Speak Out For Wolves!! TakeThe Survey on Idaho’s Deadly 2011 Wolf Hunt Proposal!!!

Wolf Hunting Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game wants to know what you think about their deadly wolf hunt proposal. Please tell them and take their survey. Remember they want a seven month-long hunt, that goes right through wolf breeding and denning season, August 30,2011 to March 31, 2012.

They want to use traps and snares. Trappers don’t have to check their traps for up to 72 hours. How frightened and scared will wolves be waiting to die in leghold traps? Many with their families surrounding them unable to help. Is there a nastier way to die?

Trappers can kill up to five wolves.

Hunters can kill 2 wolves each.

There is no quota proposed in most of the state.

Electronic calls can be used throughout the state.

There are approx. 705 wolves in Idaho, not including the new pups of this year. These pups are in danger of losing their lives right along with their parents, either by direct killing by hunters or starvation.


Wolves were responsible for just 75 cow losses in Idaho in 2010. Yet over 86,000 cows died from NON PREDATION related causes in the same year.

Wolf predation is a red herring used to further agendas. 

There are over 100,000 elk in Idaho, there is no elk crisis.

In my opinion this is a political hunt, the state is bowing to hunting and ranching groups, who don’t want wolves in the state. Hundreds and hundreds of wolves could be killed in just one season. Once these wolves are gone they are not coming back. Idaho is talking about managing for 150 wolves. Think about what that means and who is going to keep track of that? The state says there are 1000 wolves in the state counting the pups. So 850 wolves could be slaughtered in this hunt. And IDFG Director Virgil Moore stated this:

“Idaho will also rely on federal wolf hunters and airborne gunners to kill wolves blamed for killing too many livestock or big game like elk. The hunting public is still forbidden from using planes to shoot wolves.

 ”Wolf control actions will take place in and out of the hunting season,” Moore promised.”

That means wolves will be hunted on two fronts. This could be the end of wolves in Idaho or leave just a token number as ghosts on the landscape. I ask you is this right? Is this just?


Click here to read the proposal

Click here to take the survey.

It’s obvious the survey is written in such a way that it doesn’t give you good choices if you are against the hunting and trapping of wolves.  I would concentrate on the comment section to get your point across. Not sure if  you have to fill out the rest of the survey to be heard or if they’ll toss it if you don’t answer their self-serving questions. Do the best you can. Do not make threats or sink to the level of the anti-wolf crowd.

Tracking science: Biologist’s findings show forest diversity, health influenced by wolves

Read more: http://missoulian.com/lifestyles/territory/article_3ec9fc54-c01f-11de-bf16-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1Ryo76Xxs

Top Photo: HuntFishGuide Flickr Commons

Bottom Photo: Courtesy AlaskaLoneWolf Flickr Commons

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  1. I’ve read over the survey and all I have to say is:
    What. The. [CENSORED]…

  2. I did take the survey for Idaho Fish & Game but with a twist. I said I was male and a hunter, as I have a very strong belief that they will NOT pay a iota of attention to anyone filling out their survey who is NOT a hunter.
    May seem deceptive on my part – but the gloves are off when it comes to doing whatever, whenever we can for wolves.
    I believe they will simply not count the opinions of those who don’t hunt, especially if they get the impression with the ‘comment’ part that the person submitting the survey is an animal rights activist or anywhere like it.
    The Fish and Game protecting our wildlife is a laugh – they are inherently all hunters themselves. They don’t respect any opinion from anyone who doesn’t, at least, share their view on hunting being an okay thing to do.
    Of course, in my case, I am vehmently against hunting, but didn’t want them to disregard my survey.

  3. Such trash. How can they be so heartless when it is in black and white? I bet the only people who received postcards to take the survey were in support.

    • I bet you’re right LaTischa.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. The Survey is completely skewed so most questions do not even give an option of a pro-wolf answer. The comment section, however, is something we can use. Lets swamp them.

