Wisconsin Assembly Passes Brutal Wolf Hunt Bill….

Dead Wolf  (or coyote) Wisconsin 1909

March 14, 2012

All the pleas, the testimony from Native Americans, didn’t make any difference at all. The Wisconsin Assembly passed AB502  early this morning.  Let’s turn back the clock to 1909, the second wolf  pogrom is under way except this time, they’ll keep around a small, beleaguered group of wolves to torture every year for trophy hunters.  I can’t tell you how disgusted and angry I feel right now. Three years of this madness since Obama delisted wolves.  And for what?

In the brief  AP report it was mentioned the bill passed over the objection of  Democrats so I’m assuming all the ugly particulars sailed right through. Now wolves can be hunted with dogs (a pack of  up to six dogs can be used to track and trail a wolf), hunted at night, clubbed to death in traps, shooting across roads will be allowed, the use of almost any type of weapon including muzzle loaders, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows, crossbows, traps and snares, predator calls, baiting  and a hunt extending into wolf breeding season, allowing pregnant alpha wolves to be shot and killed along with their unborn pups. Nice going Wisconsin.

These are the groups who reported lobbying for this monstrosity of a bill. This wolf hunt is being driven by “thrill kill seekers” and  has nothing to do with science but everything to do with providing amusement for trophy hunters.

Groups Reported Lobbying For Wolf Hunt Bill

Safari Club International, Wisconsin Chapters
United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, Inc.
Wi~Force (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators, Inc.)
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association 
Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association
Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc 
Wisconsin Pork Association 
Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association (CRANBERRIES???)


Group Reported Lobbying Against the Wolf Hunt Bill

Stockbridge-Munsee Community ( I don’t know who you are but thank you for standing for wolves)


Wisconsin has declared war on its wolves. Please consider a boycott of Wisconsin products and tourism. There are plenty of other places to visit and buy cheese.  Shame on the Wisconsin legislature! Shame!


Assembly passes bill creating wolf hunt

Posted: Mar 14, 2012 2:33 AM MDT Updated: Mar 14, 2012 2:33 AM MDT 
MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A wolf hunt in Wisconsin would be created under a bill that has passed the state Legislature.

The Assembly passed the measure early Wednesday morning despite objections from Democrats who argued concerns of experts about the need for such a hunt and the way it was organized under the bill.



 Contact the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and let them know how you feel about the Wolf hunt. Be polite but resolute!!

Wisconsin Department of Tourism

201 West Washington Avenue
PO Box 8690
Madison WI 53708-8690
1-800-432-8747 or 608/266-2161



Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

8030 Excelsior Drive, Suite 305
Madison, WI 53717-1950

Contact Information

Phone: 608-828-4550
Fax: 608-828-4551



Office of Governor Scott Walker

115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702


(608) 266-1212






Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702


Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. so.i emailed wisconsin representatives,called one..what good do we do if these people are so dead set against reason and listening???. i feel very discouraged today.but i will not give up.none of us can give up..we must keep going and making our voices heard..but i guess i must speak for myself ,not anyone else.for that is the most honest thing…except for speaking for the wolves..we must .my heart is heavy.beyond heavy.

    • They are dead set. I e mailed rep Bernier in Wisconsin & he said THE DNR IS IN SUPPORT OF THE WOLF HUNTS, & they are CRUEL. Very Very cruel.
      Please e mail ken Salazar feedback@ios.doi.gov
      & info@barackobama.gov

    • Helen…we need a new game plan. We only have ourselves to rely on now.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. call the business ones- tell them there will be a boycott of them- and take it to you tube naming names- we must appeal Federally here- to step in and stop it-
    lets call and call – not sure who but let’s do it
    it works if we can keep up the pressure

    • Danielle…I am working on a new direction with other wolf advocates. I hope to do a post on this very soon. It does look dark but we will never give up.
      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. this is pure sport- shame on that legislature- shame – lets keep up the pressure on the web

  4. This is a tragedy

    • Yes it is Gitte. A dark day.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. This is a very sad day. I am lost for words.

