ALERT: Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil, Monday, January 9th, 2012. Where? Across America and the World!!

UPDATE: January 8, 2012 (6:00 pm)

I have an idea that will bring more exposure to this event. You can call local media to tell them you plan a vigil for wolves slaughtered in the Montana/Idaho hunts, now totaling  337 wolves and ask them to cover your event OR you can take your own pictures of your vigil and if you feel comfortable,  post them in the comment section of this blog or post the link to the  pictures and I’ll make a montage of everyone’s pics.  That would be another way to draw attention to the wolves’ plight.

Post your pics on your Facebook or Twitter accounts and Howl Across America as well!

UPDATE: January 8, 2012

I’m very gratified for the terrific response we’ve gotten for this vigil. Thank you and I know the wolves would  thank you if they could. There is only one thing that we ask. If you can please try to gather in groups in a public place, with a few friends or with many friends. I know people will light candles in their homes and that’s wonderful but there are two reasons we are holding this vigil.  One is to honor the wolves who have fallen and continue to die but also to bring attention to their plight. We were hoping that when you gather you would notify the local media and let them know you will be holding a candlelight vigil for wolves in the Northern Rockies, who are dying.  This is a way we can truly get the word out to the rest of the country, since the mainstream media refuses to do it. So please make a special effort to pass the word along to gather in groups, they don’t have to be large. Notify your local media and make sure they know where you’ll be and what you’re doing.

Please notice the picture in the middle of this post. It was taken of two wolf advocates in Nampa, Idaho, in November. They contacted the local newspaper and the Tribune came and covered their event. That picture made it to the LA Times. They were just two people, trying to make a difference and they did.

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of pictures like that in newspapers around the country. Think what an effect that would have!

We don’t have much time warriors. Wolves are dying at an alarming rate and we could lose them forever. We need your help.  The grass roots wolf movement is what will turn this around. We have the power of numbers, if we would only use them!!

For the wolves, For the wild ones



Monday, January 9, 2012,  is the night of  the Full Wolf Moon.  The date changes every year, it’s the first full moon in January. Legend surrounding this moon is rooted in Native American culture.

Wolf Moon 2012

December 27th, 2011 by Nannette Richford

“The wolf moon, sometimes referred to as the “snow moon,” occurs on January 9, 2012. Although the full moon won’t look any different from other full moons during the year, it conjures up images of wolf packs howling at the moon. In fact, that is exactly how the wolf moon got its name. According to Native Americans, January is the time of year when wolves are often heard howling over the snow-covered landscape.

According to the Binghamton University  Newsroom, whether wolves actually howl at the moon is unknown. Its belief is likely connected to the fact that wolves howling travels great distances in the still of the night. It may be more noticeable during the full moon because man is more likely to be outside to gaze at its beauty or take advantage of the light.

Wolves howl for several reasons: to reassemble the pack, to warn nearby wolves of their territory, to celebrate a kill and to express joy when new cubs are born. The thought that wolves may also howl out of sheer loneliness – or at the beauty of the full moon – is not farfetched, but simply has not been verified.

Some tribes refer to the January full moon as the snow moon – but most reserve that name for the full moon in February when snow is often deeper in northern climates.

Whatever you call it, a full moon in the midst of winter often appears so bright that the night takes on an mystical glow from the light of the moon as it reflects off  the snow-covered landscape.

Although the moon isn’t technically “full” until 2:30 am, moonrise occurs at 5:04 – less than an hour after sunset – and will be visible in the night sky until just before sunrise the following morning. Moonset occurs at 7:10 am only 4 minutes before the sun returns – promising a spectacular display if the weather remains clear.”


Howling for Justice, NIWA, Wolf Warriors and Howl Across America are asking wolf advocates to  honor the fallen wolves, who continue to die in the Montana and Idaho hunts, by holding candlelight vigils across this country on Monday, January 9, 2012.

NIWA is holding a candlelight vigil in downtown Coeur d’ alene on Monday, twilight @ 4:30pm, timed to watch the Full Wolf Moon emerge. They will be playing Louise Du Toit’s beautiful music, Howl Across America and For Every Fallen Wolf .

Please visit Howl Across America for further details.

Wolf Warriors, if you can gather a group of advocates together, we suggest you find a public place in your home town for this peaceful vigil.  It’s imperative you notify the local media or if you live in a larger city, the national media. Let them know you will be holding a candlelight vigil to protest the wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana and  honor the  fallen wolves dying brutal deaths,  now numbering 335!! You can also stand outside your home or a place of your choosing, if you cannot find a group to gather with, to honor the fallen wolves on this special night.

