Call For Boycott Of Wolf States…

Predator Defense whose “mission is to protect native predators and create alternatives for people to coexist with wildlife“, is joining Friends of Animals and the chorus of groups calling for a boycott of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, until such time as they stop slaughtering wolves. Please click on the Predator Defense link below, all the information is there concerning the boycotts.

These states are arrogant and believe hunting and ranching interests trump wildlife watchers. They have not felt the power of economic and travel boycotts and might think twice about their wolf killing ways.


* I want to include an exception to the Idaho boycott. There are only two wolf education centers in Idaho. Please continue to support them, they’re more important now than ever.

Wolf People
Cocolalla, Idaho


WERC (Wolf Wolf Education and Research Center)
Winchester, Idaho


From Predator Defense

ALERT! Wolf Bloodbath in Northern Rockies Begins Aug 30

Wolves Slated for Slaughter in Wyoming, Idaho & Montana

August 15, 2011 – The hand-off of wolf management from federal to state control has predictably created a holocaust for wolves in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Authorities in these states may not like wolves, but they do like and depend on your tourist and consumer dollars.

Help us stop the slaughter by boycotting these states.

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Montana FWP Approves Killing 220 Wolves for 2011 Hunt….

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  1. I do not plan to visit Wyoming,Montana,Idaho,Washington,Oregon,nor New Mexico,my money can be spent elsewhere. I do not buy any Idaho potatoes for there are other types of potatoes such as russets.Now,at least for me,the farmer’s market and stands are in full swing.If one can’t give up beef, there are other meats to eat.

  2. I’ve said all along that I would not spend my tourist dollars in
    “The Killing States”! I will stick by that until the madness is stopped!

    btw – I would love to have one of those black ribbon magnet things for my car….you need to make some of those and sell ‘em!

    • Sindy…Wolf Warriors has a store @ We already designed a magnet with the ribbon but haven’t published it yet. I’ll get to work tonight and finish it.

      Here is the link to the store. We have Howl Across America tee shirts, mugs, posters…etc. We’re going to have Wolf Warrior, Howling for Justice and NIWA shirts in the next week or so.

      Wolf Warriors Zazzle Store

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. I will not spend any money in states that wage war on wildlife…or do any business with companies in those states.

  4. I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper outlining the whole wolf hunt situation and asking people to boycott the three wolf states. Two people that I know of are planning to post it on their Facebook pages. I hope this will help, as I am disabled and can’t participate in a wolf rally.

  5. Friends on fb have been pounding the Governors of all 3 states – notice that in Idaho (see Predator Defense website), various fb pages Care2 news posts, there is a boycott on Idaho Potatoes also. Tell Butcher Otter this! If you call, you may get a really rude woman in his office who will try to argue with you and tell you a lot of bogus facts such as “not one from Idaho has called” with is BS. Tell her not to talk – that it is inappropriate to argue – she should only take your comment and give it to Butcher Otter. KEEP POUNDING THEM! AND – CALL OBAMA, REMIND HIM OF WHAT HE DID, AND REMIND HIM THAT THE CONSERVATION COMMUNITY WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN! I will keep you posted, but we do have a good consensus candidate if no one else steps up!

  6. Canceling plans to go to Yellowstone..boycotting all the wildlife-killer states.

  7. I called the Idaho Tourism department this morning to kindly leave a opinion or message only and a lady that later told me she was Native Amercian but would not tell me her name treated me so rude, she hung up on me twice until I was able to get her to talk to me a little more calmly. She said she uses the hide but did not comment on what was done with the meat. Why kill something you won’t eat or is not an immediate threat to your life, I asked. No comment from her on that either. She said she would not be visiting my state and will be calling our tourism department to tell them it’s too hot here and that ÿou people” did not have any facts straight.

  8. Boycott and picketing of Yellowstone and other western national parks should be the next action. Maybe Obama will hear the message and send Salazar packing back to Colorado. An effective boycott and picketing campaign would send a strong message to Washington as well as the western states in the universal language that matters most – MONEY!!!

    • One problem with the boycott is that some groups are reluctant to join or want to remain on the sidelines “temporarily” . Here’s a quote from the “National Wolfwatcher Coalition” that appears in their quarterly report.
      Although we appreciate and support the efforts of fellow wolf advocacy groups, our Board continues to assess the pros and cons of promoting an economic boycott of the three states – Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. During these difficult times for wildlife, we feel it is important to encourage Americans to visit national parks to learn more about wolves so that they can truly appreciate the serious nature of what is at stake when it comes to pending delisting legislation and other threats to wolf recovery. We also feel that members of the National Park Service, wildlife biologists and naturalists across the nation depend on our interest and our support to keep wild public lands and wildlife protected for future generations. We will continue to explore and assess the best practices that promote wolf advocacy as we move ahead.
      Of course this group worships Defenders and to the best of my knowledge, Defenders hasn’t come out favoring a boycott.

      • We can only do the best we can with the boycotts, if a group doesn’t follow or go along with the boycotts,they will not change their directon in most cases..I live in the Great Lakes area and I like to believe that the result from past boycotts worked for I saw more commercials last year trying to promote the Idaho potato and to make sure we looked for their label.

      • HUH…indeed! “Temporarily” remaining on the sidelines- boards accessing pros and cons….exploration …talk is cheap and death is final….wolves have no more time.!!! Shame on any organization that teeters upon irrelevance. Which wolves do they intend to advocate for, when there are simply none left? Boycotts are our strongest ally and our reckless “economy” is part of the problem. As a society we are not bred to think or act for ourselves, merely to conform and consume…yet now we are learning how to get back to basics …by DEFAULT. It’s long past due time for a serious humbling of our under enlightened, over indulgent “American way.”

        I had been a monthly supporter of Wildlife Guardians through Defenders for over a year. The very next day they split off with other groups to make a “deal” to thwart the budget rider that delisted the wolves, I called to tell them that was a huge mistake and how tragically disappointed I was in how they handled the situation. I would no longer be a supporter since they had sacrificed the wolves and made a mockery out of principle. I was told that they way they handled the wolves was “unfortunate” and “this was a precedent we had never faced before” I thought it a lame excuse and told them so, if you really believe in something with all your heart…soul…and marrow …then SUPPORT and DEFEND it….don’t back down or back away….offering it up as a hollow sacrifice, which accomplished nothing other than to leave wolf advocates and wildlife supporters scattered amongst ourselves, weakening our stance, sacrificing our credibility and leaving the wolves vulnerable to the vagaries of the brutality they are now facing in just 11 days if an injunction is not given.

