Urgent: 452 Wolves Slaughtered

NIWA/HAA Protests Brutal Wolf Hunts, SandPoint, Idaho

UPDATE February 12, 2012

 Wolf Hunt Slaughter @ 452


Alright, this is getting scary. The Idaho wolf hunt has slaughtered almost three hundred wolves and it’s just February. Montana’s hunt has  killed 156 innocent wolves and these numbers don’t include wolves killed by Wildlife Services and poachers.

Get out your signs, your sharpies, call your friends, stand on a street corner, in front of a fish and game agency, in a mall, in front of your house, wherever.  Take you own pictures of your protest/vigil.

You can upload your pics to our FB page and  I’ll post them here.

Howl Across America


Lori L. Black Wolf Dog, California


Stand for the wolves suffering and dying in Idaho traps and snares.

Stand for the dead and dying wolves of Montana.

Stand for OR7′s (Journey) brother, OR9, who was recently shot and killed by a hunter with an expired wolf tag. He got a slap on the wrist, a warning, that’s it. Outrageous.

Stand for the  innocent Lolo wolves who will soon have buckshot raining down on them from the skies, killed for nothing.

 Stand for the pregnant alpha wolves and their unborn puppies who will be shot and killed.

NIWA/HAA Protest, Sandpoint, Idaho

 You don’t have to travel to the Northern Rockies, you can do this on your own or with friends. We MUST start speaking out, not just once every six months but as often as possible.  Call the media if you’re going to hold a protest or candlelight vigil, no matter how small.

We cannot remain silent!! Wolves are dying fast.  They’ve been delivered into the hands of their enemies.




“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”…Edmund Burke


Idaho hunter kills brother of lonely Oregon wolf

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    • I agree Joann!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. isn’t all that everyone is doing signing all these petitions and everything else nothing is working. I have been asking since the beginning is why are they doing this is for kicks and giggles. I do not understand it. Doesn’t the government or any of these so called political leaders care about anything but destroying and killing

    • I understand your frustrations david but we have not had many protests YET. That’s what has to change.We need non-violent protests against the hunts. Just like the pictures I just posted. People getting out from behind their computers, making signs and making noise. Otherwise we’ll be signing petitions until the cows come home and nothing will change.And we need to contact the media every time we hold a protest or take pictures and I’ll post them here.

      I think petitions can be effective but we need more. The other side is organized and united. That’s our biggest obstacle, getting everyone on the same page. We can’t just keep complaining and not backing it up. If we’re out protesting, even if it’s just in front of our houses that is going to send a message. We can’t beg people who aren’t listening. We need boycotts, protests, pro-active activities to get the wolves the attention they need. Time is running out for them. If Idaho started with 700 wolves they’ve killed almost 300 already and that’s not counting how many Wildlife Services has gotten rid of this year.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      Right now they are ignoring us because they don’t think we have the will to continue to fight for wolves. we have to convince them otherwise.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • you mentioned boycotts like what and which media would you have to contact. the government encourages people to go out and kill isn’t that illegal. i drive truck on the road alot what can i do

  3. I have written to all the government officials, begging and explaining the subhumans that are killing the innocent wolves. Petitions every day and THEY JUST DON’T CARE! THEY DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED IN THE REALITY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES!! They’re as bad as the hunters!!! I risked my life in a small town, when I confronted poachers and could only get license plates for the 5 trucks with the poor animals in them. No response, no NOTHING!!!!

    • Rhonda…that’s why we need protests and vigils, that will garner media support. This story is stuck in the Northern Rockies, that has to change. We have environmental groups that are not united on this issue, some are putting their stamp of approval on the hunts and not just the hunts in the Northern Rockies but hunts in the Great Lakes. Minnesota had a management plan that called for a five year moratorium on wolf hunts if wolves were ever delisted. That has gone by the wayside, they changed it last summer. Now Minnesota is hot to have a wolf hunt. Wolf advocates must be louder and start setting the agenda. We should be telling Congress what we want, after all we out number the anti wolf crowd, we have the ability to vote people out of office who support these bad policies. Our problem is we’re disjointed. We need to stand together as one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. The worst thing that could have possibly happened was that rider attachment last year removing wolves from Endangered Species protection. Suddenly all the states that have wolves have gone totally nuts. I pray to God that this insanity stops, and soon. Signed and forwarded the petition for the 29 wolves in Oregon too.

