URGENT: Please Sign Petition To Governor Kitzhaber Opposing The Anti Wolf Bill HB 4158….

This is B-300 (Sophie), alpha female of the Imnaha pack.  Here she is making history, just like her famous son OR7.  “Aerial footage of wolf B-300 in northeastern Oregon. B-300 was the first wolf confirmed to have returned to Oregon from Idaho since 2000. Photo taken January 23, 2008″ (ODFW)

UPDATE:February 9, 2012

Nothing to report so far on todays  HB4158 hearing BUT everyone has done such a wonderful job signing the petition. There are over a thousand signatures now!! Thank you so much, you are truly special people!! Please continue to sign and share this petition, it would be amazing to reach the 5000 goal to show Governor Kitzhaber how valued Oregon wolves are. We have to put the brakes on the deadly game the cattle industry is playing with wolves. The persecution continues. Who would have thought a state as progressive as Oregon would be so controlled by ranching interests, that is truly shocking to me.

Another horrific anti-wolf  bill was just introduced in  Idaho:

Idaho rancher’s bill would OK ultralights, use of live bait for wolf control

BOISE, Idaho — A Senate bill would give ranchers more freedom to kill wolves that attack their sheep and cows, including letting them use ultralight aircraft and live bait such as dogs to help lure the predators.



I’m calling on all wolf advocates who read this blog to please sign the petition urging Governor Kitzhaber to oppose the anti-wolf bill 4158. This is time sensitive!!  Do it today, please do it now. Signatures stand at 700,  up 100 from yesterday but we can do much, much better. The goal is  5000!!

There is a public hearing tomorrow concerning HB 4158 and wolves’ enemies will be pushing hard for this bill.  Let’s gather as many signatures as we can to show Governor Kitzhaber and Oregon legislators that Americans care about Oregon wolves. They are a tiny, fragile, 29 wolf population, targeted by the cattle industry for destruction.

Remember the alpha female of the beleaguered Imnaha pack is the iconic OR7’s mother. We can’t allow them to destroy these wolves and their families.  There wouldn’t be a wolf in California, for the first time since 1924, if it wasn’t for the Imnaha Pack and Oregon’s wolf recovery.

Please sign now and share this with everyone you know. Send this far and wide!!


The Governor of OR: SAVE OREGON’S 29 WOLVES, oppose HB 4158

Petition Letter



We, the undersigned, urge you to oppose HB 4158, a bill proposed by the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which allows killing of wolves to address livestock depredation and declares a “state of emergency.” With less than 30 wolves in the entire state, we find this declaration absurd. We, and most Oregonians, highly value our wildlife and strongly support endangered species protection and the return of wolves to Oregon, and their strong recovery.

Oregon has less than 30 confirmed wolves in the entire state and approximately 1.3 million cows. We feel that a Bill establishing a “state of emergency” over the presence of a tentatively recovering endangered wolf population is an attempt to bypass the Oregon Endangered Species Act and would set a dangerous precedent which could be used to circumvent protections of other endangered species at the behest of special interests. Furthermore, we believe it is an effort to short-circuit current litigation which aims to clarify the relationship of the state Endangered Species Act with the Oregon Wolf Plan.

Statements by Oregon Cattlemen’s Association members and officers constantly stress the aim of lethal removal over the use of non-lethal measures and tools, which they routinely disparage. As quoted in the Lewiston Tribune Online, 7/2/11, OCA Wolf committee Chair Rod Childers said, “To be able to move to lethal control we as producers have to show we tried nonlethal actions. I can’t say if it works or not, it is just things we have been told we have to do, and the whole key to me is getting them to move to lethal control,…” With this in mind, we believe HB 4158 to be an attempt to weaken the commitment to non-lethal measures.

With so many critical issues before this short session of the legislature, devoting precious time to this controversial and unnecessary Bill is a mistake.

Please oppose HB 4158.

Thank you.

[Your name]

Click Here To Sign Petition

For Oregon Wolves, For the Wild Ones,


Imnaha Pack Alpha Male, OR7’s father. He was slated for death until the Oregon Court of Appeals stayed the “kill order”.

Continue to call Oregon’s Governor as well.

