Wyoming Wants “Unregulated Killing” Of Wolves In Most of the State….Speak Out!!!

We are witnessing a repeat of the first Western wolf extermination. The ranching and hunting lobbies teamed up with Congress and the Interior Department, headed by rancher Ken Salazar.  Wyoming wants  “unregulated killing” of wolves in most of the state.  Of course this is nothing new, it’s been their position all along. It’s what won the delisting lawsuit because the USFWS rejected Wyoming’s radical stance on wolves.  But that has all changed.

The Governor of Wyoming, USFWS and Ken Salazar reached a  “deal” on wolves. The main “stakeholders” (being the anti-wolf and ranching interests) got to have their say, with conservationists being mostly excluded.

Apparently the opinion of the majority of Americans who support wolves and the ESA doesn’t matter. Please speak up for Wyoming’s wolves!!! They are voiceless!!


Mead, top federal officials agree ‘in principle’ to wolf deal

By JEREMY PELZER Star-Tribune capital bureau | Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2011 1:14 pm

CHEYENNE-Wyoming and the federal government have reached “an agreement in principle” on a deal to remove the state’s roughly 340 wolves from the endangered species list and put them under state control.

Following a meeting at the Wyoming State Capitol on Thursday, Gov. Matt Mead, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said they hoped to reach a deal by the end of the month and ratify it by the end of September.

Wyoming has been fighting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for years to accept the state’s wolf management plan, which allows unregulated killing of the animals in all but the northwest corner of the state. Fish and Wildlife, on the other hand, wants wolves to be classified as “trophy game” throughout the state, meaning they could only be hunted with a license.

The three said they agreed on a deal under which Wyoming would be required to maintain 100 wolves, including 10 breeding pairs, outside Yellowstone National Park. That’s about a third of current wolf numbers outside Yellowstone, Mead said.

Read more: http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/article_c54c1882-a8cd-11e0-9399-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1RVGHIBlg


Wolf Issue Comment Line


Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100
E-Mail: feedback@ios.doi.gov
Web: Feedback form


USFWS Director Dan Ashe

Phone: (202)-208-4717


Wyoming Governor Matt Meade

By Mail:
State Capitol, 200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

By Phone or Fax:
307.777.7434 (phone)
307.632.3909 (fax)

By Email:



Wyoming Office of Tourism


Sample Letter to Wyoming Office of  Tourism


As much as I enjoy the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, the Bridger Teton National Forest, the Bighorn Mountains and the many other natural wonders your state has to offer, I cannot in good conscience consider Wyoming as a tourist destination due to the states policy concerning  gray wolves.

It has come to my attention that Wyoming wants “unregulated killing of wolves in all but the Northwest corner of the state”.  This is something I find abhorrent and morally wrong. Wolves are apex predators, vital to healthy ecosystems. They were reintroduced back into Wyoming in 1995,  at great cost of time and expense,  because they had been exterminated in the West by federal trappers. I see the same pattern of scapegoating and persecution developing, that caused the first extermination.

For these reasons I nor my family will consider visiting Wyoming or spend money in the state if you adopt this brutal policy concerning gray wolves.  Americans overwhelmingly support wolves. They generate millions of dollars to the GYA because people want to view wolves in the wild.

These animals are a national treasure and belong to ALL Americans not just  ranchers and hunters, who may have the ear of  Western politicians, interested in pandering to special interests.

If and when Wyoming decides to change its policy toward gray wolves,  I will once again be happy to visit your beautiful state.

Sincerely, ……..


Photo: Courtesy IWallpaper.com

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Tags: war on wolves, Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, Matt Mead, USFWS, Ken Salazar, US Dept of the Interior

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  1. This is just f_cking unbelievable. It just keeps on getting worse. When will the American people start getting a f_cking clue? I can’t even wrap my brain around it – it’s so goddamn evil & senseless.
    I’m pissed off ~ Salazar & all of the other idiots can go to hell. You can’t reason with these people. All they see are $$$$ signs.

  2. Just an FYI ~

    House Bill Attacks Historic Agreement to Protect Hundreds of Endangered Species

    The Center for Biological Diversity’s decade-long campaign to protect 1,000 of the country’s most imperiled species came under attack by Congress this week. Right-wing members of the House of Representatives have attached a rider to the Interior Department’s 2012 budget bill banning it from adding any plants and animals to the endangered species list, even if they will go extinct as a result. The rider does, however, provide plenty of money to remove species’ protections.

