I’m Weary!

I haven’t posted in several days and some of you may wonder why? It’s not that I’ve given up or am less interested in justice for gray wolves.  It’s because fighting the relentless persecution of wolves is tiring. I’ve written thousands and thousands of words about the gray wolves’ plight;  many, many nights not turning off the lights until the sun had started to rise on a new day. But that’s what being a passionate wolf advocate is all about.  I do it because I care.

Let’s take a look back at some of the things, not all, that have happened to wolves and wolf advocates in the last 26 months.

In the Spring of 2009 the Obama administration unceremoniously kicked wolves off the endangered species list Just mere months after that fateful decision, wolves were being hunted in Montana and Idaho.  Has that EVER happened to a newly delisted species?? EVER?? Then to make matters worse, Montana opens its hunt right outside the borders of Yellowstone National Park, which decimated the park’s iconic and studied Cottonwood Pack. Hunters were waiting near park borders for wolves to cross over. Those wolves were sitting ducks, not as wary of people as they should have been because they’d been habituated by the presence of millions of visitors that frequent the park each year. If that wasn’t bad enough, three wolves were poached in Montana during the hunt and not added to the 75 wolf quota. And of course Wildlife Services was busy killing wolves in Montana  as well.

Other crazy things were going on during the hunts of 2009. Like this. And this.  And this.

Meanwhile, even though the Idaho wolf hunt was supposed to end on December 31, 2009, the commissioners decided to extend it all the way to March 31, 2o1o, right through wolf breeding and denning season. That’s a seven month-long hunt.  Who cares if pregnant or lactating females die along with their pups? Apparently not anybody at fish and game. But then we all knew that didn’t we? That’s why wolf advocates have been shouting so loudly. Don’t turn wolves over to these people, they want to kill them!!!

Environmentalists fought back with a lawsuit, filed in the fall of 2009, challenging the delsting of wolves in the Northern Rockies.  It took almost a year to settle but in August of 2010, Judge Molloy placed wolves back under the protection of the ESA. That’s when the real fun began.  The anti-wolf crowd was losing in court so they decided to switch tactics. They teamed up with Western politicians, itching to score points with hunters and ranchers on the   “wolf issue”.  So the 111th Congress got involved. I can’t even count the number of anti-wolf bills that were introduced.  But because it was late in the Congressional year, none of the bills went anywhere. A little back room dealing was reported. Apparently there was an effort to delist wolves by appropriation rider but it fell flat.

Meanwhile Wildlife Services continued it’s relentless war on wolves.

Wolf advocates were EXHAUSTED, the delisting, the relisting, the poaching, the hunts, the lies, the demonization of wolves and on and on. And more Wildlife Services ugliness against wolves.

It wasn’t long before Congress reconvened and the 112th picked up the persecution of wolves where the 111th Congress left off. Anti-wolf bills were piling up again. Then it got sinister. The Democrats and Republicans were engaged in a budget war.  The sneaky wolf delsting rider started in the House of Representatives when Rep. Simpson (ID-R) introduced it into a must-pass- budget-bill.  The bill passed the House and traveled to the Senate.  Senator Tester (MT-D) convinced the Democrat leadership in the Senate to once again slip the wolf delisting rider into the budget bill.  Sen Tester was  locked in a tough campaign for his Senate seat against Denny Rehberg (R-MT), who also wanted wolves delisted. Basically they were trying to “out wolf” each other.

We all know how the story ended.  81 senators voted for the budget bill with the wolf delisting rider tucked safely inside.  It passed overwhelmingly, only three Democrats voted against it.

Shockingly the Democrat Party betrayed wolves, just threw them under the bus. They did it in hopes of helping Senator Tester keep his Senate seat in the 2012 election and therefore secure their shaky Senate majority.  Because of that treachery wolves and the ESA suffered together. Aside from the Senate’s actions being wholly wrong and disgraceful, they  opened the door for other endangered species, who may inconveniently get in the way of someone’s agenda, to suffer the same fate. Who will be next? Grizzlies? Salmon?

Where do we stand now? Well Idaho is planning a no-quota wolf hunt in most of their state for 2011. They want to use baiting, calling, trapping, snares, archery and of course guns on those hapless wolves. Montana raised their wolf quota to 220 for the 2o11 hunt, with archery on the table as well. Of course WS continues to kill wolves the way they have been doing. If the hunts go forward, the pups of this year will only be 4 to 5 months old. They will die along with their parents either by starvation or outright killing.

There is a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the wolf delisting rider. It was brought by Friends of the Clearwater, Alliance for the Wild Rockies and then joined by WildEarth Guardians.  The Center for Biological Diversity also filed suit and was joined by Western Watersheds Project.  At the end of this month Judge Molloy will hold  hearings on this litigation.  We can only hope he reverses this horrific delisting-budget-rider by finding  it unconstitutional.

