ACTION ALERT: Idaho Senate Bill 1305, “Live Bait Wolf Kill Bill” …


How low have things sunk in Idaho? Well, Senator Jeff Siddoway, a Idaho sheep rancher,  has introduced Senate bill 1305,  one of the most disgusting  anti-wolf bills yet and that’s saying something.

“Under Sen. Jeff Siddoway’s plan introduced Thursday, ranchers whose livestock are molested or killed by wolves could employ powered parachutes, as well as traps baited with live animals, to target the predators within 36 hours without a permit.

After that, they could get permits giving them up to 60 days to pursue offending wolf packs.”

It’s not bad enough hunters have killed over 300 wolves in Idaho since September or that the state wants to swoop down on the innocent Lolo wolves and aerial gun them for some perceived threat to elk, who’ve been declining in the Lolo since before wolves were reintroduced. Now this.

So live bait? That could be a dog, a horse ANYTHING that’s alive.

Ranchers going up in ultra-lights to aerial gun wolves??

This bill has to be fought with everything we’ve got.  The Senate Resources  & Environmental Committee is holding a hearing tomorrow in Boise @ 1:30pm with live streaming

They are accepting public comments.  I know this is short notice but please be there if you can and speak out against this travesty of a bill!



1:30 P.M.

Room WW55

Monday, September 20,  2012

S 1305

Control of/depredation of wolves

Senator Siddoway

If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.


Bill Status 1305


Idaho rancher’s bill would OK ultralights, use of live bait for wolf control

Last Updated: February 09, 2012 – 1:21 pm–Wolf-Control/


From The Wildlife News

Idaho Bill Targets Wolves “By any Means Available”


Idaho Man Shoots At Wolf Pack….FROM THE SKY!!

October 2,  2009


I’ll have more on this tomorrow after the hearing. I’m still working on the new feature for the blog but there is so much going on I haven’t had a chance to finish.


Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. this is simply unconscionable.these tactics simply compound the killing of innocents.there is natural order to things which ,apparently ,our ranchers are can i help ,i am in georgia?

  2. I tought that the cattle farmers were bad, but Senator Jeff Siddoway, a Idaho sheep rancher, takes the cake. What are you after Senator – attention?

    I have heard of “mad cow disease” is there a “mad sheep disease”?

    Maybe the Senator has been eating too much mutton.

    • Yes Allan there is such a disease! The scientific name is BSE. it was first observed in English sheep many years ago. The same deadly organism has spread to cows, dogs, cats, humans, and elk. This is why elk populations are diminishing… and why you should beware of eating lamb or beef from the Rocky Mountain states. BSE is caused by a prion (not a “germ”: it cannot be killed by antibiotics or even extreme heat). This prion concentrates in spinal cord and fecal material and is spread by careless slaughtering methods which are the source of cheap animal feed (“beef and lamb byproducts”). It is also spread in the soil where open range cattle graze. Look it up on the net. Universities in the area have been researching it for years, but the dumb ranchers do not care because they’re too busy having fun and yes, eating too much mutton and elk.

      • Is that disease much like anthrax?

  3. The depravity and sickness in the heart of man and mankind seems to show no bounds. Just when there is not much more you barbaric breed of humans can possibly do to sicken me, You come up with a new horrid heinous thing to do with or to the sentient beings we are meant to protect.
    A man can not serve two masters. Whom is yours?

    • I agree whole heartedly. Makes me sick. This guy has no heart and no conscience.

  4. this is murder if thay get by this what is next what is to stop them from useing puppy kittens anything that cant fight back this senator isnt fit to be in service to this country

    • This so Called Senator let alone so called American is not even fit to live in the USA let alone hold a seat in the Senate…

  5. This is the Most Ignorant, low life thing i ever heard. This is not the 1800’s, You people need to grow up. , You all need to stop this mass murder, and live with the wolves, Your The killers , Not the wolves. You hicks make me sick, Leave the wolves alone, No lights, NO LIVE BAIL, No aerial Shooting, No trapping, You All are Low Life Liars, LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE.

