Lummis Blames “Radical Environmentalists” For Rider Removal….

Apparently Cynthia Lummis isn’t happy her wolf/delisting rider was removed from the budget bill by Congress. She blames “radical environmentalists”.

“Lummis issued a statement on Friday claiming that radical environmentalists used what she called “their considerable sway in the White House” to remove the language. An attempt to reach her for comment on Friday was unsuccessful.”

Not really sure what political sway she’s talking about?  It was Obama who delisted  wolves in the Northern Rockies, mere months after he took office. It was the Senate Democrats, with help from Republicans, who voted to delist wolves via budget rider last Spring and the President signed the wolf rider/budget bill into law. We have two ongoing, brutal wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho because of that delisting and the Endangered Species Act has been weakened.

If there is any  “sway” it  has more to do with the upcoming 2012 elections AND the wolf and wildlife advocates who burned up the Capitol phone lines this week to send a message to their Representatives.  


I think  Congress got the message loud and clear!


Congress removes wolf ‘no lawsuit’ rider from bill, Lummis blames environmentalists–Wolves-Wyoming/


Congressional negotiators shoot down no-sue clause on Wyoming wolf deal

Congress strips wolf ‘no-lawsuit’ rider from bill


Congressional decision could tie up Wyoming wolf management plan in litigation


Friday news roundup: Prosperous and in Congress



Photo: Courtesy Ann S., Wolf People puppy, Arctica

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  1. Well, killing wolves for no reason is pretty radical, too, don’t you think, Cyn?

  2. If only environmentalists had considerable sway! We wouldn’t be seeing wolves killed on a daily basis in the US.

  3. When I was at Yellowstone this summer a park ranger said “eveything depends on something else” “the wolf on the bear on the elk on the coyote, etc…” Makes sense; why doesn’t our government see this? There is NO reason to kill wolves.

  4. Cynthia Lummis, it is too bad that your De-listing of the Wolves ever went through Congress. But I am glad that the Wolves now mat be able to keep their lives and their fur.
    Your bill has killed lots of innocent Wolves and their babies. Shame on you.

  5. It’s hard to make sense from senseless thoughts , and with ignorance & greed being her strong suit , she has no business holding office in charge of any thing more than counting rocks. The truth will shine the more people know !

  6. As long she is unhappy, I’m happy

    • I am happy too. My prayer is this. Dear God, please help the Wolves and protect them from further harm. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

      • Amen.

      • Praying always for the wolves.I hope God takes care of their problem with ignorant people who have let their status interfere with their thinking.

  7. Something else was given away I’m sure. Dirty politicians ~
    But, this is GREAT news. Hooray for our Wolves.

  8. I am hoping (optimistically) that the administration recognized that the public is not stupid and our outrage at the back door peddling that led to the wolves ESA delisting in the 1st place and figured this was just not the best political moment to do it again!

    We must keep “a candle lit” apparently forever!!!! Which is no problem thankx to folks like Ann S of NIWA, and you!

    Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  9. Good news for once.Maybe we will have more!

  10. It seems that environmentalists have considerable sway if Obama is putting the pipeline off until next year….that surprised me!

  11. If Cynthia Lummis isn’t happy her wolf/delisting rider was removed from the budget bill by Congress, can she imagine how unhappy all the dead wolves and their families are.

    She blames “radical environmentalists”! Maybe she should blame radical politians and hunters, who seem to have no compassion for living creatures, but will bow down and kiss someones feet for a dirty dollar.

    • Lummis and all her cohorts can bow down and plant a kiss right between our back pockets for all I care! They deserve some good putdowns right now.

      Up the howls! (Anyone want to guess where that came from?)

