500 DEAD

FEBRUARY 29, 2012

Five hundred wolves have been slain in the Idaho/Montana wolf hunts.

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  1. I didn’t want it to come to this number – boy those anti-wolf haters must be real happy with the work they have done.

    I’m ashamed to be part of the human race @ times …….. really I am. I have nothing more to add. It just makes me sick to my stomach.

    • I know what you mean. This is a disgrace to all. I can’t believe that they think that wolves are so dangerous. They are not dangerous it is the humans or so called humans that are the dangers ones. I agree with you it makes me sick to think that there are people out there that wants to kill and slaughter the wolves.

    • Michael Angelo once said ” man is the most viscous of all species on earth”. I believe the wolves have nothing on us…I too share your feelings about being part of the human race and I pray everyday that God has a awakening and removes us from this earth so the animals may have peace to live in harmony with all other living creatures without the evil of man. Bert C

  2. Jon Tester & Mike Simpson are assholes.

    • I love the direct approach.

      It’s not good enough to stay an adult child all your life. It’s just not good enough.

      • Very well said coriolis!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. I get so angry and I do not understand how cruel and stupid people are – I have never understood what is wrong w/ these stupid people. Right now everyone is talking about the asshole that heads F & G in my state and the pictures of him w/ the beautiful, dead Mountain Lion he shot in Idaho (where else?) what a stupid jerk, yet he heads the agency responsible for animal welfare in Ca. and for establishing a “policy” to “manage” Wolves, among other things. THE PRESIDENT OF FISH AND GAME TROPHY HUNTED A MOUNTAIN LION FOR $7,000, using dogs to tree the animal and than shot it – than took his picture (included in the $7,000) grinnng holding the dead animal. This guy should be hung from the nearest tree. It is the dept. of F & G that has a radio collar on the Oregon male that just crossed into the state and they are tracking him! DUH!

    • This is what happens with undereducated, ignorant fools!!! They destroy everything that is bigger , better and more intelligent than they are!

    • Yes, the meanness and stupidity of some people is revolting. Regarding the guy who killed the cougar–I was reading an article in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday about him. There were over 700 comments, and unfortunately, a lot of those commenting were men who loved hunting, took the trophy hunter’s side. They had unpleasant remarks about the people who didn’t like the picture of the grinning hunter holding up the beautiful dead cougar. Those of us who feel different about it must keep speaking up.


  5. The really sad thing is that the death toll could have been higher. These blood thirsty ranchers and thrill killer hunters will never stop and will use any means possible to ensure the complete elimination of all wolves from the North West. The polititions are the tools of special interest groups in my state of Montana. They can’t be counted on to do anything to ensure the survival of preditors. Tester and Simpson certainly are assholes and need to be voted out. Max Bacus is another self-serving jerk who’s been bought by special interests.Even the democrats can’t be counted on to do what’s ethical regarding wolves. At least MT caved in to pressure and the FWP didn’t extend the wolf hunts. Montana’s kill quota was not met. That’s the only positive thing that’s happened in my state. However, “the shoot, shovel and shut up” moto regarding wolf management is still practiced with zeel.
    The MT ..FWP says that they intend to explore other options regarding wolf population management. I am certain that these measures will not be the ones we who support wolves hope for. All we can do is keep fighting for these majestic and highly misunderstood creatures.Keep protesting. Keep writing and signing petitons. We must garner all the support we can. This is the only way we can prevent more deaths in the future. .


  7. OOOOOhhhhh my heart is bleding i ame sow sorry –

  8. the stupidity and ignorance and greed of these anti wolf people is truly unbelievable.they are so afraid and Fear riddled i wonder if they even go out of their houses ………most certainly ,they were not born with these feelings.

    .for these humans,FEAR is the enemy,not the wolves.too bad they can’t open their minds ,learn and work with others to find better ways of dealing with issues.killing is so unnecessary,cruel and selfish.

  9. what a crurl act i hope i hope karma was witching this is an act agenst mother earth god bless the wolves may run free now

  10. This issue has upset me so – I may not even vote this year as a protest (unless Roseanne gets on the ballot). Look what this rider has done, how can anybody support this. The reason our country is in the mess its in and people are jobless is for the same reason wolves are being needlessly destroyed – human greed. :(

  11. ^^Except I will vote to get those bums out of Congress!

