Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In US…

Is there no end to the damage this Congress and President Obama will inflict on innocent animals?  In the middle of one of the worst recessions/depressions in the nation’s history, it seems the only thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on is reinstating  slaughter of America’s  horses.

There is a parallel between what is happening to horses and wolves. A lack of empathy and coldness has pervaded government. With Democrats in control of the Senate, they once again came up short to protect horses. In my mind there is no longer much difference between the two parties.

First it was the wolves and the wild horses, now it’s our domestic horses, who’ve been slated to die in cruel and barbarous slaughterhouses.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama made this statement:

Federal policy towards animals should respect the dignity of animals and their rightful place as cohabitants of our environment. We should strive to protect animals and their habitats and prevent animal cruelty, exploitation and neglect…. I have consistently been a champion of animal-friendly legislation and policy and would continue to be so once elected.”

During the campaign Obama co-signed a bill banning horse slaughter in the US and was asked, “Will you support legislation …to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption“? He answered in the affirmative.

Now,  just a few short years later,  he has gone back on his campaign promise and  signed on to reinstating horse slaughter in the US.  What’s  going on with this Congress and President?

“In a bipartisan effort, the House of Representatives and the United States Senate approved the Conference Committee report on spending bill H2112, which among other things, funds the United States Department of Agriculture.  On November 18th, as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama signed a law, allowing Americans to kill and eat horses. Essentially, one turkey was pardoned in the presence of worldwide media while in the shadows, buried under pages of fiscal regulation, millions of horses were sentenced to death.”

Forget that 70% of Americans are against slaughtering horses for human consumption. We don’t eat our pets, this meat is going to be shipped overseas to countries like Japan and Belgium, who eat horses and the American people will foot the bill for the inspection of the “meat”. In other words we are going to pay to have our horses tortured in slaughterhouses, so foreign countries can benefit. What??

And how did this sneak through, with very little coverage? By politics as usual, back room wheeling and dealing.

“The bill that effectively changed the policy was a huge spending bill covering several different agencies and departments such as the USDA.

Rep. Jim Moran, a Virginia Democrat, got an amendment passed in the House Appropriations Committee in May to continue the ban on funding inspections. But a few lawmakers stripped out the amendment before the bill was finalized, passed by both houses this month and signed into law.”

And what’s the lame excuse for lifting the ban on horse slaughter in the US? Well there are just too many dang neglected and unwanted horses don’t cha know? It’s our duty to drag these terrified animals to horrific slaughterhouses, so they can have a bolt shoved into their brains, which half the time doesn’t even kill them. Then they’re strung up to be cut into pieces, some are still alive when this happens. Yes that will be the fate of unwanted,  neglected horses. It’s simply outrageous. Anyone who understands horses knows they are a prey species and are extremely fearful. Can you even imagine the panic they would feel going through this barbaric process? It’s unimaginable.

“Simon, with the Humane Society of the United States, took issue with the argument that the domestic slaughtering ban has led to more cases of neglect and abandonment of horses, saying that the recession was the main cause. All types of animals are abandoned in economic downturns she said, because people can’t afford to take care of them.

“The vast majority of American horse owners would not choose this practice,” she said.

Moreover, she said, horses were transported long distances within the United States before the ban.

Simone Netherlands, founder of Respect4Horses, questioned the fiscal justification for opening up horse slaughter plants.

“In this time when the focus of Congress is supposedly on reducing spending and creating jobs, it is a ludicrous measure to spend tax dollars in order to reinstate an inherently cruel predatory business, from which Americans stand to gain nothing. Horse slaughter plants operating until 2007 have never created a total of more than 178 jobs,” Netherlands said.”

Cynthia Armstrong, Oklahoma state director of The Humane Society of the United States,  spoke out clearly against this madness.

“Americans don’t eat horses.

“And they don’t want them inhumanely killed, shrink-wrapped and sent to Japan or Belgium for a high priced appetizer. Where and how one makes a living isn’t an issue here. In our culture and in our hearts, the horse holds a lofty place. And it’s not on the barbecue grill,” Armstrong said.

Graham said Americans just need to talk and find a viable, humane solution to the issue.

“Many people think this will be humane euthanasia and they think of Fido getting put to sleep on the veterinary table. That’s not the way it is,” said Graham.

“Horses are sensitive animals and you cannot tell me the horse at the slaughter plant cannot smell the blood on the other side of the pen. They’re freaked out. They know death is coming,” she said.

This is the “humane” solution for unwanted horses? I guess those in Congress, who pushed to reinstate horse slaughter in the US, forgot or didn’t care to  do their homework on how truly nightmarish a “solution” this is.

“In most countries where horses are slaughtered for food, they are processed in a similar fashion to cattle, i.e., in large-scale factory slaughterhouses (abattoirs). Unfortunately that results in a less than acceptable rate of effectiveness rendering the horses unconscious with a captive bolt gun, due to the difference between trying to get an accurate shot on an unrestrained horse vs. an unrestrained cow. In addition, horses’ brains are set further back, so even when the shot is in the correct spot, it sometimes doesn’t render them appropriately unconscious. In the UK a captive bolt is rarely used. They are usually killed using a free bullet from a bell gun. The skull is too hard to use a captive bolt the bell end to the gun prevents the bullet ricocheting and injuring the slaughterman. They are then killed by being exsanguinated (“bled out”) by severing the jugular vein or carotid artery while suspended by the rear leg by a heavy chain shackle.” Wikipedia

Apparently the new paradigm in Congress is ramming through unpopular policies. by burying them in appropriation bills. They brutalized our wolves with this underhanded method and now history is repeating itself.

This is what passes as leadership in Congress? We need term limits and we need them badly. If it wasn’t for  gerrymandering we could boot these self-serving politicians out of office.

Thanks to Congress and President Obama, horse slaughter is once again legal in the US, condemning 120,000 to 200,000 horses to a terrible death each year.

Pro-Horse Slaughter Arguments Do Not Make Flicka Burgers Tasty

By Sylvia Cochran | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Wed, Nov 30, 2011

COMMENTARY | Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., spouts pro-horse slaughter arguments. Trying to sell the electorate on ending a “misguided ban on domestic horse slaughter,” he cites “sad cases of horse abandonment” and promises a return of “jobs shipped to Canada and Mexico,” according to his website.

 I am surprised Sen. Baucus has not seen fit to also insert the ubiquitous “for the children” argument, which legislators usually slip into taxation schemes. But then he is not selling a new indebtedness but rather a way to profit off horse slaughtering.

As a carnivore, with only a short stint of vegetarianism under her belt, I appreciate a juicy steak as much as the next person. Even so, there are some animals I won’t eat out of principle, and horses (as well as donkeys) make the list.

Call me sentimental if you like, but then tell me why it is a good idea to consume meat that was not bred for slaughter. “None of the products that we routinely use on our horses has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on horses intended for food,” the Equine Protection Network explained when American horse slaughter was still ongoing.

