Thanks to WildEarth Guardians and Wendy Keefover-Ring for allowing me to post the AGRO (A Coalition To End Aerial Gunning of Wildlife) alert.

This alert reminds people the battle to strip gray wolves of their ESA protections is still looming.

Wolves won’t be safe until this lame-duck Congress adjourns. When the new Congress is sworn in next month, the fight to save wolves will begin all over again. Wolves cannot lose this battle. Please stay vigilant!!

Again, thanks to WildEarth Guardians and Agro for all they do for wolves and other wildlife!!

A Coalition To End Aerial Gunning of Wildlife

Stand Up for Wolves

The media reported this week that Interior Secretary Salazar is taking a sledgehammer to the Endangered Species Act and wolf recovery efforts, vowing to support federal legislation to strip wolves in the Northern Rockies of ESA protections. He also plans to eliminate safeguards for grizzly bears in Yellowstone.

With this move, Salazar is surpassing James Watt, Gale Norton, and Dirk Kempthorne as the worst Secretary of Interior.  Ever.

Tell President Obama to stand up for wolves, grizzly bears, science, and the rule of law.

Mr. Salazar has lost court cases over wolves and grizzly bears and is now willing to play dirty tricks to get his way.

Mr. Salazar is ignoring federal court rulings that order him not to substitute politics for science. He is forgetting – or exposing as fraud – his pledge to scientific rigor and house-cleaning at Interior.

The tragedy here is that the nation’s foremost protector of endangered species, the Interior Secretary, is choosing instead to cater to the likes of Governor Butch Otter of Idaho, an infamous wolf-hater.

It’s worse, though, as legislative stripping away of federal protection for wolves and grizzlies in the Northern Rockies would be a blow not only for these important apex carnivores, it would set a dangerous precedent for wolves and grizzlies elsewhere – and any other animal considered “inconvenient.” It would also undermine the Endangered Species Act’s very foundation.

President Obama must act.

We can’t overstate how bad this legislation – and administrative support of it – would be. Not even the trio of previous anti-nature Interior Secretaries have gone this far.  Never before has Congress enacted an amendment to the Endangered Species Act stripping a single species of federal protection.

In addition to Obama, your U.S. federal legislators also need to oppose legislation that removes necessary safeguards to protect our wildlife.

The Endangered Species Act is supposed to safeguard species based on biological need, not political favor. Every day WildEarth Guardians sees the wisdom in this firewall, as the most endangered types of wildlife are often the most persecuted. The list of animals reviled by ranchers and extreme hunting groups is long: wolves and grizzlies would soon be joined by prairie dogs, kangaroo rats, massasauga rattlesnakes, and carnivores of all stripes.

Tell President Obama that he must stand up for wolves, grizzlies, and the Endangered Species Act. His administration must not back efforts for a legislative end-run of the courts. Rather, his Interior Secretary should focus on coming into compliance with the law, in defense of endangered species.

P.S. United States legislators generally only accept emails from their constituents.  To send an email to your Senators and  Representatives  click here.

Photo: Courtesy First People

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  1. What Is wrong with you People. Why do You Have it in For the Wolves. There Is Scientific Proof That They Are Not Doing The Things That You Want To Kill Them For. Please STOP this Before it is To Late, These Wolves are of GREAT IMPORTANCE to NATURAL Control of Other Wildlife Populations. I am Sorry The Hunters Don’t Think There Are Enough For Them And The Wolves,The wolves Only Kill For Food,Not True The Hunters Kill For Sport. Please Do Not Remove The Wolves From The E.S.A..It Will Be One Of the Most Horrible And RegretFul Things To Ever Happen. They Are A BEAUTIFUL Animal That Is So Valuable To AMERICAN HERITAGE.

