Meet The Wolf~~Facts Not Fiction….

Wolves have labored under an undeserved, bad reputation through the ages, because of fear, bigotry and persecution by man.  To set the record straight, here are a few things you may not know about wolves.

1. Wolves live in family groups, which include a breeding pair called alphas (mother and father wolves)  Wolf bonds are strong, they hold the pack together. They will lay down their lives for each other. Family is everything to them.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack”…….Rudyard Kipling

2. Wolves kill for survival not fun.  Predation is the act of killing for food.

3. Wolves’ brains are thirty percent larger than dogs.

4. Wolves are the direct ancestors of dogs. “The domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the gray wolf, differing from it by at most 0.2% of Mitochondrial DNA sequence.  In comparison, the gray wolf differs from its closest wild relative, the coyote, by about 4% of Mtdna sequence….Robert K. Wayne, Ph.D.”

5. Black wolves inherited their coat color from dogs.

6. Wolves kill very few livestock, yet are continually blamed for livestock depredation.  Wolves killed fewer livestock then domestic dogs or vultures.(NASS 06) 

7. Wolves have great stamina, they are the super athletes of the animal world. Wolves can run 25 to 40 miles per hour for twenty minutes at a time. Now that’s an endurance runner.

8. Northern Rockies wolves lost their ESA protections in the Spring of 2009. They were hunted soon after, in the fall of the same year. It’s unheard of to hunt a newly delisted species so soon. It shows Montana and Idaho are NOT suitable “managers” of wolves. State “wolf management” is run by fish and game agencies, who’ve turned our forests and wild-lands into game farms, elevating ungulate numbers, while keeping predator populations low.  Their policies include killing wolves for MINIMAL livestock depredation. Whole packs are destroyed, pups killed. Who kills puppies? Wildlife Services does. They are the extermination arm of the USDA and carry out the states “lethal control” of gray wolves. 

9. In 2009 over 500 wolves lost their lives in the Northern Rockies.

10. Wolves sense of smell is 100 times stronger than humans. They have more than 200 million olfactory cells.

11. Wolves cherish their pups, the entire pack takes responsiblity for raising them. It truly takes a village to raise wolf pups.

Think of Limpy. He tended his babysitting duties with care before he struck out on his own, leaving his natal pack and the safety of Yellowstone National Park. Ultimately he was shot dead, on the very day the then Bush administration lifted ESA protections for wolves, in 2008. HE DIED FOR NOTHING.

12. Wolves may be on the move for 8 to 10 hours per day. A wolf pack can cover over a hundred miles per day.

13. Wolves can and do get kicked in the ribs or risk skull fracture every time they go out for breakfast.

14. Wolves mate for life unless their partner is killed or displaced,  then they may find another mate.

15. Wolf pup mortality is high.

16. Wolves are an indicator species,  who do not adapt well to change. They are NOT coyotes, who are very adaptable.

17. Wolves are apex predators, which means they are at the top of the food chain. They play an integral role in keeping ecosystems healthy.

18. Wolves are the least dangerous of the large carnivores. Fatal wolf attacks on humans are RARE. Domestic dogs kill 20-30 people a year and bite another 4.5 million. Hunting accidents claim approx. 100 lives a year in the US and Canada and wound another 1000 people. An Oregon child was shot in the leg by a hunter while waiting at a bus stop. Cattle kill at least 50 people a year. Deer kill another 150 people annually, in-car crashes and cause over a billion dollars in damage.

19. Wolves were responsible for just 97 cow deaths in Montana in 2009,  out of a population of 2.6 million cattle. The coyote is the main predator of cattle but you would never know it. Even so, coyotes and all predation on cattle are MINIMAL.

Aside from the brutal fact that every single cow raised for food will end up dead, the main cause of cattle losses is non-predation, IE: weather, disease and reproductive issues and theft. 

Can you see how distorted this has gotten? Wolves are not the problem. Bigotry, irrational fear and outright lies directed at wolves, are the problem.

20. Wolves need our support more than ever. Spread the truth about wolves and don’t allow ignorance to flourish. Set the record straight.  I’ve had many conversations with people who mindlessly repeat the same tired myths and half-truths we’ve all heard as if they’re fact.

Humans should hang their heads in shame over the treatment of wolves, using them as scapegoats to justify killing them.

Wolves are trying to survive and live their lives without interference, just like us. 

Please write to local newspapers, speak with state and federal legislators. There is an assault on the ESA in Congress, that would strip gray wolves of their protections. There is no animal on this planet more persecuted then the wolf. Wolves CANNOT survive without the protection of the ESA. Fight for their right to be protected. We are their only voice. 

Why is it animal cruelty to kill domestic dog pups but not  wolf pups?  Think about it!