    The cynical House move comes just as the Center and another conservation group are nearing the end of negotiations to move more than 800 species toward protection under the Endangered Species Act including the wolverine, walrus, Mexican gray wolf, mountain yellow-legged frog and Pacific fisher.

    The rider is not a done deal yet, though; it still has to get through the Senate and be signed by the president. The Center will fight all the way through to kill this outrageous rider before it kills America’s wildlife.

    • ramses…..Well thanks to the Senate pushing through the wolf delisting rider, I guess it’s governing by rider now. Everyone knew this would open the door to more of the same. I cannot believe there is a Democrat sitting in the White House. We literally have no politicians on our side. They proved that when they voted to delist wolves by budget rider and most of the Dems voted for it. We cannot take another four years of Obama. He has done so much damage already but our other choice is just as bad. We desperately need a third party.


      • Actually, we need to do away with politics as we know today!!!
        Politicians have betrayed us and our sacred wildlife.
        I think it’s time for our Native American sisters and brothers
        to rise up from the reservations, and re-claim the lands that were stolen from them by settlers in the 19th Century,
        and exploited for the sake of arrogance, greed, and corruption!!!
        I think the only thing we could hope for, is the Polar Shift.
        (also known as Earth Changes)
        Maybe around late 2012 or so, Washington D.C. will be destroyed
        by a major earthquake, monster tsunami, or some other
        apocalyptic event, foretold by ancient and modern-day
        sages, soothsayers, seers, and prophets.

      • I was listening to a liberal show “The Normanman Goldman Show”
        on WCPT in Chicago here, & he was saying to take over the Democratic Party. A 3rd Party would be to hard to get into – with all of the b.s.that is going on – he has a web-site & you can down load his shows for free. He’s a lawyer. He has a good head on his shoulders – give him a listen to – I think you might like him.
        Obama is the lesser of 2 evils. I don’t want to vote for him again either – but we may not have a choice.
        I have decided to go to Montana for the memorial. But it will be a very sparse vacation, if I can even call it a vacation. I’m going in honor of Grandma …. thats it. Maybe I can do something for the wolves while I’m there. If anyone has any IDEAS – – please let me know. We leave the 18th of August.

  3. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what party you pick, they will all do exactly the same thing. It goes back to special interest groups and political favors for such groups in exchange for ? The results are pretty clear. The majority of people don’t want the whole sale slaughter of wolves, but until everyone decides to stand as a collective whole nothing will change. All of these politicians need to be reminded that 1- it is an election year, and 2- they are paid public employees not the employer. I also firmly believe that these states that are killing wolves for sport and profit need to be boycotted. This means the cattlemen’s association, and any other product their state relies on for revenue. This also includes tourism. I already do this, but it’s going to take more than me to make it work. Greed is their motivator, so the only thing that they will hear or understand is loss of revenue.

    • Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!
      Well put and well said, and it’s so very true.
      Even though I’m residing in Montana,
      I’m boycotting the state by NOT displaying its state flag.
      I’m also boycotting Idaho, Alaska, and other anti-wolf states,
      until these dumb inbreds get a clue and stop murdering
      our noble wolves.
      And most definitely boycott all the outfitting shops
      that support these barbaric acts.
      I’m also suggesting a series of protest marches
      and rallies to be held EVERYWHERE for as long as it takes
      until our voices and messages are heard loud and clear,
      and pledges to protect our wolves by these bureaucratic birdbrains,
      are backed with deeds and action and not by lip-service alone,
      ’cause promises are just words and words alone are not enough
      to convince the skeptical.
      Politicians talk the talk..
      Now it’s time for them to walk the walk..
      (preferably to the unemployment offices and soup kitchens)
      I would even go a step further by recommending all our beloved like-minds to become a vegetarian/vegan and encourage
      everybody else to do the same.
      Perhaps in time, we can put the beef industry out of business,
      ’cause nobody’s buying or consuming any meat products anymore,
      and ranchers will have to sell their property and start living in the
      21st Century by moving to the big cities and get a REAL job…
      OR start growing organic fruits and veggies. ;)

      • I like the way you think Wizard. Especially about the invasive cows and beef industry. It’s not the cows fault. I’m certainly not blaming them but so much misery comes from this industry. The cows suffer, our native carnivores suffer and people ultimately suffer from having their arteries clogged up with all the fat. Not to mention antibiotics, growth hormones etc…


    • I agree on the boycotts Dianna. They’re not feeling any heat for what they are doing. These are mostly tourists states that depend heavily on that income. People need to start spending their tourist dollars elsewhere.


