More Dead Wolves…

Does it ever end? I’d like to wake up someday and hear good news about wolves. That all the haters had a change of heart and realized wolves were a vital part of our ecosystem, just like our other apex predators. But alas that would take a miracle.


Two Wolves Shot in Northwest Montana; Reward Offered

U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials are looking for information about two wolves found dead in the Flathead National Forest.

By New West Staff, 11-16-10


From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service:

On Nov. 6, 2010, two wild gray wolves were found dead in separate locations on the Flathead National Forest in northwestern Montana. One wolf was found dead along Coal Creek Road, while the body of the other dead wolf was recovered in the Miller Creek area. Both animals appeared to have died as a result of gunshot wounds.

Killing a wolf is a violation of the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency responsible for enforcing the Endangered Species Act, is investigating the wolves’ deaths. There is a reward of up to $2,500 is for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the person or persons involved in the killing of these wolves. If you have information regarding this case, please contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Great Falls, Montana at 406-761-2286.


Wolf Warriors will be taking donations for a reward to catch these wolf killers. We will be posting the information on how to donate very soon.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


This little Oregon Wenaha male wolf was shot dead soon after he was collared.

In Memory Of All The Wolves Killed For Nothing.

Photo: Courtesy Defenders of Wildlife

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  1. Nabeki, my Friend:
    I don’t know how you do this and still remain sane. I fight so hard and single-minded for my Wild Horses and Burros I sometimes forget others have a harder burden to bear.
    You & the Wolves are never far from my thoughts. And I wish there were more – money, time, another me – to add my voice to this fight.
    I know this isn’t what they need, small words of small comfort that do nothing to help save them but I wanted you to know I recognize and appreciate your efforts and your ire.
    Here’s hoping for a future where we won’t have to fight for them anymore.

    • Thank you so much Lisa for those very sweet words. I admire you for fighting for our wild horses, thats not an easy battle either. Wolves I admit are a little harder but we all just soldier on because the alternative is to do nothing and that is not an option. I’ll admit I have days when I want to just step away and forget about this battle for awhile as I’m sure you do as well.

      Thanks again dear Lisa, you made my day.

      For the wolves, For the wild horses,


    • Agnes,
      I’m hoping we will have the fund set up soon, it sends a message that people care about wolves and what happens to them. You are such a great advocate for wolves.


  3. More bad news.The Judge in Wyoming sided with the state on the wolf lawsuit against the FWS. Jon, should be able to post things better than I do.Thank heavens.

    • Thanks for posting that Rita. I don’t follow the law all that much, so I asked what does this mean on Ralph’s blog. William who I hope responds to this on here said that that decision will be overturned on appeal. I don’t see how they could allow a plan like this. I mean killing wolves in just about the whole state. This isn’t a “management” plan. That much is obvious. It’s an annihilation and slaughter place. Wolves have a lot going against them. One thing that is ming boggling to me is how much wolves are talked about and hated. Mountain lions number in the thousands in Oregon and there are maybe close to 30 wolves in Oregon and you have the hunters whining about wolves and claiming they are going to kill off all the deer and elk in Oregon when there is only 30 wolves and close to 6000 mountain lions in Oregon, but very few people say one peep about the mountain lion population in Oregon. All of the talk is about the 30 wolves. Same thingwith Montana. hundreds maybe thousands of mt. lions over there and all everyone is complaining about are the 600 wolves. 600 wolves is apparently too many, but not thousands of mountain lions. This is just the point I am trying to make. it’s obvious that wolves are the most hated animal around in the eyes of hunters and ranchers. Even if you have 50 wolves in Montana, they would still be hated and despised.

      • My feelings extactly,Jon. The wolf has endured so much persecution,hate,and waton killing for centuries. Man hasn’t gotten any more intellegent but seems to have relapsed back to the dark ages or worse.Their only concern is themselves and their delusion of thinking that they’re protecting everyone from wild animals and people that do not not agree with their way of life.It is all about me attitude.I am still waiting for that one person to show up on Ralph’s site. He only shows up when wolf issues come up.I won’t name him but maybe you know who I am speaking of.

    • It’s another sad day for wolves Rita in a long list of sad days. His ruling doesn’t really change much but his opinion is stunning to me.

      I’m more worried about what the legislators are doing to gut the ESA.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. I am presently renting a motel room overlooking the Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming. There is an “Elk Reduction Hunt” going on in the refuge and in adjoining Grand Teton National Park.
    It is a canned hunt of tame park elk, not much different than those offered by some elk farms.
    A state that sanctions this kind of activity shouldn’t be expected to treat its’ wolves well either.