Listen to wolves howl CLICK HERE

Top photo: fanpop wallpaper

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wolf Warriors, Nabeki. Nabeki said: Meet The Wolf~~Facts Not Fiction….: [...]

  2. This blog should be stapled to the head of Sarah Palin for her aerial wolf hunts in Alaska. Maybe several should put a link on her FB page to it!!

    • LMAO berrymoore. Just the image of it stapled to her head is incredibly funny image, even though the subject is so serious. She was horrific toward wolves and bears when she was governor. It sends chills up my spine to think this airhead is planning on running for president. Apparenlty anyone can be president now as long as they have a pulse.


  3. Nabeki,
    The black wolves are a sub-species The Alexander Archipelago wolf (Canis lupus ligoni)

    Romeo is believed to be one…
    And I want to mention this before some troll does, the supposed “wolf attack” of a woman in Chignak,AK earlier this year has never been proved. The vet was going to send samples for DNA of the wolves they killed and as far as I know its never been done. They might of predated on her after she died, but there is NO proof They killed her.
    Could of been a bear? And this was on a gravel road, not much snow there for tracks. Could of been a dog pack also.
    Just a FYI.

    • Hi crystalwolf,
      The Alexander Archipelago wolf can be black, as Romeo was but their coat color can also vary. Not all black wolves belong to that subspecies.

      Wow what a great picture of an Alexander Archipelago wolf. Thanks for sharing!!

      On the killing of the woman in Chignak, AK, I agree with you. Something is very fishy about that story. I’ve never believed the official version. It’s all just too convenient. As you said, wolves and bears may have predated on her body, AFTER THE FACT but I don’t believe wolves killed her. I’ve even toyed with the idea there could have been foul play. Maybe one day the truth will be discovered concerning this tragedy.


      • Yes I’ve wondered about the foul play too :(
        But life is cheap in Alaska. There are not enough state troopers to investigate, and I believe they were going to build a state of the art crime lab in Anchorage, but that has been stalled. If they don’t get Federal funds it doesn’t happen.
        I like that wolfie too, he reminds me of Romeo!
        Great running wolf for the post!

  4. Wolves have been treated unfairly for a long time. I am currently posting this link everywhere i can. Taking berrymoore’s advice. I suggest everyone else do the same. :)

    • Thank you Felan Platinum Wolf, my mission is to open people’s eyes to the way our native carnivores are treated, especially the wolf. All the hysteria over this issue is trumped up idiocy. The biologists (not all) are the ones doing the most damage. They take their expertise and then go work for some fish and game agency that wants to control our wildife for profit. It’s sickening. We have to fight back against this outrageous system.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. DEAR NABEKI!VERY GOOD NEW POST ABOUT WOLVES,LIKE ALWAYS.You are right!We must to speak around us about the REAL WOLVES and they hard life! WE MUST TO STOP THESE SO STUPIDE MYTHS!!!I think everyday of LIMPY and ROMEO….deadfor nothing….

    • Thank you dear Agnes, so glad you enjoyed the post. I want to start doing more myth busting posts. There is so much bad news out there all the time, I know we are all overloaded. I think of Limpy and Romeo too. Two wolves that were very special. It’s heartbreaking to think of the pain they must have suffered before they died. It makes me ashamed to be human sometimes.


  6. DEAR NABEKI!VERY GOOD NEW POST ABOUT WOLVES,LIKE ALWAYS.You are right!We must to speak around us about the REAL WOLVES and they hard life! WE MUST TO STOP THESE SO STUPIDE MYTHS!!!I think everyday of LIMPY and ROMEO….dead for nothing….

  7. i love wolves!

  8. I have spent the past three weeks in Yellowstone. Researchers here have placed radio-collars on over 759 wolves during the Yellowstone Wolf Study. This is done after each of the 759 wolves is chased to exhaustion by helicopter, darted and drugged and handled by gloveless and self-serving researchers.
    This is abuse and is a violation of what Yellowstone is supposed to be: A place where animals are supposed to be wild and free and unencumbered by man
    A Radio-Collared Wolf is a DEAD Wolf!

    • This is absolutely ludicrous.We are going to study them to death!!!What needs to be done is to get the collars off.I can’t believe that they can’t get off their *** and go out in the field and locate a wolf pack,and recognize one wolf pack from another.Collars are a death sentence and it inhibits the wolves..They do to much collaring,and they are no wiser from doing it.Poor things,the wolves, being chased to death just to be either collared or gunned down.