    • Totally agree Ann. It’s the comment section that’s important. Keep em coming everyone!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Hunters should be able to purchase only 1 tag
    Hunters should be able to purchase 2 tags
    Hunters should be able to purchase more than 2 tags

    This survey is worded so that nearly everything indicates you’re in favor of the killing of them! “Skewed” is a totally nice word for what this is. :/

    • Bea…I know, it’s completely skewed BUT I encourage people to reflect in the comments you are not happy with the way the survey is worded. You don’t agree with any of it. They think they are so clever but try and fill in the comment section..


  6. I took the Survey – and just put strongly opposed to all the measures they suggested – since I did not agree – they surely will surmise that I want the Wolves left alone.

    Looking at above picture of those three big happy hunters – boy am I glad I am not married to one of them – well not only would they be not allowed in my House – but they are about the ugliest rendition of a humanoid I have seen – proud of killing a defenseless Wolf – oh the shame of having people like that in this Country.

  7. I’m assuming we have to use an Idaho zip code?

  8. (Ok, second attempt to post this message…)

    Firstly, can I ask please if people from overseas are able to take this survey as well (because of the postcode)??

    Also, there was an article by Wendy Keefover-Ring published in The Huffington Post yesterday about the war on the wolves:


    Pretty much everything in this article has already been discussed in this blog. I entirely agree with her statement on wolf predation: “This predation myth exists so that the cattle and sheep industrialists can justify their savage, paramilitary war on wildlife. Worse, they even have Congress in their back pocket”.

    It is nothing but a sordid state of affairs indeed. It absolutely infuriates me that this is happening all over again in the 21st century. Humanity is regressing instead of progressing.

    • I know, I researched the NASS issue with Wendy and Gary MacFarlane from FOTC. We noticed how skewed the numbers were between the NASS and USFWS., It’s unbelievable that the media didn’t pick up on it and report it. Too lazy? Didn’t care?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Notice how the survey is rigged to be in total support of killing. The sad thing is they never listen to any of us wolf advocates. Its like they have a policy that any and all input from wolf advocates will be ignored!

    • I know Justin I saw that, how transparent they are. Afraid to hear the truth maybe? But people can make comments at the end. I wonder if they can leave the rest of it blank?


    • Yep Justin, unfortunately no matter how you answer the questions it looks like the person taking the survey supports wolf hunting. They think we’re all stupid. But there is a comment section so that is where you can express your opinion of the skewed survey and what you think of this horrible wolf hunt proposal. I hate calling it a proposal because you know they are going to approve it just the way it’s written.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    We have to fight for our rights to live our lives as we see fit like everyone else,and fight for those who are not free to be set free and to fight for mother earth before it is too late to fight for her,because their are people who only care about money and not people, or our future!!!!We allowed our government to have so much control over us! By voting for the people who won.Now it is time to fight back and do not let them push us. SAVE THE WOLVES!

    • Very well said Brinda!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. That picture of the three stooges:

    Who do we have here- the missing link and his two inbred relatives……Quick get the disinfectant- i’ll grab the hose. How long do you think they have been wearin those huntin outfits?

    • William…LOL, LOL.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Reason 1: Without wolves and other large predators, ecosystems can go haywire. A 2001 study (PDF) found that when wolves went extinct in Yellowstone, for example, the moose population ballooned to five times its normal size and demolished woody vegetation where birds nested. As a result, several bird species were eliminated in the park.

    Reason 2: Scavengers thrive when wolves are around. The species that help themselves to wolves’ leftovers include (PDF) ravens, magpies, wolverines, bald eagles, golden eagles, three weasel species, mink, lynx, cougar, grizzly bear, chickadees, masked shrew, great gray owl, and more than 445 species of beetle.

    Reason 3: Wolf kills are also good for the soil. A 2009 study in Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park found that wolf-killed elk carcasses dramatically enhanced levels of nitrogen and other nutrients.

    Reason 4: Wolf kills feed more animals than hunting by humans, since wolves scatter their carrion over the landscape. Wolf kills benefit (PDF) three times more species than human hunting kills. The carcass above was a bull elk killed by a pack of eight wolves in Agate Creek, Yellowstone. The skeleton was picked clean by wolves and scavengers in less than five days.

