Wolves Trapped To Death

Warning Graphic Photos

A wolf choked to death by a killing snare. This is the face of trapping, so hard to look at but in good conscience can we look away?

Every day I wrestle with what to post or not. The pictures are shocking and gruesome but necessary because they shine a bright light on trapping and snaring. I do it for the wolves who’s howls are being  silenced by this brutality.

This post is dedicated to the first wolf trapped in Idaho.  She was trapped or snared & killed on Nov 16 in the Dworshak-Elk City Zone in Unit 14, near the old ghost town of Florence. The small female wolf, killed on the second day of Idaho’s first ever wolf trapping season of modern times, weighed 80 lbs and was a subadult (1 1/2 years old). This area used to be the home range of the Florence Wolf Pack, but after heavy-handed control ordered by IDFG, that pack has ceased to exist. Florence is located in the mountains north of the Salmon River, some 15 miles form Riggins. Idaho trappers can kill up to ten wolves in the 2011-12 trapping season which goes from Nov. 15 to March 31.



by Tim Woody

Photo by Tim Woody

This is no way to see a beautiful animal.

We were rambling across the Portage flats in search of a decent trail on Saturday when my friend Mark stopped at the edge of a copse of alders. A few feet into the brush, a large, healthy wolf lowered itself back to the snow, exhausted and in pain, its right front leg crushed by a steel-jawed trap.

The wolf’s struggle was evident for yards around the wooden post to which the trap was anchored. Trampled snow was covered with splintered wood, chunks of ice, and blood spatters. But this once-powerful animal was done fighting. Its eyes watched us, but it was too tired to hold its head up and track our movements. Its breathing was shallow. We wondered how long it had been there facing its slow, painful death. There is no state law mandating how frequently trappers must check their traplines.

We wished we had a pistol, because the scene in front of us was one of dreadful suffering. A merciful bullet would have made everyone feel better. There was nothing we could do except spare the wolf further anxiety by continuing on our way.

READ MORE: http://www.alaskamagazine.com/blogs/trapped

The Art of Trapping Idaho’s Wolves


This is an extremely one-sided story glorifying trapping and snaring, and how great it is to pass this cruel & inhumane “hobby” on to your children and grandchildren. Boise State Public Radio missed the boat on this one.


Tread carefully with traps Fish & Game balances hunters, wolves, wildlife


IDFG brought in an Alaskan trapper with plenty of killing experience to spread his knowledge to wolf haters signing up by the hundreds for the trapping course.


I’ve asked a lot of you over the last several years but this is the gravest crisis wolves have faced since their reintroduction. The wolf hunts have taken an even darker turn with the introduction of snares and traps in Idaho. Speak out for them before it’s too late. They are dying at an alarming rate, 236 dead and climbing.  That’s not counting the wolves killed by Wildlife Services in 2011.


Governor Butch Otter

Phone: 208-334-2100

Fax: (208) 334-3454



Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners


Panhandle Region

Tony McDermott

 Chairman, Idaho Fish & Game Commissioner



Clearwater Region

Fred Trevey


Southwest Region

Bob Barowsky


Magic Valley Region

Wayne Wright


Southeast Region

Randy Budge


Upper Snake Region


Salmon Region

Gary Power


Idaho Fish and Game

IDFG Director Virgil Moore:

(208) 334-3771



Jon Rachael, IDFG Wildlife Dept.

(208) 334-2920  


Idaho Fish and Game General Numbers Click Here


Idaho tourism office


For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.Simon Wiesenthal

Top Photo: Hunt 101
Middle Photo: Courtesy Tom Woody
Bottom Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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  1. This is evil, cruel, puposeless and inhumane. Will mail the respective authorities in a diplomatic way. My heart aches in pain.

    • Blessed be you efforts!

  2. Very sobering image of the poor strangled black wolf. How beautiful it must have been when it was alive. Only a sadist could do this to an animal.

    • Resist…I’ve watched wolf trapping videos and they are laughing, thinking the suffering is really funny. Yes, very sadistic.

