“Activists Take Over OCA Meeting, Call Attention to Anti-Wolf Legislation”….

As we plan our response to the Siddoway “Live Bait, Kill Bill“, I want to share a video of activists standing up for wolves against the livestock industry, protesting HB 4158. The bill died in the Oregon Senate Committee today but it could be back.

On February 10, 2012 the Seattle and  Portland Animal Defense Leagues along with  Cascadia Earth First took over a Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc. meeting.

Click here to watch the vide0 on a larger screen and read Portland Animal Defense League’s statement:



Video: Courtesy Portland Animal Defense League

Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. I applaud these activists for standing up for the Wolves. You can see in the video it made the ranchers quite uncomfortable and it looks like several even got up and they quietly left the room. If this is what it takes to get there attention then so be it.
    I wish I could have been there with the activists in support of the wolves.They must stay strong and united. I love the part when the man yells out” we will never back down”. We are with you my friend and we will never go silent. We too are howling for the wolves and we are with you in spirit. Bert c. For the Wild Ones

    • Bert…I agree. They are brave and it seriously bolstered my spirits watching them. I’m so tired of the hunting lobby and livestock intersts getting their way every single time. Go PADL!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Ok! Good for the folks that had the guts (!!!!!!) to walk into the
    rattlesnake nest of cattle people! I love it!

    I have 250 stickers stating: Wolves Belong. NM Wilderness gave me
    these some time ago for our Mexican Wolves. If anyone is going to
    do anything (sit on the sidewalk, ruin the Cattlemen’s meeting again,
    I will will fly up (give me a 1 1/2 day’s notice (I fly free)…and we’ll
    hand these out or plaster the area with them!Actually, I thought
    about flying up there & just sticking them on things (trees, sidewalks, etc). Anybody game?

    It would funny to just stand on the street courner & hand them out.

    Santa Fe

    • I live in Rio Rancho, I will go with you!!!

      • Great Lory!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • We will keep you in mind Sandra…thank you for your generous offer!! I don’t think there is anyway to stop this movement now. We are just getting started. I really feel everything is starting to come together. The worst is be have to watch the dead wolf tally pile up every day but the movement is growing stronger.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Does anyone know why the cattlemen chose to meet in Corvallis? Not “cattle country” per.se…In fact that whole area west of the Cascade Mountains is quite civilized and devoted to wineries, universities, arts centers, fishing, resorts. So of course there would be widespread objections to the barbarism of the cattlemen and their ilk. Let’s hope those rednecks continue to blunder into situations where they find themselves unwelcome.

  3. I live in northern CA area, and would LOVE to somehow get involved with helping protect Or7-our only documented wolf. Anything I can do, can anyone tell me??? I dont have $$$ but I have time and lots of love for this animal, and am willing to be a voice, a hand, to help keep him safe, and ensure his future. My prayers have been with him for his journey, i hope he finds a mate and helps bring the wolf population back to the wilds of CA. A world with no wolves in it, is not a world I ever want to live in.

    • Accalia…I have to tell you OR7 is headed to the Oregon border and may cross back into Oregon very soon. BUT if he does stay in California I would suggest starting a group where you live with like minded wolf supporters. It’s very important this wolf is protected. It would be amazing if California passed an initiative like they did for the mountain lion, protecting it from hunting. It would be a challenge, getting enough signatures on the ballet for the upcoming elections in 2012. Not sure what the deadline date would be? Maybe this is something you can look into. If anyone can research getting an initiative on the ballot in California, could you post it here?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Please, write Obama asking him to put the wolf back on the Endangered Species list, permanently. A couple of the committee members made good points today why SB1305 should not be passed, at least not now. One said that it could cause the wolf to be listed again on the Endangered Species list. Let’s beat them to it!!! Put the wolf back on the Endangered Species list, permanently! Here is President Obama’s email address:


    • Anne, Thanks you so much for Obama’s e-mail address. Lets all get together today and send an e-mail demanding the wolves be put on the Endangered Species list. This is a great idea. Because this year is an election year perhaps the white house take notice.

      • I am french and I’m living in France.
        Can I send a email to your President Obama for asking him to put the wolf back on the Endangered Species list, permanently.
        Sometimes, I can’t sign “pétitions” because I’m not living in USA…
        Thanks for anwsering

      • Thanks Catherine…You could hold a protest in France. Agnes lives in France and she might be interested in organizing with you. I would love to see French protests for wolves.

