TAKE ACTION: More Oregon’s Imnaha Wolves Slated To Die

Alpha Male (father) Imnaha Pack  (Ear tagged and collared May 2011)


More wolves to be killed, and extermination of the entire Imnaha pack is on the table.

ODFW announced yesterday that more Imnaha wolves may be killed, and Oregon conservationists share growing alarm that the entire pack may be exterminated. ODFW Regional Manager Craig Ely implied last month in a conversation with NE Oregon Ecosystems that this option might be on the table, and information from sources close to the ODFW have reinforced this conviction. As it is, the pack has been reduced from 16 members to 8 or less, and 3 wolves have been killed by ODFW this year. One has dispersed to Washington, one collared wolf has disappeared, the whereabouts of some others are unknown. The Imnaha pack is in real trouble…

The ODFW is under crushing pressure from Oregon cattlemen to kill wolves, and unless wolf supporters make their opinions known soon, this pack, Oregon’s first and biggest, its best chance of wolf recovery, will be killed. The opinions carrying the greatest weight will be those from NE Oregon residents. Our legislators, the governor, the ODFW, and the press need to hear from us, not just from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc. and their friends.

Some points to consider:

The Imnaha pack represents half of Oregon’s wolves and the best chance for wolves to disperse to safer habitat in Central and Western Oregon, where livestock conflict is less likely.

Oregon wolves are protected by the Oregon Endangered Species Act. The Oregon Wolf Plan, implemented in 2005 and revised in 2010, requires wolves to be managed for recovery until their numbers allow them to be delisted. Treating every depredation as a crisis to be solved by lethal removals is not a satisfactory management plan for recovering a population. Killing wolves should be only a last resort.

There will always be stock losses from wolves, just as there are from coyote, bear, dog, cougar, eagle,and others. The OWP is not designed to eliminate wolf depredation, any more than state policy is to eliminate losses from any other predator. Predators are part of the livestock business in the West, where huge tracts of public land rightfully provide a home for wildlife, and from which the ranchers benefit by grazing allotments. Despite the presence of the Imnaha pack, no rancher has gone out of business or is in danger of doing so from wolves.

Confirmed wolf depredations are compensated at full market value and probables reimbursed at half market value by Defenders of Wildlife. Vet bills for confirmed wolf-caused injuries are fully compensated. A compensation bill is under consideration by the state legislature.

“The state Endangered Species Act prohibits the killing of listed species with very limited exceptions,” points out Jennifer Schwartz of Hells Canyon Preservation Council, “If ODFW is going to lawfully operate within that narrow window of exceptions, it must be able to show that lethally removing wolves in response to conflicts with livestock is somehow necessary to further their conservation in Oregon. With so few wolves in the state, we are very much unconvinced that we need to kill more wolves in order to promote their recovery.”

After a strong start last year, wolf tourism is just starting to take off this season, with eco-tours scheduled for this summer and private operators planning for 2012. Tourists are planning trips specifically to be in wolf country and Wallowa County will benefit. Obviously the slaughter of the county’s most famous and accessible pack will bring this to a halt, and may well give the county a bad odor to those planning a visit to view wildlife.

Oregon Wild, in a statement on Monday, listed these four ODFW shortcomings:

Violating the wolf plan by baiting members of the Imnaha Pack back to the site of reported depredations leading to more losses that may in turn be used to justify lethal control.

Failure to adequately document and publicly share information on claimed non-lethal preventative measures.

Issuing 24 landowner kill permits without adequately documenting and publicly sharing information demonstrating those permits were issued in compliance with the wolf plan.

Treating every conflict between wolves and the livestock industry as a crisis by devoting nearly all of the agency’s wolf-related time and resources on a small fraction of the duties prescribed by the plan at the expense of research, education, and conservation.

A note on incremental lethal removal:

The management policy being applied this spring by ODFW is called incremental removal and is used when stock predation becomes chronic. It should only be employed after all non-lethal tools have been used. It’s intended to spare the pack while removing the depredating wolves. In the case of the Imnaha pack, it may be a valid policy, but it’s not clear that all the stockmen suffering losses have in fact used all the non-lethal methods, especially removing dead calves from pastures. Dead animals left lying around draw predators, and scavenged carcasses can be presented as wolf kills.

