Please Support Alliance For The Wild Rockies & Friends Of The Clearwater

Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Clearwater are consulting with their attorneys about challenging the wolf delisting rider in court, on constitutional grounds.

Please click on the links below to visit their websites.  Show your support with generous donations.

Alliance For the Wild Rockies

Friends of the Clearwater

 They showed courage and conviction, standing firm for wolves while the other ten plaintiffs brokered a deal with USFWS.

Of course the “settlement”  by the 10 groups was ultimately rejected by Judge Molloy.

He stated in part:

“[The] District Court is still constrained by the “rule of law.” No matter how useful a course of conduct might be to achieve a certain end, no matter how beneficial or noble the end, the limit of power granted to the District Court must abide by the responsibilities that flow from past political decisions made by the Congress. The law cannot be ignored to accommodate a partial settlement. The rule of law does not afford the District Court the power to decide a legal issue but then at the behest of some of the litigants to reverse course and permit what the Congress has forbidden because some of those interested have sensibly, or for other reasons, decided to lay a dispute to rest.”

  But the victory was short-lived because the Senate allowed Jon Tester (D-MT) to slip a wolf delisting rider into a must-pass appropriations bill.  81 Senators voted  for the budget bill and in turn sold wolves down the river. They even allowed the language of the rider to be rewritten so it wouldn’t jeopardize Wyoming’s court case, in pursuit of delisting their wolves. The rider reads:

“Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this division, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on April 2, 2009 (74 Fed. Reg. 15123 et seq.) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance (including this section) shall not be subject to judicial review and shall not abrogate or otherwise have any effect on the Order and Judgment issued by the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming in Case Numbers 09-CV-118J and 09-CV-138J on November 18, 2010.”

There was literally no support for wolves in the Senate. The months of emailing, faxing and writing Congress were in vain. The most appalling part of  this sad story is the majority of Democrats voted for the wolf delisting budget bill. Only three Democrats voted against it. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, also voted no. The rest of the no votes were Republicans.


Just to remind everyone:

Settlement Between 10 Environmental Groups and USFWS


Groups lay out opposition to proposed wolf settlement


Judge Blocks Deal Lifting Protections For Wolves

by The Associated Press


Endangered Wolves Sacrificed in Budget Deal


Afraid for Wolves

Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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  1. Nice to see two groups mobilize to fight the wolf delisting.Thanks for running my column, Afraid for Wolves, and please know that Friends of Animals, the group to which I serve as president, welcomes membership support from wolf defenders. We are now calling members of Congress to find a sponsor for a bill to put wolves back on the endangered species list. It’s a most difficult political climate, but Friend of Animals isn’t going to sit on it hands while the hysterical wolf-haters promise a pogram for wolves in Idaho, Montana and beyond. The Lower 48 are making Alaska look like the new ~normal~ with an assortment of persecutions launched by lunatics, inflamed by their perverse governors.

    Priscilla Feral, President
    Friends of Animals

    • Great news Priscilla!! I will certainly write up a post asking people to support Friends of Animals and their endeavor to find a sponsor for a bill to relist wolves. Maybe Senator Wyden (D-OR), he voted against the budget bill, possibly Bernie Sanders of Vermont? He also voted against it.

      I was happy to link to your piece, Afraid for Wolves. It mirrors the thoughts of Howling for Justice. When Friends of Animals speaks out I know there won’t be any beating around the bush, you tell it like it is.

      One thing I have to mention, the puff piece that was done on Bang’s retirement. Lord, this man has been relentless the last several years trying to delist wolves. He decided there was enough “science” to warrant it. What science? There is no science on wolf recovery, only political expediency. The only thing I’m celebrating is Bangs departure but the scary part is who will they replace him with. Simes, Bradley, Maurier??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Priscilla, best of luck to you all,and also Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Clearwater. I wish you love and send you blessings for your endeavors to lead the way to a brighter future for our wolves. We must be relentless,and persevere through seemingly insurmountable odds, but I truly believe that we will succeed.

  2. Humankind needs the wolf. We see in the wolf those values and traits without which we as a species will perish. A human being without family, without roots, without work, a human being without a sense of place, of location, of community, is like a wolf without its pack, its home territory, its sense of belonging and purpose and security. The person becomes alienated, fearful, opportunistic, amoral, and, above all, alone. A society- or worse, a world – built of such people has lost its center, its heritage, and quite possibly determined its downfall. The wolf, reminds us of what we cannot forget: that our origins are out there, in the cold windy outback of time, and that we are, despite all of the tinsel and trappings of civilization, still very much a part of that wild nature.

    ~~ John A. Murray ~~

    Epilogue from –Out Among The Wolves -Contemporary Writings on the Wolf

  3. The wolf is so important to our echo system and I do believe that there is a way that the Ranchers can find away to manage wolves with out killing. the can rely on dogs , wolf howls that are on tape that signafiy that other packs are in the area. There are so many other ways besides killing, including keeping there herds in hot wired fences.