    • Oh but wait Larry, aren’t the wolves killing all the elk in Wyoming? Curious isn’t it? Just goes to show how bogus their reasons are for wanting wolves dead and it has NOTHING to do with elk or cattle. I’m certain this is 1910.


  5. Jon- If you read into Johnson’s ruling, he is not stating that the Wyoming plan is sufficient. he ruled that the USFWS needs to determine if there is genetic connectivity in the region within the 10%. He is saying the USFWS didn’t give a sufficient reason for declining the plan- which doesn’t make sense to me. Wyoming’s issue stems from the USFWS approving the Wyoming plan and then changing their mind. Makes you wonder what the USFWS was thinking to approve a bogus plan to begin with. As I said on Ralphs blog only Wyoming can think a plan where wolves can be shot on sight in 90% of the state resembles “Wildlife Management”

    • To be honest William, I didn’t read it at all. Wyoming governor said the Wyoming shoot wolves on sight plan in 90% of the state is based upon science and I don’t believe that one bit. Let’s see them have a shoot elk on sight plan in 90% of the state and than claim that it’s based on science. Wyoming clearly does not want wolves. They are using junk science. It’s more politics than science over there and it’s always been. Their fish and game departments are run by wolf haters. That isn’t a management plan, it’s a slaughter plan.

  6. Well,it has been a disheartening end of the day for me by the news of judges rule in Wyoming,poor wolves. “If you talk to the animals they will talk to you,and you will know each other.If you do not talk to them you will not know them,And what you do not know you fear,What one fears,one destroys”by Chief Dan George

  7. Wolves are wildlife and they are treating them as vermin and varmints. If they do appeal this decision and lose, you can say goodbye to the wolf population in Wyoming. What kind of sick person has no respect for widllife and wants them shot on sight? The wolves deserve the right to live. What is going to happen to wolves and their newly born pups? They will be killed. These people have no respect for wildlife what so ever. Makes me angry that these filth is given the right to take any animal’s life they chose. What makes them god? They don’t have the right to do that to an animal just trying to survive.

    • People ,like some of ranchers and hunters,believe that they have the right to dominate over the animals and as their fathers before them said that the animals are theirs to hunt,whether running free or penned..Their need to dominate and express their power over animals.It only seems that sooner or later their feelings of domination will spill towards people,if it hasn’t already.They tend to forget we are the caretakers.They do not care about anything except the here and now and what is in it for me.

  8. Wolf Warrior i want to share some lyrics with you from i song that i cant stop hear even this time writing this comment…

    Written in the stars
    A million miles away
    A message to the main
    Seasons come and go
    But I will never change
    And I’m on my way

    Well my message that i will sent everywhere is that STOP KILLING THE WOLFS…

  9. Sometimes I think that the demonization of wolves will lead to their near extinction.
    On other occasions, though, I see evidence that our relationships with animals are undergoing a profound change. Friday’s New York Times showed a photo of “Target” on the front page–Target, a shepherd mix, once saved the lives of dozens of American troops in Afghanistan by stopping a suicide bomber. He found a home in Arizona, and somehow got out of the yard, was taken by animal control, and put to death. The article portrayed this story as a moral failure. Similarly, a famous LA Times sports columnist ran an article about Michael Vic’s dog victims on Thursday, making it clear that Vic’s celebrity status is bogus. Given these changes, we might well be getting closer to realizing the horror of the campaign against wolves.

    • I saw that on the news. I feel terrible for what happened to that amazing and brave dog.

    • If you read the article, the responsibility rests with the pet owner. He did not secure the dog so it couldn’t get out, he had no license or way to track the dog if lost, and it said in the article he mistakenly thought the shelter was closed when it was open. Wouldn’t you call the shelter and find out the hours it was open? This whole situation was a comedy of errors, and I can tell you as a pet owner no one but you can protect your pet 100% Tragic loss but it is true there are thousands of unknown abandoned dogs that are euthanized that we never hear about

      • Yeah, I agree with that William. You have to be a responsible pet owner and if you are not and something like this happens and your dog escapes, you run the risk of them being put down. On another subject, Bud Fazio supposedly was let go or quit supposedly because of sick relatives. I think he was forced out.