The ODFW is following a protocol designed to save the Imnaha pack, but the pack may also be drawn to prey on cattle by carcasses left on the range.

Please contact the following to express your respectful opinion about lethal removal of the Imnaha pack.

Governor John Kitzhaber: gov.kitzhaber@state.or.us – 503-378-4582.

CC the following:

ODFW Director Roy Elicker: roy.elicker@state.or.us – 503-947-6044.

ODFW Commissioners: odfw.commission@state.or.us (Individual Commissioners here).

Please adapt your letter as a Letter to the Editor (300 word max) and send to

The Oregonian: letters@oregonian.com and post to http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/

The Chieftain: editor@wallowa.com

The La Grande Observer: tkramer@lagrandeobserver.com

The Baker City Herald: kborgen@bakercityherald.com

Thank you all,

NE Oregon Ecosystems

Imnaha Alpha male (father) August 2009


Photos : Courtesy ODFW

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  1. Cowards kill wolves, they have the right to live and love as all wild animals do..they are not killing cattle it’s proven, they loose more cattle from nature and sickness, than from wolves, so to me it is just they want to kill and hunt..they have rights, and more than humans to live in the wild..like they always have..the killing agenda is all wildlife, wild horses, buffalo, cougars..it goes on and on, this fight is about our freedom and existence, for if they don’t exist..we don’t either…..it’s all lies..the truth will win out in the long run…

    • Unfortunately kathryn, the media uses wolves to sell papers. Almost every wolf depredation is reported like it’s front page news, when they know that non-predation is the single biggest reason for cattle losses.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. those people who kill will be faced with there own karma one of these days..

  3. I agree, wolf killers are COWARDS, our Father God put them on this earth for a reason, and they have a purpose, and as the above post says, it is lies about the wolves attacking livestock….this is just NOT TRUE, as an avid activist of the Defenders of Wildlife and much research, and YES…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE…….Wolf dog owner…Sister Blue Horse, Chickamauga Band Cherokee

  4. the wolf
    of his domain
    has to run
    from man, insane
    whose homeland
    he has stolen
    and plundered
    manunkind have you
    ever wondered
    what a world would be
    without wolves to share
    its space
    well, it would be an
    empty place:(

    • karen…what a terrific poem? It tells it like it is.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. This is very sickening. there is no evidence what so ever that killed a 3rd wolf is going to stop livestock attacks. Is this going to be the new trend here? everytime wolves kill livestock, kill another wolf? when there are only under 30 wolves in the entire state of oregon? this is sickening that they are bowing down to the welfare rancher.

    • It seems the Cattlemen’s Assoc. is running things in Oregon. We have to somehow get through to the American people exposing the injustice wolves are suffering under.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Very disheartening, I am beginning to wonder how many wolves will even be left for “hunting” season, with twisted individuals “taking matters into their own hands.” Not to mention “wolf management” like this. When will it ever end…when all the wolves are gone. The only thing any lethal action will do is “further” the of eradication of all wolves. How can the word “”conservation” be twisted into something so unrecognizable?

    At my crankiest, I want to give the hyperbolists a good rhetorical shaking. Listen, people, wolves aren’t going to cause the decline of Western civilization, anymore than they’re going to restore symmetry to the cosmos. They will cause some fascinating changes, and once in a while they may cause some trouble. If we can muster the wisdom, we can find enough satisfaction in the changes to let us tolerate the trouble.

    ~~ The Hyberbolic Wolf by Paul Schullery – Out Among The Wolves – Contemporary Writings On The Wolf

    Like I have said so many times before…the wolf is not the core issue of this problem, but he is the sacrificial lamb.

    • It’s gotten so out of control WL and it’s because the haters have the upper hand right now. They are planning their wolf hunts with the terrible “bag of tricks” awaiting wolves. This years pups will barely be six months old when the hunts start.

      I am counting on the lawsuit going in our favor. We have that to hang on to and the rally in DC.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. As always, same old..same old perfunctory responce to any email we send. This, from Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer:

    Thank you for contacting me about wolf management in Montana following the recent delisting under the federal Endangered Species Act. By any credible scientific standard, the Northern Rocky Mountain wolf population is biologically recovered, and will remain so under state management. I assure you that Montana is committed to managing for a healthy, viable wolf population.

