Idaho Declares War On Its Wolves….

We knew it would happen. We watched in horror as the anti-wolf crowd devised an end round Judge Molloy’s ruling to relist wolves. Western politicians stepped up and helped gut the ESA and strip Northern Rockies gray wolves of their protections. Senate Democrats voted to delist wolves by budget rider, President Obama signed the bill into law and that was the beginning of the end of wolves in Idaho.

Now without the protection of the Endangered Species Act, as wolf advocates predicted,  Idaho is planning to kill most of its 1000 wolves, a third of whom are puppies. Trappers can kill up to 5 wolves, hunters 2, in a calendar year. Does that mean hunters and trappers can buy new sets of tags in 2012 as well? Which would allow them to kill even more wolves, since the season runs through March 31, 2012?

And didn’t IDFG Director, Virgil Moore state that if the hunters and trappers don’t get the job done that fish and game would bring in Wildlife Services with their helicopter gunships and traps?

From the Idaho Statesman:

“Idaho will also rely on federal wolf hunters and airborne gunners to kill wolves”

“Wolf control actions will take place in and out of the hunting season,”

So that’s the sad reality. Where’s the science in this slaughter? Where’s the empathy for the little pups that will die along with their parents, either by direct killing or starvation. These babies will only be four or five months old when the shooting starts. Who in the hell kills puppies?   Isn’t this animal cruelty plain and simple?

All the game playing that’s gone on, the demonization of wolves, when they’ve done NOTHING to deserve this. The elk are fine in Idaho and so are the millions of cows.  This is a political hunt aimed at pleasing hunters and ranchers, wildlife advocates be damned. We don’t count.

Idaho is garnering itself quite the reputation. They SHOULD care what wildlife watchers think, because they bring millions of dollars into the state. Are they going to endorse this killing spree? I think not!

It AMAZES me this all happened under Obama’s watch. We can no longer trust the Democrats to protect wildlife and the environment. Every single one of those Senate Dems voted to delist wolves, except for Wyden, Leahy and Levin. Think about that for a moment.

And now what we said would happen is happening. Idaho is not pretending to play nice anymore. They are setting out to do what they’ve wanted to do in the first place, take their wolf population from 1000 to 150 or lower?

And all the people who called for wolf hunts, is this what you envisioned? Wholesale slaughter? And what about a few of the conservationists that put their seal of approval on wolf hunts? Yes you know who you are. Do you like this plan?

I lay awake at night thinking about Idaho, Montana and Wyoming wolves. They have no idea what’s coming. They are raising their babies, teaching them how to be wolves. Little do they know,  if the state of Idaho has their way, they are “Dead Wolves Walking“, as Bill Gibson wrote.

Remember August is the month to Howl Across America to protest the wolf hunt horror!!


Idaho plans for extensive wolf hunts, trapping

Laura Zuckerman Reuters July 28, 2011, 8:04 p.m.

SALMON, Idaho, July 28 (Reuters) – Idaho will open its wolf
population, now estimated at about 1,000 animals, to extensive hunting and trapping to reduce their numbers to no fewer than 150 under a plan approved on Thursday by the state Fish and Game Commission.

The move came after a heated public hearing Wednesday night
in Salmon, where wolf foes declared war on the iconic predators
with rhetoric describing Idaho as locked in a “wolf crisis” and
as one of three “wolf-occupied states” in the Northern Rockies,
along with Montana and Wyoming.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article


Top Photo: Creative Commons

Puppy Photo: Courtesy Wolf People

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  2. It is unthinkable, unbelievable and horrifying to be a Witness to this senseless taking of lives that have done nothing – I don’t understand what drives these so called “Humans” – the bloodlust it just hard to understand – why don’t they join the War in Afghanistan? Maybe they could kill the top of the Predators there – Humans who harm other Humans – or those that think they are Human.

