Jay Mallonee Speaks Out….

Jay Mallonee is an independent wolf biologist who has studied wolves in Montana for twenty years, notably the The Fish Trap Pack for ten of those years. His peer-reviewed paper,“Hunting Wolves In Montana, Where Are The Data”  is posted on this blog, under PAGES.

In his own words Jay speaks out about his struggle for the truth.

“On September 3, 2011, I published the paper Hunting Wolves In Montana – Where Are The Data?  in the peer-review, scientific journal Nature and Science.  It reviewed the data collected by Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) regarding wolf population numbers.  This is the state agency responsible for wolf management in Montana. The paper demonstrated that much of their data was flawed or blatantly wrong, in addition to fabricating wolf numbers.  After publication of the paper, I spent two months emailing and visiting FWP officials to understand how and why they used flawed information to decide how many wolves should die in public hunts.  I also asked about the procedures used to collect their data, because FWP has claimed that wolf hunts are based in science.  This is not true either, and I have yet to have my questions answered.  Nevertheless, my email exchanges with FWP and the Governor’s Office demonstrate how management officials fein cooperation, then evade answering questions directly, and finally just get mad and no longer communicate.  In the meantime, the hunting season has been extended to February 15, 2012, and FWP supports groups that offer cash prizes for the best photo of wolves killed in the hunt.  FWP has gone out of their way to make sure wolves die.

You can help by going to my website
and reading these email exchanges then contacting FWP directly.  I have provided the contact information for everyone involved in these emails.  Ask your own questions or demand answers to the ones I have asked.  These people are pubic servants.”

Make them prove what they say.

Jay Mallonee, January 2, 2012


Hunting Montana’s Wolves

by Jay Mallonee



Photo: Courtesy kewl wallpapers
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Tags: Jay S. Mallonee, Wolf biologist, Montana FWP,  Hunting Wolves In Montana
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  1. I have contacted all Mt.govs mentioned. I wrote my feelings and quoted Jay, and asked them nicely to please respond to his questions. Below is a copy of my letter.

    Good morning,
    I just read the article and questions that Jay Mallonnee asked you. I think they were very straight forward questions. Easy to understand. Why are you dodging the facts? Even I, who has been fighting for the wolf for over 40 years knows what Montana is up to. It’s hard to believe that there are people like this on this planet. These animals are NOT aggressive. If they were, I would have been dead several times! They are a very loving animal, family oriented. They have a social structure and they mate for life. (I think they have more morals…and in most cases more common sense than humans.) They are afraid of man and for good reason. Why, of all the animals on the face of God’s green earth have you singled out the wolf…the grandfathers of your family pets? I never had a better friend, a more gentle friend, a more caring friend than a timber wolf named Thor. Please, don’t kill them for money, for greed, for political favor, but let them go on their way, safely. They too have families. What if the tables were turned?

    Do please answer Jay. He has done a lot of work. He deserves a decent response. His questions are below. Please answer him. (info@wolfandwildlifestudies.com)

    Anne DiNucci

    Thank you for comparing me to a TV character that was known for his honesty and tireless

    pursuit of the truth. You are so perceptive. As such, you must be aware that when you wrote,

    “FWP has a management job to do in the present, irrespective of the state of the date …..” that

    this can be perceived as saying “No matter what the data says, we are going to kill wolves

    anyway.” You also accused me of putting words in your mouth. So how is asking for

    clarification on what you said versus what you meant not furthering my cause? Knowing what

    you said during our meeting requires no guessing. I can verify your statements and the context

    in which they were made. We were not the only ones in the room, remember? So, to be clear

    with no misunderstandings, could you please answer the following questions:

    1. Do you believe the current methods of data collection are valid? After all, they are used to

    make management decisions, such as how many wolves should die in public hunts.

    2. The same applies to the data. Do you believe the data obtained through these methods are

    valid? Again, this information is used to make current management decisions.

    3. Do you really believe that flawed data can lead to responsible management decisions? The

    process of management is defined by the quality of data collected. Good data is required to make

    good decisions.

    4. Why is the government not willing to spend more money to collect better data? Again,

    good data is required to make good decisions.

