Black Tuesday…

November 17, 2011

Dear Friends,

 More than ever, Idaho’s wolves need your voice to speak for them.

 On Black Tuesday, November 15, 2011, a five-month trapping and snaring season began. Anyone who has taken a brief course taught by professional wolf killers can now strangle or mangle wolves all winter up until March 31, 2012, in the Middle Fork Salmon River, Selway, Lolo, Panhandle or Dworshak-Elk City Zones. Up to 10 wolves can be taken by wolf trappers.

 Idaho trappers are celebrating and the media is playing up to them.

 Wolf killers want all of Idaho open to trapping and snaring. As of today, 127 wolves have died since August 30th, including at least 32 pups & yearlings. At least 1/3 of reports don’t even list the age of the wolf.

 Idaho’s political fist (our red legislature, ranchers, big game outfitters, trophy hunters) aims to reduce wolves to 150 or less in Idaho. It has been a hard pill to swallow to see the Obama administration support this jihad against wolves in Idaho (and Montana and Wyoming).

 We strongly suggest that you be extremely careful going anywhere in Idaho with your family, dog, or horse. The people who attended the trapping and snaring classes were sent home with a free snare “for practice”. Snares can quickly choke to death anything that has the misfortune to be caught in it.  Bolt cutters (how many of us carry those?) are the only tool that will cut the cable in time to save a life.

 Outrageous? Yes. You might encounter traps and snares anywhere. They can be legally set within 10’ from the middle of a trail. No warning signs required. Carry bolt cutters (cost $50). Always hike or ski with three people in case your dog is caught in a trap.



 IDFG Director Virgil Moore: (208) 334-3771

 Jon Rachael, IDFG Wildlife Dept. (208) 334-2920


 Governor Butch Otter office – (208) 334-2100

Leave message with secretary.



Tony McDermott, Chairman
Panhandle Region Commissioner
Fred Trevey, Clearwater Region
Gary Power, Salmon Region
Randy Budge, SE Idaho Region
Kenny Anderson, Upper Snake Region
Bob Barowsky, SW Idaho Region
Dr. Wayne Wright, Magic Valley Region

 Wolves don’t have cell phones, they don’t have email. We are their only voice. Please speak up!

A Concerned Idaho Resident


leg hold trap cruelty


Photo: Courtesy all creatures

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  1. Trapping is sacrilegious, outdated, and barbaric
    and has no place in the 21st Century.

    •’s animal torture, animal cruelty. The wolves are suffering tonight, how many have been trapped and snared since Black Tuesday? How many wolf pups are slowly choked to death in snares. How many animals are writhing in agony in a leg hold trap, chewing off their limb to break free? Raise your voices, keep calling the Idaho numbers listed. Use Twitter and Facebook…we want this story to go viral. Only then will America find out the truth because the mainstream media is ignoring it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Filthy Bastards,I hope they all rot in Hell !!!

  3. How did this come into rule? Is this a state law? Or a national law?
    Probably state. Ranchers hate us & we hate them……the wolves
    suffer for it.
    Sandi, Santa Fe

    • Sandra, this happened because the Dems caved in and passed the wolf delisting rider in April. These wolf killers in Idaho and Montana wouldn’t be killing wolves now if the Senate and President hadn’t kicked them off the ESA in a budget bill. The coward Senators were so sneaky, they didn’t want to do it openly, they knew it would make them look bad. AND the reason they did all this? To save Jon Tester’s Senate seat, so they could hang onto their slim Senate majority. To hell with Idaho and Montana wolves, those Senators want to keep their jobs. Well, in 2012, make sure you vote every single one of them who betrayed wolves and the ESA, out of office. They are beneath contempt.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. emailed and called everybody….this is all so very disturbing !!!