      For the wolves,

    • They only live 5 years in wild, very hard life, and agreed with you!

  3. These pictures are horrible! But you are right: they need to be shown. One can only hope that it will turn some minds around.

    • I keep posting them Gitte, even though they digust me, in the hopes the news media or someone picks them up and people learn the truth about what is happening to America’s wolves in Idaho. We are losing an icon of wildness and beauty.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

  4. Trapping is a terribly cruel method that tortures whatever happens to get caught in it. Wolves should not be killed or trapped. But setting a trap doesn’t even guarantee it kills the animal nor does it only trap the type of animal it is set for. There is absolutely no cause to trap. It tortures and maims it’s victims. It causes a slow, agonizing, terrifying death.

  5. Those that hunt – make me sick. I’m sorry to say that ….. but they do.
    If I had enough balls (so to speak) Id kill them all. I don’t even know how to use a gun. But this whole hunt is insane …… literally.

  6. Don’t lose these pictures. They should be reproduced on posters and stickers that can be put on Butch Otters campaign flyers and plastered on the front of news publications that are pro wolf-hunts! They should be put on posters and bill boards on the sides of the roads leading into Idaho, with the headline, “tourists beware!” They should be hung from the trees and along the sides of the road with the headline, “Idaho, more than just potatoes!” They should be plastered to the front doors of every entrance to the Fish & Game offices for everyone to know just exactly how they “manage” wildlife resources in the state of Idaho! These pictures should also be sent to every news publication in America and Europe, and hopefully used over and over again to inform the public about what life is really like in Idaho; and to all the conservation groups for their newsletters, as well. If I had these pictures I would make stickers and place them on ever piece of beef and pork in the grocery store, and hope that people inquired about what I was doing. I especially would not retreat with the argument that this is not right for our children to see – if that is the case than the all children should be quickly removed from the great state of Idaho. I would never hid these pictures – they tell the story and the wolves who died this way are the true Ambassador wolves. They should not die in vein. These pictures are their education, their message; the silent howls for all to hearl!!!!

    • You do know the reason people hate wolves right?? Because they kill your precious “beef and pork in the grocery store.” You know that we are the ones who provide your beef, we are the ones who have to make sure it gets to the store so your precious little family can eat. Well we have to eat too, and those cattle are our lifeline. If the wolves kill our cattle, we don’t have food. We don’t have an income! You won’t have your precious packages of beef and pork in the grocery store. Do you realize that? We kill them because we have to. Not because we want to. There is a reason they were hunted to damn near extinction; because they have no predators and they get out of control. They are in our valleys, next to our houses and schools. Would you want the threat of a wolf attacking your child? NO. We do what we have to. You are an idiot.

      • marielynn…Yes I’m so sure you’re a rancher providing all that beef and pork “so precious little families can eat”. I’m guessing you’ve never seen a wild wolf or live anywhere near one.

        Do your homework if you’re going to spout off on this blog. Less then 1% of cattle losses are due to predators but hundreds of thousands of cows die every year from non-predation.

        “There is a reason they were hunted to damn near extinction; because they have no predators and they get out of control. They are in our valleys, next to our houses and schools. Would you want the threat of a wolf attacking your child? NO. We do what we have to. You are an idiot.’

        You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Normally I don’t respond to these idiotic comments but yours was especially egregious. I live in the Northern Rockies IN WOLF COUNTRY. Wolves are not snatching children from bus stops or hanging out next to houses, although a hunter did accidentally shoot a kid at a bus stop. Get it? Wolves aren’t the problem. It’s people like you who spread BS and lies. You are suffering from “Little Red Riding Hood” syndrome, get help!

      • Marielynn – your angry, me-first attitude is why I no longer eat beef or lamb and encourage my friends and family to do the same. I have lived in the N Rockies all my life in rural areas. Give me a pack of wolves any time rather than cattle or rednecks. I have lived around wolves since reintroduction and have never felt threatened, even when being with a few yards by several chance encounters. I am not afraid of my children being attacked by a wolf, but am concerned about them being harassed & harmed by wolf killers’ and their swaggering, gun toting, loud mouthed kids.

