Save The American Gray Wolf….

This extremely beautiful, powerful and factually correct poster was created by artist and illustrator Jackson Root.  Please visit his blog to view more of his creative and mesmerizing work.

Thank you Jackson for highlighting, through your artwork, the importance of the gray wolf .

Jackson Root


Poster: Courtesy of Jackson Root

Posted in: gray wolf, biodiversity

Tags: gray wolves, vital apex predator, ungulate overpopulation, trophic cascade

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Truly insightful and inspirational..a gift for all of humanity…and a blessing for the wolves. Thank you for bringing this beautiful art to our attention Nabeki.

    • You’re so welcome WL. I love it, it’s hauntingly beautiful.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Thanks for posting …..

  3. Incredibly beautiful and haunting, and yes as you say Nabeki, totally factual. And he is a Southern Californian too! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to contact him about ordering one of these posters.

    • I didn’t know you were aware of his art. That’s awesome Rhonda.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Nabeki, just a thought. Jackson Root’s stunning art is worthy of untold praise, I have been admiring it all day, and it got me to thinking, how can I/We do something to help make a difference in our own small way? Personally, I am certainly feeling the burden of helplessness, and I’m pretty sure that everyone else is too. Yet if one person with such wondrous ability can bring awareness to the Gray Wolf, then I am certain that there are many more who possess talent…time…and tenacity, and could do the same. Including those here within our “pack” on your site, and others across the nation…and why stop there: across the globe. For the sake of this comment…please indulge me this tremendous fantasy. Smiles!

    Someone once made a comment about raising money and buying land to shelter the wolves when the delisting rider was first attached to the budget bill. I can certainly appreciate the sentiment, and would donate the money myself, even buy an island…if only I were a millionaire. Although realistically, we can’t protect all wolves, but we can still raise money . I really don’t like to use terms such as “anti-wolfers“ , as labeling only serves to add more distance, instead of dissolving the barriers between us. But for lack of a better term, the “anti’s” have huge lobbies and deep pockets,they are also relentless in their pursuit to eradicate the wolf, and have proven they will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister goal…including predator derbies, and buying favor…but wolf advocates are also Legion.

    Brain storming here: We could have our own “Save The Wolf Campaign.“ What if we all pooled together our resources, donated our time, talents, such a painting, crafts, community “wolf” sales, bake sales, with wolf cookies or cakes. Whatever we can imagine…we can make happen, if we put our passion for the wolf to best use. See if we can get any local companies to back a “WOLF” festival or something akin to it, after all, it is that time of year. Rally around wolf sanctuaries nationwide, and ask if they could bring their wolves to continue awareness as “ambassadors of good will.“ The important thing is to get everyone involved within their respective communities, this would be especially pungent within Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.

    And especially involve children, of all ages, let them offer their hearts and innocence to the cause of nurturing because they see things in a way that adults have forgotten…ask them for ideas; maybe they could put on their own wolf puppet show, make wolf jewelry out of beads, paint wolf body art, or just sell lemonade. They will take pride in the part they play in saving this beautiful animal…who knows where the ripples will lead. We could even set up a fund intended solely for the purpose of wolf preservation then donate the proceeds to be used in any capacity necessary. Groups such as Friends of the Clear Water, Wild Earth Guardians, and Alliance for the Wild Rockies know the best strategies to thwart the war against the wolf, have proven their dedication, and are so very deserving of our unwavering support in return.

    On a personal note, I do ceramics and have several wolf “projects” in the works. I believe in the Wolf, he is my totem animal, inspiration, guardian, and kindred spirit. I could find something simple that is “WOLF” that could be done on a larger scale, and would gladly donate anything to this cause.

    For the Wolves….and we are one with the Pack.

    Anyone have any ideas….Nabeki, what are your thoughts…?

    • P.S.

      To also include hearty invitations to local television, newspaper and radio stations to come join in the fun,and experience the Wolf!

    • WL….great ideas, I know one thing we have to pull together, whether it’s demonstrations, artwork, what ever each has to offer. We have to change our tactics because what we’re doing now works to a certain degree but wolves are still in danger. We have the lawsuit to hold onto and they need our support. I’ll consider all you said. Thank you for being so thoughtful and caring. We are all feeling the pressure as the hunts draw closer. The Lolo was a wake up call that they mean to kill lots of wolves and fairly quickly.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. We need instructions on how to download and print out the the poster. The goal is to get this image off the web and onto buildings, fences, etc. The movement needs its images and stories to be seen in communities.

    • I do think it would be a great idea.It is a great work of art with a great messege.I would like to put up around my community.

      • Rita….It truly is a powerful poster, beautiful, dynamic and informative.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Awesome idea James. This poster would definitely get the attention it deserves and spread a much needed message that is priceless.

      • Nabeki, just got this from in an email.

        “Deputies deep in north-central Idaho’s forests are getting the go-ahead from state wildlife officials to take aim at wolves suspected in attacks on dogs and livestock in Elk City.”

        Suspicion is an iffy proposition. They are just aching to kill the wolves,for any reason.

        Gov. Otter and Idaho…you are a horrendous discredit to America and a caustic impediment to wildlife.

      • It never ends WL. I’m getting so sick of all the hate, it seems they are determined to do as much damage as possible.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Bill…is Jackson willing to share the poster? I wrote to him about it.

      We are in a race against time because it looks like the states are going to go after the wolves hard and fast. Montana has already increased their wolf hunt quota to 220, triple the 2009 quota. I don’t want to think what Idaho has planned for wolves, I’m sure the quota will be high. Once these wolves are gone, they’re gone. There won’t be any more introductions and they know that. That’s what makes what Congress did even more egregious.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. I love this poster! “American Wolf” which our wolves are – they have been born here now, just like humans. I am a transplant from Ireland, from way back. But really, aren’t we all transplants? (human and animal-globally, all of us have roamed this earth for millions of years) The Canadian thing with wolves is annoying. It is like saying I’m not American. And I sure as heck am American!

    • Me too g… They are American and we’re proud of it. Instead of being allowed to live in peace they are hounded and persecuted. This has to stop. How much more can they pile on?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. I do not tweet.But someone please tweet Lady Gaga. This woman has 9.9 mil. followers. What a way to get this story out there

    • Bobette….we’ve tried many, many celebs. I know I’ve written personally to several and others have as well. They have so many handlers it’s hard to get a chance to get our point across. Some even live here, I think Robert Redford lives in Colorado. It would be great if we could get a celeb to speak out for wolves but during the budget bill delisting battle, there was not one peep that I knew of out of any of them. The rider passed through the Senate with flying colors and here we are. Wolves delisted and we’re countiing on the lawsuit to save them once again.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. I love how this poster is so simple, and yet gets its point across in such an effective way.

    • Ahhhh simplicity…if only life mimicked art Captain Sakonna.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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