  4. OMG! I just called the governor’s office and left a STRONG message that this proposal is unacceptable and unthinkable, and Wyoming and all of the northwestern states do NOT own WOLVES! I told them to loook at the science and not the special interest groups of the NRA, Safari Club International, and the Cattlemen’s Associations.

    I have to go to work today, but I’m taking these phone numbers with me and I will write a strong letter to everyone – even that Lummis broad. She and Candace Miller (R-MI) seem to be in a “WHO CAN BE AS MEAN AS PALIN” contest!!!

    I may have raised my voice an octive or two – but I will not curse at them, I don’t want to lose the arguement. As much as I would like to go there in person and confront them. I do have a friend who moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming – I will tell her to get on the bandwagon as well!

    This Lummis character was recently disgraced when she lost her bid to kill horses – so now she has turned her evil attention to wolves. She said and I quote “These things with fur, just have to go.”

    Someone posted a direct line to the U.S. Wildlife & Fish Department, a Mr. Ashe – newly in charge there – 202-208-4717, supposed to be direct line??


    • Go for it, sister. <3
      You have our blessings and support.
      Even put a desert curse on this flaky broad Lummisand all the other wolf-hating infidels.

      Here's the curse you can copy and paste to your letter:

      ~May A Diseased Yak Drop A Squished Chip On Your Steak Dinner~

      Meanwhile, write to those inbred infidels and give
      them a heavy-duty reaming…..Hehehehehehe!!!
      For our noble wolves and our glorious Wolf Nation. :)
      Au Au Aurooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Good job LInda. This has gotten so out of control, it’s beyond anything I could ever have imagined just a few short years ago.


  5. People’s respect for anything but themselves always flabbergasts me.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do in keeping tabs on the status of wolves.

  6. A thousand curses on the infidels who want to destroy our wildlife!!!!
    I’m howling and snarling at the same time…..GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    ~May They Get A French Kiss From A Queasy Camel With Post-Nasal Drip~

  7. wolves in Idaho are also in big trouble. the trapping season on wolves is going to be 10 weeks long and the hunting season is 7 months long. hunters will be able to kill 2 wolves each. very disgusting.


  8. Can’t we get one of the large network news programs take on this story so the rest of America (who are clueless about what’s happening) will be as outraged as we are? We need one of them to take up the pro wolf cause and expose the persecution of wolves while revealing the true and positive story about them.

    • Wiesy…we’ve been trying that for the last several years. During the last hunt in 2009 we tried contacting Jane Valez Mitchell, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. You can’t get through to these people, they have too many handlers. Robert Redford was another one. He lives in Colorado, he has to know what’s going on. Why haven’t any of these people spoken out for wolves? The only one I know of that actually made a pro wolf video was Ashley Judd but that was awhile ago. We need a big name celebrity to be their spokesperson but nobody has stepped up to the plate. Quite the opposite. I mean you all the Senate Dems, who are supposed to care about the environment, voting for the rider. Boxer, Feinstein, both Udalls, Kerry…all of them. The only Dems that voted against it were Wyden, Leahy and Levin. Total betrayal and then Obama signs it into law with the rider intact. So much for hope and change.


  9. Wiesy,One would think that some network and not Faux news,would pick it up.It is no longer just wolves but the Big Horn Sheep.What is next? Wolves are in the immediate species that are in threat.My right as a citizen of the this country ,to me,has been violated for I had no say at any of these meetings or anybody there who could voice my views and concerns. Just because I do not run a livestock business or hunt with a gun,doesn’t make my or your opinion not worthy of hearing.Our views are important and more grounded then the ones running the government.

