“It’s In Our Nature”…..

“There’s No Greater Act of Hospitality Than To Embrace A Stranger As One’s Own.

It’s In Our Nature”

That’s the tag line for a wonderful commercial conceived by Shangri-La Hotels.  If you’ve already seen it, you’ll love it all over again and if you haven’t,  it will bring you joy and peace.

The making of: It’s In Our Nature


Wallpaper: Courtesy Shangri-La TV AD

Videos: Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

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Tags: “It’s In Our Nature”, nature and harmony, embracing a stranger, the benevolence of wolves

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  1. If only people would be so good as those wolves in return.

    • What a wonderful commercial – how I wish we would see it here – it sure could replace some of those really gross and awful stuff we get stuffed down our throats –
      I shared it with others – hoping they pass it on -

  2. Understanding it is an ad, it’s fiction, it transfers the warmth I perceive in wolves’ behavior between themselves and with people when they get to know each other. Beautiful!!

  3. What a wonderful story ad! The actor was some lucky guy working with those beautiful wolves. Yes, it is heart warming, spirit filling, lovely. Thank you.
    I will now support Shangri-La’s hotels when I have the opportunity.

  4. dejlig, dejlig film, tænkte med det samme, bare det var mig der var omgivet af ulve :-))))))—– dette håber jeg bliver min drøm, håber menneske-mentalitet for ulve, hadet, bliver lavet OM, den skal vises i IDAHO-MONTANA tusind gange !!!!!—– :-))))))))), tak, shangri-la

  5. I saw this and I turned into a screaming wolf fan just like that Loves wolves people not someone else’s idealization of what they are experience it for your self

  6. Lovely. Thank you. John Fentress, PhD

    • You’re welcome John.


  7. What a beautiful commercial – it is sorely needed in these awful times – instead of some horrible film like “The Grey” – and I would not call it fiction even though the Wolves were not totally wild anymore – they accepted a stranger willingly and showed him love -

    • You are right, I used the word “fiction”, but loves showed love and acceptance.

    • It’s the anti-Grey Morrigan.


  8. Thank you so much for sharing. This is truly beautiful and cpuldn’t have come at a better time. I will thank this film maker. He deserves an award not just for the beauty of the film, the intuitiveness of the advertisemt but especially for his connection to our brotherhood with the wolves!

    • Totally agree Donna and great idea thanking the film maker.


  9. You can’t spell wolves without love. <3 So refreshing so see something like this. The final shot was so sweet.

  10. What an absolutely beautiful commercial. It brought tears to my eyes.
    WoW …….. thanks Nabeki. I have been so down lately – that was nice to see.

    • Me too ramses….the constant barrage of whining by the anti wolf forces is so draining, we forget that it’s not their message that needs to be heard, it’s the wolf.

      This small video lifted my spirits immensely.


  11. So, so beautiful. I wish it has been me lying there.

    • (:

  12. Love it. Shared a frw days ago.

    • Me too Chrissty!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. The dignity and grace of a wolf can not be measured – it is too large and yet they are being killed by people who call themselves human.
    Do not watch the movie ” Crying wolf”
    Despite there being only TWO recorded fatal wolf attacks in North America, the film The Grey with Liam Neeson, depicts wolves as indiscriminate vicious man-eaters, mauling faces and tearing off limbs or stalking somewhere nearby, terrorizing their soon-to-be victims with chilling howls and snarls.
    “The notion that wolves attack humans is ridiculous,” says Wendy Keefover, carnivore-protection director for WildEarth Guardians, one of several groups that has called for a boycott of the film, claiming it’s “inciting terror” of wolves in the same way that Jaws did of sharks.
    “Most people don’t know anything about wolves. This movie will tap into their primal fears and create mass hysteria,” Keefover told The Daily Beast. The Grey depicts wolves as eviscerating man-eaters. The result, Keefover says, will be disastrous for wolf-conservation efforts. Even as federal wildlife biologists reintroduce packs of wolves across North America, the endangered animals are still hunted in parts of the region by people who claim they’re a major threat to livestock. Just ask Sarah Palin, though she prefers shooting them down from the sky to hunting on the ground with other trappers.
    Even hunters are decrying the film! “Wolves have never been aggressive toward me in the 25 years I’ve worked with them close up!” said Carter Niemeyer, a retired professional trapper and author of The Wolfer. “From my experience, they’re curious, they’re cautious, they’re aloof, and they really don’t want anything to do with you.”
    Horrifyingly, the film is set to top this weekend’s box office; apparently moviegoers just want to see Neeson punch wolves in the face. (adapted from The Daily Beast)

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