Idaho “Candelight Vigil For Wolves” Photo Makes The LA Times!!!

“Candlelight Vigil for Wolves
Tuesday, Nov. 29, Action at 3101 S. Powerline Road Nampa, Idaho In front of the Fish and Game building. This will be a candle light vigil to mourn the loss of these wolves. Feel free to bring a sign if you so choose. Rain or shine. I’ll aim to be there from 4;45pm to 6pm.”


This  amazing picture, of a candlelight vigil held for wolves in Nampa, Idaho,  on November 29, 2011,  was posted in the LA Times yesterday,  highlighting  comments made about  J. William Gibson’s Thursday’s article, The New War On Wolves.

Thank you to the organizers for holding the candle light vigil in memory of the 260 fallen wolves killed in the hunts. The photo  is especially relevant today because  Montana FWP announced yesterday they were extending the wolf hunt through February 15, 2012. The hunt was  supposed to end December 31, 2011. Wolf advocates sent comments to  Montana FWP, asking them not to extend the hunts.  Apparently those pleas fell on deaf ears. This will make the holiday season a sad one for wolf advocates and a horror for wolves.

Idaho’s hunt already extends thru March 31, 2012 in most of the state but in the Lolo and Selway zones it runs all the way to June 2012, ten long months, right through wolf breeding, denning and pupping season. Is there no end to the cruelty?

Here’s the link to the Opinion page of the LA Times where the picture is posted.

Opinion L.A.


Video: Idaho Press Tribune

Photo: Idaho Press Tribune

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    But, how is it possible a petition to stop wolf hunting and hunting extensions could not get 4000 names in the entire state? Advocates for wolves apparently need to step up the public awareness campaign! This was a great thing to do but there need to be more local people who show up for a few hours. More people gets more attention. There is no lack of appearance of wolf haters out there!

    • Donna, completely agree, organization is the key. Signing petitions, writing letters is not enough, we have to be out there, speaking out. Candlelight vigils, Occupy wolf country, non-violent protests. They need to hear and SEE us. It’s time.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. I think I will do the same! “Down with Hunters. Up with H.O.W.L!”
    *runs off petitioning, and going on strike*

  3. There needs to be a change in who makes the laws for allowing this killing. So when Congress states that any animal is off the endangered list, hunters, & killing begins. Wild animals need another kind of CARETAKER & not congress, or any form of gov.
    Perhaps a group can work on removing snares & other harmful traps, by having an expedition of different areas.
    Everyone should contact Congress to express their anger over THEIR DECISION ABOUT THESE WOLVES. This reminds me of what happened 100 years ago when men went on these killing sprees & almost wiped them out. You can get a list of Congress on google.
    Were you aware the a herd of BABOONS IS CALLED CONGRESS??

    • LOL on the Baboons remark but I wouldn’t want to insult Baboons.

      Yes Congress can no longer be trusted with our precious wildlife, they’ve proved it over and over these past few years….removing wolves from the ESA, allowing the roundup of our Wild Horses and now bringing back horse slaughter. We need to boot these people out and institute term limits…nobody should be in Congress for thirty years. Baucus D-MT has been in Congress since 1976. They’ve made it almost impossible to get them out of office once they get in.

      For the wolves,

  4. Time to band together people. 400 signatures? Pathetic. How many people subsrribe to this site? How many others should?
    I happen to be a member of the NRA. They fight for yourright to keep and bear arms as stated in the second amendment to our Constitution. Yes, they support hunting. They do not support slaughter. We all know this is a financial situation based on erroneous rumors and fable.
    There are over 90 million gun owners in this country(USA) but only 4 million members in the NRA. That’s 4 million protecting the rights of 90 million. There is public outrage over this slaughter of wolves yet few are making their ‘voices’ heard. If you have as yet not written your local papers and notified your public servants (Senators…governers, etc.) of your displeasure then either do so now or have your apathy heard. NOW is the time to act It is time to counter the lies.

    • Back in April when we were trying to stop the “rider”, the emails and phone calls to the Senate, the President and everybody else involved probably reached or surpassed the hundred thousand…. Then, one thousand scientists got together and wrote a wonderful, scientific paper about the wolf and the real facts about livestock predation, the size of the elk herds etc. and hand delivered it to each senator. Then the “Lords of Nature” DVD (which is mainly about non-lethal methods of protection) was sent to each senator. At that time, we had the necessary numbers to show what the will of the American people was. And what happened next? They all (with three or four exceptions), gleefully signed the wolf away and bought a democratic seat with wolves’ blood.

      The sad truth is that we do not know what to do. Blogging and prayers do not seem to help.

      • Astrid…you said it all in that one paragraph. What we are doing is not working. We tried so hard and look what happened. I watched the vote on C-span…wolves were never mentioned. They laughed and joked like it was a party. You are so right, they are not listening. That’s why we need to be visible. Vigils, letters to the editor, protests and they have to have more then five people. We outnumber the wolf haters, why can’t we get this done people??