  12. Happy howls that the frivolous rider was removed….

    Cynthia Lummis needs to back off and get herself a life!!!
    After all, the only radicals who should be blamed,
    are the right-wing redneck country-bumpkin extremists
    and greedy special interests who crafted that wasteful bill
    in the first place and we’re basically standing up
    for our First Amendment rights by telling these
    inbred yahoos that we’re not gonna conform to their
    wild-west ideology nor support the senseless slaughter!!!!
    Maybe we should torment Cynthia Lummis by yanking
    her country music station off the air and replace it with
    psychedelic rock-n-roll…
    Ya’ know, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Fever Tree,
    The Jefferson Airplane, The Small Faces, The yARdbiRds,
    THe ByRDS, just to name a few. ;))))

  13. I’ve read both environmental terrorists and animal rights terrorists used by sports hunters and pro sports hunting reporters. The same language is applied by Syncrude when making public statements about people who protest Tar Sands development. For some time now Animal Rights Activists have been designated the No.1 threat to U.S. homeland security. Forget the al-Qaeda. Watch out for environmentalists or men and women who don’t want chimps and apes removed from there country of origin that organs may be grafted onto their bodies in order to test a new round of, as it happened, useless drugs. The language is meant to prove by assertion the criminal nature of defence of the environment, of wilderness, wildlife and animals raised bought or stolen for research. In the U.S. theft especially of dogs for use in medical research, has been well organized and well documented (Dr. Albert Leffingwell, The Vivisection Question) since the late nineteenth century. People who love wilderness, wildlife and wolves, who understand them in terms of science and their complex interdependent relationships and who therefore seek to protect them, as well as people who simply love wilderness, wildlife and wolves and wish to preserve them, qualify for this kind of abuse. Many politicians and most sports hunters keep up the pretense in readiness for, or at least, in hope of legal censure. It’s a sort of elevated strategic name calling game. It would be laughable except that people who want to clear cut, or kill wolves, are ready and willing to put their detractors in jail.

    For the Wolves

  14. small victory, what about the Wolves being killed daily? I keep writing to CNN asking for a story exposing the livestock industry – so far nothing, what is the matter w/ all of these stupid, stupid people – they make me sick AND where is The Sierra Club and Defenders? So far Earth Justice is the only group doing anything. Where are the environmentalists – Kerry, Udall, Boxer, Feinstein, etc. Now they are at it w/ the horse slaughter again! WHY did Defenders and the rest of the groups (at the time) reintroduce Wolves in this area anyway? An idiot would have known what was going to happen – I worried @the time and unfortunately I wasn’t wrong – DUH!

    • Why would you even bother with CNN? It is just another pawn in the Obama regime which never strays from the “party” line.

  15. Dude, Obama needs to be sued for all he’s worth. a penny for every wolf killed, a dollar for every pack abolished. That will add up to some serious justice, and cash.
    Save the forgotten grace.

    • Yes, he does. OBama is nothing but a liar and a cheat. He took off the ban on Partial Birth Abortion when he was in office a few hours.
      He is for the Muslins. I knew he was a Muslim because of his name
      (Barack Hussien OBama).
      I do not trust him as far as I can throw him, which is not very far. Cynthia Lummis is wrong for wanting the wolves de-listed. Her and others who are against the wolves are nothing but evil people.

      • Gee whizz Barbara-
        Would you prefer Rick Perry, Michelle bachmann. or maybe Newt Gingrich as the next president? I am as disgusted as anyone about how wolves an other animals are treated…….but these Conservatives are loons…….Obama would do better if he got rid of the rancher in the Dept of the Interior

  16. YAY! finally some good news! *throws confetti* hooray for the wolves and all the other endangered animals that could have been next!

  17. Barbara, I am shocked by your comments about President Obama. You sound like a tea partier and you are wrong. Obama is not a Muslim, but what would it matter if he was? Muslims have rights just like everybody else in this country. Also, I don’t think abortion should be a topic in this blog. Yes, I am disappointed in the president regarding the Northern Rockies wolves, which I have fought for for decades, but the alternatives to Obama give me nightmares and cold sweats.

  18. Good news for our wolves May us “radical” folks who want to preserve outr precious earth and its creatures triumph!

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