TAKE ACTION: Brutal Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Bill Comes Up For Vote….

Update: March 13, 2012

You are having an effect, people are hopping mad over this hunt and the legislators are hearing from them! Keep it up!!!


Lawmakers seek to amend bill on proposed wolf hunt

Legislators concerned that a proposed wolf hunt goes too far are hoping to amend a bill scheduled for a vote before the state Assembly on Tuesday, seeking to shorten the season to protect pregnant wolves and eliminate night hunting.

“I’m getting emails from all over the state about this,” said state Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, one of the legislators who will try to amend the bill.

The bill, which already passed the Senate, calls for the state Department of Natural Resources to establish a hunting season for wolves, which were just removed from the endangered species list. The proposed season would run from October through February. It also allows night hunting and the use of hunting dogs.

Hulsey said the length of the proposed season means hunters would potentially be shooting wolves that are carrying young in January and February. He said shortening the season so that it runs from October to December would solve the problem.

The bill passed by the Senate included several amendments that addressed at least some concerns expressed by state wolf experts during hearings on the original bill. Those changes, for example, give the DNR more authority to establish hunting zones and control the number of wolves killed, targeting the hunt in areas where depredation is a problem.

Wisconsin is now home to about 1,000 wolves thanks to a recovery program that started in the 1980s after wolf populations in the state dropped to near zero due to over-hunting and bounties.

But a number of experts remain concerned about the length of the season, especially because of the threat to pregnant females. Randle Jurewicz helped manage the state’s wolves for years in the DNR’s Bureau of Endangered Resources before his recent retirement. He said the shorter season would be an improvement.

Jurewicz is also concerned, however, that the bill that was passed by the Senate allows the use of dogs to hunt wolves. He said he is concerned because the hounds most Wisconsin hunters use, mostly to hunt bear, are no match for wolves and that the bill requires the state to pay hunters if their dogs are killed by wolves.

Allowing the use of dogs, Jurewicz said, would turn the wolf hunt into a giant dog fight with the edge definitely going to the wolves.

“It’s still a big problem,” Jurewicz said of using dogs. “These are not raccoons. These are not rabbits. They aren’t even coyotes. They don’t run away from a lot.”

Because more dogs are likely to be killed, Jurewicz said, the state probably will not have enough money to cover both the payments on dogs and on livestock or pets killed by predatory wolves, Jurewicz said. That money, under the bill, is supposed to come from license fees.

Late Monday, it was uncertain whether Democrats were going to propose an amendment that would remove the use of dogs from the bill.

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Update: March 11, 2012

Please don’t forget to call or fax the Wisconsin Assembly before the vote this Tuesday, 3/13. They want to hunt wolves with dogs, hunt them at night, club them to death in traps, shoot across roads, use almost any type of weapon including muzzle loaders, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows, crossbows, traps and snares, predator calls and baiting. The bill has already passed the Senate. This is the most brutal hunt yet proposed.

The war on wolves has been declared. Wisconsin apparently believes they live in a vacuum and nobody will notice the “wolf torture” bill cooked up by the trophy hunting crowd. It only reinforces what the non-hunting public already knows, “thrill killing” our wildlife for sport is animal cruelty.

Wisconsin will no longer be famous just for its cheese but for Assembly Bill 502/S411. The Wisconsin Assembly should  re-think their stand on this horrific bill and vote NO. There are plenty of other places to buy cheese and vacation, places where dogs won’t be chasing wolves around the woods to their deaths, for some “cheap thrill kill game”. Shame on you Wisconsin legislators.


Contact Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives



Sample letter/Talking points

Dear Wisconsin Legislator,

I’m writing to let you know how disturbed I am that Wisconsin would consider a wolf hunt so soon after wolves were removed from the ESA but specifically one that allows wolves to be hunted with dogs, night hunting, shooting across roads, steel jaw traps, baiting, predators calls, muzzle-loading firearms, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows and crossbows. Why not just bring out the artillery?

This bill is so egregious to so many Americans who care about wolves and want to see them protected. It is unconscionable that Wisconsin would treat a newly delisted species in this way. This hunt is obviously motivated by special interests who have no love for the wolf. From the outside it looks like a “revenge hunt”.