      • Jon I’m not quite sure what happened with Bud fazio. He was successful in helping the red wolf program in NC become successful, and I had a few conversations with him when he started out there in NM with the Mexican wolf program. I can’t say I envy the position that he was put in, and all the resistance from the Catron County folks, etc didn’t help. The mismanagement and stupid decisions that the feds made didn’t help (SOP 13) comes to mind. I felt it was strange when he didn’t return my couple of emails that i sent a few months back, that was out of character for him. That animal shelter case really pissed me off- what incompetence from everyone involved

      • The shelter case reminded me of Ferdinand, the beautiful horse that won the Kentucky derby in the late 80s, who wasn’t as much of a stud that his owners wanted so he was shipped off th Japan and ended up at a slaughterhouse. Instead of retiring on a grass pasture after winning his owner millions that’s how he was repaid!DIPSHITS

      • I think there is blame to be shared by a number of different parties. The owner, for not properly securing and identifying the dog. The shelter, for not being more careful about which animals it euthanized. And, most importantly, the whole system that facilitates pet overpopulation and shelters that kill animals. Personally, I think we need a moratorium on deliberate pet breeding until all the strays are adopted. How can we say we love dogs and cats, and then opt to breed new ones while the ones we already have are languishing in shelters and dying by the thousands every day?

      • I wish I had the answer to this problem CaptainSakonna but unfortunately many people don’t even consider adopting a pet from the Humane Society or animal shelter and are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to purchase an animal from a breeder when there are so many dogs and cats needing homes.


      • Only problem is, if you try to limit breeding, there are people who start screaming “These PETA crazies don’t want us to have pets any more!” (I know, sounds silly, but some people really say that sort of thing.)

  10. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by crystalwolf., Nabeki. Nabeki said: More Dead Wolves…: [...]


    Does anyone else wish extreme harm on people who do sick and disgusting and cruel things like this?

    • That is absolutely heartbreaking Jon. Whoever did this is a psycho pure and simple. I hope the poor little guy survives and they catch this killer and he/she does jail time I personally don’t think two years in jail is long enough…how about twenty years?


    • Yes. To be paid back in kind, if you catch my drift.

  12. Any reward/donation program been set up as yet, for the 2 poached wolves?

    • We’re working on it Jerry, it takes a bit to set this up.


  13. [...] More Dead Wolves… ( [...]

  14. They just can’t stop killing can they?

    They don’t understand how important wolves are to the ecosystem. If they destroy the wolves, they destroy many other things.

    About the bear, well, people picture a bear as a sweet, cuddly animal that you snuggle up with. And they picture the wolf as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ and are petrified of them. But, the real story is that the bear is the ferocious, vicious creature, killing people. And the wolf is the gentle creature that you should vision in a good way. But people will never destroy those bogus stories of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, ‘Three little pigs’, and ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf? DINNER TIME!’. You’d never see children reading ‘The big bad bear’.

    I am constantly trying to convert people to see that wolves aren’t the vicious creatures that the stories portray, but most people just don’t want to know, they are happy with the stories. It makes me so mad! Even my two older sisters insist that wolves kill everything that moves, and bears are the cutest, cuddliest things ever!

    When will this nightmare end? When will they put the end to the glorification of the bear? I’m telling you, there are only toy wolves in my bedroom, NEVER a bear.

    For the wolves, for the wild ones,

    ~ Zarago ~

    • Its not a question of whether the animal is good or bad. Most of the time, it is humans either not knowing what to do or acting incorrectly.
      An American hunter was chased by a female [brown?] bear, she ran him down with ease. The man crawled along the ground to pick up his gun from where it had been thrown from his hands. The bear caught him by the back of the head and nearly crushed his skull. She let him go though and the man survived. Heard this on a documentary some time ago.

  15. I also saw in a documentary how a grizzly bear mauled a man and pushed him down a cliff, the man hung on to one of the edges for dear life, but the bear jumped down to kill the man, putting it’s own life in danger to kill someone. That man survived because people came to the rescue, but would of died if nobody was there.

    Also, a mother black bear and two cubs knocked a man off his quad bike and chased him up a tree, his Siberian Husky stood guard over the tree that his master was hanging in, with his leg pouring blood. It lasted for hours and hours, but the Husky stood his ground, snarling at the bear. Eventually, people came to the rescue and shot the bear. The people who studied it said that the cubs were in no danger to the bear, the bear just felt an extreme desire to kill the man.

    How can people still portray the bear as cute and cuddly, and the wolf as such a monster? If it wasn’t for wolves, that Siberian Husky would not of been there to save the man’s life!

    ~ Zarago ~

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