URGENT TAKE ACTION: Wisconsin Wolves Under Siege!

Update: March 6, 2012

The vote will be held today in BOTH the Wisconsin Senate and House. Please continue to call and express your outrage over both awful bills. Thanks so much for your efforts, I know it’s hard to be deluged with bad news all the time but we must keep trying for the wolves, we can’t abandon them!


Update: March 5, 2012

Lets get busy today and contact as  many Wisconsin Senators and Representatives as possible. The Assembly vote is tomorrow, March 6, 2012. We can do this. Don’t forget to sign the Care2 Petition included in this post. Lets go Warriors!!


Wisconsin wolves need your help and quick! Two horrible wolf hunting bills are moving with lightning speed through the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly (House of Representatives). They would allow wolves to be hunted down by dogs, hunted at night, clubbed to death in traps and much more. This has to be stopped.  

The Assembly bill is up for a vote on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

Please contact members of the  Wisconsin Senate and Assembly and the sponsors of these bills. Their contact information is included in this post.  If you are out-of-state let them know you will not step one foot in Wisconsin or spend a dime there if these barbaric bills are passed. If you are a Wisconsin resident tell them you will make it your mission to vote any Senator or Representative out of office if they support these bills.  We have the numbers on our side, we are the majority!!

*Here is what Gaylord Yost, retired from 34 years of forestry service in
Wisconsin had to say about AB502 and SB411 :*
“One of the most absurd pieces of legislation ever put forth by extremists in the legislature is now moving through the legislative process – AB 502.This bill provides not only threatens human safety but is full of the most barbaric inhumane treatment of a wildlife population ever written into proposed law.  People who countenance this sort of treatment of animals ought to be subject to the law themselves and imprisoned for inhumane treatment of animals. *There are 5.6 million people in Wisconsin, 3.4 million cattle, 1 million deer, and 800 wolves. If you listen to the gun-toting minority of hunters in this state, one would think that these wolves are threatening the very  existence of humanity. *While thousands of people get killed every year by automobile and thousands by gun fire, the 800 wolves present a wonderful target for testosterone filled males who love guns and get off by killing some wild animal. This law is nothing more than one more SUPERPAC hunter/trapper move to dominate our wildlife management.

Please vote NO to this piece of trash legislation.”


Americans loves wolves. The coordinated nationwide attack on them is unconscionable and unprecedented.  Stand up for Wisconsin’s wolves, time is of the essence!!


Paul C., an outraged Wisconsin wildlife advocate, explains the dire situation wolves are facing in Wisconsin.

There is an urgent crisis in Wisconsin that needs immediate attention. The horror and brutality that we are witnessing in the Northern Rockies is about to be played out in Wisconsin through even more cruel methods. On January 27th, the same day the gray wolf was officially removed from the Endangered Species List in Wisconsin, Minnesota,and Michigan, Representative Scott Suder (R) introduced a bill into the Wisconsin Assembly:

AB 502


The bill, AB 502, would institute a wolf “harvesting” season in Wisconsin that would start on October 15th and end the last day of February, four and a half months. The extreme length of this season is not even the most disturbing element of this bill. The bill authorizes wolves to be hunted by packs of dogs, at night, from and across roads, trapped, baited, and killed by any weapon imaginable. Not surprisingly this bill is being supported by a large number of nefarious hunting groups, including The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Safari Club International, and the NRA among others. If this bill passes bear/wolf hounders will be able to run their dogs through the Wisconsin woods terrorizing our wildlife for  EIGHT MONTHS of the year. Trappers will also be allowed to trap wolves through the use of any type of trap and kill trapped wolves by any method imaginable, including bashing in their skulls while they cower in terror, in the same manner baby seals in Canada are killed.

This bill and its companion in the Wisconsin Senate, SB 411, have both been passed by their respective committees. They now move on to floor votes. The speed in which these bills are being moved forward is especially alarming. The Assembly public hearing was announced to the general public only one day before it occurred. It was voted on last week and passed 13 to 1. The Senate public hearing occurred on Tuesday the 28th and the bill was voted on in the committee today. It passed 5 to 2. It may be too late to defeat this bill, but we need to try. If Wisconsin is allowed to carry out this extreme and brutal plan other states with wolves will likely follow. Our state institutions across the country have been taken over by the extremists in the hunting and trapping communities. The average citizen has no say in what happens to our wildlife. In Wisconsin we need to stand our ground and show them that we the people, do not approve of this.

The following is the statement  I submitted to the Senate Natural Resources
Committee in opposition to this bill….Paul C.

This statement is to register my opposition towards SB 411, as a concerned citizen of the State of Wisconsin.

