ACTION ALERT: Montana Proposes Extending Wolf Hunt Among Other Things…Submit Comments Today, 11/28/11, by 5pm!!

Today is the deadline to submit your comments!!

Montana wants to extend the wolf hunt past the December 31, 2011 deadline to January 31, 2011, to give hunters more time to kill the entire 220 wolf quota. What a great group of people running the show over there.

AND they want to allow private hunters to kill wolves for miniscule depredations on livestock, replacing Wildlife Services. So basically there would be a mini wolf hunt year round in Montana. Private hunters, hand selected by the rancher, (most likely their relatives or buddies) would be called in to kill wolves. Montana is big on taking out entire packs of wolves for a few depredations. In 2010, FWP authorized the removal of twelve wolf packs.

Comment Deadline today.  Please speak out for the wolves!!!

“Comments can be submitted through 5 p.m., Nov. 28.”

Click the on the link  to comment.

Wolf Season Refinements

“Submit comments by mail to: FWP-Wildlife Bureau, Attn: Public Comment, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701.”



This specific proposal extends the current wolf hunting season through January 31, 2012 or until the specific WMU quotas are met, whichever is first. See the 2011 wolf regulations from the Hunting home page at the website for specific quotas and other elements of the wolf hunting season. Based upon rate of harvest, the Commission may consider other season extension dates.



Elements of this proposal include those listed below.

• To enhance timeliness, livestock producers would identify the hunters to be authorized.
• Livestock producers must allow a reasonable amount of no-fee wolf hunting access during the wolf hunting season.
• Hunters must have a valid wolf license.
• Hunters must report any kill within 12 hours.
• Hunters are meant to complement existing efforts by landowners and USDA Wildlife Services.
• This hunter option is not required but may be implemented with coordination by livestock producers, USDA Wildlife Services and FWP.
• This hunter option is available whenever there is no need to specifically identify the age, sex, color or identify of any wolf prior to lethal removal.
• All lethal removals by livestock producers, USDA Wildlife Services and/or hunters must be consistent with FWP lethal removal prescription.


Photo: Courtesy Flickr Commons

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  1. Basically, the extended “hunt” (slaughter) is to wipe out wolves. This is not a healthy ecosystem. If you extended other hunts – deer, elk, moose – you would wipe them out, but this isn’t done. Wolves are not an exception. Do not, I repeat, do not extend the hunt. In fact, stop the hunt. You will have healthier herds of deer, elk, moose, etc.

  2. Fish Wildlife & Game Services have turned their backs on the Wolves. Wolves have been pointed out as the Big Bad Wolf. This is a old tale that people have told for several hundred decades.
    Wolves help to keep the wildherds healthy, by hunting the sick, weak, lame and old ones.

  3. Could we not organize a protest to the White House since Obama was the one that allowed this abomination. We need to make him realize he will be the cause of the 2nd wolf extermination.

    • Obama does not care about the wolves Nette BUT this is an election cycle, if he thought he would lose votes over this it might get his attention. The problem is he has the backing of every single Democrat Senator, they all voted for the wolf delisting rider except three (Wyden, Levin and Leahy).

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Nette, there was a pro-wolf protest in DC, near the end of this past summer. Some grass-roots wolf advocates were working on organizing it and discovered that there are serious difficulties involved in putting together a protest in the capital — you potentially need lots of $$$ for insurance, permits, sanitation, and all the other things the city requires you to have. An organization called Friends of Animals, that had the resources and the legal know-how, finally decided to champion the protest and got it going. Nonetheless, I think it was fairly small … wolf advocates are scattered all over the country and it is just too hard to get a large crowd of them to DC. That is why the Howl Across America campaign was started, to encourage people to gather local people and hold rallies in their home towns. It is perhaps a more efficient use of resources than trying to get everyone to a central location, and it spreads our message far and wide. Maybe you could think about hosting one of these where you are? We had one in my home town about two months ago.

  4. Call the White House or go to Do you not know any progessive democrats? Threaten not to vote for him .

    • But we need an organized protest not a few lone voices crying in the wilderness.