    Reason 5: When wolves disappeared from Yellowstone, coyotes preyed on pronghorn almost to the point of no return. But since wolves have returned, the pronghorn have come back. In fact, pronghorns tend to give birth near wolf dens, since coyotes steer clear of those areas.

    Reason 6: Deer and elk congregate in smaller groups (PDF) when wolves are around. This helps reduce the transmission of illnesses like Chronic Wasting Disease.

    Reason 7: Chronic Wasting Disease is a major threat to elk and deer in the West. Wolves can help by reducing sick animals’ lifespans, in turn limiting the amount of time they can spread infections.

    Reason 8: Yellowstone elk are less likely to overgraze near rivers and streams—damaging fragile ecosystems—when wolves are in the neighborhood.

    Reason 9: Wolves help protect against climate change. A 2005 UC Berkeley study in Yellowstone concluded that milder winters, a product of climate change, have led to fewer elk deaths. This left scavengers like coyotes and ravens scrambling for food, but the problem was far less pervasive in areas where wolves were around to hunt elk.

    Reason 10: Wolf tourism is an economic boon (PDF). Restoration of wolves in Yellowstone has cost about $30 million, but it’s brought in $35.5 million annual net benefit to the area surrounding the park.

  13. I am Colette from Shadowland Foundation. We do wolf education programs in Lake Hughes, CA. We have started a campaign to ask that people flock to visit these states and let them know that they are there to see the wolves, just armed with cameras and binoculars instead of guns! We want them to know that wolves are good for business.
    I just took the survey and made the following comment:
    “I read an article from the Outdoorsman published in June-July 2010 which showed factual information that the elk and deer population is down because the IDFG, against state law, sells too many tags and puts no quotas on female kills to increase revenue for the commission. This illegal practice is sanctioned by Governor Otter. Hunting has declined 26% since he took office in 2007. Nice deflection to rip off the state by blaming wolves, don’t you think? Hunting is a million dollar industry, ecotourism a billion. You choose hunting? Shame on all of you.”

    • Welcome Colette and thank you for all you do for wolves. Education is the key, we need to educate the children so they don’t grow up to be heartless and cruel. It’s a learned behavior, babies aren’t born hating animals and wanting to kill them.

      Shame on them is right. Great comment.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. You cant mess with Mother Nature!

  15. Why do people have to kill these beautiful singing creatures?I cant see one reason for them to kill our wolves.And you know whos fault it is? Barak Obama.He is letting people kill our wolves!Wolves are mythical creatures!Cant you see that.And the reason they attack is to protect there pack.They dont know what you are gonna do to them.You would do the same thing if you felt threatened.I mean look a wolf in the eyes.See the beauty in our nature. God created wolves. So if you hate wolves try blaming our maker…God. And look at those happy fools from the Idaho hunting thing. “Look at me!I killed a wolf!Happy go lucky!I just want God to hate me”! I know a bunch of kids who pretend to play wolves.And that makes me thing of this.

    • It’s their ego and blood lust Mackenzie. Why would anyone want to kill an innocent animal period, let alone one you can’t eat? These trappers and hunters can’t even say they’re killing wolves for their pelts because in August when the hunts start, wolves’ coats are a mess. They are raggedy from the spring shed.out. IT:S A LACK OF EMPATHY, CRUELTY, DISREGARD FOR ANIMAL LIFE, MANIFEST DESTINY AND HAVING A BIG GUN ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. Idaho is the state that kills things for fun and can skew anything to fit it’s agenda to protect those who graze on public lands. Cows do not belong on public land but whoever has the most money wins!!!

  17. Nabeki ~ I did fill out that form – & it is skewed – & pro killing of wolves
    I DID fill out the comment section with pleasure (as I put) I hope that you did get the wrong impression of my reply.

    • Me too, left a comment that management should be based on science and ecology and not biases and myths.