The pro-horse slaughter arguments citing deplorable equine neglect also fail to hold water. The Animal Law Coalition studied the cause and effect relationship between slaughterhouse closings and increases in horse neglect. “On the question of whether the closings were the cause of a pronounced increase in abuse we find that neither the cause nor the effect actually happened,” the researchers concluded. (If you follow Sen. Baucus’ logic to the end, you would have to make a case for the mass slaughter of dogs and cats.)

Peeling away the layers of sanctimonious rhetoric gets us down to business: Cold, hard cash. The Meat Trade News outlined in 2009 that a “good commercial horse” can be sold for $500 to the meat trade. Multiply this by 9 million — the estimated number of horses in the U.S. — and you are looking at a “multibillion dollar industry.”

In its 2011 publication, it cheers a proposed Nebraska institution of a state meat inspection agency — right after wondering “who gave these money grabbing animal rights bastrads (sic) so much power.” See, the pro horse slaughter arguments really do not care about horse welfare; it’s the almighty dollar that counts.

Just be honest about it.


Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

Author: madeline bernstein
Published: November 28, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Read more:


Are Thousands Of WILD HORSES Headed For The Slaughterhouse?

By BornToBeWild Posted November 29, 2011 (10 hours ago)


How The Senators Voted

If you’re outraged over this travesty please use these contacts. Horses are a national treasure, they are iconic, symbols in American culture. Let these politicians know that 70% of Americans do not want horses slaughtered. This must be reversed. Speak out for the voiceless.


President Obama

White House Phone Numbers

202-456-1414 (switchboard)
202-456-1111 (white house comment line)


From the Moral Compass


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Photos: Horse Wallpaper
Photo Horse Slaughter: Courtesy SodaHead
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  1. What and when the heck happened? The horse was deemed as a legal companion. We have to get rid of that jackass…either by voting him out, he and his cronies ARE eligible for impeachment. I do not know why they haven’t been impeached yet. It’s been proven that they have pulled underhanded dealings…..and the cookie crumbs lead right back to the front door of the white house. God help us.

    • Sadly, the Republicans have no viable candidate who might be able to win the 2012 election. It looks like we are going to have another 4 years of hell!

      • HES THE MOST IDIOTIC PERSON EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i would NEVER let any one touch my horse now

    • Anne…Obama is a disaster of a President. He just rolls along, doing more damage everyday to the environment and wildlife. He turned the Western states over to the far right with his appt of Cowboy Ken and their take no prisoners policy against our native carnivores. I have no idea why, since voters in the Northern Rockies will not go to the polls for him. What does he think he’s gaining by pissing off his base?? But look at how the Dems in Congress just follow along like sheeple. First the wolves, then the wild horses, now our domestic horses. When have things ever been this bad? Anyone who votes for him again is a fool. The problem is who do we vote for??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • True that. Obama had made a lot of promises he hasn’t kept, and is destroying our nation. I’m in 8th grade and not one for politics, but I am a horse fanatic, and have a strong love for wolves as well. What Obama is doing enrages me, and even more so that it’s been done sneakily, behind the closed doors of his fancy “Oval Office”. Impeachment? Believe me, I will look forward to that day.

        God bless our nation, and it’s leader, even though he’s made some darn stupid decisions. God bless all the wolves and horses being slaughtered every day, and many prayers to those still alive.

  2. [...] rest is here: Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In … ← Horses could soon be slaughtered in US for human food after Congress lifts ban on [...]

  3. why can’t they leave all the innocent animals alone, its a disgrace!!! all the animals in this world today were put on this planet before we were so why can’t mankind just leave them all alone!!! from miss lynne short. from the united kingdom.

  4. i think that this is a disgrace, why can’t mankind leave all the innocent animals alone because they were put on this planet before we were!!! from miss lynne short. from the united kingdom.


    • I’m with you on this Lucille. Horse slaughter is so horrific because horses are prey animals and have a heightened flight response to danger. The stress of being dragged into a slaugherhouse, smelling of blood and death, having a bolt shot into their brains, which many times does not work to kill them, so they may be strung up still alive, while they are cut into pieces. The images of a horse being slaughtered will haunt me to my dying days. Bringing back horse slaughter is not about controlling the population of neglected or unwanted animals. That’s just a red herring, the real motive is profit, which makes it all the more disgusting. We have to fight this and I hope wolf advocates and horse advocates join together in a common cause to protest the cruelty of both species. This is a war on our wildife and animals.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

    • i totally agree with you on this one!! i am a senior in high school i just moved to wausau WI and i am learning about horse in my agriscience class!! yes god mad animals for meat but thats why we got cows and sheep and pigs ect…not horse those where made for a getting place to place..not for someone to sell there meat to make us what richer…no its completly out of hand!! i ve never owned a horse but i ve been around them to know that they are never harmful in any kind of way possible!! just because they dont have a home or a family that is there to pay there expensices dont mean we have to automaticly come to a conclusion and make a slaughter house for horses? they r like humans they have brains and they have hearts…what if a human lost all there stuff no money no home no nothing but we dont deside to just get rid of them do we? no we dont we made places for them that they cn get food water and warm bed cus we care!! n what about the horses i am sure there are alot of people in this world that would care enough to make a home or a shelter to care for these horses!! or just get some land and let them run free while they still can! there is absaluty always a way around things like this…but people who think they are in charge of the world can go ahead and make descions that is what going to upset his followers!! there r more horse lovers in this world that would support this case untill there is a way they cn find a better sulotion rather then just sending them to a slaughter house!! its a bull shit and from what i see it isnt going to get any better!! let obama take his next four years in office and when its all over we dont have to put up with any more of his mistakes..yes he is human and yes we do make mistakes no one said we were perfect but why dont we look at all the pros and cons before we sign a law and ruin innocent horses lives!!

  6. I cannot tell you right now …… how angry I am. I worked so hard (along with many other folks around the country) to get this horrid
    practice banned, only to have a bunch of fucking clueless idiots re-introduce it back into this country.
    I am seething mad ……………

    • I’m with you Ramses…it was a tremendous struggle to get horse slaughter banned in this country and it’s been five years without horse slaughterhouses. Apparently Baucus has been pushing this forward. And now they sneak it into an appropriations bill, with no up or down vote on it and then Obama signs it into law. This is the new reality, governing by budget bills. Just stuff the bills with as much unpopular policy as possible and hide it from the American people. This is what we have passing as government. We need a house cleaning in Congress. If it wasn’t for gerrymandering we could vote these life long politicians out of office. But the system is rigged in the incumbents favor. That’s why we keep seeing the same faces year after year, with no accountability to the American people. I thought we fought a revolution to rid ourselves of royalty and kings????

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. SOS YESHUA !!!!!!!!

  8. Senators Cornyn and Hutchison of Texas, will not get my vote this comming election. Because they voted yes on the delisting of the Wolves.

    Obama you and the congress are in hot water with me over the butching of the horses.

  9. Not that my voice matters – but I’m calling the White House & definitely voicing my opinion. Shame on President Obama …… shame on him.

