Howl Across America, Please Join In And Howl For Wolves….

Just a reminder this is the month to HOWL for wolves.  We are calling on all wildlife advocates to organize or join a rally to protest the wolf hunt slaughter and show your support for these beleaguered animals.  Initially we designated August the month to HOWL but we’ve now extended it into September and beyond.

Here are the rallies being planned on Howl Across America. Please visit the site and click on the discussions tab. All the rallies are posted there. If you have a rally you’d like to organize, this  is the place to post it. We need advocates from all over the country, not just the wolf states.



We have to get out from behind our computers and protest the wolf hunt slaughter to show our support for wolves. This is the time wolf supporters. There are millions wildlife advocates out there. There are countless wolf groups on FB. If everyone in those groups cooperated to organize protest rallies we could make a real difference for wolves and gain much-needed media coverage.

If you support wolves and are outraged by the hunts, now is the time to show it.  We finally have a chance to do something pro-active.


Top Photo: Courtesy Ray Rafiti

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Cry-Wolf

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  1. Are there any runners/walkers out there who love wolves…anyone who plays any kind of sports… Why not incorporate your two loves and have a “Run for the Wolves” or play ball for the wolves….wear your Howl Across America T-shirts and get together in force. A “pack” of runners/walkers coming at you with a message this strong is bound to get attention. Carry banners even….just be seen AND heard….HOWL!!!!! My boyfriend has been wearing his T-shirt when he runs and people ask questions.

    Cyclists….”Cycle for the Wolves”…Bikers…”Bikers for Wolves.”

    It’s Summer everyone….what about a bikini car wash for the wolves…that will get the attention of men everywhere. Hand out flyers and speak out while you clean up!

    I don’t really know what the rules are or what if any permission is required. We have all seen planes with messages trailing behind them. But what if….are there any pilots who have their own small planes…..wouldn’t it be great to fly across your city with banners flowing behind you that HOWL for the wolves! If you envision it….you CAN make it happen.

    There is a barrage of senseless…mindless….soulless advertizement out there….we must turn that around for the greater good….and our wolves.

    Whatever your day involves…if we can combine every day routines in our campaign….we will create a wealth of possibilities to spread awareness, share togetherness and motivate others to do the same.

    As Nabeki says….this is OUR time to speak out for the wolves.


    • Thank you Brea for thinking outside the box…those are all great ideas. We have to get the word out anyway we can!!

      Bikini Car Wash for wolves….loi. All I could think about was the scene in the old movie Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman.. Anybody that’s watched it will know what I mean….lol.


  2. Don’t forget to bring the topic up wherever and whenever possible… the grocery store check out… when telemarketers call…. LOL… I have caught several and turned their conversation around…. anywhere you travel….AMERICA must hear our HOWLS! Many people still do not know what has happened and what the wolves are facing.

    Heart Hugs & HOWLS!

    • I’ve done it everywhere too. You’d be surprised how little people know. Many of them parrot back what they’ve been told, that wolves are eating all the cows and elk. When you tell them the actual numbers, they’re shocked. Truth always has a way of opening people’s eyes.


  3. May those Howls be heard all over the World – let them tell of the injustice and the horror that has been inflicted in those Wolves that have done nothing to us –
    In my Heart I will howl with them. They must win this bloody War and the injustice of it all has to come back on those that caused this misery of heartlessly killing pups and pregnant Mothers and whatever they might sight in their Scopes.

  4. I am getting ready to move to Tennessee.I will rally for the wolves as soon as I get settled in there.I have emailed the whitehouse to try to help the wolves.

    • Excellent Nancy, that is so great to hear, wolves need us now more then ever. Good luck on your move.


  5. How can I get a Howl For the Wolves T-Shirt,I need 2 of them .we would be proud to wear them and do all kinds of things for the wolves.

  6. Thank you,How do we get the Howling For Wolves t-shirts?

    • Nancy…..Here is the link to Wolf Warriors store, it has Howl Across America tee shirts, coffee mugs, pins, posters, etc. The link is also on Howl Across America..on the left, under About.

      Wolf Warriors Store


  7. Rally to Stop Wolf Hunts in the Northern Rockies


    Toronto Wolf Rally

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    noon – 1 p.m.

    Consulate General of the USA

    360 University Ave (between Queen & Dundas)

    Bring your dogs ~ ~ Bring a poster

    Join wolf advocates across North America to stop the wolf hunts in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. In a corrupt move, wolves in these western states were recently delisted as Endangered in the US budget bill. An open season to kill is scheduled for the end of August and this would be the end for the wolves.

    Join in with the howl to protect wolves — rallies taking place in Idaho, California, Oregon, British Columbia…organize wherever you are.

    Join the economic boycott of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming to stop the persecution of wolves. See coverage at:

    For more info: Wolf Action

    • Excellent wolfaction. So glad to see it. I’ll post this on Howl Across America as well. Thank you!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. A friend of mine wants to see if he can get a rally going in the new-england area, just need to judge to see how many people might attend.

    As for me, I’d like to suggest writing a letter to the editor to your local papers about wolf issues- It’s really quite easy and a good way to get the word out. I believe you can do it online on their websites in most cases too.

    • Very good news if your friend is able to organize a rally, wolves need us.

      Howl Across America is picking up steam the closer we get to the dark day of August 30th when traps will be set, guns will blaze, snares will strangle, arrows will fly, blood will flow.

      Good suggestion, writing letters to the editor.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. There are an awful lot of people here in England that follow your tireless efforts. All the luck in the world!!

  10. It has to be us that fight for them because we are all they have


    • Terrific Linda, you are amazing. I posted your rally in Howl Across America last night!!

      Here’s to making a difference to wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. please learn about wolves, they are not eveil, keep them save from hunters, money hunters, people could learn so so much from the wolves, how to be a pack,not making wars,only hunt if the pack need food.. how to live in peace.

  13. A rally/demonstration is being planned to take place on October 22nd, 2011, in Washington DC. This rally is not only for protecting wolves, but given what Congress did with Section 1713 of the April 14th budget bill – depriving us of our basic constitutional rights and checks and balances – this rally is also about our freedoms, and sending a message to Congress that we citizens will not tolerate their abuses and games.

    A group has been created on, a social networking site dedicated to sustainability, the URL for which is I also have a forum for people interested in helping organize the rally at (under the Wolf Rally topic at the top).

    There will be a website for the rally as soon as I can get it set up. The site will be announced on the blog, forum, and WiserEarth group.

    • Thanks for the update Michael. You can post the rally on:

      Howl Across America

      Click on the discussions tab on the left hand side of the page, all rallies being organized are posted there.

      The site was created for wolf advocates to come together to plan or organize pro-wolf rallies.

  14. Congrats on the rally idea-i agree getting out from behind the computer is an effective strategy. I am in Ireland but carry the love and respect for our world’s wolves and fully support this cause. Best wishes

  15. Arooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. I am howling with you,and I will organize a rally as soon as I get settled ,I am between moves right now.I am anxious to organize a rally to howl for wolves across America and sop this horrific destruction of God’s beautiful creation.

    • I am so glad to hear it Nancy. Looking forward to hearing about it. Please visit Howl Across America and post your rally when you’re ready. Here’s the link:

      Howl Across America

      For the wolves,

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