Sacred Spirit…

A-La-Ke || Wolf



Native American Chant


Videos Courtesy YouTube

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  1. Beautiful!


  3. Nahanna is very beautiful and you can see the wisdom in her eyes. I hope that she has not become a victim of the viscous hunters that would kill her for her hide or to mount her and sell her.

    • Toni…I love Sacred Spirit chants and music. It’s so soothing to the soul. It’s a healing balm I return to again and again when the ugliness and horror of what’s happening overwhelms. I return to the quiet place and remember the widom of the old ones who understood harmony, balance and the meaning of co-existing with our wild brothers. Long live Sacred Spirit.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, you have so eloquently said all that needs to be spoken. I totally agree with you. Sacred Spirit’s music is truly a “healing balm,” it cradles the heart and caresses the soul.

        White Wolf is a stunning animal and this picture in particular holds a place of honor within my heart…not only is the White Wolf is my totem animal and my guardian spirit, I once had a Samoyed named Kimba, that looked very much like her.

        I always look forward to your spiritual respites, I breathe them in…and I am content. Thank you for always knowing just when to provide them.

      • Nabeki, everything you say is so very true. I always look forward to your respites. Thank you for always knowing just when to provide them.

        The White Wolf is my totem animal and guardian spirit. Many years ago I had a wonderful dog, a Samoyed, who looked very much like her.

        I hope you are well, I appreciate the energies it takes to maintain a strong defense.

      • Thank you Spirit Wolf, I know this is very hard to listen to day after day. I thought a weekend of Sacred Spirit would refresh us so we can move forward. Some days I don’t want to think of all the killing and evil.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. I read everything you send me and I forward to two other people who care about Wolves. I really appreciate that someone is out there who cares, but I still wonder where the “kids” are – in the 70’s we were all up in arms about the environment – and something would have been done about this horrible slaughter.

    • Thank you Pat for spreading the word. I ask myself the same question. There are so many pro wolf groups on FB but when we put the call out for people to attend the rally in Bozeman or the one in Coeur d’lene or Sandpoint, it’s “crickets” Not sure if it’s apathy, or people are intimidated by the anti wolfers or what the problem is. I truly thought we would have large crowds but even in Washington DC the crowd was small. We aim to fix it. We’re planning more rallies coming up. I hope Jenny has a nice crowd in Bozeman, she’s put her heart and soul into this.

      We are hooking up with new groups, doing a lot of networking and slowly building a new coalition. Many people are burned out and have just dropped out. I know what you mean about the seventies, people would have been in the streets, this would never have flown then. We hope to rebuild that passion, wolves are dying. ):

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. thank you for this. I cannot stand the thought of these beautiful and essential beings murdered. . I wondered about the same thing Pat wrote. Where are the people?
    This is also inspiring to me and I meditate to it and hope that the wolves become invisible to those muderers
    Wolf Medicine: Native American Flute – Blues Mama Original

    • Nancy, we can’t listen to this day after day without falling into a deep depression. We need time to clear our minds and just breathe. I love Enigma and Sacred Spirit. I can close my eyes and forget, for a moment, all the sorrow. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, I did not mean to depress you, rather to inspire. This is the first time where these beings as well as other enslaved ones have humans who will be their voice. We as a species are changing, and this gives me hope.

  6. I can’t find “Sacred Spirit Nahanna” anymore?

    Anne-Grethe, Norway

    • Oh sorry Anne, I’ll repost it…I put up another video in it’s place.


  7. Thank you for the beautiful video. I, too, love the wolf. I’ve been contributing to Defenders of Wildlife every year to help save them. They deserve full protection.

    • You are welcome Ann!!


  8. Thank you Nabeki :-)

    • You’re very welcome Anne…enjoy!!


  9. How beautiful those wolves are. How is it possible to harm them in any way?

    • Sad to say Muriel there are many out there who wish wolves harm. It’s our job to stand up for wolves, voices for the voiceless.


  10. A beautiful webpage and tribute to the Grandfather species of Canis Familiaris Wolves are more than animals, and humans that hate and fear him have lost their connection to Mother Earth.
    Thank you all who are here to protect and Love the Wolf. J

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