    • If you’re lost for words please e mail Ken Salazar & tell him this must be stopped. feedback@ios.doi.gov The more e mails the more someone may do something to stop this.
      Also info@barackobama.gov
      I got Rep Bernier’s e mail from this site & a slew of other reps from Wisconsin.
      These are EVIL PEOPLE.

  6. I also feel very disgusted today too..What is it going to take to end the madness? There is no respect for life anymore… Terribly upsetting! Why can’t they just leave the wolves alone!

  7. I’m sick and heartbroken. I will continue to fight for them in every way I possibly can though, starting with boycotting.

  8. Heartless, unconscienable… Here is a quote from a Wisconsin resident speaking against trapping that I found while on the Project Coyote site.

    “I live in Wisconsin where- despite our best efforts- our legislature has opened all of our parks and public lands to trapping. The majority of citizens are against it, but the trapping lobby has the money to buy the legislature so the law was rammed through before we could get a referendum on the ballot. Two pet dogs have already been killed while out for runs with their owners. Next it will be someone’s child. WI has become an animal cruelty theme park for sociopaths.”

    Her last sentence sums it up quite well for this latest abomination.

    • Yes, money is the big mover. We see it in the current presidential race. We can see it in the attempts to pass ag-gag bills to stop whistleblowers from showing the brutality of factory farming and in the overturned law that were meant to stop puppy mills. Sad that wrong, unfair, and cruel laws can be passed because of wealthy groups and their lobbyists. The animals belong with the 99 percenters!

      • What a sad and sorry state of affair. Would that all of the 99%ers were animal activists too.

    • Idaho is leading the way with being an animal cruelty theme park for sociopaths. Sorry to hear about Wisconsin going this way, too. When a child is choked to death in a snare, maybe people will wake up.

      • Animal cruelty theme park for sociopaths. Well stated. Exactly what some of these states are becoming.

    • Janet…that just about sums it up. We have to shame these states that treat their animals like scum. Boycott, boycott, it’s time to get tough. This could be a bumper sticker

      “WI has become an animal cruelty theme park for sociopaths.”

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Too long.
        WI is an animal cruelty theme park for sociopaths.

  9. What a huge disappointment. I had such high hopes last night when I went to bed. Cranberry growers? Standing with their farming buddies I see. They won’t get a dime from me as I buy my cheese and cranberries from New England! Even the West isn’t this bad. This isn’t in support of hunting but for the tradition of brutality. I thought the Cro-Magnon man had evolved, but apparently he is alive and well and living in Wisconsin! (and he’s breeding!)

    What a disgrace – thanks to the Anishinaabe people for standing up for decency. I think of how your beautiful Great Lakes region must have been.

    • Actually, Idaho is as bad or worse when it comes to slaughtering wolves & coyotes.

      • I was hoping Wisconsin would distinguish itself from such fine company as Idaho, but they haven’t. I wonder what Minnesota will do.

    • Ida…Notice the Safari Club was at the top of the list. They have fought for this for a long time, I’m sure they are quite happy with themselves. There is going to be a tremendous backlash from this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. “We must appeal Federally here – to step in and stop it-
    lets call and call – not sure who but let’s do it
    it works if we can keep up the pressure.”

    We must.

    • Ida…the feds are ones that pushed through the delisting. They are one board with Wyoming’s shoot on sight plan. The feds are the wolves’ enemy, they don’t care about what happens to them, IMO. We need a new plan. Maybe ballot initiatives…let the people decide.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. I’ve contacted Fox News, HLN (Jane Valdez Mitchell) Gave them the links. Briefly explained the crises. I do hope they read them. I know Jane is in favor of the wolf. priscilla Feral (Friends of animals) was on her show on behalf of the wolf. All we can do is keep fighting. Writing these bozo cattlemen will only give them satisfaction. They are hell bent on slaughtering whatever we protest. I believe the best way to make the world aware of what jerks are out there and what they are so brutally doing is through the media…so…contact your news papers, radio station, Fox News, CNN (HLN) Jane Valdez Mitchell, and either tell them or ask them for an email and send them the links from this site. Also, there was a SCIENTIFIC study done, (wish I could remember the group, but it was scientific) that showed the wolf is NOT the predator of all these claims (lies). Maybe somebody remembers who did this study. I know I copied the statistics a while ago from here:

