Facts Highlight Hypocrisy Of Wolf Persecution…

The war against wolves continues unabated.

In Oregon, where the state harbors a very small, fragile wolf population, House bill 3562 just passed. It’s called the “defense against attacking wolves legislation” and  “allows people to kill gray wolves to defend one’s life or the life of another person”

What is the purpose of this bill? Wolves are the least dangerous of all large carnivores. In ONE HUNDRED YEARS there have been only two human/wolf fatalities in North America, both controversial and without eye-witnesses. On the other hand hunters kill almost 1oo people every year in the US and Canada, wounding another 1ooo. Cows kill twenty people a year. Domestic dogs bite over 4 million people annually  and kill another 20. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. People have a better chance of dying in a hunting accident, getting killed by their own dog, stomped to death by a cow, knocked out of commission by lightning or getting kidnapped by aliens then they do from a wolf attack, which are almost non-existent.  The only reason this bill passed was to throw a bone to the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, who sponsored this and other anti-wolf bills. Passing this bill further demonstrates the ugliness  of wolf persecution.


House bills alter coexistence of ranchers, wolves



Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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  1. I am appalled by the latest attacks by politicians on wolves in this country…this is totally driven by a small but verbal minority…hunters and ranchers…a wolf hating contingency to whom politicians have been pandering to despite all that good science dictates. I am a resident of Oregon and am so angry that the politicians in this state are following suit with the punitive measures which have been set forth in Idaho & Montana. I am ashamed of our state government for buying into the fear tactics which seem to be pervading the western states with regard to the wolf. We have so few wolves in this state as it is…everytime I hear of a wolf siting in Oregon…I cheer and am so excited…but now I am afraid for them because of this change in the law…I know that those who want to kill wolves are going to do it and lie about having been faced with a wolf attack…wolves do not attack humans…what is wrong with humans anyway…I am disgusted with the whole bunch and saddened that I now live in a state which is no better than the red neck wolf killing mentality being expressed in Idaho and Montana….humans are the worst predators on the face of the earth!!!!! I am ashamed of Oregon to have bought into the wolf hating mentality!!!!!

    • Kim, John, I hear what you are saying, and I am sad, ill and ashamed that people can be so hateful and utterly out of touch with reality. Will you join us in sending petitions and faxing to President, Senators, etc. It is posted on Nabeki’s last blog…”Please support Alliance for Wild Rockies….”

  2. To an anti-wolf person or someone who is scared of the wolf, a wolf that is standing close to them, takes a step toward them, lingers around for a few minutes, makes eye contact or makes any sound/body gesture whatsoever is a ‘threat to their safety’. It is pathetic how some people hide behind a weapon because they can’t be bothered to think a little.

    • John, I think the antis are trying to drum up anything to use against wolves. I truly don’t believe they are afraid of them. Wolves are so elusive you’re really lucky to catch a glimpse of one. They are just beating the drum and spreading lies.


  3. How many calvs,cows,pigs chickens do we kill each year? To exist we need to feed.

    • So true Zoyappi.


  4. That bold type above in red is that numbers for Oregon? If so shouldn’t it be millions not billions?

    • Gary, the quote came from the newspaper article I linked to and I think you’re right, it should be millions not billions. So I removed the quote, just so it doesn’t confuse everyone. Even so millions of calves, 66,000 die a year and wolves were responsible for 5 deaths and they call that a crisis? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so deadly serious for wolves.


  5. And how many people have been charged for shooting a wolf they claimed was attacking someone?

    • It’s all so completely ridiculous Gary. Wolves aren’t attacking people, the anti’s have nothing so they make things up. The startling thing is so many go along with it.


  6. The wolves are known to fear humans. The likelihood of one attacking a human is near impossible, unless the human is stupid enough to try to corner it.The wolf would try to get away ASAP.There are more fearsome predators such as cougars, bears, and the two-legged types very common in this state of yours, as well as Northern Ca.You should fear them and not the wolf!!If you care about the people and livestock you “own”, the protect them w/o having toexterminate the wolf.i am sure the pother predators will get you anyways if you do this ti the wolf!!Happy Karma!!!!

    • Now you’re speaking common sense Debra, the anti wolf crowd can’t understand that. They deal in hyperbole, hysteria, lies and damn lies.


  7. Nabeki, Terrence has asked me to post this. It is the bill going through the Montana legislature and needs to be stopped…

    Ask Governor Schweitzer to please veto this bill:

    HB 363 Provide for use of wolf license money – OPPOSE

    *Requires wolf license money to be used only for collaring and lethal control.