  5. This is madness!!! Calls will be made but mad people do not listen, they enjoy this aberration!

  6. There was a dog, a pet, caught in a body trap in a nondesignated area in a Dane Co.,Madison Wi., within a county park. The dog died. I’m becoming very concerned over not just the wolf issue but guns in general. . They are being shoved down our throats in the name of big bucks.-no pun intended. This country is going to hell in a handbasket .Where is Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty?

    • Bobette: We could use Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty right about now. This country is going downhill fast.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • http://www​.youtube.c​om/watch?v​=31It7xZSD​gA

        Fur Bearer Defenders’ UTube video on how to open traps.
        There may be people planning to visit the park who want to be prepared, who haven’t seen this or other how to clips.
        I wish I had something concrete to report. Still working.The letter is now a campaign proposal. I’ve exchanged with an interested lawyer who will review content when and as it’s ready.
        I decided to compare treatment of wolves (wildlife) with the treatmnet of Indigenous and Black peoples. I’ve been collecting images of hangings. I found that an elephant was hung by a mob, early U.S.20th century. I thought I was way out in left field but I see PETA has undertaken a similar campaign, same kind of images. Born Free Canada will read and advise and I believe endorse. I’ve spoken to the rep. Then to HSUS for same. I’ve started costing. So far a few people will contribute.The idea is to remove Yellowstone, a world heritage site, one of the world’s largest in tact wilderness eco systems and a living laboratory where ground breaking research is ongoing, from local control, and to end sports hunting and trapping in the park therefore, by a joint legal action involving the international community, possibly indigenous people and others. The lawyer I’ve exchanged with said it will take time to determine if these groups can bring action but he’s interested to find out exactly that. I was collecting trapping images last evening. The animals are always so pathetic. Trapping is a crime.This problem isn’t going to go away tomorrow. A lucky meeting today with History Canada film makers preparing a film on a Huron city really, 3000 people near Stouffville destoyed after contact. They’re interested to have a look when I’m done.
        For the Wolves

  7. Me & my whole family wouldn’t go to that country for a holiday or anything, until that country can learn how to respect animals & stop acting like immature little brats. Younger people have more brains to know not to do this, I’m do disgusted in any country that does this, sorry but I dis own countrys like that!!

    • Thank you Liana, you get it. Boycotts are powerful tools. They use them all the time internationally to get countries that are doing terrible things to stop. They’re called sanctions but they’re basically boycotts by governments against governments. We can’t reward cruelty by looking the other way.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. America is a disappointment when they do no longer support all the voiiceless and brave wildlife and the poor and middle class.

  9. I can’t stand control of people over other people. And I get furious when it concerns animal abuse/murder. This demonstrates the absolute disrespect, not only about wolfs, but for all living beings!

  10. what can i do to help or any one who wants to help are there really any good ideas on how to stop this god bless the wolves

    • Suggestions Jon. Visit Howl Across America and organize a rally in your hometown and protest the wolf hunt. Write letters to the editor. Use boycotts, don’t buy another Idaho potato. I go out of my way to buy potatoes that aren’t grown in Idaho. Don’t visit Yellowstone? If the wolf extermination plan passes in Wyoming the wolves in Yellowstone won’t be safe either. We have to make a statement that we’re not going to put up with this bs. They’re killing America’s wolves and rubbing our noses in it.

      We aren’t helpless but we have to get organized.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Yes and I believe that wolves and wildlife if a resource, are a public resource, and not the preserve of minority self interested groups, sports hunters and ranchers, and that, that is a legally defensible position to be taken against them. Commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good, in this case America and Americans. That means if the majority of people find trapping and sports hunting in Yellowstone infringes on their use and enjoyment of publicly owned wilderness land, trappers, sport hunters and ranchers, who use other than non lethal controls, can be sued and made to desist. How much greater would such an action be if the international community may legally participate in the action on the the grounds that Yellowstone is a World Heritage site. Wether or no I believe the Minister of Environment for the EU, Janez Potocnik, who recently prevented Swedes from killing wolves, will be willing to do what ever he can by way support.
        For the Wolves