    • Hi anna,
      Obama picked a rancher to run the Interior. That’s where the problem lies. Salazar is backing the narrow minded governors of a few wolf hating states. They didn’t win in court so now they’re ready to dismantle the ESA to get what they want. We have to keep pushing back but it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


  2. FOR ANNA! Thank you so much for your comment! You are soooooooooo right!GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL WOLVES!HOWLSSSS

  3. I only Wish i could Do More. I post everything that comes Through my E-mail. I Don’t Know Who Else To Contact. I have Contacted Senators McCain And Kyle And Even Sent Many messages To The White House, I don’t know if They Even Read Them. I Have Called The White House Comment Line and Left Messages There. I wish I had The money to Do Something to Bring there Attention to This Horrible Action that They Are Considering.What a loss it will be if this Goes Through and it Wom’y Be fixable Either.I can’t Imagine the Anguish These Wolves are Suffering At The Hands Of People that Don’t Care.I Have Watched A Dog in The Throws Of Death,They Cry And Wail Because They Know What is Happening and They Fight For Life.It Has to Be The Most Heart breaking Thing To Watch. If They Just Relized That These Animals Feel Pain The Same Way There Pet’s Do Or Even The Wat We do. If They Just Paid Attention to The FACTS That It’s Not The wolves That Are Killing Off All The WildLife,But It’s The Hunter’s That Want Trophy’s and People Like Sarah Palin.If the Caribou are So threatened then Why Is she Hunting Them and Then With tHe Other hand Giving Large Amount’s Of Money To SLAUGHTER the Wolves? I think There Should Be A Form Of Punishment For The SLOB HUNTERS That Matches the Crime.If Not They Will Keep doing It until there are No more. Then What Will they Hunt then?I have Cried About This,They Are Talking About De-Listing The Few Here In The Southwest Also And We only Have A few. The Unecessary SLAUGHTER of The Wolves Is Just Sickening.I think That They Should Give The Wolves Achance To Prove Themselves. STOP All The Human Hunting Of The Animals they Are Saying That The Wolves are Endangering,Fine Them and Make them Do Time When(not if )they Are Caught. What These SLOB Hunters are Doing Is Nothing Short Of Murder,To Hunt Them As They Do and The Aerial Hunting,Leg Trapping,Etc. Of The Wolves When They Have To Suffer Horrible Deaths Is As Well.It Takes a COLD HEART to Be Able To Kill That Way.I am Ashamed Of my GOVERNMENT for Even Considering Thus Action And I Wish I could Tell Them That. however I don’t Suppose They Would Listen. So I send E-Mails,Call whoever I can and Oost comments Hoping They Will take Notice,I am But One Small Person. So I PRAY.

  4. Sorry about the misspelled word’s. I think you get the Idea. I am Ver Upset About This .

  5. Hi,That Does not surprise me one bit,After All there Seem to Be An Abundance of them. i will not give Up,I have Signed Many Petitions Etc and I won’t Stop now.Tomorrow i am placing A Call to The Director At The Fish AndGame head Quarters anD Iplan To Send A Fax Th The Top Person there Also Incase I Cannot Speak To Him. He Is Corey Rossi,At Po Box11526 jeaneau,AK 99811-5526,Phone is 907-465-4190,Fax is will Not Give Up.I will Be A thorn in there Side.I think it Is Disgusting that They Cause this by hunting The Caribou out And Forceing the Wolves to Seek Food From tHe Ranchers And Other Ways Then Let Sarah Palin Shoot One,Then Blame the Wolves Because they Don’t Have Anything to Hunt.If They Stop Hunting The Caribou,Let The Munbers Build Back Then The Ranchers Wouldn’t Have Wolves Bothering them. NO…That Makes Sense. Stupid is as Stupid Does. Thank you For Responding to Me,At Least Someone Is.

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JC. JC said: RT @Howling4Justice: ACTION ALERT FROM AGRO….STAND UP FOR WOLVES!!: [...]

  7. I sent an e-mail to Corey Rossi Dept ofFish and Gasme in Alaska,He is the Direcror a the Headquarters there. If you would Like A copy of this E-mail I will Gladly Send It to you,But I need an E-mail Address. I also called and Have to Call Back On Monday as They Are Closed. I assure Any Email Address Will Be Held in the Strictest confidentuality and Used for no other Purpose. I will Not Give Up this Fight Or PRAYING for a Better Solution than The one They came up with. I believe The hunters have caused aGreat Deal of Blame on An Innocent and Valuable Member of the WildLife. Thank you.