    Wolves in Montana will be managed in a manner similar to mountain lions, black bears, elk, deer, and other wildlife. Just as with other species, wolf management and conservation must fit into the larger biological and social context, taking into account the needs of other wildlife, and the needs of people. In addition to traditional conservation and management tools like hunting, culling may also be used when individual wolves or packs are negatively affecting other wildlife or ranchers’ livestock.

    Montana’s history is filled with successful wildlife restoration and management efforts. In fact, Western wolf recovery started in Montana when wolves began to re-colonize Glacier National Park 25 years ago. Since then wolf numbers have increased over much of their historic range, from just a handful to about 600 wolves in Montana and about 1700 wolves in the region.

    Wolf recovery has been a success story, and Montana in recent years has shown it is fully capable of managing wolves. By continuing to use the best science available, and with patience, understanding, and cooperation by all, we will ensure that wolves remain an important part of the ecosystem into the future.

    Again, I thank you for letting me know your thoughts.


    Governor Brian Schweitzer

    I hear those violins playing again. Empty promises and hollow words do not a leader make. Just as Mr. Testor had vowed not to legislate any environmental issues by rider…and we all know how “Montana values” trumps all.

    • I hear his BS and don’t buy it. Apparently, he feels that less than 5% is “much” of their former range. Notice, he gave no credit to ESA protection for the increase in wolf numbers from 25 years ago. Seems he wants us to believe that Montanans are solely responsible for any wolf recovery, when in fact, most Montana hunters and ranchers would love to see them fully exterminated. Montana is really committed to a larger, unhealthy elk population so they can continue to rake in the dough from “sportsmen”. Wolves have never had a negative impact on other wildlife, and in fact, have proven to have a positive impact on the entire ecosystems they inhabit…unlike humans.

    • Gov. Schweitzer speaks repeatedly about the “management” of wildlife. It is NOT man’s right to manage the populations of other life on this earth. He cannot even manage his own!!!

      Look how overpopulated this planet is with people. Yet, they keep on breeding and breeding and taking over the land that belongs to the WOLF and other wildlife that were here long before man stepped foot on the earth!!

      Let man manage his own population before playing God with other species!! How very arrogant, yet typical, of man!!!

      • Very well said Alecia.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. This is horrible!!! Our predators must be aloud to regain their place in our Ecosystem, in order to have a healthy Oregon. Souther Oregon is being over run with deer, & the rabbits in central Oregon are diseased, We need our wolves to help prevent, these kinds of problems.
    Cows don’t belong on our public land, that land belongs to the wolves, deer, buffalo, and other wild animals!

  9. Studys have shown that killing pack members, stresses out the pack, and when a pack is stressed, they kill more than an unstressed pack. So killing a third wolf will have the opposite effect, that they want.
    Our predators must be aloud to regain their place in our Ecosystem, in order to have a healthy Oregon. South Oregon is being over run with deer, & the rabbits in central Oregon are diseased, We need our wolves to help prevent, these kinds of problems.
    Cows don’t belong on our public land, that land belongs to the wolves, deer, buffalo, and other wild animals!

    • Amen Geneva…exactly…cows are not native to wild lands.

  10. I wish to protest – these beautiful creatures have more right to be here than we do and should be left alone. It is the Unsoeakable in pursuit of the Inedible.

  11. Greedy Humans have invaded the Wolf Teritory and forced them out of there hunting grounds ,now the are fighting for ther existence the only way the know how, is it any suprise that the Wolf is returning the Favor?
    History seems to be repeating itself,only this time ,the Greedy Humans are going after the Wolfs.

    • Doris they have done the same thing to the grizzly and other wildlife. You can see these homes pushing further and further into wild country. Then they complain about “wild animals”. Where do they think they are supposed to live??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Totally agree with you, Nabeki!!

      • Thank you Alecia.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. extreme anti wolf activist tony mayer loses hunting privileges for 3 years for poaching an elk and guess what the url to his website is, saveelk.com talk about a hypocrite


    one of his supporters in the court room was nutcase Ron Gillete

    • Good…let him eat waxed fruit! This 3 year “slap” is a mere fraction of the punishment he really deserves. Oh geezzz, Gillette…why do they always attract one another like malignant magnets? Looks like the Karma train is making it’s trek, hope it’s a trend that takes them all one by one. Any bet as to who is next….I think I know. I can feel it in the air.