  5. The most important thing you can do is call your legislators and encourage all your friends to call too. This website has a list of all the people you need to contact and their contact information. If you have Facebook plaster it all over your Facebook page and urge your friends to share. Right now the wolf haters have a legislative machine called “Big Game Forever” they are an organization that rallies all of the hunters together and THEY GET STUFF DONE WHILE WE SIT HERE AND COMPLAIN! Right now they are organizing a huge recreational hunting event to raise money to help fund their lobbying activities. Until we get organized the same way they are our wolves will continue to die. I am working with a new organization called Justice for Wolves and we are cataloging all of the pubic comments submitted to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana to show legislators and Wildlife Officials that the majority of Americans do not want their wolves killed and yet our voices are not being heard. We have also created a database to track all of the petitions that have been distributed and signed over the last few years, once again to show that the American public is being ignored. So organize protests, sign every petition that you can find, call every legislator you can and email them as well. This is how the civil rights movement began and that is the caliber of effort we are going to have to generate if we want to save our beloved wolves.

    • Donna.. We are a growing grass roots wolf movement. But sadly we are on the defense and that has to change. Wolf advocates out number wolf haters by a huge percentage. We CANNOT stand idly by and watch our beloved wolves mowed down like they are cockroaches. We have to put all differences aside and work together to build a strong united coalition. I want to see a pro wolf lobbyist in every wolf state. We should be talking with Congress to find members willing to introduce pro wolf legislation not constantly trying to fight off bad wolf bills. It’s true Big Game Forever is a huge motivator, contacting Congress, etc. We are playing catch up, most of their big organizations have joined forces: ranching, the NRA, the hunting groups, they are all united while the large environmental groups are all over the place on wolves. There are some great groups like AWR, FOC, WEG, the Center, WWP that are fighting the good fight but I always remember Margaret Meades famous quote. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

      We should be out in the streets demonstrating non-violently against the hunts. That’s why I posted the NIWA/HAA protest pictures. It doesn’t have to be a huge crowd but imagine if we had thousands of small and large protests around the country and the world? We’d get the media coverage the wolves so desperately need. Our friends outside the US are standing with us. We can get this done. The time is now, wolves are dying.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I am 100% with you Nabeki! Thank you for all your hard work. You have put together an outstanding resource for wolf advocates. I am on the Advisory Board of a wolfdog sanctuary here in North Carolina and I am going to put out a request to my fellow Board members and volunteers for assistance in organizing a local protest. We have the Cherokee Indian reservation an hour away from us and I am hoping they will also assist.

        Thanks again for all your hard work on behalf of these beautiful animals. Keep fighting the good fight!

      • Donna, I thought I responded to your comment but I can’t find it anywhere to if I’m repeating myself, so sorry. Thank you so much..you understand what I’m trying to convey. It would be amazing if you would be able to organize a protest for the wolves in North Carolina. I hope the Cherokee Nation gets involved to help their wolf brothers who are being persecuted just as they have been.

        It really is time for action because everyday wolves are dying and pretty soon there will be few wolves left in the Northern Rockies. Thank you again for your help, it energized me.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Donna, I thought I responded to your comment but I can’t find it anywhere to if I’m repeating myself, so sorry. Thank you so much..you understand what I’m trying to convey. It would be amazing if you would be able to organize a protest for the wolves in North Carolina. I hope the Cherokee Nation gets involved to help their wolf brothers who are being persecuted just as they have been.

        It really is time for action because everyday wolves are dying and pretty soon there will be few wolves left in the Northern Rockies. Thank you again for your help, it energized me.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • thank, i love wolf , we most fight-fight 452 wolf are many—- O wolf– :-((((((( hej from denmark

    • I tried an online search, Justice for Wolves no hits. ..of wolves only.
      Can you post the address? I’d like to include the Justice for Wolves address in a brochure I’m working on, also a link to the comments if that’s possible. I’ll send a copy for endorsement when its ready. I shall be asking the same of Born Free Canada, HSUS and others.
      With Thanks

      • Hi Nabeki,
        We are actually working on our website now and as soon as it’s up and running I will send you the link. Thanks!