    • Hi anna,
      I have your email so I deleted the one in your message, so your email isn’t plastered all over the net. Thanks so much for writing to Rossi, great name for Alaska fish and game… They seriously need to rename themselves.


  8. I agree. If you Like the Email you Have my Permission to Use it if you want. I don’t know that it is tht Great. I tried to Keep it Civil although there are Many things i could of Added. I will Not stop this Fight . I just Signed More Petitions and Sent a Personal message to Sec. Salazar Also. i Hope They Help,But as i Said,I am But one Small Person. I heard SomeWhere that an HONEST VOICE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN A CROWD. I am Honest and I can Speak Very Loudly when I have to. thank you For Your Continuing corespondence. Anna .Thank you For Removing My Email From The Comment.I plan to Call Rossi Tomorrow.

    • You are awesome anna and you are not just one voice you are many voices. We are al together in this, one day we will be heard. We’re building a grass roots movement and that can take time but there is a shift going on in this country. It may not be visible to everyone but many people are waking up to what has happened to our wildlife and they don’t like it. I always think of what Margaret Mead said, I know I’ve repeated it so many times but it’s very true:

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”….. Margaret Mead

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Thank’s,I Only Hope That They Start Listening Before It’s to late. I just Finished an E-mail To Sen. Fienstien Asking For Her Support. I don’t Have Money To Contribute,But I can Send E-msils and Write Letters and Place Calls. If There Is Anything I can Do To help,Please Do not Hesitate To Ask. I will Not STOP until WE Have Won The FREEDOM For The Wolves and Cleared There Name. Sincerly Anna. P.S. You All “ROCK”

    • Thanks for all you are doing anna. It’s a helpless feeling to keep writing to the same people over and over again, trying to get a response. The very people we thought would protect our wildlife are betraying them.


  10. The Wolf’s Angels Just Posted That They Have Made a Decesion To Start DE-Listing The Wolves As Of April. I am So Broken Herted!!! Now How Do We Save Them. I Hurt For Them. The Tears Just Won’t Stop For Their Pain I Feel. How Can People Be So Cruel. I wish I were Face To Face With These Cowards,They Know There Are Better Ways and Yet They Refuse To Acknowledge This. How Do We Move Forward To Save Even One From The Kind Of Suffering That They Are Going To Inflict On These Beautiful Animaks. I am So Sad!! i Have No Faith In My Government If They Do Not have The Intellegence To Come Up With A Better Plan That Does Not include The Killing. Muderers,This Is What I Think of THem. I Have LOst My Faith in Trusting My Government To Make Any Decesions For The Good Of AMERICA. It is For The Good Of Them.I feel Such Compassion For What The Wolves Do Not Even Know is Going To Happen. Who Do We Believe In,Who Do We Trust With Our Future???I am More Than Sad,I am Devestated!!!

    • I am dishearted too,Anna,about the news.Someone had mentioned it on another post.I don’t know if Defenders or the Center of Biological Diversity willl file a suit to stop it.I worry,if they get to delist the wolves,what is going to happen for the Mexican, and Rocky Mountain wolves? Lets not forget Alaska,which is a thorn in my side.

  11. Sorry for the misspelles,I am So Upset That I am not Sur Even What I am Writing. Anna Ps. I mean Broken Hearted!!

  12. The Mexican Wolves Will be Gone(except maybe For The few In The Care of The Rescue Places Here)We Only Have Between 30-40 Here. Yes There Are Law Suits According To What I read. I don’t Know About Alaska,Wish I could Go One On one With Palin. She Just Disgusts Me,She Is such A Hypocrit. I still won’t Stop Fighting For The Wolves even If i Am the only one, Someone has To fight for What Is right,i’m not Doing anything else So May as well Be Me. I am not afraid Of them,they Are not As PowerFul As the One That Backs Me(GOD).If You give me addresses And phone numbers I will Be Glad To contact Any and All. I just Don’t Know Who To Get In touch with As Far As Who Can Do any Good. The wolves may Not have a Voice but I do!!!