And Wildlife Services is still busy killing wolves.

I’m weary.


Photo: Courtesy Eric Begin Flickr Commons

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  2. Completely understandable. You are a kind and compasionate person with an unwavering devotion, but you are still human and you do need to rest.
    I’d give you a hug if I could.

    • Awwwww thanks so much John. Back atcha.


  3. How I underdstand your comment “I’m weary”!

    There is the plight of the Wolf, a very majestic animal which should be on the endangered species list again. will this world be sorry when they are wiped out???

    then you have the Serengeti. that governement wants to allow a highway to go through the route taken by wildlife during migration. this migration has gone on for how many years??? the latest update is an agreement to change the location of this highway. praying they will not go back to orig plans.

    then you have the domestic animal, the beloved dog.
    how many are now be put to death due owner surrender?
    are you kidding me?? put an end to PUPPY MILLS!!!!!
    not sure if educating people to adopt is working but with the current economy people are giving up their family pet MY GOD!!! are their relatives next???????


  4. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz from Utah. I aslo contacted Utah representation in Congress. All I got were the same type of letters..we know what we are doing, out decisions are sound and ..blah blah..blah…all responses came after the removal of wolves from ESA including letter from Obama…
    We need to fight…we can’t give up…
    I just came back from WY (jackson) and saw many trucks with the hateful and anti wolves bumper stickers…sad..sad..
    I hope Molloy will do the right thing….we are all tired..rest my friends and renew the energy…wolves need you…

    • HOWLS Izabela….how sad you had to be exposed to wolf hate in Wyoming. I seriously don’t believe it has much to do with wolves. Wolves have just become a convenient scapegoat once again. Now they can blame all their problems on an animal that can’t speak for itself.


  5. Wow! I am weary just from reading that account Nabeki! Tiring, inflaming, very sad and frustrating.
    Thank you for the chronology, as when I first came on to Facebook, I submerged myself in trying to help animals captive in the fur industry who were being skinned while alive and conscious (still happening) on Chinese fur farms. Therefore, I was not aware of all that was happening with wolves.
    Wolves having always been in my heart as a very admired animal, and as you know, has come to the forefront of my advocacy; but I was late getting on the wagon. So again, thank you for the chronological recent history of the tug of war over wolves.

    It certainly looks like this will be a never-ending war, as long as the hearts and minds of a certain subculture in our society are so anti-wolf. I will be legal maneuvers, a win for them, a win for us; so I guess we’re all in it for the long-haul.

    Of course their reasons are all self serving and not based in science but in self-interest. Things may have gotten even worse because the ranchers now want to graze their cash cows on public lands – wolf territory. Cattle should NEVER be allowed on public lands and we should have a writing campaign to that effect. The whole cattle/meat eating industry is private for profit and I don’t see why they should be allowed to have their animals graze on taxpayer funded public lands.

    The hatred for wolves is constantly being fed by fear-mongering town hall meetings in the North West. Semantics, lies, legends, fairytales, staged scenes and photographs floating around the internet, anti-wolf groups and pages right on Facebook and MySpace and the handful of well-known infamous people behind it all. It’s hard for a people to move forward in a brainwashing environment.

    I’m frustrated because I started the GOOD WOLF cause page to try to restore the wolf’s reputation that has been hyjacked and stolen, but I realize I am singing to the choir – a fabulous choir, but the people who need to learn the truth about our majestic wolves, are not reading this kind of material. There must be another way to get to them? I don’t mean the hard-core ranchers and hunters who will invent an excuse to kill – but the town hall citizens who come to hear the so-called truth.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, thank you again Nabeki for helping with the recent history here, and for your compassion and all that you do for wolves! You are truly wolvederful!!!! Many howls!

  6. I understand,Nabeki.It has been a rollercoaster ride that doesn’t seen to end.We take one step forward only to have to take five steps backward. I ,too,give hugs.We are not alone on this journey for this human pack, who are concerned for wolves and all wild life,are,also,concerned for you and your well being. Ever thankful for your site,for your time,for your ability to unite eveyone for a honorable cause,and for just being you.I have an extended family thanks to you.

    • I know you understand Rita….you’ve been here from the beginning and I really appreciate that, especially your wise commentary. Thanks for being a valued wolf friend and part of our pack. It’s been a long road we’ve all traveled together.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. poor you =(

    • I feel like I’m having a pity party )-: Luna. But really it’s the wolves that have been doing the suffering. Wildlife Services is still killing them and if the hunts go forward they will get it from all sides.


  8. I’m wth you, and I feel for you. I’m digusted with the wolf haters. They are no better than racists.

    • We have to stick together bill71053.