  6. This is HORRIBLE and has to STOP,NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  7. no the government doesnt care about anything except destroying and killing. what dispicable acts of evil. soon they will be extinct and join the Dodo bird. sometimes I hate being part of the human race.


    • Agnes, I agree with everything you said. It is truly shocking how the situation has devolved into this terrible mess but if people in not just America but around the world would come to the aid of these persecuted animals I think it would make a tremendous difference. Is it possible for you to hold a protest in France with a few friends and send me the pictures, so I can post them here on Howling for Justice? Please let me know if that is possible and I know the wolves would thank you if they could but they are too busy running for their lives from the hunters that are combing the forests looking to kill them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. This is DEVASTATING. I will call the white house monday and bombard them with outrage….

    • Thank you Marianne, everything we can do collectively will help, it’s getting so critical now that we are close to reaching 500 dead wolves and the hunts have almost two more months to go, plus Idaho has extended the hunt in the Lolo and Selway zones into June 2012 when the wolves will be trying to raise their puppies if there are any wolves left to have puppies.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. Since Mato has been a bit inactive lately, I think I’ll organize another protest soon, at the headquarters in Boise. I’ll have to talk with my mother and make sure she is up for it, I’ll give at least a week’s notice, and make some better signs. Now that I know how the protests work, and am more comfortable in doing them, I’m less afraid of organizing my own, lol.

    Do you think there is any particular day of the week that would be best for others? Maybe I should ask what would be more convenient for people first?

    • Sarah, you are so wonderful to care so much and be willing to do this for the wolves. I know your mother is very involved and committed to wolves, you make a great team. I think the weekend is always a better time for people because they will be off work and able to attend. It just depends but as far as I’m concerned there isn’t a bad time to hold a non-violent protest. I will talk with Ann S. and get her opinion. She is a great organizer of protests and making terrific signs.

      Thanks again for your dedication to these persecuted and magnificent animals.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. This is so horrible!! I love wolves but feel so powerless being so far away (Denmark). All I can do is spread the word as widely as possible and sign all petitions I come across.

    • Spread the word Gitte – FAR & WIDE!

      Thank You ;-)

    • Yes Gitte because even though you are in Denmark you still have the power to influence by spreading the message. Wolf persecution is global, this is a global cause. What’s happening in the lower 48 is such a tragedy but it’s not hopeless, we can make a difference if we make our voices heard. So thank you Gitte and please spread this message to everyone you know. Tell them 446 wolves have been slaughtered in Montana and Idaho and the hunts are still months away from ending.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. i am simply sickened by the senselessness of this killing…but sitting here feeling miserable doesn’t help. you are right,we must continue to make our voices heard,through levelheaded and organized means. i am in georgia but i will do what i can in this neck of the woods to help our wolf brothers ,whereever they may be,we CAN make a difference.do not give up!!!!!!there is strength in numbers and collective voices.

    • Thank you so much helen. You get it!!! We have to be out there making noise and saying STOP KILLING AMERICA’S WOLVES. If we don’t raise our voices in protest then we will continue to be ignored and wolves will continue to be slaughtered. I think we could make a huge difference if people around the country and the world would yell as loud as the wolf hating crowd. We have to stop complaining on FB and get out there and be seen. The social networking sites are great for organizing and those are tools we have at our disposal but ultimately it’s up to us to do the leg work and make sure the politicians who control the wolf states hear us loud and clear. I’ve called for boycotts of these states because all three of them rely heavily on tourism. It would definitely put a crimp in their style to have tourist go elsewhere. There are many things we can do but the most important is to be heard!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. What don’t humans understand about wolves they are loving family oriented animals. They are sacred to myself and other Native Americans. I work at a wolf habitat they are harmless. They don’t go out killing humans why do humans want to slaughter them. It is the same as murder in my eyes. They need to be put back on the endandered species list before there are no more wolves for future generations to enjoy there beauty and gracefullness. God created them just as he created humans do you really think God approves of their slaughter ( I think Not) and those who are killing them will Pay someday when they enter the gates of Heaven if they are ever excepted there. Thou shalt not Kill that includes all of Gods creations. God bless and protect those beautuful animals that you created and stop this useless slaughter of all your creations. Some of the Humans you created are brutal, ruthless murders please take them from this world or make them understand they cant just go around killing innocent animals.