On January 27, 2012 management of the gray wolf was officially turned over to the State of Wisconsin. This event happened through the hard work and dedication of those who devoted their time and energy to bring this majestic animal back from a successful extermination campaign in the 19th and 20th centuries. This return should be celebrated. However, within hours of the official delisting announcement a bill was introduced by Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), AB502, which would establish a wolf “harvesting” season in Wisconsin. This bill proposes a path to a second extermination in the most brutal ways possible. In a Wisconsin State Journal article, dated February 1, 2012, Rep. Suder makes it clear that his goal is to reduce the wolf population to 350 from an estimated number of 800. He repeated the same statement on Wisconsin Public Radio the next day. What is even more disturbing are the provisions contained within SB 411/AB 502 that allow for a four and a half month hunting season, use of dogs, trapping, electronic calls, bait, shooting from and across roads, and the continued reimbursement for bear hunters whose dogs are killed by wolves.

The gray wolf is a valued species among a vast swath of our state’s citizens, yet these bills appear to have been written for a very narrow segment of the population. Hunters and trappers are a small segment of the population in this country. People who hunt with dogs are an even smaller minority within the overall population of citizens and hunters. Why was their input valued more than the rest of state citizens? The authors of this bill sought the input of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Safari Club International, and other like-minded groups. These groups represent a minority of Wisconsin citizens, yet many of the provisions in this bill appear to have been written on their behalf, especially the provisions to hunt with dogs, and at night. Where is the input from the citizens that value the gray wolf as more than a moving target to be shot, trapped, or ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs? In the February 2nd interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, Rep. Suder called hunting with dogs a “tradition” in Wisconsin. The reality is that this is only a “tradition” for a very tiny segment of the population, not the vast majority of state citizens including other hunters. In fact, recent surveys by the University of Wisconsin show that the vast majority of Wisconsin citizens oppose the hunting of wolves by dogs. This provision and many others in this bill are horrendous and do nothing but put Wisconsin in a bad light. 

To allow a species that was considered endangered  less than a month ago to be hunted through the most barbaric methods possible is not only concerning, but shameful. It is also shameful to justify this bill as anything other than a twisted method of “payback” against a species that a vast number of Wisconsin citizens cherish. There are already mechanisms in place to allow the state to deal with depredating wolves and packs. The real intent of this bill seems to be only providing another species to be hunted for “recreational” purposes, in the most brutal ways possible.

Wolves are not killing all of the deer, and they are not going to eat your children. Do we really need to be reminded again that Little Red Riding Hood is fiction? Using fear mongering tactics and pandering to special interests is no way for wildlife to be managed in our state. This bill and the provisions contained within should be rejected.
Paul C.

Please contact the “authors” and sponsors of this bill and let them know what you think of it. The Assembly is completely controlled by the GOP and the bill will pass easily. It is the state senators who should be contacted to express outrage against this bill, and ask them to vote against it. The following is a link to the legislators:

Senate: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/senhome.htm
Assembly: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/asmhome.htm

The “authors” of the bill are below. Please call them and let them know what you think of their bill:

Representative Scott Suder 


Representative Roger Rivard


Representative Joel Kleefisch


Senator Terry Moulton


Senator Jim Holperin


Senator Glenn Grothman


Time is running short and we need all of the help that we can get. This bill not only affects Wisconsin’s wolves but the fate of wolves all over the United States. It must be stopped!


Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Defenseless wolves urgently need howl of public support

“I was like, Yes! Fear the wrath of man! I got a rush. I was showing the animal that I’m better, more powerful, and able to control their existence.” — anonymous hunter

AB 502, the wolf kill bill, recently passed the Assembly Natural Resources committee 13-1, with Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, the only panel member to vote against it. On Thursday, the Senate Natural Resources Committee passed the companion bill, SB 411, by 5-2.  The bill is now scheduled for Assembly action on Tuesday, March 6.

The Senate hearing on companion bill SB 411 was held Feb. 28. Most of the senators were absent for most of the six-hour hearing. Testimony was equally split pro and con. However, the special interest groups expressed a great fondness for the outdated, 20-year-old plan for reducing wolf numbers to 350.

AB 502 and SB 411 promote steel jaw traps and cable restraints, night hunting from roads and shining lights to confuse the wolves. Bait and lures. They expand hounding from cruelty to bears to include wolves (and all wildlife) 24/7 for 135 days and nights — eight months of mayhem. This gives no rest to the animals or citizens trespassed upon. Michael Vick went to prison for running a dog-fighting operation. These bills are dog and wolf bloodlust on steroids.

Bear hunters have been compensated from the Wolf License Plate Funds an average of $2,400/dog, for dogs killed when they terrorized our wildlife. If this bill goes through, wolf killers will feed at the public trough again when the dogs they pit against wolves are killed.