    And I have been a Democrat for a long time – but now – I don’t want to belong to either Party even though I have to thank the Reps for stripping the Extinction Rider – that is something –

    How I wish I was the Judge – or if I could whisper in Malloys ear – he seemed to have some sense – something has to give they can’t get away with this – it was unconstitutional and a dirty trick to add that First Rider – it should not allowed to stay and pass and be carried out. If there is any Justice Left in this Country – let it start there – please. Save the Wolves -

    • I am so sickened by this Morrigan, it has gone down hill in the last two and half years. Obama started this by appointing a rancher to head the Interior. Within three month of being sworn in as President, wolves were delisted and this nightmare began and hasn’t stopped. Many of the big orgs have pretty much bowed out which has hurt the cause. One thing you can say for the anti’s..they stick together. We have stand up orgs like Alliance for the Wild Rockies, FOTC, WWP, WildEarth Guardians. The Center has jumped back into it after joining the ten settling groups earlier, so I have to give them some credit for doing the right thing again. I think the ten settling groups hurt the cause because in my mind it showed weakness to the opposition. They should have all stood firm because in the end the result was even worse then if they hadn’t tried to settle. It’s all so tragic and sad. BUT we are not giving up. We’ve been in this dark place before, remember last year when the wolves were facing two hunts and Judge Molloy relisted them? So it’s not over until it’s over and it’s not over.

      Hope you join us on Howl Across America and join a rally or organize one in August. We have to be heard for the wolves. They are voiceless.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. I know this sounds ridiculous. But, LETS BOYCOTT IDAHO. Just don’t go there. Don’t buy products from there. Don’t do anything that has to do with Idaho. Maybe if we make some kind of impact that way Wyoming and Montana may rethink their plans. I don’t know, but I think we should do whatever it takes. Maybe it will help along with some other ideas. Save the WOLVES!

    • Lynn…I think people already are and Montana and Wyoming as well.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. All I want to do is cry, Nabeki. Didn’t anyone stand up for the right for the wolves to exist?

    • I understand Judy, it’s something to cry about but we are speaking out against this. Please join us on Howl Across America and join a rally and organize one of your own to protest this slaughter. Here’s the link.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Has anyone been in touch with US Rep Raul Grijalva AZ ? He just
    sent a letter to Salazar protesting Helicopter Roundups etc of Wild
    Horses and Burros. Horses, Wolves, Bison are All being eliminated
    to Clear land for Gas, Oil, Minerals. Cattle and Sheep Ranchers are
    deluded to think that the extermination of wolves, horses, bison is for
    them. Western Watershed has just filed lawsuit with Wild Horse
    Preservation in DC. We All Need to Work Together to Save these
    Animals from Extinction. Follow the $ trail. Sun J Helicopters in Vernal
    Utah and other Contractors are making $$$$ from Taxpayers during
    Debt Crisis.

    • You are so right Geraldine. There is an all assault on our wildlife. I agree we MUST work together to fight this madness. The biggest problem we have is Salazar and his minions. The next problem we have is the Senate Dems. All but three voted to delist wolves to give Tester what he wanted…wrongly thinking they were helping him save his Senate seat from Rehberg. Tester is going to lose that seat and the sacrifice of wolves will have been for absolutely nothing.

      “United we stand, divided we fall”

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. This government, obviously, doesn’t work for all the people. By nature of politics alone, one has to be egotistical and a bit slimy, overall; easily bought. The innocent and pure have always suffered for the greedy and the tainted. Idaho’s governor is a sociopath who trophy hunts and is frothing at the bit to kill wolves. Any wonder why I prefer the company of my animals over most people?

    • You’re so right Linda, the government for, by a select few of the people. There is absolutely no reason to kill all these wolves. We shouted to the roof tops that the states could not be trusted with these wolves but those Senators cared more about getting Tester re-elected then they did wolves in the Northern Rockies…now we have this brutal hunt coming up unless Judge Molloy stops it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,



    • Sorry Agnes, I’m not at my computer very often. I’m away for a couple of weeks. Your comment is there now.

      We are trying our best to speak out for wolves in August. Howl Across America has grown to over 800 members in just two weeks. I’m hoping people will be protesting and holding rallies across this country in defense of wolves. We need more publicity for this campaign. It would be great if one of the big media picked up on it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Disgusting.

    That’s all I have for this.

    What we do for ourselves to satisfy only now will only hurt those in the future. Yet people don’t seem to get it. They’d rather spend thousands today than save, and Americans seem to happily sacrifice other creatures to serve their over extending lifestyle.

    This. Is. Genocide. Period.

    I wonder how long it will take for these people to look around and realize what they have done? The blind leading the blind only leads to the end.

    • That is it he only way, hurt the state where it counts with tourism, etc… Idaho, Montana and Wyoming — just stop visiting there and make awareness know throughout the other states so more people are aware of what is going on…… Publicity is what can help too.

  10. just curious, has anyone tried contacting idaho fish and game and have gotten a response back about this appalling wolf hunting that will include trapping? if so, what did they say? the only way this will be stopped is if molloy relists the wolves which I hope he does. If not, hundreds and hundreds of wolves are going to be killed.