        I have since received many pleas from Defenders for donations to help “wolves under fire” and other imperiled wildlife. Today’s mail only added to my unrest and ire when the latest included an “urgent ” request to help wolves “under the gun” in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, asking for donations to assist in speaking out in the media, mobilizing grassroots opposition, etc. I try very hard to consider all perspectives ….but I question their methods and loyalties. What gall….speaking out in the media….where have they been….ALL the time since when we needed someone powerful to bring this issue to the American public? My guess is that they know people have lost faith in their vigilance to represent the best interests of wolves. The Center for Biological Diversity has since renewed their commitment to the wolves by joining in appeals, and I am willing to give them another chance….I don’t think they will ever be that fool hearty again.

        I am weary of complaints from the opposition accusing environmental organizations of many things: profiting from gravy trains and welfare tying up federal courts, stealing taxpayer money….fill in the blank….when in fact they themselves have abused the system by buying undue favors while receiving water and grazing rights at a bargain basement prices.

        Which opens another can of worms…what exactly are our options if all else fails…and what purpose our judicial branch, if not to uphold integrity and ensure the right of Americans to petition against injustice when the things we hold sacred are attacked?

        Forgive my ramblings…this is a sore subject for us all.


      • Brea: they wanted money to help mobilize grassroots opposition, huh? Defenders sure wasn’t very inclined to help with my “grassroots opposition” here in Bozeman. (I’ll forward you the e-mail if you’re interested.)

      • The response you got captainsakonna was absolutely outrageous. If I were you I would post it on your FB page and let everyone know where they stand on wolves. That little girl is selling pillows to raise money for them. I almost cried when I read that.


    • Captain Sakonna……consider sharing the letter from Defenders with all of us. It’s time to hold them accountable.

      • Okay, here it is. I am part of something that they call the “Wolf Media Team” because I signed up at a little meeting they held in Bozeman last year. It’s administered by Lacy Gray, the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator. I thought that contacting them would be a good way to get the word out about the rally I’m organizing. So first, the e-mail that I sent:

        Dear Lacy and the Wolf Media Team,

        Hello! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed about wolf issues here in Montana and encourage us to help out. I thought you’d like to know that I am working on organizing a pro-wolf rally here in Bozeman, as part of the Howl Across America campaign (!/HowlAcrossAmerica?sk=info). I could really use some help getting the word out to the community — maybe you’d like to let the others on the WMT mailing list know about it? The target date for the rally is the second week of September — an exact date has not yet been set, because I want to figure out what is most convenient for potential attendees. So far, this is the only HAA rally planned for the state of Montana, so it’s important that we make it a success! If you could just forward this to the rest of the mailing list, that would be great. I will give any who contact me more detailed information, and work with them to schedule an exact rally date and other details. I can be reached by e-mail at this address . . .

        And here’s the response I received:

        Thanks so much for your email. I wish I could be of some help but Defenders will not be participating in the HAA rallies. Below is further explanation.

        Defenders has been committed to the conservation of wolves for almost 40 years. Our commitment continues even after they have been removed from the list of endangered species. We are focusing our efforts on getting changes to the state wolf management and hunting proposals and continuing our successful coexistence programs. Defenders of Wildlife will not be participating in the Howl Across America rallies. While we are encouraged by the support for wolves across the country, the mission of Howl Across America is not our own. Rally organizers promote permanent endangered species protections for wolves. We believe that federal protection for species under the Endangered Species Act should be used for species that are threatened or endangered. Once a species has recovered, it is important to celebrate our success and remove it from the endangered species list. Our country has limited financial resources for conservation and those resources are spread thin. When a species recovers, we should divert those resources to another species in need of help.

        Thank you for your continued support.

        So . . . because they have a disagreement with the HAA organizers over something that isn’t even part of the official HAA platform, they weren’t willing to merely pass word of the rally on to their members and let them make up their own minds.

      • Thank you Jenny for posting your email, I knew the decision couldn’t have been easy. It’s very discouraging you were not offered a helping hand or that DOW has decided not to support HAA. It makes no sense to me. Idaho’s “wolf plan” is so abhorrent I cannot imagine anyone thinking they can work with the states in any meaningful way. What part of “taking wolves from 1000 to 150″ don’t they understand? This actually came as no shock to me. I’ll still reeling from the ten groups cutting a deal.

        Hoping against hope the Ninth Circuit comes through and stops this horror but even if they do the rallies are still important to show wolves have support in the Rockies and around this country. Thankfully we have groups like Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater, WildEarth Guardians, WWP and the Center who are still fighting the good fight. The worst thing that could have happened to wolves is turning them over to state management.. Part of the reason this happened is wolf advocates seemed to have been bullied into silence. It’s not pleasant to be yelled at and heckled at whenever you show support for wolves but that’s what bullies do. Now is the time to speak out, we have nothing to lose.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I read the Response from Defenders and I am speechless – they are hounding me to death in snailmail to please renew my monthly gift – for what? The Wolves have not even been back in the lower 48 for 40 years – what are they talking about – the re-introduction started in the very early 90s – and that don’t come out to 40 years no matter how I count it. And on that last Court Battle they wanted money to pay the Lawyers and that was the one that went so wrong in the Courtroom and Biological Diversity pulled out. I did call them and asked why and they told me more or less that they could no longer take part because of the split – but they would not give me the name of who was selling our Wolves down the River. Well now I know – they do not come and even try petitions anymore – they just come and donate – marking their mail with big red letters “2nd Request” like I bill I did not pay – well they had better lay off –

        Thank you for letting us know that we can not count on them any longer – it’s nice to know who is with you and who is not.

      • Morrigan…it’s a shame it’s come to this because we should all be united. But it is what it is and the grass roots movement will move forward without them. We are stronger and growing. I always think of Margaret Mead in these hard and difficult times:

        Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has……….Margaret Mead

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Captain Sakonna…your letter was excellent…your points well stated. I have nothing positive OR nurturing to say about the utterly disgraceful manner in which Defenders has chosen to excuse away their “sell out” of wolves or their participation in Howl Across America. They seem to have lost sight of their core mission, to protect animals…. and have instead occupied some no man’s land that focuses on donations….choosing instead to become a reason for their own existence.

        Pretenders of Wildlife…committed…only to ourselves.

        I will be sending back their most recent letter with my warmest wishes for a future as uncertain as the wolves now face.

        They can CELEBRATE THAT!!!!

  9. Morrigan I realize you want to share what happened but I don’t think this should be discussed in an open forum. I’ll email you.


  10. Nabeki,it was my fault.You can take my posting off.Sorry to all.

    • That’s OK Rita but I think I’m going to have to delete the comments.


      • Again – I am sorry that I upset the drift of the Group – I hope everybody will forgive me – I also realized that many people are great admirers of Defenders of Wildlife – and again I am sorry that I shared the info about them and me – I don’t know why the dealings with them have become so difficult – I still got a Credit Card where part of what I spend goes to the Wolves and to Defenders of Wildlife.

