Why The Heck Was Anyone Celebrating the Endangered Species Act Day??

It boggles the mind. Wolves were sold out for votes. The ESA was recently gutted by Congress when 81 Senators voted to delist wolves in a  BUDGET BILL, which Obama signed into law.  Yet on May 20th we witnessed celebrations of the Endangered Species Act Day?


Wolves are facing two wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies. High powered rifles, archery, baiting, calling, steel leg-hold traps and snares are just some of the tortures awaiting them and we’re supposed to be celebrating ESA day? Is this a joke?

There is NOTHING to celebrate. One of the greatest pieces of environmental  legislation ever written, tailor-made to protect a persecuted species like the wolf,  was weakened by political games and maneuvering.  Congress didn’t do what it should have done, remove the wolf delisting rider from the budget bill, where it should NOT have been in the first place.

Here’s a quote from Senator Baucus (D-MT), one of the supporters of the wolf delisting rider, speaking about convincing other Democrat Senators to vote for it.

“It was a little hard persuading Sen. Boxer and Sen. Cardin that we’re not gutting the Endangered Species Act,” Baucus said in an interview. “They don’t have the same understanding of the wolf problem that we have.”

Pretty shameful!

The very Senators who voted to delist wolves in a budget bill and in turn WEAKEN the ESA, were celebrating the Endangered Species Act Day. That, dear readers, is the ultimate in hypocrisy. I guess they think the American people are blind, stupid or both?


How Democrats Gutted The ESA And Sold Wolves Down The River

The 112th Congress will be remembered for two things. Selling out wolves for votes and gutting the ESA. This legacy will follow them throughout history. I hope they enjoy the notoriety.
April 14, 2o11

How federal budget-makers cut wolves from the endangered-species list

After years of legal wrangling over the issue, why was Congress able to take such swift and irrevocable action, all within the framework of a budget deal?

By Daniel Jack Chasan

The last-minute budget deal that Democrats and Republicans worked out last Friday night may be, as President Obama said, “historic” for more reasons than one. Language in the legislation that may keep the federal government afloat “basically overturns the moral imperative that drove the passage of the Endangered Species Act,” says Doug Honnold, managing attorney of Earthjustice’s Northern Rockies office.

Read More: http://crosscut.com/2011/04/14/animals-wildlife/20817/How-federal-budget-makers-cut-wolves-from-the-endangered-species-list/


Top photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

Bottom Photo: kewlwallpaper

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  1. Maybe Baucus should sample what he thinks is ‘good for wolves’ personally and see if it makes him a happier man.

    • …but that would be cruel now wouldn’t it?

      (Please excuse the lack of decorum)

      • Nabeki, I have been receiving emails either in celebration or support of the ESA. I find this particularly galling, adding insult to injury. Realistically, what hope is actually left for any imperiled species if politics can so easily dictate something that is none of its business, yet this is widely considered to be business as usual?

        But was the delisting only a cover behind the intent of disemboweling the ESA, with the tattered remains nothing more than a farce, sullied by political byproducts, with lasting repercussions.

        Contrary to what Thomas Jefferson believed, all men were not created equal, as it appears, some were created more equal than others….at least those with more powerful lobbies and deeper pockets.

        What makes me ill is the blatant indifference of them all and how corruption is such common practice that they no longer even feel the need to sneak around. Politicians that are up for re-election are scurrying around trying to curry favor, while Testor is counting on being rewarded for his brand of “leadership,” which amounts to nothing more than a conniving innate talent to use “Montana values” as an excuse to abuse his power.

        No need to excuse anything John,I have been thinking the very same thing myself. The best way to allow anyone the unfortunate privilege of their own calloused actions, is to provide the opportunity for empathy or interconnectedness through direct personal experience.

        But wolves aren’t human…in fact they simply have no worth, and inhumane treatment and cruelty to animals doesn’t really matter…does it? Then I strongly advise you to be very wary of reincarnation, don’t ever come back as a “lesser.”

        You learn what you live, and although I had my suspicions before now, through this crash course in politics I have discovered without a doubt that too many politicians aren’t human either….but yet THEY have NO excuse. That’s what makes this such a terrible crime against nature.

        Along this train of thought, I just started reading a very profound and thought provoking book *The Bond- Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them* by Wayne Pacelle. His perspectives are heartwarming and horrifying in the same breath.

        It chronicles how animals suffer the indignities of our caustic attitudes and soulless exploitation. Chapter 6 ‘The Cull of the Wild’ is especially relevant. I urge everyone to read it.

        For the wolves…for the wild ones!