  14. Money is what we need – money, money, money.
    I have been trying to think of a way to do SOMETHING to get the
    media to pay attention – driving cross country with a huge ass sign in the back of my truck – taking in donations for our cause, something of that ilk.
    Anybody out there with any ideas – POST THEM

    Nabeki – you can get my contact info. from Dr. Catherine (Feher-elston) if you want to get a hold of me. I to am sick & tired of all this bull shit hunting – of ALL of “our” predators. They use our tax $$$’s
    Anywho, thanks again for all of your good reporting & help.

    • If you do this, broadcast sound. Images are easy to ignore.
      I’ve done street demos anti trapping here in Toronto. We knew about Eddie Lama, put a TV on the street at Queen & Yonge and ran a video by Rod Coronado. People didn’t stop for images. But when we found a way to amplify the sound (of a suffering animal) people crossed Queen Street through traffic. They were upset. They wanted to find out what was going on. Then they stood and looked at the video. Images are important in a letter or a brochure that’s all you’ve got to hold your reader to the page. In fact too many words on any one page gets in the way of the message. But on the street where people are blitzed by images sound cuts through. It’s a great project. As I write this it occurs to me that on the road would be a great place for a wolf ambassador.
      Good Luck
      For the Wolves

      http://www.animalliberationfront.com › Animal Protection › AR Interviews

    • Ramses…I have some good ideas I’ve been tossing around to try and raise money…but you’re right, that’s one thing we need to make a difference. I would love to take a full page ad out in the NYT and put the number of wolves killed in the hunts on the front page BUT it costs over eighty thousand dollars for an ad like that. The grass roots movement is pretty much on it’s own except for a few dedicated groups like FOC, AWR, WWP, CBD and WEG. The hunting and ranching groups are running rings around us. They are very well organized and have loads of money. Some of these groups have been around for decades or even longer, so they have the organization in place. Our cause is less well organized and it shows. We are constantly on defense, responding to all the bad news unable to afford lobbyists in the wolf states or have Congress sponsor pro wolf bills. One of the hardest things for me is to convince people to get out and demonstrate against the hunts. If the politicians don’t hear from us then the slaughter will continue. They respond to political pressure and right now the only people openly yelling and screaming are the anti wolf crowd. We have to change or this will be the new reality and wolves will disappear from the lower 48 once again.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Okay, I am going to try this again as I don’t know why my post was deleted. As I stated I am a WOLF ADVOCATE and ACTIVIST. I give WOLVES A VOICE. I have contacted the governor and senators of Idaho about this issue, requesting stiffer fines and penalties! What this hunter did was WRONG and he is pretty proud of it. Just like all the other sick wolf hunters out there on the face book pages that post the pictures of all those beautiful wolves they have killed for the day. It is all so SICKENING to say the least. I have also contacted Montana and Oregon Congress as well about this wolf issue. The killing of wolves needs to stop along with the poaching! These hunters need to learn that there is a value to the life of a wolf. The wolf is a living being, with a heart, soul and spirit. The way to get through to them is EDUCATION. We had a university professor that had a wolf that was his pet that he used for education and went around the metro area and taught the community about wolves and wildlife. I would see them at my vets office. That wolf was so beautiful! They are an important part of the eco-system and have a reason for being here. We should be looking out for them and be protecting them. If we all work together WORLD WIDE we can stop the killing of our wolves and prosecute those who keep doing this!

    • Debra…so sorry. The policy on the blog is the first time you comment it’s held in moderation until it’s approved. I’m not always available to approve comments so sometimes they will sit in moderation.