Wolves have an important ecological role to play. They cull ungulate herds, keeping them healthy and free of disease. There is no reason for such heavy-handed tactics against them. They are not eating all the deer or killing all the cattle. To quote Ed Bangs ( retired Federal Wolf Recovery Coordinator),  “To the livestock industry, wolf losses are so small, you can’t even measure them.” March 2012

Please vote no on this very bad bill. It gives Wisconsin a black eye and will have a negative effect on the state’s vital tourism industry. There may be a small, vocal minority that dislikes wolves but the majority of Americans love wolves and will not want to visit a state that uses such barbaric practices against them.

Thank you for your time.



Assembly Bill 502




Please read the important testimony of Jim Zorn, Executive Administrator Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, speaking out against S411, the Senate companion bill to Assembly Bill 502, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 by a vote of 24-9 , without debate.


The tribes are against this assault on the wolf, they call Ma’iingan.

The commission represents these tribes:

Bad River Band
Lac Courte Oreilles Band
Lac du Flambeau Band
Red Cliff Band
St. Croix Chippewa
Sokaogon Chippewa

Mille Lacs Band
Fond du Lac Band

Bay Mills Community
Keweenaw Bay Community
Lac Vieux Desert Band


Care2 Petition

Say No To Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Click Here To Sign


March 6, 2012

Wisconsin Assembly Delays Wolf Hunt Vote Until Next Week….

A break? The Wisconsin State Assembly has delayed a vote on the brutal wolf hunt bill until next week. That gives us much-needed time to lobby Representatives into rethinking their vote. I know it’s a long shot, the Assembly is more conservative on this issue than the state Senate but I see this as a positive. Please take the time to call Wisconsin Representatives until they take up the bill next week. If  they hear from us in great numbers there is a chance they may reconsider their vote.

If you live out-of-state let them know you will boycott all products from Wisconsin and will not set foot in the state if they vote for this wolf hunting bill, that allows up to six dogs per wolf hunter to chase wolves down. Wolves do not need to be hunted, they regulate their numbers according to their prey base, that is simple biology. They certainly don’t need dogs chasing them through the woods, terrorizing them and other wildlife.

If you’re  a Wisconsin resident,  make sure they understand you will make it a priority to vote anyone out of office who supports this inhumane and cruel legislation.

The war on wolves has spread from the Northern Rockies to the Great Lakes. The usual suspects are behind the onslaught, the ranching and hunting lobbies, who are scapegoating and demonizing wolves, once again.

Enough is enough. It’s time to fight back!!

Assembly delays action on bills legalizing wolf hunt, lifting Family Care cap

Last Updated: March 07, 2012 – 2:41 am

The Assembly planned to vote on the measures Tuesday. But at about 1:30 a.m. early Wednesday morning Republican leaders decided instead to adjourn and take up the unfinished bills next week, its final week in session.

Read more : http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/39a90a18e4ab4e35af7608eccd81f0a4/WI-XGR–Assembly

Photos: Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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Tags: Defeat AB 502, Wisconsin Assembly delays vote, hunting wolves with dogs, animal cruelty

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  1. Reblogged this on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife and commented:
    Form Howling for Justice. Please take action.

  2. We live out-of-state and want to let you know tgat we will boycott all products from Wisconsin and will not set foot in the state if you vote for this wolf hunting bill, that allows up to six dogs per wolf hunter to chase wolves down. Wolves do not need to be hunted, they regulate their numbers according to their prey base, that is simple biology. They certainly don’t need dogs chasing them through the woods, terrorizing them and other wildlife.

    This is inhumane and cruel legislation!

    The war on wolves has spread from the Northern Rockies to the Great Lakes. The usual suspects are behind the onslaught, the ranching and hunting lobbies, who are scapegoating and demonizing wolves, once again.

    Enough is enough. It’s time to fight back!!