        For the wolves. For the wild ones,

  5. I really admire these activists for what they did, and their past advocacy as well! This kind of scene should be happening a whole lot more in protest of the absolute insanity ruling in Idaho and the other wolf states. I actually had the pleasure of meeting some of the Portland ADL members last year and i can tell you they are good people :D

    • Me too Ann.I know Stephanie chained herself to the doors of ODFW last year with a bike lock and got arrested for it, protesting the treatment of Oregon’s wolves. We need more protests.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. really awesome

  7. WE all have to fight for the wolves as they can not speak for themselves we have to speak for them. I volunteer at a wolf habitat every week. They are the most Loving creatures God created. Unlike Humans that just want to kill for greed build more buildings for what ? I can’t believe people can be so cruel how would they like it if someone came into there home and shot them and their families. In my eyes the wolf is a sacred animal to myself and all Native Americans which I claim to be as I am 1/4 Cherokee & have several Lakota friends. If I could be there I would stand up for the Wolf and all other animal species The Great Father created them for a purpose and humans have no right to destroy them. God will make them pay one day and i hope I am there to see it happen. God Bless the Wolves.

    • Beautifully said Sandy. You are very lucky to spend time with these magnificent animals. The haters could learn so much from them but their hearts are closed to all empathy. If they would use a dog as bait to lure in wolves what else would they do?

      Thank you for sharing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. Good for them! Activists making their voices heard through protests, phone calls, and mail make a difference. We’ve been seeing it in other political issues recently (Susan Komen versus Planned Parenthood), and the wolves need similar help. With the wolves it’s a matter of life and death.

    • Yes Marcia…we are making a difference, our wolf family is growing. We have the power and will to build a strong grass roots movement. We’ll never stop and never give up…just like the activists said.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Hooray for these activists! They’re great! These ranchers didn’t look exactly happy.

    • I enjoyed it immensely Gitte. They didn’t like it getting it thrown back in their faces!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. Hooray! I am so proud of these activists, I hope they continue to do this! This is what these wildlife killers need, someone to stand up to them and stand up for the wildlife and environment. The cowards killing wolves where noone can see are not used to that, I am sure.

    • Absolutely agree Ida!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I love it – those ranchers didn’t know what to do @ first. Then they all had to assemble together @ kick the protesters out.
    Good for the protesters …….. we do need more folks like that going to meetings & disrupting the “cattlemen’s meetings.” What a bunch of a__holes.
    I don’t know if anyone caught it @ the end of the video – when some woman said “you should be ashamed of yourselves” That woman was lucky I wasn’t there …… or she would of gotten me – right in her god damn face. No – YOU should be ashamed of YOURSELF LADY. If I didn’t live so damn far from the west I would, I would love to come & protest with the folks who LOVE wolves.

    • ramses…I think one of the protesters said…at the end, you are horrible human beings. These people didn’t know what to do. We need more people standing up and saying no to all the killing. The pro-wolf movement is too polite and too nice. It felt good to see those ranchers squirm for a change. They hide behind closed doors and plot their schemes against our wildlife. Shame on them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. I think I heared a very shrill-sounding woman say “nobody’s listening to you!” She’s wrong. I hope we continue to shout out and speak out for the voiceless.

  13. ^^sorry, that should read “heard”. :)

  14. Thank God for the Seattle, Portland and EarthFirst! activists. We need many more guerrilla actions. The Idaho Legislature needs to be the next action. The Ravensong Group stand with you. For all ur relations.
    Dr. Raven

  15. Lets all become vegetarians & not eat meat, the cattle ranchers will not complain about the wolves, hopefully.
    As far as the wolf bait senator from Idaho, What in the world is his problem?? This is the worst thing I’ve almost ever heard, & he should be removed from office. Everyone should call him & who ever is over him & say they want him out of office.

    • Over him? Over him is the Governor of Idaho, a person by the name of Butch Otter, who declared the first ruthless wolf massacre. Over them both is Interior Secretary Salazar, a former Colorado farmer who is indebted to cattle and natural gas industries. Over them all is the man many of us call the Anti-Christ: ex vice president and probably still titular head of the republican party Dick Cheney.

      • I despise both of them with the utmost of my being.

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