      • Yes, Nette..that is the problem with grass roots movement. We need to get organized. There should be thousands of voices protesting at once. The media refuses to cover this. We are on our own and it’s up to us to find a way to get the message out before it’s too late for the wolves.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Can people not get this through there thick skulls, wolves are vitaly imortant to our ecosystym. The hunters of elk, deer ect. think they hurt that population. Thing is they only get they sick, old and the weak. They only WISH they had the hunting skills they have. Now who is the goverment siding with, the hunter who hunt wolves for fun, and the ranchers who have more livestock die of natural causes than wolves. I dont care how old anyone is, The people need a say to. My saying is “get off the sidelines and play in the game.” That is exactly what im doing. I inform people i know through social networking, talking, texting and any way i can. All i want for my bday is for wolves to be safe. but i highly dought that it will happen that fast. I have cried thousands of times since i have found out about the cruelty they go through.

    for the fallen wolves

    • They don’t care about the eco system. All they care about is lining their money grubbing pockets. The only reason this going on is to make the rich ranchers happy. And of course all the politicians are gonna side with the money, so they can get votes and kickbacks. All they are gonna accomplish is screwing up the Earth. If they could get away with it the ranchers would have all us Wolf lovers killed. If any other animal was treated this way they would slap a felony on who ever did it. Every one needs to wake up and see this for what it is.

  6. Thanks for sharing this message! Please encourage your readers to comment directly to MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks, because they want public comment until they make their decision on December 6th. It will take at least a hundred comments before they start listening to us.
    Let’s pray that the wolves get a reprieve from this horrible slaughter.
    If we succeed in doing this in Montana, maybe there will be hope for the remaining wolves in Idaho and Wyoming.

  7. these savage people…
    I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’ve called, I’ve donated, I am currently petitioning. These people just wont listen!

    But I am proud today because me and my friends tore down a hunters fort today! yay!
    (we are not in trouble though, the fort was built out of crap.)

  8. This is really cruel… if this continues we wont have any wolves left and it sad. LEAVE THESE POOR ANMALS ALONE! I mean they deserves to live just like we do.. cruel beings and they are sick too

  9. The following is an out take from a letter I sent to Obama and his senators before shooting began. Paralleling oppressed peoples and animals is a necessary comparison. In collecting images supporting this kind of statement I found that PETA has undertaken a campaign on that premise.
    A protest is an excellent idea. On reading through the history of the Endangered Species Act I find it’s true, a President can make or break the wolves. Remind President Obama that black men were once treated as wolves are now, tolerated when not tortured and brutally slaughtered.
    Let him remember these same sports hunters and armed ranchers to whom he now panders are may hap the grandsons of citizens who hung black men in lynch fire and that the traps they use are no different than the devices of torture used on men through long dark centuries of European monarchies.

    Remind him that the black race was brought to your country for no other purpose than to be slaves, that one of America’s great liberators of black people, William Lloyd Garrison, throughout years of tireless effort to wrest the liberty of black slaves from their white oppressors, wrote concomitantly on the inherent threat to safety and the offence to morality that resides in every weapon, in every gun, that Martin Luther King Jr. led black people of America to freedom and their current place of equality within your nation through the deliberate application of nonviolence, that had he not, had opposition raised by your President’s people been armed, countless blacks would have been assassinated. Black people, and in large numbers, would have been incarcerated. No black man today would seek the office of the president.

    Then remind him that the very man who led black people out of their oppression said..”One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  10. Please, Montanans – please learn to share the earth, your wonderful state with the animals that have lived there for 1000’s of years. Please see that even though you own the land, you do not own 1000’s of years of evolution – you do not own Mother Nature. Please come to understand that you cannot use the land and it’s life just for your own personal greed/needs. Please come to see that your attitude shows a lack of awareness of Mother Earth and all her creatures, and their rights to live on this planet.

