Remember The Wolves This Thanksgiving….

As we give thanks,  please remember the Idaho and Montana wolves who are suffering and dying, especially the pups who will never have a chance to grow up. I renew my pledge to do everything in my power to give their story life as they howl for justice.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  1. I pray for all our wolves! Please do the same. Thank you

    • Praying for them right now.

  2. What can we do tho? I am totally devastated by all this but just don’t know what yo do. Education won’t help these hunters. They are bloodthirsty drunks. So what CAN we do??

    • Donna…there are many things we can do that aren’t being done. Ann and I started Howl Across America to give wolf advocates a place to come together and plan rallies and protests. In the beginning people were excited about doing this but now wolf advocates seem to have forgotten about organizing rallies in protest of the wolf hunts. We have all the information on the site to tell people how to go about it. It could be as simple as making a sign, calling a few friends and standing in front of a fish and game agency. Or have a wolf education table in front of a pet shop, Linda Camac did it. The problem is we have one or two rallies and that’s it. That is not going to cut it. We need hundreds of rallies all over the country like OWS. And we could do this. If could just get people to direct their anger, their energy, their grief, their talent, their love for wolves to hold hundreds of rallies around the country for wolves. Why can’t this happen? Why aren’t people doing this? It would be picked up by the media and we would get national attention which is what we need. Everyone reading this, ask yourself why this isn’t being done, think about it.


      We can do this if every one would take the initiative. We even have Howl Across America tee shirts @ our Wolf Warriors store and many other products that can be used at rallies. If wish I could figure out why people are not in the streets, protesting the wolf hunts? In the Northern Rockies there is a certain amount of harassment people have to go through, that could be a reason but other areas of the country that’s not the case.

      Everyone think about doing this. We can coordinate on Howl Across America.

      This would make a tremendous difference. Wolves are being trapped and snared in Idaho, we don’t have much time.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, is Mollie still alive?
        Another thing to check out is an AVAAZ style online petition.
        Still working on the letter, the last quarter mile to phase 2, endorsement.
        For the Wolves

      • coriolis…who is Mollie and not sure what an AVAAZ style online petition is?

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • Style is maybe what Avaaz is not about. Millions of emails go to gov’t leaders in defense of the defenseless. You may remember an Iranian woman Sakineh who was to be stoned to death. Avaaz was a big part of why that didn’t happen. It’s a vast international group that addresses a variety of concerns, political and environmental. I receive their posts, sign and fwd all the time writing in comments to the recipient. I’ll try to find out more. Maybe you’re in a better position to do that.
        Mollie/Molly? of the Molly Pack. I found a jpeg online of Mollie at 12wks.

  3. It always seems those with the most money and influence over our government get their way. Let’s do all we can, as we have been trying, to educate people about the wolf. The more numbers we have the more likely we will influence the politicians. We can also pray very hard that nature will take precedence over a few men whose dubious reasons allow shooting of the wolves and their pups..

  4. I am with you my brother. We must continue to speak the truth and
    de-myth all the false propaganda of hate that exists in our backwards society.

  5. I’m reminded of a Steven Seagal movie, On Deadly Ground … the phrase:

    “What does it take to change the essence of MAN” …

    While I am spending time with my family, I pray to Creator to give these beautiful animals a reprieve, even if for just one day … My heart is truly heavy with their fight to love …

  6. Hello this Mr Phillips and I am a rancher in montana I have been dealing and living with wolves all my life and i give thanks to the wolves who rome my land and i do ever thing in my power to spread the word to other ranchers that there are other ways to deal with the canislupus.
    I do not allow hunting on my land for wolves for they have done me a
    great favor by keeping the sick dieased aniamals away from my cattle.
    I was out moving my cattle yesterday and i came across a man who was truspassing on my land and he had in his back pack wolf skin i asked him what was he doing on my land with out permission and all i here from him is please help me for that dum ass was caught in a bear trap and could not get out he must have put it there a few weeks ago
    for this is not the first time i caught on my land potching over the years
    i have zero tolerance for potching on my land so i took his bag and guns and left him there to rot or naw his own leg off i think tomorrow if hhe is still there i will have to call the law to remove him where i come from you truspass you get shot on sight. so i give thanks to the wolves aand maybe they will find this basterd i hope to of at least put a smile
    on the faces to who ever is reading this post and to those who want to truspass you have been warned you crazy wolf hunters know who i am
    god bless the wolves on this day.