  12. SO sad and heartbroken. Feel so embarrassed to be human. I dont understand these kind of people nor do i ever want to because the blackness that is their souls i never even want to be close enough to try to figure out. How anyone can think any of these witch hunts on the wolves are ok is beyond me. I have a hard time even finding words to describe how i feel! I am so scared for my children and their childrens quality of life when it is their turn! :o(

    • not sure why that face posted at the bottom of my comment!

  13. I want to echo what someone else said; I am ashamed to be a part of the human race. The evil we’re causing is unfathomable… 500 of God’s perfectly created creatures slaughtered. I know heaven is crying…

  14. Please…we ALL have to call Obama and tell him that America is NOT happy. He took the wolf off the Endangered Species list (for money) and now his wrong doing is wrecking havoc with the world. He’d better listen to American…and the world. The wolf MUST be put back on the Endangered List, immediately.


  15. This news, and I am sure there will be more to come, breaks my heart.


    • Our GOVERNMENT should not be in charge of the care of animals. All they do is KILL, slaughter, & treat them inhumane.
      Vote to have REAL CARETAKERS, not secy of interior or congress.
      There is a senator from Idaho , JEFF SIDDOWAY, who wants ALL WOLVES KILLED & wants to use LIVE,,,,, live bait, like little puppies!!!!! We all need to e mail him. Just google Jeff Siddoway , its all there. He is a republican in Idaho, that should say it all.

  17. why do we all, give the Government the right to do that, why we let them decide about life and creatures. Do you all forget, they do work for us? They got payed from all of us. We should make them stop this shit and I am sure, we can

    • Christina, You are so on target with your thoughts. The American people need to wake up and smell the coffee and open there eyes to what is happening in this country. Politicians have no interest in you, are I, are the wolves. They take care of there own needs and thirst for power first and foremost. They actually don’t care what we think. They run the show. Government cannot produce anything for themselves therefore they must take from those that produce to give it to those that produce nothing. The end game is about money and in this case the wolves ‘PAY” the price to keep the ranchers and the hunters happy. Until we get government out of our lives this cycle will continue. I also believe its time for women to step up and move forward and start demanding respect for who we are and what we believe.Its time for us to get into the political arena to bring some common sense back into the lives of all Americans. If women ran this country it would be a different place. Every passing day I have less and less respect for men. They are the major contributors for all the chaos in our lives.
      The wolves are now being used for target practice because men have the need to have power over something. American freedoms are being lost every moment of every day and wolves too are also loosing there freedom to live and be part of nature.

      • I’m with you and yet I think the answer lies still deeper. No one needs a Thatcher or a Condoleezza Rice. Women and animals and children are typically on the bad end of a bad dynamic. But women are victims product and purveyor of that dynamic. Power is the hiding place of the weak, wealth is just one of many power trips. Raise a child in an authoritarian mode and the product will be one who assumes power over others or one too weak to resist injustice. If people could live one to one in wilderness, taking as the wolves take, very little, only as necessary. But we’ve torn down all the forests! How do we get close to the land to plant trees and take little? Who has courage to abandon authoritarian systems, schools, churches, governments? Agribusiness is the stuff of nightmares. Political control, elected or by inherited right has always been about control of land needed to raise cows, that is to keep herds, exploit them, take them not as free creatures but as meat and milk slaves, be they kept in the king’s park or a dairy. Our abattoirs are straight from hell. They always were. When we live with the sentients as equals we can find, and show, the way to a peaceful and meaningful existence in nature. So for starts get out of the city. Plant trees. Take deer fish and grouse but never a cow or a pig or a debeaked chicken. Gather and plant. Love nature and eachother, your children and turn your back on other people’s idea of achievement. There’s a very famous book, Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich, and another so radical people are still afraid. Paul Goodman Growing Up Absurd.
        “I might seem to have a number of divergent interests — community planning, psychotherapy, education, politics — but they are all one concern: how to make it possible to grow up as a human being into a culture without losing nature. I simply refuse to acknowledge that a sensible and honorable community does not exist.”
        “A free society,” Goodman writes, “cannot be the substitution of a ‘new order’ for the old order; it is the extension of spheres of free action until they make up most of the social life.” While the move towards a free society can be gradual, it cannot occur without “revolutionary disruption,” of some areas of society, “e.g., war, economics, sexual education – any genuine liberation whatsoever involves a total change.”
        No wars, no secrets about our own beings or our own mortality, no accumulation of wealth, no hierarchical government, no meat, atleast not from slaves. It’s well to remember wolves are obligate carnivores, even so they ranged in the millions along with the bison and the deer, and First Nations. I can’t go back there. I’m not from there but I could go there. People do need people, to do things, community. And yes I really think the love of wolves leads there
        and that those who kill wolves are soul sick and insane.
        For the Wolves
        For the Wild Ones
        And for people who want to live in peace.