      The hypocrite’s motto: do what I say…not what I do.

      • Jon…translated, saveelk.com…equals save the elk for me.

      • I would be more afraid of the Gillette’s of the world prowling around at children’s bus stops than wolves.

      • Jon…..Finally some justice for the Lookout Pack. How incredibly sad these people could have conspired to destroy the wolves and deprive Washingtonians of the pleasure of seeing wild wolves. I knew something was terribly wrong when the alpha female (mother) went missing last year. If these people are guilty I hope they throw the book at them. This is what they are facing with guilty verdicts:

        “Bill White faces nine felony counts, including conspiracy and obstruction charges. If convicted, the combined charges could result in decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

        If Tom White is convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison, while a conviction for his wife could lead to a sentence of more than 10 years.”

        Wolves were absent from Washington state for seventy years and I was so excited to learn about the Lookout Pack. Here are some of their pups, in happier times, howling in the Methow Valley. This is so outrageous. When is this going to end???

        And this. I think that’s the alpha female, who’s been missing and possibly killed by the Whites. She’s in the last part of this video. Her pups are playing in the beginning. So, so sad.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Yep, that’s what it’s all about for these hunters. save the elk so we can kill the elk. these hunters care nothing for elk besides killing it. don’t let these people fool you. they want to kill off wolves because they are killing th animals they want to kill. These hunters are not the real conservationists they claim to be. They want to conserve animals just so they can kill them.

    • Sickening jon!, just sickening.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Ranchers put on such an air about their cows ;wives crying and wailing at meetings and the men stressing how cruel it was for the cows to killed that way. They all are acting as if their cows are family pets. Well,what do they think when they send them to the feed lots and then sent to slaughter?That is stressful for any animal. Oh,I forgot,out of sight,out of mind. I am tired of my tax dollars being spent foolishly!!!! Hunters are no better.They do not know nature either, Some say that they need to protect their precious elk calves.Really,who is putting a human emotion here.They are quick to point that out to me when dealing/talking about wolves.

    • Aren’t you just so sick of hearing about cows Rita? I mean complaining about cows that are going to go to slaughter as if they are their PETS. No tears for the cows as they’re sent to the slaughterhouse though.

      And elk are not pets. Hunters just don’t want any competition. I bet the historic levels of elk in this country were lower then the number of elk we have now. I have to remind myself to look up the numbers or does anyone know what they are? I can’t believe people can’t see the same scapegoating that went on a hundred years ago and caused wolves to be exterminated in the West is going on now. Why are people so blind?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. I will be writing letters to all of the addresses that you listed above in this post. If enough of us speak up, maybe someone will listen. I also contacted the Australia Zoo and they were unaware of this problem. They have forwarded the information to the department that deals with wolves, along with this blog. Have any more “hunts” taken place in Idaho?

    • Thank you Gretchen, the wolves in Oregon need our support. It’s amazing their tiny little population is in danger. It reminds me of NM and Arizona where they can’t tolerate a small population of wolves in that vast wolf recovery area.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • No, they can’t tolerate the wolves in the wild.

        And it seems they can’t tolerate the wolves in captivity neither.

        If the news about Oregon were not bad enough, The Huffington Post reported today the killing of a Mexican wolf within the premises of a Zoo in Minneapolis. The wolf escaped its enclosure and was shot dead by the zoo staff as it was deemed a “threat to people” despite not leaving the zoo premises or attempting to cause any harm to anybody before its death. Have these people not heard of tranquilizer guns? It absolutely baffles me how idiotic and unprepared people can be. The death of this animal was completely unnecessary… as usual.


      • valondon….This reminds me what happened at Skane Wildlife Park in Sweden last year.. The pack got loose and they were all killed,. Knee jerk reaction. Disgusting.

        Swedish Wolves Slaughtered At Skane Wildlife Park
        Hysteria reigned in Horby, Sweden when several captured wolves from a pack, rumored to have as many as twelve members, escaped their enclosure at the Skane Wildlife Park. The wolves tore down their fence. The wildlife park was evacuated, even though officials admitted there was never any danger. The entire wolf pack was killed, including pups of the year.