        I think I stuck both of my feet in my mouth today – I will be quiet and sent my energy to the Wolves – they need all the help we can give them -

      • Morrigan…dear sister…there is nothing to forgive. You are being true to yourself. Those here…we are FAMILY….we are a PACK…. distressed at the prospect of what our brothers will be facing all too soon….and we have breached the boundaries beyond critical mass as the hunts draw nearer. The brutality of such treatment speaks much of the sinister side of human nature that is neither comforting nor humane…..yet all to familiar. My marrow shrieks knowing there are those who are actually counting down the days until the wolf hunts begin ….just as I had while awaiting Christmas as a child. And the “rules” are lax enough to encourage all kinds of unspeakable tortures, not to mention many brothers will bear the brunt of random cruelties in the process, merely to satisfy man’s need to inflict it’s most intense punishment upon wolves as symbols and surrogates. It is unnerving and unfathomable how any human being can revel in the enactment of unconscionable travesties while causing such grievous suffering.

        Please send out your love and energies to our beloved wolves, as we all are, yet also continue to speak out. Have you called all your local McDonald’s or Wendy’s restaurants…including corporate headquarters…sent emails? If one person from every state commits to making those calls…..they will have heard from EACH and EVERY single state across America!

        Now….that’s HOWLING ACROSS

        Your sweet words of love and your endearing warning uttered in whispers to the wolves near by….”Little Brother…be careful”….broke my heart and I felt the veils of sorrow descend to consume me.

      • I still would like to connect on a more personal level with you – but I do not know how – I posted twice and asked Nabeki to share out addresses – but it did not happen – I know you also tried. Maybe it’s against the rules – and I guess I can’t just openly post it – or can I? I don’t care who writes me – I have withstood a lot of ugliness and abuse – if there was a little more – so what!

        I am sitting here reading everything I can everyday – hoping and hoping against all hopes – and I swear I can hear the guns – and the yells of the Hunters “I got one” – or something worse. Why is the Court so slow in handing down a resolution?

      • Hi Morrigan…It’s a policy of the blog that I do not share other people’s emails. Sorry but it can get very tricky doing that.I’m sure you can connect and exchange info on FB.

        Please Read Before Commenting

        The courts do move slow unfortunately, I believe AWR is going to ask the merit judges for an emergency injunction very soon. If they grant it, the hunts would stop. I don’t pin my hopes on that but it’s something that is a possibility. My fear is that by the time the main case is decided, the wolves will all be dead, the states know that and I believe that’s why they are rushing to kill so many so quickly.

        Please don’t give up hope Morrigan. You might want to start a protest where you live as a way to show support for wolves. We need all wolf advocates to stand up and speak out.

        Howl Across America

        For the Idaho wolves, For the Montana wolves,

      • Morrigan, I understand how you feel, this is a waking nightmare. Einstein was never more correct. Time is relative, when all goes well, it moves too swiftly, and we wish we could stay forever in the moment. When things go badly, it appears to stand still….and we are caught up in its vortex of misery. Sometimes it feels as if I can no longer bear the futility and frustration of living in a world that is intent upon its own destruction, and my spirit is weary. I try to live my daily life as best I can, but the knowledge of what is happening to our wolves is the one thought that never leaves me. Within my spirit, I hear their howls of agony as they lay dying, along with the cheers of jubilation as hunter’s boast of their great skill and success.

        It is both tragic and meaningless that anyone can celebrate accomplishment at the expense of another living being.

      • Hello Nabeki – I am sorry I kept pushing – but both of us had agree to share our address and I don’t even know how to get around Facebook – that’s what you meant right? Okay – I will leave it alone – I figured if two people agree it’s okay – but never mind that –

        I can’t believe that the did not grant the injunction – and now we are all waiting of what the 9th District Court will eventually do – I am really afraid to hope – I have been up in that part of the Country – and I was wearing a Wolf Tshirt – and boy did I get looks – but I think I already mentioned that –
        You are correct to not give up – and I usually don’t – but it has happened before – did you know that when the first Wolves got to Yellowstone the Govt. or F&W blocked letting them out of the cages – so there they sat for three days – and one of them died – I do not know of what – nobody would tell me – I am sure they tried to feed them but they would not eat anything touched by man – they were wild Wolves – and then when the OKAY finally came down – we opened the first cage – and that Wolf hesitated for a slight moment and then charged out of that cage – took off like lighteing into the trees and we opened all the cages – and not all of them were that brave – but finally they all were out – and had disappeared into the thick of the Forest – and there was a Howl a Howl of all of them – and my mind has holes in it now – but I believe the very first shipment to Yellowstone was 14 or 15 Wolves – I can not remember it was so long ago. Gosh I was so happy – it was such a wonderful day – but it did not even last a week before the first Wolf was killed – by some stupid guy that said he was going to attack. I knew then that the War would never stop.

        I had my wonderful moments with some of the Wolves – and I sponsored one and loved him like he belonged to me. Now I am afraid to see the latest actions from our Government – what they are doing to our Lands and our Wildlife –

        End of Novel – I am sorry – Say Wolf and you get a Book.

  11. Nabeki, there have been petitions for a boycott of Idaho potatoes provided on the internet in various forms, yet more specifically, has the recommendation from Predator Defense to include a boycott of Wendy’s & McDonald’s been turned into a petition to send directly to the President’s and CEO’s of both companies?

    We need an entity that is more powerful than the hunting and ranching lobbies. If we could persuade these multimillion dollar corporations to see the light of day, then Idaho WOULD definitely feel the sting. The old adage ” out of the mouths of babes” also works. If children across America would write to their hero and favorite clown: “Dear Ronald McDonald, I love french fries, but I love wolves more. Please don’t help Idaho kill them. Please stop buying potatoes from that bad place.”

    I agree Mark, every opportunity to speak out should not be overlooked. Boycotts have already been addressed, it’s time to move to the next level….picketing of Yellowstone, National Parks throughout the west….and anywhere else that would benefit from the slaughter. I was wondering myself if we should not also add a protest picket outside local franchises of McDonald’s and Wendy’s to have our message heard. Nothing violent, but I am still hanging in there with Ramses….maybe it’s time for a little civil disobedience. The opposition is of the foolhardy opinion that wolf advocates, wildlife supporters, and those who care about our Earth are weak and have no spine….I say to them…CHECK AGAIN!!!

    As with all the rudeness we may encounter when calling Idaho, Wyoming or Montana…consider the source. Remember, conscience, reason and science are under hostile takeover. These people are remorseless and unconscionable….basically spoiled children with an over developed sense of entitlement. ( the only way they could accomplish THIS “victory” was to cheat.) Any comment or reaction other than a staunch support of the rhetoric their obstinence demands would shatter the illusion that a barbaric and torturous seven month long hunting season is nothing more than “responsible’ wolf management….when in truth, this IS the precursor to wolf eradication. What is disheartening….human nature is still human nature, and ego will never recognize anything but its own pettiness. Whenever living beings are made into a commodity, they will be exploited and destroyed.