    • anna…we must continue to contact Congress and the President. They have to hear from us. After this lame-duck Congress convenes, we’ll have just a few weeks of reprieve until we have to start the battle all over again.


  13. I recieved a letter with Statistics about the wolves and Bears. Do you Have an Email where i can send You A copy,It Is All Very Factual!? I don’t Believe It For A minute. They were complaining About the Caribou Numbers and in This He Saus They Have An Abundance. It Is All Very Interesting. They Say they have A Quite large Amount Of Wolves And only want To Take A few. They say There hunters All Have To Have permits And If caught hunting With Out Will Be Punished Or Imprisioned. IF you want A copy,it Comes from The Mouth of The horse,So To Speak. you have my email,You Can Always Let me know.anna.Any where I can send It So That You will get it,it is From Corey Rossi Himself.

    • Hi anna,
      I’ll send Rita your email so you can send it to her. Thanks so much again for taking the time to write.

      We all know killing predators to increase prey numbers doesn’t work. It only causes more problems, especially with wolves because destroying wolf families disrupts their social hierachy and pack stability. Fish and game agencies can always come up with excuses for what they do. It’s all about money and blood lust.


  14. Anna,Nabeki can give you my email. It would be great if we all could see it.All I know, of as of now, is that the caribou are on an island along with the wolves.It wouldn’t be a good situation for either the caribou or the wolves.I’d be concerned about the gene pool for both species,from the result of interbreeding.Furthermore,trust is hard to come by these days and I do not trust the state or federel goverment,especially when it comes to handling wolves or any other predetor.They say alot of things that they will do or what they will not allow, senseless killing of wolves/predetors .It never happens,when it comes to wolves the fines are so low it is barely a slap on the wrist or they never find the poacher..I understand about the spelling,I do have my days of bad spelling,in fact I could have mis-spelled here.I thank you so very much for your concern about the wolves.For the Wild Ones.

  15. Hi,i am Stupid Or just Tired,I have Tried several Contacts And failed. I’m Not That Knowledgeable About Computers,Only Had one For $ months. i am not finding The email address,Don’t Know where To Look. really want To send This,Interesting To read. pleas help An idiot.anna

    • It’s okay.Anna.You are not stupid.You are a caring person.I am not that knowlegeable with computer ,either.

    • anna you are not stupid, you’re doing the right thing. Just to let you know fish and game will always justify what they are doing, otherwise they’d be out of a job. Our wildlife is being held captive by these agencies that are interested in increasing ungulate numbers and decreasing predators. That’s what they do. It’s all to benefit hunters who bring money into fish and game coffers, though licensing fees.

      Thank you for posting the email from Rossi!!


  16. another spell wrong,i meant 4 months.geeze lol

  17. hi,This is the best i Can do until i figure out how to get The actual letter to you. This was the link that Corey rossi gave me in The letter.Go to this site. this site has graphs and all kinds of info, i hope it helps and i will continue to try to figure a way to get The Avtual letter To You. please let me know If it Helps. anna

    • Anna,I had to call it a night last night, due to fact I have to take care of my grandson today while his mother works.I found the ADG&G Division of Wildlife site on the piece,”Intensive mamagement in Alaska”on the info you gave.I will check it out later today.Thank You.

  18. I found the Person you ae talking about,however i do not Know Her And It Says You Must In Irder To Send a Friend Request. Perhaps you can get her To send me The Email In a personal Message. i was able to send The letter to,she told me to contact the us Fish and Game with comments about it. Have you Checked out the link,Do you agree with her?please let me know. Anna i really wamt to get in touch with the Correct people To try to find Someone that can have some Influence on the decesion.