You may  post your vigil on Howl Across America, to allow other advocates who live in your area to organize with you.

Wolf advocates around the world, please feel free to join us, when the Full Wolf Moon rises!

Candle Light Vigil Held To Honor Wolves in Nampa, Idaho on November 29, 2011

We hope this event will take place across America and the world.  Please make every effort to attend the vigil,  wherever you may be, to protest the ongoing, brutal, political witch/wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Videos: YouTube-Courtesy Louise du Toit and immywolf

Top Photo: Wolf Moon Courtesy greenmanblogdotcom

Middle Photo: Candlelight Vigil Courtesy Idaho Press Tribune

Bottom photo: Wolf gif Courtesy layoutsparksdotcom

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Tags: Wolf hunts, 332 fallen wolves, traps, snares, firearms, candle light vigil, honoring dead wolves

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  1. so beutifull’ thak you. i loved what you said about the possibility that wolves might haul out of loneliness, the fact that although it’s not verified it’s a likely thing. because many people still tend to identify animals with their biological instincts and deny them subjective and independant feelings’ feelings that not nessarily serve aome biological function

    • I hope you’re going to take part in Israel. Please pass this on to your friends. It’s a great thought to have a wolf vigil in Israel. The wolves would thank you orna.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Unfortunately I live a very, very small town where nobody even knows there neighbors. It’s a shame, but I shall buy the biggest candle I can find, buy a big clear plastic tubing to protect the flame, and it will burn strong and bright all night long.

    • Excellent iszaria!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. What a beautiful video and Louise duToit’s voice is etheral, lovely to hear. I can’t say that I will be able to go out that night, but I will burn a candle bight for my beloved wolves.

    • Thank you Shirley. We would like to get as much public exposure for the vigil because our aim is to wake America up, that wolves are dying in the Northern Rockies by the hundreds and the slaughter is only going to get worse. Every person counts in this effort.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. These are the most beautiful and mystical animals on mother earth. They were here long before man. They have qualities that man strives for and a lot that are never reached. We could learn from these wonderful animals if we would open our hearts and minds. I will surely have my candle burning for them.

  5. Is there a way to download just the song “For Every Fallen Wolf” to play at a vigil? It was possible to download “Howl Across America” through iTunes. I don’t mind paying for the song or buying it as part of an album. It is such a beautiful song and says it all.
    Thanks for your help with this!

  6. I work a second shift – but I will have my partner burn a candle (candles) for all of the fallen wolves & living wolves.
    What a good idea ……..

    • Thank you ramses. Is there a chance you can get media exposure for the vigil by notifiying the local paper? We are trying to not only honor the fallen wolves but want to spread the message to the rest of America that wolves are dying by the hundreds in the Northern Rockies.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. A wonderful tribute……..sadly tributes are necessary to remember our wolves. This is also an opportunity to make locals aware of the wolf massacre; alarmingly many citizens of this country are STILL unaware! The press has not been on top of this at all, no ongoing coverage on the national news media, nary a mention of slaughtered wolves. Thank you for organizing this tribute to fallen wolves.

    • That is exactly our plan Linda, to not only honor the fallen wolves but bring attention to their plight by garnering media attention so the rest of America knows wolves are dying by the hundreds in the Northern Rockies. I see that many people are going to light candles, which is great but if nobody knows we’re doing it, then we will have missed an opportunity to spread the word.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. I was fairly sure something would be organized here.
    I down loaded wolf moon images from the past few years for use in the dicument I’m preparing some days ago, and copied this poem from a Derik Walcott (a famous and controversial man) at an exhibit of his day books. (I take his name spelling from his own letter.) because wolves and the wilderness and the earth are the same thing.

    The silence of the deepest buried love is the one love,
    and wether we bear it for beast, for child, for woman or friend,
    it is the one love, it is the same,
    and it is blest
    deepest by loss
    it is blest, it is blest.

    For the Wolves

    • How beautiful coriolis, thank you for sharing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • …except it turns out the spelling of his name taken from a letter was my bad handwriting. .. that doesn’t matter. Words are for when that’s all you’ve got. Walcott was honoured. How does non violence win? Be there a place for all the innocent who die. Be there a way for death to be kind.. can death care for the ones who must pass through the hands of killers?
        A friend has been talking about the citizen Cain comedy. This fellow is rating high in the polls. Surely it’s a measure of America’s disaffection. I’ve just been thinking the thing is to let sorrow turn to rage.. be angry.. use anger.. but I’ve been sitting here going over the list of candidates.. reading bios.. thinking about what it takes to keep going and love is the better choice. Love for those horses and wolves.It’ll be awhile yet till Who Speaks For Wolf is ready.
        I looked at a video you posted. Someone was working on the idea of exposing sick sports hunters.I recognised most of the images. I hope that approach can work for change. It’s what I’m trying to do but it’s hard not to realize that people are inured of violence.