  11. Killing of our noble wolves is an act
    of sacrilege against our glorious Creator!!!
    Great Spirit put these majestic creations
    upon our Earth Mother for our sisters and brothers
    to behold with awe and wonder, as living, breathing beings!!
    Not to be made into trophies and throw-rugs
    to satisfy the egos of redneck inbred country-bumpkins!!!
    Let me ask you this…
    How would like it if you were an animal
    and you were hunted and shot down in cold blood,
    then placed upon a mount to be worshiped
    as a false god by ignorant redneck ranchers,
    or caught in a steel trap or snare,
    only to be left to suffer a slow, painful death???
    Be forewarned that the pain you have inflicted upon
    these beautiful animals, is the pain that you shall
    suffer, two, to a thousand-fold!!
    And the ultimate consequence will come directly
    from the Almighty, and He is not pleased
    because of your ignorance and arrogance
    and He is very angry, because you have committed
    atrocities against His creations
    and persecuted my like-minded sisters and brothers
    because they are doing His will by saving and
    protecting ALL that is revered sacred!!
    If you refuse to change your ways
    and ban trophy hunting and trapping forever,
    you will be haunted and cursed with regret
    for the remainder of your Earthly life
    and you will stand in Judgment from
    the Great Spirit when your time here on Earth is done,
    and you would be cast into Abyss of Fire & Brimstone of Hades!!
    If you think you’re above or better than our Creator,
    then you are guilty of blasphemy!!!

    You can either leave our wolves alone
    OR secede Montana from the United States Of America,
    as the 41st state, along with Idaho, Wyoming and other
    anti-wolf/anti-wildlife and anti-freedom states.
    We can make do with fewer stars in the flag or design a new flag,
    and/or admit the island territories of Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands,
    Puerto Rico, and American Samoa into statehood in its place!!
    Since Montana, Idaho and other backwards-minded states are
    bigoted towards those whom are not native-born
    in these volatile regions, then I see no reason why they should be a
    part of the U.S. If some of the locals are gonna
    have these outdated, barbaric, hateful,
    narrow-minded, stuck-up attitudes
    towards their fellow Americans who come from the
    east and west coasts, and/or towards those who
    live a modern or unconventional ways of life and
    don’t fall in line, walk lock-step and conform to the
    ways or status quo of the Old West.
    It’s not the 19th Century anymore!!!
    Trophy hunting and trapping is barbaric,
    outdated and has no place in the 21st Century!!!

    • Wizard…Well said!!

      It’s not the 19th Century anymore!!!
      Trophy hunting and trapping is barbaric,
      outdated and has no place in the 21st Century!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones.

      • A thousand blessings upon you. :)
        AroooOOOoOOoOOooooooo!!! :)

  12. Haven’t these butchers killed more than enough of these beautiful creatures already? When will they get into their thick sculls that wolves are part of the wild and an extremely delicate ecosystem? Montana, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    • You said it exactly right, THESE PEOPLE ARE BUTCHERS, & this is enough & has to be stopped NOW. I traveled to Montana years ago to hike, camp, & admire the beauty, but when I hear things like this being done to these beautiful creatures I feel we need to have different people in charge to be their caretakers. Not politicians.

  13. I can’t believe this!! This is barbaric! What’s their problem anyway?
    The authorities should do something!!Or at least people of Montana…
    go out there and ”FIGHT” !!!!

    • maria…we are fighting so many battles on many fronts. As soon as you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

  14. Lobbies appear to be the most effect way to introduce and implement changes to existing laws on the books. With that said, this movement needs to organize a lobby to represent the concerns introduced through this and other previous articles that have been published in support of wolf bill of rights. I firmly believe that if there is a will then there will be a way for legislation to become enacted in support of a bill of rights for the wolf. What it will require is massive public donations to pay for the benefit of this action which makes it imperative to raise the money soon. Now raising the money is not that complicated – there are unlimited avenues to pursue in that arena. here are some examples to name a few: Organize a car wash for the cause; organize a food bake, eg. cookies for the cause; organize a recycling program to donate for the cause; organize a charity drive through schools and churches and private and public organizations such as Boy Scouts of America, YMCA, Little League, The Sierra Club, local Fire Dept., etc. To make this all happen will take a lot of dedicated people to volunteer their time and energy for the cause and don’t take no for an answer – show me the money!