  11. I am not American, but I love wolves, and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit Yellowstone park to see these amazing animals in the wild. I am discusted at the barbaric treatment the wolves are getting from some Americans, and find it hard to understand how a country could destroy an animal that is part of their history, and has been there longer than they have. I would now have second thoughts on visiting America and giving my money to a country I find hard to respect. I wonder how many other people/tourists are being lost for the same reason ?-

    • I don’t blame you Mitch. Spend your money someplace that doesn’t make the torture of animals legal. I’m ashamed that this is going on in America. There are so many good people who care but it seems the heartless are in charge of our wildlife and they are using and abusing them to make a profit off their lives. This has to stop and it will, it’s just gong to take time.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Do these people have dogs??? A wolf feels the same pain as your dog would if caught in a trap ! Not having a relationship with a human does not give it a different nervous system for petes sake ! Anyone who would do this to any animal has got to be a sociopath.

    • Well said Ann. They somehow have decided it’s OK to torture the dog’s wild ancestor. Wolves feel everything a dog does. Can they picture their beloved dogs in a leg hold trap or a choking snare, chewing off their leg to get free or slowly and painfully being strangled? And the howling in pain that must be going on when the wolf is stuck in a trap, with their families around them, is just beyond anything I can wrap my mind around. Some of these trappers who want the wolves’ skin (I’m not going to call it a pelt) will stomp them to death so they won’t damage the wolf skin. Can you imagine stomping a trapped animal to death? Yes sociopath is a good word. No empathy, no caring. Just evil.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Every person reading this post needs to send a letter to the Idaho Fish and Game department, the Idaho senators, and the tourism department. As a lawyer, I was tempted to write something much lss emotional but I am too emotional. It takes some time to devote but it is absolutely imperative to send a letter to each of these departments and to send them daily and to get your friends involved. This is the letter I wrote.

    Your wolf trapping and snaring program is nothing short of disgusting and short sighted. Its barbaric, cruel and outrageous. Anyone who has seen an animal in one of these horrific contraptions and can sanction this kind of suffering is without morals, conscience or a sense of respect for living creatures, never mind the pack oriented, family animal that a wolf is. I am appalled and outraged. If you have not seen an animal in a trap or snare and work in Fish and Wildlife then you need to actually watch an animal die in one of these traps or see the hunters who kill them. I spoke with some of your staff to ask them if they knew what traps and snares did and they would not talk about it, Hear no evil see no evil attitude. Your staff should be made to watch one of these disgusting traps or snares and witness this. Its revolting and easy now…. you can go to you tube where the hunters are already posting their cowardly “warrior” videos of wolves suffering and dying. Want to see pian and suffering? Watch a wolf howling to its mates while it tries to eat off its mangled leg, while its caught in a filthy mud puddle after hours on the freezing wet cold. What kind of people promote this torture. How sick is this? God help you, shame shame shame on you. I make this promise to you. I will personally devote some time of each of my day to ensure my senators and yours receive as much mail as they can against this barbaric practice, I will post everywhere I can, I will boycott any and all Idaho products, I will ensure all of my family, friends and business parters and acquaintances know of your state’s cruelty in implementing this newest abomination against its wildlife. I will in short do my personal best to advertise your policy and in the long run you will be remembered for your cruel, outdated, and outrageous treatment of some of the world’s most majestic animals. Think of your own dog caught in a trap or snare and the pain it would feel in this death. Wolves are the ancestors of dogs and they think and feel just as much as your beloved pets. Shame, shame, shame on you.

    You need to end trapping and snaring of wolves immediately

    Louise Kane, producer, JD, MA
    Massachusetts, former traveler to Idaho

    • Louise….what a terrific letter. Ann S. from NIWA wants to know if she can use it in the NIWA (NORTHERN IDAHO WOLF ALLIANCE) newsletter. I would also encourage you to send it to several of the Idaho newspapers, online and snail mail.