        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • http://www.minnpost.com/dailyglean/2011/06/09/29020/wolf_expert_doubts_there_was_any_risk_to_anyone

        Dave Mech speaks on the mexican gray wolf that escaped the zoo

        Mech said the wolf was probably scared. The wolf wasn’t threatening anyone. They should not have shot it but all the zoo cares about is saving its own butt from lawsuits. The animal is always the one that has to pay unfortunately. These reminds me of the These animals don’t belong in zoos, but they had no choice in the matter. this reminds me of the san francisco zoo incident where a few punks taunted a beautiful siberian tiger named titiana and she escaped and ran after the punks who taunted and threw rocks at her. she wound up dead, shot by the police. it was very sad.

  15. I emailed the director of the Oregon cattlemens Assoc. She sent me back a form letter response filled with the same tired stereotypes and fear mongering about these” Canadian Gray wolves”. Pathetic….. On their website is a comment from some person named terri, playing rancher victim and afraid for her “gentle” animals…….I agree rita these people talk about there cows like they are pets, funny, they don’t talk about them so emotionally when they’re on the way to the slaughterhouse

    • William….Don’t you just love those form letters? When I read them all I see is blah, blah, blah, blah and blah. And you’re right, where’s the compassion for the cattle when they’re marched off to the horrific slaughterhouses, where they get punched in the head with a bolt gun. Some of the cows are still alive when they are strung up on the line and are having their body parts cut off. Earthlings should be must viewing or Death on a Factory Farm.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. This angers me so much. Ranchers from WA kill 5 endangered gray wolves.


    These people are disgusting filth.

    • Jon, my friend….disgusting filth is much more personable.

      Deep sigh….

      • is it wrong to hate and despise people like this? I treasure wildlife along with everyone on else and I can’t help to be utterly disgusted with these scum who have no respect for life.

      • Jon…They are depriving of us of viewing wildlife. They are taking away the American people’s heritage. We are losing our wildlife so fish and game agencies can “manage” them for hunters. Ranchers are dictating how our predators are treated. Who said they are guaranteed a predator free landscape anyway? Who do they think they are? I’m so sick of hearing about cows who are going to end up in a slaughterhouse and how they love their cows so much. Do they love them when they’re suffering at the slaughterhouse? It’s not the cattle’s fault either. I wish more people would give up eating beef!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. They are at it again: which species is next…and for whom…I think this pretty much answers that question. And I don’t really think they need ANY encouragement to block protections for anything inconvenient. Congress lives to dabble in omnipotence.

    An email message from Endangered Species Coalition:

    Weakening the Endangered Species Act is top priority for some in Congress and today they’re making their move. Senators John Cornyn and James Inhofe have launched a stealth attack on protections for some of our nation’s most at-risk species. Can you make a call right now to stop them?

    Please call your Senators today! Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators. Tell them you expect them to protect the Endangered Species Act with this simple message:

    My name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [YOUR TOWN] to urge the senator to oppose Amendments #397 proposed by Senator John Cornyn and #429 proposed by Senator James Inhofe and any similar amendments to S. 782.

    These amendments would not only bar protections for the dunes sagebrush lizard and lesser prairie chicken, they would also threaten the Endangered Species Act by encouraging Congress to block protections for wildlife that it finds politically inconvenient to protect.

    These extreme and unnecessary amendments seek to forever bar the dunes sagebrush lizard and the lesser prairie chicken from receiving protections under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The act is one of the most visionary conservation laws ever enacted. When it was signed into law nearly 40 years ago, our nation made a historic commitment to save all species, no matter how great or small, from the irreparable loss of extinction. The ESA is responsible for bringing multiple species, including the symbol of our nation–the bald eagle, back from the brink of extinction. These amendments put the future of the act at great risk.

    Please help us stop this attack on the Endangered Species Act by calling your Senators today!

    Urge them to oppose these reckless amendments and please report your call so that we can track our progress in stopping this assault on the Endangered Species Act.

    Thank you for speaking out for endangered and threatened wildlife.