    5. Why are there no scientific protocols used to collect data which would maximize time and

    money, and produce real science, the process that FWP claims they are doing? Using scientific

    protocols would give them better numbers at no extra cost. They just have to know what they

    are doing.

    6. What is the state of discussions with FWP? In other words, what are some of the ideas they

    have for improving data collection?

    I have always maintained that the quality of data can be improved. I am not asking for

    perfection, only for a solid attempt at using science to determine how wolves are managed, rather

    than making claims that are obviously false. In your two email responses since our meeting, you

    have made an accusation and compared me to a TV character, and you still have not answered

    my inquiries in a meaningful manner. Therefore, you could further your cause by answering the

    questions rather than avoiding an intellectual discussion of the issues. I’ll wait for FWP to

    answer the previous questions. Thank you for your cooperation.


    • Thank you Anne for contacting Montana FWP. They need to be held accountable for their data supporting wolf hunts. It’s speaks volume that Jay can’t get a straight answer out them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. I’ll be more than happy to e-mail them. When I was in Helena for the protest back in October, we went to the Gov. office & told he wasn’t there. I, personally didn’t believe the person who told us that, but I really don’t believe a lot of what our government tells us anyways – (but thats another story) I read Mr. Mallonee piece & was just amazed by his article. That these people can get away with saying that they have done the sound science on this particular issue just is astonishing. These people are sick to the core. What in the hell is Obama thinking ….. these people that he has in his office are the ones who are guiding him, lets not forget that. Is Obama that stupid to let this go & not see the consequences that are going to happen with this.
    Bottom line this article should be published in every new paper, magazine everywhere. It’s an excellent written piece. Also, is this the only scientist that is speaking out for the wolves – that are being decimated????? Where are ALL of the other scientists? The young students in college???

    Thanks as always Nabeki ;-)

    • ramses…Jay is the only wolf biologist I know of that is openly questioning their data. That’s why we need to get this information out there. I want them to answer the question: Where did those 141 wolves come from??

      As for Obama, he’s a lost cause. I have no idea why he’s pandering to the red states over wolves, they’re NOT going to vote for him.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. I agree with Obama’s poor choices in some of his cabinet. I would really like to be rid of Ken Salazar. Horses, wolves, and how much other wildlife are being killed for getting in the way of hunters, developers, and ranchers, who seem to want everything for themselves.

  4. The goal of FWP” biologists”is too maximize ungulate populations and minimize predator populations. Makes sense if your goal is to assure yourself of a job and completely disregard science which it seems these “biostitutes” are good at doing.
    Here’s an example of one of them that works in the Bitterroot Valley and is teaching hunters “HOW TO KILL WOLVES”


    • Jerry…oh that’s just great. Remember one of their biologists was hunting wolves in 2009 and wrote about what a great experience it was? Who was that? I’ll have to find the article, I know I wrote a post on it. Isn’t this a conflict of interest to give tips on wolf hunting since the agency will benefit from the sale of wolf tags? Inquiring minds want to know?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • The “biostitute” that shot the wolf just north of YNP was Mike Ross. He was elk hunting and “just happened across” a wolf pack and since this MFWP employee and “wolf manager” had a wolf tag he shot one.

      • Thanks Jerry, I did a post on this story at the time, I’m going to see if I can find it. This is so wrong on so many levels.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Here’s the story of Mike Ross, the “biologist and wolf manager” for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks who appears to be not only a wolf killer, but a trophy elk hunter.