      • coriolis…I think you’re on the right track. It’s hard to know which direction to go, so much of this is instinct, I use it as my guide. I know in my heart that what they are doing is wrong but also they are depriving me of the right to view wild wolves, they are depriving the wolves of their right to exist. And for what?? I was watching a show the other day about a hunter who’d been killed, while hunting. Someone was narrating in the background, as if the dead hunter was speaking. The voice was saying, I remember every animal I’ve ever killed, where I killed it, etc. I’m paraphrasing but it was that creepy. And it reminded me of what serial killers like to do, they like to take trophies from their victims, they like to relive the moment when the person died, over and over in their minds. I believe, as others have said, there is a very close connection between serial killers and sports hunters. I think if we didn’t allow some of these people to kill and torture animals they might be killing people.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • ..I resisted that comparison.. I’ve no idea why.. by now it seems frighteningly real and your thought that if sports hunters weren’t killing animals they’d be stalking and killing people I’m sure is exact. An interesting study would look at how many sports hunters have been involved in serial killings of people. We already know about uxorcide.. crazy word.. killing wives with unregistered long guns is well nigh rampant.. given if you will that one is too many. I should turn the idea over to a journalist.. Animal Voices.. I think.. who did a study on sports hunters and child sexual abuse. We already know serial killers begin as children with animals. That info at least is recorded by the FBI. A somewhat disturbing idea when you think about it as children who are abusing and killing animals are very definitely in the victim stage. That’s the whole idea and worth of adult child theories.. giving access as they do to self awareness..and remediation.. but then worse case scenario.. analysis of crime. Also the over and over again thing in either context is exact. You may know the work of Alice Miller Swiss Psychiatrist.. a woman who wrote on monosyllables the best science. She took special interest in truly aberrant behaviour and her studies record the killers attention to detail and repetition of detail. That’s where memory and anxiety are helplessly.. it seems.. fused.There was an awful movie Peeping Tom..I’ve read about it not seen it.. a true story.. a stalker who photographed his victims at the same moment he shot them. It ruined the directors career. Given audience tolerance for violence that’s saying a lot. Now on the net I’ve seen utube of ‘the deer I shot’.. bow and arrow into the spine deliberately.. then good times watching it die. Someone in western Canada has been collecting this stuff by way of building a case.
        I have the info somewhere well labelled I trust. I plan to use the material and to link with the person/group when Wolf is ready. I just did a quick search to see if there are any such studies.. the net is swimming in utube reports linking sports hunting and serial killing.
        Global Anti-Hunting Coalition

        For the Wolves

  9. How come the wolves arent one the endangered species list? Is only the Red wolf on the list? Why not all of them? Cant you make legislation to put them on the list???

    • Barbara…Congress did an end run around the courts and delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies to please the hunting and ranching lobbies and to help Tester win his Senate seat. It was all politics, no science involved.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. What is the matter with this world and the people that live here!! It’s a war on wildlife that have no protection or voice!! The sad part is no one is seems to care. I mention it to people and they look at me like I’am crazy animal person!! Nature and the creatures give me peace and joy in this dark world that kill’s anything that moves.We need a bill to protect wildlife,but we are dealing with stupid people that are greedy and the hunters that the gov. protects and are afraid to stand up for animal rights. I will burn a candle but I’am afraid that the wolf caught in a trap or a bullet to this blessed animal won’t help.If there is a march I will join like in the 60’s and 70’s when people took to the streets to protest!!!!!!!!!!! But you will never hear it on the in the media,just like the banks the 1% control the world!! Once the wolf is gone and many other species we can’t replace them but humans over-run the world and dirty the water and air and foul in their own nest!! I love all creatures and help as much as I can but it still remains the same. Tried-Warrior!!! Where are the youth in this world they should be doing something instead of taking and not giving back? Mother nature is striking back the weather etc. God help us all……….

    •’s our job to spread the word no matter how disinterested people may seem to be. Most people have no idea the iconic wolf is being slaughtered in the hundreds in the Northern Rockies. 335 dead and counting, probably many more poached along with Wildlife Services killing them. They want to take their numbers down to the minimum of 150 wolves or less. We’ll have a population of bedraggled, unhealthy, extremely fearful, pathetic animals…trapped in a living hell…only to be used and abused by fish and game agencies to please their wolf hunting clients. It’s a scenario straight out of Dante’s Inferno. We have to change this dynamic. How we’ll do it is by beating this drum until the media wakes up and starts covering the story. They are shameful for ignoring it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I’m in a community where most people are redneck antis!!
    Poop on those stupid wild-west inbred yahoos!!!
    Those country-bumpkins can kiss my @$$!