      • Yes, ranchers do not have to kill wolves because wolves are not the problem. Ranching livestock on large swaths of land is bad for the land, the air and because of heavy-handed and cruel policies, bad for wildlife. Grazing rights on public land should be abolished. Decimation of wild species is wrong. Nothing justifies it. For this reason, I and my family and many others no longer eat beef, or lamb. So take it all off the grocery shelves because we don’t need it.

  7. This is so so sad the beautiful majestic wolves being murdered everyday they have know place to go living in fear only wanting to live there lives and raise there children my heart just breaks looking at these photos

  8. I am so sick at heart at the cruelty the human species is inflicting upon the wolves….I’d like to see them caught in their horrible death traps….

  9. Donna – Amen.

  10. What is wrong with this country? When has it become so sick? When has the media become so biased and deaf to such tremendous suffering? Yesterday on Yahoo News one of the feature articles was about an endangered baby gorilla which died at a Chicago zoo. Why does not anybody write about the 234 endangered wolves which died gruesome, painful deaths this fall and will continue to die in the following months without a word from the national media? What would it take to draw attention to the killing of America’s wolves? People do not know! We are alone, powerless and very few of us scattered all over the country and beyond. The wolves were reintroduced under President Clinton. Why has he not said anything or done anything to help them?
    Has anybody ever contacted him and asked for help? Maybe he just does not know what’s going on….

    • Astrid…my personal opinion, since this nightmare was caused by Democrats the liberal media won’t run the story. They don’t want to do anything that will hurt Obama in 2012. After all, the Democrats are the reason wolves are delisted. They voted for that budget rider en masse and Obama signed it into law. It still hurts when I think about it. The conservative shows won’t cover it because their Republican buddies want wolves removed. So we literally have no friends in the government at all. It’s up to us the get the word out and that’s why I do these posts.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • Nabeki, you are right. The democrats sold the wolves and the republicans never wanted them anyway. They are the ones who support the NRA and the like. Your posts help tremendously. People who care read them each time they sit in front of a computer. But, after this, they do not do anything. I am no better.
        How do we move beyond reading these posts and actually do something to put an end to these atrocities before it is too late?

  11. Donna’s post describes what must be done to expose the horrors of trapping & snaring. Sooner or later, the men (or women) who strangle & mangle Idaho wolves are going to post photos on the internet. Anyone that has the time to monitor Idaho media, anti-wolf blogs & Facebook sites, to watch for when this photos appear – that could be helpful. One photo of a wolf pup hanging in a snare could go a long ways to alert the public and media of the dirty war going on against wolves in Idaho.

    • Why do the silliest little videos on the web go “viral” (don’t they love this word!) and get hundreds of thousands of hits, and the atrocities that happen in Idaho and Montana get no attention?! What would it take to upload on youtube something that will catch the people’s attention as much as a silly kitten playing with a baby manages to do?

      • Astrid…you make such a good point. The apathy concerning this hunt is stunning but I truly believe people just don’t know what’s happening in Idaho and Montana The media won’t cover it, they’re too busy talking about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Somehow I think they are taking the lead from some of the big environmental groups who seem to have moved on from the hunts. It’s mind boggling.

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

  12. Poors animals what a shame to do that!!

  13. I don’t even know what to say, I’m in shock, I just can’t believe that they reintroduced the wolf to just leave them alone when they need help the most. It seems to me like a diabolical game betwen the feds and the hunters/ranchers. Like they are just measuring forces, but none of them care about wolves. How in earth can they sleep everynight knowing that a creature will be hurt in such a horrible way? How can they name God, go to church, celebrate “Thanksgiving” ? Have they no moral, no fear? I hate politicians more than ever, they are just a bunch of power hungry bastards, all of them.