    • This is an OTTER OUTRAGE!!!!!!!

    • All good points Brea!

      Part of the problem is lack of positive wolf media coverage, it’s almost impossible to get the word out beyond the Northern Rockies. It’s like being on a mouse wheel. Priscilla Feral’s interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell, on August 12th, was the first time in years wolves have been mentioned on national television in a positive light. Even during the Senate vote, wolves were not mentioned. Those Senators knew they were voting to delist wolves and gut the ESA. Instead there was a lot of laughing and back slapping when the vote was being counted, I watched this disgrace on Cspan.

      A letter describing the wolves plight in the Northern Rockies, along with a copy of The Lords of Nature was HAND DELIVERED to key Senators before the vote. And yet all Democrat Senators, save three, voted to delist wolves.. There was barely any coverage of it before the vote and it was only reported once wolves were delisted. We find ourselves in a situation of an almost total media blackout of positive wolf coverage. All we get are the reports from local newspapers announcing there will be hunts. We do have our stalwart groups fighting for wolves….Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater, WildEarth Guardians, WWP and the Center. Thank goodness an emergency injunction was filed to stop the hunts, who knows how the Ninth will rule but I think irreparable harm was proven in the Emergency Motion. How can a state like Idaho propose to kill all but 150 of it’s wolves out of 1000 and not cause irreparable harm? How can Wyoming have unregulated killing of wolves in most of the state and not cause irreparable harm? Hopefully the Ninth Circuit will rule soon.

      I wish more people would be pro-active and join the Howl ins. That’s the mountain we have to climb. The boycotts can work but people have to be willing to sacrifice for them to be successful.


      • You know we did not even get that program here where they talk about Wolves and not one word of the War that is going on – nothing about the Rallied but we do here that little Johnny shot his first deer with pride – and for that he gets his picture in the paper . I have approached our small paper with the suggestion to let me write a short something about all this and they refused – so that tells you were Texas stands – but in all honesty I do not think they know whats really going on –
        This whole think is ridicolous and not an attempt to reduce the number of Wolves but totally wipe them out – that just can not happen – it just can’t. We brought them back – it would make be feel like I helped to bring them back to be sacrificed – I was so involved with the whole movement when they brought them in – and opened that first cage – what a sight – the first Wolf to set foot on the lower 48 again after years of silence we would hear them sing again.

        And now? What did we do?

      • I work in Idaho, but am planning to relocate and work elsewhere, as I refuse to support this kill-happy state government.

    • Brea, you have put into words what few can say. I had been telling my boy this very same thing over the last couple weeks, that since Fish and Game, and politicians seek to profit from the deaths of Wolves, there should be some serious organised boycott of those entities and their interests. We have personally done so, but how and when can we join voices, get materials to pass out to schools and all the children’s programmes Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife, etc..make money off of…How can we reach them and let them know what their “friendly local rangers” really do to wildlife? I want to help!

      • Pool funds, get a full page New York Times ad and let the world know what is going on

    • captainsakonna ….absolutely…send it my way. It is especially grating that Defenders would sell out our wolves since they were instrumental in their reintroduction from the start. They will receive no support or help from me….let them suffer the wrath of the very same abandonment they inflicted upon wolves.

      • I second that – and next time they send me a nasty letter to renew my membership – I will tell them how I feel about that.

  12. carter niemeyer who I’m sure most on here know of says most of the wolves killed by hunters and trappers will likely be pups and yearlings. Here is the article. I think it’s only a matter of time before we seen a grinning hunter in an Idaho newspaper standing over the wolf pup he shot to death. Very sickening.

    • carter niemeyer who I’m sure most on here know of says most of the wolves killed by hunters and trappers will likely be pups and yearlings. Here is the article. I think it’s only a matter of time before we seen a grinning hunter in an Idaho newspaper standing over the wolf pup he shot to death. Very sickening.

      nabeki, can you delete the comment above this one where i put my last name? thanks

      • Oh, and if that is not enough, they want to REALLY make sure the wolves FEEL the pain and suffering, along with the packmates who undoubtedly will see them struggle to escape with a body full of bows and arrows! Yes, my friends, hunting them with bow and arrow is on the table. Imagine that! The nature of the wolf, his resilience and strength would not let him lie down to die. It will be very, very ugly and traumatic not only for the victims, but their pack mates who will witness this torturous end up close.

      • That is such a horrible thought – I am already having nightmares – there has to be a Higher Power to stop this – I do not care what we believe in – God or Gods or whatever – there has to be some Justice for these animals that are so beautiful and proud – and harm none – they only hunt to eat – they don’t hunt us and hang our ugly heads on the wall of their den.

        I do not even want to imagine this but that exact picture you have described keeps coming back to my mind.

      • A few weeks ago, some “good” Elk City citizen called the Idaho County Sheriff and whined because a wolf was howling. Two ardent deputies went out and shot and killed a female wolf and then posed, smiling, for their brave portraits. Hideous idiots and white trash.They are proud of their murderous ways. They would kill feds, tribesmen and anyone not just like them if they could…so they take it out on our wolves, their ignorance and hatred.

  13. Not to beat a dead Horse – I looked at the WERC website today and they have totally changed it – there is only one Wolf left from the Original pack – and there are some new Wolves there – so that appeased me a little – I think they got my letter – and I can’t say anything about the new people. I wonder if the Nez Perce still own this new pack?

    Another note – I have been really disappointed by Defenders – they used to be the one Group I believed in – but they really have let me down – when you write to them they don’t reply – when I tried to stop my monthly gift it took me 4 months to get it down and they just charged me twice again –
    Also they have not said one word about fighting for these Wolves – and they used to be the ones that had that fire in their belly at first – now I found that other Organizations are right there on the Front Lines.

    I hope this is okay to post – when I replied about posting about the WERC it came here as a post and I meant to send it to Nabeki alone – so much for that lol – good thing I did not tell her my innermost secrets.

    I wish we would hear something about what’s going on now – are they debating or are they shuffling it under a pile of paper – what happened to the injunction? What happened to the appeal to the 9th Circuit Court? Has anyone heard anything?

    • Morrigan…Many of us have been disappointed by Defenders. They sold out the wolves . No need to apologize.

      • Yes – thank you for supporting my feelings and knowing that they are not doing what they say they will.
        I will refrain to say anything further because there was a big rift in the last Court Appearance – and several Coalitions split off and said they will not fight this cause again – not naming names – but I found that very sad – the Wolf did not cause this rift – it was the people.