Gov. John Kitzhaber 

Governor’s Citizens’ Representative Message Line

Fax: 503-378-6827

Governor Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047


Photos: Courtesy ODFW

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Tags: Urgent action needed, sign anti wolf bill petition, HB 4158, Oregon House of Representatives, Oregon Governor Kitzhaber, Imnaha pack, Oregon tiny wolf population, B-300, Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc.

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  1. Hello,

    I just came across this also. :(


    • Hi Ida…Yikes that is ugly. What next?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Please do not pass this. It just isn’t right.
    All of us must learn to live together. I Am surrounded by Alligators. We can’t kill because they are there.
    Thank You
    Stay Well.

    • Thank you Judy, it’s called tolerance. Some people don’t know the meaning of the word. We have to lead by example and stop putting up with this craziness. We out number cattle ranchers, hunters and wolf haters. Wolves are loved by many people around the world, we just have to unite and show our people power!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. It isn’t enough to destroy the land, the air, the water…but must we also destroy the last bits of wildness? Shouldn’t we be embracing the last rather than trying to find a way to “legally” kill another being? Humans aren’t, or rather shouldn’t be, the only creatures on the face of this earth with God given rights.

    • Very well said Alice!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. It is time for the House and the Senate to take the time to look and
    study carefully as to what is happening to our wildlife all over North
    America. A handfull of citizens in our country are determined to destroy what the majority of citizens value: Wolves (and other wildlife).

    To imagine our country without wolves, without Prairie Dogs, without
    Raptors, without cougars….Beavers .and I can go on and on, destroys what most Americans do value. How many of our children have never seen most of our wonderful wild creatures? If we continue to let a handful or a state of people destroy America’s wildlife, shame on us!
    Wolves are beautiful, glorious creatures. Ranchers can stop wolves
    from eating a few cows ….if they have watch dogs and a very few
    cowboys patroling the areas. Rarely, do wolves go around humans.

    Congress and the Senate should listen the hundreds of thousands
    of Americans who love Wolves. And, most importantly, no species
    should be wiped out….well, maybe….ranchers? Personally, I vote
    for the wolves; shoot the ranchers!

    Sandra Holland, Marketing Professor, Santa Fe, NM

    • You are right Sandra, in everything you said. The problem is the cattle industry has Congress in their pockets and we have a rancher heading the Interior. They are raping North America for oil and gas leases. Look at what Canada is doing. They have such a horrible record on fossil fuels and tar sands they are destroying caribou herds. Instead of fixing the mess they created for the caribou they are just going to start poisoning wolves. I can’t tell you how disgusted I am just thinking about that. We are bereft of leadership in government, of people with real values who care about the environment. If only Obama had appointed Raul Grijalva as Secretary of the Interior, a man who cares about the environment. Instead we have a rancher who is in league with all the hunting and ranching groups in this country. They are destroying our wild horse herds, killing our predators…it’s a war on not just wolves but all wildlife. We need a new party, a green party that will go to work for the environment and wildlife before it’s too late. It’s time for a paradigm shift in American politics.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • As reported on public radio, the careers of both Obama and Salazar were heavily funded by ranchers and the oil industry. Check Snopes.com

      • Dana….That’s why he delisted wolves and appointed a rancher to the Interior…PAYBACK!!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Save Oregon’s wolves!!

  6. We are signing all petitions for all the wolves and forwarding to all who express concern for the wolves and other natural predators. Concentration should be escalated requiring education of ranchers, and the gun/hunting industry, and our own governing officials on non-lethal co-habitation with nature. It is time for widom and compassion, and evolution away from barbaric, prejudiced, violent,archaic practices based upon greed, sadism, and resistance to education.

    • There is a book, SAND COUNTY ALMANAC, that should be required reading in every school (grades 4 through college) in the USA.

  7. I regret to say I was unable to post a signature (and remarks) on the petition.
    For the Wolves

    • That’s OK coriolis…I think someone mentioned you have to have a US address. Thank you for trying!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • That is true but I got through on more than one by selecting a state and punching in 5 or 9 digits.

        ppc@peacefulparks.org [mailto:ppc@peacefulparks.org]
        I didn’t attend that rally but I’ve written to peaceful parks and I will in future.