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • I support the right to bear arms, but I really wish you would take a closer look at the NRA. They have supported cruel pastimes like coyote/fox penning and trapping (neither of which is directly related to guns or fair-chase hunting), and they were in favor of the budget rider that delisted wolves, precipitating the current bloodbath. In spite of their professed respect for the Constitution, they were willing to defend a rider that tries to prevent the judiciary from reviewing the actions of the legislative branch, damaging the checks and balances in our government. There are other pro-gun organizations out there; I urge you to find one and dump the NRA. I don’t think anyone who loves or respects animals should be an NRA member.

      • Any one who owns has a right to defend their home and loved ones. But not to kill and harm any animal which is not hurting them.

        If the Ranchers would do what the Double Circle Dude RAnch in Arizona does; then they would not have to worry about the Wolves. This ranch, (owners too) ride the ranges to keep track of their cattle and horses. Thjey have never had to kill a wolf as of yet. Besides they believe that the wolves has a purpose on this earth too.

        If an animal has the rabies, then they deserve to be killed. There is no cure for them.

        But doing what these hunters are doing to these WOLVES is wrong. Wolves are a benefit to our environment. They keeps the wild-herds moving which keeps the trees and grass growing. They keep the herds healthy by hunting the sick,weaK,old and the young sometimes.

        When the WOLVES are gone, then what will you kill next. Which animal will you pick on to elimate.

      • Barbara, I can already tell you the animal that is next…the grizzly bear. They’ve been chomping at the bit to hunt these beautiful apex predators. They’re already making noises about it. We have to protect them and the wolves.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Chris there are so many wolf groups but we’re not organized. I do what I can to get the word out but it’s an overwhelming job. I’ve encouraged people to organize in small groups around the country. That is the only way to succeed. We can’t rely on the big orgs, they are too big and many concentrate on fund raising. It’s the grass roots movement that has the power to effect change. Every movement takes time to come together. We will do it. Everyone has to realize that it’s not the person next to you that will get it done, it’s all of us working together.

      A candlelight vigil across the nation? Can we pick a day and organize it? After the holidays when people are back from vacation. I’m thinking the beginning of January. Also align ourselves with the Occupy movement. Wolf Warriors has bumper stickers and tee shirts that read #Occupy Wolf Country.

      For the wolves,

  5. This is a tragedy. There were many, many signatures sent…even from around the world. I know…I sent them. These governmental bureaucrats undoubtedly had their shredders smoking. Facebook had petitions also. Many signatures there. These politicians in Idaho are corrupt, savage killers. This is all for the dollar and votes for Obama. God help us if that corrupt president ever gets back in. I wish that these slaughters could imagine this happening to their own families. The wolf has the same feelings, only deeper. They are a an honest specie, social, mate for life (unlike humans.) These grandfathers of our family dogs are very intelligent and docile. The only time that they would attack is if cornered, their puppies are threatened of they have rabies, otherwise they have special souls that were given to them by God. I know. My best friend was a timber wolf. This is all politics. How can you slaughter man’s best friend for politics? Look at your family dog tonight..and KNOW where he came from.

    • Whatever we can do to make a huge impact on this horrible slaughter, we need to do. I called a few commissioners in Idaho that were listed on HOWLING For Justice. They’re mentality is unbelievable & it was like talking to a wall, or a recording..
      We can send Congress letters but it would be effective if large groups with signs gathered & had these events covered by TV Stations so that people can see for themselves. Congress will not do anything, because lobbyists for the ranchers have bought them:

      • Caryn..we need the media to get involved. All it takes is one big story and it could go viral. Bill Gibson’s article. The New War on Wolves, published in the LA Times, is gaining legs. Lets hope this leads to awareness of what is going on in the Northern Rockies. The wolves need us now.

        For the wolves,

  6. I’m sorry. I thought that I had signed every “wolf petition” I had come across.

  7. I wish I could join the Candle-light vigil. Wolves are a very important of our environment. They are a family pack ,family.
    They take care of their family pack, better than some people take care of theirs.

  8. Can we organize a candlelight vigil in Missoula, Montana? If the Friends of Animals will join us, we may be able to get a large group of people to attend.
    Toni A. Stark
    Joseph DiStefano
    Angela Stevens
    Truth About Wolves

    • Toni, I’ll pm you on FB.


  9. Nabeki,

    Let us know what you think about a Montana Vigil?
    Also– remind people that:
    truthaboutwolves (Facebook) has petitions to be sent to:
    Sen. Jon Tester, Sen. Max Baucus, and Rep. Rehberg requesting that the wolf slaughter be stopped.
    We need to show our solidarity and attend every demonstration and sign every petition available to stop the wolf killing.

    • Toni…I completely agree. I sent you a PM on FB.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. A Montana or Idaho vigil…..I’ll be there.

    • Thank you Chris.

      One thing though about the NRA, they signed onto the appeal to keep wolves delisted. They are aligned with the Safari Club. I believe in the second amendment too but what the heck is the NRA doing in the wolf lawsuit??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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