      • The arrogance of that statement. Killing wolves to save wolves?? Who are they to decide Montana’s wolf hunt was a success…success for who, the trophy hunters who get their kicks out of killing sentient beings? It certainly wasn’t a success for the wolves. The mind blowing part is this is a biologist who is supposed to understand the complex social structure of wolves. But apparently a wolf is a wolf is a wolf, they’ll just make more, who cares about destroying their families and killing their pups? Just disgusting. We need a paradigm shift in how our wildlife is cared for. These people kill without the consent of the majority of Americans who don’t hunt. They have declared dominion over our land, as the European settlers did to the Native Americans and our once abundant, diverse wildlife. Now these states are giant game farms.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. I too have clicked and read Jays article, read his e mails and the non co-operative, evasive e mails he has had in reply and his explanation of his methods and science as much as I, a mere layman, can understand, how they would work (and in the past have worked) and the lack of interest, in a robust way, of calculating just how many wolves there are before taking any action, by the FWP. (I guess it must be a darned hard task, but isn’t that they’re job? ).
    What kills me is the attitude of the FWP, an agency that straddles the relationship between the common man and the wolves, they are the artisans, our (yours specifically, I’m from England!) representatives, who are there to serve the public and take a balanced view and I assume even err on the side of caution, bearing in mind the brutal history this animal has endured.
    So assuming their data is crap, on what basis and in whose interests we ask ourselves, are they taking this action. Perhaps someone can explain to me,(maybe others too) how these people get to work on these associations? Are they voted in? Is it a gentlemen s club, a closed shop, its who you know, not what you Know? Perhaps there are people who serve on these committees who have doubts about what they are doing? Maybe someone can enlighten us?
    Also, would this article be read by such people as the International Wolf Centre, L. David Mech, Luigi Boitani here in Europe and a host of other wolf sanctuaries who perhaps can raise the profile a little, maybe a lot.
    So what is their motivation? Who is putting pressure on them to make these decisions? Is there a close connection between these people and those who delight in the killing? Gotta be an answer somewhere?
    Maybe someone should send a letter to Obama, after all it was only a few months ago he settled for 3.4 billion (if i am correct) payout to go to the Native Americans who had been ripped off for years on their own lands. It took the work of a great woman to needle away, but she got there. Eloise Cobell, I believe. RIP.

  6. It maybe the time to occupy the, National Mall , in the name of the wolves & wildlife, and start bringing this issue to the forefront of the American public and show America what is really going on and get our voice heard . As I see it we have the evidence ,now it’s time to expose these Jesters in politics and run them out of office with the reality of how their systematic annihilation of our wolves and wildlife is being perceived as management . One article I’ve read stated Salazer killed over 4.1 million wildlife in ’09 and he had appointed 17-18 of his buddies ,which in turn had their interest in Elk associations ,hunting ,ranching and other Big money interest. What pisses me of ,none of the appointee’s had any interest in the true welfare for our animals. I refuse to believe that if America really new what the hell was going on with our wolves and all the other wildlife that were being murdered in brutal methods , they would be sickened .to their core . I will be ready to do what we have to for the wolves. — WE NEED TO MAKE OUR STAND — Mark

    • Save Americas Wolves,

      Being pro-active in real time is long overdue in the pro-wolf movement. We’re very good at speaking out online and garnering support for wolves on FB and Twitter but not so good in organizing protests, candlelight vigils, boycotts, etc. If we want to be serious about making a difference we are going to have to have a physical presence that can be picked up by the news media.

      January 9th is the Wolf Moon. NIWA, Howling for Justice, Wolf Warriors and Howl Across America are recommending people across the country hold a candlelight vigil for wolves who’ve been slaughtered in the hunts. It would also send a signal how outraged wolf advocates are over Northern Rockies wolf delisting, purely a political delisting to please the hunting and ranching lobbies.

      “Next Monday night is the night of January’s “Full Wolf Moon.” The perfect night to hold a candlelight vigil for the 300+ wolves who have died so far, in Idaho and Montana’s wolf hunts? NIWA (The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance) is planning at least one vigil, in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. How about holding one where you live? Make some signs, pick a spot, call the media. When they get there, tell them about the Idaho/MT wolf slaughter going on and have pictures of bloody, hunted wolves at hand. Simple:” Posted by Justin Forte on Howl Across America


      For the wolves, For the wild ones

  7. I have another question: Is the wolf delisting being challenged in the courts at this time ? and if so who is representing the wolves ?

    • Yes, the Ninth Circuit Federal Court listened to the arguments from both sides on Nov. 8 and 9, 2011, and has been deliberating ever since. Have you guys heard about the concept of a “Moot case” in American law? According to Wikipedia (which got pretty good in the last few years), “A matter is moot if further legal proceedings with regard to it can have no effect, or events have placed it beyond the reach of the law. Thereby the matter has been deprived of practical significance or rendered purely academic.” When a case becomes “moot”, it is dismissed and no further ruling is required. If we apply this definition to the length of time the 9th circuit is taking to rule about the unconstitutionality of the budget wolf rider, I am afraid that they are waiting for all the wolves to be killed first and then declare the case “moot”!