  14. So these people think it’s funny to kill wolves. So if they think wolves are killing machines what makes the humans any more different than the wolves. This is not the time for people to kill wolves. laughing in the videos that those people actually put on the internet is just sick. Why are they laughing? if they saw something they loved suffering in there trap i don’t think they would be laughing. They need to sit down and use those brains of theres (if they have one) and think about that. They make me so so so so so so (many so’s later) mad mad mad mad mad mad mad (many mad’s later). Trapping is useless and barbaric and super super…. stupid dumb idiotic (many insults later) well you get the point. Stop the madness

  15. People, are cruel, brutal, and just idiots….

    Hunter: “Hey, lets go kill all that moves!”
    Hunting Group: “Yeah!”

    That’s all I’m gonna say…there are much worse words I could have used here, that I wish to use. But I want the people of this site to remain happy, and not become concerned about my anger.

    • You’re absolutaly right Wazaiyata, That’s their mentality to kill everything that moves!! And they’re so proud of themselves because, they can take a life! Pay back’s coming!!

  16. To Tim Woody on the story you told of the injured wolf in the trap,I couldnt leave the animal without helping it at all,I know you never had a gun but couldnt you have found something to tie round its mouth then you and your friend could of opened the trap,then either got animal welfare to help its leg or some how bandage its shattered leg,well I dont know something to try and get it out instead of leaving it there,maybe I just do not like to think of any animal left trapped to die.These traps are so cruel and should be outlawed they are disgusting devices that I wouldnt want to be trapped by,humans have been trapped in these devices as well as children and domestic animals.
    RIP to all these beautiful sacred wolves that humans murder,seems that humans murder animals they do not understand nor do not want too,anything they fear or cant conquer or control instead of rejoicing in its beauty..I fear for the human race ignorance the ones who poach and hunt with no feelings,may they be the ones who are hunted in the end…

    • If you read the full article, you will see that they ran across some people who did have guns and sent them in the wolf’s direction. I, too, wish they could have saved it, but they were out hiking and may have been miles from their car. Removing the wolf from the trap probably would have been illegal as well. Depending on state law, I think you can get in big trouble for interfering with traps.

      • I doubt the wolf would have harmed the men who found him. I would have approached slowly and used kind words, then opened the trap and let the wolf run off. I may not have survived but F&G would have shot it, no doubt. But, be sure wolves know when you are trying to help them.

  17. Hey Lets Kill Anything That Has A Puls! Beautiful Animals Killed…Prove’s Exactly How Stupid We Are As A Species.

  18. I sent an email to the governor and dept of tourism to protest this inhumane barbaric treatment of wolves. I hope all who commented did the same!!

  19. What is the point of trapping today? There are so many other forms of torturing, maiming, killing… why trap unless it is a slow, agonizing death you want the animal to have to go through? I wish the lot of them step in their own traps…

  20. I just posted this as a comment on YOUTUBE video of KXLY television broadcast entitled “Wolves Gone Wild” about the necessity of trapping. If you look up wolf trapping on YOUTUBE, the first thing that comes up is all this horrific “How To” stuff about trapping.

    Comment: No matter where, when or how, this kind of trapping is ALWAYS cruel and barbaric. Humans control too much of the earth already. We have to leave some wild space for other species and for the health of the natural world or we will be caught in another kind of trap of our own making.

    Will be sending messages to all the links posted.

    Thank you all for caring
    Thank you Nabeki

    • You’re very welcome Janet Thank you so much for being pro-active for wolves. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and hope advocates will continue to speak out for wolves. I’m afraid the death toll in Idaho is really going to climb due to the trapping and snaring. People will be shocked to see the number of dead wolf numbers climb. Maybe this will be the wake up call. I’m hoping the Ninth Circuit comes through.