    • Excellent Diane. We are making a difference. They are being deluged with emails and phone calls.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. 2012….really? not to mention the cruelty

  4. There shouldn’t be any need for any debate, because there shouldn’t be any hunting, slaughtering, blood baths of this beautiful, loyal creature that GOD put on this earth. What is the matter with you people? Have you not read that America is against killing or harming these animals by any means. The world has cried out about the abuse of these magnificent animals. You have not only most Americans against you, but many, many people around the world against you. We can only take so much of your blood thirst and ignorance. Tell your citizens to get an honest job and stop slaughtering for blood money. These are God’s children. What if people did this to your children! You are murdering the grandfathers of your family pets. Where do you think your dog got it’s loyalty from? People?! That’s a joke. That trait of loyalty and compassion and family is inherited from the wolf…the ones you are so brutally slaughtering.
    The wolf is not THE predator!
    “Coyotes were responsible for 60.5% of all deaths, with the next largest being domestic dogs at 13.3%.[7] Other North American predators of sheep included cougars (5.7%), bobcats (4.9%), eagles (2.8%), bears (3.8%), and foxes (1.9%).[7] Wolves, ravens, vultures, and other animals together made up the remaining 7.1% of deaths.[7]”
    I live out of state, any I will not buy or visit anything that would help Wisconsin in these hard times. I will also send messages to all my friends, family and they will in turn do the same, and so on and so forth. Do NOT buy or visit Wisconsin. There are many sites, with many, many people that are up in arms about the slaughtering of the wolf. We are all sending the message :BOYCOTT WISCONSIN!!!!”
    I hope you vote not to slaughter this beautiful animal. You have some good people on your team that are for the wolf, and that know the statistics. Listen to them.

    Thank you,
    Anne DiNucci

    • It seems like because the gov is in charge of our wild life & we can see by many examples that they are not a good care taker & another group should be in charge of ALL WILD LIFE. This is all political, & has to stop. The same is happening to the wild mustangs by the BLM. I tried to bring this subject up at a local town meeting held by Ken Salazar, & he shut me up & wouldn’t allow me to talk when I asked why so many horses are being rounded up. I think they have a plan to bring all wild animals to extinction, & we must do all we can to stop this slaughtering. Boycott, contact the idiotic representatives, call them, write them, do what ever you can do.
      I agree with you Anne DiNucci 1000%

    • Thank you Anne!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Please contact Safari Club and Boone And Crockett Club, with appeal for statement for ‘fair chase’ hunting practices, not archaic, medieval
    tactics. It is 2012, not 1245 AD.

    It seems that in America hunting is degenerating into brutality and
    lurid sport collecting, not harvesting of regulated undulates for food and survival.

    Recent lists by elite ‘trophy hunting’ clubs includes the grey wolf.

    Several boycotts need to be started: one against all states that are at war with wolves: WI, MT, ID, WY, AK and OR, the wolf-hating states.


    format: FAX#, first name,

    608) 282-3543 tim

    608) 282-3546 spencer

    608) 267-0304 robert

    (608) 282-3555 timothy

    (608) 267-0588 alberta

    (608) 267-6798 micheal

    608) 266-2508 jon

    608) 267-6795 scott

    (608) 267-9027 pam

    608) 282-3560 glenn

    608) 267-6791 dave

    608) 267-0369 sheila

    608) 267-0309 jim

    608) 266-3580 robert

    (608) 282-3551 neal

    (608) 282-3558 jessica

    (608) 282-3547 chris

    608) 267-6792 frank

    (608) 282-3564 julie

    (608) 267-6790 mary

    (608) 282-3549 joseph

    (608) 282-3556 mark

    (608) 282-3563 terry

    (608) 267-4350 luther

    (608) 266-1629 dale

    (608) 267-0375 dale

(608) 282-3572 jennifer

    (608) 282-3544 lena

    f (608) 267-2871 kathleen

    f (608) 267-0367 leah

    f(608) 282-3561

    f(608) 267-0984 robert

    f(608) 282-3573 rich zipperer

    Please be respectful, logical, strong, a balanced warrior.

    Am praying for all wolves, all four-leggeds, sentient beings everywhere. It seems all life is under siege by darkness.