      • I don’t want to sound negative here but, that doesn’t sound very promising.. Who was representing the wolves case ? and is there anything that we can do legally or by public pressure to get a answer and if it’s negative for the wolves couldn’t we then make a appeal ?

      • Astrid…it is very upsetting to have a case pending without a ruling, especially when the court was asked to expedite their ruling BUT if you remember Judge Molloy did the exact same thing. When the wolf hunts started in 2009, he was asked to grant an injunction to stop the hunts, which he denied. Then it took him a year to finally rule in August 2010. We have no way of knowing if the Ninth will rule tomorrow or 9 months from now. The longer the hunts go on, the more wolves die. So your analogy about a case being moot is a fair one.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Save America’s Wolves,

      The Northern Rockies delisting was heard by Judge Molloy, who stated he believed it was unconstitutional but felt he was bound by Ninth Circuit precedent and was not able to overturn it. He practically pleaded with the Ninth Circuit to re-vist it. It was consequently appealed to the Ninth Circuit, a hearing was held and no decision has been handed down. NO other delisting is being challenged at this time. The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) has stated they are considering challenging the Great Lakes delisting but no word on that yet. I’m sure the Wyoming wolf delisting WILL be challenged, since it is such a horrific plan.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. Nabeki, there is also a new threat to wolves. I saw a trailer for a new movie called The Grey. It is about wolves threatening and stalking a group of plane crash survivors in Alaska. The wolves were all glowing eyes and bared teeth. I am very afraid this will ratchet wolf hysteria up even higher in the Northern Rockies and reinforce peoples’ fear of wolves in the rest of the country. I wish we could do something about this.

    • Judy,

      We alerted advocates on Wolf Warriors and I’m planning on doing a post on this movie either tomorrow or Friday, asking people to boycott it. Unfortunately the petition signing is over, I think Linda said it would be turned in on January 2.

      Wolf Warriors
      PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND SIGN THIS PETITION…TODAY. Tomorrow will be too late; its going to be turned in on January 2nd . Your signature, your help, is needed! Media that perpetuates negative wolf myths have are a huge problem; these lies make people who are not educated about wolves afraid of them. The very premise of this film is ludicrous, and a disclaimer about how healthy wild wolves do NOT act like this MUST be added to the film ! “White Fang” had a disclaimer at the end, remember? And people remembered it, which in a way ended up HELPING the wolves . Thank you to Linda Camac for putting together this very important petition. Lets just hope it makes a difference – A.S.



      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Nabeki, in reply to Judy Wood, yes, I just saw the trailer last night of this movie and thot, oh, no, not again. This is a tired old scarey theme but it does so much damage to the true representation of these poor misunderstood animal. I wish I could organize a small sign holding protest at the premier or at some of the threaters showing this tripe. They should know that it’s not bigoted and fosters hatred for a living, breathing icon of wildness. Bet I could find out where it’s playing and write letters to the theaters or maybe the local papers.
    Again, Nabeki, I so do appreciate your strength and the sanctuary you have created here for all of us in mourning. I never knew there was such a place. The carnage is not made public. My worst nightmares are true but with all of you here, talking, I can take it a little better, think of things to do, cling to being proactive instead of giving up. Hang in there and thank you!

    • Thank you Nancy, I’m glad you’ve found us and will continue to find solace here. We cannot give up or the anti-wolf side will have won. We have to keep going no matter what and be able to lean on each other for strength!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. dansk. vi skal stoppe disse forbandet magtmennesker over ulven, 318 ulve er for mange, vi alle må kæmpe– ikke mere ulve-blod fra den smukke dejlige ulv— den skal leve– magt-ulve-hader skal skifte post– men ikke i dyreriget, der hører de ikke hjemme. 318 ulve– = mord- + deres skind til frakker— = BLODPELS :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  11. Nabeki, your count of dead wolves in Idaho is 197, but the IDFG page says 173. Are you using another source for your number?