    Leda Huta
    Executive Director
    Endangered Species Coalition

    • Thanks for sharing with us WL!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. Oh no Valondon , so very tragically unnecessary,,,,and a Mexican wolf too. In all honesty, I would like to take these people and shake them until it rattles whatever semblance of common sense that may still be alive in them. And say…”wake up…what’s wrong with you? ” I would really like to know why they didn’t use a tranquilizer gun too. Seems more like a panic responce than preparedness like you said. And it makes me wonder if people who are supposedly in charge of caring for any animal really knows how to do their job with the utmost respect and consideration for their animals. What is even more horrifying…is this the trend now…that ANY wolf is seen as expendable…?

  19. I want everyone to take a close look at this post. We all know WDFW aka Washington department of fish and wildlife wants the min. 15 breeding pairs of wolves. We all know that ranchers have poached a few wolves and are about to go on trial. Let’s hope they get the harshest punishment available. You know how hunters claim to love wildlife and claim to be conservationists? well take a look at these comments, ALL posted by Washington hunters on a hunting forum. As you can see threats of “sss” and claiming they want wolves eradicated. Poaching from hunters is why there needs to be a lot more than 15 breeding pairs in Washington. Someone posted these comments by the Washington hunters on wolves on another forum. Have a look and tell me what you think about these so called “conservationists”.


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    Re: twisp rancher found guilty of killin 3 wolves !!!!!!
    « Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 10:10:23 PM »
    well atleast he got 3 dogs! atleast he is going to jail for a good reason lol


    Posts: 657

    Re: twisp rancher found guilty of killin 3 wolves !!!!!!
    « Reply #23 on: Today at 06:33:28 AM »
    SSS, too bad he didn’t follow the definition. I hope he gets off!


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    Re: twisp rancher in trouble for killin 3 wolves !!!!!!
    « Reply #29 on: Today at 07:37:56 AM »
    Im glad he took out three wolves, to bad he couldn’t get more


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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #9 on: June 03, 2011, 08:48:26 PM »
    There was a reason our forefathers killed them off.

    Washington For Wildlife

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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #11 on: June 03, 2011, 08:54:51 PM »
    We need to lower the penalties for the taking of wolves out of season. Make it equal to the lowest parking infraction.


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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #22 on: June 03, 2011, 09:47:12 PM »
    So, what can be done?

    1. Vote our dems out of office? Good luck with that. Besides, having a conservative gov’t body hasn’t helped Montana or Idaho fight this battle.

    2. Voice our concerns? Seems like after the past decade of doing this, it falls on deaf ears.’

    3. Try to work with those in power to come to an amicable resolution? Doesn’t seem like their interested.

    4. SSS? Illegal if caught. Tough to find the animals and probably too many to shoot, especially without getting caught.

    I hate feeling like there is nothing that can be done but, I’m starting to feel like that about the wolves.


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    Hunting Washington’s resident liberal

    And they were exterminated for a reason

    Site Sponsor
    Old Salt

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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #68 on: June 04, 2011, 12:15:37 PM »
    They should be allowed to exist as much as Coyotes are. Open season all year long. If they can cut it they willl. They will survive as they have in years past, in the back country where they belong. Their population will never be large enough to hurt big game populations and yet they will survive just fine

    Family, Friends, & The Great Outdoors
    Old Salt

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    “Gotta Luv Bear Huntin”

    Non-native Northern canadian grays were planted in Idaho. ITS DOCUMENTED….
    THEY are not natural to our environment. It would be like planting Alaska moose, our native Shiras moose would be bred and outcompeted into extinction.

    WA hunter14
    Off Topics Member

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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #87 on: June 04, 2011, 02:57:38 PM »
    Quote from: robertg on June 04, 2011, 11:10:50 AM

    gray wolves are a native species. The population will be managed when there are 15 breeding pairs. you hunters who are advocating “sss” are no better than poachers.