  18. This is indeed awful, but can anyone provide me with how many are left ??


  20. This is just too terrible! May all these sick bastards responsible rot in hell! We simply MUST keep fighting!!!

  21. Just wanted to share a bit of good news about our boy OR-7 I came across in the San Francisco Chronicle:

    California Wolf May Be Headed Back To Oregon

    California’s famous wolf with the decidedly un-sexy name may not be around very much longer.

    The gray wolf named OR7 has been backtracking quite a bit over the past few days and is now in Siskiyou County, a hop, skip and a jump from the Oregon state line.

    “He’s flirting with the Oregon border,” said Mark Stopher, the ecologist and senior policy adviser for the director of the California Department of Fish and Game, “but if we’ve learned anything it is that we can’t predict anything about his movements.”

    The 2-year-old male wolf has a GPS collar that records his location four times a day. That data is uploaded on a computer at 6 a.m. every day. The latest transmission has him in northeastern Siskiyou County, a large region with sagebrush, juniper, some grazing areas and managed wetlands.

    OR7 left his pack in Oregon several months ago, loped across the California border, crossed forests and mountains in Siskiyou, Shasta and Lassen counties and then turned back. Stopher said the mysterious predator has often taken wide loops from different directions and intersected the “the same patch of dirt” in the forest where he had been before, something most humans couldn’t do without GPS.

    “He knows exactly where he has been,” Stopher said.

    The big canine has fed on deer and, in Lassen County, two cows that had died before he arrived.

    • Great, just in time for him to get shot – just like his brother was a few weeks ago by some asshole. Who I might add only got a tiny slap on the hand. This guy’s permit (or what ever you want to call it) was out of date. So they decided it wasn’t that big of a deal.

      • ramses….Ignorance of the law is no excuse, if this had been a bull elk they would have given him more than a warning. Besides I’m not buying his excuse.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Ida, I hope OR7 stays in California, he’s safer there but then I heard the head of California’s DNR went to Idaho and shot a mountain lion. Mountain lion hunting has been banned in California for twenty years. California legislators are asking him to resign. It looks like he’s thumbing his nose at the citizens of California. Apparently he doesn’t believe mountain lions shouldn’t be hunted. Not good for his image as head of Ca. DNR.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I know, after I posted it I wasn’t sure if it sounded like a good thing or not! The part I likd was that OR can navigate so smartly. I don’t know what is going on in our country, it seems like animal cruelty, even environmental cruelty, has gotten so much worse than ever before, and all people think about is their own selfish needs.

  22. The official estimate of wolves in the Northern Rockies before these hunts started was 1,500 to 1,600. Idaho claimed there were at least 1,000 wolves there, but the actual count taken was 700. Nabeki, do you know that the Wyoming bill being considered right now in their legislature may include wolf hunting in the corridor between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks? There would be no safe dispersal area at all and the bill even does not specify that no wolf hunting could take place inside the parks.

    • Judy, I think Wyoming is going to be deluged with lawsuits when they try to implant this horrible plan. For some reason some of the big orgs are not responding to the terrible Wisconsin hunting wolf bill, they want to chase wolves with dogs and allow trappers to club wolves to death. I’ll be doing a post on it tomorrow or Saturday. They are trying to ram it through the legislature really quick. Hunting wolves with dogs? Does this nightmare ever end?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • We need to have other care takers , not congress ,, not secy of interior. They have proved over & over they are not doing a good job. Only having them killed, by taking them off the endangered species list, & that’s all the Idaho rednecks need to hear & they are out there with their rifles.

  23. Now I pissed, sorry Nabeki but I can’t stand for this any longer. The Candice attack is misinformation and I’m most likely going to jail for treason on this one but this has got to stop. Dear Alaska I know what you did and it makes me and other animal lovers sick I’m going to tell.

    • Dwyane, Do you know something?


  24. Idaho up to no good again: :(


    • Ida…they never stop.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • IS that a woman?????

      Really -” bag limit”, I hate that term – bag limit.

