For The Fallen Idaho Wolf Pups….

For the little ones who won’t grow up, who won’t see another sunrise or romp in the next snowfall, or play with their pack-mates or the hundred things young wolves experience.

I wish with all my heart I wasn’t typing this and you didn’t die violent, painful deaths. I wish I could have saved you.

In Sorrow,




In Idaho, wolves killed by hunters must be checked by IDFG personnel. A form called a Big Game Mortality Report (BGMR) is filled out, which is supposed to report the age, sex, kill location, weapon used, method (predator call, bait, stalk, incidental, etc) and other information. To date, over 29% of 109 BGMR’s list no age for the wolf. Here is preliminary data on pups and sub-adults (yearlings) killed so far in Idaho – for BGMR’s that have an age listed
As of 11-11-11, there have been 114 wolves killed in Idaho’s hunt, 29 of those wolves were pups or sub-adults. (at least)

Pups Killed 24

Sub-adults Killed 8


     Total 32 Killed 



BGMR #33. A male pup shot on Sept 30 in Unit 6 in Rochet Creek. No color listed.


BGMR #57. A female grey pup shot on Oct 12 in Unit 10 at Meadow Point, on a guided hunt. There were 5 wolves with the pup.
BGMR #91 – Grey female pup killed on Oct 26 in Unit 10, at Kelly Ck/Cayuse Ck Jct.

Dworshak-Elk City

BGMR #3 & 4 – Two female pups shot on Sept 3 in Unit 14 on Dairy Mountain. No color listed.

Middle Fork

BGMR #9 – Black male pup shot on Sept 3 in Unit 27, Diamond D Ranch.
BGMR #39 & 40 – Two grey sub-adult pups, a male and female, shot on Oct 6 in Unit 27, Pistol Creek Ranch Ck to Garden Ck.
BGMR #107 – Grey female pup shot on Nov 5 in Unit 20A, Porphrey Creek. Six months old. She was with 3 other wolves.
BGMR 108 – November 5, Grey, male subadult wolf killed in Wimstick Creek, Unit 20A, Middle Fork Zone. “Unsure of age, either young of year or 1.5 years”.
BGMR 115 – November 4, grey male pup, killed on Rush Creek Ridge, Unit 26, Middle Fork Zone. Six months old. Shot with a rifle. Days hunted: 4
BGMR 116 – November 4, grey male pup, killed on Rush Creek Ridge, Unit 26, Middle Fork Zone. Six months old. Shot with a rifle. Days hunted: 4


BGMR #69 – Black female pup shot on Oct 18 in Unit 28, in China Basin/Iron Creek. 3 other wolves were howling.
BGMR #83 – Black female pup shot on Oct 27 at Corn Creek, with 5 other wolves.


BGMR’s #7 & #8 – Two female greys, one a pup, one a sub-adult, shot in the SFK Salmon River drainage by the same hunter, on August 31, Unit 25. Saw 8 total wolves.
BGMR #44 – Grey female pup shot on Oct 10 in Star Creek near Pollock Mtn Lookout, Unit 23. “1 wolf heard howling & other wolf sign seen. Porcupine quills in face.”
BGMR #66 – Grey male “pup of the year”, shot on Oct 18 at Cloochman Saddle, Unit 23.
BGMR #100 – Male wolf pup shot on Nov 1 in Stoller Meadows, Warm Lake area. One larger and smaller wolf with pup.


BGMR #2 – Grey male sub-adult shot on Sept 4 in Scriver Creek, Unit 33.
BGMR #34 – Grey female pup, killed Oct 2, Hawley Mt Lookout.
BGMR #102, #103 – Two grey pups, one male, one female, killed on Nov 2, Unit 39, top of Black Warrior.

Southern Mountains

BGMR #17 – Grey male pup, killed on Sept 17 by a bow hunter in Unit 29, Trail Creek (Lemhi Mts/River)
BGMR #58 & #59 – Two grey male pups shot on Oct 12 in Edna Creek, Unit 43 (SFK Boise River). “Observed large group of wolves while deer hunting. Partner shot one, then called this one in by howling.”
BGMR #71 & 72 – Two wolves killed, a grey adult male and black sub-adult male. Shot in Antelope Creek, Unit 50, Pioneer Mountains. Pack size 5 black, 1 grey.
BGMR #109 – Grey sub-adult female shot on Nov 5 on Boulder Creek, Boulder Mts, Unit 48 near Ketchum Idaho. 