      Here’s a list.

      Idaho Mountain Express
      591 First Avenue North
      P.O. Box 1013
      Ketchum, ID 83340
      Bonner County Daily Bee
      Phone: (208) 263-9534
      Fax: (208) 263-9091
      Mailing Address: PO Box 159, Sandpoint, ID 83864
      Physical Address: 310 Church Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864
      Post-Register, Idaho Falls
      Idaho State Journal
      Pocatello and SE Idaho
      305 S. Arthur, Pocatello ID 83204
      Press Release E-mail:
      Letters to the Editor E-mail:
      The Times-News

      Box 548, Twin Falls ID 83303
      Phone: 733-0931
      Limit letters to 400 words. Longer letters will be shortened. The Times-News reserves the right to edit all letters.
      Idaho Statesman
      1200 N. Curtis Road
      Boise, Idaho 83706
      MAILING: Rocky Barker, Environment; Pete Zimowski (?) outdoor editor P.O. Box 40 Boise, ID 83707
      News (main office) (208) 377-6449 FAX 208/377-6449
      The Coeur d’ Alene Press
      Phone number: 208-664-8176
      Address: 201 N. Second St
      Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814
      Letters to the editor:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to speak out for wolves!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. This is so downright cruel. I hope that these trappers get caught in their own snares and traps and that noone is around to free them!

  15. Only chicken shits trap Wolf’s. What’s the purpose, a nice fur for your floor. The meat would be like eating a dog. How would you like to be caught in a bear trap, with no way to call for help. A slow death for sure. Think about it….

    • hi my name is mr phillips and i am a cattle rancher that deals with wolves in montana ever day and i feel there are better ways to deal with the canis lupus other than killing them.

      • @Jon and also Nabeki — Jon, we need more ranchers like you who are willing to consider coexistence options, instead of hunting. What/where is your ranch, and what if Wolf Warriors did some sort of feature on it? If you are using predator-friendly practices on your ranch, you should tell us so that you can avoid being hurt by the boycott. Your testimony would also help show that ranching without killing wolves is possible.

      • I read your post early this afternoon. I decided then I would respond as soon as I got back to a machine. It takes courage to speak out in the company of angry and determined people who oppose your views. I also thought you can’t be the only rancher who feels that way. There must be others who are wary of, if not intimidated by this situation who are glad that a fellow rancher has broken the silence.Thankyou Mr. Phillips. The wolves thank you. They’re just creatures living their wilderness lives.
        For the Wolves

      • hi Charlot i have never been scared to speak out about wolves i have loved them ever since i was a child all 3200 acres i have has been in my family for over 60 years . we are all cattle ranchers and thats how we make a living my grand father has passed down not only his land but his love for the canis lupus i know there are better ways to deal with wolves i have more bear problems than wolves and yes other ranchers are pissed at me because i will not allow hunting on my land since lately its all about killing wolves i love to hunt my self and wolves have never been on my list over the years i have had alot of problems with bears killing other wild life and not eating all off there kill witch in turn cause dease in my cattle with out the wolf eating the remains i know for a fact i would spend more money. every so often i loose cattle to wolves but not enough to break me there is one thing i have found that will help keep the wolf away from my cattle and that is allowing jack asses to roam with the cattle there not very nice to wolves or bears but good hereading animals i allow the wolves to run free in my land and its been that way for many years we all need to learn how to live with them even as a rancher many of my fellow neighbors know if i catch any one trapping or hunting on my land they will be shot on site.Charlot there are other ranchers that feel the way i do but can not afford to speak out in fear of retaliation but at least they to do not allow hunting of wolves on there land. for as long as we have meat eaters i will always make money. I wish you all the best of luck with your cause and god bless.