  19. I am going to write out the contents of the Letter From Corey rossi. I ask that you remove It when you Get it.Wolves- There Are 7,700-11,200. Stable Density to high, Increasing Varible with concentrations where Prey is more Abundant. Average harvest of wolves over Last 22 years-1,300. Anual harvest Well below Statewide Population Sustainable Yeild.150 A Year Taken By areial Method. Wolves are Neither Threatened nor emdangered. Black Bears-Aprox: 100,000. Brown Bear-Aprox 30,000.Stable to increasing Where Prey Is Abundant. Black Bear Harvest-2,800 a year,Brown Bear Harvest_1,900 a Year. Total 220 a Year taken Under Predator Management Permits.Wolves and bears are Incredibly eficent Predators,opportunistic,prey on Young stifling recruitment of Young Into Given Prey Population.Wolves and bears Collectively responsible For 60% to 80% of all Moose-caribou mortalaty. Hunting humans responsible for 4%-6%.(I don’t belive This At All)In the same region.whether hunting For trophy Or Substance-All Required By Alaska To Salvage all Edible Meat from Game They Harvest(What About Illegal Hunters).Goal of Predator Management is Not to Elimanate,But to Reduce To Allow Prey recovery.(then they Should Stop All Hunting At That Time Also. taking Bear Or wolves outside strictly regulated licenses and/or Permits is illegal and punishable BY FINE,Property Forfeture,Imprisionment. This Is what what was on The front of The letter along with the link i sent you. i Do Not Believe This information.He is Saying they have 100,000 caribou,yet that the numbers Low, where they Need To Tae out Wolves and bear. Then They need To stop The hunting. However I Don’t belive The Report. I Believe This report is what They Write Up For The Puplic To See To Shut Them Up.Please Remove This Post,It Is For You Only,Or anyome You Think Needs To See it. Should i Forward This Letter To the U.S.Fish and Game? This Is te letter From COREY ROSSI.

  20. OK. The Above Post Is The Front Of That LEtter. I decided To Post it so You could at least see it. Anna

  21. Hey.Check this out. Keystone coservation. This is Great!The methods They Use To Control Wolves and Bears is NON-LEATHEL and It Works. info@keystoneconservation.Keystone Conservation Pobox 6733 bozeman,Mt 59771 104 E. Main suite 307 bozeman,Mt 59715 phone(406)587-3389,Fax-(406)587-3178. Why Can’t Everyone Do It This Way?

    • Thanks for providing the link anna. Most don’t do it because they don’t have to, all they have to do is pick up the phone and call Wildlife Services to kill wolves, bears and other predators. It’s called lazy ranching.


  22. I had read this alerst before, while looking at the number of wildlife WS kills anually. Its good that all these groups are opposing this bill.
    By the way, Nabeki, I don’t believe you mind if I linked to this blog in my new blog (click my username and look in the right for Interesting Sites).
    I hope everyone acts quickly and we get these people’s brains moving.

    • Love your new blog Loua, beautiful pics. I’m a bird watcher myself so you know I’ll be visiting your site!

      As for the alert, yes it all starts with Salazar. If Obama had appointed Kennedy or someone that was an environmental steward instead of a rancher wolves wouldn’t be in this mess. the buck stops with Obama for appointing Salazar. He needs to fire him and replace him, instead of pandering to the anti-wolf crowd.


  23. Posted on Ralph’s site.The wolves are safe for now. [http://voices,]

    • http;//

    • Rita…..I just hope they don’t pull any Christmas eve surprises like Conrad Burns did back in 2004 with the wild horses. I won’t trust them until the all go home.


      • I don’t trust them when they do go home.I would love to put a piece of coal in their stockings for Christmas.

  24. Nabeki, I am sorry but my MS is flaring up a bit here. It is hard for me to get things right.

    • No problem Rita. Have a great holiday. We’ll be ready to do battle next year. I’m sure all those bad anti-wolf bills will be back again. These people are relentless like the Terminator.


  25. @nebeki, Hi I am wondering what is going on with the wolves. I wanted also to Tell you the letter( with all the Statistics from Corey Ross in alaska). i emailed it ti Mark Cooke. If You can contact him you can get him to Email It to you. Rita Sharpe said You Could Give me Her Email To send it To you. I think It Will Make Interesting reading. You have my email. I have akso Spoke To a Friend that Has TheAbility To Reach A large amount Of the public and And is willing To post a Letter Of sorts for all To see. So i am going To write something Uo and I thought that would Be a great way to reach Many. Let me know what you Think ok Anna. I am tslking To everyone i see and Trying To get The word out there To Help. Go Wolves. I Hope we Can Create A Miracle For them!