    • Judy,

      Unfortunately as of 1/4/2012 Idaho has killed 204 wolves, 175 firearm /29 trapped or snared = 204. Montana has killed 122 wolves…add the two hunts together and you get 326. If you look on IDFG’s website there are two separate columns for wolves killed by firearm or trap/snare.

      Hope that helps. It’s such a grim, grim subject.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. I didn’t realize there were two columns of dead wolves listed on the IDFG site. Now I am even more despondent.

    • So sorry Judy. I hated to point that out to you, especially since one column represents trapped and snared wolves ):

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Kudos to Jay Mallonee for speaking out against the Wolf Hunt using scientific evidence to support his position! By the way, I just heard some bad news that I think is worthy of a post: once again, Montana plans on extending the Wolf Hunting Season. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20120116/UPDATES01/120116008/1002/rss

    • Thank you Carla for the heads up on the hunt extension, I posted it on Wolf Warriors. I knew they would do that. April 1?? Pregnant alphas will be returning to their dens to await the birth of their babies. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • You’re welcome. Once I found out I instantly thought that I had to let you know. Ugh, why are they doing this again?! These extensions really get on my nerves! Seriously, do they do this for any other species? Not that know of. So why do it for wolves? And they just had to extend it through the time when females are about to give birth and the pups are basically newborns that need their parents for survival! I feel so bad for those unborn pups that are destined to die only days after birth, not just in Montana, but in Idaho as well (and in any other place where it is legal to kill wolves during pupping season).

  14. Thank you for a very interesting, if a somewhat disturbing article.

    “The Truth about Hunting”, according to Friends of Animals, who oppose hunting in all its forms, says; “Hunting” is cruel. It is deceitful. It is socially unjustifiable. It is ecologically disruptive.” So that is one organisation that opposes the slaughter of wolves. Who are the ‘animal welfare’ organisations who are either remaining silent about the slaughter or worse still, try and justify it. I for one don’t want to support them! If all of the pro-wolf organisations stood together and managed to send a combined petition to President Obama, surely it should have a more powerful impact than each group sending, smaller petitions to various places. What I find quite amazing, is the number of people in history who had the foresight to see what was going to happen to our animals and the environment in the future.

    Ansel Adams, (Feb. 20 1902 — Apr. 22, 1984), a world famous photographer and environmentalist, said “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” I agree with him. Why do governments not support their voters or more importantly the citizens of their country, especially when polls taken show that the majority, object to the eradication of wolves.

    Charles Darwin, (1809—1882), an English naturalist and author of the Origin of Species, stated “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” If that is true and I think it is, it means there are an awful lot of ignoble people out there who lack this attribute and I am not just talking about the men and women who do the killing, but those who order the massacre and those who just stand by idly and let it happen!

    I particularly like the following quotation. “Very little of the great cruelty shown by men can really be attributed to cruel instinct. Most of it comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit. The roots of cruelty, therefore, are not so much strong as widespread. But the time must come when inhumanity protected by custom and thoughtlessness will succumb before humanity championed by thought. Let us work that this time may come. Albert Schweitzer’s (1875 – 1965) words encourage me to try and get more people to sign petitions. I wish I was younger and nearer to be able to take part in demonstrations, but at least I can sign and try in my own way to help these magnificent animals – the wolves.

    To finish off, I use a quotation by John Henry, Cardinal Newman (1801 — 1890). I feel that it is still appropriate today when one thinks about hunters and their supporters.
    “Now what is it that moves our very heart and sickens us so much at cruelty shown to poor brutes? I suppose this:
    first that they have done us no harm; next, that they have no power whatever to resistance.
    It is the cowardice and tyranny of which they are the victims which makes their sufferings so especially touching… there is something so very dreadful, so satanic, in tormenting those who have never harmed us and who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power.”

    We must be able to find a way of ending this unnecessary killing.

    • Yes Allan, it is disturbing that they have no idea how many wolves reside in the state, yet they are having a wolf hunt.

      Thanks for all the great quotes. One of my favorite is Paul Watson: “You can’t love nature with a gun”.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. More revealing stuff here;


    • Just a terrible, terrible agency. Nothing good to say about them. Ugh.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. Kudos to biologist Jay Mallonee for fighting against this unscientific and politically-driven wolf hunt!

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