    • I’m smiling Mr. Phillips. Thank you. Let’s all pray for way too much snow, some peace for the wolves over Christmas and a pro wolf blitz in the New Year.
      For the Wolves

      • believe me i pray every day for the wolf to have some peace lots of snow would be nice god bless

  7. I send my prayers for these beautiful creatures and their defenders. Thank you for all you do, Nabeki and you all.

    • You welcome Iwona…I wish I could do more, wolves are still dying and the Ninth Circuit has not spoken.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

  8. Doing all I can – praying & thinking positive thoughts for “our” wolves.

  9. Me too doing what I can since I can’t get to rallys… I am thankful for these wonderful animals, and will be even more thankful when they are not longer killed

    • Brigid…I hate to keep harping on this but if you know someone in your area that would be willing to start a protest against the wolf hunts, you could attend that. It doesn’t have to be big but it would help so much if everyone on this blog held their personal protest.Or it could be a candle light vigil in memory of the fallen wolves. I think that would be very powerful.It would certainly make the news and maybe help to break through the “wall of silence”. Pass the word along to everyone you know about what is happening to Idaho and Montana wolves, especially the trapping and snaring in Idaho.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

  10. we do this thing on thanks giving, where we put something that we are thankful of, on a leaf. Mine this year, was that wolves are still here. though I am aware that more and more are being killed, it is very devastating. But im doing all i can to help

  11. I hate to sound so negative, but after 234 innocent wolves have been killed in gruesome ways and there is no respite in sight, it is obvious by now that prayers are not going to help them. When have they ever helped since last April? Wolves lost all the battles and they are quickly heading back into extinction. That’s the truth. We cannot do anything because people across the country just do not care enough to do something concrete for the wolves. The media is going berserk over Megyn Kelly’s comments about the pepper spray, but would not budge for the slaughtered wolves. We live in a sick world where there is no justice, just greed for money and power.

  12. Astrid By being who you are you influence others for strength and action or for abject failure. It’s hard not to feel defeat. The wolves’ history is long and tortured but you’re the only person you can control to action. Eat well, rest and ask your dreams.
    For the Wolves

  13. We truly need the media coverage. We are doing wolf walks here…and I know of a wonderful protest for wild animals that happened, 75 strong…uniting native pro wildlife rights groups in regalia and animal activists and it was not covered on local or national media. It was associated with an Occupy rally and took place in a city hall and invited politicians to attend in California. Writing and requesting the local paper and news to cover this has not worked either. If we could simply get media to cover what is happening that would mean a lot…Please understand that people are trying, people are communicating, people are teaching others everyday, but the media seems to be blocked from covering this. Who owns the media? Our local paper will cover what we write to the editor, so we have been doing that…and it is a small something. Is there anyone with connections to investigative journalists who are sympathetic to this cause, and who have primetime national coverage?


    • Tallulah…this has been an ongoing problem, the mainstream media won’t cover this story and I’ve given my opinion why many times. I believe because it was the Dems and Obama who delisted wolves the liberal press won’t cover it. They don’t want to do anything to hurt his 2012 re-election. There is an almost total media black out of this story yet they can’t get enough of Demi More and Kutchers divorce or Kim K. or any number of the vapid and pointless BS the media covers. The media blackout is disgraceful but someone is making the decision to ignore the horror. Shame on them and shame on the celebs that are supposed to care about wildlife. These wolves were reintroduced back into their native habitat only to be slaughtered sixteen years later. The major environmental groups are virtually ignoring the wolf hunts. Just AWR, FOC, WEG,WWP, FOA and the Center are involved in the appeal but the rest of the groups, crickets on Idaho and Montana wolves, They are making some noises about Wyoming but how hard is it to protest against shooting wolves on site? Not very hard, since it’s so egregious. But is anyone calling for a boycott of Yellowstone besides HFJ and few others? No. Are the merrily going to continue to visit the park when they start treating wolves like cockroaches in Wyoming? The whole situation is an utter and complete disaster. The big groups who made the deal in the first place with USFSW have been so ineffective. They could be rallying their membership to stand up against the hunts but so far, “crickets”. Now Idaho is trapping and snaring wolves, still “crickets”.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • To Nabeki and all. I continue my work on the photo/essay/letter I’ve undertaken. It’s beginning to look like something I think. Getting media coverage is definitely an objective as well as support for legal action. The pdf or a book(let) will go to people who hopefully will influence many other people in America and Europe. I’ve been taking down the worst of the images posted on this site. I’m broken by the reality of those images. I’d no idea of my ancestor’s relationship to wolves. I’ve learned the Irish, the ‘white indians’, the Welsh and the Scotts lived with wolves in their homelands. I’m glad for that. First Nations people had and have so much to tell the people who came to their land. So much was lost or taken away. Yet Olson wrote in changing times. Skinner and the American Society of Mammalologists wrote about the natural rightness of and need for predators from early in the twentieth century.That’s so proven now we say as though appreciation for wilderness and wild things had never been known. Still it’s important that science is gaining acceptance. I should have something concrete to report soon.
        For the Wolves
        I want again to ask is Mollie alive?