      What a bunch of assholes they are – I wish that I could go to that meeting & voice MY opinion -

  25. Reblogged this on dreamwolfspirit.

  26. Nabeki, Have you ever heard of “penning?”
    Where these good ol boys catch coyotes & foxes, then put them in a pen with hunting dogs – 1 @ a time & let the hunting dogs go @ them.
    That’s penning …… ALDF is fighting it in Indiana, but I have not heard anything lately on it. Just one more blood sport to keep the boys happy. It makes me sick to my stomach that humans do this

  27. its time to begin hitting these scum bags where it hurts, in their wallets…
    we need to elect officials that will put an end to their subsidies like free water… they are bilking taxpayers while they torture life forms far more valuable than themselves…

  28. I too am wondering how many are left. I think these people will not rest until there are no more wolves. Yes boot them all out of office

  29. Disturbing news.

    HUNTING – The numbers resemble the parameters for wild turkey hunts — but it’s the 2012 Idaho Panhandle wolf hunting and trapping proposals that have just been released by Jim Hayden, Idaho Fish and Game Department regional wildlife manager in Coeur d’Alene:


    Bag limit, five wolves (up from two last year).
    Season on public land, Aug. 30 – March 31 (same as last year).
    Season on private land, July 1 – March 31.

    Bag limit, five wolves (up from three last year).
    Season, Nov. 15 – March 31 (same as last year).
    No trapping in Units 2 and 3 (same as last year).
    The proposals will be discussed at public meetings starting this weekend to discuss a range of big game hunting proposals, including proposals for elk.

    The new proposals would focus more pressure on wolves that are moving in near people on private lands, Hayden said.

    The increase in bag limit will remove restrictions of some of the more successful wolf hunters and trappers.

    ”While relatively few reach the current bag limit regardless, this change will keep our most successful hunters and trappers afield, Hayden said.

    Read on for the schedule of public meetings in the Panhandle.

    Public meetings are being held this week and next:

    Morning meetings:

    Saturday, March 3, in Kellogg, 7:30 a.m. at the Steelworkers Hall, 110 Hill St.
    Saturday, March 3, in St. Maries, 8 a.m., at the Elks Lodge, 628 Main St.
    (Coffee will be provided free, and breakfast will be available for those who want to purchase it.)

    Evening meetings

    Thursday, March 8, in Sandpoint, 7 p.m., at the Bonner County Fairgrounds, Lehman Building.
    Friday, March 9, in Coeur d’Alene, 7 p.m., at the Coeur d’Alene Resort.
    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is slated to make decisions on 2012 big game hunting seasons during their meeting in Boise, March 21-23.

    We need to email Jim Hayden and tell him this is outrageous.

    • i would love to send this Jim Hayden an email…sorry I’m too dang far away or I’d love to have at it with those Idahoan haters….please tell me the email and I’m on it…thanks….my blood is past boiling at what they are doing to the wolves….

      • jim.hayden@idfg.idaho.gov

        anyone wants to send an email to Mr. Hayden and tell him how outrageous this panhandle proposal is, that is his email above. Send emails to him letting him know that this is overkill.

      • Nikki
        Here’s an email to send him, at least the address, not that it will do any good. But being defeatist won’t help the wolves. Though I can fax typically I am unable to email U.S. Gov’t officials.

        I just received this from Peaceful Parks, Canada
        It’s a success story, how to do it right, lifestyle and article by people who are not motivated by greed or the ghosts in their family/childhood closets.
        Also there is mention of Predator Friendly Marketing. I called up addresses. There are several. I posted two.
        For the Wolves

        Peaceful Parks Coalition
        March 2012


        Livestock, wildlife can co-exist: Producer
        The Western Producer
        Feb 23, 2012

        Louise Liebenberg and Eric Verstappen don’t own a gun, graze 700 ewes in the middle of the bush and have lost only one sheep to a coyote in four years. When the pair moved to northern Alberta from Holland in 2008, they decided they wouldn’t trap, shoot or hunt the bears, wolves and coyotes on their farm. Instead, the couple chose to use management to keep livestock and predators apart.

        “To me, the most important thing is people are so quick to grab the gun and go that route of control,” said Liebenberg, who farms with Verstappen near High Prairie.The African-born Liebenberg believed they would never win the war
        against predators if they relied on shooting and trapping predators. “It’s a never ending problem with coyotes.”

        Instead, the pair keep predator kills to a minimum using guardian
        dogs, electric fences, page wire and night corrals. They also pick up dead stock immediately and don’t lamb when the predators have their young.

        “I just find we do a whole series of things,” said Liebenberg.

        “You cannot ever leave the stock unprotected. You have got to pay more attention and step up the game.… If we don’t look after our animals well enough, we deserve to be predated on.”