      For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • When I look at the picture of the gray wolf strangled by the trapper’s snare, my heart cries out, “I am sorry, I am so very sorry. Why are others of my kind allowed to perpetrate this cruelty when all you wanted was to live your life and feed your young”.
        The human species spreads like a great swarm across the land, taking everything for itself. With cold, hard hearts, guns are loaded, traps are set, snares are hidden among the trees and brush where you hunt and play with your pups. Human hands have also placed mines in the lands of the world that even now maim and kill our own children. Beautiful gray wolf, once native to this land, you join the sky warriors who only fought to live. Like Chief Big Foot at Wounded Knee, your body is left twisted in agony. The bodies of your sisters and brothers are “stacked like cordwood” at the place of your dying. The ones who have killed you will place their hands on you, not as a gesture of respect or grief, but to erase you from the land they want only for themselves. Genocide, speciecide,
        ecocide. The long trail of tears.

        The world lives or dies by what is in our hearts. The lonely sound of wailing in the night will rise up until another heart hears, and another, and another. We will be as loud as the ones who maim and kill, and then we will be louder because we know that our lives are tied to the earth and that the world lives or dies by what is in our hearts.

        For the wolves, for the wild

  21. Is there a way to get the local Native American tribes involed? If some land could be set aside as a refuge, Native American land is sovern and not under federal regulations. I know the Lakota tribe has done something simular. Perhaps some of these beautiful, soulful animals could be saved.

  22. These people probably have a dog or have had a dog in the past. So they are techniclly killing a dog. What if there dog and or thing they love was in that trap. I don’t think they’d be laughing or smiling now would they. Why is the big stream media not covering this, people need to be aware. We can’t do it by ourselves. On facebook i post things and no one comments making me think they don’t care. People say i can’t do ANYTHING considering were i live. WHAT IS THE POINT OF TRAPPING CAN ANYONE TELL ME! CAUSE RIGHT NOW IT SEEMS PRETTY USELESS! What will happen after there are no wolves to kill, People who study wolves in the wild for a living will have no job. Not only will affect nature it will affect us as well. I read a book on wolves and there was this camper who was righ next to two guys. One came to bury his dog’s ashes, and the evil one sold wolf tags. the evil one asked him if he wanted on, The good one said “i came to bury a dog not kill one” SAVE THE WOLVES! GET THE MEDIA OFF THERE LAZY BUTTS AND GET THIS STORY COVERED. MAKE THE HUNTER/WOLF HATERS USE THOSE APPARENTLY SMALL SMALL BRAINS AND STOP THE MADNESS.
    for the fallen wolves and the pups that will never grow up

  23. My heart is screaming, THIS IS WRONG…..no animal deserves to have this happen Trapping should be outlawed.
    This is hatred at its pinnacle

  24. I suppose everybody has seen the news on Yahoo.com today and read this article: “Wandering wolf inspires hope and dread” at http://news.yahoo.com/wandering-wolf-inspires-hope-dread-094012216.html. Maybe we should seize the moment and post lots of comments and pictures and try to let people know what is going on right now in Montana and Idaho (even this is an Oregon wolf). Maybe things will start moving a little bit.

  25. There was an Associated Press piece on the internet this morning about a “Wandering Wolf” in Oregon. Please read it. There were many good pro-wolf comments after the article. I went to the AP website and sent a message thanking them for airing the piece and asked that they find someone amongst their ranks who has the courage to inform the public about the plight of the wolves out west, especially Idaho where the trapping and snaring is taking place. Told them to include photos of the maimed and strangled wolves. Please leave your comments with AP.

    Thank you

    • You are right. The Idaho and Wyoming goal is fully extinction of the wolf.

    • This is the link for the above-mentioned article:


      • Astrid….this pretty much says it all:

        In this country, we worked really hard to exterminate wolves 50 years ago or so, and there was a reason,” said Jackson, who ranches on the other side of Upper Klamath Lake from Parrish’s lodge.

        And there you have it folks.