        Still working on a piece generated by the Wolf Moon Night event linking these ongoing hunts (sports hunting) with world events, militarism essentially. The result will assist with a clear statement in Who Speaks For Wolf.

        Animal abuse is part of a syndrome. We have established
        1. that abuse of animals during childhood is predictive of future violent crimes, documented, acknowledged. (unfortunately the FBI doesn’t keep a database as I had thought. An act 2007 proposed a database be maintained, but nothing exists that I’m so far aware of. I’m going to dig.) The child is in victim stage. There are records with helping agencies. Life histories of serial killers support the claim. If nothing happens to alter the course of the child’s life there’s a record that functions like Canada’s now defunct gun registry might have. This premise can be built up with references from scholarly articles.
        2. Abuse of animals in family is predictive of child sexual abuse, wife abuse and uxoricide. Animal welfare agencies report to Children’s Aid routinely and shelters for battered women have adopted policies allowing their pets in shelters. Lots of new research.
        3.One can no longer speak of animal abuse without admitting the role of animal abuse in human affairs. It’s time to acknowledge that means world affairs, at its most egregious, war.
        Q:When did animal slaughter become animal abuse?
        A: When it left the hunter gatherer’s world.
        I tried to find some insider video on ranching or dairy operations in Oregon. Only rodeo.

  8. We are with you. Just wanted you to know that I signed and added a comment on the petition and also sent a link for the petition to friends. Thank you again for the info and opportunity.

    • Thank you so much Janet, I knew I could count on my wonderful blog members. Oregon has such a tiny wolf population and the cattle industry is going after them with a vengeance. The treat wolves like terrorists. It’s ridiculous.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. We’re almost up to 1000 signatures now, let’s not stop here! Please keep spreading the word! Shout it from the rooftops, people!

    My comment didn’t show up either, I wonder what the issue is.

    • Also, meant to mention, let’s please make sure this petition actually goes through to the people in question. I’ve seen too many petitions just sort of stagnate once they got the signatures. That’s not how they work…

      • Luna…I know this petition will go where it’s supposed to. The people associated with it are very reliable folks and dedicated wolf advocates (:

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. I signed the petition and know of 3 others who also signed. None of our comments appeared on the petition site. I’ll continue to check.

    • Hmmmmm thanks for letting me know Tallulah, I wonder if it takes awhile for them to appear? I’ll let Brandy know. Thank you for signing!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. Let her live free !!

    • Yes Michèle!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Duly signed…err.. I’m from England, any chance of a country category rather than just US states, we’d like to led our support too!!

    “I have the infinite at my reach. I can see it, I can sense it, I can touch it, I feed myself on it and I know I could never exhaust it. And so I accept my irrepressible rebellion when I see Nature being destroyed: somebody is killing my infinite.”
    – Robert Hainard

  13. i’m from australia… also can’t sign… thinking of the wolves (along with australia’s dingoes…) – all i can say about all non-human animals is – go vegan, it’s the compassionate way to live in this white patriarchal society… all of the mother’s creatures deserve our support…

    • I agree. Veganism is probably the most powerful choice one can make for the planet. It boycotts the ranching industry and much of agribusiness. it can return habitat to nature,saving wild equines and predators. The unfortunate animals who spend their lives enslaved and slaughtered no longer have that fate,. Forests are not downed and prarie dogs would not be sucked from their burrows…all for the cattle industry.Bison and mustangs can graze and drink from their habitat without persecution from the ranchers and their agents. And the methane affecting climate change is reduced since the poor cattle are no longer bred in massive numbers. The people are healthier too with lowered heart disease and cancer, But veganism is extremely difficult for those in cultures where meat is tradition, and they believe they cannot survive without it. But even lessening the consumption would have some effect. I was brought up eating meat…and chose to become a vegetarian in my teens. Our family is vegetarian moving towards veganism…at least half of the week we are vegan. Meat-eaters could also follow, at least a plan of reduction…to impact the cattlemen who continue to have tragic consequences on the wildlife and habitats worldwide. Remember that historically, genocides of indigenous peoples also were the result of this land/grazing acquisition.

      Our daily choices are powerful, and effect the web. I appreciate your comment and insight.