  18. Murdering scum. I took the survey and said I was male and lived in Idaho. here is where to get Idaho zip codes.https://www.eff.org/press/archives/2011/06/27

  19. Here we go again:

    No-sue wolf rider proposed by Cynthia Lummis in Wyoming:


    Yeap, it seems that America and the destiny of its wildlife will be governed by riders from now on. Law, science, reason, ethics, common sense, etc no longer apply. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone after what happened last April. It is only beginning of the assaults on the ESA and other legislation that protects the environment. A lot more is to come, that’s for sure. And Salazar won’t help the matter neither…

    Regarding the public consultation on the wolf hunt in Idaho, Mark Gamblin (IDFG) commented on The Wildlife News blog on the 14thJuly:


    – On the length of the wolf hunting season: “…the proposed season length is identical to the 2010 season. It will not threaten conservation objectives for Idaho wolves…” “…Of course the length of season is guided by the management objective to reduce wolf numbers in Idaho…”

    – On the use of traps: “…The Commission can modify this trapping regulation, based on the desires and input of the people of Idaho for management of a spectrum of wildlife objectives.”

    Ok, so they will unleash thousands of hunters on a few hundred wolves for seven months of the year and they expect us to consider that to be in line with “conservation objectives” and not plain and simple extermination? Plus, his comment on the trapping regulation gets me even angrier as it seems that the regulation depends only on what a bunch of bloodthirsty people want. This is disgraceful. Period.

    Plus, changing the subject a bit, I came across this petition online today “Stop the slaughter of wolves and all wildlife”:


  20. Your right Nabeki.Wolves are born that way. But those hunters dont think that. Like I said look a wolf in the eyes. Think before you shoot.How would they like it if they were that wolf!They would problay want revenge!And not even that! Wolves do sing.Theyre cute yeah! But why would anyone wanna shoot them??? You got me? Nabeki? Go to google.com and seacrh “endangered wolves from Obama”. And see what Obama’s hunters did to kill this poor wolf.What if someone killed a wolf that had pups!Then the pups would die from stravation or a bear or some tipe of animal! So we need to stop this!

  21. That vulgar photo of those moronic men offends me. Do they think it is good to kill a wolf. Give the wolf a gun, then see who is the hero. Fools may they rot!

    • I know Penelope….why are these people always SMILING over their dead victims?? It’s disgusting.


  22. A survey with loaded questions following “explanations” and “reasons” for an un-scientific lobbyist led policy. Also in the news, Camel cigarettes have been found by Real Science(tm) to have the best flavour and be best for your health… IDFG really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Nonetheless, Nabeki fights the good fight, and also highlights what the physical reality of the situation is – dead wolves for pelts and trophies, and happy ranchers able to parasitically graze herds of federal lands for next to nothing.

    Though the survey is loaded, I would encourage all wolf advocates to participate. IDFG (why not IFAG, I wonder?) has vowed not to listen, but the higher the proportion of responses come from wolf advocates, the harder the position gets to maintain. Lobbyist dollars buy a lot of unquestioning obedience, but at the end of the day, politicians are elected, so numbers do matter. Be as constructive as you can and answer as many questions as you can as honestly as able, and explain why. For example, I obviously favour non-lethal management to human-wolf conflict (though if some redneck hunter gets eaten… too bad, so sad…), but I genuinely would support killing in case of protecting a sustainable wolf population, i.e. to contain an outbreak of diseases spreading between wolf territories, or to prevent a wolf-coyote hybrid from entering the breeding population.

    So please, do participate, make your views known, and explain exactly what you think SHOULD be done, not just what shouldn’t be done.

  23. i went to google and searced up endangered wolves by obama and saw a bunch of wolf hunters with killed wolves!!!! you mother retards!!! curse ur guts with poison that eats at your flesh!!!!

  24. When I clicked to leave a comment on the Idaho Fish and Game dept web site the survey was closed !! :-(

    Downloaded a ringtone from Defenders today, should be handy for calling them in, like a varmit call.

  25. Good luck-Save the wolf!

    Don’t give up!

    We have the same problems with wildlife persecution in England.

    • So sorry to hear that Bones, exploitation of wildlife is a global problem. We could spend the rest of our lives tackling it and we wouldn’t even scratch the surface. But that’s why we fight, for the wild ones.


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