        For the wolves, For the fallen wolves,

      • To Jackson
        What was the reason(s)? Have you considered how much has been learned over the past 50 years about the importance of wolves to healthy eco-systems? Have you considered the negative use of public land to raise cattle, which is an entirely unhealthy source of food for humans – not to mention the way those animals are treated/slaughtered? Have you considered the rights of citizens to decide upon public use of public lands for conservation of natural resources? Have you considered how entirely degenerate it is to torture innocent animals just to score some kind of “gotcha” points?

      • Thank you, Astrid, for including the link. It sounds like a lot of people are pro-wolf so why isn’t there more attention being paid to this issue? No one has the right to exterminate an entire species and no one should have the right to commit such glaring animal cruelty. The entire system needs to be brought into the 21st century. When someone’s dog is being brutalized you can report this to the local humane society and to the police. But this brutality has been fully sanctioned by the U.S. government. In my state, there is hugh coyote (actually coywolf) kill underway spearheaded by the major “sportsman’s” group. These are not sportsmen, they are not playing football. They are killing wildlife in the same cruel way that the wolves are dying. The Coyote Project is working to change this. Has anyone explored the websites that are specifically geared toward protecting the wolves?

  26. The same chemical in the brain that brings joy to a hunter when he kills an animal is the SAME chemical that gives murderers pleasure when they kill a person…..take that home ass-wholes.

    Defender of wildlife <3

  27. this is what the Christian God has called for, the complete subjugation of the Earth, and of Man and of all Beasts, and if you disagree, you need to go back and read the account of the Garden of Eden again

    • Jason, I have read that account many times, and there is nothing in it that commands man to kill animals. There was no death in the Garden of Eden; the Bible does not say that death entered the world until man sinned, as confirmed by Romans 5:12. So God’s original plan for the earth did not involve the brutal destruction of wildlife. Although people are called to “rule” over the animals, I don’t think Biblical leadership involves forcing other creatures to yield to all our whims. Rather, the Biblical picture of the ideal ruler is a servant, guide, and administer of justice for those under his supervision. See Matthew 20:25: “But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man [Jesus] did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Jesus gave up His life for beings lower than Himself, and that is the example Christians are given to follow. See also Ezekiel 34: “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and say to those shepherds, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Woe, shepherds of Israel who have been feeding themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flock? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool, you slaughter the fat sheep without feeding the flock. The weak you have not strengthened, the sick you have not healed, the injured you have not bound up, the strayed you have not brought back, the lost you have not sought, and with force and harshness you have ruled them. They were scattered for lack of a shepherd, and they became food for every beast of the field and were scattered.” Looked at in context, these verses are almost certainly figurative for the way the political rulers of Israel treated their people; however, the strength of the metaphor lies in the fact that this would be inappropriate behavior for an actual shepherd as well. “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10)

      Sadly, people have been misinterpreting the “dominion mandate” given in Genesis for a long time, to the point that “dominion” has become a dirty word in animal protection circles. This is what the Rev. Austin Miles has to say about it:

      “God essentially said that man shall have dominion over all the animals. Unfortunately, man has misread that to believe that they can do whatever they want to do with and to the animals in order to make a profit for themselves. And man thinks that the word, dominion, means that animals can be mistreated.

      Interesting, the word dominion also translates, ‘obey,’ the very same ‘obey’ as used in wedding ceremonies. Does that mean that a man can mistreat his wife?

      Another translation of that word is, cooperate. So what God is saying in those verses is that man should cooperate with the animals, AND his wife, all of which is a translation of the word, ‘dominion.’” (Mr. Miles is specifically opposed to wolf hunting, by the way.)

      So … any time you see someone using the Bible or dominion or what have you to justify wolf hunting, stomp on that. God did not put animals on earth to be abused and treated like mere commodities, and the people who say otherwise are not so different from those who, in times past, tried to twist the Bible to justify slavery or Antisemitism. I am sick of trophy hunters that give Christians a bad name by seizing on one little portion of the Bible to misinterpret and take out of context.