      • I agree Tallulah..it would make such a difference for our planet. We’d all be healthier and they wouldn’t be clear cutting the Amazon, burning it down for cattle ranches. They wouldn’t be aerial gunning wolves and bears.

        Your family is doing the right thing, healthier choices for all. If people realize you don’t have to go cold turkey, just cut out one thing. For me it was beef first and it wasn’t all that hard.

        Did you ever find your signature on the petition?

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Proudwomon…sorry all the out of US readers can’t sign, we are all in this together for the animals, wherever they are.

      I’m a most of the time vegetarian. I haven’t eaten beef, lamb or pork for thirteen years. I go on and off of chicken. I stop for several years and then slip up. But I mostly eat vegetarian meals, lots of veggies, soy protein, fruit. The cattle industry wouldn’t have so much power if people would give up beef. It’s really not hard, I struggled for a bit but now just the smell makes me sick. It’s a healthier diet too. And it certainly would help our predators who suffer around the world because of the cattle industry.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • thank you Tallulah and Nabeki… empathy and compassion flow from your words…

        humans have become so far removed from the natural world – most are totally desensitzed to the brutality perpetrated against our non-human sisters and brothers… but with passionate, dedicated activists as you, and forums such as this that can reach so many, change is inevitable – once you know the truth, you can’t unknow it, you can’t ignore it…

        we are all creatures of this earth… we are all earthlings…

      • I saw a video about the way chicken’s are cared? for & beef. They hang them on a hook while they’re still alive. If you watch this you will want to abstain from eating meat, chicken or pork.
        I stopped long b4 I watched this film, but You are right, give up beef. Help the wolves, & the cattlemen are getting to powerful, & have expensive lobbyists. Even pushing the horses off the land.

      • I’m so glad. So many people here have decided for now or for all time not to eat cows. Not to buy beef holds the cattle ranchers power in check. Dwindling sales will weaken their position. Atlast something they cannot buy and people from whom they can no longer take and take for granted, their livelihood. Ranchers are helpless when confronting people who have no need for their product. In fact I’d wager there are more than a few ranchers who are quietly sick at heart. Over time ranching families will no longer be father to son. I have tried to say that on this blog. But also, to love wolves, sign petitions and call and fax Senators while buying a cattle rancher’s beef, is to be a cattle rancher’s slave, a player in a game you can never really win. And I confess that in addition to loving wolves I love cows.
        Tribe of the Heart did a documentary on Farm Sanctuary. When I remember this story I need to weep. I may have forgotten some details but.. A man who as a farm boy had lost a cow he’d raised to the dock visited The Farm, he knew not why. People visit, pay a sum, adopt cows, to support Farm sanctuary. He’d adopted a cow the year before. On his return his cow remembered him, walked up to him and butted her forehead against his chest. The man began to weep during filming. He remembered how as a boy he’d been broken by the loss of the one he’d raised and been forced to sell. Being vegan even though I’m outraged by man’s cruelty, that feeling, what that man felt as a boy for his calf or heifer, extends to pretty much everything that lives. If a vegan’s ethic was natural to me as a child, as it is to many children, I was a meat eater and have participated in slaughter. I have written about those experiences, and ofcourse about all the people around me who were locked in the unequal struggle of animal husbandry where in the helpless cow with legs like sticks and the wide eyed children who refuse to conform are overpowered. The way back was long. First leaving off one thing then another.Though I kept a steady course, and was down to dairy and eggs. And once long ago I failed in my intention and ate chicken.That afternoon a beloved cat drowned in an open well.There can be no connection and yet I have always felt that the universe punished my perfidy. Not until I was down the homestretch did I feel that pull like a magnet, one moment to the next, vegan. And I now find, people committed to struggle are often defensive to the point of brutality, like the father who made his son sell a beloved cow. They are warriors, but not in any classical sense. Like bullies, surly enlisted men and sports hunters. You can’t love wolves and hate meat eaters. It’s impossible to have a quarrel with wilderness and the ways of the wild. At this blog we’re defending the wild ones from the way of the rancher that is finally the way of modern man divorced as he is from nature. What a terrible loss it is, to lose the love of wolves.

