG. It just never stops. Every day brings a new horror. It proves why wolves need protection under the ESA but meanwhile Wildlife Services is busy killing them in their shadow wolf hunts. Are wolves safe anywhere in the world? It’s mind boggling.


  2. It is sometimes hard to believe that these vile things are humans, they are an insult to our species. So what if our ancestors did it thousands of years ago, its the 21st century now – GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

  3. DEAR NABEKI! i’m in tears, i saw lot of pictures of this video…You will be upset about me…but i hope THESE F…. B….. WOLVES KILLER WILL GO IN THE HELL! what i wish with all my heart!NABEKI, i’m with you and with all WOLF WARRIORS! i’ll write everywhere, where you want! please,tell me, what can i do more with JEAN DE FRANCE? howls!!!!!!!

    • Hi Agnes,
      I’m with you on this. May they rot in hell, or hell might be too good for them. Maybe Dante’s inferno, I wonder what level of hell they would have to toll in for all eternity!!


  4. No matter how many times I see pictures like this it still maddens me and to the point of sheer rage and disgust.They know nothing of nature, they just spoul out rhetoric and scare tactics. Yeh!,they are going to protect us from wolves,bears,and even deer.We can’t even take care of ourselves as a human race let alone nature. Pleasant or not, nature has taken care of it self for centuries until people who owned guns started to want to hunt and shot everything and anything,especially predators.No competition. People need to more informed of their surroundings and learn how to co-exist with nature.We are part of it..I”m saddened by the loss of the wolves,their pups,and the future generations that could have been,all ended by some nuts on some ego trip..

    • Who does this Rita, seriously? Do they wake up one morning and say, I want to torture and kill a wolf for sport. If this was done to a domestic dog or cat, they would be brought up on animal cruelty charges and given jail time or a fine. Why are they allowed to do this to our wildlife? Something has to be done!! This is sick stuff and these people should be punished for it.


  5. No words, just tears…and rage at people who will do this to wolves and other predators.
    These people are so de-evolved and prob go to church and called themselves pro-life!
    Sickening waste of space. :(

    • Crystalwolf, They are disgusting creatures inflicting pain and suffering on a hapless animal. Spineless and gutless comes to mind when describing them also.



    Butch Otter is a piece of crap! Like we didn’t know this was coming.

    • Maybe they’ll arrest him Jon. Basically he’s saying it’s open season on wolves and they won’t investigate wolf kills. Pretty sure USFWS will have to step in or the Nez Perce. He can’t pick and chose which federal laws he will enforce. Sad this is who they have passing as Governor of Idaho and it clearly shows Idaho should NEVER be allowed to manage wolves ever again.


    • After that display, I think its about time for Otter to be given his walking orders.

      • Even the wolf haters don’t like Otter. Otter is clearly trying to win over those wolf haters so he can get elected governor again.

      • I’m sure wolves agree with you John.


  7. Oh Buthcy boy,loves grand standing and it is election year..I fear for the wolves now.The sss crowd will have no fear of being caught,as if they ever really did.I wonder what the stance or the reply to his statements from the feds will be.I am glad that I have this sight to come to and in the knowing that Nabeki and all the others who post here,have a sharing of concern for the wolves and all of the wild life.Thank you,Nabeki.Howls to everyone.For the Wolves!

    • Otter should be sued if wolves are killed illegally. USFWS better step up and do something, it’s their job to protect Idaho’s federally protected wolves!! DO YOUR JOB USFWS.


      • Nabeki and others, notice how he calls wolves their wolves when talking to the feds. He doesn’t even acknowledge that wolves are native wildlife. It just proves how anti wolf Idaho is really. I believe Butch did this because he is running for governor again and he wants to win. Even the wolf haters don’t like him and him pulling this stunt is probably the only good thing he’s done in the wolf haters eyes. The usfws will probably do a better job than idfg investigation illegal wolf kills anyways. Idaho just doesn’t care about wolves.

      • I don’t have much faith in Ed Bangs and his merry band of men (or women) over at USFWS. After all they were the ones that wanted wolves delisted in the first place. They ordered the killing of the pups and wolf packs in Wyoming.

        Otter is playing politics big time with wolves. He’s preaching to his base. I can’t imagine how embarrassed the rational Idahoans must be to have him as Governor.


  8. The wolf situation has a spot on a show “Foreign Correspondent” 8pm tonight… can’t record it unfortunately but it may show up on YouTube a little later, the segment is titled “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”.

    Nancy Taylor, I remember a ‘Nancy’ from Ralph’s blog. Same person?

    • Sorry, that was ‘Wild’ wolf.

      Ron Gillett, just looking at that man…the way he talks and that damn paranoid psychopathic attitude. I used to think there was good in everyone, but he proved me wrong.

    • Ooops, thanks for the heads up John, I missed it. Dang.


      • It was in Australia only.
        You can access the program by following this link, it should be listed there:

        The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also gives out programs on request though in some cases there are fees and copyright to consider. I might ask them later.

    • Post this on wolf warriors Nabeki!

      • Jon,
        Apparently Montana has stated they wouldn’t follow Idaho’s lead.

        Montana plans to continue management despite Idaho governor’s decision

        Although I have my doubts how vigorously fish and game agencies police the poaching of wolves. They certainly don’t treat it with same urgency as poaching elk.


  9. I have spent the last ten days in Yellowstone and have observed wolves on six of those days.
    The park researchers, who claim to be helping wolves, have darted, drugged and collared a total of 759 wolves since the study began. With friends like these, the wolves don’t need any enemies.
    Half of the adult wolves in the north end of the park have radio collars. The Agate Pack has four adults, all of them collared.

    • And yet Larry, they wouldn’t help the iconic Druids’s mange. The last little female suffered so, I believe she was collared and the mites got under the collar, causing her terrible itching. They say they couldn’t help them because they don’t want to interfere, yet look what you observed. Are these wolves wild?


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