    Got through to the White House & just told them, he is NOT getting my vote in 2012. I will not vote for the Re-puke-thug on the ticket either.
    I told her how angry I am & what a disappointment he (Obama) has been environmentally. she didn’t or wouldn’t take my name & where I lived – but she got the message very clearly on my thoughts.

    • Good for you!! That’s just the thing. Even though this is supposed to be a “WE THE PEOPLE” nation, nothing about it is WE. It’s the high and mighty government turning the nation our forefathers fought and died for into a giant slaughterhouse. I am by no means vegan or vegetarian, but this goes too far. WAY TOO FAR.

  10. What a liar he has turned out to be.

    • Yes Lory – it’s sad to think that he had so much promise & could of been a great President. But, he went to the side of the right instead of more to the left.
      I told the gal on the phone that he is NOT getting my vote.

  11. People in the United States do not eat horses. They want them protected, not slaughtered. On the 2008 campaign trail Obama said he would base his decisions on science, not politics. He has hardly ever done this. Speaks only to warm the audience with his oratory skills. A President should be steadfast about what he promises, not wishy washy, making promises with no commitment to uphold. What does Obama believe in? He surely doesn’t believe in the voices of the American people.

  12. I suppose Canada will follow what Obama does next after all this country of ours has always followed what goes on in the states.You know what Obama I was so happy when you got in as president, you really let me down and everyone in the USA.This world just gets wworse and worse in my opinion.It’s time to come back Jesus and take over, please.

  13. I just can not believe this man has not been impeached! although, unfortunately we all KNOW that politicians lie unashamedly on the campaign trial. once in office they all seem to do what ever they want. I’ve seen email after email on limiting terms for congress/representatives – no mention of HOW we can do that. the aforementioned politicians will knock down ANY and ALL attempts to push them out of office. I’m sorry but I do not think any politicians will willingly give up their ‘cash cow’. they are rich and plan to stay that way.

    horses, wolves, bison, and all our wildlife is slowly being pushed to extinction (and/or lives of cruelty and fear). apparently this won’t stop until humans are the only ‘animals’ alive.

    what a sad commentary to humanity

  14. Cannot believe it. Why even in South Africa it is illegal to eat Horseflesh, however, having said that I have just read on one of our site dedicated to horses, SA is allowed to export horse meat!!! Cannot imagine WHY anyone would even want to eat it. They say they even use it in sushi w.t.h! The people in power all over the world have lost sight of what’s truly right or wrong. The only way to put a stop to this is to get as many voices together, collectively, from ALL over the world, we have to start helping eachother to fight eachother’s battles collectively. It’s the only way, we have our voices, let them be strong, loud and proud.

  15. Event tomorrow 9 am to 4 pm EST – a call-in to the White House to protest House Bill 2112 – the slaughter and consumption of our iconic horses! 202-456-1111. Also please 202-456-1414 to contact the swtichboard and get numbers for your 2 state senators for a loud protest!

    There are also petitions on – I created one myself just an hour ago, but somehow can’t post it on Facebook??? Please call and sign!

  16. I can’t even breath I am so horrified and angry – Where do we sign to get this traitor Obama impeached?

  17. Dear God! How is it possible that those in power have elected to reinstitute horse slaughter in America for human consumption in Asian countries? An inhuman, barbarous practice, not to mention the horrors of the transport vehicles!
    Horses are prey animals and can sense the fear permeating the slaughterhouse. There is no “flight” available to them; all that’s left is the fight (also unavailable)! These majestic animals have been our pets and companions, have supplied income and transport, have carried our military fearlessly into battle.
    We must reverse this decision and stand for what we believe.

    • EXACTLY!! When you think about what horses have done for this country… They were the backbone of expanding westward, and were war machines for decades! Obama is acting like a selfish fool, and America is not benefitting at all from his leadership.

  18. I am sorry – but it seems like the time for talking is over. ???
    What to do now?

    • Maybe begin a revolution.

    • ramses….Luckly for the horses they have a tremendous base of support and they are organized. I think this has a good chance of being turned around. This will not go away and I think those Senators who voted for this are probably already sorry they did it. I bet their fax machines are all broken, their phone lines jammed, their email boxes full. Unlike wolves, horses have few enemies. 70% of Americans are against horse slaughter. I’ll try to keep on top of this and update the situation but the wolf community can and should support their horse brothers. I wish I had the time for all the causes that I care about: grizzly bears, factory farming, wild horses and on and on. Animals need us now more then ever, they are under siege.

      I urge everyone to call the White House, leave comments or call the WH Switchboard and speak to a person about this. Also call Congress, specifically the Democrat Senators who signed on to bring back horse slaughter. I’d expect this from Rep. but once again the Dems did the wrong thing. This has to be the worst Democrat Congress and President in this countries history. I’ve never lived in a time when our wildlife has been under attack from Democrats???? What is going on. I guess power trumps morality.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

      • I so hope you’re right. It would be too awful if American horses had to wait for the successful rise of a national animal rights political party. That’s to work for. I’ll find out who’s who and fax.

  19. All those who are outraged and appalled by this ghastly business please check out – looks like they might just be a blessed alternative to the existing grotesques of republicans and democrats ! Wish I lived in the US and could vote for them !

    • The U.S.’s first political party that is committed to rights for all animals—not just the human kind—, full realization of an ecosystem-neutral, sustainably prosperous economy, and running only candidates committed to humane values

    • Hate to stick my foot in my mouth but be very careful joining the ‘Humane’ party. if you read their information it is stated that those who join must not use any animal products. Also, those joining must state publicly they will not use animal products. This sounds to me as a back door way for PETA, HSUS and other animal ‘rights’ groups to swell their numbers. if you like meat, wear leather (from meat animals – I don’t mean fur from seals, mink, leopards etc), enjoy eggs do not put your money in this group.

      • That pledge is only required for people who want to run as Humane Party candidates or be part of the party administration. You can list the HP as your party when registering to vote, or volunteer with them, without taking the pledge. That said, the Humane Party is pretty animal rights oriented, and part of their platform is the eventual elimination of all animal exploitation and slaughter. Even if that doesn’t float your boat, though, you might find one of their candidates better than average for the time being. There is no way they could enact the more drastic changes in their platform in the next 4-6 years. So far, though, I think they are only running in one race this election year — Andrew Kirschner for US Representative in Florida.

        By the way, how is HSUS an animal rights organization? I thought they were more animal-welfare focused. They encourage less use of animal products to reduce suffering because our industrial farming system is so inhumane right now, but I don’t think they take a hard line “eating meat is bad” position.

      • I have been an animal ‘welfare’ proponent for many years. HSUS is one of the biggest AR groups around and have been for many many many years. It has been a ‘pet peeve’ of mine with their misleading ads and such. I can get really really wound up about them so won’t say much more. Check out Wayne Pacelle and you might find some stuff. however, I must say, that like many political machines – they do some good stuff…. no organization is totally good or totally bad. bottom line of AR groups is the end of pet ownership, meat eating, leather and/or wool use. just look at the new ‘push’ to change animal OWNERSHIP to guardianship. precursor to giving animals ‘rights’ to sue people.