    • Lots of good ideas Ernest, a lobby would certainly give us a voice in Washington but one of the problems is the Dems pushed this rider through, Obama delisted the wolves in the first place and appointed a rancher to the Interior, so who do we appeal to? We literally have zero friends in Washington. The push has to come from the American people, we must capture the attention of people from all over this country. A huge demonstration in Washington, DC would be very effective but it can’t just be 40 people showing up.

      One of the problems is the grass roots movement has almost no support from many of the major environmental groups. A few are still fighting for wolves, like AWR, WEG, FOC, WWP and the Center. The anti-wolf movement has all the backing they could ever need, most Western politicians (state and local) the major hunting and farming/ranching orgs.who have joined with their grass roots movement. In our case the grass roots people are on there own. We are poorly organized. So we have a lot to work on but the wolves have almost no time. By Spring of 2012 many of the wolves in Idaho could be dead. So we are working against time. What we really need is massive media exposure of the trapping and snaring of wolves in Idaho and the decimation of the wolf population in the Northern Rockies.Where is Jon Stewart, NPR, NYT, LA TIMES..there are a few articles scattered here and there but no major outcry. This is what we have to overcome.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Don’t give up on the idea of a lobby. It can be only TBA.
        I posted a comment I’m happy to say. Some Gov’t public notice sites require a postal code that rules me out. I’m at work watching so much fur pass my desk. Everywhere, mindlessness. Eddie Lama of Fauna Vision started out with a van an a TV set. He broadcast images and sounds of animals caught in traps. People heard and began to cry. I’ve used a TV/video projection on the streets of Toronto and found sound has more impact than visuals. Anyone who can drive can do this.
        For the Wolves

  15. The intention of this proposal appears to be the complete distruction and extinction of this species. How this can be allowed to happen when their population barely allows for the survival of this species is beyond me. What will be your next target species. This policy must be stopped and any further legislation prevented. The only legislation wolves need is to be returned to protected status.

    • Lets do this, keep them all protected. Let us all do what ever needs to be done to keep these animals safe. Call into the Sect of interior & make some serious complaints about this happening.

    • You are so right marilyn…wolves cannot exist in this country without ESA protection.The states are proving this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. My comments to the Montatn FWP:

    Wolves are an important part of a healthy ecosystem. They keep ungulate herds healthy by culling the old, sick and weak. They keep herds from over-browsing by keeping them on the move. This, in turn, provides habitat for other species to thrive. I have been following the reintroduction of wolves in our western states with pride. I applauded efforts to protect and maintain biodiversity.
    Now I look on what is happening to the western wolves with horror and outrage. Wolves have, once again, become the scapegoats for discontented and angry people. This is a killing fest designed to eliminate wolves. The vast majority of livestock deaths are due to sickness and natural causes. The number of kills by wolves is an extremely small percentage in comparison. There are many ways to discourage wolf predation besides shooting, trapping, snaring and all the other inhumanities that are levied upon these important members of nature’s diverse animal population.
    I strongly oppose the current plan in Montana to extend the wolf hunt to January 31, 2012, and to allow private hunters access to wolves during the non-hunting season.
    Surely Montana’s FWP can do better than supporting killing and more killing when it comes to maintaining a healthy (not just token) population of wolves. I urge you to protect the wolves as you protect other species.
    If this plan is approved, I, and many other supporters of biodiversity and humane treatment of wildlife will be boycotting Montana in whatever way possible. Wolves are an integral part of the wild and deserve to live without species decimation and harassment by humans. People in support of wolves will be watching what happens in Montana and we will be speaking out.

    Janet Easter

    Nabeki, thanks again for this opportunity to voice our support for wolves.