Richard Thiel, a DNR wildlife biologist for 34 years, created and managed the wolf recovery plan for much of 1980-2011. He urged restraint and the postponing of a wolf hunt for at least a few years. There is a plan in place for “problem wolves” who prey on livestock.

The feds say a conservative estimate of annual illegal kill in Wisconsin is 100 wolves — or 12 percent of the 690-800 wolves now here. The prudent approach would be to implement the current DNR plan for a few years, then reassess.

Adrian Treves, associate professor in UW’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and head of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab, is co-author of an article titled “Rescuing Wolves From Politics: Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource.” He testified that the bill as written could affect the long-term health of the state’s gray wolf population. He said the bills propose untested methods over a very long season in too broad an area and legislate management decisions without the input of technical and scientific experts.

“The evidence simply isn’t there to indicate that hunting wolves would affect depredations of domestic animals,” he said.

Although hunters tout themselves as conservationists, Treves’ surveys in Wisconsin reveal hunter attitudes toward wolves that are largely inconsistent with stewardship. That is in line with many of the comments on wolf-hunting websites like “note to self … bring exploding broadheads!”

Warning disturbing video

Bear hunters claim they wrote these bills with seven lawyers. They apparently see the Gov. Scott Walker regime as opportunity to expand their cruelty addiction beyond bear cubs to wolves and their families.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/ct/news/opinion/column/patricia-randolph-s-madravenspeak-defenseless-wolves-urgently-need-howl-of/article_871e795e-c950-57a3-8085-b4514c0614f9.html?mode=story#ixzz1oB2pXY3d


Sign Care2 Petition

Say No To Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Click Here To Sign


The Great Lake and Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Testimony

FEBRUARY 27, 201



 Links to Articles and the Bill





UW professor: Wolf killing legislation could endanger species






Wis. Republicans in Haste to “Harvest” Wolves

By Rebecca Kemble, February 29, 2012



Wis. Republicans in Haste to “Harvest” Wolves

By Rebecca Kemble, February 2, 2012



 Adrian Treves, PhD, Associate Professor, UW–Madison Testimony on Senate Bill 411 



Citizens voice discontent on wolf hunt



Photos: Courtesy  Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This is another expression of republican/conservative maniac attack on America’s wildlife, especially the wolf. It is anti-wolf hysteria. We all need to vote as many conservatives out of office on as many fronts as we can next fall.

    • Enabled by the Obama delisting… do not forget this!

      • I know – our President is a very reasonable, intelligent man, too much so for those thugs in Congress. Looking back on it, I wish he had called their bluff about shutting down gov’t.

      • Please, I will say this again. Roger, be very careful when you make partisan comments like this. I for one am a Republican and a conservative as are many on this site. We love the wolves every bit as much as the Democrats do. And we fight very hard for them. When you make partisan comments like that, you are alienating half of the people who are fighting for the wolves. Don’t do this. We are in this together. It is not about party lines, it is about the safety of our wolves. Obama delisted the wolves; he is a Democrat. It is all of the politicians that are against wolves, not just the Republicans. I fight for the wolves with you and all others here. Don’t make judgement calls, because we are all on the same side. Comments like this only hurt our cause.

    • Please, I will say this again. Roger, be very careful when you make partisan comments like this. I for one am a Republican and a conservative, as are many on this site. We love the wolves every bit as much as the Democrats do. And we fight very hard for them. When you make partisan comments like that, you are alienating half of the people that are fighting for them. Don’t do this. We are in this together. It is not about party lines, it is about the safety of our wolves. Obama delisted the wolves; he is a Democrat. It is all of the politicians that are against wolves; not just the Republicans. I fight for the wolves with you and all others here. Don’t make judgement calls, because we are all on the same side. Comments like this only hurt our cause.

      • Gretchen, You took the words right out of my mouth..My thoughts exactly. I too am a conservative and a Republican. I am sorry for those of you that think Obumer is a great guy but remember he back tracked and lied to all of us about several issues including the delisting of the WOLVES! The death of every single one of the wolves that have been killed in the last few months is clearly on his back… Think long and hard for who you will be voting for this fall… The lives of the animals hang in the balance. I believe neither side has it right..Vote for the person Not the party!. Bert C.”Dogs Wish Rescue” Louisiana

      • Bert, I agree this is not a partisan issue…maybe in Wisconsin it’s the Republicans who are going after the wolves but Obama and Ken Salazar are Democrats and look at all the damage they’ve done to wolves and wild horses. I’m a Independent and will vote for the best candidate unfortunately we have very little choices this coming election cycle.

        Richard Nixonm a Republican signed the ESA, Bill Clinton, a Democrat reintroduced wolves.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Horrible!! When will it ever stop? Damn them all!!!