  6. Unfortunately I know only one person from Idaho and consider him and all Idaho residents to be the epitomy of disgust and stupidity. Their desire to wipe out wolves exceeds anything which makes sense. They just want to hunt and kill and exterminate. Their blood lust is totally unreasonable. Too bad they are on this continent. They need to be on an island alone with their livestock.

    • Sandy, I am from Sandpoint, Idaho. I love wolves and all wildlife. There are a few of us in Idaho who respect the wild and hurt beyond words that our home state is so sick and pathetic. There are many who are afraid to speak up. Because they are the minority. It did not shut me up. In Idaho our pets are used for target practice. I know first hand. I left Idaho over 30 years ago because I just could not live around people who think killing is fun and funny. This is my message to Idahoans….The wolves spirit will live on. They will spend eternity with their maker. You…..when you meet your maker, he will crush you. You won’t be laughing.

  7. We all need to put the ranchers out of business, and give up eating red meat. Even though most of us have been brought up on meat, it would be a great thing to do for the wolves. People like Jeff Siddoway and others need to be eliminated; let the wolves live!! This article was the first thing I read this morning, and it totally disgusted me. I for one, as of today, will give up eating red meat forever. RIP wolves; you are loved.

  8. Just playing the devil’s advocate here….but the lambs that are being SLAUGHTERED by the wolves …..are they not LIVE bait? This is a very slippery slope & any kind of LIVE bait is revolting!Baby lambs that have been mauled & left for dead are not a pretty sight. If the wolves took just one it would not cause such an uproar but they kill & maul many that they do not eat. The wolves are just being wolves & inhumane extermination is not the answer. Wolves are an apex predator & a necessary one but I fear their natural prey is getting harder & harder to find.

    • Wolves do not hunt in that manner. The pack will not mutilate and run. Look to coyotes or even domestic dogs for such behavior.

      • My neighbor accused one of my pack for killing her sheep. I videotaped her own “sheep” dog killing them. This is just sick. He needs to be removed from office. Conflict of interest. I wish I could be there. I have boycotted everything from Idaho.

      • Good for you Chrissty. The main predators of sheep are coyotes and domestic dogs, not wolves. Yet they are demonizing the wolves. The ranchers have been whipping up this hysteria for years and the media reports this BS like it’s fact. The wolves are doing nothing wrong to deserve this. This is the height of wolf breeding season..they are dodging bullets from hunters and poachers. Now this. The poachers know they can get away with this. By the time the guns stop I don’t know if there will be any wolves left in Idaho.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Surplus killing is pretty rare, and is done by dogs as well … they have been known to slaughter large numbers of sheep without eating them. IMO the responsibility for such killings, whether committed by wolves or dogs, is on the rancher. Sheep can’t flee or fight back the way wolves’ natural prey do, so their killing instincts can kind of malfunction when they discover a sheep flock. The ranchers are the ones who decided to bring a defenseless creature like the sheep into wolf country and leave them out in the fields unsupervised.

    • It is not up to the wolves to protect the lambs….that is the ranchers responsibility! I am from Idaho and they torture and murder there own pets but, scream foul when a wild animal kills a lamb? Speaking of the Devil…They are some of the most evil people I have ever met on this planet. They sit around the dinner table and joke about castrating cats with buck knives and watching them bleed to death and shooting their own dogs and think this is just hilarious. Don’t get me wrong I love baby lambs and don’t want to see them killed. I don’t eat meat either. The people you defend…. kill to kill not because they give a shit about their baby lambs!

