Live Bait, Kill Wolves Bill Is DEAD!!!

February 28, 2012

I guess the feds warning  scared the bejeezus out of the anti-wolf crowd.  USFWS made it clear that the Live Bait Kill Wolves Bill was unacceptable  and could cause Idaho wolves to be relisted, if  passed.

The wicked witch is DEAD!! The Idaho Senate sent S1305 back to committee, effectively killing it!! This is a victory for Idaho wolves, wolf advocates and bait animals. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and called Idaho Senators!! You rock!!


Senate sends wolf hunting bill back to committee; procedural move kills the legislation

BOISE, Idaho — A bill that would allow Idaho ranchers to use powered parachutes, helicopters and live-bait traps to hunt problem wolves has died in the Senate.

Senators agreed Tuesday to send the controversial legislation back to the Resources and Environment Committee — a move that likely ends the bill’s chances this year.–Wolves-Helicopters/


Unanimous Senate kills wolf-kill bill after sponsor’s emotional request


Photo: Courtesy PETA

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  1. Thank you all for the effort!!!!

  2. I am just stunned that this was personal!

  3. Nice job! Very effective … we need a win every once in a while lately to be able to feel like we are having some voice in what happens to our wildlife!

  4. Thank Goodness!

  5. Sanity has won for a change!
    We should show this case to veryone who doesn’t think ordinary people can make a difference.
    Yes, ther ius strength in numbers – thsank you soi much Nabeki for your tireless work!

  6. Amazing work, congratulations!!!

  7. thanks to all of us. and thanks to God, cause I was praying

  8. Yes – thank you – and it does make a difference- thank
    god for the net-
    now let’s get them Re-Listed
    and other laws changed-
    sorry to be absent- having computer issues for days here
    let me know Nabeki what i can do

  9. AAAAAAWWWEEEESOOOME!!!!!! thank YOU for all the work you do!!!!! GOD BLESS!

  10. yeeehaaa!!! a victory to be sure!

  11. Score one, FOR THE WOLVES, Thank God..We have to keep this up. Its only the beginning… Thank You for keeping us informed. Many Blessing, Bert C.

  12. Great work in stopping this insanity. Perhaps the idea of someone using a pet dog for bait didn’t sound like a great idea. .

  13. Great going! We’ll need help in Wisconsin!

    • I just spoke to animal advocate, Patricia Randolph, who attended the hearing today in Madison. She told me that is was about 50/50 anti-wolfers and people against the bill. This bill is being rammed through the legislature at a ridiculous rate and will likely be passed in the next couple of weeks. Short of a lawsuit, I do not know how this thing can be stopped. The HSUS and other pro-wildlife groups are not doing anything to stop this thing. It is like they are resigned to the fact that Wisconsin’s wolves will be hounded, trapped, and baited for 4 1/2 months to extermination again. I am so frustrated that no one seems to care. What is even more disturbing is that the so called “environmental party” the Democrats are going along with this insanity. This bill will be the real test to see whether or not the Feds mean what they say about re-listing if things spiral out of control. The sheer brutality that this bill entails show exactly what the intentions of Wisconsin are. This used to be one of the most progressive states in the country. It has now been taken over by radical animal hating extremists that show zero regard for our wildlife, or other humans for that matter. With this bill bear/wolf hounders will now be able to run their dogs through our woods for 8 months of the year terrorizing wildlife. This is truly Wisconsin’s shame.

      • Paul…I’m shocked by this brutality…the use of dogs to hunt wolves down? What century are we in again? Another use of animals for cruel purposes. This cannot stand. I’ll contact the attorney for HSUS and see what they are going to do. I can’t believe they are being so vicious in Wisconsin of all places. I used to go there on vacation when I was a kid. It’s the most beautiful state, with so may lakes. Now it’s mimicking the cruelty in the Northern Rockies. We have to rally around this and get the word out. Was there anyone from HSUS there?

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • The person to contact is Jill Fritz in the Michigan office. She is covering Wisconsin while the usual director is out on leave. Her phone number is 517-515-3839. Jill is a wonderful advocate for animals, and I enjoyed talking to her. However, I was quite disturbed by what she told me. I would like to tell you about that but not on a public forum. Is there a way to get you a private message?