  14. Although I live in Montana, I support the boycott of this
    state by not flying my Montana flag and I shall NOT raise the
    that state’s flag back up on the mast again until ALL sport hunting
    is banned FOREVER!!
    And I would even go a step further in recommending the statehood status of ALL the anti-wolf states either suspended or revoked…
    Since they refuse to abide by the laws in the ESA,
    then these states are not worthy to be a part of the United States,
    and therefore to be removed from statehood.
    The only way they can be re-admitted back into the Union,
    is that they must ban ALL sport hunting permanently….
    That means not more turning these living, breathing sacred
    wild creatures into throw rugs and trophy mounts, feeding the
    arrogant egos of redneck infidels.
    Gov. “Butcher” Otter needs to be impeached, removed from office,
    slapped with several indictments, and brought to justice
    on charges of abuse of office for his own political gain,
    conspiracy to cause destruction to wildlife
    (including poaching), violations of civil and constitutional rights
    of those who not agree with, nor conform to his
    (extreme) political ideology with intimidation by attempting
    to silence his opponents (including wildlife advocates),
    and TREASON!!!


  16. For those of you whose local papers are not wanting to print your letters, send them everywhere you have time and money for! Post letters in coffee shops, hand things out to friends to get the word out and get others involved! My God the list of what we can do is endless, step out of your rage and use your brains to fight this! Politicians are writing me back trying to make an argument and I keep writing them back fighting for the wolves! I have called McDonalds, Wendy’s and Idaho Potato growers and they have said they do not know about this issue!? I have written, called and sent physical letters to almost every senator, congressman and the president numerous times! Has anyone else? Keep at it with any spare time you have, make it happen! Put your degrees behind your names when you sign these letters and KEEP PUSHING!

    • Indeed,Lory,good advice.We all know darn well that our foes won’t back off,so neither should we.

      • I have written personal Letters to my Congressman (Cornyn) and he has replied – his stand is that it is not an issue Texas has to worry about since we don’t have any Wolves and let it be settled by those that have to worry about that problem. I even told him what I thought about that – and I said I would not vote for him – I did not last time either – but little good it did.
        People here just about killed all the Coyotes – I live on a Wildlife Sanctuary and we have some here – they often sing to me at night and I always whisper – little Brother — be careful. They are protected as long as they don’t leave here.

    • Lory, I am not able to get out much since my injury and have relegated myself to the cause of phone calls and emails. Unfortunately, sitting at my computer can be a serious discomfort and so I must designate my time well spent by shifts and minutes. I agree, there is so much that we CAN do and must. It is encouraging that your correspondences have produced awareness and given pause for any response at all….even if it appears to be a negative one…our voices are still a persistent eroding force…… it is only a matter of the courage of our convictions. Like confident waters seeping through the cracks of an old dam or a diligent stream bearing down upon rocks that will inevitably succumb to smoothness …as long as we endeavor to persevere , our efforts WILL bring about a miracle for the wolves.

      I will be calling every single local McDonald’s and Wendy’s franchise to tell them that I am supporting the economic boycott of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Reminding them that this WILL involve them DIRECTLY, since they purchase Idaho potatoes for their fries. This is to be considered an issue of great concern since I am not alone, and that force is legion. Most importantly, this boycott will continue until they no longer chose to support a wolf slaughter state. I will also be calling the corporate headquarters of both companies. As before, I believe protest pickets should also be enacted to further the message along.

      In reference to my local media outlets, I have been in constant contact with newspapers, radio and television stations since the fateful wolf delisting rider was first attached. Officially, like all others nationwide, they follow their corporate paymaster’s orders and I am not certain where their loyalties are. On a personal level, I ask that they do what they can to spread awareness do whatever possible to support our cause, to not allow this issue to remain silenced.

      I have also passed out flyers , posted on community bulletin boards, laundromats, in windows of cooperative convenience stores, and my veterinarian’s office….anywhere there is a place to post.

      The opposition has proven themselves to be marauders of both principle and wildlife, willing to do whatever it takes to get the results they desire…we must also be just as ruthless in our efforts, and yet not stoop to their level.

      Heart Hugs and Howls dear Wolf Sister!!!!!

      • Brea you have been busy, keep up the good work .We need to clone you!! Thank you for all your efforts for wolves. It is just 9 short days before the shooting starts. Nothing yet from the Ninth Circuit. I do hope they rule before Idaho’s hunt begins. Holding my breath.


  17. It was the Coyotes – which are “Little Brother” to the Wolves that I was whispering that warning to – I wish we had Wolves but we lost them all a long time ago. They try to bring Lobo back which is the Mexican Wolf but that is just going terrible – more of them die each time they put them out in the Wild –

    Often at night when I can’t sleep I will go outside and I get lucky enough to see one or two Coyotes stop by and say Hello – and they are as hunted here in Texas as the Wolves are up North – and they have wiped out so many – like I said this is a Sanctuary – and a big one – but believe me we don’t have an abundance of Animals here – not counting the Alligators.

    I found my Soul in the Eyes one one Wolf that I was socializing since he had to be treated and fed by people – and that bond has held for many years now – his name was Commanche.and he was very beautiful

    I miss him and my work at that Center where they started saving Wolves years ago when it was still legal to own one – and they were abused, starved and everything that people do do their dogs they did to the Wolves too. Now it is illegal to own one – and that is a good thing.

    I have been wishing for them to return – but they are better off not coming here – they would meed the same fate – and even in Alaska where they were singing so many times when I was walking the trails they are no longer safe.

    I don’t believe in Karma – but those that will partake in this bloodbath if it happens – they will not go unpunished…

    • Morrigan…my mistake….I misunderstood. I thought you were speaking to the wolves. Coyotes would indeed be a “little brother” to the wolf. Still your words were so very special and I embrace them with heart and soul and spirit, The coyote is also sorely misunderstood and reviled. I pray they remain upon ground that offers sanctuary. Perhaps they will also join with us in our vigil of prayer for their big brother.

      I have a deep respect and love for Mother Earth…all creatures great and small… believing in the power of an intricate, exquisite union between all species, a tangible connection with all things that be…that binds us together within the core of our very essence. A sense that neither needs an explanation, nor requires any proof. It just IS…and this knowledge is sacred.

      I, too, see my soul in the eyes of a wolf…yet have never shared that communion in person. Your words remind me of my own whispers upon the wind, uttered to the night sky, inspired by a gnawing frustration and restless desire for a “wolf miracle” that has invaded my consciousness since the delisting rider reared its fateful head…and I have many times attempted to send the wolves a warning.

      Night is my element…a time when the world sleeps, and very often… I do not. A time to reflect and embrace the stillness that beckons….and this is where I find my solace. A sky so vast, and stars remarkably bright for life encumbered, in a state devoid of the spirit of wilderness….and painfully bereft of wolves. It only adds to my melancholy this night. Is it true that they have already begun their slaughter of wolves in Idaho?

      Please correct me, if I have once again misunderstood. According to Predator Defense: ” Right now the government is aerial gunning and trapping wolves to get a head start on the hunting and trapping season starting the end of August.”

      Is this the “responsible” management promised by Butch Otter? To BEGIN the assault…BEFORE the hunts? You are a wretched, soulless creature.