    • Hi anna,
      I gave your email to Rita. Thanks for all you are doing for wolves. It looks like wolves will have a little bit of a reprieve when this Congress adjourns. We have to worry about the new Congress. The legislative assault is their new weapon of choice since they weren’t winnning in the courts. We have to stay vigilant and be ready for the next battle coming up when the new Congress is sworn in. Corri Rossi is a buddy of Sarah Palins so we can’t really rely on anything he has to say about wildlife numbers or predators. Thanks for taking the time to contact him and express your viewpoint. Here’s an interesting article that puts it all in perspective.

      ‘War’ on Wildlife
      Mark Richards / Talk of the Tundra / Alaska Dispatch / March 30, 2009


  26. @Nabeki,I Agree,no surprises. God Bless you for all you Are doing. You Are a God send For The wolves. praying for them every day. I Hope Rita feels better. Merry christmas to all There.

    • Anna,be patient with me , I will check my e-mail as soon as I can,I have MS and I am having a little relapse right now. Maybe it is because of the holidays,who knows?.God bless you and I thank you for your love and concern for the wolves.Merry Christmas and hopefully a bighter New Year for all of us and for the wolves were care about.

      • Take care of yourself Rita. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Sorry to hear you”re not feeling well. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. You’ve been here since I started this blog and I thank you so much for your support!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones, ‘

  27. @nabeki. I Agree With you,I don’t Believe a word He Had To Say. I Believe that What He sent Me Is Just What He Prints For The Public To Keep Them Quiet. Sorry,I Will Not Be Quiet About This. I Will Keep On Fighting And doing All I Am able to do.I wish i had 5 Minutes with sarah palin,she Is the cruelest Of CRUEl. Thank You for responding and Keeping me Up To Date. It Helps to Know Where The Fight Is AT. Sincerly anna

    • Thanks so much anna for the kind words. And you are doing a terrific job. We all have our work cut out for us next year because the usual suspects will be back with the same bad wolf bills. Have a nice holiday and think of the wolves. They will be able to live in peace this holiday season (relatively since Widlife Services and poaching is always looming) but at least the ESA is still intact.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  28. Nabeki-

    I heard Risch and Piece of Crap from Idaho tried to get unanimous consent on their anti-wolf bill today in the Senate. It was blocked by Cardin of Maryland.

    • I just knew they would try something like this william. They know they are not going to get any of these bills through the regular channels and want want to pull a “conrad burns”. I think we can breathe a little bit easier now but I wouldn’t put anything past them.


  29. This happened today my friend from Alaska called me. It could happen right under our noses but we have to trust our democratic senators to block these attempts.

    scroll down to half the page

    • Thanks william. I think we we’re both on the same wavelength…lol. I was just posting that when I read your comment. I’m still nervous though, I won’t feel at ease until Congress adjourns.


      • Like i said, we have to stress to these politicians it’s not just about wolves, it’s about all persecuted animals. Wolves have been the symbol along with coyotes for a long time. Like that Demarcated Landscapes opinion comment remember-“Congress is full of idiots, not zoologists, ecologists, or biologists, so their qualifications to make decisions are, well, non existent. Only their elevated sense of importance could explain why they would meddle with wolf conservation… or their transparent desire to gain votes at all costs.” How true!

  30. @ Everyone Thank’s For Listening. Have a Merry Christmas and A Safe and Happy New Year. Rita You Will be in My Prayers Sincerly Anna

  31. Talk about the fox in the henhouse! I haven’t heard anything that made less sense since the BIA last put a bigot in charge of the First Nations. It seems obvious that the interior is the LAST thing on Mr Salazar’s mind! Perhaps instead of just filling the chair… they should try filling the POSITION!

  32. I am so tired of killing of wolves. There is absolutely no reason to be so cruel and evil to them. Do not pass the anti-wolf bills. Save the wolves. Fighting for the wolves. Ruth McD.

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