    • And thank you Janet for your excellent remarks and for taking the time to speak out for wolves. I’m sure they would thank you if they could.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. My comments to the Montana FWP:

    Wolves are an important part of a healthy ecosystem. They keep ungulate herds healthy by culling the old, sick and weak. They keep herds from over-browsing by keeping them on the move. This, in turn, provides habitat for other species to thrive. I have been following the reintroduction of wolves in our western states with pride. I applauded efforts to protect and maintain biodiversity.
    Now I look on what is happening to the western wolves with horror and outrage. Wolves have, once again, become the scapegoats for discontented and angry people. This is a killing fest designed to eliminate wolves. The vast majority of livestock deaths are due to sickness and natural causes. The number of kills by wolves is an extremely small percentage in comparison. There are many ways to discourage wolf predation besides shooting, trapping, snaring and all the other inhumanities that are levied upon these important members of nature’s diverse animal population.
    I strongly oppose the current plan in Montana to extend the wolf hunt to January 31, 2012, and to allow private hunters access to wolves during the non-hunting season.
    Surely Montana’s FWP can do better than supporting killing and more killing when it comes to maintaining a healthy (not just token) population of wolves. I urge you to protect the wolves as you protect other species.
    If this plan is approved, I, and many other supporters of biodiversity and humane treatment of wildlife will be boycotting Montana in whatever way possible. Wolves are an integral part of the wild and deserve to live without species decimation and harassment by humans. People in support of wolves will be watching what happens in Montana and we will be speaking out.

    Janet Easter

    Nabeki, thanks again for this opportunity to voice our support for wolves.


    • Wolves are very beautiful part of our animal kingdom. Wish that they were understood better than these wolf-haters think of them.
      Wolves are pack animals and take better care of their packs than some people take care of their own families.

      • Yes, Barbara, that is very true. The history of the human species is so full of hatred, greed, superstition and cruelty. Sad that our numbers are at 7 billion. What is left for all the other beautiful creatures, the beautiful natural places on this earth? Far too much of so called “human intelligence” is used for destructive purposes. Pray and Protest!

  18. I was lucky enough to get the ‘strictly hunters’ page. That’s okay. They are complaining that there are too many elk or deer of something. I asked them, “Gee, ya think?!” God put the wolf here to maintain wildlife because he knew man would mess it up. I told them that put in charge of the Saharra Desert, there wouldn’t be any sand left. Anyhow…my post was the only, and I mean ONLY anti wolf slaughter on that site. The other link didn’t work for me.

    • glad to see your helping out! i will do the same.

    • Montana and Idaho who have wolf haters and wolf hunters are against the ecosystem of nature.
      Also any other state which is poaching or killing the wolves are the same way.

    • Did you have trouble with the Montana FWP link? Someone else complained about it too. I have no trouble with it. Is this the one you clicked on??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. I do not understand, why would you kill something you cannot eat let nature take it’s course.Wolves are a family pack it’s all just very wrong. Humans mess everything up. The wolves have made a positive change it can be seen. Let them do there job.

    • Tanya…it’s called “trophy hunting”, kiling for sport, blood lust, enjoying hunting and killing animals. It’s a sick pastime and needs to be outlawed. Our wildife are suffering right under everyone’s noses.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. I am hoping that although many people ‘blast’ the bad guys (hunters) here on this forum that they do take the time to also write CALMLY at the embedded links. just spewing hatred and discontent at officials does nothing but make those officials turn their heads away. remember they are people too and not all of them agree that hunters should be allowed to murder/kill wolves. tempers run high on this topic but we can not win if we don’t take time to word things as intelligent, caring human beings. if ranting and raving is all the officials hear – they are bound to ignore it all and let the hunters kill as many wolves as they can aim their gunsights on!

    • What do you consider “ranting and raving”? Cruelty is cruelty. Decimation of a species is wrong. Many hunters and ranchers have done enough raving of their own and look where that got us. I agree with the idea of a measured and intelligent response but if there are members of Montana’s FWP and other officials that think this killing spree is wrong, let them add their voices to the protest.

      • My comment on ‘ranting and raving’ was aimed at those who say things such as kill the hunters, wanting to ambush hunters in the field, they should all have their families targeted/killed…. etc. we ALL need a place we can vent our frustrations on. however, when you (general ‘you’ not specific ‘you’) are trying to make a point to officials, be they cops, hunters, wildlife organizations, fish and game officials, etc… then we need to state clearly and concisely why ‘our’ view point is better. hitting anyone over the head with the proverbial 2 x 4 does nothing in the legal wars but calm, cool, informed personal opinions does!