    Wolves to me, are revered very sacred as Great Spirit’s
    majestic creations and I honor them as such.

    But I’m not alone in our noble cause,
    ’cause I also have a few like-minds here Hamilton, MT area.

    At the present, I’m down with a little touch of the flu
    and I don’t have any candles to attend or organize a vigil…

    BUT, I do have my solar lights and they can serve
    as memorial candles to honor our martyred brethren.
    In addition, I will also lower my Wolf Nations flags to half-staff,
    during this sacred time of mourning.

    • Tbank you Wizard…you’re a true wolf warrior!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. These video that appeared on MSNBC give people a sense of false security that wolves have made a “great” comeback and are now spreading as far as California. The commentator stated that OR7 felt the “call of the wild” and traveled down to California in search of a mate. Nothing about how members of his pack had been killed or that wolves are being once again driven to the brink of extinction in the Northern Rockies. The feeling one gets from these pieces is that wolves have made a wonderful comeback. Nothing about the huge backlash by ranchers, hunters, and politicians. This sort of thing just reinforces a false sense that all is well with wolves. I pray that many, many people will participate in the vigils and that the news media has the guts to tell the story as it truly is.

  13. My community isn’t much. Most in my area are haters. But that won’t keep me from howling till I lose my voice. I’ve got my candle set. And for those few wolf lovers in my area, there gonna be there to.

    Down with hunters! Up with wolves! (and all other animals)

    • Kiss, kiss

  14. C’est terrible, l’homme détruit son environnement, ce qu’il considère comme des prédateurs. Alors que son principal prédateur c’est lui même. La nature reprend toujours ses droits, et ça, je l’espère de tout coeur. A force de trop d’injustice et trop d’abus, il est temps que le monde animal reprenne ses droits.


    • Merci beaucoup Agnes..wolves will be represented in France!! Hope all is well with you my dear wolf friend.

      Sadly the wolves in the Northern Rockies are in serious trouble. 337 DEAD. And those are just the ones they’re reporting, how many are poachers killing? Plus Wildlife Services continues to kill wolves.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

  16. Blessed be our brothers and sisters. We pray for our fallen ones. We pray for justice and that the sword of vengeance falls on the murderers and those that support this slaughter.

    Dr. Raven Catherine Feher-Elston

  17. Hello Nabeki,
    I’m working on organizing a vigil tonight in Ashland, Oregon. The city is reviewing the permit. Can you tell me if there is a specific time that people are holding this?
    Thanks for the good work you do!
    Beckie Elgin

  18. It’s a go in Ashland! Planned it for 7 to 9, that should work. Media has been contacted. I’ll share the pictures with you!

    • Jan.9th I was out and lite my candle with my two dog’s and said a prayer and many howls for our beautiful creatures the wolfs!!! The moon and stars are bright and hopefully so is the path for the wolfs in this world. I feel sick and want to protest,if anyone out there could organize a march in front of the wildlife head-office lets do it!!I am willing to fly and do something the media will hear and see!I’am not young nor am I that old to stand up and be heard!! With all the rest of us who love nature. The only pure thing left on earth!! Peace Sheila

      • Thank you Sheila for caring and showing your love for wolves. They need us so desperately, hundreds are dead.

        I believe there will be a march and protest in Washington this summer.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Thank you Becky so much!! I posted your vigil on the front of the blog! Many Howls.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Thank you! Hope you don’t mind me borrowing your image. It was wonderful for this. I have no idea how many people to expect but even a few will be great!

  19. HOWLLOOO!!!!, my name is Michael Riedel and I’m the founder of Wolf Watchers International in Billings, Montana. I wrote on the back of my car “I love MT’s Wolves” I’ll be lighting a candle for our wolves tonight.

    • Thank you Michael!!! Would love a picture of your “I love MT’s Wolves” and your candle!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • HOWLLLOOO, I don’t have a working camera right now and i didn’t get the chance to light a candle last night:( but i was thinking about them. I’ll try to get you a pic (with my dad’s camera) of my car before I change it to “Stop Killing Wolves! Here is the link to my Wolf Watchers International page on facebook. My goal is to unite all the nearly 100,000 wolf lovers on facebook. I will write that letter to FWP asap!