      • Amen Rita.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Larry this is a travesty. I recently saw “The Wolf That Changed America” and of course we had to have the token Doug Smith commentary. He was talking about mated pairs of wolves being so connected. He said when they chase them in helicopters the rest of the pack scatters but the alphas stick together. He said very glibly, oh it doesn’t hurt them (chasing the wolves with helicopters). I don’t think he realized how awful that sounded. There is no reason for them to be collaring this many wolves, it’s ridiculous. Wolves can suffer PTSD, like humans. I can’t imagine how frightened they are when they’re being chased. I said this before but the park let the last little Druid female, who was heavily infested with the mange mite, just sliip out of the park and die. They didn’t lift one finger to help her and I believe she was collared so the mites under the collar were causing her even more distress. There was a Canadian wolf pack that was plagued with mange and the biiologists treated them for it. There is no reason not to treat Yellowstone wolves for mange, especially the last little Druid. They can’t use the excuse they don’t want to be intrusiive, they are already intrusive.

      What the heck is the reason for all this collaring? They are ruining the wildness of these wolves. Besides visitors chasing them around with their spotting scopes, the park is busy harrassing them with collaring. It’s needs to stop. Do they have too much grant money on their hands?

      Collaring is getting the Mexican gray wolves killed because the poachers probably have radio transmitters. Collaring is the kiss of death for wolves. I’m against it completely now, even in National Parks. Let the wolves live in peace.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Larry, I have said this before and I will say it again. When a collar is placed around a wolves neck. The clock starts ticking till it is killed by WS. Its the kiss of death!

  9. People are very strange. They seem to want closure more than reality.

    With the Kenton case, all evidence on the body was evident of the work of a bear, but because there were wolf prints around the corpse. It was decided that wolves were to blame for the death. The response was a massive killing spree of wolves in the area.
    The young woman who was killed by a coyote in Canada, she was an experienced hiker/camper who loved all of nature. The response to her death: coyotes were killed in mass even after the bereaved family said that their daughter wouldn’t want that to happen. About a year ago, a diver was killed by a Great White off the coast of Western Australia at a location where the sharks were frequent. Supposedly the offending animal was killed, again after the family said they wanted no action to be taken.

    When we go out into the wild areas, whether land or sea, we are the intruder. We are in the domain of the wild animals that have more right to be there than us, in proceeding into these areas we automatically accept that things may take a turn for the worst. Also, ever noticed the first group of people to call for culls when someone gets hurt or injured by a predator are commonly sport hunters, or that said group then take the occurrence as an excuse for what they do (e.g “when I shoot coyotes I’m protecting your beef and children.”)? It is just ‘wanting to be needed’.

    • John…I find sports hunters to be the biggest whiners when they think an animal has acted to defend itself. All their self righteous, self centered, narcissistic behavior is displayed. The punishing of animals when nobody is even sure what happened, is despicable. Take Timothy Treadwell. I know he loved the bears but the only reason he got away with hanging out with them for so long is because browns bears in Katmai are notoriously placid. They have an abundant food source and are not any where as crabby as inland grizzlies. The park service let him live there for eleven years, never really trying very hard to get him to leave. Then when he and his girlfriend get killed they shoot two bears that probably had nothing to do with their deaths. They more then likely came in after the fact. It doesn’t seem to matter with these people, whatever animal is in the area, they get shot. Then they trump up some excuse. The very thing that Timothy didn’t want to happen, happened. Two bears and two people lost their lives.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • I don’t get some people. They go into the wild and something happens to them because of a wilf animal and some people want all of the wild animals that are able to kill us to be killed. Whether a wolf called Kenton or not, that is no excuse or reason to have the whole wolf population wiped out. We humans kill far more wild animals than they do of us. I also know it is very hard for a wild animal to be a wild animal and sometimes when they can’t find food, they go after us. Look at tigers and leopards in india, losing their food source because of humans and they go after humans because they have nothing else to eat. In cases like this, the animals should not be put down and they aren’t. When India captures maneaters, they don’t kill them because maybe they understand that wild animals are getting desperate looking for food because we human are depleting their food source. What wolf haters want is a wolf to kill a person because they think that is the magic bullet for killing off all of the wolves once again. Yes wolves can be dangerous as they are unpredictable, but that is no excuse to want the whole wolf population gone. I said it before and I will say it again, hunters do not care about wildlife. They only care about killing it and the only reason why they hate wolves is because wolves are competition and they eat elk and deer and moose, game animals that hunters feel only belong to them because they pay to hunt.

      • Dholes and wolves of India are still hit hard because of farming interests.

        “In India, bounties were paid for carcases right up until 1972 when the dhole was declared a protected species. Even today negative attitudes persist. With suitable areas steadily diminishing and cattle being grazed within the forests, livestock occasionally fall prey to the dhole. If protection is not rigidly enforced, stockmen may retaliate by excavating the den and clubbing the pups to death. Further pressures are applied by villager’s who steal the dhole’s kills for their own pot. In other regions such as Russia, poisons set out for wolves may be responsible for declines in the local dhole population.”

