The Montana Wolf Hunt Is OVER!! Extension voted down!!

I am very happy for the wolves in the Bitterroot and thank you Montana FWP for not extending the hunt, especially Commissioners Ron Moody and Bob Ream, who spoke out against hunting wolves during breeding and denning season, it took courage to do that.

The vote was unanimous.

Montana Wolf Hunt Season Not Extended


By The Associated Press

POSTED: 10:38 am MST February 16, 2012

HELENA, Mont. — Montana’s Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission has voted unanimously to not extend Montana’s wolf hunt.Members were considering extending the hunt in areas where hunters had not met the hunt quota.

Photo: Public Domain

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  2. Marvellous! For once.decency prevailed!!

  3. Thank Heavens.

  4. I am so thankful to hear this!!!!!

  5. Its good that the killing has stopped but it never should have happened and we need to stop it from happening again.

  6. Thank God and all who worked so hard to end this slaughter–we must remain vigilant. Much remains to be done.

    Blessed be our brothers and sisters and all our relations.

    Dr. Raven

  7. Finally some good news. Thank goodness there is a little common sense remaining in Montana.

  8. Good to hear. How much will you bet that there will be folks complaining about it?

    Hoping the wolves enjoy their reprieve, and that this madness will be ended before it has time to start again.


    • Oh, forgot to ask, any news on HB 4158?

  9. Wonderful.

  10. Best news I’ve heard all dreary winter long.

  11. Don’t be surprized that they continue killing wolves in Montana when they think no one is looking. Many will be angry. This should have never happened and I am sure all of the voices and petitions and money and sharing helped the wolves in Montana. Please. We can’t let up. They heard us but, we must never let our gaurd down. Thanks to everyone out there far and near. Good job. Idaho and Washington need our wolves protected too Let’s stop this now!

  12. it is because of people like you, thank you

  13. Fantastic. This is great, however this victory will be short lived. The season will start again in fall and the pups will only be 5-6 months old when they start killing them.
    75% of wolves killed. I am surprised they did not wipe the rest out. It was not out of compassion that they voted it down. There is a motive behind it. Every commissioner and politician in MT,ID, and WY is anti wolf.
    Celebrate this victory, but keep being a voice. This battle is not over.

    • I absolutely agree Darlene. I’m hoping the Ninth Circuit will overturn Judge Molloy and declare the wolf rider unconstitutional. If that doesn’t happen we could be seeing the use of traps and snares in Montana next season. I do believe Commissioners Ron Moody and Bob Ream were sincere in their beliefs. They know it makes the entire hunting community look bad to hunt ANY animal when they are reproducing. This is the first time I’ve heard this concern directed @ no matter how tiny a victory this is, I’ll take it and for a small moment revel in the fact that wolves in Montana can breed, den and pup in peace for the next 6 months. Hopefully we will have won our victory in court by then and have had time to organize and become stronger as a movement.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. …be grateful for small things…but I agree with prior comments that the wolf hunts should never have happened in the first place…so many innocent animals suffered, like the picture earlier today, of a young black wolf (likely under 2 years) who was too young to ever even hunt, trapped and looking straight into the camera, wondering, then who knows what torture befell him before he died, rest his soul and the souls of all the animals that suffered in the hands of man this winter

  15. Yay! A life line for now…. Just hope the hunters will not think they are above the law. Well, my only other comment is that with the stuffy judges (Circuit Court 9) still sitting and pondering the unconstitutionality of the de-listing, the states, themselves, may be ending this massacre as they are running out of wolves to kill. I’m happy about this decision, of course, but I can’t help feeling this is one battle in a forever war against a magnificent animal.

  16. Now comes the question no one wants to ask- Will the hunt be continued next winter to bring the wolf numbers down to their goal? And the year after that? And they year after that?
    I’m still worried. When I read their managment plans, they didn’t seem to know what they were doing at all. They were planning to manage wolves like deer. Thank god the experts came in or we would have had different problems all together!
    I hope Fish and Wildlife knows that wolves won’t be able to support yearly hunts. And on that note, lets not forget Wyoming and Idaho.

  17. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Halllulujah!!!!!

  19. I was just about to give up hope on ever protecting wolves. It seemed everywhere, Canada included, was all out war against wolves. I am thrilled at the compassion and sanity that prevailed here. I am also astounded the vote was unanimous. I am going to personally send an email and make a phone call to Montana Commissioners who were champion voices for the wolves. I agree with the other comments here about this just being one small battle won. Do not give up on the war. There are other states with very dangerous and drastic legislation afoot to kill more wolves…Canada included. There is also next year as one commentor said. I agree also that hunters feel above the law and stuff like this only enrages them more. So celebrate and give thanks for this incident but brace your core for more fighting.

  20. I’m glad the hunt is over legally. However, I worry about the lawless hunters and trappers who will be out there when they think no one is looking!

  21. houuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllll!!!!!! A victory non the less. Thanks all ARA who shouted up for the wolves!!!

  22. Thank you …..all of you who took time to call or petition the Governor
    and thanks to Idaho Fish & Game for taking a stand on ending of the wolf killing. Thank you Idaho Fish & Game.

    It is a time of celebration….but keep the viligence….because the
    ranchers of Idaho and the other two states, Wyoming, and Montana,
    won’t like this. Here in New Mexico….killing our Mexican Wolves
    which exist in such small numbers, still are shot every so often and we
    offer high rewards for information….but almost never find out who
    killed one of very endangered Mexican Wolves.