  16. We have been having a wolf war for the past week in my local paper here in Colorado. I defended wolves repeatedly, gave them the truth and the science, and still people commented that wolves are wanton killers, kill for sport, and are decimating elk herds. I have already written a letter to the editor giving the facts on the wolf hunts, but few people seem to be listening. I got one phone call from a lady saying she was heartbroken and disgusted and we have become friends. The hunting columnist said wolf advocates are whiners who don’t have to live with wolves like the poor ranchers do, hunters and trappers have to control these nasty thrill killing beasts, and so on. I have been educating about wolves for 40 years, but I am at the end of my rope these days.

    • Judy, you should ask them how ranchers are impacted when for example, 26 cows were lost to wolves in Wyoming in 2010 BUT Wyoming ranchers lost 37,100 cows to NON-PREDATION in the same year. Wildlife Services killed 40 wolves in response. If anyone thinks 26 cows can put ranchers out of business I have a waterfront condo to sell them in Arizona. It’s BS, always has been BS.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. Overall, the powers that be, Congress, doesn’t give a damn about our wildlife and/or the
    environment, etc. because our elected officials are part of the l% and we are the 99%. 50%+ members of Congress are millionaires and are getting wealthier by the day and “IT’S NOT BY SAVING WILDLIFE, THE LAND, THE WATER, ETC”. I’d venture 99.9% of our elected officials are corrupt – it’s all about “who does what, to who, for how much?” It also helps that government (federal and state) is able to bullshit the people because the North doesn’t know what the South is doing, nor East and West. People on the east coast don’t know what the BLM is and/or that it comes under the DOI. Wild horse round-ups in Wyoming and Montana are conducted by the USForest Service (under the
    Dept. of Agriculture). Go figure.

    I bombard my friends in New York with information about the slaughtering of our wolves, brutal wild horse round-ups and shooting of Yellowstone bison. I also let my elected officials, here in Nevada & Washington, know exactly how I feel and where I stand. I firmly believe these animals belong to us, we the people, not Congress, the states, livestock industry, ranchers, hunters/killers, etc. I’ll continue to do whatever, whenever, forever everything I can on behalf of these “Icons of the West”.

    • Zenyatta,

      This is the truest statement. Thank you for articulating it.

      “I firmly believe these animals belong to us, we the people, not Congress, the states, livestock industry, ranchers, hunters/killers, etc. I’ll continue to do whatever, whenever, forever everything I can on behalf of these “Icons of the West”.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. They do have rights, but just as all those that can’t oppose these horrific acts, we must be their voice,even when opposition is imposed on us, that care about others, and the wolves!!!

  19. I believe every time a wolf dies a piece of history and a dog dies as well. Wolves are dogs to and people need to realize that. If they don’t realize that soon they will end up right back were they started, on the endangered species list. Most hunters, ranchers ect. have dogs right, so really if they are wolf hunting, they’re dog hunting. i dont even live close to Idaho and i care for the wolves. What they do and did is disgraceful. Lets hope they get there heads straight and soon! Bad news it goes through my bday which will make it the worst bday ever.
    For the fallen wolves

  20. Im from Africa and I am horrifed and disgusted by the barabaric rules that have allowed this savagery to take place. How on earth can these people be so inhumane as to allow, and to participate, in the unfair slaughter of these animals. If they are a problem then for pete’s sake find something that works DO NOT just KILL.

    What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE who are behind this horrific slaughter????

    Those who are the killers and those who are involved with passing the various bills, whatever to allow them to be killed are not men or women of God and their turn will come.

    To me sitting here in Africa, this spate of killing looks like its been done by a bunch of men/women who have lost their souls and their minds and are surely uneducated in many aspects.

    And what I don’t understand is that they must be outvoted by many many fellow americans, what is wrong with the people who are not standing up to this and stopping it…. WHY are you so apathetic!!

    God forgive you for your terrible terrible behaviour and one day when you stand at the gates of heaven or whichever way you think you are going, just know that YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHOICE and your choice was to follow the way of the Devil and maim, destruct and destroy.