    • I totally agree with ya’…
      Let’s hope Malloy will have the wisdom
      of a great sage of the East and order
      our noble pooches(as well as Great Spirit’s pets)
      back on the Endangered list,
      thwarting a potential holocaust from these bloodthirsty,
      Devil-worshiping barbarians from Hades!!!

    • Jon…I don’t think IDFG gives a dang what we think. They’re the ones that came up with this horrible wolf hunt. Talking to them is like whistling in the wind.


  11. I thought ‘humans’ were supposed to be the smart/caring ones?! how does anyone think that going from 1000 to 150 or less is going to be a sustainable population? wolves are pack animals and as such will be so disrupted by insensitive killers that I guess Idaho will get what it obviously wants. no wolves. hope you all enjoy your beef steaks and elk. and yes, I enjoy meat – i just don’t justify the killing of natural predators. oh yeah.. I hope you have the money and necessary hay/grain to feed all those wild deer/elk that will now be starving because there are too many with no natural predators to keep them under control. there have been several studies done on predation control without killing. oh, but I forget… that costs money.

  12. What did happen with that Idaho Fish and Game Survey? Where can you go to see the results of that? Did many wolf advocates take that survey? I took it twice.

    • I heard that the IDFG disregarded the results of the surveys because many people who took it were from out of state and were too pro-wolf. I don’t know if it’s true, but I think it is…

  13. As for the survey, it was a biased survey, concocted by
    the anti-wolf regime.
    I was starting to take part in the survey,
    when I discovered questions that were basically anti-wolf,
    and thus, I aborted the participation.
    I’m urging all of our wolf warriors to boycott
    ALL the anti-wolf states.
    If you’re living in Idaho, don’t fly its state flag.
    Invest in a Hawaiian flag and fly the colors
    of Hawaii proudly, since Hawaii as a deep
    reverence for wildlife and their habitats.
    Same thing with Montana…
    Even though I reside in Montana,
    I’m boycotting the state by no longer
    displaying its state flag.
    In its place, I’m proudly flying my customized
    flags of our Wolf Nations.
    Here’s a sample flag picture link in my FB profile:

  14. Deep sigh….so much is happening, and I have no words to express just how I disheartened feel. This may be slightly off topic, but it is to help benefit the wolves by bringing awareness. I’m sure everyone remembers Jackson Root, a Southern California Based Freelance Illustrator whose heart and conscience speak through his talent with a message that is a gift for the wolves during this unconscionable dark time of betrayal and brutality that threatens their very survival. His stunning talents brought us a poster that was not only factually correct, but also a truly beautiful design. Jackson has taken his design and submitted it to, a T-shirt design website and must have sufficient votes to have it printed.he believes it will be a great way to get the image and message out there , since the T-shirts will be available across the USA at an affordable price. If he receives a large amount of votes we can be certain the T-shirt will be printed and worn across America!!

    All you need to do is click on the link and register for an account with and you can vote on a scale from 1 to 5. The voting is only for a short amount of time, so please vote as soon as possible

    Thank you all for your kind assist.
    For The Wolves!!!!

  15. Nabeki, I know you’re on vacation, but if you can somehow contact Jackson, he has sent you the link to his design in an email. It will not post on here and I am certain you would want to help him anyway you can.

    Be well dear sister ….happy vacation…walk in bliss wherever you are to roam.


  16. I went to, joined then searched. found it by looking up ‘wolf’ but the print is called “save the American Timber Wolf” by Jackson Root

    • Thanks Ellen, you are most correct, I failed to mention that the name had been changed in my comment, as I was relying on the link to take people there. Thank you for correcting my mistake and for your vote.


  17. you are most welcome :-) good luck!

  18. This is ridiculous! Has Idaho gone mad?! This is not wildlife management; this is wildlife SLAUGHTER! Have we gone back in time, to the time where wolves were seen as bloodthirsty, black-hearted murdurers and looked upon as the Devil? Cause it seems like that’s the case…

    • The gloves are off NoovaleWolf. We all knew what would happen once the wolves lost their ESA protections. Unfortunately we’ve been proved right. Idaho is planning a slaughter. The archery that will be allowed in all three states is more then I can bear. I have to push it out of my mind,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I don’t understand how they could hate wolves so much as to want to kill most if not all of them! This is truly a wildlife tragedy! Will this end up being the 2nd Extermination of Wolves?

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