  3. maybe i am saying something foolish because i am not an american – but perhaps you can try elisting xome selebrities like kevin kostner who played in “dancing with wolves” or ather artists or auhtors that will be ready to speak up lowdly about all this?


  5. Clubbing to death? See, I just don’t get why as civilized people we have to use such violence and such haste to kill, against a fellow creature. It’s that old primitive mindset again.

  6. Wisconsin Wolves Under Siege!

    I cannot understand why there are so many people out their who just want to kill! And not just shoot, but torture animals! What is happening to the world? I have tweeted and am going to facebook now. We must try and get all wolf supports to write in.
    This slaughter has to stop.

  7. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the bears are killing the dogs that they hunt, instead of the wolves. One thing that is true is that a wolf will protect its self when it is trapped or cornered, but so will I, so are you going to send a pack of dogs after me and either club me to death or trap or shoot me. The ongoing slaughter of these majestic animals has got to stop in all the states. I have personally dealt with wolves even petted them believe me they are not a threat, we are more of a threat to them,besides they were here first.

    • To these people it does not matter who kills their dogs, as all they see is $$$$. All these people have to do is “claim” that a wolf killed their dog and they get reimbursed $2400 each time to the tune of $50,000 in 2010. Most of these people run backyard “puppy mills” where they breed their “bear hounds” to sell to other depraved individuals. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their ilk control what happens with Wisconsin’s wildlife, and have lawmakers bowing to their every whim. I am encouraged to see the outrage building about this insane proposal in Wisconsin, I just hope it is not too late.

  8. I emailed each one. Lets hope they listen this time.

  9. Oh my god!!! Don’t let them hurt my wolves!!! Please! Everyone, Step up and help them! :'((((((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. just letting people know that while it may not seem like much, I did write to the legislators of another state. Individually and with my own words. I don’t know if my ‘one voice’ actually did much good but I did hear back from 3 legislators. 2 were with me (live bait shouldn’t be used) and 1 was most definitely a ‘kill them all’ in any way they can be killed. she actually went so far as to send me graphic pictures of ‘wolf’ kills. unfortunately for her – I recognized the photos taken from an anti-wolf site. I replied that predator kills ARE messy. I had also included in my letters how non-lethal methods are working where utilized.

    so, while the hunt continues – I will continue to send my .02 cents in. I just don’t understand why hunters feel the need to wipe out decades of work to bring a species back from extinction. I’ve been told by my own legislator – the states have the right to do what they want now that the wolf is delisted. sigh, I had such high hopes for him too :-(

  11. Nabeki, emails sent to all the addresses you left and phone calls made. Sometimes I’m not sure the emails are read or even seen so I try to call as well. Thanks for leaving those.

  12. Reblogged this on dreamwolfspirit.

  13. And I thought that Idaho was bad enough, but it seems that Wisconsin is going to be worse! At least Idaho doesn’t allow hunting with hounds! And I thought that the Great Lakes states were more tolerant of wolves, but I guess that I was wrong (excluding Michigan, who currently does not plan on having a Wolf Season). I heard that Utah has a very anti-wolf position, is this true?

    “Stand up for Wisconsin’s wolves, time is of the essence!!” I don’t know why (probably because of the “time is of the essence”), but this is something that I would imagine Finn McMissle saying if he was advocating for wolves. But this is no time to be joking around, wolves need our help!

  14. Yes, I think Utah’s governor has said “there will never be a wolf in Utah.”

    I have read so much about the Great Lakes region’s wolves touted as their success story, and I thought they were progressive in their attitudes toward wolves. Boy was I misled. :(

  15. oh God…. I will make phonecalls tomorrow….

  16. Sent emails to all the State Senators with this message:

    As a wildlife advocate and a supporter of the humane stewardship of our country’s wild species, I want you to know that I strongly object to SB 411/AB 502. These bills do not reflect the majority of American’s wishes concerning our co-existence with wolves and other wild inhabitants of our country. The provisions of these bills, (a four and a half month hunting season, use of dogs, trapping, electronic calls, bait, shooting from and across roads, and the continued reimbursement for bear hunters whose dogs are killed by wolves) placate only narrow interests. They do not reflect the respect and love of wildlife that the majority of Americans share. This is not wolf management/wildlife management. It is wildlife slaughter in the most blatant form. The Wisconsin State Government will bring shame to the state if these bills are allowed to pass. I, along with many other wildlife advocates, will refuse to support Wisconsin as a tourist or as a consumer of goods made in the state. The brutalizing of wildlife in America has to stop.
    I sincerely urge you to vote against SB 411.

    • Janet, I love this letter and its message. If you don’t mind, I will use alot of its wording!

      • Please do, Gretchen, I would be honored. Thank you.