      Thank you for all you are doing for wolves. Wolves biggest problem is they have few if any friends in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.The cattle and ranching lobbies have so much power in these states, these are the people the politicians listen too. Conservationists knew that if wolves were ever turned over to the states this would be the outcome. That’s why we fought so hard to keep wolves listed. Now everything we feared is coming true. Wolves have been delivered into the hands of their enemies. They are being used as scapegoats to give the haters something to focus their rage on. The most horrific part of this is the Democrats made this happen. They were the buffer zone, they were supposed to be the protectors of the environment and wildlife. But the wolves in Montana and Idaho were betrayed for Tester’s Senate seat and now hell has been unleashed on these innocent animals. It’s a repeat of the first Western extermination except uglier, if that’s possible. That’s why I’m putting out a call to wolf activists to please get out and protest these hunts. The only thing these politicians who control Montana, Idaho and Wyoming understand is loss of support at the ballot box. We need a national outcry over the hunts and media attention brought to this issue but so far the protests have mostly been limited to the Internet and social networking sites. They are a great tool but we need more, otherwise the killing will continue with very little concern that any of what they are doing will have consequences for them at the polls.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. I have also found that working with my Iowa legislature that we were able to increase the fines and penalties of dog fighting and animal cruelty. I have found that working with your Congress also helps in trying to change the laws to get things done on Animal Welfare Laws.

  17. I have written letters to the newspapers in my area and their area where the wolves are being killed and how about contacting the media there to draw the attention to you and the issue?

  18. This is so sad for the wolves. What is wrong with people

  19. I live in Oregon and was born and raised in Sandpoint Idaho. When I feel like I need help from a powerful group I donate to Defenders of Wildlife. They are a great group and yes, it takes money and signing petitions and making signs and everything else in between. It is true that a small group can make a difference. Don’t forget the power of Prayer too. What I find is people (mostly women) who are afraid to speak out. The wolf-haters the ones I personally know from Idaho..(some are my family) and many I graduated with, come out and just bash my head in for loving wolves and supporting them. I find the hatred of wolves so wide spread it is frightening. I just moved here from Ma. and yes, we heard about this and I donated then. But, now I’m right in the middle of it and it is far more shocking…seeing pictures…. than I realized and getting so much worse. It gave me some hope just seeing a group with signs helping the wolves in the picture. Really wish I could have been there. The sad thruth is that as a child growing up I saw too many times Idahoans shooting their pets and many of those were my pets. Is it any wonder that they feel nothing when they shoot a wolf. The coward from Idaho who shot the wolf from Oregon was just out on a sunny day with his gun shooting coyotes……Seems as if it is a pretty scary thing to be any animal in Idaho and now like a virus it is spreading everywhere and they won’t stop at wolves. They like killing. It’s a sport to them. Makes them feel more like men instead of the cowards they really are. Thanks to growing up in Northern Idaho I have spent 17 years of my life in therapy healing from the brutality I witnessed and what was also done to me. I thank God that I didn’t become one of them. Pray for the wolves. Someone is listening.

    • Debra, I know this story. The truth, that is the likelihood is, men who shoot family pets were children whose pets were killed by a parent. Needless to say such brutality is both an act of domination, an act of displaced aggression that crushes a child’s will and a reassurance of personal power. The child folds and becomes forever a victim or the child identifies with the aggressor and become a parent or partner, a person that treats animals and people sadistically. That’s more usually the role of boys and men.
      If one could break into the heart of such a person one would find a crying child. Unless one can risk self awareness, and is lucky enough to find people in life or in books, who can act as guides, the pattern is repeated and compounded through generations. In this way psychotics are made. It’s true they are cowards. Inside they feel as you feel, and as I have felt, still feel, afraid. There is also the terrible anxiety a child feels when she witnesses or hears the sounds accompanying violent acts. It’s so hard to shake off the feelings of vulnerability they arouse. Anxious vulnerability can result in acts of violence, Such acts are all the more difficult to understand because they feel so incongruent. One feels rage for being mistreated, one feels rage that is rightfully directed at a person, an abuser, adult or child who has been cruel, but one is unable to express that rage or act spontaneously for fear of reprisal, real or imagined, it doesn’t seem to matter which. One tries to forget. The memory is out of mind yet one remembers. If I feel or atleast think I understand how cruelty is generated, that understanding doesn’t help the wolves directly. And it’s true women more often than men are afraid to assert their rights. By overcoming conditioned response one is empowered to help others. I don’t have a god but that doesn’t prevent me from praying. The universe will do and I’m sure, at times, that the universe listens and responds. None of this makes it alright to harm. Nor do I personally feel kindly towards sports hunters. I have no trouble saying I hate sports hunting. Even though it’s vital to express rage it is compassion that makes a difference in the quality of one’s own life and in the lives of others, friends, fauna or flora. Rage and compassion are nearly the same thing. They’re both a kind of caring. Perhaps it’s devitalization, the impersonalization of living beings that leads to cruelty. Commodification permits any use of an animal or person. 42.5 cows are killed, horribly every second. The Sanskrit word for war has to do with chasing cows, the desire for more cows. Agribusiness has pretty much ruined society. Agribusiness has certainly ruined wolves. When the cows were still deer things were different. When every living thing, and things that are said not to live, had spirits, wolves were free agents.
      For the Wolves