      I envision wide open vistas and spaces where wolves roam; spirited, lithe, strong and beautiful….yet unwitting victims of a barbaric plot. A malevolence rising up from the depths of hell itself. A vow crafted between black hearts and unconscionable men, sealed with hatred and betrayal.

      We are dangling on a dangerous precipice…why can’t we connect the dots? I lament, contemplating upon all the things we dare not speak, yet know exist. And hear the haunts of voices that speak of all the lies we tell ourselves to justify what we do, mingling with the gleeful cheers of those who have been rewarded for their misdeeds. And call to mind all the potential good humanity posses, yet ask why we consistently harness destruction, consistency living our lives in oblivion….pretending there is no consequence….and of the innocence that must pay the price for our ignorance and apathy. I think of those who have already “taken matters into their own hands” and cringe at the count of wolves already lost to us as a result. And of the seven months of agony, suffering and constant assault that lie ahead, if we do not prevail. “Rules” of the “hunt” that will neither respect the spirit of the Wolf, nor give proper acknowledgement of what merit that life had; not just to the wolf, it’s pack, to us…or even the hunter himself who once understood all things are connected…and those things are sacred. And how Nature herself will mourn the loss of her sons and daughters, all for the sake of human greed and selfishness. How do we reconcile that? I think of wolf pups that will never grow to adulthood. Pups that will not grow up to roam the land and teach THEIR young the rules of the land, and the laws of Nature, through the bonds and strength of the pack. Pups that may be used as a “trap” to catch their parents, only to watch their parents slaughtered before their eyes…and their orphan-hood begins and ends in the same breath. Born into a landscape where humans have forgotten how to listen to the animate world.

      Wolves once vital…now senselessly gone. What will their last sensations be when they are taken from their families…forever from us. Will it be a merciful death….or vengeful and of great suffering as their life force expires? Will those who made “backroom” deals just go on with their lives never acknowledging what they have wrought or did not make right? And how long must we fight, struggling against the tides? I am weary…yet only can, and will, go on. …but how? There is NO turning back…. no magic wand to wave and no way to turn back time…reaching the hearts and minds of the unreachable….before they became static….deadened inside. The enormity of it all steals my breath and I can not often even begin to wrap my mind around all the dynamics involved, yet I feel this as if it were my own pain. And know instinctively…it IS. I am frightened…scared….and horrified. It makes my very soul cry out….why is this happening…why, and when will it stop?

      I think of how even though elusive, I wish I could see a wild wolf in HIS element. With all my heart…if only I could hear the wolves howl…just once…their chorus echoing, rejoicing with my spirit…

      I lift my head and offer m y heart to the heavens, tilting my neck slightly back, and I begin to howl. Long and slow and mournful. Wishing I could so do much more… knowing all I can do is send the wolves my love. Praying that all forces of Nature will respond in kind, carrying my message upon the wind…from tree to tree… from mountain to mountain:

      Dearest Wolf, an unspeakable danger approaches, perhaps it is already there, where you are. Only you know for certain. Leave…run…and don’t look back. Seek higher ground, anywhere Mother Earth will cradle you within her bosom…and hide until it is safe. Not all men seek to cause you harm, but Mankind itself can not be trusted…please remember…and forgive us, we are creatures of habit and prisoners of our own destruction …WE are the true beast!!!

      Then …suddenly, my spirit quickens, and I hear a call within… the Wolf answers in response: “Kindred… I have never known safety…only hatred. And I remember well…although I will never quite understand. Please learn this lesson, and learn it well make it an integral part of you. We are all connected and what happens to me…can also happen to you.”

      Then, the vision disappears…as suddenly as it came. But was it it real…it matters not. For I feel the Wolf’s presence lingering within me….and we are ultimately one. I am content.

      And I know I can persevere.

      • You write so well and capture the heart of your reader – and I see much of myself in you – I too look at the Stars and think – put one more star up there to light the way for those Beings of the Dark – My beloved Wolves and their little Brothers.

        My Spirit Guide is a Wolf – and even he comes less and less – I think the ugliness of this World is killing the Spirit and the Ancient Knowledge and the Ways that once were shared and fair.

        I do not get any signs of what will happen – usually I get something good or bad mostly bad – I see it in my dreams or wake up with that knowledge – but I have not gotten anything – the World around me is going on like it will never happen or who cares? All I can see is ugliness and greed and my Teacher so long ago said – nobody will destroy the World except MAN himself – she had the vision – and she was right about everything she said –

        It’s getting unbearable to just wait and hope and hope and hope that things will turn the right way – but how often have they gone wrong – can we really afford to put our whole heart into this fight and then lose it all – our hearts included? Yes – we can – we have done it before – and maybe in the End – Good will prevail -

      • Morrigan…dear sister….I understand what you mean about risking our hearts and then losing it all. I believe that you should always give it your ALL…a half hearted attempt at anything is worse than not even trying. Yet if we don’t EVER risk anything merely for the sake of protecting our hearts from the pain and sorrow that may result….the threat of losing everything….then all is already lost….and so much more. Never underestimate the

        Ever notice that in a relationship, typically, there always seems to be one person that gives just a little more than the other? A dear friend once told me that there are two kinds of people in this world: The “Takers…and the “Givers.” Everything will run smoothly, as long as the Givers keep giving, because all the Takers will ever do…is take. But have the “Givers” stop giving…there is tumult, and there goes the Relationship, Family, Household, Neighborhood, Community, City, State, Country, World.

        The eternal battle between “Good and ‘Evil” or if you want, those who Care…and those who Don’t. Albeit….perhaps not entirely true. Those who Don’t actually only “care” about what they want. Someone must step in and mediate or rise up against injustice….there must be accountability…justice…closure… healing…..BALANCE.

        There is a saying that goes something like this:
        Nothing worth having is easy to hold.

        That is why we are fighting for our wolves.

        Keep the faith.

        I would love to connect with you. Nabeki has my permission to give you my email address. Could you contact her ?

        Heart Hugs & Howls

  18. Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are very dependent on tourism and ecotourism dollars. Boycott is the only thing that will get their attention. Wolf advocates need to scrape their money together and get a full page ad in the New York Times telling the American people about the wolf slaughter. Idaho started killing wolves as soon as Obama signed off on the “budget rider.” The American people will be outraged when they learn what is happening–we need to buy space in the NY Times and get on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and the Colbert Report. The people need to know. Work on all fronts and take direct action.
    Dr. Catherine Raven Feher-Elston, PhD
    Author, Ravensong
    Children of Sacred Ground

    • Raven…we’ve already thought about taking out an ad in the NYTimes and unfortunately it’s completely out of our reach. It costs $82,000 for a NYTimes ad. I was shocked when I heard the figures. Right now we must send letters to the editors, support Howl Across America (hold wolf rallies}, boycott the wolf states and pray the Ninth Circuit rules on the emergency injunction.
      These are very sad times but we cannot give up on wolves. We’ve been down this road before in 2009 but this is much, much worse.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Go to the region around Elk City where the killing will begin and get between the hunter and the wolf. Organize a massive invasion of Elk City and inundate them. Maybe some Outlaw Bikers who love wolves will help out…

    • If I did not have animals I had to care for here, I would so do that in a heartbeat! These people have completely lost their minds killing so many wolves and that karma will follow them all their days and nights.