  17. Will have more animal business than usual on my days off. Regarding Democrats versus Republicans: I’m sure some Republicans care about animals. However, it seems that since the last election many animal protection laws have been overturned or are under attack. Witness the ag-gag bills coming up in farm states and the virtual overturn of the puppy mills law in Missouri. Also, look at the voting records of both parties. Most of those who vote for animal protection laws are on the liberal side. Certainly many of the worst states for killing wolves are largely Republican.

    • Again, Marcia, this is not about “my party is better than your party”. We are in this TOGETHER. If we start pointing fingers over whose party is more responsible, we lose the focus of the wolves. ALL of the politicians right now seem to be against the wolves. Let us work TOGETHER on this so the wolves can live. After all, that is our goal here, isn’t it?!

      • As an impartial observer (I am a New Zealander), I have to say Gretchen, it does appear to be mainly Republicans who consistently vote against animal welfare. The votes against the ag-gag bill in Utah were all Democrats, but out of 60 who voted FOR the bill, only three were Democrats – a whopping 57 Republicans voted to protect the scum that abuse animals at slaughter. Republicans always vote against any bill that will ease the plight of animals, such as voting against a ban on puppy mills. I agree that AR issues should not be about anything other than AR, but sometimes a pattern is just too obvious to ignore.

      • What I am saying Carol, is that that kind of talk is offensive to me and many other wolf advocates. I will not be held responsible for what some out of touch politician is doing/saying in Washington. My point is that with finger pointing and stereotyping, many people are being pushed away from this cause for what some politicians are doing. I would think that we would want to ban together on this. Like Nabeki said, we are the majority-a majority for saving wolves and all wildlife. When people say things that divide us, they are doing exactly what the politicians want which is to scatter the unified. Let’s stop with that and focus on our cause-THE WOLVES. Stop pointing fingers at each other on who is better or who is worse. Both parties got us in this mess. Now let’s get out of it!

      • Gretchen… I agree we need to keep this non-partisan. This is not about political parties, after all it was the Democrats who delisted wolves. President Obama delisted wolves twice in three years and the Senate Democrat Majority pushed the budget bill/wolf delisting rider through the Senate. There really is very little difference anymore on many environmental issues between the two parties. I’m an Independent, I vote for the best candidate I think will be good for the health of this planet. Unfortunately we have very little choice anymore and need a third party.

        Richard Nixon. a Republican, signed the ESA in 1973 and Bill Clinton, a Democrat, reintroduced wolves and created the road-less initiative.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I agree, Gretchen, that working together is better than working separately or against each other. We have had too much of that already in Washington, DC. Whatever works for the wolves and other animals, I will go along with and be grateful for the help.

  18. Please don’t kill these beautiful animals !!

  19. That comment by the anonymous hunter is so disgusting – like something a serial murderer would say. I have to say this WI plan is equally as bad as the plan from the western states, if not more so.

    • Ida…Hunting with dogs makes it even worse than Idaho and that’s saying something.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. These people are not hunters, they are just shooters. They know they are not skilled enough to catch prey with their hunting alone, so they have to make it as easy as possible on their incompetent selves. I truly cannot imagine a 21st century man acting like these Neanderthals with clubs.

  21. Now wait a minute – I never specified whether the thugs in Congress were Democrat or Republican, did I? I think we just assume the thugs are Republican. At any rate, the thug agenda is being rushed through legislatures in all wolf states – I’m surprised they aren’t giving away complimentary clubs.

  22. Please stop this barbaric act,

  23. Whoever thought that Wisconsin would make a shotgun decision on the future of wolves in that state. I live in Canada, and was under the impression that the United States always made calculated decisions when it came to deciding the fate of it’s renewable resources. The decision to decimate the wolves by barbaric means has by no means been a calculated move. When you deal with your resources such as the wolf are you not supposed to do a study to enable you to make a proper decision. I can see that there has not been a scientific study done on the viability of your options, other than letting bloodthirsty individuals create their own personal vendetta against a voiceless animal that cleans up the sick and weak deer, elk, rabbits etc. etc. instead of blaming the wolf for claiming livestock. Leave nature alone to care for itself, otherwise you will bring on other problems in nature that you cannot control. This Law that you have ignored will come back to haunt you. Bloodthirsty individuals will lose control, just to have bragging rights because they killed the most of whatever. May the good Lord help you manage your wildlife, because you can’t. You will never see me vacationing in your state and if I can help it, none of my friends either.

    • This is the Wisconsin that is ran by Scott Walker so nothing is out of bounds. They have already passed legislation that allows the destruction of and development on our wetlands, they have a pending mining bill that would allow runoff directly into our rivers and streams that the tribes and other local residents depend on, and now they want to kill wolves and sandhill cranes. This is after they passed legislation to destroy unions, take away punitive damage awards for workplace discrimination victims, and found more ways to limit a woman’s right to choose. In just a year they have declared war on the environment, wildlife, unions, women, minorities and, teachers while giving huge tax breaks to big businesses and the wealthy. We have turned into Mississippi North. At this pace next they will sell the air that we breathe to the highest bidder. This is not the same state that I was born in.