    And you are the example that is being set to your children etc, I pity you and your families, you do not belong to this earth that loved by so many, that so many are trying to save, you are the demons that should be exterminated, NOT THE WOLVES, YOU ARE THE VERMIN!

    Your souls will go to hell and you will suffer eternal damnation for your unGodly destruction of God’s creatures, may you be judged and treated exactly the same way that the wolves have been by YOU.

    21.12.2012 – its MUCH closer than you think….. carry on…. YOUR TIME OF EXTERMINATION is near!

  21. It isn’t enough that these sadistic thugs are killing animals in a most barbaric way. They have to laugh and have a good time too. They are revolting beyond words. I hope karma awaits them.

    • Marcia
      The killers are sadistic as you say. It helps as it demoralises to bear in mind the origin of their crimes. Children innately love and defend animals until they are shown not to or otherwise made to violate them. Every killer begins as an innocent. It’s just that as children grow they must somehow takeover their own moral lives. A difficult task if you’ve been beaten and abused. Generally they are all self unaware, full of compensations, and as adults, dysfunctional.
      A good person to read and very readable, is Alice Miller, Swiss psychiatrist. Miller had no truck with conventional psychotherapeutic stuff. She writes especially about the world’s terrible offenders, about how they got to be who and what they are. She writes with insight. It helps to understand. Somebody on wiki described her as a psychologist, a bit of willful downplay.

      Miller writes in plain language with deep humanity.
      “This phenomenon doesn’t exist anywhere in the entire animal kingdom, for no animal is trained by its parents to deny its nature completely in order to become a “well-behaved” animal – only human beings act In such a destructive way. According to the reports of Nazi criminals (and also of soldiers who volunteered to fight in Vietnam), their unconscious programming to be violent began in every case with a brutal upbringing that demanded absolute obedience and expressed total contempt for the child. I know of no example of this which is so well-documented and which demonstrates so clearly the consequences of the psychological murder of children – bringing along with it a form of collective blindness – than the fateful success of Adolf Hitler.”
      Alice Miller
      For the Wolves

      Alice Miller Biography –
      ‘Superb information about the world-renowned psychiatrist and author, Alice Miller’ @

      Alice Miller dies at 87; psychoanalyst explored effects of child abuse
      Miller, author of ‘The Drama of the Gifted Self and the Search for the True Self,’ wrote about the pervasiveness of child abuse and its lasting influence.

      May 01, 2010|By Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times
      Alice Miller, a Swiss-trained psychoanalyst who won a wide American audience with provocative books about the pervasiveness of child abuse and its legacy of physical and emotional suffering, has died…
      Miller, who died April 14 at her home in Provence in southern France was 87.
      Sadly the world is full of little Hitlers. If only we were all wolves. There’d be no cows only tiny wild ungulates, we would all live according to our natures and be happier by far.

  22. What a bunch of ASSHOLES. They think this makes them look like big brave men. NOT! This is HORRIBLE to see these poor wolves in traps and snares. They die a slow and PAINFUL death, just so these ASS WIPES get there trills. This needs to STOP NOW. This CRUELTY, ABUSE AND INHUMANE TREATMENT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I have sent off 9 tweets, using Idaho newspapers pages, but I don’t know if they will get them. I am going to Facebook now. I used the photograph entitled “leg hold trap cruelty” from above. We have to find more people who will support the wolves.

    • Allan, thank you for doing this, we have to keep working to get the word out there. The local media in the Northern Rockies is so negative there is no way to get the true picture of what is going on here. Keep it up!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. Such unspeakable cruelty! And the smug, satisfied smiles of the perpetrators. Who are the people that delight in such torture – last time I saw smiles like this was on the faces of the guards in Abu Graib. Can’t we do better than that? Wolves have as much right to be here as we do – humans are many and wolves so few. Please stop this frightful cruelty.

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