        Their Graziere ranch is the first Canadian ranch to be certified
        Predator Friendly by an American organization that recognizes farms and ranches for practising wildlife stewardship.

        Many American ranchers use the Predator Friendly label as a marketing tool to help sell their produce, but Liebenberg doesn’t expect to see the same financial benefit. Instead, she wants to use the certification as a way to increase awareness that livestock and wildlife can co-exist.

        Liebenberg said they use eight to 10 Sarplaninac livestock guardian dogs to protect their 700 ewes and 1,000 lambs. They also have 50 Red and Black Angus in the bush close to Winagami Provincial Park. The guardian dogs are always with the livestock. If there are more coyotes, wolves or bears in the area, Liebenberg may respond by putting more guardian dogs into the fields.

        “You can’t expect one or two dogs to look after a quarter section of bush with 700 sheep.”

        Predator Friendly Marketing



      • Nikki my apologies. My lengthy response has just about nothing to do with Idaho Fish and Game Jim Hayden. I did write Hayden a letter. I’m posting the content long as it is. Additionally hayden received CAFT’s fact sheet.

        Mr. Hayden
        I am not an American citizen. But you understand that world opinion can and will influence what is generally understood as wildlife management. Ultimately sports hunting elk as well as wolves will be outlawed. It’s a matter of time.
        It is ludicrous to destroy wolves that men who eat burgers may kill elk.
        Didn’t either you or your father read Aldo Leopold?
        What you grew up with is no longer valid.
        But there’s more at stake here.

        For a very long time informed and caring people have denounced trapping.
        Charles Darwin condemned the use of traps. “It is scarcely possible to exaggerate the suffering thus endured from fear, from acute pain, maddened by thirst, and by vain attempts to escape.”

        What you propose is legalized crush. We know to criminalize the killing of animals for sexualized pleasure. Killing for epinephrine addiction in no way alters the criminality of the act. Have a look at what we see.

        (some of this is pretty bad)

        Moreover the relationship between sports hunting and child and wife abuse is well documented. I’m sure Idaho statistics would reveal the same correlation between sports hunters and successfully prosecuted sexual assault of children in family as was found in Michigan by Merit Clifton, reporter, editor, columnist, and foreign correspondent since 1968, specializing in animal and habitat-related coverage since 1978. Clifton’s report child sexual abuse by sports hunters in Animal People excerpted below.

        Scholarly articles on the relationship between sportshunting and child and wife abuse abound.

        Men Who Murder Their Families: What the Research Tells Us



        It is my sincere hope that you will be relieved of office, unless of course you learn, change, and advocate care for,
        not destruction of wildlife.
        C. Morgan McNeil


        Michigan Stats Confirm Hunting, Child Abuse Link

        Reprinted from ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1995

        Merritt Clifton, reporter, editor, columnist, and foreign correspondent since 1968, specializing in animal and habitat-related coverage since 1978, has teamed with Kim Bartlett to provide information service to the humane community since 1986. Clifton was a founding member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and is a four-time winner of national awards for investigative reporting. He reports findings of Michigan State studies…

        “LANSING Michigan children are nearly three times as likely to be neglected and are twice as likely to be physically abused or sexually assaulted if they live in a county with either an above average or above median rate of hunting participation.”

        “Michigan sells two times more hunting licenses per capita as upstate New York, a closely comparable region, but has seven times the rate of successfully prosecuted child abuse and twice as high a rate of sexual assault on children.”

        More and more, batterers who hunt are being recognized and documented. Constituents who hunt will form in large part a demographic of chauvinist individuals inclined to abuse generally, of wives and children as the Michigan State statistics confirms.

        Michigan Stats confirm a link between hunting and child abuse. In brief, Michigan sells 16,430 licences per 100,000 Michigan residents. There are 235.2 identified victims of child abuse per 100,000 Michigan residents but just 30.2 victims per 100,000 residents in upstate New York. Data supports the hypothesis that both hunting and child abuse reflect the degree to which a social characteristic called dominionism prevails.


      • What an eloquent informative letter! Thanks soooo much for the data (I can use that in my daily letter to the white house to ask for an executive order to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List where they should never have been removed). I think it will help get the point across that we’re only talking about 12.5 million people that hunt and fish (such a relatively small slice of the population….so they no longer need to be catered to/thought of/regarded when it comes to making policies in an election year). Thanks so much for everything you do!

  30. Heard a rumor that Idaho fish and game are going to allow hunters kill up to 5 wolves each next season and to allow trappers to trap 15 wolves each.