      • thank you for that insightful comment. it is important to understand the origins of cruelty and abuse..not that it Ever excuses or condones it.but if we are to grow into a more compassionate and kind world,we need to see how the cycle begins.some years ago,they had a seminar here in atlanta on child abuse .in the families where child abuse was being perpetuated by former victims,they found that the children would commit acts of unspeakable cruelty towards their pets.yes.it is passed down and it does speak of the heirarchy in the family. “.the buck stops here”.that is what has to happen to heal this insidious pattern.thank you again for taking the time to scratch below the surface.

      • Thankyou for your reply. You have much wisdom. Gives me hope for the wolves.

  20. Keep up the good work all of you! I love all of the support I see out there for the wolves!

    • i know we need ,besides our voices, the Money to back them.. seems it speaks louder than words in our culture.i am in georgia .i’ve been drawing and painting wolves for 3 years now and have such a close emotional tie to these incredible creatures..in march i will have a show at the gallery here that represents my work…hopefully.some paintings will sell and a portion of the proceeds will go to organizations that support our fight to save the wolves.i will keep my voice and paintings strong .maybe folks will pay attention to different media? any ideas about the best place to give financial support?sometimes ,i think :what would the wolves do ?( if this were a fair situation) ..they would mobilze,co-operate within the pack,protect their young,respect their elders,fight if they had to ..in short simply keep their integrity and rightful place in the big scheme of things…Humans..driven by greed…so sad.

  21. This is one reason why I hate Humans

  22. Nabeki, do you have any information on Safari Int. dumping $ into Wisconsin? Thanks

  23. Nabeki,
    Is there a way we can all appeal to the multiple conservation/wildlife groups in the US that unity is desperately needed if we are ever to stop this slaughter. Joint fund raising toward this one cause would be very beneficial as well as a unified voice. Maybe this has already been attempted but can we try again?

    • Wiesy,

      I wish we could but we are not as united as the hunting and ranching orgs. Some of the big groups have even signed off on the wolf delisting in the Great Lakes. We need more unity, we could get so much more accomplished!! I try to get the word out and there are many terrific people in the grass roots wolf movement. That is definitely something we need to work on and soon!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. When the Wolves are gone, so the Human race. Without Wolves all life will disappear.
    They are our teachers, our healers.
    I’m from The Netherlands and I couldn’t believe this was going on in America, I couldn’t believe it.
    I’m a peaceful person, but if you are not respect life, you don’t deserve it.
    It makes me cry.
    Hope you can do something people of America!

  25. You’re right Weisy, I suggested this to many wildlife groups. I even mentioned they spread themselves too thin and need to specialize.

    • Bobette…I so agree. We need to unite for wolves, the death toll is growing every day.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  26. disgusting and scares the life out of me !

  27. What a way to tackle them in their manhood and to say that hunters are impotent
    This is well known and my husband said, it’s a way
    by this loud to spread and keep calling there are people who stop hunting. Every hunter less counts!

  28. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity in the 21st century.

    • Totally agree Doug!!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Thank you so much Dear Agnes. I hope your husband is starting to feel a little better. Please let him know we are sending good thoughts his way. I know you will do everything and anything for the wolves and how much you love them. Let me know how it turns out. I would love to have your pictures.
      Stay strong!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  30. This is a national disgrace America!