        I have been making phone calls all day to the legislature. This bill is being rammed through at record speed. At the hearing yesterday the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association basically admitted that they wrote this bill. This group and those affiliated have so much power in this state to push their brutal agenda. They seem to always get what they want. They along with SCI just came out against Wisconsin Bill AB 401 a common sense measure that makes animal abuse a felony. These people are as cold and brutal as a human can be. If you have ever seen the YouTube videos of how they tree bears with dogs, shoot the bear out of the tree, and then let the dogs rip the bear to shreds you will know what I am talking about. We need to fight back against these sick bastards.

      • Paul would you mind if I sent you an email? I have some information I wanted to relay to you.


      • Nabeki,

        Absolutely. Please email me whenever you want. I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. that is the best thing i have heard all day what took them so long. My birthday was the 28th i could not ask for a better gift. i am just hoping that bill is kicked out all together and be done with it great job everyone

  15. wonderfull news to open the day

  16. This is such wonderful news for the wolves and potential bait animals in Idaho. We need to keep on fighting the battle for the sake of these majestic and necessary animals. Finally some good news regarding Idaho wolves. Thanks to everyone who helped.

  17. This is just so awesome!! Congratulations to everyone (especially the wolves and live bait)

  18. Ahwooo howled for justice and a great big happy grin

  19. Thanks to everyone who took action and thank you, Nabeki, for keeping us armed with the information to keep moving forward for the wolves and for the wild.

  20. Yippee!

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you.!! Justice has been done.

  22. So happy this bill is dead. I signed petition and wrote each member personally asking them to kill the bill.

  23. our collective humanity still exists… not in rednecks and ranchers (forgive my redundancy) but in the civilized and responsible majority… next the citizens of idaho need to put an end to subsidies for these scum by forcing them to pay for the water they use, essentially free of charge while the civilized population is forced to curb their usage… i don’t feel like underwritting the greedy, inhumane and moron controlled cattle industry…

  24. Did you know that there were 2 petitions at the 2Care petition site? One is listed under Animal Welfare and is sponsored by “Animal Advocates” and the other is under Wildlife and is sponsored by “Concerned Animal Advocates”. Doesn’t having more than one take away from the effectiveness of collecting the target # of signatures?

    • Janet….I did see that I don’t have any control over who creates petitions @ Care2. I was in contact with the person who wrote the one on the blog. This might be something to bring to the attention of Care2 because it does water down the petition effort.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Hi Nabeki,

        Ok, I did send a message to the 2Care Petition folks and explained my concern about the issue of Duplicate Petitions. If the effectiveness of a petition is in the numbers, dublicate petitions that address EXACTLY the same issue can make the whole process confusing and less effective.
        Thanks again for all you do. There do seem to be some points of light on the horizon. For the wolves.

  25. I am so thankful that the Idaho bill is dead. Now we must gear up to stop this montrosity of a bill in Wisconsin. I just emailed the Colorado Defenders of Wildlife rep to see what Defenders is going to do about this. The activism of a big group like that could work in our favor.

  26. I was just getting ready to send a letter to the editor and was double checking for anything new when I saw information on the Internet that the live bait bill was withdrawn. This to the consternation of a tearful Jeff Siddoway! It’s good to know that the guys in Idaho didn’t get by with this one!

  27. This is another wonderful example of the power of the internet to help change or block bad laws for good. This was certainly a victory for wolves and those who value them.

  28. Reblogged this on dreamwolfspirit.

  29. This makes a very bad day at work bearable. Thanks to the Creator ~ whoever that may be. A victory at last. Revel today, tomorrow the fight returns.

  30. AWESOME!!! I’m so thankful that the Idaho bill is dead!!!
    I signed the petition, I shared it on FB in France and I sent it by mail to all my friends.
    I know that many of my friends signed and shared it too, we are so happy to help you a little bit in this case.
    We should show this case to everyone who doesn’t think ordinary people can make a difference.
    Great work in stopping this insanity, keep going!
    Sanity has won for a change!

  31. yipee! great news

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