      • I did a search and copied the article. The addresses:

        About the (Avaaz) email petition idea, a world wide coalition of wolf advocates and petitioners is possible.There are organizations all over the world supporting wolf rehabilitation and protection.There’s a future in this kind of net search for an online organized petition/campaign. There are people all over the world who want wolves to live.

        If you’ve never seen this woman’s site check it out.

        ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress!’ P.B.
        She already has a Friends of The Animals link to this campaign.
        For the Wolves

      • coriolis…I absolutely hate the NYT article. I didn’t post it when it came out, it was that depressing. In my mind they were saying the wolf hunts are the new normal and we have to accept that. Gee I wonder where they got that idea? Probably from some of the conservation groups that seem to be OK with what’s happening in Idaho and Montana. The entire article smells of defeat.

        On the other side of the spectrum I love Pia’s website, we need millions more like her and I suspect there are millions and millions that believe in animal rights. She is doing great work.

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

    • I notified the local paper about the protest in Bozeman, by merely submitting it online as a community calendar event, three weeks or so before the rally. I did not contact the paper again after that, nor did I contact any of the local TV stations — and yet, our rally made the Bozeman paper three times, and two TV news spots were made about it and aired across the state. Ironically, I think the key to this success may have been the fact that the anti-wolfers came out in force to hold a counter-rally. The media love a controversy. Of course, this meant that they got their viewpoints aired too, but that’s nothing new, and it just gave them another opportunity to make fools of themselves … the juxtaposition of Robert Fanning’s quotes with mine in the paper is particularly amusing. (I’m encouraging my followers to play nice with the other side, and he’s calling us ignorant sociopaths. Whom do you think the readers are going to respect more?) So if you can find some way to make your demonstrations controversial and get people riled up about them, without resorting to violence or vandalism of course, you might get more media attention. I’ll leave you with that thought; I don’t know how you should use it, but perhaps you can come up with something.

      • captionsakonna..I feel like I’m repeating the same thing over and over about holding protest rallies but the message does not seem to be getting through.Signing petitions is not cutting it. The wolf state managers are not taking anything we do seriously and continue with the brutal hunts. I know we could make a difference if many protest were held around the country. I’m thinking of doing a few audio posts soon to make an appeal to advocates. You did a brilliant joy organizing your rally and did get considerable coverage. You were even in a New York Times op-ed. I didn’t like the story but I have the picture. I should post it here for you to see. I think your analogy on how the press works is spot on. They are only interested if there’s controversy. We’ll continue to brainstorm, we need a new tactic.

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • I did a search and found it, Nabeki. Thank you! The NYT guy took a lot of photos, and I was wondering when they were going to get used.

        P.S. Something else interesting is in the works; check your e-mail this evening.

  14. thanksgiving is a time for giving not killing. So this makes it even more ridiculous

  15. I remember the wolves as well as all the animals slaughtered in order for people to give thanks. I remember my native ancestors and how they were also murdered in order to give thanks.

  16. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. I just read the article again. Eager and ready to be pleased with some progresive fence forgetting for the moment that the balanced view is a stick on which concilliating action and more of the same brutal status quo are poised, the stick not the load is important. Edit it out if you can. I spent the night on a bad machine looking for good news and articles about wolves, crowds passing my desk. Much of what I found was dated. Of the organizations that supported wolves, Pia’s is the best, stellar. Wishful thinking aside I do think an international coalition is possible and worthwhile, if for no other reason than to generate massive mail in protest. There’s increasing awareness but I won’t go on about awareness in the same post I apologize for the lack of it. I’ll just finish what I’ve undertaken first. It will be reviewed before mail out. Pray for competency.

  17. I hope someone will be watching over the wolfs and keeping them safe. and maybe after your thanks giving maybe a little giving off turkey for the wolfs xxx
    bless you all for looking after them

  18. DANICH, thank.– Jeg forstår ikke de mennesker, der dræber ulvebabyer- og masakre på min ven ulven, disse riffelgale 2 benede, må være en anderledes race end mig, og må straffes for MORD, da de ikke kan omgås dyrelivet i naturen, de ødelægger forholdene i dyre-livet, så dyrene ikke kan finde ud af deres levemåde, og disse reffelgale dræber, giver ulven skylden for at gøre noget forkert, da det er de 2 benede har været de aller groveste mod at ØDELÆGGE ALT revir i ulvens verden, så min smukke ven, må BØDE for det. DOMstolen for disse riffel.galninger må lægge dette blod-gevær på bordet, og må føres til arest.–RETFÆRDIGHED i 2012, for ulve-drab, NU MÅ DER gøres noget, naturen skal over-leve i 10000000 år endnu. JEG elsker ulve.

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