      • rali74…I used to vacation in Wisconsin when I was a child and I remember how beautiful it was. This is such a tragedy but we aren’t helpless and we can speak up for the wolves!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. Please don’t – America has never been in worse shape, believe me. I have never been more disgusted in my life to be American or human. They are trampling all over Native American rights in the area too, not surprisingly.

    • Ida-

      The tribes may be the key to stopping this bill. Nabeki posted the testimony above from Jim Zorn of the GLIFWC. The tribes are very much against this abomination of a bill and could challenge it in state court. With the apathy of the major groups toward this issue this may be the best way to stop this insane bill.

      • I agree with Paul……The tribes will not tolerate this type of animal abuse. It is a spiritual connection for them with wolves. We need a nationwide true “animal activism” group because we cannot rely on groups like Defenders and the HSUS to do the right thing. We can do this.
        It is important to keep pressure on the Democrats in the Senate who are in large part responsible for the rider legislation that passed. ie Reid, Boxer, Cardin, Salazar…..I called each of them friday to remind them that over 500 wolves have been slaughtered for a shortsighted and political calculation to save one Montana Democratic senate seat……I let Cardin’s chief of staff know how disappointed we are that Democrats do not hold Democratic principles of wildlife protection firm when animals need it the most. We expect this kind of nonsense from conservatives who are all to ready to persecute anyone or anything that doesn’t think act or look like them. Wisconsin is a perfect example of extremism run amuck. What a depressing time.

      • I absolutely agree William…we have to band together and form a national animal rights or animal activism group. We need legislators who will support us, we need a paradigm shift away from the fish and game model. The animals are basically prisoners in these states to be used and abused for the benefit of a tiny minority. We as animal advocates must ADVOCATE for the animals. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of begging. We aren’t going to get anywhere until we get loud and demand that things change. We are the majority dammit.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I absolutely agree William…we have to band together and form a national animal rights or animal activism group. We need legislators who will support us, we need a paradigm shift away from the fish and game model. The animals are basically prisoners in these states to be used and abused for the benefit of a tiny minority. We as animal advocates must ADVOCATE for the animals. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of begging. We aren’t going to get anywhere until we get loud and demand that things change. We are the majority dammit.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I love the tribes testimony Paul. They are very involved and totally against this legislation. They revere the wolf as their brother. I was so encouraged reading their statements. Have you talked to them? They could turn this around, they have the resources and the moral high ground.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I know that Patricia Randolph has spoken to Jim Zorn, the author of the above statement. They are keeping things close to their chest, as they are also busy fighting that mining bill that will pollute the water the tribes depend on. However they do seem quite outraged about this bill, so I hope that they will step up and fight this. We will see.

  25. Time to makes some calls. Looks like I’m flying back home again.

  26. Just think if Obummer had appointed Raul interior secretary…..I think things would be very different

    • Yes, Raul would have been wonderful, he’s a dedicated conservationist but then of course that would have made too much sense William.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  27. I was torn to pieces when i t read this i hope these people know this but its 2012 not time to be barbaric .

  28. I am sending this letter to the Senators in Wisconsin, and to the Governor’s office. Feel free to change it up and use it however you like, but please do send something….BEFORE TUESDAY!
    Thank you all.

    Dear Senator
    I am writing to express my extreme opposition to AB502 and the companion bill SB411. Do you realize the entirely unnecessary and heinous suffering these bills impose on any animal who dares to wonder across PUBLIC lands? Eight months of terrorizing ALL wildlife throughout the entire Wisconsin woodlands; the use of barbaric instruments such as snares and all sorts of traps (that don’t know they are only there for a certain species;) innocent animals shredded, bludgeoned, strangled, hung, crushed…all for the thrill of the kill, with no fair practice and for absolutely no good reason.

    There are 5.6 million people in Wisconsin. No one has ever been harmed by a wolf there. Wisconsin is home to 3.4 million cattle, 1 million deer, and only 800 wolves. If they gorged themselves to death with daily ravenous gluttony, wolves could not make a dent in these populations; and they don’t. Wolves cull the weak and sick, strengthening the herds of the animals upon which they feed. Wolves have fewer pups where there is less for them to eat. Wolves are a vital necessity to ecological balance. Wolves cannot survive if their numbers are so few as to prevent genetic diversity.

