“Cull of the Wild: The Truth behind Trapping”…..

97 Idaho wolves have died in traps or snares during the hunt. When are the American people going to stand up and say no to this barbarity? Will we continue to look the other way while our wildlife is tortured for the benefit of a tiny minority of the population? Will you continue to allow your tax dollars to be spent to help Wildlife Services trap, poison and kill our native wildlife? Will we turn our heads away from the cruelty? Why do trappers have the right to maim and kill our wildlife for pleasure or profit? We aren’t powerless but these animals are? We hold in our hands the ability to say no to this! You can make a difference! Use your voice! Activism, pass it on!

“Until a member of Congress hears from a hundred or two hundred or five hundred angry voters who are saying I don’t care what you’ve heard from that special interest group, I don’t care how much money they gave to your campaign, I personally am going to vote against you, unless you work to change this barbaric practice and end this, well then people are going to listen…..Pete DiFazio


Ban Cruel Trapping in Wisconsin



TrapFree Oregon



Foot Loose Montana



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  1. Is there a link to click on and sign to stop/ban trapping?

    Cause if there isn’t there should be…we do need to make our voices heard!

  2. This is SO horrible that one can only believe that that who would use such medieval instruments of torture are REALLY SICK SADISTS and should be prosecuted as such! The Obama administration is SO intent to “stop torture in interrogations” but allows THIS KIND OF INSANE CRUELTY TO GO ON!!!

  3. About time someone made this!

  4. Before the infamous budget bill passed, government officials did hear from thousands of voters, and couldn’t even entire the building without passing a large pro-wold photography exhibit (Living with Wolves) placed there with assistance from Joe Biden, our sitting Vice President. 18 other anti-environmental riders were taken off the bill by Harry Reid. Only the removal of wolves from the ESA and placed back under state control remained as the bill went for final vote. Law suits did not prevail. Judges wishes did not prevail. There is a storm coming. A big storm. The sands will have to shift before it moves on. The very foundation of wolf killing lies in the sands of hunting, ranching, and payment for state wildlife agencies through licenses to kill. It is us against them. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. Money talks. Tax the ranchers. Provide federal or state tax funds to support Fish and Game agencies. Establish rules based on current scientific knowledge. Insist upon standards with tough enforcement penalties, monetary and including incarceration. The solutions are easy to identify. Getting to them will take a movement. This is the time and this is our movement. There are thousands of Animal Rights/Welfare organizations, Most of them are 501c3 organizations. They all ask for donations. None of them work together towards the same solutions. Why not?! Why?!

    • Donna,

      You bit the nail on the head about the large animal welfare groups. They each have their own agenda, and seem unwilling to coordinate. It is all about the $$$$ with many of them. If they all could get together to work on a common goal we could outnumber the killer group members by a huge margin. Thy have the organization thing down perfectly, so they have consolidated funding. We just do not see that on our side. That needs to change, and change fast. I am working with noted Wisconsin Wildlife Advocate Patricia Randolph on a project that we are calling Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife (Wisconsin WE WOW). I just laid the first brick on the website yesterday and we plan on getting the group up and running very soon. One of the goals of WE VOW is to get all of the animal welfare/rights groups on the same page and working together. We will start in Wisconsin and eventually take this movement nationwide with some help. This will be difficult for an upstart organization, but we are very persistent and passionate about this cause. Soon we will be asking animal advocates from all over the country to participate with us in taking back our lands and giving us our rightful voice. We need to take OUR lands back from hunter/trapper control. The major groups abandoned us a long time ago for the almighty dollar, and their own agendas. Grass roots is where the change will come from, and that is us.

      Here is a link to Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak column in the Capital Times Newspaper out of Madison, WI


      I am proud to be working with both Nabeki and Patricia Randolph to stop the impending wolf slaughter in Wisconsin. WE VOW will succeed if all of us get involved and force those in charge to listen to US for a change.

    • Donna, you nailed it perfectly. We can’t rely on the big orgs anymore, many are too busy fund raising. There are still some I like very much like FOC, AWR, WWP, WEG, and CBD.

      We have to take the reins and run with this. You’re right this is our movement and we are driving this train. Let’s drive it right into the station. I remember we were taught about the “silent majority”, they were people that had different views in the sixties. Well we are the “silent majority” and we have to become the “vocal majority”. We are fighting an uphill battle to be sure but this is a cause worth fighting for. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it. We can do this we just have put in the time and energy to make it work and we have to UNITED. That’s the one thing we aren’t…there are so many wolf groups now and we could all be working together but it is changing. People are realizing there is power in numbers. The sleeping giant is awakening.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. …sorry for all the typos…it’s nearly midnight here

  6. It’s just hard getting enough people to pay attention and to take the time to e-mail, write, and call. Yet, we’ve seen recently how organizations such as Susan Komen had to backtrack when they heard enough complaints from people who really cared. I wish we could marshall large numbers to help animals. It will take that to overcome big business influence and money and to counter the cultural mentality that trapping and killing are just things that macho men do.