    I think the most appalling forms of killing wolves…are.the high powered Bow & Arrow and the Aerial shooting of wolves (Alaska) . These are
    the most inhumane & just horrible ways to kill an animal. It goes way beyond hunting skills. There is no skill. Sportsmanship is a joke.
    Any human who kills animals beyond standard, old fashion hunting
    is a monster. This is not sportsmanship. It is clear killing and needs
    no skill….a child could kill an animal with these high powered tools.
    Shame on them!

    Keep the watch and don’t buy beef…Whole Foods even buys beef
    sometimes (high end) from these three states. They say they don’t
    but several butchers who worked for WF say, yes, they do purchase
    from these states but mostly purchases from California.

    Thanks to the Idaho Fish & Game…..this is a brave stand they have
    taken. Thank you to our leader(HOWLING FOR JUSTICE) in posting constant news regarding this issue….and never giving up.

    Sandi Holland, Santa Fe, NM

  23. Sorry, I got so excited …..wrong state! Thanks to MONTANA
    FISH & GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. a small blessing for the remaining wolves! now we have to fight harder so the blood thirsty hunters don’t kill the rest (including the new pups) in the next season!

  25. The Missoulian said last night that 166 wolves were killed. Is that right? I also read the Idaho Statesman and those people are scary. I have an endangered resources license with a wolf on it, I would never drive in Idaho for fear of being killed or run off the road. I,m serious. Where are the Native Americans in this?

  26. This is A Wonderful Suprise… however WHat about IDaho.. and WY and Canada and The GReat Lakes.. we still have to band together with letters.. and information … Keeping the GOOD faith that those TOO shall Close.. Hopeful the rest will realize the NAtional advertisement for them IS not worth the hunts… I am 100% for taking the control of the WOlves completely away from GAme and FIsh and NOT allowing them to have any say at anytime on decisions of there Fate… SOmehow This can be accomplished in the Future.. with PReserves of NAtional areas for them to be WIld and Free.. and I am for making the laws SO stiff that if anyone thinks about taking the life of them they will have serious fines of thousands of dollars… this will change the current Behaviors of such cruel and heartless behavior of a group of people destroying a species for the MONEy and Greed to keep themselves Employed… ITs a Crime against all of NAture what we as a people have had to be a witness to in these times! IT has broken all of OUR Hearts …those that so love WIldlife and THe WOlves… at least a LITTLE LIGHT For the POOR TIred SOuls running and runnings… the loss of there families and babies is still HEARTbreaking… as any family member would lose there loved ONES… Hope Springs enternal … and MAybe THe LIGHT of Day can shine for these BELOVEd ANimals OUR friends… the ((((((WOLves))))))) ♡

  27. Than you and thank you again to Ron Moody and Bob Ream for making a stand for ethical treatment of wolves during breeding season. This is a start. But there are so many others who are in the Hall of Shame for their heartless disregard for the pain, suffering and death of so many innocent animals. We will be watching and speaking out.

    Thank you, Nabeki, for the good news.

  28. Thank you!

  29. This is fantastic! Thank you to everyone who signed petitions and contacted legislators! Let’s keep up the good fight and keep the faith! We will prevail!

  30. i have asked this before what is the reason for the hunting and murdering of the wolves is this some kind of game to them

    • David this is a cultural war, unhappy people who have nothing better to do then persecute wolves because they can. They hate conservationists and know we care about wolves, so they’ve transferred their hatred of environmentalists onto wolves, typical transference. They’ve substituted environmentalists with wolves and go after them because it’s legal too. The other night I was watching a show and the guy said I want to go out and hunt something, killing makes me feel better. I think that’s another component of this. It relieves stress in their lives to kill something. What the hell they would be doing if they couldn’t legally kill animals I can’t even guess. The level of nastiness has grown exponentially since wolves were delisted. These people are big bullies and like to rattle on and on push people around. The poor wolves have to bear the brunt of their rage. It is so completely sad.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  31. Tears – finally of relief. I, too, was amazed that F&G personnel would actually think any type of killing would be objectionable – wonders never cease – did good ol boys string them up?


  33. but this is just for THE SEASON,NO? god I hope it’s FOREVER!

  34. Thank you god and Defenders for all your hard work getting this passed best news I have heard in a while HOOOOOORAYYYYYYYY

  35. Awesome…..hope it is forever…

  36. hurray hurray it’s a holi holi day. Thank you dear God, thank you

  37. This is wonderful!!! The Petition “Stewardship not Slaughter” arrived at the White House Friday, priority mail. If you can please email Obama and encourage him to check this out.

  38. I’m relieved that Montana’s Wolf Hunt is finally over! And I thank the FWP for not extending the season! However, I fear what the next Wolf Hunting Season will be like as their precious 220 quota was not met…

    The governor of Montana was actually nice enough to reply to the letter I had written to him (asking that the wolf hunting be stopped, or at least limited), and he reassured me that Montana will manage wolves in a way that will keep the population viable. I will admit that I think Montana is doing a much better job at managing wolves than the other Rocky Mountain states; they just need to get rid of the wolf hunting!

  39. I remember being relieved when I read this news, and had hoped that some sense had finally hit the MFWP. Of course, we all now know that this is not so, and I really doubt that they would make this kind of decision nowadays.

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