    • Raven….What a great way to get out in force…I have been hoping that we could somehow organize bikers and call it “Bikers For Wolves” or any other mass congregations of people on wheels or foot…truckers…cyclists..runners…walkers….even disabled people in wheel chairs. Let the opposition try to beat them down….it just won’t happen. We must somehow to find a way to create a massive showing to promote our message. There are often “rides” to promote causes. Look how much press the ex governor of Alaska received when she went out on her tour and donned her motorcycle jacket and took off on the road. But she always seems to invoke a dark mojo that follows her wherever she goes. How fitting if we could turn that around for the wolves.

      Bikers seem to have adopted the imagines of wolves and eagles to represent THEM. They’re everywhere, all over their shirts..jackets…bikes…especially tattoos. I can think of no better time for them to represent the WOLVES in return favor.

      Does anyone have access to any bikers clubs in their area, or know where we can contact anyone who could help?

      A call to bikers everywhere…..will you ride and speak out for the wolves?

      Whatever we do…we must become more brazen about our methods…inundate them when and wherever possible until they won’t know what hit them.

  20. Did I hear correctly that the Center for Biological Diversity is suing to reenact the trapping ban in the Gila?

    • Yes they are Lory. Very good news

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. The boycott is a great idea, but it’s effects would not immediately be seen. Instead, two friends will be joining me on Sunday, August 28th at 3:00 P.M. at the Old Hamilton, Montana Courthouse for a Howl Across America Rally. We need at least 50 people to join us to show their support and our solidarity in supporting the wolves. There will be live music from local musicians and we would like some Native American Dancers to perform Wolf Dances.
    Do you know of any Native Americans that can join us? Can you contact people that may attend? Can you help us get some Press? Toni A. Stark

    • Hi Toni,

      I put the word out for you and I’m hoping people will respond. It sounds like a great effort. NIWA is holding a Howl Across America rally in Sandpoint, Idaho today. Everything is starting to move forward. I removed your phone number from your post. I don’t think it’s a good idea to publish it on an open forum unless you feel comfortable with it. Good luck. I’ll post any info I have on the Hamilton rally on HAA.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • HAMILTON, MONTANA RALLY THIS SUNDAY. I’m reposting Toni’s comment:

      Join Toni on “Sunday, August 28th at 3:00 P.M. at the Old Hamilton, Montana Courthouse for a Howl Across America Rally. We need at least 50 people to join us to show their support and our solidarity in supporting the wolves. There will be live music from local musicians and we would like some Native American Dancers to perform Wolf Dances.
      Do you know of any Native Americans that can join us? Can you contact people that may attend? Can you help us get some Press? Toni A. Stark”

      Everyone that can come please show your support for wolves!! Be there!!

      For the wolves,

  22. I have had this horrible feeling of doom hanging over me – and now I know why – they denied the injunction – even those wise old Judges are blind – Justice is really blind.

    We have lost – they will start killing today tonight tomorrow – because it’s about time to start – they probably have already started. Poor Wolves – we all have tried so hard – listen for the footsteps of the Killers – listen for the clicking of the guns – and run for your lives – hide in the biggest cave you can find –

    May the Spirit Wolves help you – I can’t do more – there is nothing much left to stop this injustice and this horror. I will love you until I die and then I will run with you.

  23. I posted a long comment above – but it put it in the middle of other stuff – I do not know how this works anymore – it should have been the last entry on this page – so I have no idea where this one is going to end up –

    I am not going to repeat what I wrote – if you have the wish to read it scroll up – and I don’t see any other posts – not even the one I got in my e-mail which brought the terrible news.

    • Your message is right under your first one Morrigan.

      Yes this is horrible news BUT we are not going to give up no matter what. We can protest, boycott the wolf states and try to build momentum for this cause. If we can only engage people to participate. This is not over!!! Earth Island Journal is willing to help us and I know if we persist our movement will build. Do not despair. We will fight on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. Oh my God, I am so sorry! Please forgive us our trespasses!

  25. I live in Wyoming and it is breaking my heart because today is Aug. 30. I was surprised though how many people on line have no idea about the wolves.Most of the save the wolves sites are from 2008. One person commented (and the comment was 3 days old) Thanking Obama for saving the wolf. So I left a comment of hello it`s 2011 and they are off the endangered list. I did see some new sites and they where done beautifully. I hope the word can get out to more ppl and they can understand the situation is not 2008 but–20011 I do know that there are some enlighten ppl who have already signed and feel that once more get the facts there will be tons of signatures and support.
    I remain optimistic and love you ppl for all your hard work.I know you beautiful ppl truly love wolves. For all you do thank you!!

  26. I will have absolutely nothing nice to say about these states, nor anything nice to say to their leaders as long as this wildlife genocide is allowed to take place (some of which I can’t say on here). They won’t see my tourist dollars help them, they won’t see my band play a show in them, and as far as I’m concerned, they should be barred from any Congressional representation!
    And it looks like the boycott is already starting to make an impact. Some lady from Missoula commented on Tester’s Facebook page saying that her lodge had NO guests over the Labor Day weekend. How’s that for a slam in the face?!

    • Peter…I think the boycotts can work, it will cause some pain for local residents who don’t support the wolf hunts but how else to get through to these politicians? Begging and pleading doesn’t work. They don’t care about wolves, so boycotts are a good tool. We need to remember to continue to support the wolf sanctuaries and educational facilities in all three states: Wolf People and WERC come to mind in Idaho.

      I’m absolutely sick @ heart writing about this day in and day out. It cuts into my soul. I’ve been down this road before with the 2009 hunts but this is so much worse.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  27. Also, me and several pro-wolf people have considered taking our cause up with the UN, seeing how these states are in violation of the UN Wildlife Charter by allowing these massacres to take place. What do you think?