    • The thing is yolanda, wolves are really no real risk to ranchers, it’s mostly trumped up hysteria. Wolves aren’t even in the running as the top predator of cattle. In 2006, NASS, wolves were behind vultures, hardly a blip concerning cattle predation. Coyotes and domestic dogs topped the list. The top causes of cattle losses are weather, disease and reproduction. So it’s much ado about nothing but because the propaganda concerning wolves has now turned into dogma, many people believe wolves are continually attacking livestock, which is not true. In 2009, I believe wolves were responsible for 97 cattle losses out of a population of over 2.5 to 3 million cows in Montana. Yet thousands and thousands of cows are lost to non-predation. It seems every cow lost to wolves is reported in the media, to the exclusion of other causes.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Friends of Animals is a great group that has been actively involved in helping Alaskan wolves and filing suit in Alaska that delayed a state wolf kill.
    I believe their approach to the issue is the one that will most likely yield the results we desire. Challenging the Tester rider in court will be a long shot. Our friends in Congress need to hold up legislation vital to GOP interests until this provision is removed and replaced by a provision reinstating Judge Molloy’s decision. It can be done if there is a political will to do it.

    • Hi Mark,
      I’m glad there are two approaches to reversing the injustice done to wolves, it gives us more of a chance to succeed. I agree Friends of Animals is a terrific organization. When the wolf hunts started in 2009, they were the first to call for a boycott of Idaho potatoes, which inspired HFJ to advocate for it as well.

      New groups are moving to the forefront, energizing the grass-roots wolf movement once again. We should support them all wholeheartedly. A ray of hope is peaking over the horizon. It’s a new dawn.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. We may have lost the Battle, a warning to future generations of politicians and anti-wolves ignorant children… We have yet to lose the war.

    • Onward Ward…”we have just begun to fight”

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Priscilla, Thank you for your commitment to the wolves and I wish you the best in your efforts to help protect wolves and all wildlife. It’s time for people to stand up and let these elected officials know how we are watching them, since they wanted the right to manage the wolves, they now have it and I seriously doubt the future will be a bright one.
    I have just sent letters off to Sen. Baucus and Tester, Rep. Rheberg, and Gov. Schweitzer expressing my concern over their proposed management, and my hopes that they will be responsible with their decisions. I know it is a long shot, but at least they know how this Montanan feels. I urge you all to send letters to your state reps, even if they are against the wolves, your voice will put that seed of doubt in their minds that maybe they did the wrong thing.
    My petition is now over 1000 signatures from around the globe, since they are not only our wolves here in the states, they belong to the global community, and they are watching as well. If you haven’t signed, please do, and if you have, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please send this on to keep it circulating and gaining more support, because without you this will never work. Follow link to petition…

    • Thank you Terrence for your hard work. I think they believed we would all roll over after the fiasco in Washington, DC, when 81 Senators ignored the will of the people. We will not roll over, we will not stop and we will continue to fight for wolves. This is not over.

      I re-posted your petition on Wolf Warriors.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. Nabeki, this is the final draft of the petition we have been working on with the combined efforts of people from this site.

    This is a worldwide effort We welcome any and all support from across the globe, since wolves belong to all of humanity, not just the US. If we all post and share wherever possible, our voices will have a greater impact. Fax/email to the President, Senators and Representatives with the same dedication we harnessed in our attempt to stop the delisting rider.

    To Whom it May Concern:

    The gray wolf has been singled out; deemed inconvenient and expendable. Congress has not only delisted, but permanently exempted gray wolves in the northwest from any future protections. This was not done with sound science, as required by law according to the ESA. It was not accomplished by open and honest debate, or even a single piece of legislation, but as governance by rider, in a must pass bill, without any judicial review. This is totally inappropriate behavior; an egregious abuse of power, and is viewed as such.

    Any political entity that blatantly ignores an entire segment of the population, and abuses a trust, can not be trusted in matters of civilization, and personal importance. These actions of politicians send a message; we will return the favor. Revenue from tourism is unimportant, we’ll keep our part in that. Environmental responsibility is unimportant. We will use our voices to spread awareness of the issues, and discourage everyone we know from spending tourism money in Idaho, Montana, or any other state who either; continues to show a persistent reckless concern for the gray wolf’s survival, enacts inhumane hunting practices, profits from predator derbies, or proves themselves incapable of reasonable or responsible wolf management.

    It seems to be money that has a voice; very well, we will boycott all things Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. In addition to other states to be named, if necessary, at a future date. This is to include revenues for Yellowstone/Glacier National Parks.

    This is OUR voice,and the “language” “We The People” have crafted.

    Representatives aren’t listening to anything else it seems, other than personal agendas. Let’s see if a boycott helps the economy. There will be no revenue from this means to further the slaughter of wolves.

    Wolves have been unjustly blamed for a large percentage of livestock and ungulate depredations. A recent study found that only 3 percent of all livestock losses in the northern Rockies were due to all native predators combined.

    The only numbers an elected official or individual state really needs to be concerned about now, are those of the millions of registered voters/consumers whose hackles have been raised in protest, and no longer support “their” personal agenda, or tolerate an economy of slaughter.