  14. i am so grateful for your blog as it reassures me there are people out there who truly care about our natural world,especially our wolves! .these folks are not afraid to have their voices heard.if only the “powers that be “would open their ears and Listen.it saddens me to think how much money and greed talk. but rather than getting despondent about the state of the world,this blog allows like minded people to take positive action.wolves and all the creatures of the earth have a rightful place in the great scheme of things…man has become so artificially dominant that the natural order is being destroyed.seems man’s ego and mind have eclipsed his heart.so thank you for a forum in which to speak from the heart…and speak up for the wolves,whose wisdom in living in harmony with nature would be a great template for our human race.

    • So glad to have you Helen. I purposely don’t allow negative wolf comments, why should we wast energy defending our positions to people that don’t get it and never will. They repeat the same thing over and over again until, which is mind numbing and soul killing. This is our sanctuary and it will not be violated by anti-wolf ravings.

      Great comment.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. I have tried several times to sign the petition and do so on a number of issues. However it takes forever to load and then keeps telling me there was an error to try again later. Anyone else have this problem?

    • I, too, cannot get into the signing on line. So….
      I have copied some info from the various writings about the situation and I am doing the following:
      1. Calling the Governor of Oregon to leave a strong message that
      I will not spend any money on any item made in Oregon, nor will
      visit if he O.K’s killing any wolf in his State.

      2. E-mailing my Senators (Udall & Bingaman) and my Congressmen, all
      to vote against the Bill that willl be presented re Wolves. Mention the
      number of the Bill and it’s name.

      3. Also, write something for your local paper…to address this issue.
      (you would be surprised how many people know someone in Oregon.)

      4. And if you have time, e-mail every friend/relative you have and
      give them (or email) info, what to say, stress the time limit…let’s
      put this across the country. Every state has someone we each know.


      Sandi Holland, NM
      Volunteer Lobbyist for the Arctic Refuge (Alaska Wilderness League, DC) & retired Marketing Professor.



      The only answer to save wolves is to hit cattle ranches where it hurts..
      the pocket book! Ranches ARE deminishing…but wolves can’t
      wait that long. (the kids don’t want to be ranchers…it is hard work!)

      Do at least one of the items I have mentioned! You will feel good for
      having DONE SOMETHING FOR THE WOLVES. Bet you will have
      a smile on your face and a warm spot near your heart.

  16. This is not fair! U.S. residents only.

  17. Sandy That’s the message I received. Nothing about not being a U.S. resident. I assumed there was a problem with zip etc. I’ll try again later.

    As I’m not a U.S. citizen I signed up for the Humane Socety Legislative Fund Blog. There’s a humane report card on GOP candidates.



    …on that page..
    The House also defeated an amendment offered by Reps. John Campbell, R-Calif., Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., and Gary Peters, D-Mich., to cut $11 million in lethal predator control as a subsidy for private livestock ranchers. USDA’s Wildlife Services program routinely uses tax dollars to poison wildlife, shoot them from helicopters, and use other costly, cruel and indiscriminate methods that also kill pets and endangered species—and that don’t work effectively, since other predators move into the vacant territory. According to USDA, less than 1 percent of livestock are killed by predators. Non-lethal, cost-effective and humane control methods are available, yet the federal government continues to waste millions of tax dollars on inhumane killing methods.

    Michael Markarian’s Animals in Politics The 2011 Congressional Year in Review for Animals


    For the Wolves

  18. I am posting the Representatives for Oregon…for those of us
    who could not post….I am listing only the House Representatives
    because they are first……..to vote….Senators follow.
    Title: Representative or Congressman (woman) I like the Congressman
    best…stronger title. Just find listing of House Representatives or

    Suzanne Bonamici Include
    Greg Walden
    Earl Blumenauer
    Peter DeFazio
    Kurt Schrader

    Send same to Governor Kitzhaber (Oregon)
    HisCitizens’ message line: 1-503-378-4582

    The Bill Name & Number
    A short couple of sentences asking that Wolf not be killed and that
    the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s H B 4158 not be passed. (House Bill)

    If you are from another state, send your messge ALSO to your
    state’s Congressmen/women asking them not to vote for the
    HB 4158. Be sure to mention your name, your address, telephone/
    & email address and follow up if this Bill is accepted for a vote.