        * Be the change you want to see in the world.* ~~ Gandhi

        *Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.* ~~ Margaret Mead


      • I love the quote by Margaret Mead, it’s one of my favorites WL. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this horrific situation wolves are in. I’m putting my hopes with Judge Molloy, he is expediting the lawsuit, which I think is a good sign. So much has been taken away from wolf advocates in the last few months and so quickly that we are all still stunned by the turn of events. Sometimes I wonder what I’m going to write about, I don’t want people to lose hope. We have to be strong for these magnificent animals who are so dog like, with a wonderful sense of family, a playfulness that belies the persecution they suffer under, the unity that holds them to their families and all the other wonderful qualities that make wolves so special. I”m very anxious to read the book, if only we could change the hearts and minds of the people that feel no compassion for wolves and treat them like vermin. Sometimes I think we are so far apart from that mindset they might as well be aliens from another planet.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I completely understand John.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, never wonder what you will write about, just speak from the truth you know in your heart and the facts that back it up…..the wolf’s spirit will guide you….as we have all been privileged to witness. You are in essence Wolf Nabeki; strong , determined, loyal, and resilient… and we are all kindred.

        Heart Hugs & Howls.

      • I like that WL, wolf Nabeki. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. They mean a lot to me. Your words actually inspired my post tonight. The thought of never hearing wolves howl again in the wild is something I don’t want to contemplate.


  2. What is there to celebrate about? Baucus seems to keep defending himself trying to convince others and maybe himself (I doubt that), that he did the right thing and the more he does,the more the hole that he dug keeps getting deeper and deeper with manure. The states that have wolves or any other predator, have no idea how to handle or deal with wild life,just go out and find someone with a degree in the kracker jack science and than put everything under a gun.

  3. How stupid to celebrate an endangered species!!!! HELLO???? Who is celebrating this??? The most stupid thing I have ever heard!!!

    • vanne….Well basically the Senators who voted to delist wolves by budget rider were making a big deal out of endangered species act day. The day is supposed to honor the ESA but it’s pretty hypocritical to honor the ESA when they were part of gutting it and removing wolves’ protections. They think we’re pretty dumb and won’t see through that I guess.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. i don’t! speak english!but i love wolfes! sorry!i will save my brothres!

    • Welcome tala!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. That’s a very good question you raise. I personally don’t see anything to celebrate in the slaughter of the wolves. And I’m sure not going to remember the gutting of the ESA as a day of celebration. One thing I do disagree with though is it being the fault of just Democrats. They are all guilty because of equal participation in the gutting of it. I firmly believe there’s very little if any distinction between the two parties anymore, and hasn’t been for years. I believe it all hinges on personal political agendas, not the voice or will of the people. So the people need to start making their voice more personal through the boycotting of beef, or any other goods that come out of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and any other state that pursues the slaughter of wolves. Let the Govenors of the Rocky Mt. States and the Cattleman’s Association know why you are boycotting beef. Let them know they are losing business, then it becomes personal and they can no longer ignore the consequences of out of control wolf killings. Write Salazar, the White House, your Representatives and your Govenors. If you want their attention you have to make it personal, and loss of revenue is about as personal as you can get. Tell Yellowstone you will no longer support them through tourism. Since greed was the motivator that delisted the wolves, then hurting profit, anti-greed, should be the cure.

    • Dianna…I actually hold Democrats more accountable because many stated they honored the ESA and would protect wolves, then tunr3ed around and voted to delist them. We pretty much know what we can expect from the Republicans but the budget wolf delisting rider made your point that there is not much difference between the two parties anymore. Obama appointed a rancher to head the Interior and within a few months after Obama was sworn in wolves were delisted. Now we don’t have a party to count on. The Dems were celebrating the ESA on the 20th, pretending we didn’t know all but three Democrat Senators voted to delist wolves. They are as bad or worse then the Republicans because they are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. What I don’t understand is why in the heck weren’t wolf people out there crashing these celebrations with protests?

    • Excellent question Justin.

      • I was sent a request to sponsor an endangered species event in my community, and refused to do so for exactly the same reason….my personal protest.

      • Good for you. We will remember in 2012.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. I am not trying to say it is the Democrats nor do a say it is a Repulican.It is the person who represents his state from either party.Both parties have done things for political gains,etc,and no one can say that they have clean hands,Democrats or Repulicans.

  8. dansk, tak. Jeg er en glad ulvepige, men jeg forstår ikke denne jagt på det smukke dejlige dyr, ulven er et godt økosystem, spiser så lidt,bidder ikke, passer sit ulveliv og sin familie godt, men mennesket har lavet rav i den, flytter ud med mad til den uvante ulv, og skyder den fra luften, dræber den som om den var et monster, uhhhh, ulven må ikke spise jægerens mad, jægere (smilende)forudrener og for gifter naturen med hagl, så smådyr bliver forgiftet, og dør langsomt. VI skal ikke dræbe denne ulv, nu må der stoppes for det ulvebøvl. hilsen vibeke hansen, ulven ven i 60 år

  9. Will remember this day as the biggest sold out of our wildlife the day that some dirty politics deal to be responsible for hundreds dead Wolfs… I will remember that day because i felt useless betrayed and hurt they kill me inside but they cant take my passion my love my hope for Wolfs… So i will fight them as we all did day and night with mails and phone calls… I hate them with all my heart…

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