    • Who care? Reading a book that is largely mythological (explains the world as people saw it at the time) is no excuse for human barbarism and the killing of other creatures of this earth. What does your interpretation of the Bible say about God? It says that God gave arrogant and violent human beings the right to torture and kill all his other creatures. What kind of a merciful and just creator would do that> The Bible is an excuse for the human desire to conquer and kill.

      • Please show us exactly where in the Bible that God ‘gives violent human beings THE RIGHT to torture and kill all his other creaters.’ Obviously you have never read The Bible.
        I wrote a 10 part series titled, “God and Animals” which will put it in proper perspective, which can be seen on my webisite: http://www.revaustinmiles.com You can cut and paste the address in your search engine. Then go to Archives for October and Novembe, 2011. The entire series, in order, is there.
        Rev. Austin Miles

  28. WildEarth Guardians
    If Congress whacks Wildlife Services’ predator-control budget, it will benefit the wolves of Idaho.
    Barker: Budget woes hit livestock industries | Letters from the West | Idaho Statesman
    Budget realities hit Idahos cattle and sheep industries…

    Just found this on WildEarth Guardians

    • Janet…that’s why Montana is proposing using private hunters to kill wolves for miniscule depredations. My theory is since Wildlife Services is facing budget cuts, which would mean fewer resources to track and kill wolves…the state can get around that by using private hunters to kill wolves. The wolves can’t catch a break.

      For the wolves,

      • That certainly isn’t a scientifically defensible management plan. That’s
        just a gun crazed kiling spree with wolves in the crosshairs. This just has to go back to rational federal control but what part of the federal government is rational these days?

      • Janet…wolves cannot be without federal protection, not in this climate, it’s not compatible with their survival. Look at how fast this situation has deteriorated since the states took over? Now Wyoming wants to shoot wolves on sight and the USFWS is OK with this? The world turned upside down.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  29. im a wolf lover.from scotland ,,where they want to Introduce.wolves.back into the wild ,,i long to see that.day.happen ,, but if it encourages killin and trapping.of wolves I pray that.day.never comes.

    • Helen…I think if they reintroduce wolves back into Scotland they’ll eventually face hunts like the wolves in Idaho and Montana. Apparently there was a quid pro quo from the beginning that if wolves were reintroduced they’d eventually be hunted. They were living on borrowed time. Then Obama came along and kicked them off the ESA, TWICE. Now they’re at the mercy of their enemies. If I had known then what I know now, I would have been against the reintroduction. Those were heady and exciting times and I do cherish those memories of knowing wolves were back where they belonged, albeit occupying just 5% of their former range. But not too many years into the reintroduction the government started hassling them, collaring them and killing them for livestock depredations so tiny, they were just blips on the radar. Wolves have been hunted by WS for more then ten years, now they’re facing a public hunt AND the WS killers. It’s a horrible tragedy.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  30. This is cruel. Inhumane way for anything to be murdered! I hope no pets people or. KIDS GET TRAPPED

  31. You have people that get pepper sprayed on black Friday just for a sales item and that make the front page ofe the national news. You have wolves that are being slaughterd and inhumanly trapped and that makes no news. Wolves are a national landmark just as is the bald eagle so why dont we all stand up and support our wolf heritage.

    • It’s shocking james that wolves have been marginalized and ignored by the press. It’s a sad chapter in the countries history that an iconic species, like the wolf, was brought back to be exploited and abused. Yet not a peep out of the Democrats who made this all happen. And looking at the Senate vote count for horse slaughter, it’s basically the same Democrats who voted to delist wolves. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, our wildlife plundered, our public lands trampled and eroded by a non-native invasive species, our old growth forests all but gone. It’s a rape of the natural world and it’s escalating. Can we sit silently by while this continues?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. Has anybody read this article?


    It is sad beyond words. When is all this going to stop?