  31. This is what Wisconsin AB502 does to our maybe 690-800 wolves delisted a month ago: TRAPPING (and then shooting, torturing -gut shots, target practice WHILE trapped)
    Running packs of dogs on wolves day and night with no rest four and a half month ANNUAL “season”
    shooting wolves from roads (not done on any other species and a safety issue for all humans)
    shining lights in the eyes of the wolves at night to confuse them
    use of nightgoggles and nightscopes
    use of crossbows, any shot over the size of a BB (meant to torture before killing) and bow and arrow and guns
    use of the steel jaw traps and cable restraints ( then shooting or if cabled around the neck, strangling or strangling to unconsciousness and then lowering the knee and full weight of the trapper onto the body of the wolf to crush him (commonly done on all trapped species)
    use of baby deer or prey species distress calls to lure the wolves
    use of bait

    • Patricia…we cannot allow this to happen to Wisconsin’s wolves or any wolves. Unfortunately Idaho and Montana’s wolves are in the vice grip of special interests. We’ve lost over 500 wolves in the hunts since September. We feel your grief and will do everything to help Wisconsin wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. http://host.madison.com/ct/news/opinion/column/patricia-randolph-s-madravenspeak-wolf-population-fragile-don-t-allow/article_d07692eb-5bfa-59c6-af1a-8c089c5151d2.html

    The wolf hate bills have passed both unnatural destruction of nature committees and Tuesday, March 6 the AB502 will be voted on in the full assembly with the above provisions. Within the week the SB411 will be voted on. Both houses recently voted to give the Natural Resources Board to dominant killer control going forward – not scientists, hydrologists, biologists or fair citizen representation – trappers and killers is the only criteria. So if you care about Wisconsin wolves – RAISE A HOWL AND RAISE HELL NOW! If you contact me at Madravenspeak@gmail.com I have an easy list of both senators and representatives for you to copy and paste with your comments on this obscenity of trash. Or you can go to the Wisconsin State Legislature to find specific purchased legislators.

    • Patricia, thanks for all of the hard work you do with wolves and other wildlife. Do you know if there are any pro-wildlife groups that will be filing lawsuits to get this horrible wolf plan in WI stopped?

    • Patricia…I didn’t have a chance to answer your comment yesterday but I want to thank you for everything you are doing for wolves. I will gladly speak out for Wisconsin’s wolves. We are united in our fight to save wolves. What they are doing in Wisconsin is what’s been happening in the Northern Rockies for almost three years but I have to say even Idaho hasn’t proposed running dogs on wolves. That gives me nightmares when I think of it. But Wyoming is gearing up to allow any type of killing of their wolves, treating them like vermin. Wisconsin is very close to that. If we allow them to get away with this wolves are doomed in the lower forty eight or even worse, they will be stuck in a endless torture chamber where every year they will be hunted and tortured, their families torn apart, their pups slain. They are already proposing a bounty on wolves in Montana, even PUPPIES!! TWENTY DOLLARS FOR A PUPPY!!

      We are with you and I hope this will open everyone’s eyes. We need a march on Washington, we need protests, we need the silent majority to speak out for these beleaguered animals and say STOP KILLING AMERICA’S WOLVES!!

      Thank you again Patricia!!! We are with you!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  33. Just got word that Idaho fish and game are going to allow wolf hunters to kill 5 wolves each and wolf trappers can trap and kill 5 wolves each. people, start sending off emails to the Idaho fish and game and Idaho fish and game commission. Maybe Nabeki can get you the emails of the Idaho fish and game commissioners because I don’t have them. This is a war on our wildlife.

    • Jon…I have all contacts on the right hand side of the blog under pages. Look through and see if there are others you want me to add.



      Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners


      If we don’t speak up loudly and in force they will continue to do what they want, when they want.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • thanks Nabeki, to all on here, it only takes a little time to send these people an email. Granted a lot of these commissioners are anti-wolf, but send an email anyways,

  34. Here’s something like good news.
    Keep doing what you’re doing

    I found this while looking for something to write to Hayden.
    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service published preliminary findings from the 11th of a series of surveys of hunting and fishing participation begun in 1955. About 34 million Americans hunted or fished in 2006, the Fish & Wildlife Service data shows, or about 11% of the U.S. population. But this was the lowest rate of hunting and fishing participation ever surveyed.

    Ninety percent of the U.S. hunting population are age 35 or older; the number of hunters 16 and older is now falling at the rate of about 1% per year; and the total number of hunters is down to about 12.5 million, half the numbers of 25 years ago.


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