    The American People You Betrayed, and on behalf of the Gray Wolves of America


    Boycott an Economy of Slaughter

    Idaho potatoes

    Montana, Idaho, Wyoming beef and lamb (ask your butcher where it comes from. If they can’t tell you, buy some veggies…and buy local)

    Fast Food….the largest buyers of beef in the country.

    Sporting goods, including hunting/fishing equipment, camping equipment.

    (Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act or Pittman-Roberson Act of 1937 (11%) & Federal Aid in Fish Restoration Act or Dingell-Johnson Act of 1950)
    A percentage of all sporting goods purchased is used to fund multiple fish and game activities.

    Tourism – whatever you do, don’t visit Montana or Idaho. Stay away from Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks.

    If you want to visit these places, click on these links for live web cams…

    Yellowstone National Park-

    Glacier National Park-

    Note: By purchasing goods in your community produced by your community helps to promote a better environment for you and your fellow man. Supporting local farmers by purchasing goods at farmers markets helps to put a stop to the constant supply of out of state and out of country goods, which in turn helps your local economy, lowers emissions from all the transportation of goods from afar, and helps your local community in more ways than you can imagine.

    Made in Montana Product Directory-

    Idaho products-

    Wyoming products-

    Contact information for all government officials-

    • What a great job you have done White Wolf, Terrence and others who have worked on this boycott. Will you be putting it in petition form? This is the final version?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, yes this is the final version,although it would not be complete without your input. I have sent you a copy via email, just send it back with anything you may want to add. It will also be put into petition form, so that “We The People” may stand together. What politicians/anti-wolf lobbies do not fully realize as yet, they have not only given us a reason to unite as never before, they have also fortified our voice.

      • Thank you White Wolf. I’ll send you my comments via email.


      • Thank you again Dianna, for your heart, conscience, and inspiration.

  8. Nabeki,
    I will definitely support these two groups but when I went to their sites there is no mention that they are currently looking into legal action. I have been hoping that someone would discover a legal way to contest the rider. Meanwhile I’m writing letters hoping someone will feel enough shame to revisit the whole rider thing. It takes an emotional toll thinking about what’s ahead for our wolves but we can’t stop fighting for them!

    • Wiesy their attorneys are looking into challenging the rider on constitutional grounds, we just have to be patient as they go through the process but I would definitely give generously to both of them. Also Friends of Animals are looking for sponsors in Congress for a bill that would relist wolves. It may seem quiet right now but things are moving forward. This is not over.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I am appreciative of their efforts and so relieved to know that there may still be hope. I will give them my support!

  9. Hi Ramses,
    I’m not going to support or promote DOW’s fund raising concerning wolves, so I’m sorry but I won’t post anything on this blog about it. I was very disappointed by the “settlement” between the 10 groups, including DOW. I felt it weakened our position and was insulting to Judge Molloy and put him in a very uncomfortable place. In the end Congress went forward with their budget slaughter wolf delisting bill and judge Molloy ruled against the “settlement”.


  10. I’m sorry Nabeki ~ I didn’t mean to insult you or the blog. I thought it was a good way to help the wolves in a positive manner as far as those damn ranchers are concerned. I see your point ….. but I just thought any little bit to help the wolves. I would love to talk with you @ some point & I do know that I need to read more (time eludes me) & my understanding of the laws sometimes gets a tad bit confusing for me. I think they (politicians) write it that way to confuse people. But again, my apologies ….

    • Oh no hard feelings ramses, you’re just trying to do your part to help wolves. I just get so tired of seeing those DOW fund-raisers. I’m not a fan of donating to ranchers when they should be practicing sound animal husbandry themselves. The rancher compensation fund is not needed. They don’t need reimbursement for their tiny wolf losses when they lose more cattle to weather, disease, calving and other predation. The number one predator of cattle and sheep is the coyote and I don’t see anyone getting reimbursed for coyote losses. And even the coyote is just a blip compared to losses from non-predation. Every business has risk and ranching is no different. By turning ranchers into victims it’s only increased intolerance against wolves in my opinion.

      Hope that explains where I’m coming from.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I can offically say that we are all doing our part for the wolves. it may be taking a down hill battle by even as Rascal Flatts says “Its gonna hurt worse before it gets better.” I know that i am one who the stress has gotten to but its too good of a cause to stop fighting. i have a question remaining, Have they even concidered what will happen as the wolves dissapear? if the wolves decrease, that means the more elk and other animals run around that they eat, the more that run around the less we will have accuracy on hunting, less accuracy = less meat and room. in total we will be shoved in the ocean to “sleep with bin laden”

    • Lucus…they are so full of hate, they’re not thinking of any consequences that will happen when wolves are gone. They’ll move on to another scapegoat to blame for their sad lives.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Nabeki ~ What you wrote makes complete sense. I did not think of it in those terms. But thanks for giving me one more way of looking @ it. I really love that I come to a blog & get different points of view & information where I can better myself, because you never know when you’ll need that info.!

    Also to Lucas – my thoughts as to the Wolves disappearing (god forbid) I would think that it would lead to disease in the animals ….. elk, rabbit, coyote,etc. ??Your thoughts

  13. Who needs meat? I just do fine without it.

    • Me too g….


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