    • Eric, unfortunately the Wisconsin Senate has approved this bill. We now have to call and fax the Representatives in the Wisconsin Assembly but thank you for posting, I appreciate it. The link to their contacts is included in the post.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. I’ve already written to those pinheads and warned them
    that we will boycott Wisconsin if they don’t leave our wolves alone.
    Here’s what you can do:
    E-mail these bureaucratic clowns and to save time,
    copy and paste the e-mail addresses to your e-mail window
    and then write your letter and add your signature as usual.
    Then, in a click or two, sending the same letter to all of the
    99 politicians.
    Here are the following addresses:

































































































  8. Please ABORT your unjust kill policy against the wolf population, by not implementing this or any other future measures to kill them

  9. These beautiful creatures were just recently taken off the EDS and now you plan to slaughter them again?? Our governments is already shabby at best and this act will just confirm what the public thinks of Congress and the house…maybe a boycott of all Wisconsin products is in order….so then your reelection hopes will not come….think with your heart not your wallet for once..this is not good for the wolves or the people of your state.

  10. E-mailed all again. I fear that the laws will pass. Once the hunters want to go after the wolves, it seems nothing will stop them. Since most Christian churches do not care about animals or condemn the killing and abuse of animals, I at least hope there is a karma that will honor the wolves and all other creatures and make the hunters and other abusers pay in some way for their actions.

  11. That is something I have never understood and never will. I hate that people misquote bible quotations in self-serving ways and ignore those that contradict their own selfish interpretations. People don’t even have the good sense to question what is taught to them! But some do see the hypocrisy in this. How anyone can derive pleasure from killing another living thing elludes me (thank G-d!). Ugghhh! It’s a sin of the sinningest kind.

  12. There are three amendments which will be introduced to the bill, according to the Timber Wolf Alliance. One is to ban hunting with dogs, one is to not allow lights in night hunting, and the other one is to to ban compensation for any hunting dogs being killed. If any of these amendments come up for debate, the discussion could stop the bill from being passed this week. It is a small consolation with the bill allowing so much brutality, but it is a small hope also. Maybe a debate would cause the bill to fail because the legislative session is getting close to ending. I know the Wisconsin Senate didn’t even debate the wolf bill before passing it, but hope is in short supply these days.

  13. That’s a good thing – I read somewhere where a man lost dogs (I think two) in a bear hunt and received $10,000 in compensation from the state of WI! If you put your own animals in harm’s way deliberately, you shouldn’t receive any compensation, period! They’ve got it all figured out, don’t they? It’s so absolutely brutal and disgusting for the hunted and the dogs. :(

    • Bear hounders get about $2400 per dog that is allegedly killed by a wolf. This added up to $50,000 in 2010 alone. That program will continue under this bill. During the senate hearing The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association admitted that they along with seven lawyers wrote this bill. Why else would dogs be allowed, and compensation be continued? This group has around 3000 members yet seems to completely control the legislature in Wisconsin. Bear hounders are even reviled by a good portion of the hunting community. They are the archetype of the modern “slob” hunter. They care nothing for their dogs by putting them in constant danger, and then expect to be compensated when a hound is killed. Many of them also run backyard puppy mills and easily replace their “priceless” bear hounds when one is injured or killed. Absolutely disgusting.

  14. Very fine film that takes a good honest open minded view of the relationship between the wolf and man. Some interesting money figures crop up with regard to the drawing power of the wolf. The film is 3 to 4 years old, and viewpoints have seemingly altered, but still worthwhile watching.


  15. This state has never heard of conflict of interest I guess. Hopefully after their governor Walker gets his walking papers, things will change for the better for Wisconsinites.

  16. When will humans ever understand that theirs is not the only life that matters!

  17. Have you guys signed up for Defenders of Wildlife? There really are great, especially for defending wolves, they send me all kinds of wolf news and links and petition to sign and to send letters to congress to make changes for the wolves….If anyone is looking for a free, easy way to help conserve wild life, then Defenders of Wildlife is the place!

  18. Tuesday: 13

    Everyone ?! Please contact the senators again. If you ‘bcc’ the email addresses it saves time and well, the message is the same: respectful, insightful. Appeal to leadership !

    PS another source of good information is: Western Wolves.

  19. what is happening now that the bill is a done deal?

    anyone know of any lawsuit activity that people can help with?

  20. Psalms 1:5,6 That is why the wicked ones will not stand up in the judgment, Nor sinners in the assembly of righteous ones.
    For God is taking knowledge of the way of righteous ones, But the very way of wicked ones will perish.

  21. waste of money, brains and time for all you idiot hunters

  22. No more anti-wolf bills. They are unscientific and unethnic. I oppose this bill. Please leave the wolves alone.

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