  21. Wolves help regulate the eco system by hunting only the weakest, sick, and elderly, therefore leaving herds stronger. Extensive scientific study of the environment and wildlife has shown wolves definitely do not cause a decline in elk, moose, deer and any other animals. Wolves breed only enough pups that their area can sustain therefore they never overbreed or over populate. They don’t attack humans unless greatly provoked by humans extreme actions and threat of harm against them. Their are many available safe, humane and nonharmful deferents to keep wolves away from cattle, and private land with pets and people. There is absolutely no reason to shoot  or kill wolves. For any proven cattle killed by wolves, their owners are reimbursed full market value. And very few cattle die from wolves (50 or less) than the 5,500 to 5,800 that die yearly from different unclaimed causes. Wolves ARE an endangered species. THEIR numbers have dwindled drastically by man’s hunting and taking over the lands of their natural habitats thus pushing them to extinction.

  22. Agreed! Personal threats and foul language have no place in the discussion.

  23. Please everyone that took the time to comment here use the link Nabeki provided and take a similar amount of time to write a letter to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Department. Janet’s letter is very well written, concise and polite. I hope that all of you will write and call, that is what will help.

  24. It is a despicable travesty this occurred at all. Enlarging the travesty is an idea from the bowels of hell. What amount of carnage & depravity would satisfy you?

    • Lynn, I agree with you. It is these wolf haters , ranchers, politicians and governors are the reasons why the wolves are being killed.

  25. I also completed the Survey – both parts – I am not sure I was as polite as some of you might be or have been – I said what I felt and thought about this Blood Feast they are having up there. I told them I thought it was totally unnecessary and just fun for the Wolf Haters – and that that Rider should not have ever passed in the first place – also told them that I don’t see how those Hunters sleep at night – to they not honor Life? Maybe I was rough – but I am past the point of being polite and nice – I did not wish them death or call them names – but I told them that true Human Beings would not kill Life – they did not create it they don’t have the right to end it – especially if it is a benign animal like a Wolf. We have done nothing being nice – the so called “Boycott” has not stopped anything and the Court apparently just can’t decide if they want to honor the Constitution and go by that law or rather be out hunting a Wolf – I do not understand them taking all this time while the killing is going on every day –

    Yes – a Warrior treads lightly until it is time to fight – then he/she draws the Sword and fights – and people that can kill animals are immune to politeness and respect.

    I am sure there are worse letters than mine – but I will not sugarcoat my words for Killers.

    • Thank you Morrigan, I know it’s frustrating but we have to keep plugging away at everything they are throwing at us. When I think of the wolves caught in snares and traps, strangling, freezing from the cold weather, with no shelter or food, it literally breaks my heart. The cruelty is stunning.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I would like to see what these trappers and hunters would do if they were in the same situation as the Wolves are.
        Being trapped and hunted down like a Wolf. They would not like it. What can you expect when wolf-haters and wolf-hunters are allowed to do what they are doing.

  26. Is there a glitch with the comments section or survey on the gov site? I can’t get in no matter what I try – It just says Thank You for Taking the Survey – but I never even got yo see the survey – frustrating!

  27. this is butchery for sheer greed and hatred. It needs to stop

  28. This massacre must end, how much longer! How can people be so hateful!!

  29. I have sent a long, thought out letter to both the current presidential site and the dept of Interior. I doubt my word alone will do anything but I am hoping and praying that if enough ‘single’ vs ‘large lobby group’ people write, maybe at some point it will be understood that the majority of people do NOT want the killings to continue. nor do we want them to restart at a later date. It has been noted here and other places that if the wolf hunt contines, wolves will be wiped out in those areas. wolf haters will look at that and say ‘yippee’ the big bad wolves are gone! yet, most of us will cry for the loss of a beautiful and much needed species. my heart aches. I will continue to write to the different government entities listed on the ‘take action for wolves’.

    • I wish that there would be such a big snow storm that blocks the roads and keeps these hunters and wolf killers bottled up and can’t move.
      Or a big fire which would keep hunters away from the wolves and keep the wolves safe from the fire.
      I am just wishing and a hoping. There is only one solution for the Wolves and that is with our prayers to our Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name.