    • I think we need to take it to the network news instead of thinking they should have picked up on it already. Wolves are in the immediate need but it could open up America’s eyes to what’s happening with protection for other wildlife and the Endangered Species Act. We’re all well aware of what’s being impacted but most of America is clueless, as the Republicans and Democrats are destroying conservation and wildlife left and right.

  10. This is a new one to me – I’ve never heard of this “Wildlife Services” the name make’s it sound like they care for the wildlife instead of killing & wiping out most of the species in our country. I learn something new practically everyday.

    “Wildlife Services,” a secretive arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, annually kills millions of animals. Last year, it liquidated more than four million wildlife and pets, while spending $121 million—mostly tax dollars—to do the task. Their efforts purportedly help those in agribusiness and others, but government data demonstrate otherwise.

    Never heard of “Wildlife Services”? You’re in good company. Although it has existed since 1885, it purposefully avoids public scrutiny and prefers obscurity. Here’s why.

    For the years 2004 to 2009, Wildlife Services spent $669 million to kill over 17 million animals, including 676,000 mammalian carnivores such as coyotes, wolves and others. Wildlife Services largely uses tax dollars, but it prefers unaccountability—revealing neither its budget nor actual expenditures to Congress or anyone else.


  11. I thought I posted this earlier: any chance we could get one of the big network news programs to take up the pro-wolf cause – look at the persecution of wolves and anti wolf tactics. Most of all if they could relay all the positives about wolves. If they did maybe we’d wake up the rest of America about what’s happening.

  12. There are reports that Sen Bourasso held Ashe’s nomination hostage until Salazar agreed to this Wyoming deal. That’s the state of conservativepolitics today- ideology is everything andit doesn’t matter how you get there…..The US Fish and Wildlife Service is taking public comments on thisWyoming issue, so it isnot a done deal….Call
    1800344-wild. I was on hold for 30 minutes before I got through…..
    I asked them when I finaly got through if this predator zone policy is sending the right message on how to manage wolves- a regulated hunt is one thing-which I still don’t support, but slaughter of wolves and pups and calling them vermin- How does that resemble science- it’s politics- teaching the Limpy’s of the world a message…. the feds cannot support these heavy handed policies I am pissed

    • Guys/gals, send your comments in


      It might not make a difference, but let your voice atleast be heard. They are going to allow wolves to be killed during denning/breeding season. this is very important. next week Idaho fish and game will I believe have an online survey about the wolf hunt. send your comments in.

      • if it wasn’t already disgusting enoufh, each trapper will be allowed to kill 5 wolves each guys this doesn’t look good at all. don’t listen to these biologists at idaho fish nand game telling you wolves are hard to hunt and many won’t be killed. They will also be aerial gunning wolves in addition to hunting and trapping. we can expect to see a lot of dead wolves once the wolf hunting season is done. it’s very sad. let’s hope they get relisted.

      • jon it’s a nightmare. A total and complete nightmare. This story has got to get out to the rest of the country. Somehow we have to figure a way to shine a light on this horror show. I know most Americans would not condone this. I think there was a boycott of Alaska once over the aerial gunning of wolves and it worked, at least for awhile. Unfortunately in Alaska the people voted twice to stop the aerial gunning of wolves but I think these initiatives only have a shelf life of two years and then Alaska goes right back to doing it again. It’s crazy.


      • They did the same thing in 2009 jon, remember? The hunt in Idaho was supposed to end on 12/31/09 but they extended it through 3/31/10….right through breeding and denning season. They are heartless. We wrote to them until our fingers fell off and they ignored us. It’s going to take a boycott of these states to wake them up and remember how important tourist dollars are. They think they are so cocky right now but what do you think the rest of the country or in fact the world thinks about Idaho? They need to wake up and figure out there are other people that live in thestate besides hunters and ranchers!!


    • The feds cater to no one but themselves and what they can get with all these backroom deals and being supported by their little club junkies,disregarding the wishes of others.Wolves and soon to be others, are all thrown under the bus in order for the backroom deals to go down..I wish they stop using what I want and paid for by my taxes as collateral.The wolves should not be on the table.The spoiled child got the sucker. Bad behavoir is rewarded.Fine example to raise your kids.