    Public land belongs to the entire citizenry NOT hunters and their wealthy lobby. Public land management exists to protect and preserve the land and the animals there for future generations. Management decisions should be based on science and in the best interest of the many. AB502 and SB411 grievously oppose these principals. Rather, they overstep legitimate power, misappropriate public funds, mismanage public resources, and endanger the entire general public. Furthermore these bills deeply violate common sense and common decency; and their passage will shatter any trust the general public should ever again place in public representation. There is simply no scientific, moral, or rational justification to support AB502 and SB411. I am horrified that these bills exist at all. They represent evil doing and I pray Senator that you chose not to be a part of it.

    With complete earnest,
    Donna J. Lentine

    • Excellent letter Donna. We need all of the help that we can get. Patricia Randolph (the author of the Madravenspeak column above) and I will be going to the state capitol in Madison, WI tomorrow to attempt to meet with a few senators about this bill. It is an uphill battle to say the least, but we are going to try our best to sway them. They have declared war on our wolves and we have to speak up for them. This bill is almost as extreme as the Siddoway bill in Idaho. This one must also meet the same fate.

    • Just excellent Donna, thank you for sharing. This is a good letter for others to use. There is also a Care2 Petition that we can sign, I included it in the post. Let’s get busy tomorrow and deluge these Senators and Representatives with phone calls and faxes. We can do this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  29. This is not right at all you people in the government think that you have all answers, well you don’t. The wolf is a Native American Spirit Dog & the white man just kills thing that get in their way. I for one have Native Blood in me for I my self love the wolf & what it stands for. So I say to you all you government people don’t let this Bill happen, if it does what animal would be next on your list? Thank You for your time.

  30. Ok, I emailed every single member of the senate and the assembly. Hopefully this can be stopped before another state starts insanity and all out war on the wolves

    • Thank you Stephanie, the wolves don’t have much time if this thing passes.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  31. Is this what America is coming to? As a wolf lover I am all for the wolf reintroduction, we need more wolves so these stupid people in politics whether its in the individual states or even in Washington, but not if it means that states will find cruel ways to kill them because people are to fracking ignorant to realize that this continent needs them as much as Asian needs wild tigers.

    • I completely agree!!! But it seems the same “pro-life” conservatives are behind most of this!!


    • Absolutely Joann. That’s all they understand is the bottom line.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • How can a boycott work when supermarkets in Massachusetts, my home state, and probably all over the East coast, are loaded with Idaho potatoes and Wisconsin diary products and people buy them without hesitation? Or one of my colleagues spent her vacation in Montana and Idaho? People still have no idea what’s going on in Idaho and Montana, and soon enough in Wyoming and Wisconsin. We need national coverage from big name newspapers and news networks and Hollywood celebrities, but nothing and nobody is budging. Why? We all know why!

        Also, I am not very knowledgeable about the native American reaction to the ongoing, inhumane and tragic wolf destruction, but so far I have not heard anything from them. How can anybody expect them to put an end to this killing or to have some kind of powerful impact when they have been so quite all along? Unless I am missing something…

  33. Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I’m a Wisconsin native but currently live in Japan. I have read this message about the bill to be passed and have written an email to members of the legislature adding my voice on behalf of the wolves. Hope it helps.

    • Thank you Sonny…the reach of the Internet, all the way to Japan. That is so encouraging, so many countries represented on this blog!! Wolf persecution is global. We need to unite as one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  34. I can’t believe there are so many ignorant people in America. These wolves belong to none of you, they are here for their own reasons just as every other natural entity on earth is. Why Wisconsin, or any other state in the U.S., think it is acceptable to hunt a species to extinction without any regard for global opinion, is beyond reason. It is time the U.S. realised it is only one nation on this planet and it has no right to exterminate a species simply to gratify ignorant hunters who can see no further than their own sick blood lust.

    Ugly humans in pursuit of beautiful creatures, pro-life hypocrites!!

  35. Excellent letter – and this Scott Walker character is going to be recalled! Not before he tries to do as much damage as possible tho…

  36. [...] [...]

  37. Nabeki, if this monstrosity of a bill passes can it be challenged in court? Could the people of Wisconsin petition to have it repealed in a referendum or something?

    • Judy,

      I think the best challenge could come from the tribes. They are not happy with this so I’m wondering what there plans are. The best thing we can do right now is to try and stop this because it’s always harder after the fact to change something.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Judy…I’m hoping the tribes or HSUS get involved and file a lawsuit, now that the worst has happened, with the Wisconsin Senate approving this bill yesterday. I’m sure the Wisconsin Assembly will vote on it today and the Governor will sign it into law. In three years, because of the Obama admin delisting of gray wolves, they have gone from iconic animals to vermin, to be abused, tortured and eliminated. This has to stop and the grass roots wolf movement, if organized, could be very influential in stopping this madness.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  38. Dear Nabeki,

    I’m here now in Wisconsin organizing people to speak out against this so rest assured people like you will fight against this cruel sadistic system until the day we die.

