URGENT!! Comment To Stop Buffalo Slaughter, Comment Period Ends Today, February 13, 2012

From the Buffalo Field Campaign

Comment to Stop Montana’s New Buffalo Firing Line!

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Tags: Yellowstone Bison, Buffalo Field Campaign, Bison Slaughter, Montana FWP, Bison under fire

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  1. Justice for the Buffalo. Please don’t slaughter the Bison, they were here long before people sailed to our shores.

    • This happens every year Shirely. The poor bison are hazed back into the park in the spring with helicopters. The poor newborn calves are so scared and some get hurt because they can’t run that fast. The ranchers don’t want the buffalo mingling with cattle because of brucellosis but that is just an excuse to kill them because elk carry brucellosis and they are around cattle all the time. The real reason I believe is they don’t want the bison competing with the cattle for grazing. The bison come out of the park because it’s their Spring grazing grounds. The whole thing is as insane as the wolf situation.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Please don’t slaughter the beautiful Bison of Montana!

  3. Stop this insane idea of slaughtering Buffalo.
    This is insane.

  4. Why can’t they go to the Tribes, who, I understand, WANT them… Please do the right thing..

    Thank you

    • That would be too easy Sally. Those bison don’t belong to Montana, they belong to the American people. It’s an outrage what they are doing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. ok ..so what is going on??????..just slaughter ALL the animals ,who were here long before we came and took their lands..?????my patience is growing VERY thin.i try to be level headed and reasonable but this is all getting to be be Too much. wolves ,buffalo….it is so absurd..we humans think we Control nature..but guess what…!!!there is a delicate balance and we seem to have lost sight of it. yet,i,we, must keep trying to help in whatever way i,we, can .let’s keep working together to bring about awareness and change!

  6. Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter,,,,,,Is that the only solution these people can come up with? Next time vote accordingly…ask questions about the things that bother you….things you would like to see changed. Get to know who you are voting for. If a politician does not care about animals what chance do you have of being considered in their next decision making? Cruelty to animals shows a lot about someones personality….the devil is in the details!

  7. Yes, Helen, I couldn’t agree more. The imperative now is to control our own numbers and leave something for the other species on this earth. If we don’t, the suffering of every species including our own will continue to escalate. Thank you again, Nabeki, for the opportunity to add our voices to the protest. I just sent my comment to the Montana FWP.

    For the wild ones

  8. Always have to be killing, hurting, making something suffer, don’t they? Barbaric, cruel, sadistic savages!

  9. This is abhorrent nd should be stopped immediately.

  10. What next….Animal Cruelty has to stop! What has the world become….It is unacceptable and those of you doing the killing will be made accountable for your inhumane actions against wildlife. You are killing the planet but, you are too self-absorbed to see that. Thank God for those of us who can see the forest through the trees.

  11. Let’s not forget the wild horses being herded with helicopters, forced to literally run their hooves off then die of infection and fright, in tiny pens miles away from their home ranges.

    The American west has become a wasteland of deadly nightmares for animals and ecologists. We must boycott all products, from clothes to beer to cheap meat to overpriced resorts, that are marketed in the Rocky Mountain states and eastern Oregon. Let them know with our votes and the withholding of our cash, that we will no longer support their depravity.

    • There are videos called blue moon’s last stand, & calico round up that will leave you in tears as to what the BLM is doing to the horses. Write Director@blm.gov Bob Abbey as to why they are doing this. Also Ken Salazar at feedback@ios.doi.gov to tell him your feelings about his orders for this fiasco, & continued abuse to these beautiful horses. Protection for all wild animals must be imparted to all congress, & senators, however I don’t think they should have this job. We need someone to be TRUE CARE TAKERS & stewards, NOT the blm.

      • Thank you Caryn….I try to blog for the wild horses whenever I can. Salazar is a nightmare.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Man’s greed and lack of love for nature and the environment is the by- product of “kill and destroy” of our precious animals. Yes, those that still have dignity left and will standby to help our precious animals, need to stand strong and do what we need to do in order to save what species we have left on this Earth. Let you voice be heard.

  13. I know I am too late, but here is a quote which I think is so true and from someone far more qualified, determined and committed than I could ever be.

    “If only we can overcome cruelty, to human and animal, with love and compassion we shall stand at the threshold of a new era in human moral and spiritual evolution – and realize, at last, our most unique quality: humanity.”
    Jane Goodall

    • Thank you Allan..I’m huge fan of Jane Goodall.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. Stop destroying life. Their lives worth as much as ours.

  15. This makes me sick!!! I’ve been trying to start an all grassfed program on my farm in Indiana, and my goal is to raise bison to eat, as well as do my part to preserve the species for the future, and the “Govt” wants to shoot them down. My gate’s open, bring them to me and problem solved! Chris C. Crosby

  16. I know I’m too late!! This makes me sick. I’m trying my damndest to start an all grassfed, all natural sustainable farm, on my family owned land, and I am struggling, and would gladly take a few of these incredible animals, and the “leaders” of the country in their ignorance want to shoot them down. Oh, wait, didn’t we do they same thing a little over a century ago. Oh, but that was in the interest of expansionist/capitalism, and not too mention the decimation of multiple cultures on the Great Plains who’s vary survival depended on the Bison.

    These people have no soul, and no sense of what really matters.

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