    • President Obama as far as I am concerned are kill crazy. First the Wolves, now the tamed horses.
      I do not know know what is going on with them. I’ll be glad when OBama is voted out of office.

      • Sadly, I don’t think he will be. All this year’s candidates don’t have the funds, or the popularity, to beat him. :(

  20. A couple of days ago I read Luther Standing Bear’s story Holy Dog. A horse wandered into a Sioux camp.To the Sioux who loved their dogs, the horse was wonderful, straight from the Great Mystery and so the horse was called Holy Dog. A different world.
    Obama needs a wake up call. Impeaching would be good. Not likely to happen but reelaction?

  21. America is turning to shit. I mean, three years ago, I was like “I’m gonna join the air force” now, why bother defending a country that doesnt give a shit about anything except Washington’s power. Killing a wolf is like killing your dog..and killing a horse is just….i dont even fuckin know. Horses understand people so well. People say they arent bothered about killing wolves because they kill cattle and people…(RARELY) but a horse. Whats the reason for that? They make good glue? I dont know how anyone can look into the eyes of a horse and then kill it. Pack animals know what is going on. Are they gonna just kill off familes one by one and let the horses and wolves know what is coming? This needs to stop. Obama needs to go.

  22. obama you lying evil twisted heartless person i will make sure my family doesn’t vote for you! im 14 by the way and im voicing my opinion >:(

  23. as for the ‘humane party’ – remember ALL political parties started with just a few people. don’t get me wrong though please…. there is no room for anyone (in my opinion) to kill for any reason other than food. Trophy, hides, bones, internal organs (for those who seem to think those are aphrodisiacs or anything else) should all be discontinued and any perpetrators of illegal killing for ‘OH look at that beautiful wolf hide on my wall” should be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the *wishing for it* law.

  24. This upsets me to no end,I just can’t believe it.What is wrong with this world,is there anyone left that cares,hopefully a few.If there not aerial shooting wolves,then this.God help us.

  25. This is momentous. In Canada there are two Vegan Environmental parties. Only one operates on a federal level. I went to the site. Impressive so far. I feel I should declare my position. I was a vegetarian for many years. I am vegan now, an ethical vegetarian for more than ten years. Ethical vegetarianism fulfills a childhood wish denied me in family. I have found over years my experience was by no means unique. Many children are repelled by the idea of killing a cow or a pig to eat. Nevertheless children who are repelled are often forced to eat meat. I’ve lived with dogs and cats. Now, as I work long hrs often irregular hrs and in a big city, cats only, several rescues and a few old friends. Occassionally I’m involved with city birds. I feel no lack of affection or desire to share with dogs or any number of other species. Vegetarian, despite online claims didn’t work. for my cats. I live with them. I love them. They are carnivores. At times I think they are better people than I am. They teach me tolerance. Love can’t be and isn’t exclusive to plants and vegans. Here we reach Leopold, the wolf on the mountain. “You can’t love game and hate predators.” I don’t love game but by proxy I am a hunter. And to complete the picture for so long as he was alive, and still, I loved and love a wolf bred dog. I opened a link sent to me by a friend, also vegan, a woman who loves wolves and devotes her working life to migratory birds. I’m here at this page because I want sports hunting and trapping in Yellowstone to end. That means no more licencing industry generating revenues for government agencies. Exceptionally in season hunters should be able to take game for food, for food only. I want management restored to the federal level, science not conditioned response to dictate, and non lethal means used exclusively where conflict occurs. I think of Yellowstone as a pilot project. Later the Americas, later the world. Peace. There are good reasons not to support the meat, dairy, chicken and pig industries. You have only to search on line for links to expose utube clips. I posted a link recently to a photo of cows bulldozed into a mound. They lay moaning suffocating dead dying. Each for profit industry has its horror stories. Millions of chicks plowed into the ground alive for fertilizer. Dairy cows once fed to dairy cows now only fed to pigs and chickens. The veal industry through history. The modern abattoir. Stickers that gouge out the eyes of cows and pigs in psychotic rage. (Gail Eisnitz Slaughterhouse) I posted a link on one of the HFJ pages, to a utube of a worker beating a dairy calf on the face and head with a pipe then gouging the udders of cows with a pitchfork. There is every argument for taking responsibility for the lives one claims for food. That was the way of the Oglala Sioux whose ways I am now learning about from books by Standing Bear. The beliefs and attitudes of First nations people weren’t a mystery to me when I came to this blog. Integrity was implicit in stories of Gitchie Manitou read to me as a child. From such stories I first learned of anima in everything. Including the creatures and plants we eat.
    There is additionally one very hard fact. Everyone on earth could eat if man fed the grain he feeds to cows pigs sheep goats chickens, to people. In Diet For A Small Planet Francis Moore Lappe graphed the amount of grain required to see a single cow to slaughter against the intake of an African family. She did the same for pigs. One cow eats enough grain to feed a small village say two or three hundred people for an entire year. The numbers are so stark exactitude scarcely matters. I’m wearing an ARK 2 T Shirt. 42.5 cows a second slaughtered every day. Pigs are more economical. The grain required to raise a single pig for slaughter feeds an African family for a year. The U.N. claims the world child mortality rate has gone down. Currently 1 child in every, nearly 3 seconds dies of starvation or nutritionally preventable disease. Gary Francione is a lawyer at Rutgers. His position is abolitionist animal rights. People may be hearing more of him soon given the rise of animal rights political parties. He keeps a running tab on his home page, or did the last time I looked. That was when I collected the per second tally of various animals killed for food. Some were grouped. Cows had their own counter. Using Lappe’s graph I made a calculation. I tried to err towards less. 78 trillion people could live on the grain we feed to animals. My position is this. If you’re going to be human feed your people. Leave the animals to their wild lives, live interdependently, love help respect. Derrick Jensen had all kinds of agreements with animals. He killed to eat. Finally he killed less and less. I haven’t gotten to the end of his story. I had to return the book. I think I’m going to read his End Game first.

    From End Game
    Premise Twenty: If you dig to the heart of it—if there were any heart left—you would find that social decisions are determined primarily on the basis of how well these decisions serve the ends of controlling or destroying wild nature.