    *Would prohibit wolf license dollars to be spent on other things we need, such as proactive work with ranchers to prevent wolf-livestock conflict, and wolf-elk interaction research, public education, habitat conservation etc.

    *Sportsmen dollars in the form of license revenue should be spent on wildlife conservation generally, not just for killing wolves that attack livestock.

    *The legislature should not be telling wildlife professionals at FWP how to do their jobs.

    Terrence also asked me to tell everyone that he will be away for awhile.

    • Thanks for sharing that, WhiteWolf/Terrence.

      It’s all getting even more outrageous by the moment.
      “Shoot the damn things”, that’s all that’s in their mind. Not surprising from these people.

      • Loua, as a society, without even thinking, we have too easily adopted the practice of killing off things that get in the way, instead of taking the time to accept/understand them. It’s always easier to act first, and then in hindsight say: ” gee, guess we shouldn’t have done that, huh?” Of course, providing that there is even any rational thought left out there to even contemplate hindsight.

        I don’t know about you, but I see the world losing another piece of its soul…everyday. We are way beyond circus or carnival where wolf hysteria is concerned. This entire situation has become a video game from hell and a theme park for dysfunction. I keep hoping that these people will just burn out from the sheer weighty burden of their own absurdities.

        What is the deadliest scenario of all: a world where you can act out your animosity with unrestrained violence, that requires no rational thought or conscience, and has no true consequence… except for your unfortunate victim….while the chasm between reality and fantasy narrows, as futility escalates.

        Brainwashed, you bet ya; self absorbed, and intoxicated by the illusion of superiority.

        deep sigh….

      • Loua….I bet most of these people have never seen a wild wolf in their lives and probably never will. The hysteria reaches new heights daily. These people are afraid of their own shadow. I hike in grizzly country all the time and respect the bears are out there. I always carry pepper spray. I feel lucky to see a wolf in the wild. Usually all you get is a view of the wolves running in the other direction. It’s very hard to catch a glimpse of one now, except in Yellowstone.


    • Thanks for the update White Wolf. We have just one friend in the Montana legislature. They are continually passing or trying to pass anti-wolf legislation. It’s almost impossible to get through to these people. They do not listen to wolf advocates. We can write until be our fingers fall off and they will turn a deaf ear.

      Here is the status of HB 363:

      Bill Actions – Current Bill Progress: Passed By Legislature–Enrolling and Final Preparation Process
      Bill Type – Number: HB 363 Fiscal Note
      Short Title: Provide for use of wolf license money
      Primary Sponsor: Mike Cuffe

      HOUSE BILL NO. 363





      • “It’s always easier to act first, and then in hindsight say: ” gee, guess we shouldn’t have done that, huh?” Of course, providing that there is even any rational thought left out there to even contemplate hindsight.”

        Very true. A good example is the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Wolf. The Tasmanian government lifted protections for these curious marsupials in 1936–the year of their (supposed) extinction. The last thylacine–Benjamin–was captured and sent to the Hobart Zoo, were it was neglected and died in September 7, 1936–two months after the goverment had lifted protection for these creatures.
        The help came way too late, and it was not until they realized what they had done by putting bounties on thylacines and blaming them for sheep and poultry deaths that they protected them. The thylacine was gone, forever. Extinction is something so horrible, making a whole species disappear before its time came–all because of humans.

        “I don’t know about you, but I see the world losing another piece of its soul…everyday. We are way beyond circus or carnival where wolf hysteria is concerned. This entire situation has become a video game from hell and a theme park for dysfunction. I keep hoping that these people will just burn out from the sheer weighty burden of their own absurdities.”

        That’s true, too. With every animal dies because of ignorance and carelessness, with every old tree that succumbs to the blades of profit, Earth loses something so important, something some people look as small and dumb.
        Humans have the ability to grab something that has taken hundreds of millions of years to evolve from a tiny cell into a large, thinking, feeling living creature and kill it for no reason in a matter of moments, or worse, hours.
        We are big and smart and powerful, but at the same time we are the stupidest, most ignorant, primitive creature on Earth.
        Often, as White Wolf said, we act first and blindly obliterate hundreds of lives out of pure ignorance and hatred, and it not when we have diminished that life that we open our eyes and see what we have done.

        It’s shameful, and we all don’t want that to happen to wolves or any other wildlife. That’s why we all feel a mixture of anger and sadness at all these ignorant people who act blindly and stupidly, without thinking out of the box.