      • Yes Rita…backroom deals, stakeholders that don’t include conservationists except after deals have been made. We have literally no say in what is happening to wolves because Obama appointed a rancher to head the Interior. Salazar is buddy, buddy with all these people. It’s Obama’s fault and the Dems fault for allowing this to happen. They didn’t have to vote for that rider. But oh no, they wanted Tester to keep his Senate seat so they could hold onto their majority in Congress..so they threw wolves under the bus and off the cliff. And for what? Tester will probably lose to Rehberg, he can’t out wolf Rehberg. I expect this kind of stuff from the Republicans but now there is no difference between the parties. My dog could do a better job.


    • I’ll post the phone number william, thanks.


    • William…they are all abandoning wolves. They have no cajones. It’s sickening. This crap that’s going on right now wasn’t even dreamed up two years ago. The USFWS is now going to allow Wyoming to slaughter wolves, when that’s why wolves were relisted in the first place because Wyoming’s plan was not acceptable to them? Now they are saying it’s A OK because Wyoming has some “flex zone” scheme that wolves are somehow going to run to for safety at certain times of the year? Have they all gone off the deep end? am so sick of this. The American people need to stand up and say NO. The sad thing is most people are busy trying to survive right now, they’re not thinking about wolves. That’s our job to get them involved. IF WE COULD JUST GET THIS STORY OUT OF THE NORTHERN ROCKIES!! Bill Gibson tried and he did a wonderful job with Cry Wolf but the haters have so much power because they teamed up with Western politicians and the hunting and ranching lobbies. We on the other hand have a few brave orgs that are sticking with wolves like FOTC, AWR, WWP, WEG. Everyone else is jumping ship.


  13. Nabeki
    Keep up the good work. I go in and out of rage, sadness, and frustration wth the current events regarding wolves. It is shockng how selfish these ranchers and hunters are……On one blog this one Wyoming hunter was complaining that “100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs of wolves is unacceptable to Wyoming sportsmen”. These people are such idiots I can’t stand it…… There are 150,000 freakin elk in Wyoming and they are bitching…. I’m ready to fight

  14. I can’t believe that Wyoming wants to have unregulated killing of wolves! This may seem kiddish, but I actually cried when I found out about this! This is horrible and I hope this is not allowed to happen! Save the wolves!

    • NoonvaleWolf….Wyoming wanted to do this ever since wolves delisted. They’ve never had a plan other then this. That’s the horror of it. USFWS said they wouldn’t accept it and told Wyoming to go back to the drawing board and now it looks like USFWS is telling them, go ahead and slaughter your wolves. Of course we have a rancher heading the Interior thanks to Obama. What a disaster of a President this man is. Wolves have been delisted twice under his administration and he hasn’t even served a full term yet. Can’t wait for him to be a one term president. Unfortunately the Republicans are worse.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • That’s horrible! Why in the world would Wyoming want unregulated killing of these beautiful wolves in the first place?

  15. How sad to see that so many people hate these wonderful creatures, if they live there is because the Almighty put them there before people came into the picture!

  16. [...] Wyoming Wants “Unregulated Killing” Of Wolves In Most of the State….Speak Out!!! (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) [...]

  17. Nabeki, do you know where the cut-off lines are for ‘trophy’ hunting in the NW corner? I was told today that the previous WY plan called for wilderness boundary as the cut-off and all else was ‘predator’ status. If that is true, then this plan is even worse than it sounds. I live in the NW corner east of Yellowstone. There are 4 packs living here and only one of them is in and out of wilderness area, venturing down into forest service around me during the winter and denning in forest service near the boundary. Up here, most of the wilderness area is too thick with snow in the winter to support the game wolves need to prey on. Obviously, the game seek lower areas in the winter for feed, most of which are out of the wilderness boundary, and the wolves follow. I haven’t been able to find any defined map of what has been agreed upon by Salazar and Mead.

  18. Vote them out!!!! Kill…Kill…Kill that’s all they know…So sick and tired of the greedy &^%$%#@..vote them all out!!! I will post this on every site I get on!!!

  19. [...] Wyoming Wants “Unregulated Killing” Of Wolves In Most of the State….Speak Out!!! (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) [...]

  20. THIS MUST STOP! thay was killed off years ago we wanted them back where thay belong and now thay are going to slotter them again why dont obama move the ranchers thay are in the god givin wolves area not the other way around and as for the ranchers move out of the wolves area you moved in thaire space not them in yours

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