    • comedyflyer…. the wolves are not the main predator of’s the coyote and domestic dog. These people use our public land to graze their livestock and don’t take precautions to protect them. Wolves are not in the running for the top five predators of sheep. This is all hyperbole and hysteria. Everything kills sheep including non predation. Please do not believe these myths they are spreading. Sheep ranchers in Idaho had one of their best money making years in 2010 since 1984.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. This has passed the point of sanity. What is wrong with these people? The world looks down on Idaho farmers as nothing more than pestilence and ignorant. Defender’s showed them how to keep their livestock safe from wolves. (Which we all know that the wolf is not the one killing their livestock.) That was scientifically proven. Are they so stupid that they cannot comprehend the idea of other predators out there, or for some reason, other that bounty money and political persuasion? It’s too bad that they can’t use the farmers as live bait as wolves do not attack humans unless they are rabid, cornered or protecting their young. I have friends that don’t belong to Facebook, but I’ve contacted them and they have contacted others…and so on and so forth, so when they pick up something at a store they check to make sure it’s NOT from Idaho. BOYCOTT!

    • YES! BOYCOTT their meat, potatoes, beer, clothing (Cold Water Creek: let’s all return their catalogs) And best of all, sportspeople: cancel your plans to spend a ton of money on those fishing, hunting and sightseeing vacations in Montana Wyoming and Idaho. And when you cancel tell ‘em why.
      Read today’s New York Times editorial that speaks out against the Interior Department for considering opening up the John D Rockefeller Parkway to hunting. This is the only remaining safe passage for wolves on their migratory route between the parks. Please take note of this. It opens up a whole new venue for our feelings about this issue.

    • I am thrilled to read all of your comments to boycott everything Idaho sells. Hit these assholes in their pocketbook and make them feel some pain. I am from Idaho and just hate all of them. I left over 30 years ago and won’t even visit my pathetic family who thinks killing is a hobby. Give up meat. They need you to vacation there too…send a letter to the piece of shit senator and tell him you took your vacation somewhere else.

  10. Mere words cannot express my anger over this latest turn of affairs. Killing wolves with live bait is killing twice as many innocent victims. When will the madness stop.

    • You have voiced my thoughts exactly.. I’m with you one hundred percent. I too am angry to read this new strategy that Idaho has cooked up to kill the wolves.This is disgusting and total madness.

      • Bert..please start calling the committee members tomorrow. They are meeting again on Wednesday to discuss this trash bill. I think if we flood them with calls and let them know this will ruin Idaho’s already sullied reputation even further, maybe they will listen. We can’t allow this to happen, it’s from the Dark Ages.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I am an avid wolf lover, have been before I found out it was my totem and even more after I learned it was my totem, and this article appauled me. I mean come on, is this what the human race has become, “lets fight animal cruelty, but yet find inhuman ways of killing one of the animals that that has become a major icon.”

    I garentee you that if they, the ranchers, manage to kill off all the wolves they will face the same over population of elk like they did before and complain that the elk population is out of hand.

    I understand that the ranchers have a stake in the whole reintroduction of wolves because of their livestock, BUT THAT IS THE PRICE THEY PAY FOR LIVING IN AREAS THAT ARE POPULATED BY BEARS, COYOTES, and or COUGARS! I mean it would be just pure ignorance if they thought their livestock was always protected by apex predators.

    I swear we need more wolf lovers who will fight for the wolves rights instead of their own views.

    • Unfortunately Julius the wolf states are rampant with wolf haters and they control the government. Conservationists have almost nothing to say about what happens to the wildlife. We have almost zero friends in these state governments…in Montana there is only one environmentalist in state government that I know of…just one. The cards are stacked against the wolves, we need the American people to put a stop to this. As long as everyone is silent they will continue this witch hunt.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. This is just sick. He needs to be removed from office. Conflict of interest. I wish I could be there. I have boycotted everything from Idaho.

  13. You know the more I think about it, the more I really think we should boycott these States. However, how do we get enough people to actually do it? People are too lazy and indifferent to take action. They may read or watch and think “oh how terrible” but they won’t take action. Ugh. It’s so frustrating! But I do think I’m going to start doing more research on what products comes from those areas… I think though that the meats and such would be what I focus on most since it’s the ranchers who seem to be the most hateful.