BGMR #11 – Grey female sub-adult (54 lbs) was shot on Oct 30, Unit 59, Huntley Canyon. Shot with muzzleloader. (Saw) 5 wolves total.

Island Park

BGMR #16 – Black female “pup of the year” shot Sept 17 at Fall River, Unit 62. “Method” used was a Predator Call and Howl.
BGMR #73 – Black male pup shot on Oct 21 at Dry Creek, Unit 61.


Photos:  Top wolf pic: Courtesy orionbula deviant art

Middle wolf pic: Courtesy A.S.

Bottom wolf pic: Courtesy

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  1. This is heartbreaking beyond belief. I will never be able to understand the jaded mind that can compartmentalize animals in this way.

    • Ingrid…We have to give these wolves a face not just a number. Killing puppies is beyond anything I can understand. It’s vital this information is shared, wolf advocates and the American people need to know exactly what is going on. We are the voice for the voiceless.

      For the wolves, For the fallen Idaho pups,

      • The people behind killing wolves are the darkest of evil, likely even child molesters and worse. They are the sickest and most evil you can ever know. Most of them have lots of money and are posing as upstanding citizens in their communities. They have the technology and connections to cover their true agendas, and they need to be dealt with as sternly as they have dealt with the pups. This is not a spectator cause, these people are destructive and clever, and to be stopped, must be investigated and put under the microscope (the anti-wolf politicos)

  2. “Wolves may feature in our myths, our history and our dreams, but they have their own future, their own loves, their own dreams to fulfill.”
    Anthony Miles

    How can a so called ‘human’ kill a wolf, let alone the pups

    Their paw prints lead you along trails of discovery and insight.
    To look in their eyes forever imprints your heart.
    To hear their howl forever marks your soul.
    To connect with them, forever bonds your spirits.
    Unfortunately – Unknown

    • Thank you Allan for sharing..really poignant. I’m very weepy right now over the puppy killing. Those little guys are such innocents Pups are usually born in late April or early they are only about 6 months old right now. I have a 9 month old pup and I can’t imagine anyone shooting her. She would be scared to death as I’m sure those babies are.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolf pups,

  3. This morning (it is morning in Denmark), the first thing I read about was malnourished, abused dogs, the next a YouTube video about the bluefin tuna close to extinction, and the third was this! This is just too much! But we must keep fighting!!!!

    • I’m sorry gitte that I have to deliver this news. Being a wolf advocate is one of the hardest things I have to do. I’m exposed to the daily death tolls of these magnificent animals, so dog like, yet so wild. It breaks my heart every day.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolf pups,

  4. There must be a group of different & new caretakers for the animals. The people in charge now are not doing what we the people want them to do. We don’t want them killed ! The gov should not be in charge, do to killing of wolves, killing of wild horses, killing is their answer, not ours.

  5. There must be a group of different & new caretakers for the animals. The people in charge now are not doing what we the people want them to do. We don’t want them killed ! The gov should not be in charge, due to killing of wolves, killing of wild horses, killing is their answer, not ours.

  6. I cannot fathom what sort of ‘person???’ could look into the eyes of a pup and kill it??? This is so very very sick… So very heartbreaking…I actually wrote something …a poem… about this. May I post it here?

  7. How in hell are the pups a threat? This is beyond sanity. Killing of any wolf is an abomination in the name of God. These people will be punished. How would they like it if someone came in and shot their family members? That is exactly what they are doing to these beings. They have no right whatsoever, and I tried to pray that they will change and become people with common sense and hearts, but I can see that is not going to happen, therefore, I do hope that these wolf killers and their families burn in hell for eternity and that their lives here on earth become disasterous. Keep murdering the innocent ones you backwood jackasses.

    • dude, your awesome… that just touched my heart and drove me to fight for them even further.

      • Thank you Lakota-Wolf…please share this information with all your friends. We have to get the word out to the rest of America.

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolf pups,

      • thank you Nabeki, you are a truly amazing person to create an amazing and educational website like this. i have just now started a petition for saving the wolves from aerial hunting in Alaska. so far only five signatures from my neighbors, but every journey begins with one little step.
        For the wild ones, For the wolves,

      • You are so welcome Lakota-Wolf…sorry for the late response but I’m so tired, this has been a very long week and its not over yet.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. geeshhhh, how ‘upstanding and brave’ these killers are! must be great to sit around and awe all their friends with stories of ‘and you should have seen this little wolf pup I killed!’

    what happened with the emergency injunction hearing?