  8. All right…
    The wolf population there is really tiny, and they are already passing this kind of legislation.
    First of all, if a wild animal is attacking a person, if you have a gun or any other weapon you use it! That’s pretty obvious, I think.
    Second, wolf attacks are incredibly rare (not to mention fatal ones) and usually engage sick animals, wounded animals, protecting mothers, etc.
    As I said before, if you do not have time to call for help, and have a weapon of any kind near, and the person is in big danger of ending up with a serious injury, you use that weapon! So why are they making a legislation of it?

    Since that is pretty obvious to anyone, I think what they mean is that if there is a wolf near and their ignorant minds think it’s going to snatch their children for a snack, they can pick up their Remingtons and go off to do some wolf shootin’.
    I’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse to kill even more wolves than the ones that are probably going to die because of the recent delistings.

    When is all this going to stop? It’s like everyone’s been brainwashed by aliens. But to be honest, this looks even worse than that.

    • That legislation is so ridiculous Loua because it’s common sense that people are allowed to defend themselves against attack by animal or human. As for wolf attacks, they are so rare we have a better chance of being eaten by a T. Rex then a wolf. I thought Oregon was a progressive state but apparently Eastern Oregon acts just like Idaho. It’s ludicrous what is going on and I blame the media for covering this “garbage news”. The wolf haters wouldn’t have a platform to spew their hate if the media wasn’t hanging on every word they say. Wolves sell newspapers, the more sensational the better. The anti-wolf crowd can’t seem to leave wolves alone.


  9. WhiteWolf and Terrence,Thank you for the info and will get on it as soon as possibe.For the Wild Ones.

  10. Why do men have the need to control nature?If they can’t control it,they just want to kill it.

    • Because the depth of our ignorance rivals only the height of our arrogance.

      • Can’t dispute that,Wolf’s Lament. I agree.These people complain about the federal government being to much in their lives but they allow the priveleged to dictate the state government to do it.Senator Tester ,by submitting that bill and it being passied to delist the wolves,will hurt the wolves and all wildlife, for now they think they can legislate what they want and what they do not want,all without any consideraton of any science.The only science they know is the faux science that they choose to believe.

    • You are absolutely right Rita, it’s called Dominion and it seems to be the common thread that runs through wolf persecution. They want wolves under their thumb. How dare wolves think they can actually roam free on their own land?


  11. Wolf’s Lament, are you White Wolf?


    • Yes Nabeki, the white wolf is my totem. I just created a gravatar and decided to use my Wolf’s Lament instead.

      • Thank you Wolf’s Lament for clearing that up. (-:

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. We have lost the faith in our government as well as many of the organizations that supposedly battled for the wolves.

    We suggested that Defenders and others mount a national media blitz spending some real money on Prime Time to inform the public at large about the resulting demise of the wolves if the rider passed that would remove the wolves from the Endangered Species List. We felt that it was important to get to people other than people like us that are already battling to save the wolves. The real truth about wolves needed to be told to a much larger public rather than continuing to “preach to the choir.”

    That suggestion was never acted on.

    We get constant communication from over 60 organizations that ask for money and ask us to sign petitions. Do they work? Did that work? NO!

    Now, it is hard to think about the wolves and potentially other wild life that is suffering and will suffer as a result of the greed and cruelty of some states and our deceitful politicians.

    We have organized groups of travelers for years (usually approx. 30 in a group) for trips to see the beauty of the western United States. I can tell you that these people were thrilled to see the wolves and the buffalo. One of our party is a famous wildlife painter from Europe.

    He has said many times, “Fight to save what is left of your wildlife. Don’t let the greed of a few destroy your marvelous wild areas and the wildlife that inhabit these areas.

    Our California Senators promised that they would not vote for a Bill that had the wolf rider attached…yet, they did vote for it. So much for integrity.

    • I am as brokenhearted as you both are Carl and Janice. It makes me sick to think wolves were sold out for Jon Tester’s Senate seat and only three Democrats voted no on the wolf budget slaughter bill. Something is very wrong with this country when the ESA can be gutted by a budget rider. BUT we are not giving up. We will be right here fighting for wolves. Friends of Animals is looking for a sponsor to introduce a bill that would relist wolves and Friends of the Clearwater and Alliance for the Wild Rockies’ attorneys are looking into challenging the wolf delisting rider on constituitional grounds. Keep the faith. We are united together. The grass roots wolf movement is alive and well, the big groups may ignore us but we fight on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. I will never stop fighting for the rights of all animals!!!

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