    • Thank you Kim. That sounds like a very good idea. I think people are becoming more engaged because the situation is so bad that it’s moving them to action. These wolves belong to America, we brought them back just to kill them?? What madness is this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. This is a holocaust.

  15. Utterly, utterly ridiculous. What laughing stocks. You’d think there was an invasion or something. I’m beginning to think there’s a total lack of interest in wolf hunting and the small but very vocal minority are behind these wolf hunts and will do anything to draw attention to themselves. Wasn’t it mentioned that less than the quota was hunted in Montana? Probably due to lack of interest; most people don’t want to do this to wolves, I’m sure of it now.

    If they have to chase an “offending” wolf pack with such desperate measures and “entrapment”, there isn’t much of a problem. How immoral is it to use a live animal to catch another live animal to kill. These people have lost their minds totally. See what allowing that sneaky that rider in has done?

    • Excellent analysis Ida. You hit the nail right on the head.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. So let me get this straight – they could use one of their own sheep or cattle to bait a trap and blame it on the wolf? And get compensation from our government to boot? It’s illegal, I’m sure. What nutjobs.

  17. This is disgusting beyond limit! It’s like putting a dog or cat on a hook and using it for live bait to catch big fish (which is actually being done!). These guys have no compassion for wolves or any other animal. Yes, I would not be surprised if they would kill their own animals and blame wolves if they thought they could get a license to destroy more wolves. All this in a good Christian conservative state that appears to be ruled more by meanness and greed than anything else.

    • Oh yes, the good Christians of Idaho. They are rapists and abusive to animals and children. They would use their pets as bait and probably already do. They are the lowest of low life that I know. I grew up there got the hell out of there over 30 years ago and will never go back. BOYCOTT IDAHO.

    • Very well said Marcia.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. He and this bill must be STOPPED!!!!!!! keep us posted, (well, as I know you will…) on what we can do to stop this insanity in its tracks.

    • Marrianne…I posted all the contact info for the committee members. Please start calling them tomorrow..they don’t meet again until Wednesday.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Why can’t politicians leave the Wolves alone??? Why can’t these people stop using any thing to get the wolves, by poisioning animals as traps to kill the the Wolves? :( :(

  20. Has any rancher thought of bringing Turkish kangals dogs? Africa herders are using them with great success. It has cut down tremendously on farmers shooting big cats.

    • What some don’t understand is the farmers don’t care about there livestock. They care about money. They aren’t looking for solutions….They want to kill wolves and anything else with 4 legs. They grow up torturing and killing their own pets. I know I grew up in Idaho. They made me sick 50 years ago and they still make me sick. Please BOYCOTT IDAHO. You will feel good about it. I was going to go and visit my pathetic family but, I am boycotting my own home state and I will keep telling all of you the dirty nasty secrets that Idahoans don’t want you to know. They are a sick bunch. Such a beautiful state but, it seems anything goes in Idaho.

  21. This outrageous! Have they gone completely mad in Idaho?

    • Yes Gitte.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  22. To those wondering how to voice your opposition to this, you can reach the Idaho Senate committee that is hearing this bill using these e-mail forms:

    • Thanks cs….I posted all the committee members contact info. Lets call them all tomorrow, they don’t meet again until Wednesday. We have to defeat this. Meanwhile Oregon is trying to kill their wolves too.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. Wait, this could turn out to be a good thing. Tie the Governor of Idaho and Senator Siddoway to a couple of trees and let the wolves have at it. Just kidding of course. ;)

    • I think he should go first. However, they’d spit him out. The Devil wants him anyway.

  24. Objection to trying to catch the wolves with life animals!!!!!!!!!!

  25. HE NEEDS TO GO. THE WOLF HAS MORE RIGHT TO BE THERE THEN HE DOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This is horrible! Live bait?! That is just disgusting on all levels! And as for the shooting from parachutes…isn’t that the same thing as aerial gunning? So wouldn’t it be illegal under federal law?

