“Energy Healing Wolf”….

This amazing healing video is about a wolf named Apricot. Thank you to wonderful wolf advocate SCWG, for bringing  this to my attention. I’m happy to share this moving video from the Earthfire Institute.

Photo: Courtesy kewlwallpapers.com

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Tags: Apricot the wolf,  Earthfire Institute, healing energy, kindness

Video: Earthfire Institute, wildlife sanctuary & retreat center

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Yancey @YanceyG and Riz Morris. Riz Morris said: RT @Howling4Justice: "Energy Healing Wolf"….: http://wp.me/pDTDG-2HF [...]

  2. Thank you for Sharing. What a Fantastic Video. Wish you could post this on FB. So many need to see how wonderful our Wildlife really is. Thank you to the Woman that Helped Apricot. Isn’t it Amazing what Human Touch can do.

    • Hi anna…..SCWG posted it here in the comments and I thought it was so special I put it up on the blog. I did post it on FB today!!


  3. thank u so much for the info … i have 2 wolfdogs an they are so amazing smart an lovein …. thanks again

    • You’re so welcome ruth.


  4. oh my god its beautiful…watching a wolf with to pure souls helping him and making im happy…im crying lol.. for real no words

    • Hi Roberta,
      It moved me to tears as well. Those wonderful people giving Apricot the best chance of healing. An amazing video!!.


  5. I myself use reiki. It was amazing to see the effects on apriocot. I hope he continues to heal.

    • I hope so too Lisa!!


  6. I have determined that the Institute in the Tetons is where I am going for my vacation this year. I am so happy that all of us who love wolves finally have something to celebrate. Someone who love and treasures wolves as we do. So very uplifting.

    • Thanks again for sharing the video SCWG. It’s so relaxing to watch and experience. Glad you are going to the Institute. It’s such a joy to be around people that appreciate wolves instead of being subjected to the hatred and nastiness. I know you it will be a great experience for you!


  7. Such a beautiful video. Well i believe them good energy can make miracles to us to animals to the planet but our world if full fill with lies hate and disorder. If some people understand and see just the way we do that beautiful video many things will change but i feel that we are just on beginning to start a new chapter…

    • If only the haters could think this way Vasileios. I guess they just can’t let themselves go enough to experience that kind of grace and beauty.


  8. Lovely video. Being a past wolf-hybrid owner myself, I understand all the love that you have for the wolves. They are so intelligent. Apricot knows that you are helping her, and she is loving you back. I will never forget this video. Thank you for sharing it.

    • It is a great video wolfydog, Apricot looked lke she was smiling at the end. She knew she was loved and was able to give herself over to their healing spirit. More and more we are seeing how much we are connected to animals. It’s the divide that causes the hate. When people see themselves as having dominion over animals that’s where the problem comes in.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. What a beautiful video. It proves how intelligent and gentle wolves really are. It’s wonderful how something so simple could do so much.

    ~ Zarago ~

    • Isn’t that a great video Zarago…what a beautiful wolf. It breaks my heart to think the anti wolf crowd is directing so much hate towards these animals.


  10. I just don’t know how people can despise these animals so much. Yes, I know that wolves to tend to eat sheep and other livestock but come on, coyotes kill more than wolves. If a wolf attacks your livestock, it’s only because it is extremely hungry and all the normal prey has been chased away by the noise of the ranches.

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