    wolfs are the same thing as poachers, human poachers are hunters who shoot more than they are legally supposed to,out of season,not obey the hunting laws. wolfs do all of those plus they don’t humanely kill their prey, they don’t limit their self’s to 1elk a year. If you kill a wolf its like preventing a poacher that is really good at what he does to do it. hunters are managing the wildlife populations just fine why do we need wolfs? cause people want to look at them? 15 breeding pairs of talented poachers? stupid unnecessary idea. robertg why don’t you say what you have said to hunters in a elk hunting camp in lolo or any area where wolves are destroying the elk population, someone might use SSS on you, and by the way saying someone “advocating” SSS is no better then a poacher is just stupid just because they are advocating it doesn’t mean they are doing it and if they aren’t doing it then they are better than the person doing it. someone who SSS wolves is like a game warden in a way


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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #102 on: June 04, 2011, 04:24:11 PM »
    If a wolf ever kills one of my dogs, I will go on a wolf killing spree Those pics of the dead dogs really have gotten my blood pumping


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    you are what I refer to as a hippy, and supporting a invasive species is far worse than SSS


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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #206 on: June 05, 2011, 10:47:58 PM »
    What scares me the most about this whole situation is how the government has stifled our ability to protect personal property and our way of life. I can’t believe that the USFWS would have the balls to tell anyone that the only thing they can do if a wolf attacks their pet is watch. And then tell ranchers “oh yeah sorry about that, our bad, here is some money to help cover you loses. Oh and by the way there is gonna be alot more of them coming your way because people in NY and SF like the idea of wolves in their country.” I’m not a rancher, but if I was I would want to sue USFWS for ruining my livelihood. I know this is horrible to say, but I really think that someone is going to have to be hurt or killed in the lower 48 before anybody realizes how bad of a mistake this was, and the most unfortunate part is that it will probably be a child. Mark my words, this will eventually happen, and when it does, I hope the family of the victim sues the living sh*t outta the USFWS and community members go on a wolf killing spree.

    In nature, predators kill their competition. It happens all the time. Wolves are our competition, so let em fly.


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    Location: oak harbor wa

    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #293 on: Yesterday at 11:13:50 AM »
    Im sure a few good OL boys will manange some wolves on there own


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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #344 on: Yesterday at 02:11:12 PM »
    Definition of poaching: The illegal shooting, trapping, or taking of game or fish from private or public property…..Grey wolf is a non native much larger species of wolf, not like the timber wolf that is or will be extinct. I don’t consider them game, they are considered invasive, they should be exterminated. Your letting the state shove them down your throat, believe this…the wolfies have transported more then a pack or two to your neck of the woods, and they do it with your money!

    YAR TOWN CRIER *************
    Washington For Wildlife

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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #356 on: Yesterday at 02:23:11 PM »
    Quote from: robertg on Yesterday at 02:20:23 PM
    Quote from: Machias on Yesterday at 02:16:40 PM
    Quote from: robertg on Yesterday at 02:12:48 PM
    Quote from: pianoman9701 on Yesterday at 02:07:07 PM
    Are you kidding? Look back through the posts. Lots of people are talking about taking this into their own hands.

    yesterday, a guy by the name of machias said “we need to kill every wolf we see and don’t stop until they are all dead”. I didn’t see his comment on here, so I assume the mods took it off. Extremist attitudes like this won’t do the hunter’s cause any good. Advocating breaking the law doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

    So robertg following the law, how’s that working for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minn, Wis??

    It’s working good. Come fall, there will be a hunting season on wolves in Idaho and Montana.



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    Re: Wolf Wars have moved to Washington
    « Reply #360 on: Yesterday at 02:28:19 PM »
    Robertg, I ain’t care who shot wolf. I support all people who shot wolves. Trust me u never experience what all wolves been thur. If I am wrong if wolves ran to kill ur dog in ur yard. I am sure u perfer watch wolves tear ur dog every inch in front of ur children. Trust me I think u have wrong pic of view and I agree with machias to shoot every wolf u see. Great Depression is coming and I remember all stories from 1925-1930 they kill hundreds wolves because Feds have no Funds. . I am ready and with plently ammo to go out hunting all wolves after Great Depression start.


    Washington For Wildlife

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    Polio and small pox are deadly organisms that wipe out populations of humans. Wolves are deadly organisms that wipe out Elk. You say we should wipe out polio and small pox but not wolves. Therefore you are saying that your life is more important then an Elk’s. Polio and Small Pox are natural they were not made by humans so that is “just mother nature at work”. No different then wolves. Wolves are a plague on wildlife..