        -Information courtesy of

        “Except for his handsome appearance, the wild dog has not a single redeeming feature, and no effort, fair or foul, should be spared to destroy these pests of the jungle”
        ~Pythian-Adams (1949), sport hunter and “naturalist”

      • Jon the whole wolf issue has been distorted beyond recognition. So many outright lies about these animals. All I can say is it’s 1910 all over again and wolves need the protection of the ESA more then ever.


    • This also happened in Australia when a crocodile killed a family’s 5 year old son. The parents didn’t want the crocodile killed. people are starting to understand that it is not a wild animal’s fault for when it kills a person. The wild animal does not understand. All it knows is instinct and how to survive and that is eat anything it can and that may sometimes include people. With regards to great whites, people shouldn’t be in the ocean in the first place if they know they are great whites. I think it is absurd to kill a wild animal when you are in their home and they kill a person because they think you are food. Would those people like it if a wild animal came into their homes? I doubt it.

  10. Alaska has the absolute worst wildlife management. They use the religious man should dominate nature theme. “You can’t just let em run wild” I say why the hell not! We live in an era where especially the foxnews right wing crowd distorts the facts to serve their agenda. If they broadcast the distortions enough then it becomes reality. Remember when the senator IMHOFE from KS or wherever he is from went to the global warming meeting last year and was laughed out of the meeting whrn he tried to question the scientific evidence- they looked and reacted to him like he had 3 heads

    • Fox News,what can I say about them.Let’s see,if you say it hard enough and long enough,you will believe the lies that you promote or hear.If you don’t like what you hear,find someone that does.Make the wrong right and justify your actions,by whatever means,and as I said before, if you say it long enough and hard enough, you will believe your lies.Fox news is a tabloid.It is sad that we can’t get news without some Tom,Dick,or Harry’s commentary.Focus on one thing to much,and you will lose sight of the true picture.The wild life has suffered long enough and being used as pawns for some political purposes or /and positions,not to political gains.

      • Rita I think this Mark Twain quote says it all:

        “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”


    • What they don’t get is fish and game agencies don’t own those animals, the hunters don’t own those animals and Alaska doesn’t own them. They’re not objects to be used and abused and that’s what our grass roots wildlife advocacy is all about. Non-consumptive users have finally started to speak out. But change doesn’t happen overnight, these people have a stranglehold on American’s wildlife and that has to change.


  11. I meant to say ,”not to mention political gains”,instead of”not to political gains”.I am not a good writer.

    • You are forgiven Rita, we all know what you meant and we all make spelling errors.


  12. Dear Nabeki.
    This post speaks the truth about the Wolfs. We must all all the people all the Wolf Warriors to spread the facts about the Wolfs. Still i cant understand how stupid some people are believing in this myths… Maybe they never want to see or feel and love the Wolfs like we do… Well i have faith i know this parody this tragic and awful situation will be stop Wolfs pay with they lifes all the mistakes of man… The hunger of those who want more more money more power more land soon the truth will be arrive in every corner of earth and he will touch more and more people and all together will say once for all STOP to the Wolfs kills…

    • Vasileios…I’m getting so tired of wolves being beat up on. The persecution is happening all over again. What’s the famous quote? When you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re doomed to repeat them. I think it applies to what’s happening to wolves They will never be able to survive in this poisoned atmosphere without the protection of the ESA.


  13. [...] Meet The Wolf~~Facts Not Fiction…. ( [...]

  14. I love wolves. I wish I had one as a pet, like my uncle.

  15. Wolves are really kool animals. I wish I had one as a pet.

  16. [...] Meet The Wolf~~Facts Not Fiction…. ( [...]

  17. I just saw THE GREY, starring Liam Neeson (based on a short story called “Ghost Walker”), yesterday afternoon. In the movie, one of the characters mentions that wolves are the only animals, besides man, that kill for revenge? Is that fact or fallacy?

    • Sorry Carycomic you spent money to see The Grey.

      Wolves do not kill for revenge or sport, that “honor” belongs to the deadliest predators on earth, humans. The entire premise of the movie that wolves are going to stalk a group of survivors in the wilderness is ridiculous. I live in wolf country and believe me it is very hard to get a glimpse of a wild wolf. They are almost impossible to find because of their fear of humans. The only glimpses you will get of them is they might look at you for a second or two before they run off. You need a spotting scope to get a good glimpse.

      Wolves kill to eat, they don’t hate their prey, they’re just hungry. A wolves’ life is very hard, only one in ten hunts is successful.


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