    It is stronger if they know you, the voter from your state is following
    this! They will want your vote….and will certainly consider your
    request…even if they have decided to vote for it…..if your representatives get 200 letters from their voters….they WILL THINK
    Sandi Hollnd, Santa Fe

    • Thank you Sandra.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Don’t vote for this


    • Thank you Agnes, you are amazing. The cattle industry is pushing hard to get rid of Oregon’s tiny wolf population. We need to get the 5000 signatures to send to Governor Kitzhaber. I’m so shocked the ranchers have that much influence in a progressive state like Oregon. It shows how money and power work!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. I can’t believe how man can be so stupid. The senselessm, cruel
    slaughtering of these magnificant animals should be stopped immed-
    iately! When will people realize that wolves are essential in keeping
    the balance in our wildlilfe population. How horrific is the use of
    poison to kill them too ,some sadistick people thought of that. Also what about family pets, livestock and other animals this involves.
    Seems to me there is no protection for our precious wildlife. This must stop immediately.

  22. This needs to stop NOW! Not only are they driving a beautiful animal into extinction, but they are destroying a valuable ecosystem! We, as human beings, have to step up and protect all that is valuable. ALL LIFE is precious and beautiful, whether it is wild and free, or lives under our roofs.

    • Totally agree Michelle,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. If they drill in the Arctic like the OIL people want to do, the wild life
    won’t have a chance. Write or call your congressmen.
    Ken Salazar, feedback@ioa.doi.gov We really need to bombard
    these people every day. Also Bob Abbey at Director@blm.gov
    We put them in office so they will listen to us, but I e mail them every day, & have not had 1 reply??
    This gives me a good opinion about these guys.

  24. Did you hear that Journey could return to Oregon? (http://news.opb.org/article/or-7s_wanderlust_sends_him_back_toward_oregon_border/).

    If Bill HB 4158 passes, it would be a danger to him, his pack, and every other wolf in Oregon. Not to mention that it could threaten any endangered species that gets in the way of industry (Preble’s Jumping Mouse comes to mind, here).

    For the safety of Journey, wolves, and every other endangered/threatened species, I oppose this dangerous bill and I hope that it does not pass!

    • CarlaVelosoWolf…yes, I know he’s heading back towards Oregon, which makes the tabling of HB4158 was so sweet. I hope it stays dead but it could rear it’s ugly head in the future.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  25. I feel very sad for all animals when they come across heartless humans.

  26. You cannot confuse the wolf haters with the facts. Some recent research has found that the republican/conservative mind is imperious to facts, science, or information that does not fit with their beliefs and it applies to the well educated and rich as well as the poor and middle class conservative mind. The more you argue the more they become entrenched in their positions. You can tell them, as FWP, has found that there are both more and less elk in areas wherein there are wolves. There are some places in the Bitterroots where there are more elk than in previous years.

    Wolves and prey have an ancient relationship and adaptation to each’s numbers. They can work it out. They should not be micromanaged by local vocal “sportsmen” and their comrades in arms, FWP and US F&W, who are too influenced by hunter anecdotal opinion and are probably republican/conservative minds themselves for the most part.

    Elk herds are generally doing very well statewide and in some areas are almost too numerous. I think there are too many hunters in the woods, but money (license fees) is talking here to FWP and politicians. In 2001 there were 162,855 hunters in western Montana putting in 1,191,805 hunter days, 254,000 hunters statewide (per FWP). Yet, even despite too many hunters and the big bad wolf and the lion and the bear, elk numbers are generally increased, and we have had some drought years and a couple of harsh winters. Even many FWP biologists do not think the wolf is a main factor in any particular area of elk decline. It seems, just “sportsmen” do.

    Let nature rule, take its’ course. I’m glad to see more people standing up to the conservative/republican mind on this issue and others.

    The Republican Brain: Why Even Educated Conservatives Deny Science — and Reality
    By Chris Mooney, AlterNet
    Posted on February 22, 2012, Printed on February 28, 2012


  27. I remember this bill, and I am glad that it did not pass. If it did then not only would it of harmed wolves, but it could of possibly set a precedent that would harm any endangered/threatened species that humans deem to be inconvenient.

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