  30. Wait til’ people say the Red wolf is “recovered” and then they start hunting them. trust me if those states are doing it, other states will follow. It’s like Montana and Idaho are the “cool kids” and then other states are the wanna be’s and soon will follow asap. But i believe we can change this. I would go to the white house, montana, idaho and yell at the people responsible. I dont see them extending hunting seasons for any other animals. what do they have against wolves? Aparently they are un-educated about the balance of nature. I believe if you inform every single person you know, they will tell other friends most likely. Tell people you know, tell people you like, tell people you hate, tell people you don’t know tell the world. People need to know about this discraceful act that will eventually bring america to it’s knees if not someone doesn’t get it through there thick heads.
    I know all of you understand what i mean.

  31. I just went to several ‘anti wolf’ sites. biggest theme seems to be loss of elk, deer and livestock. yet when you research more you find that the numbers of prey animals do cycle with or without wolves around. also, even though numbers of livestock due to predation are still small compared to the losses by other means – the anti wolf people (including researchers?!!!) want to show how graphic and horrible the deaths are of all prey. I’m sorry but did anyone say predator’s (of any type – including humans) kill prey nice and neatly? no, it isn’t a nice sight to see anything dying by being torn up (or locked in a trap/snare) and I could wish that prey were all killed prior to consumption but I seriously doubt that wolves are the only predators that kill this way. and again, research further shows that even when prey is partially eaten (alive or dead) most of the time the wolves do come back if the prey hasn’t been snatched away by the almighty human! This same human who removes the carcass so the predator can’t come back to it – will use this carcass as proof that wolves don’t come back!!!!

  32. I am having a hard time trying to figure out why certain humans have de-evolved into a prehistoric caveman. The claim is that humanity is civilized and evolved, I truly see how evolved they have become. They enjoy killing because it is a thrill for them, they enjoy killing anything they deem unacceptable in their eyes. Yet humans kill more then any other living creature on the planet and they say it is okay, even killing their own kind is okay, if they are told to do it. Only humans destroy, only human greed compels them to take what ever they want no matter what the consequences are. There is a reason why we call it the web of life, destroy the web and you will destroy humanity. Narrow minded people know only how to destroy.

    • They haven’t devolved. They haven’t changed. Take a look at the history of torture in Europe. In the name of God, of the Law, on behalf of the powers that be. There are fewer readily available outlets for torture, fewer scenarios that legally provide human victims. You have to be an enlisted man and go to the Middle East. Animals it is. When not animals children, the wife. But in point of fact the progression is usually from animals to people.
      For the Wolves

      • There are people who do not understand the Wolves.
        They fear them because of Fairy Tales like Little Red Riding Hood ( which was really a porn story about a man and a littl;e girl).

        Stories like were-wolves which is not true. These are ficition. Look ate the Vampire Bat. There is a vampiore bat which lives in the Amazon and sucks the blood from cattle.
        The cattle do not change int vampires.

        Wolves are the best and most important part of our ecosystem.

  33. I entered my comments on the proposed extension and wolf depradation elements through the link provided on this site. When I finished, it just said thank you for taking the survey. It was NOT a survey I took, but spend long hours composing my comments to protest this legislation. What gives with that?
    I’m frustrated with sites that ask for help, then do not work.

    • Mary….you were on the right site. The two proposals aren’t legislation, they are Montana FWP asking for public comment on extending the wolf hunting season and letting private hunters shoot wolves for depredations. You filled out the correct form. It’s unfortunate Montana FWP states, thanks for taking the survey, it should have said thank you for your input or your comments.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Will you all resend this to your site and comments.

        Dear God, we are helpless to stop the killing of Your Creatures the Wolves. Will You please send Your angels to guard them and protect them from being trapped, shot, poisioned or gassed on their dens. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

        Maybe if we send this up to God, He will see our concerns and stop this evil.


  35. I have a jpeg of Mollie at 12 weeks. Does anyone know, is Mollie still alive?
    Fot the Wolves

  36. Nabeki, I think this whole thing is rigged. Even if the majority of commenters voted not to the extend the season. Montana fish and wild parks will anyways. They want the 220 quota filled no matter what.