  9. Makes me sick to my stomach those f_cking hunters killings those pups.
    Yes, equusarian01 – it must be quite a hoot sitting around with a bunch of those morons listening to “their tall tails” as to how they killed a wolf pup. Really, if you go into a any hunting store – anybody with a 1/4 of a brain can shoot anything. They make it it to where the animal just comes right to you – – They have all this urine, this call & that call, makes me want to vomit. The real hunt is to go out there with nothing …… than lets see how BIG a man or woman for that matter you all are. I bet 99.9% wouldn’t last 5 minutes. They ain’t nothing without “their” fucking weapons. All of them are a bunch of no brain useless assholes who just like shooting animals to get their ya-yas off. jmho

    • ramses…just despicable…who in the world shoots puppies? I still can’t wrap my mind around that. But please share this info with your friends, let them know what’s happening to wolves in the Northern Rockies.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolf pups,

  10. Great Replies. It is just so sad and unbelievable. And these ‘Killers’ think the Wolf is the one to fear? I pray that justice is done somewhere in their lives. They will answer to a Higher Power for their vicious deeds.

    • Dear Carol,

      Sometimes they do answer. I personally know of an individual who trapped a “nuisance” bear on a wildlife refuge and instead of contacting IFW to relocate the bear, he shot it in the trap. He then took it out and cut out its skull and cut off all four paws. This man was brought to court and convicted of a wildlife violation. Before the year was out, he died in an ATV accident while riding without a helmet. I have compassion for the people who cared about him. I also have compassion for the bear who did nothing to deserve its fate. Outraged does not come close to how I feel about the abuse and slaughter of wildlife. Humans have got to stop grabbing everything and start curbing their own numbers, not those of every other species on the planet. I pray with you for justice.

  11. I truly wish the human race was more caring/humane/and could see that by destroying these beautiful creatures of GOD that the time will come there will be none left and these jerks/idiots/monsters etc will say gee what happened? I HAVE NO USE FOR HUNTING OR HUNTERS!

  12. It must take a real man to murder a pup. If they insist on murdering wolves, at least level the playing field and ban the use of calls, howls, telescopic rifles and anything else that gives an unfair advantage to the macho hunters. I saw this post first thing this morning, and it made me sick.

  13. I am sickened to the very core of my being….what kind of subhumans are these who are killing the pups…bad enough they are killing adults but puppies???? I send to these horrible people my wish for them to meet a terrible and painful conclusion to their lives….pay back for the cruelty they are inflicting upon innocent beings!!

  14. and, I cannot imagine how ignorant and hateful a person could be to howl, just to draw the pups so they could kill them…That simply makes me cry…I cannot imagine this-at all

  15. How could anyone kill these precious babies! Thisis just horrific

  16. Save the wolves Please! They are living breathing creatures of God to! Protect them please!

  17. Hoowwwwlllllllooooohhhhh. For the lost ones. For the ones who would bring further generations.

  18. This absolutely breaks my heart. I’ll hunt when its open season on hunters!

  19. neanderthals!

  20. The little wolves are dying because trophy hunters, big game outfitters and ranchers have a stranglehold on ID (and MT & WY) politicians, although they are in the minority of the population. Anyone in a state wildlife agency speaking up for wolves, will lose their job. Maybe when someone close to Idaho Governor Butcher Otter gets his/her dog or child caught and choked in a snare, or mangled in a trap set for a wolf, things will change. Idaho’s trapping & snaring season on wolves starts Tuesday, November 15. This is going to be ugly beyond comprehension – the anti-wolfers are foaming to get their 5-wolf quota allowed in the trapping season through Dec 31 2011. Then another 5 wolves (any age) in 2012. Idaho = cruelty, torture, barbarism toward wolves.

  21. How sad this is. We are the only animals on the planet that can act as stewards of this planet (because of our “thinking capabilities”) and we should care for it and all mother earth’s creatures! It’s sad that we humans (the most cruel animal of all) can’t rise above all that and realize we are all here together and it can work if we try….. :-(

  22. This is unbelievably sad. Pups?!

  23. Something is really bad when these people are killing pups… there is no scientific excuse to “control” and protect their interest when they reach this kind of hatred. So terribly sad!!