    I don’t understand why Idaho (and other states) have such a strong desire to kill wolves. Why can’t they do what Michigan is going to do? And in case you don’t know what Michigan is going to do, the state plans on classifying wolves as a “protected, non-game species,” and will allow ranchers to shoot individual wolves that cause problems, but at the same time, will encourage the use of non-lethal methods of preventing depredation. Michigan does not have a perfect Wolf Management Plan (has legislature, not DNR, decide if there will be Wolf Hunting, and we all know how politicans feel about wolves), but it is a lot better than the Wolf Management Plans of the other states with strong wolf populations.

  27. In Germany they have now reintroduced the traditiuon of shephertds and trained dogs, with great success.
    But failing that, perhaps Senator Siddoway could vounteer as a live bait…

    • Ha…great comment. Thumbs Up!

  28. Are we back in the caveman times? Are they that backwoods in Idaho? Come on! I just heard of this on the news in Colorado and hope it gets so much air play across the US that Idaho renigs. How about using some of that tax money to trap the wolves, spay/neuter and release? Using live animals as bait? How barbaric and base. What a sick, misinformed, uneducated bunch. What a bunch of rednecks – really! These are the type of solutions used by those that have challenged IQ levels! YIKES!


    • Cheri….Idaho has killed over 300 of it’s 750 wolves in the hunt since September. That doesn’t include poaching and the WS goons. There are not going to be any wolves left when they get through. They certainly do not need to be neutering wolves. The entire livestock issue is a red herring..this is a witch hunt plain and simple. We knew Idaho would do this, that’s why we fought so hard to keep them protected under the ESA.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  29. This is how in humane we have come?!? If we as a species continue to grow outwards and push these animals out of their homes, then we dont have a right to fucking kill them. Himans need to have a predator to fight with everyday so our numbers dont continue to grow.

  30. I am so outraged by this I hardly know what to say other than we must speak up against this!!

    • Marie…I included all the committee members phone numbers. They’re meeting again on Wednesday…let’s flood them with calls tomorrow!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  31. First of all, I hunt. And I also hunt wolves. This, of course, makes me an uneducated redneck who thirsts after blood and joys in the slaughter of all things innocent. I’m sure by now (if this even gets posted) 90% of you have stopped reading my reply and are furiously typing about what a low life I am.

    However, this one time, we can agree on something: This bill is complete and utter trash and needs to be stopped. You would also likely be surprised that many, if not most, sportsman feel the same way I do about this bill. I won’t waste my time explaining why I think so, as the idea of sportsmans’ ethic would be lost on this crowd. But I will say that I have contacted all my legislators and asked them to stop this bill.

    Perhaps the calls for a boycott are a bit premature (as if a small group of hipsters would really make a difference anyway) as the bill is getting heat from both sides of the wolf issue and likely won’t become law. So the 10% of you that actually finished my post can now proceed to eviscerate me in the comments below.

    • Basketball and baseball are a sport….not killing. How big of you to contact your legislators….is that so you’ll have more wolves to kill…Boycott Idaho. P.S. I grew up in Idaho and I know how full of bullshit you are.

      • You stay classy Debra.

    • Andy..not at all happy you hunt wolves, I despise trophy hunting but at least you had the courage to come on this site and speak out against this travesty. Thank you for that.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. They are trying to save their animals by possibly putting their animals at risk. ? Is it just me or is that just messed up?

    • It’s sick Josie.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  33. Why can’t the ranchers use special herding dogs as they are doing in Europe where Wolves have been reintroduced?

    • They aren’t looking for solutions. They love killing. I grew up there and they are as sick as you all think they are. Trust me….