  9. Yes I too am tired. I was very involved with the Re-introduction in Idaho and Yellowstone – and also with the Wolfpack raised in Captivity by Dutcher – which was a Tragedy that made me sick for a week.
    And I am leary – it’s time to be rewarded with something that lets the Wolves be free and unharmed – we are losing hope – our hearts are breaking – if we can’t help the Wolves – who else can we help. The good news is the Polar Bears are back on the endangered List – now lets get it done for the Wolves – who did not ask to come here to be sacrificed –
    What a horrible thing and I feel very guiltily of helping them to come back and I wanted to hear them sing and enjoy them – but I guess that was another one of my pipe dreams – so far it has been nothing but War. And when they were back on the List I was so happy and then when I heard about the Rider I asked myself what kind of people are running this Country – not Humans – not people with feelings and morals – and it’s now wonder that this once great Country is falling to pieces – nobody celebrated the 4th of July here – not one Flag was flying – and I remember in the past the pride we felt when we said the Pledge of Allegiance – especially before the wrote in “under God” in the 1950.

    So I am wear along with everyone else that is disappointed and horrified by what is going on – if we do not protect out animals – what are we worth as a Country??

    • If I dare ask,Morrigan,What about the wolf pack that was raised by the Dutcher’s and what happened..

    • I hear you Morrigan, you articulated it all pretty well.


  10. Thank you for your efforts…Ive been tryng to keep track of all thats going on and yourre right, they are getting it from all sides. The hysteria and superstitious fear of wolves has to stop. But how? Huning interests control Fish and Game and the Wildlife Service. My opinion of Obama, who I respected, has now bottomed out. The Endangered Species Act has been decimated. The lawsuit by Clearwater et al is our only hope. It is a brillian premise on the rider being unconsttutional and could easily go to the supreme court. I dont know what else to do…

    • Thank you Donna for your support and kind words, I really appreciate it. It is sad that wolves are being demonized by the radical right. They’ve finally found the perfect scapegoat for their hate….an animal that can’t talk back.

      I hope Judge Molloy finds the rider unconstitutional.


  11. i know this may be a crazy idea, but could there be anyway to round up the wolves that reside in these areas that are potentially in harms way and move them to a safer area? i’d rather have them somewhere safe, even for the time being, then left at the mercy of these cold heartless hunters who have no regard for life, or nature, or balance!

    • Unfortunately kathleen that can’t be done. I wish it was a solution. I feel guilty for supporting the reintroduction only to have wolves trapped in Montana and Idaho used for target practice.


      • don’t ever feel guilty for supporting the right thing, like wolves being where THEY belong..free and wild in areas where they always should have been! and i’m sure they would tell you (if they could) it is better to be free and wild, and that they love you for your efforts and support!

      • Thank you kathleen…..yes they are the natives here not the cows that blanket our public lands. Wolves living free without persecution is the dream we are chasing. Now to make it a reality.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Thank you dear Agnes, you are a true wolf friend and I know how much you care for wolves. We are doing all we can and just have continue to move forward to help wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Jon…..looks like they’re at it again. grrrrrrr


  13. You’re weary? How about the hundreds and hundreds of ranchers trying to make a living and barely can get by on a good year? To take an animal that was never a native animal in these areas and let them lose is just wrong, they are the only animal that will just kill for fun leaving all the meat behind. They are wiping out elk populations, and killing the livelihood of hundreds.

    • montanan….You have no idea what you’re talking about. Wolves were exterminated in the West by federal trappers, they are most certainly native. Secondly, cows are a non-native invasive species. Thirdly, just 87 cow losses were attributed to wolves in Montana in 2010 but 74,800 CATTLE WERE LOST TO NON-PREDATION IN MONTANA IN 2010 Lastly, there are probably more elk in Montana now then there were historically.

      Don’t think you can come on this blog and spread wolf myths and lies. We’re all very well informed wolf advocates here.

    • Hello montanan – I know a fair amount about wolves… But a whole lot about business! If your having difficulties in your market that must kill wolves in order to kill cows… Perhaps another career choice might be an option? ~peace~

  14. All I want to say is thank you, Nabeki, for all you have done in trying to bring much overdue justice to the wolves. Remember: “What is true of the individual will be tomorrow true of the whole nation if individuals will but refuse to lose heart and hope” (Gandhi).

    Take care.

  15. Montanan, I am a native too and don’t try to sell your sob story to me. You can shove your ranches up your bum for all I care, you are the biggest welfare story in the state. “They leave all the meat behind?” Yeah, animals don’t have fridges do they? If they don’t come back and eat it other animals will. God wasn’t stupid when he designed the ecosystem, only man is stupid in his interpretation of it.

    • Thanks again ProWolfMontanan for your great come back. I think people have the impression all Montanans hate wolves and that is so far from the truth. As a matter of fact before wolves were reintroduced back into Montana in the 1990’s a poll showed the majority of Montanans approved of the reintroduction and wanted wolves to return. Sadly it turned out badly for wolves now that they are trapped in states that want to kill them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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