        Michael Riedel (AKA: wolfdog406)
        Billings, Montana

      • Thank you wolfdog!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. I called the MT FWP Wolf quota line and asked them to please stop the wolf hunt. The first call, they did not respond, and the second call I made, I got a…”I’m not listening to this” then hung up.

    • grrrrr wolfddog…how rude they were to you. Just shows you their attitude! You should write a letter to Montana FWP protesting your treatment. Make sure it’s certified.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. My heart is sad for the wolves that have been murdered in Idaho and Montana. I love the wildlife, the wilderness and most of all the magnificant free-spirited wolves. I wish, with all my heart, that the people in the West that hate the wolves could become educated to the facts that they are needed in the Ecosystem, that there has never been a human being killed by a wolf from the wilderness, and that they just want to live with their Packs/their pups and enjoy the same life we enjoy on earth. When will all this killing by man end? It has become barbaric/insane in Idaho and Montana w/the guns, the steel traps, the snares, the bows/arrows. What’s next for these crazies – tanks and rockets???????????? STOP THE KILLING OF THE WOLVES. It is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have candles lit for the candlelight vigil. God bless the wolves, and may He be the wind beneath their “PAWS”. Love them.

  23. I just saw the moon outsider earlier, and just now a friend told me about this vigil so I lit a candle for the wolves. Thank you, this is a beautiful thoughtful gesture that aligns us with life :-)

  24. I’m howling for the cause (literally).

  25. We, a friend and I tried. In the end I was at the U.S. Consulate alone for several hours in the afternoon. I didn’t feel ready to admit futility. When I arrived I saw City TV, ran up to their van, we spoke briefly.
    I came away with the email address of a reporter, a woman of long standing at City who looked genuinely sympathetic. Later a PressForTruth online reporter taped an interview re Canada and Iran on the street in front of the Consulate. An official ran out to ask the camera not be pointed towards Consulate windows. Pure farce. ‘Important news’ he said, and so it is, because Canada is providing the world with depleted uranium. I’ve been following on Global Research. I left to write an article. My friend, was on the street for a couple of hours later, alone. She had a candle and a large photo of a wolf. Our thoughts and hearts were with the wolves. And all through the night I wrote a piece that I will polish up, or hack down to size, I’m not sure which, tomorrow. I’ll mail it to City TV News and PressForTruth. Canadian translocated wolves and their progeny being shot and killed for all the usual reasons, greed, refusal to learn, projected self loathing, and so hate, projection being a favourite tool of wounded egos, but amidst a complex of political intrigue and vote buying. It is wise to remember that even the worst men and women were once badly used children.There’s no guarantee an editor will use what I write. Who knows. I still haven’t slept. What ever happens I consider the night a vigil. I also believe Janez Potoċnik, European Commissioner for the Environment will take some relevant action in relation to the Yellowstone wolves. He’s done very committed work for the wolves of Sweden. I’ve pasted below a bit of blog from because the situations Potoċnik and others are pitted against are so like situations that confront wolf defenders here.
    For The Wolves

    Statement on the wolf hunt in Swedenby Janez Potočnik on Monday, 17 January 2011 at 11:12

    I regret that Sweden has begun the licensed hunting of wolves without giving clear answers to my letter sent on 7 December 2010. We have been in intensive dialogue with the Swedish government, which has been aware of the Commission’s concerns about the legality of the hunt for a long time. The actions of the Swedish authorities leave me with little choice other than to propose to the Commission that it begin formal proceedings against Sweden for breach of EU environmental law. I hope that the Swedish government’s promised effort to address the unfavourable conservation status of the wolf population in Sweden through translocation of wolves from other parts of Europe will be pursued without delay.

    The EU has now formally started the process of taking Sweden to court.

    The European Commission on Thursday formally reported Sweden’s wolf hunt for violating European Union environmental laws. Read more: Guide

    Posts: 3
    Joined: Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:13 am

    And this last, the rest is too real and depressing and more of the same. But here you can read the Swedish version of SSS
    from a blogger

    ‘Nevertheless, the biggest protests come from a group who’s hobbies are challenged by wild wolves. A group who are very bound to traditions. A group with a widespread rule valid for “unwanted animals”, SGT in Swedish (~Shot Hide and Keep quite).

  26. Dudes and dudettes, i have a wicked idea…
    So, on Friday, january 27th. We could all put up signs on popular street corneres to bring the knowledge that we know about the wolf hunts (The number of wolves killed! for example) Into their lives, then we could have, like, candles and glow in the dark paint around the poasters. We could protest!!!! Please help!!!! THE GOVERNMENT CANT STOP US!!!!

    • Reilly…yes anything to bring attention to the wolf hunts. The number of dead wolves will hit 400 in a few days. Unbelievable.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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