    Washington For Wildlife

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    Do you think wolves are vermin and should be exterminated?

    Short answer, Yes. I know that will never happen again so I would settle for heavily managed.

    • Jon, I’m with you… that’s a question that vexes my heart as well: is it wrong to hate people like this? And one I haven’t been able to answer either. All I can say is that it is a true challenge of spirit and would be considered a great triumph over human nature.

      In responce to the above posting: I am so weary of the lame excuses that people hide behind, but obstinance never listens to reason….and hatred only sees its own face. In my mind I see nothing that remotely resembles a true love of wildlife here, rather a pathetic ignorance, roiling hatred and a selfish desire to protect a hunter’s quarry for himself, instead of accepting the wolf’s design in nature, and denying him his role to do so.

      I wonder how many wolves are actually out there right now, plotting to kill and maim ? It is absurd to say that how the wolf kills it’s prey as being inhumane, when it is man that is the true beast. But these people obviously can’t see past their own ignorance and have not been privy to witness their own lack of humanity from satellite. Like I said, how can the word “conservation” be twisted into something so unrecognizable?

      I am not anti-hunter but I am against injustice. I can see only the true vermin with no rational thought left…and they carry guns.

      Our government declares war on everything; the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on poverty, the war on illiteracy….fill in the blank. This is not just a war against wolves, it is a war between states and I would think that if anyone in Washington really had any substance at all they would step in any say…ENOUGH before this reaches maximum overload with results that no one would find satisfactory. President Obama….are you a leader or are you just going to just sit there ?

      Keep the faith Jon, when chance allows, please contact me via my gravatar’s email. Heart hugs & howls my friend.

  20. some bad news for now anyways


    • I pray for the mexican wolves. Here is an awesome video I found of wolf pups.

      • Jon….So, so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. The Mexican grays are so endangered.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I don’t know what is up with New Mexico. Mexican gray wolves are still federally protected, but I really wonder why New Mexico decided to stop helping with wolf recovery. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it’s because of hunters and ranchers complaining.

      • I think it’s their fish and game agency in NM Jon. The feds still have to carry out the program.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Not surprising coming from that group!! grrrrr

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43350744/ns/us_news?gt1=43001

    • Rita…can you imagine what would be happening if wolves were involved?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  22. The above link is to an news report that wild dogs are responsible for a death of a llama and other animals. people that are irresponsible just dumping animals thinking they fend for themselves. Ferel dogs are known to kill just to kill. It isn’t the wolf one should worry about.We should worry about the wild dogs and the people who set them loose.

  23. Rita, I think it was Jon that said that they will probably try to find a way to blame any killings from the wild dog pack on wolves. He’s right, anything to further the cause of eradication while marching to the drum beat of wolf hysteria.

  24. hunde der har været i menneskets varetækt, og bliver smidt ud fra hjemmet, kan jo ikke vide hvordan man lever i naturen, som feks. ULVE, ved, HVIS hunde ikke er i snor, kan de bide andre hunde. ULVENS foredom som mennesket har brygget sammen i bøger-film- har gjordt den til et uhyre, sørgeligt for smukke dejlige ulv som jeg elsker så højt, og kæmper for til sidste bloddråbe, for så uvidende og stupide mennesker at de fordomme sidder så fast i deres lille hjerne, at der skal buldåser til, at vende omtanke for min ven ulven, Den største sønder er mennesket, farmene er urokkelige , de flytter selv derud med får, hvor dumme kan man være ???— giver ulven skylden for at tage får =de kan jo ikke selv modstå for en dejlig bøf for deres næse, vel ??. DANSK. hilsen ulvens ven, vibeke hansen, danmark.

    Dogs who have been around humans and get kicked out from home, can not know how to live in nature, as eg.,IF dogs not on leash, they can bite other dogs. Wolf foredom as humans have concocted in books-movies-has turned it into a monster, sad for beautiful beautiful wolf that I love so much, and struggling to the last drop of blood, so ignorant and stupid people that the stereotypes are so stuck in their little brains. DANISH. greetings wolf friend vibeke
    Sorry I butchered the Danish language Vibeke. That’s the best translation I could come up with from Google translator. Thanks so much for your support for the magnificent gray wolf.

    For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  25. stop kill wolf’s

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