  24. I think I’m gonna cry now. Those poor wolf pups. This is horrible, to think that people are purposely killing innocent young wolves. May those poor little wolf pups rest in everlasting peace…they did not deserve the horrible deaths that they got…

    • I’m so sorry NoonvaleWolf.. it’s a grim time. We all knew this would happen if the states ever got control of the wolves and now it’s coming true. And to think they were brought back for this???

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • It’s bad enough that they even have wolf hunting and trapping, but to allow the slaughter of these pups…that’s insanity! I’m gonna make a Wolf Pup Memorial video, and hopefully that will make people aware that these innocent wolf pups are being slaughtered!

  25. As a person from the UK, I read this with shock and sadness, is there a reason to do this killing or is it just for fun/sport? So so sad.

  26. Anyone who can look down the barrel of a gun at an innocent, trusting, vulnerable baby of a sentient species and can pull the trigger is broken.

    It is inhumane, egregiously cruel and indefensible. It is true cowardice of a malicious kind. No matter what they tell themselves or anyone else, this is not sport, they are not defending anyone or anything by these actions. There is nothing remotely brave about killing babies.

    The inability to figure out how to co-exist with another species who keeps our ecosystems healthy and balanced and whose home we have invaded and abused, is beyond comprehension.

    Our modern day dogs came out of the wolves. The wild wolf cousins domesticated into the one species on earth whose entire existence is to be with and love us in one form or another, even when we are unlovable. Fido, always faithful. If we wiped out all the wolves we would never have known these incredible domesticated wolves who became our dogs.

    My point is that, killing everything you don’t understand or may not like is not the answer. We interfere with nature too much.

    Words cannot express the outrage and sorrow at seeing what human animals did to these wolf pups.

  27. I want to commend all of you fighting for your wolves, we feel the same here in Africa about losing our Rhinos to poachers, even though the government is against it and does it best to stop it the money involved is horrendously immense which ensures that these savages just don’t stop hunting.

    However, your Government legalises this killing which just blows my mind, I cannot imagine what they are thinking, and its not even done humanely. I do not understand what they are thinking, there must be another way to control what they perceive as a problem.

    Haven’t THEY encroached upon the wolfs territory and what allowance has been made with regards to the wolves for that! I salute those who own land and have made peace with the wolves and have a no-kill policy.

    How hard a soul must you have in order to kill pups or any animal for that matter?

    If one can do that in our “evolved” society then how much value does that person have on life itself?

    The awakening has become…. people are not shutting up and are fighting for those who have no voice…. this is just the beginning, tecnology is there for a reason. If we, who care, join together our voice shall be heard as one and in time we shall overpower, in peace, with our voices… the agressors and opposers of those who simply want to live peacefully on this earth, to look after it, nourish it back to health and protect those who cannot protect themselves against the so called “most intelligent” species on earth – the Homo Sapiens;

    The modern species of humans. Archaic forms of Homo sapiens probably evolved around 300,000 years ago or earlier in Africa, and anatomically modern fossils are known from about 100,000 years ago. All humans now living belong to the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens. The closest living relative of Homo sapiens is the chimpanzee.

    Its a shame we evolved… truly who would have thought of the damage the human would have done to the earth and its animals from which it gets its sustenance…. I say “shame on you” to those who do not care, SHAME ON YOU!

    • Thank you Linda for describing the situation perfectly. Our wildlife is controlled by fish and game agencies who make money off hunting and licensing fees. It’s an obvious conflict of interest. In the Western US, wildlife advocates have no voice on how animals are treated. The only way to get the attention of the states is to file lawsuits, which unfortunately were nullified by the Western politicians, who did an end run around the court system to please their ranching and hunting buddies.

      I think often of Kenya and how they protect their wildlife, going so far as to kill poachers when they must. They know that eco-tourism is the life blood of the country and their wildlife means nothing to them dead. In the US the hunting and ranching lobbies are so strong they hold almost total control. That has to change and it is changing. Unfortunately they are trying to kill as many wolves as possible in Idaho before we can take any positive steps to help turn this around. There won’t be another reintroduction of wolves in the US. The wolves we have are the only wolves we have. But I’m an optimist and we can’t always see the future. The Ninth Circuit could rule any time and stop the hunts. We are all working to save these animals but it’s a tough challenge.

      Thank you for writing all the way from Africa. I hope South Africa stops the canned hunts of lions. I saw they changed a few rules but it looks like it’s still status quo.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  28. I cry to read of these precious babies.

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