A Beautiful Ode To Limpy (Wolf 253M)

This video is a treasure I found by chance, a beautiful narration by Brian Connolly of the life and death of wolf 253M, also known as Limpy. It is so moving you will be brought to tears.

Limpy was the inspiration for this blog.  He was the perfect wolf in my mind’s eye, a member of the iconic Druid Peak Pack, who once ruled Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley.

Brian, I don’t know you but thanks  for your beautiful ode to Limpy, who gave pleasure to so many. A selfless wolf, who over came the adversity of injury but was killed for nothing in the name of blood sport.

Rest in peace dear, dear wolf 253M.

For the wolves, For Limpy,


Photo: Courtesy Steve Justad

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Tags: Limpy, wolf 253M, Hoppy, evils of blood sport, Wyoming, Druid Peak Pack, ode to Limpy

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  1. This is such a both sad and beautiful story. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome Gitte. Limpy lives on.

      For the wolves, For Limpy,

  2. Somethings in life are just a universal wrong….by that I mean a slap in the face to the universe and nature and all that is right with the world. This is one of those times…..and only serves to strengthen our conviction to go forward in Limpy’s memory and protect wolves.

    Limpy graced our lives on Earth with his presence, but we didn’t deserve it.

  3. Always remembered and lives on in my heart.

    • He was the inspiration for this blog Rita. A very special wolf, killed for nothing.

      For the wolves, For Limpy,

  4. I have to say I have very nasty thoughts in my head about a man who had no qualms about shooting a wolf that was named “Limpy”. That’s all I will say bout that. Because I could say more – but I won’t. I’ll take the 5th on this one.

    Rest in Peace Limpy & all of the others who have been killed unnecessarily by men who have NO clue.

    • All we have to do it look at the wolf pack memorial page and see the damage these cretins have done to wolves and wolf families. How much more of this are we supposed to take. I hope everyone visits Howl Across America and organizes a rally in their home town to protest this brutality. We have to stand up and be heard.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Every time I see I hear the story of Limpy it just breaks my heart.So called humans should just leave God’s creations alone!!! Limpy will remain in my heart forever.

    • Michael….LImpy’s death was the start of this madness. He had started his own pack finally. There are wolves roaming Wyoming that are his children, somehow that is comforting.

      Limpy over came all the adversity in his life but he couldn’t run from a bullet. I don’t know what that person was thinking when he shot Limpy but I read today that Rick Perry carries a loaded gun on his morning jogs and blew away a coyote with it because he said it was bothering his dog dog. That is the mindset we are faced with, no respect for wildlife, complete arrogance. We have to take our country back somehow from these people and restore sanity.

      For the wolves, For Limpy.

  6. Nabeki, I have tears running down my face. What a moving and what a statement on mankind That he kills for the fun of it. A creature(s) he doesn’t know they haven’t done him wrong, but I want to go and kill…something, not for need of food, just b/c he can. What a sad & sick commentary on some of the people of this world.
    I don’t really believe in Hell, but they do so there is a special place for people like them…
    RIP Limpy and Romeo.
    Nabeki do you think Limpy was a Alexander Archipelago wolf?

    • It was so sad crystalwolf…I cried too when I found the video. It brought back the sad memory when he was shot but it also celebrated his life as well. I just don’t understand a person who shoots a wolf because he can. It’s so foreign to me I can’t wrap my mind around it.

      Limpy was a Druid and so he was the same sub-species as his pack-mates, I believe Canis lupus occidentalis.

      For the wolves, For Limpy,

  7. I have been crying about Wolves, and all the other creatures that man kills for years – nothing changes the bad guy keeps winning. If only we could all get together to form a protective barrier

    • Pat…I so understand your sadness. It was just three years ago that wolves were protected and living their lives. Then the Bush admin. delisted them in 2008 and Limpy was killed. Of course WS has been constantly hunting them for years but this situation is beyond comprehension.

      For the wolves, For Limpy,


    • He is in all our hearts Agnes.

      For the wolves, For Limpy,

  9. My heart is both empty and full, my eyes moist with tears. What a poignantly bittersweet tribute to such a beautiful noble animal. Human insecurities have lethal consequences, and Limpy’s death embodies all the infinite senselessness of every action or excuse perpetrated or instigated by mankind….all the lame things we tell ourselves to justify what we do in an attempt to pretend the illusion is not a lie.

    As Brian said, now …”we may know better”…. yet still clamor with a reckless stupidity that knows no bounds. There is absolutely no reason to persecute these animals other than to satisfy the sheer intoxication of superiority. Like Ramses, I too wonder what kind of man would shoot a wolf named ” Limpy”. Did he shoot him because he was an easy shot, or just because he could…? I would guess the latter….as we are constantly being reminded that human nature’s potential for destruction is insatiable. Yet who knows what dwells within the black hearts of those who live their lives feeding off the pain and suffering of others, incapable of any humanity of their own.

    I am wounded myself since I fell a few weeks ago, I can limp around or use crutches, and can more deeply empathize with this magnificent wolf. His ability to overcome the limitations of his physical disability shows the reason why we must continue on with our fight. His body was “broken” but not his spirit. And that spirit lives on in each and every one of us every time we rise up to the injustice that threatens the very existence of our beloved canines and permeates our tattered world.

    ~~ Limpy ~~ you are a symbol of triumph of spirit…too soon gone from a landscape that cries out for a devotion such as yours. And although your back paw “barely touched the snow”….your sweet presence within this world left a lasting imprint forever upon our hearts. We miss you dear Brother….thank you for the gift of your precious life….your memory lives on.

    Heart Hugs & HOWLS sweet Wolf.

    • Beautifully put Brea. He was a special wolf, who died for nothing because someone decided to use him for target practice. He was eight years old.

      From Demarcated Landscapes:
      Poor Limpy
      May 28, 2008


      For the wolves, for Limpy,

  10. This video is so very special, thank you for sharing it with us Nabeki….

  11. Thanks for this share. For all wolves, especially Limpy

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