    • Nette…wolves are not even the main predators of sheep..coyotes and domestic dogs are. This is just an excuse to kill wolves, they are not interested in preventative measures..they want to shoot first and ask questions later. Neanderthals.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  34. I know they have been doing this illegally for some time…….having their wives and girlfriends go to homes who advertise ‘free to good home” animals; they also have gotten animals off of Craigslist, and even humane societies – one in Spokane, Washington for killers in Idaho and Montana. Now they are even breeding bait animals on their properties.
    They like to use birds too, because “they squawk louder”!!
    They believe there is nothing better to attract a hungry wolf than the scent and sounds of a struggling animal. These people are NOT like you and me………….when it comes to animals, they are to be eaten, worn, or gotten rid of! And now it looks like they’re going to make it all legal.

    • You are right. I am from Northern Idaho and this is what they say…kill them and bury them. That’s after they take a picture of there big kill and brag about it for years. They love killing and they will keep killing. They kill everything. Their is a sickness in Idaho and it’s been going on for a very long time. Maybe it’s time for everyone to boycott all products from Idaho. I moved a long time ago. I will never return.

    • We have to fight this Linda…this is descending into madness. I could just scream when I think Tester and the Democrats did this to save his Senate seat. Are they proud of what they have done? Let’s not forget why this is happening?

      Idaho is getting the worst reputation, do they care? Probably not but they might care if people vote with their feet and decide to visit elsewhere.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • this is SO sick!!!!!!!!


    • We need to get HSUS involved Joann…very good idea.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  36. –And it says in the Old Testament X1,6
    “The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.”
    Nowhere does it say to kill the wolves to increase the number of lambs.
    My heart goes out to the wolf supporters in Idaho that live in a place where people can be so cruel and are ignorant to the importance of ALL wildlife.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

  37. I just sent an e-mail to Senator Siddoway about Senate Bill No. 1305 explaining to him why the continued hunt in Idaho is unethical and immoral and requesting that he not ask to use bait and aircraft in killing wolves.
    It will be interesting to see if I get a response.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  39. How is it that the minority of knuckle heads out west can pass laws that the majority don’t agree with out there?
    Tourism dollars are going to plummet as well as protest to products manufactured in States like Idaho that conduct themselves in unscientific matters regarding OUR Ecosystem.
    Really blackening the eyes of good people in these States with Boneheaded unethical bills and laws.
    I hunt for sustenance, not sport. I’m sick of these morons having a voice. I never had to shoot ANY predator, and I have crossed the paths of plenty.
    How about these Politicians use their venom and hatred towards the HUMANS that poach and foul the land out there, illegally taking Wildlife, and damaging the forest with ATV’s and garbage?

    • Mike they think they are above it all. They live in a bubble where the only people that seem to count are ranchers and hunters. People don’t want anything to do with Idaho anymore. In the end the boycott of the state may actually do the trick. Everyone is so fed up with their ninth century attitudes.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  40. these disusting ranchers, living off our tax dollars and demanding more handouts… these incredible animals (higher life form than these redneck ranchers) are just a conveinient issue, though totally fraudulent, to bitch about to their paid off polititians… these slimballs don’t even pay for the water they use… we need to mount a counter offensive and take away their free water and subsidies… never liked rednecks and don’t feel much like supporting them

  41. We need to protect the wolves. Why let history keep reppeating itself?

  42. How dreadful Isn’t killing one animal enough, live bait!!?? This is just nuts, cruel, unthinkable!

  43. I sent off my emails to the state senators in Idaho. Lots of ranchers in the senate there. A disproportionate number compared to other industries in the state. I guess they like shoving views on everyone else. They aren’t suffering any economic woes to say the least. Why do the wolves have to suffer? Siddoway definitely belongs in the Hall of Shame.

    • Thanks for being pro active for wolves Janet. Unfortunately the bill was voted out of committee. It will probably end up in the Senate for a vote by next week. I will be posting contacts to protest this outrage.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  44. I remember this bill. I was so horrified when I read about it. Live baiting and aerial shooting? Could things have gotten worse for those poor Idaho wolves?
    I’m just so glad that this bill did not pass.

  45. Also, where is your area? Wolves have an extensive historical range, and are only just returning to some parts of it. I would hesitate to say that they are not natural to some place, just because you’ve never seen them there in your lifetime before.

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