  37. PLEASE, comment people! There are 68 comments on this post right now, and I’m sure there will be more by this afternoon. That’s a lot of potential people to express their displeasure with this. But all the anger, sadness, frustration in the world won’t change anything if you don’t act on it.

  38. My heart droped tears started flowing my heart is dieing inside they do not deserv e this why cant people stop see facts science backed data not politics, I want to do more to help there plight please hit me up I will never stop being a voice for them.

  39. I’ve added my two cents worth in the comment section
    and this is basically what I’ve posted:
    “You’d dare to slaughter our noble wolves????…

    And in the lower section I’ve posted that Little Red Riding Hood
    hates redneck ranchers, hunters, and trappers and loves her Wolfie,
    and she’s telling those country-bumpkins to
    leave the wolves alone a get a life ;))))))))

  40. didn’t they already meet (or exceed) the ‘quota’ of murdered wolves? and what happened to the circuit court injunction? are they waiting until all our wolves are dead?

  41. I left my comment on Saturday … who knows if they will actually listen, but it can’t hurt.

    • Yes, the wolves are getting a raw deal. What can we do except to protest this evil treatment of the Wolves. Do not give up. I have been fighting for them for years. I will not give up trying to save the wolves.

      These idiots who are killing the wolves, do not know that they are to our environment.

    • I know captainsakonna…are they reading the comments, have they made up their minds already? I suspect the later, that this is just a formality and in the end they will extend the wolf hunt and they will have their little mini wolf hunts all year long in honor of the “sacred cow”. 26 cows lost to wolves in Wyoming in 2010 and 37,100 lost to non-predation. The numbers are similar in Montana and Idaho as well. It’s a red herring, a non-issue and the ranchers know it and WS knows it and the state game agencies know it but the drama continues. Wolves are under attack from every side. 1910 all over again.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

  42. They never get enough do they! Ugh… so nasty. I hope and pray they don’t extend this slaughter.

  43. Montana is sure determined to make sure 220 wolves are killed, aren’t they? Why is the Montana Department of Fish and Game, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and the Wyoming Department of Fish and Game so hateful towards wolves that they would allow them to be slaughtered by the hundreds? I always thought that the Department of Fish and Game (for every state) was supposed to be unbiased and basing their decisions on facts, but I guess that’s not the case; they are biased! Sadly, these three states are not the only states to be hateful to certain species of animals; where I live, the state Fish and Game is extremely hateful towards domestic/European Ferrets (Mustela furo). What have wolves or ferrets or any other animal ever done to deserve all the hate they recieve?!

    • In my state it is coywolves that are on the “to be killed in huge numbers” list. The big push comes from the major “sportsman’s” group. They have great influence over our IFW department because most of their revenue comes from the sale of fishing and hunting licenses. However, the Nature Conservancy is trying to change this imbalance. What I don’t understand is how the small numbers of wolves that constitute a healthy population in the western states was arrived at? These are just token numbers. How can this be changed in the face of more recent scientific studies?

      • Coywolves…are those the same thing as Eastern Coyotes? But that’s sad how they are targeted. Coyotes always seem to be the targets of slaughter. I don’t understand how a small number of wolves can constitute a healthy population either, but unfortuately no amount of scientific infomation will change this in the minds of the anti-wolf crowd, who (obviously) are the ones dominating wolf management. To quote one of the leaders of the anti-wolf crowd (his name escapes my mind at the moment) “I’m so sick of all this biology and science.” With that kind of attitude, do you really think they will listen to modern science? Sdaly, no, and our wildlife suffers because of this ignorance.

      • NoonvaleWolf, Coywolves are the result of coyotes mating with gray or red wolves.


        As for science based thinking concerning wolves, that went out the window a long time ago. The haters and fish and game agencies don’t care about trophic cascades or the importance of apex predators to the health of ungulate or forest health. The ONLY thing they care about is pleasing hunters and ranchers who hate wolves. That’s it. No science just politics.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  44. This is wrong. Man can’t control mother natures cycle. Let her do her job. This is unfair and very wrong.

  45. what would jesus do?

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