    • I think it’s a great idea Pete. It certainly can’t hurt. The wolves are being killed as I type this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  28. I still don’t understand how a President can stand by and allow this to go on since it came to be through trickery and against everything we believe in – fairness and presenting bills without riders that have nothing to do with the presented bill. He is harboring the crime of this – they committed a crime – and the 109th Appelate Court is useless too – how can you not grant an injunction until the case is heard? And injunction is there to stop something until it goes before the Court – who do those “wise men” think they are? We are not totally stupid – and we can see that they are obviously on the side of the lawbreakers and killers. I do not expect to see a good outcome at all – they will wipe them out and all the work we have done for these Wolves and bringing them back – oh how I wish we would have just left them alone – we put them in the way of danger – and now we can’t help them – There isn’t one Wolf that is as bad as they are – they have no concience – no feelings – and no Soul –

    I had high hopes for the injunctions – now I just don’t know anything else to do but burn candles and speak to the Spirits and call on the Gods – but they are tired too – and they have intervened so often and nothing is changing – the People in this World go right on killing, maiming and thinking only about themselves. If the Pioneers had been that way I don’t think there would be an America – but then again – they already killed the Wolves – wiped them out in the 1930s – and I guess History repeats itself –

    I have to let go of my anger and my own hate for those that kill – because it is a waste of energy – but I have not given up on asking for Justice -

  29. Fantastic! Finally someone knows that these killings are unjust. The governments should be sued for this crime. Their empty headed thinking is ridiculous because these animals have been here before us. The killing of livestock is a natural happening from people taking over their habitat.

  30. I have been involved with Wolves since they were re-introduced in the early 90s – I have cried over them – I have prayed for them and I had hoped that they could live here in peace. From the day the first Kennels arrived there was Government Interference – three days these Wolves had to stay in the cages before the doors could be opened and one actually died. And then finally the word came to let them go – and the first cage was opened and a beautiful Wolf Face looked out – confused and nervous – it was real still and nobody moved and he did not know should he come out or not. And finally he came shooting out like a cannonball – and took off for the Woods and everybody laughed and danced and they were all let out – and slowly things got worse and worse for them.
    It’s a Tragedy that people still do not understand these intelligent animals and still kill them without reason – blaming them for anything they can –
    My heart has been with the first packs and all those poor Wolves that were shot when it was still a crime – nothing stops these blood hungry Hunters from killing – not even the Law – but when the Law goes away – it reminds me of the terrible Wars that have been fought in this World.
    Now I just hope and keep track of what is going on and it’s not a pretty picture – and for some reason it is like a disease has struck – Horses will be slaughtered again – species are disappearing – and where has humanity gone?

    • Morrigan…it’s almost like we’re feeding the basest element of society now. The most debauched tendencies. I think it has to do with increasing violence of TV and video games. Constantly seeing people dying day and night, the around the clock news cycle. TV has become toxic and I can’t even imagine those latch-key kids that watch whatever they want because their parents are at work. We are becoming so desensitized to violence in this society that animal cruelty has become imbedded in our culture. Yesterday I read a story about a man who grilled a kitten to death. What is that? I almost threw up.

      How can you explain the utter lack of news stories on the wolf hunts, except for the one sided coverage of the local new media in the Northern Rockies? They’re still talking about elk declines and livestock losses when they know wolves contribute so little to those losses. But it keeps getting repeated over and over as if somehow they have to justify this slaughter. There has to be a reason wolves are being tortured and killed, right? So story after story of every cow that was every looked at by a wolf gets reported but when a hunter shoots a little kid in the leg at a bus stop in Oregon, it’s just a blip on the radar screen.Yeah it was an accident but it’s the very thing they constantly talk about wolves doing. Wolves, who haven’t killed anyone in a hundred years in the lower forty eight. They are the least likely large carnivore to hurt a human but still this crap is re-cycled over and over. People have a better chance getting killed by a deer or a lightening strike or dying in an airplane crash then they do being attacked by a wolf. It’s all so ridiculous.

      Thousands upon thousands of cows die to non-predation every year and eventually all cattle are sent to this BS about how much they love their cows or how much they love their elk..yeah they love them to death. That’s how much they love them. Wolves are just animals but they have been elevated to demons and nobody will speak out for them except a few orgs and the grass roots people. The mainstream media could do so much to help but they stand silently by as wolves are being slaughtered every day. Oh I guess because they made it legal then we can just move on to the next species to be decimated.

      Yes, I remember when the first wolves were released from their pens in Yellowstone, what a happy day but they were also stopped with an injunction and it almost didn’t happen. And then in early 2000’s a district judge ruled in favor of returning all the wolves back to Canada but the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his decision and so the wolves stayed but Wildlife Services was already gearing up, killing them, even back then. And USFWS was trying to delist them but wouldn’t accept Wyoming’s “shoot on sight” plan. Now they are accepting it. What the heck has changed? You know what’s changed, every year they up the ante. It’s like violence on TV. They start out slow and then they keep escalating it. That’s what’s happening here. Obama gave em that inch..gave em the opportunity to have a wolf hunt and now it gets worse by the minute. He opened the door and the door is getting wider and wider. Trapping, snaring, bullets, arrows..on and on. And then we have Cowboy Ken running our Interior, running our wild horses in horrible round ups, we have 20,000 or less left in the wild now. So few but they won’t be satisfied until every wild horse is in a pen or dead. And what are we facing? Eight years of a Republican or four more years of this misery. No choice at all.

      I know I’m weary from this fight, I’m shell shocked and battle worn. But I also remember the quote:”lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for”…so I carry on and know one day we will win out for the wolves and the wild ones.

      For the wolves,

      • How true – words well spoken – when I look at today’s World – I just don’t understand how “humans” can do these things – not just the Wolves – all animals –
        Even Companion Animals are in danger – it’s just endless killing and torture – maybe it is the TV and the violence – even kids are violent now – there was another shooting at some College somewhere today – when someone does not like somebody else they just bring a gun and shoot whoever is in their way. I remember my School Days – there was nothing like that – and the Media is worthless – they are only showing scandal and somebody who just had their 10th kid – or which “Star” left a Husband or Wife – what do I care – I want to see the ugly truth so people can see what’s going on – seems like only we – the ones that are in a state of grief – know the truth and see what’s going on.
        I just had to put one of my little dogs to sleep – she was 22 years old – and I can’t stop crying – not yet – and I think about those people that torture animals – and I am lost – I don’t even want to be in a World this ugly.
        How come that Court has not made a decision yet? The case was presented a Month ago I think – this is the 13th District Court – and they have not said anything at all – what’s up with that? Is it that hard to decide to save these wonderful Animals? Are they being paid off? Again – I am lost –
        Giving up is not an option – even though I feel a great weariness and hopelessness –
        They got the Horses on the list next – what comes after that? And I can not even imagine what will happen after the next election. Another 4 yrs of Obama is a terrible thought – but Newt Gingrich?
        May the Gods help us all – I think they have grown weary too -

      • Hope I wasn’t rambling too much Morrigan but I’m so sick and tired of all the killing.

        I can’t stand the thought of Newt as President, so we have no choices really, four more years of Obama or a Republican who was brought up on ethics violations when he was Speaker of the House. Great choice. He’s also been married three times and cheated on wife number one with number two and number with number three.

        Again I the quote by Clarence Darrow plays in my head…”lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for”. Things look bleak right now but if we could harness the energy of wolf advocates, we could turn this around pronto.

        For the wolves,

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