  33. Nabeki-
    It is time that everyone stopped believing that there is a “Liberal Media”.
    All of our media is owned and controlled by the same big money corporations that buy our polititians, both Democrat and Republican. The only difference is is how far right they get, with Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News calling anyone who doesn’t completely agree with him as being “Liberal Press”. They all answer to the same bosses.
    Obama is bought and controlled just like Bush was before him and anyone that thinks he is going to honor any of the pledges he made while running for president will be sadly disappointed. We have the best polititians that corporate money can buy. The only difference between Obama and Bush is that Obama can read the teleprompter better.

    • You’re right Larry…the media serves their corporate masters. It’s looking more and more like 1984.

      Great line about Obama and Bush.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

  34. this is really cruel and abusive..what the hell did the wolve’s do to deserve this torture….nothing expect being themselve’s….and to be sterlized is another…leave Wolve’s alone….try and keep…rapist';s…child molester’s and people that are committing crime’s……..I am Wolfclan…they are my Brother’s and Sister’s….they can’t talk ..but I sure can…get a life you stupid hunter’s…….these are God’s creation….too bad he …made men..who destroy…his beautiful Animal’s….

  35. Wolves in the wild only live 5 or 6 years and they have a very hard life, and also our pet dogs are the decendants from the wolf. and to torture them in a slow death is unconscienceable. if you have done this, the creator will make you responsible for your actions! these people are sub humans! Trapping on any animal is wrong! YOU will stand before the creator one day, and he will ask you how you treated his animals.

  36. Wolves are killing machines? Really? Then what are human beings? We have the worst record of torture and destruction on this earth.

    • That’s what lies and myths can do to wolves. They are important apex predators, who have shaped elk into the animals they are. But the haters don’t understand trophic cascades or ecosystem health, they’re just concentrating on something to hate.

      For the wolves,

  37. Just because senators in pressed suits sit around in closed chambers signing off wolves lives to hunters who kill for the fun of killing does not mean it is not criminal. Killings driven by hate are hate crimes. Killing indiscriminately is done by mobsters and thugs. If wolves belong to a state then it belongs to all of us (it should be free from possession) and if it belongs to all of us, then a few of us (hunters) are thieves. Look up the definition for thieves. Criminals commit “deplorable acts of violence.” Criminals (some hunters) are “wicked, delinquent, immoral and vicious.” A criminal (some hunters) need rehabilitation = “transform a person to a valuable member of society by criminals’ admission that their act was wrong.” Who, in their right mind, cannot agree that hanging, poisoning, violating, torturing, trapping and totally disrespecting another LIFE is wrong?

    So here is my point: The federal government, like any other entity, often is responsible for causing innocent people to be harmed. Not only are we, the people, suffering because we believe wolves are suffering at the hands of thugs and hate mongers. We are also suffering from the ever decreasing and destroyed wildlife. Do we have the power to stop the thugs when the thugs sit in the chambers all the way up?

  38. Fuck all you pathetic humans killing innocent animals…disgusting that people are proud of killing a magnificent animal….try to do it one on one without a gun or trap then we will see how powerful you think you are, fuckin losers, get a life

  39. As I read peoples reply’s it’s so sad:( We teach our children to respect life, and yet we kill life!! Why?? I think it’s BARBARIC,DISGUSTING AND EVIL BEYOND WORDS!!!! STOP THE KILL OF WOLVES AND THE ANIMALS!!!!!! I can’t watch the videos!! We people and animals live on this earth WHO ARE WE TO TAKE ANY LIFE!!!! I think people who kill wolves or any animal for sport ARE LOSER AND IDIOTS…..STOP THE KILLING NOW YOU A HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I get angry too. What we have to do that can be hard to know how to do, is to redirect the energy wasted on anger to actions that will stop torturous behaviors on other life forms. I believe it starts with our children. I believe WE have to combat evil actions with compassionate actions. Our compassionate actions must be louder and more visible than evil actions so that the children will see them loud and clear.

  40. Could there be a connection between the underlying given that Americans will continue to eat less beef and pork; and the Asian’s will learn to develop their own, avoiding the cost of importation from the US; and the growing interest in killing for “sport”? Just wondering…

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