    I apologise for the length of this. The wolves and the horses are part of a big picture. It’s beginning to look as though the only possible way to deal effectively with this historic conflict is to treat the problem at its source. I am for Nature and for the wolves. No one who loves wolves can blame a man for killing an animal to eat. Morality lies in context.
    For the Wolves
    For the Animals

    • I’ve reread this. I was fairly upset. The wolves keep dying and I wish them to live. Wild places are destroyed. I find it helps to remember just how long people have fought and struggled for rights and for the rights of animals. European people that is. And others. But not First Nations. First Nations lived at one with the wild ones. Not the early Taoists. Not the Jains, but only after King Asoka had fought long bloody wars. His Buddhism caught up with him. He was filled with regret. In the end he refused to eat in atonement. When he died of starvation he had written laws to protect virtually all life, forests, creatures, men. The single most provocative, pro voice, instrumental, political action any individual can make, is to stop eating animals, or using, or in any other way capitalising on animals. They are not things. I think that means no more ranching. That was the meaning of Tolstoy’s First Step, a renowned essay describing how to begin- how one implements Ruskin’s social order set down in Unto This Last. Ruskin wrote the 20th century. This was the blueprint for socialism. Each is paid not according to the nature of her or his labour but according to need. Ruskin was in his time, and to this day world famous as an art historian. He was a Quaker, a vegetarian as Quakers are. He resigned in protest over the Cambridge University decision to commence animal testing. Ruskin’s resignation was hushed up by his Cambridge employers who had there to fore desired benefit from his fame. Ruskin influenced Tolstoy, Gandhi and through them Martin Luther King Jr. Tolstoy and Gandhi discussed his work. These three leaders in world history were ethical vegetarian. And together they wrote the 20th century. Marx and Lenin were men with too narrow a philosophical and intellectual base. They put guns into socialism. William Lloyd Garrison, a mentor to Ruskin and Gandhi, was the famous abolitionist editor author of The Liberator who wrote to free the negro race enslaved in America. To make a gun was in his estimation, a crime against humanity, to celebrate past wars or to commemorate war in statuary, a crime.
      But as a real life corollary to these thoughts. How about boycotting beef and dairy in protest? Occupy the rancher’s market.
      For the Wolves

      • coriolis….I feel your frustration, it seems no matter what we do nothing changes. But we have big money and big organizations behind this that are fighting tooth and nail to get rid of wolves…so we have a huge mountain to climb. The easiest would have been if Obama had never betrayed wolves by delisting them…so we are left with this horrible tragedy. Wolves have been delivered to their enemies on a silver platter and all for political influence. But we have to face the reality now of what we are up against, everyday wolves are dying, we have to take action. I think boycotting beef and dairy is a great idea and I’m all for boycotts but they take time to work and that is one thing we don’t have. If the states have their way, specifically Idaho they are going to kill every wolf down to the bare minimum of 150 to 100 wolves. That would mean killing 600 or more wolves in Idaho alone, they’ve already killed almost 300. It’s time for action and the only thing I know that gets attention is non-violent protest/vigils, to garner media coverage for these beleaguered animals. If we had 5000 small demonstrations, think what that would do for our cause. It’s time to act before the wolves are gone.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Bless you. And curse the killers.

  26. thisisbullshit

  27. Horse slaughter houses in the US and transporting horses to Mexican and Canadian slaughter housed should be illegal. If a horse has to be put down they should be humanely euthanized not cruelly butchered. When the added profit of meat sales is involved a lot of innocent, healthy horses end up being tortured to death.

  28. My White House Letter – “Horse Meat? I know folks from all around the world kill and eat a variety of animals, however, in the U.S.A. horses are not generally raised for slaughter, but instead as pets and work animals. In this sense killing a horse for its meat is akin to killing a dog or a cat for its fur. I wonder what Sasha and Malia think about this? I can’t imagine them tearing into a big horse burger after reading Black Beauty. “

    • maximo…did you click on the link to see how the Senators voted? Most were again, appalling behavior by that party. It’s all about the money, they see big business killing our horses and shipping them overseas to France, Belgium and Japan, all at taxpayer expense. We will be paying to have our domestic horses tortured in horrific slaughterhouses. I can’t imagine the fear these animals will experience. Anyone who has spent anytime around horses knows their first instinct is to flee from any perceived threat. We know the suffering will be monumental. And because of that horse slaughter was finally outlawed in this country for five years until, in the middle of a recession, the Dems decided we needed to start slaughtering horses again. Apparently Sen. Max Baucus D-MT was behind the big push to bring this back.

      I have no idea why Obama and the Democrats continue to push extremely unpopular policy down our throats, 70% of Americans are against this. They are governing by appropriation bills now. Just baffling to me. Yet they can’t figure out how to put this country back to work??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Basically Obama is a scumbag!

    • Very good Sasha and Malia point. Hmm… Maybe Michelle needs to UNDERSTAND what he is doing.

  29. I’m gonna try and end this right here right now. I cannot explain the anger I feel right now. I may focus my life on wolves, but that doesn’t mean i don’t care for other animals to. In fact if any animal is in ANY type of danger revolving around humans, I either break down in tears, or explode with madness. This is crap, Obama I have got some words for you: “YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ELECTED, ALL YOU EVER WANT IS MONEY, DO YOU CARE FOR ANYONE? OR IS YOUR LIFE JUST ABOUT MONEY? IS THAT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT? HUH?”

    • OBama was elected because people believe his “Change”. He is the Worse President we have ever had.
      I have been voting since 1962, when I turned 21 yrs.
      I do not like him or Biden, because he votes like OBama does.

      Wolves and Horses need to be protected from this slaughter.

    • wazaiyata…To say he was a huge disappointment is an understatement. I expected good things from him. Just months after being sworn in, he delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies. Unbelievable.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  30. [...] Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In US… ( GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_bg", "fafad3"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_border", "644527"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_text", "6f5e4e"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_link", "644527"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_url", "ca6c18"); GA_googleAddAttr("LangId", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Autotag", "politics"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "horse-news"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "horse-slaughter"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "wild-burros-2"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "wild-horsesmustangs"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "cruelty-to-animals"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "equine"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "horse"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "horse-meat"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "horse-slaugther"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "president-obama"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "wild-burros"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "wild-horses"); GA_googleFillSlot("wpcom_sharethrough"); Rate this: Share this on behalf of the Horses:EmailPrintFacebookStumbleUponDiggRedditTwitterLinkedInLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. [...]

  31. Spinning this into an anti-Obama rant challenges your credibility. This was an amendment to a bill that funded the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture. Obama had the basic decision of funding those operations, or not.
    It is your Congressmen who are to blame. If you don’t like it, then write them to support the bill to make horse slaughter simply illegal and not a matter of funding support. Also, the bills currently in Congress specify that slaughter is illegal ONLY if intended for human consumption.

    • Luther….Stop spinning. This is about Obama and the US Senate, who voted 70 to 30 to bring back horse slaughter. Obama made a campaign promise to end horse slaughter in this country for good. 70 Senators, most of them Democrats, said yea to horse slaughter. Obama signed the bill into law, case closed. He’s the President, he knew what was in there. It’s the same process that got wolves delisted. They take unpopular policy, that would have no chance of withstanding an up or down vote on the merits and stuff it into an appropriations bill. This is how business is being conducted in Washington. First the wolves, now the horses.

      AND Obama has done a lot more to earn my scorn. He appointed a rancher to head the Interior, he delisted wolves mere months after he took the oath of office, he signed the budget bill/wolf rider bill and delisted wolves AGAIN in the Northern Rockies, all in less then four years. Quite the accomplishment. Do you have any idea the amount of suffering thats taking place in Idaho and Montana because of his misguided policies?? They’re trapping and snaring wolves in Idaho as I type this. 247 wolves are dead because of his bumbling.