    • Well said Marcia!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. The only way to avoid trapping is to forbid producing traps by law.

    Why do we need them in the 21. Century?

    The only thing we need and we haven`t enough are our human mind and awareness!


  8. I m trying to spread awareness of pic of 30 slaaughtered wolves in a truck…please give me contact info to post so public can complain/outcry!!!!!

    • Sadly Linda, I’ve seen the picture but do not know where it came from. I’ll keep my ears open, it’s a horrible picture.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Sadly Linda, I’ve seen the picture but do not know where it came from. I’ll keep my ears open, it’s a horrible picture.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. I do not know any thing about utube but get some of these pics on there.

  10. America WE HAve to stand Up and stop this Awful abusive BEhavior OH MY god PLease … EVery HUMAN being SHOULD BE MAde to WAtch this.
    OUR COUntrY is the ONLY one that continues this Behavior A CRIMe and SO cruel STOP IT NOW PASS THIS AROUND NOW.
    WE NEED 200 hundred MILLION PEople TO STOP THis NOW

  11. Just found this disturbing report from Wildlife Services about all the ways they kill our wildlife..Click on Mehods Used, 4.1+ million killed using your taxes


    • They need to be defunded Paul, they do so much damage to our wildife.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. PLEase SHAre MOSt OF the WORLd does not know this. FOR many its hard to VIew However UNLess the People in America know what is happening behind the SErvices that are suppose to be PROTeCTINg our WILDLIFE NOT Abusing IT this will not STOP.. ITs special INTerest groups that work together like the Cattlemans ASSOC and many more to keep this behavior going. SOMEone is going to have to answer to GOd ABOve for this at some point in time. WE need over 200 thousands VOtes to stop this.. CONgress and the appointed one’s We say NO. YOUR TAx dollars are paying for this and you do have a voice. THis needs to go viral ON the INternet, to your friends, chruch groups, town meeting CIty hall where ever One can have a voice DO something. YEs is was painful to see, but unless the visual SOciety that we live in HAve a look at WHat really goes on how will they Ever know the TRUTH . PLEase IN THE NAME OF GOD stand UP for JUSTICE FOR OUR LIVING CREATURES Before ITs too late and populations of all our animals will die off. WHAt BEfalls the EARTH BEFALLS THE CHILDREN OF THE EARTH. CHief Joseph
    DO IT NOW Stand UP

    • Ellen that was so eloquent and so true. It’s time everyone. The cruelty is increasing every day. Please stand up and be heard. Share this video with everyone you know. It’s hard to watch but we can’t turn away anymore or it will never stop. We are all Wolf Warriors, Howling for Justice for our beloved wolves and all animals who are suffering.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • THANK you NABEKI LOVe this BLOG it is a great Blog for us all with broken Hearts

      • I AM so glad you are Placing all these Video’s on the BLog.. I am also working hard to tell many. AT A meeting I introduced this BLog as to GET THousands more to view.. its working.. many more people than when I first Started LEts keep it going on and on until humans say what are humans? NO compassion ITS a disgrace to the world. YOu can JUDGE A COUNTRY BY THE WAY IN WHICH it TREATS ITS ANIMAls… GAndhi

    • The BLM is rounding up all the wild mustangs & hauling them away. I e mail them a lot, but they never answer. Bob Abbey “Director@blm.gov,, or Ken Salazar,, Feedback@ios.doi.gov
      Over 40,000 have been rounded up. I feel all wild animals are necessary to us. So I am standing up for these animals as well, but more people need to put pressure on them.
      Please e mail them, & ask Ken Salazar why he took the wolf off the endangered list?? Some of the people, hunters, of Idaho are kill wolves crazy, & we the people must let our politicians know we are opposed to their actions.


  14. oh my goodness, what humans are able to do is just so terrible and painful. Such a shame

  15. Hmmmm…kinda flys in the face of everything Wisconsin has been crying about lately:

    Wisconsin leads nation in trophy bucks:

    The Boone and Crockett Club says the number of trophy bucks harvested in Wisconsin has risen by 857% over the past 3 decades. Read more at link:


    Wisconsin too began plans for hunting the very day wolves were delisted. Savages!

  16. Bad news seems to be pouring from everywhere when it comes to wolves… Have you seen this latest aberration?


    So far, those wolves have not killed pets or livestock. Those people who demanded that they be killed chose to live in the wilderness. When wildlife shows up, they freak out and get the authorities to exterminate it.

  17. Boy, the US Fish & Wildlife just lays down for the western ranchers and does anything they ask. Why not take your pets in? Relocate the wolves? Anything? I don’t know why killing is the only option. :(

  18. Bad enough that anyone would trap animals for profit, but doing it for pleasure??? The FBI should be checking these individuals out, I’m sure a few are probably at large serial killers

  19. humans committing pure evil.

  20. Where and How can I act against this foolishness of wolveslaying?

  21. I shalt fight for Justice!!!

  22. I have joined the Facebook cause. The more who do, maybe we can help

  23. Trapping: It hurts dammit!

  24. It’s a real sham that people can even call this legal. This documentary was my first step.


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