    • Good to hear Dywanne you are in this fight.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  39. I’m from Wisconsin and I reserve the right to say what I feel, if ScottyWalker lost the election, we would not be going through this now because Mr. Barrett if he won would have vetoed the bill. I just talked to Sen. Erpenbach’s office staffer and Rep. Janice Ringhand. I suggested that the wolves should be managed by the Native Americans and wolf biologists. Native Americans in the state are being pushed around by mine developers. They need to get more vocal. Also if any of you are from the state tell your rep. or senator you will no longer vote for them. The crying shame is just not the wolves but the entire Nation was rooting for our recall election. Well, we’ll see. Bet cheese sales from California and Vermont will increase. Put that on Facebook, no cheese from Wisconsin. Dywane, what are your plans?

    • I’ll be at the capitol tomorrow voicing my opposition and I encourage others to join me. It’s go time people!

      • Patricia Randolph and I just spent over six hours at the Capitol today. It is scheduled to be voted on in BOTH houses tomorrow. We met with the staff of about two dozen legislators, and most seemed to be completely apathetic. We found a few allies, but even they seem to realize that this bill is guaranteed to pass tomorrow. The really depressing thing is that most of the offices claimed that they have not heard anything from people who are against the bill. That is a flat out lie that we heard over and over today. One aide to a supposedly “moderate” senator said that his boss thinks it is okay to hunt wolves with dogs “because that is what we do with coyotes.” As if that is okay in itself.

        If this abomination passes as a Wisconsin citizen and wildlife advocate, I ask everyone to make Wisconsin lawmakers aware that you will not visit this state or spend one dime on Wisconsin products, most notably dairy ones. We also need to force the national groups like there HSUS to stand up for wolves. They have been notably absent on this bill, and we need to question why. Thank you to everyone who contacted the lawmakers to speak out against this insane bill. Not all of us in Wisconsin are like our insane lawmakers, and wildlife killers.

    • Bobette, I believe a boycott of Wisconsin products could be very effective. Nothing speaks louder then hitting the pocketbook. Wisconsin has to understand you can’t adopt a terrible wolf hunting bill, with no opposition and not have repercussions.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  40. I never in my wildest dreams thought Wisconsin would be such a backward state. The West looks positively progressive in comparison. At least Michigan isn’t planning a hunt, and I think Minnesota is going to be quite conservative with theirs if it passes. I am going to show my dismay at the voting booth in November, you can be assured. I’ve voted Democrat all my life, and I’m switching to Independent for what I believe is the first time ever. :(

    • Ida…I agree even Idaho looks tame compared to Wisconsin’s terrible bill. But make no mistake, Idaho is looking at the Wisconsin bill and so are the other wolf states, I’m very worried that hunting wolves with dogs could spread to other wolf states. We have to stop this madness now, it is totally out of hand. We all knew this would happen if the states ever got control of wolves. That was why they were protected under the ESA and even then the Feds have killed over 2000 wolves in the last twenty years, according to a recent interview with Ed Bangs, who retired as the feds top wolf manager. He stated: “To the livestock industry, wolf losses are so small, you can’t even measure them.” Yet ranchers continue to use the livestock depredation hammer against wolves who are the least of their problems? Why? Because it works and demonizes wolves. It’s completely shameful. It’s our job to get the word out.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  41. I buy all my cheese from Vermont anyway – now Wisconsin doesn’t have a prayer. ;)

  42. Just an update: I just got off the phone with 2 Senators from Wisconsin and they told me that the 2 bills are very likely to pass today. They believe that both will go through today in the vote. It’s a very sad day indeed and yet another reminder that noone in the government is listening to what people say; they just do exactly what they want for their own greed. Yes, it’s a sad day.

  43. I’ve been waiting for an update – I’m so disgusted and disappointed, especially with Wisconsin. Hunting and population control are one thing, but a legal outlet for someone’s sick psychotic behaviour that will never be punished is just wrong. These men aren’t hunters, they are killers. Beating up on animals who can’t fight back because the economy is bad.

    • Ida…as wolf advocates we are the ones that have to organize against this and make a difference. We cannot continue to just beg intractable politicians and fish and game agencies that don’t listen to what we say and go on their merry way, doing what they want. We demand to be heard and if we organize we will be heard. We have to start driving this train.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,




    „The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.“ Mahatma Ghandi




    „And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.



    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR HUMANITY, PERSONS RESPONSIBLE ?? People need to vote the BASTARDS out of office.

  45. so, my guess is none of you live in area that has wolves. Feel free to come and get ours – take them back to your suburbs, let them get even more acclimated to people and see what happens. Better yet – take your grandchild to the zoo and throw them into the wolf cage. Then you can find out if they are safe to be near humans.

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