      • I received posts from Global Research. John Pilger writes of a former citizen of Mauritius Lisette Talate “She was the embodiment of people’s resistance to the war on democracy.” Lisette Talate has died. She witnessed the forcible removal of her people from her island home. U.S. troops rounded up all the island dogs.. locked them in a warehouse and using gas killed them all Lisettes included. Citizens heard them as they cried. Extermination is the American way. Not of course the way of the great majority of American citizens.. nut nevertheless. Richard Nixon saw the EPA through congress. Obama hasn’t time to sneer at its import. He has undermined the act’s intention. It looks so hopeless but as you have said many times before.. protest is all we have. Nothing has changed in Mauritius.. still Talate went on with the struggle. She said
        “Only when you take direct action, face to face, even break laws, (civil disobedience) are you ever noticed,” said Lisette. “And the smaller you are, the greater your example to others.” Such an eloquent answer to those who still ask, “What can I do?”
        Pilger said of her..
        “I last saw Lisette’s tiny figure standing in driving rain alongside her comrades outside the Houses of Parliament. What struck me was the enduring courage of their resistance. It is this refusal to give up that rotten power fears, above all, knowing it is the seed beneath the snow.”
        For the Horses
        For the Wolves

  32. I am horrified. All wild animals (and non) need to be protected by humans NOT disrespected, slaughtered, eaten, treated inhumane!!! The animal kingdom will take care of itself. They have done this long before humans walked around. I am sick all over!!! Our President shows NO remorse for this action ? He did NOT discuss this action with the People who voted him IN? Will he see the OUTCRY from people who truly care – on wolves, horses, buffalo ?? And NOT want to change this? Our animal kingdom is in the hands of WHAT????

    • Very, very sad sam. But we can fight back if we pull together and speak as one. That is the key, wolf advocates must organize. I’m brainstorming on how to do just that. This blog is meant to be a sanctuary for advocates to gather and discuss ideas. We are not helpless.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  33. If we do not stop this TRAVISTY, what will be next, cats and dogs!!! Horses are just as beloved animals!!! This just hurst my heart!!! My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with a horrible terminal disease!!! What’s next our sick children!!!

    • Samantha..we don’t kill our pets. Horses are pets, they don’t deserve this. Not that I think any animal deserves to be tortured in a slaughterhouse.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

  34. Nabeki I’m glad the wolves and the horses have someone like you to speak for them, and that so many people respond here to this call. For all that you have done and will do, and for all that people who write to WFJ are doing thank you. I was writing a comparison tonight, the fate of the wolves and the fate of First Nations people. I’ll have to rewrite tomorrow. I went to a First Nations site, copy paste crash. The screen was empty. When the machine restarted everything was gone. No saves. I haven’t seen anything like it since I was smoked while writing about U.S. policy to a friend in Greece.That time the drive was blank. Tonight at least I get to walk away with the documents I came with. There’s just no animal that goes to a slaughter house that isn’t dying of fright. You must know Sue Coe’s Dead Meat, diary of abattoirs in the U.S. She told about how pigs died of heart failure.They smelled their mates spewing out in red waste and collapsed dead on the ramp. But as for horses I’ve seen pics of the Penetanguishene abattoir.The worst of all abattoir deaths is for horses. It’s still the ugly ugly wild west. All the great men of white America killed First Nations people by the thousands. By the millions. Milliions of bison were killed to take away their food. Sometimes I think the only decent European in all new world history was William Lloyd Garrison. And how people worked to make wolves in Yellowstone happen. On my side we’ve got that SCI/NRA man Harper looking for ways to increase the crime rate. Like dead horses crime and jails are business. Please let there be answers.

    • Thank you coriolis. The horse issue has really upset me because it’s just one more innocent animal under siege. What in the world are the Dems and Obama thinking? I personally don’t think it has anything to do with race, Obama just doesn’t seem to care. He’s in full campaign mode, spouting the same tired rhetoric from the last campaign. Except nobody is buying it anymore. And the Republican side isn’t any better. We literally have no choices. And our wildlife and wild places are suffering. We have a rancher heading the Interior, who would have thought that? I’m exhausted but we press on. We can’t abandon them now.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Not Obama’s race. Or? In the 60’s people were still bowling down blacks with open car doors and worse. I’ve read a lot of James Baldwin. It just wasn’t all that long ago. Poverty is endemic in the U.S. but I believe many non white groups experience a relatively greater disenfranchisement. Martin Luther King and his family were and are pro animal rights. And let’s not forget that historically U.S.Blacks were treated like animals. Without Martin Luther King’s world view, moral strength and non violent benevolent strategy Blacks would have been wiped out and or in jail. It’s just that it’s so ironic that a Black who owes his rights to strictest Gandhian nonviolence should usher in this Speciesism. There’s the famous book Dreaded Comparison. It’s all there, shackles used in slave ships. What’s the difference between a crowded transport and the hold of a ship? As for indigenous people, their fate and the fate of wolves were joined throughout American history. Nuclear waste is stored on Native land because it’s toxic. Why not on Capitol Hill? For Blacks it’s a virtual instatement of rights. The U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the western world. 10% plus. The most represented demographic is young Black male. All you have to do to kill a wolf is buy a license. SSS is ignored. There is this tendency to disregard the rights of others, others being so designated by? A European American majority? Perhaps. A majority of dominionistic males? In that, women’s rights and animal rights are close and close to the ground. That’s the use of animals. Abuse. Sociopaths need to abuse. It’s a shame their lives should bring them to such grotesque behaviour. It’s a society’s responsibility to address the conditions that cause sociopathic behaviour. On the road to eradicating sports hunting is educating children in schools or where ever, away from the home, about the need to protect animals. Also abused wives, their children and pets need help. There’s lots of good science on that. In recent times shelters typically take the family pet along with the wife and kids because sports hunters and their ilk make demo objects of family animals in the same way the terrible men on this UTube make the corpses they find in their traps objects of displaced aggression. Animals are a dominionistic man’s primary object of displaced aggression. So it goes for Obama, Baucus, the lot. They can get away with it. passing laws. Buying clones for wildlife control. A while ago there was a debate about serial killing on this blog. I didn’t agree at the time that sports hunting and serial killing are equivalent. I don’t know what qualitative thing was going through my head. I was wrong. They are the same thing. It’s just that it’s easier to kill animals, desecrate them and take trophies, than it is to do the same to women. Unless of course you’re at war.
        For the Wolves
        For the Wild Ones
        And Women and Children everywhere

  35. [...] Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In US… ( [...]

  36. [...] just this week, a bill was signed in Washington to open U.S. slaughterhouses again. (Read about it.) Horse meat will be available for your dining pleasure. I can rant about responsibility [...]