    • It needs to go viral. If we all do our part and spread the word around the country, Idaho would feel the country’s disdain and the disdain of the world.

      What’s worse is the national media is too busy talking about celebs and politicians to even bother to cover this story.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Please spread the word phillip to everyone you know. We want this to go viral!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Hi Nabeki,

        I hope you are doing well. We (Justice for Wolves) should have our website up soon and I will share the link with you! In the meantime, would you mind sharing a wolf related survey with your followers (see below link)? It’s a public survey asking if wolves should be killed to protect the caribou and right now the wolf haters are inching ahead of us. I am collecting data from all of the surveys and petitions out there and would like to be able to use this survey in my data providing the public comes out for the wolves. Thanks so much for all you do!


      • Donna,

        I’m not a huge fan of competing votes on surveys with anti wolfers. They read my blog as well and will probably run over and vote against the wolves. There was a very good survey done before the wolf issue heated up a few years ago. I’ll have to find the link. Americans were very much in favor of the ESA and protections for wolves.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki,

        That’s no problem at all! I sometimes wonder if the survey’s are worth bothering with anyway. I must say that occasionally I let my emotions get the better of me when I see the wolf haters in the lead when I know for a fact that there are more of us than them. I get angry at the apathy of most people. I try really hard to not allow my emotions to interfere with logic but sometimes it’s hard. I’m sure you can relate. I think the petitions are much more valuable anyway and I will continue to focus on those. Thanks again for everything you do for our wolves. I wish there were more like you.

  31. At least someone has the guts to stand in Sandpoint and picket for the wolves. If I was there I’d be doing it too. Idaho, we need more of you defending the wolves. I know you are out there and afraid. Find your voices and speak your true feelings instead of hiding and agreeing with what you don’t really agree with just to fit in. You are afraid of what other poeple will think of you. You may even be threatened by your own family and friends. And left out of the loop. Who is really more afraid here? Stand up and protest for the wolves and find your Power. I am speaking to the Women of Idaho. You have for far too long been victims yourselfs out in Idaho….. When you speak up and defend the wolves of Idaho, you do it for yourself also. Don’t let fear stand in your way. Teach your daughters the importance of having their voice….not someone else’s. So many of you women out there have lost your own identity. It’s never too late to find it….Remember, when women couldn’t even vote? Don’t allow your men in your life to destroy your right to voice how you feel about anything! Please find the courage to say Enough Killing and do the right thing and speak out. I am a woman born and raised in Idaho and I know. Open your hearts.

    • I agree with you, well spoken.
      I’m from The Netherlands, but my heart is with the Wolves and you all are doing great work!!!
      I’m with you all in mind & heart
      Thank you

  32. Thanks for all your doing, I was in Idaho when the wolves were being reintroduced there, and the ranchers had major issues with it. My feelings on it, They need to leave the wolves alone. Let them repopulate and bring balance back. At one point in time they had to do rabbit round ups..why..because the wolf was wiped out as were alot of coyotes. Is it really so bad to let the wolf weed out the old and weak in herds of elk? the ones doing the most damage are the humans.. the elk population there really do not migrate, Which means the elk have the same gene pool over and over, no new blood to produce viable offspring which in turn is also weaking the elk herd. humans are poaching them.
    Sometimes I think the human race needs a reality check… Some tend to forget, We are the ones who have actually over populated, We are the ones who have expanded into their territory and have run them out of theirs along with their food.
    I pray my grandkids and beyond can enjoy seeing a live wolf in the wilderness and not go extinct because of man’s poor decisions.

    • You are so right Anne, it’s the same people who were against the reintroduction and the new generation of them that’s causing all the trouble. It’s not all hunters that feel this way. It’s really just a handful of people, it’s the same faces over and over again. But in the bigger scheme of things these are the players who brought about this tragedy: the USFWS, Obama, Salazar, Tester, Simpson and the 81 Senators who voted to delist wolves via budget rider. Don’t forget those Senators and remind them if any are up for re-election in 2012 you will make it your duty to vote against them. We don’t need people in office who would sacrifice wolves for political expediency and a Senate seat. They need to go home.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • well said.

        not sure why my posts are not included..but i’m sure you get many .thank you for your clear thinking and compassion.

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