  37. the regard that humans have for other beings is horrifying. what made congress and obama think they have the right to destroy life and not preserve it . remeber all there are other life forms in the galaxy that feel humans are low on the food chain

  38. WHOA !!!! please do NOT attempt to throw racism into the mix! that is morally and ethically WRONG! there is no tie between race and inhumanity!

    • The newspapers are at fault at not publishing news concerning the politics about horses, bison, wolves and endangered species very often. I can’t understand why. If the American people became more aware, more opposition to animal atrocities would take place.

      • Jim…The editors decide what they think we should know about and apparently wolves or horses are not high on the list. Although I have to say there has been more news about the horse slaughter then wolves have gotten all year. Which is sad because both issues are important. Wolves are being trapped and snared in Idaho, shot and killed in Montana and it’s been “crickets” from the media. Many people have no idea there’s a wolf hunt going on in the Northern Rockies.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • You are absolutely right equusarian01, that’s a ridiculous premise.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

  39. First wolves, now horses?! What’s next, an endangered Kangaroo Rat?! As an equesterian, I am heartbroken over this. How can they allow this to happen to our horses?! Every Congressman who voted to allow this to happen and every person who supports horse slaughter should spend some time with a horse. That way, they can learn that these creatures, like all other animals, are capable of having individual personalities and emotions, and hopefully it’ll change their opinion about horse slaughter!

    • I completely agree NoonvaleWolf…if you look at how they voted, it’s the same Democrats who voted to delist wolves. As a horse and wolf advocate I’m appalled by this.We had eight years of George Bush. I was so happy when Obama was elected, I thought he stood for hope and change but little did I know he would be even worse then Bush and that’s saying something.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

  40. [...] As posted in the ”Howling for Justice” article “Thanks to Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter is Again Legal in the US”: “In a bipartisan effort, the House of Representatives and the United States Senate approved the Co… [...]

  41. home of the brave? turning more like home of the STUPID IDIOTS every day! WHY WERE YOU EVER ELECTED! IF WOLVES AND HORSES DISAPEAR I AM GOING TO HOLD YOU RESPOSIBLE! I am going to use my right of freedom of speech and call you an idiot… or are you going to take that too. Use the thing you call a brain and use it! Don’t just sit there and look stupid! OOPS to late.. :( grrrrrness You have a dog and i bet you’ve met a horse and loved it. If we’re not even going to eat it why even kill them. I promise you killin’ my fave animals it ain’t cool. There is a five letter word called THINK.. apparently it’s not in his vocab.

  42. Our country seems to be going down the wrong road…in every way. Another example. What has happened to America’s soul?

  43. I’m incredibly torn on this issue. My own horse was rescued from a slaughter trailer at only 6 months of age. He and 35 other horses, most under a year old, were shoved into a cattle trailer and headed for the Mexican border. While I do not support horse slaughter and the idea of horsemeat consumption really weirds me out, I also know that the long trips from the Midwest to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses kill so many thousands of horses each year. These horses are crushed to death, overheated, starved, dehydrated, and, as we sometimes see in the news, they all perish when a trailer crashes or unbalances and topples. I am uncomfortable saying I support this change in events, but I will readily admit that I would prefer we lose LESS horses to these sorts of easily-prevented conditions. Exsanguination is a slightly easier way to die than long, slow starvation, being crushed under the weight of other horses, dehydration or all the sorts of horrendous things that happen when an improperly-loaded cattle trailer crashes on a highway. I want conditions for all our animals to improve, horses included, but we may as well consider the positives about this situation, if we can really use the word “positives.” Because horsemeat is a delicacy overseas, and we are hugely irresponsible breeders in the United States, we will probably always provide the meat for the European market. Should we provide that meat by way of Mexican, unregulated slaughterhouses, or should we choose a venue that is not only easily regulated by the FDA but also more easily monitored?

    • Kathryn, Instead of bringing slaughter back to the US we should be working to keep horses out of Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses. The travel to US slaughterhouses is going to be no less horrible for horses, it doesn’t matter how long the trip is, horses being sent to slaughter is torture for them no matter how it happens. There are plenty of ways to help horses at the end of their lives. We humanely give give cats and dogs overdoses of barbiturates when they have cancer or are dying. Having horses throats cut, no matter where it is, is not way for horses to die. The smell of blood and death would be enough to send them into unbelievable fear. Can you even imagine the screaming of horses going to slaughter? The pro-slaughter people are tying neglected and abused horses with the unavailability of horse slaughter in the US but it’s the economy that’s doing it. Please read this commentary. It expresses my views about horse slaughter perfectly.


      Pro-Horse Slaughter Arguments Do Not Make Flicka Burgers Tasty

      COMMENTARY | Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., spouts pro-horse slaughter arguments. Trying to sell the electorate on ending a “misguided ban on domestic horse slaughter,” he cites “sad cases of horse abandonment” and promises a return of “jobs shipped to Canada and Mexico,” according to his website.

      I am surprised Sen. Baucus has not seen fit to also insert the ubiquitous “for the children” argument, which legislators usually slip into taxation schemes. But then he is not selling a new indebtedness but rather a way to profit off horse slaughtering.

      As a carnivore, with only a short stint of vegetarianism under her belt, I appreciate a juicy steak as much as the next person. Even so, there are some animals I won’t eat out of principle, and horses (as well as donkeys) make the list.

      Call me sentimental if you like, but then tell me why it is a good idea to consume meat that was not bred for slaughter. “None of the products that we routinely use on our horses has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on horses intended for food,” the Equine Protection Network explained when American horse slaughter was still ongoing.

      The pro-horse slaughter arguments citing deplorable equine neglect also fail to hold water. The Animal Law Coalition studied the cause and effect relationship between slaughterhouse closings and increases in horse neglect. “On the question of whether the closings were the cause of a pronounced increase in abuse we find that neither the cause nor the effect actually happened,” the researchers concluded. (If you follow Sen. Baucus’ logic to the end, you would have to make a case for the mass slaughter of dogs and cats.)

      Peeling away the layers of sanctimonious rhetoric gets us down to business: Cold, hard cash. The Meat Trade News outlined in 2009 that a “good commercial horse” can be sold for $500 to the meat trade. Multiply this by 9 million — the estimated number of horses in the U.S. — and you are looking at a “multibillion dollar industry.”

      In its 2011 publication, it cheers a proposed Nebraska institution of a state meat inspection agency — right after wondering “who gave these money grabbing animal rights bastards (sic) so much power.” See, the pro horse slaughter arguments really do not care about horse welfare; it’s the almighty dollar that counts.

      Just be honest about it.

      • What you’re saying here is so right. Cash rules. Almost everywhere. Almost everybody. Almost anything living can be commodified sold slaughtered destroyed. Cash rules. I just looked at the photos posted here. It was like old times. I used to commute to my work in TO from a town up north. The man who drove me to the terminal owned a bookstore, my second job. Every time we passed a transport carrying pigs or cows I’d just break down. He hated me for it. You can’t break in on an ingrained sense of entitlement without payback. And you can never never change someone’s mind. How do you undo pathology. Why is a horse different than a cow or a dog or a cat all of which are eaten. Check out China. Why is one alright another not. It doesn’t make any difference to a cow that it’s bred for food. It feels like a horse.
        For The Animals

  44. Register republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primary. He is the only one who can beat Obama. He also wants term limits in Congress.

  45. The white house and congress cannot reach agreements regarding the country’s debt but see how quickly they get together on something like this.
    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anything we can do as a people to stop this?????????

    • Susan…there are many great horse organizations who will be working hard to reverse this. We have to put some pressure on the countries who eat horsemeat, like Belgium, Japan and France. I will try and post more links to petitions or sites working on reversing this. Hold tight Susan.

      Ban Horse Slaughter Now!

      For the wolves, For the horses,

  46. Unwanted? Find the horses a wilderness home. Unmanageable as some have claimed meaning another justification for slaughter? People make bad horses, bad dogs bad children bad societies. Online some people are objecting to PETA’s pragmatism. PETA opts for a lesser of two evils. PETA is dealing with a society set to kill as a valid solution and greedy besides. We shouldn’t blame PETA for U.S. determined greed, cash grab citizens, a monied aristocracy, or for U. S. or Canadian or Belgian citizen betrayal and insensitivity. People at PETA don’t eat cows FGS. How many people who want to off a horse kill their own dinner? How many who scorn horse slaughter kill their own dinner? A chief reason for horse slaughter is cow slaughter. How many buy slaughterhouse slop misery fear degradation and unbelievable suffering? Checkout Gail Eisnitz”s Slaughterhouse. How many desist rather than subscribe to slaughterhouse meat? It’s not just the horses. Obama is a piece of work as are a good many of his senators but the answer is to care about life, living creatures, and about one’s own relationship to food. Perhaps this is a prime opportunity for people to alleviate some guilt. Who doesn’t know that the up bred ungulates they have done, second hand, for dinner, actually suffer intensely. People at this blog, myself included defend wolves. Carnivores who kill to eat. When people get around to being as directly involved as a wolf in the meaning of their own actions then the world will be a better place. That may seem altruistic.
    The good news is the petition sites are bursting. Signers have doubled in 24 hrs. For my part I sent the petition link to people at work, friends, some who are currently living around the world including Belgium. Stop the sale of horse meat. Then what?
    For Wolves Horses Cows People

  47. My friend and I are trying to get a petition started to ban horse slaughter again, i dont want this in my state! Everyone needs to stand together! It was stopped once.. we can do it again!

  48. There are a few web sites that folks can go to for this all very important
    issue (yet another one)

    Please go to these sites & also pass these along to your friends & relatives to get the word out – NO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN THE U.S.

    • Thanks you ramses…we are fighting two battles now. I feel like my head is spinning around backwards.

      For the wolves, For the horses,

      • Yes, I know what you mean.

        I am trying to get the kids involved @ the High School I work @.
        It’s hard though …… I work a second shift, so for me to get some kind of club going I would have to talk to my supervisor & he is not a very kind hearted person. So I’m thinking of other ways of getting the kids involved.

  49. I signed. I’ll try to organize something here. Wolves and horses. The U.S. Embassy doesn’t allow protesters on the street in front of their main entrance. 25 yds away on the other side of University Ave.


    I sent that petition address, addresses from this site, infact I pasted this page into a word doc for background and sent to Belgium. I have a friend there who I hope will make some kind of art action about horses. He’s a vegan and loves horses. That’s his territory. I also asked that Be news be told (again) what’s going on here. Holland’s on fire. I’m not finding my way to Be news. I’ll ask for an update.

    This one is not for everybody


  50. This blog has been kinda empty for some time now.
    My humble opinion on Obama

    He will be the next President –
    Who else would I vote for???? NONE of the idiots on the other side of the coin. They ride around in their clown car – going to different states, spouting their shit & lies. If you ask me – – – they are ALL LIARS. I worked to get Obama elected & was excited that he became President. But, like with many americans – I have been disappointed & disillusioned with his talk & actions.
    I have thought of not even voting for a President when I go to the polls.
    I have not made up my mind. But I’ll tell you one thing – I WOULD NEVER, NEVER vote for a Re-puke-a-thug.
    I have been disappointed with a lot of the Dems also.
    I look @ this way – he is better than the alternative. Then I ask myself – is he really? He has been HORRID on wildlife & the environment.
    We really do not have any good choices – they all suck!

    • ramses…Not sure what you mean about the blog, do you mean the horse blog?

      On the election, things are not looking good. The worst of it is Gingrich is making deals with Palin, dropping hints he would give her an important position in his administration, maybe even VP. Can you imagine her heading the Department of the Interior? That would be an utter disaster.

      Palin threw her support behind Gingrich in South Carolina. I saw all this coming, she’s been talking up Gingrich and blasting Romney. I can’t imagine the wheeling and dealing that went on behind the scenes on Saturday. She can’t get elected through the front door, so she’ll climb on the Gingrich train and get in that way. All the rest of his ethical flaws pail in comparison to aligning himself with her. He will do anything to get the nomination. Remember he’s been planning this run for years. They’d have to add an entire wing to the White House just to house his ego.

      I may not vote in the upcoming election, we have no choices.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  51. “is he better than the alternative?” – – – is what I meant to put – I did it backwards -

  52. Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses ~

  53. I know I might be a 11 year old but I know that slaughtering horses is a very bad thing to do. I am a horse lover, and some how I knew that horses and ponies would be in trouble one day. Horses and ponys are asking them selfs what they did wrong. I know horses. I read horses. When i looked at the pictures i tried do read them, all they said was “good bye life” or “someone save me”. What about the wild?? iI have a movie and the narater said was there was only acopple wild horses. they are still tring to come back. Why Obama! why did you have to??

  54. @ Emma Wood
    I agree with you 1,000 % Hey i agree with every one who hates what is happenig to this beautiful creature.. Im 12. Its so sad that people our age have more sense than people 3x our age. We may be young, but we can help the wild horses make their probably last stand. With out the horse its a good chance we wouldnt be here. Some people say the horse is like a gate way between the spirtual world. and Yes, Obama has got to go!!!! Its like Hitler, he killed all those Jews because of there religon. The BLM are killing these horses because they are getting money for killing them. Or trying to get some minerals. I could go on and on but im going to stop here.

  55. Boo no one will touch or hurt my horse he is my baby how can someone to heartless does that Obama

  56. [...] Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In US… [...]

  57. [...] Select President Obama Passes bill for horse slaughter human consumption.  [...]

  58. We need to unite and Stop this greed now send a mesg to congress America’s horses are not for sale for human consumption, not now, not never. This is a disgrace for America!

  59. Obama has done nothing for our animals or our environment,he stinks.

  60. I am so fed up that this issue continues to pursue in this manner. What is wrong with this country. Are we going backwards again? Horses do not exist for consumption. Oh my god!

  61. […] President Obama passes bill for horse slaughter […]

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