    “Coyotes were responsible for 60.5% of all deaths, with the next largest being domestic dogs at 13.3%.[7] Other North American predators of sheep included cougars (5.7%), bobcats (4.9%), eagles (2.8%), bears (3.8%), and foxes (1.9%).[7] Wolves, ravens, vultures, and other animals together made up the remaining 7.1% of deaths.[7]”

  12. I live in the UK, and I find it abhorrent to think of what is happening to these beautiful creatures, all because some ‘humans’..and I use that term loosely, can gratify their lust to kill….. I sign every petition that I am able to sign, to get a Government that is not mine to change their Laws and stop this abomination, but it seems that in the USA as in the UK they are a law unto themselves,and only take notice of corporate bodies and not the wishes of the people

  13. I’m usually not the kind of person who has violent thoughts, but right now I’m hoping every single person who lobbied for the bill, and all the bloodthirsty hunters out there, will have a big old helping of mad elk steak.That would be an ironic form of karma..

  14. I’m always amazed at how little the media covers environmental and conservation issues – really shocking. We should contact them and try to get them to report on these things – instead of our news being barely indistinguishable from entertainment schlock programming. Probably your average American can tell you more about the Kardashians than the environment. :(

  15. The sad thing is this is not being approached from a scientific standpoint at all, but more like a free-for-all that was only being held in check by the Federal Government. Thanks Obama Administration! Why couldn’t they have seen this coming. This is not hunting and wildlife management but ignorance and cruelty. The concept of profit, property ownership, and debt were introduced to the Native peoples by these European invaders and subjugators years ago, and we’ve never been the same. This once beautiful country is ruined. :(

    • It’s being ruined because…….. the gov is in charge of animals being killed, or rounded up, or anything that has to do with ANIMAL “MANAGEMENT”. That’s a catchy phrase right?? The caretaking of animals/wild animals should be taken away & given to a group that has a good, sound , caring reputation. The wild life management is no more than cattle ranchers & their BIG MONEY lobbyiests wanting the land for only cattle.
      I’ve been e mailing Rep Bernier & other representatives to vote against this, but he told me that the DNR wants the wolves hunted!!!
      As for Ken Salazar stated by Donna….. he is NOT NOT NOT, YOUR FRIEND. I WENT TO a town meeting where he was speaking & taking questions, & as soon as the microphone was in my hand & I asked about the horse round ups, & the torture they go through with the helicopters chasing them for over an hour, he cut me off, they took my mic away, & he said he couldn’t talk about this at this time ??? I talked LOUDLY & asked why, & he said some lame excuse, but he wouldn’t address anything to do with the roundups. I have learned a lot, because of meeting with Laura Leigh who takes pictures & video every day on the range, & believe me we’re in for a surprise. It’s not only the cattlemen, but the g o v wants the land for INDUSTRIALIZATION, so they will be pulling every resource out of the land & our lands may start looking like it was bombed. THEY WILL ALSO START MINING & THIS TAKES A TON OF WATER, A TON, SO DEPLETION OF OUR WATER IS AT STAKE. THEY ALSO WANT TO
      THE ONLY OTHER WAY i know of to get this message out is on Face book, but just my immediate group see’s this. I hope you tell every one you know to write, e mail Ken Salazar FEEDBACK@IOS.DOI.GOV. THE MORE E MAIL HE GETS, IT MAY MAKE AN IMPACT. BUT I KNOW THAT POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT MORE THAN YOU CAN GUESS, & THE GREED IS RAMPANT.
      A quick e mail or call to g o v officials will help ,, I hope.
      Another e mail address is INFO@BARACKOBAMA.COM
      Please e mail them & tell them to stop slaying & torturing wolves &
      Thanks so much

  16. Shame on you Wisconsin. I too at am a loss for words. Here is the contact info for Governor Scott Walker. Hopefully I will find the right words to say to him:
    Office of Governor Scott Walker
    115 East Capitol
    Madison, WI 53702
    (608) 266-1212


  17. The cattlemen also want wild horses rounded up and sent to slaughter too so they can have the land. Actually, it’s a wonder these good old boys that like killing so much don’t want to hunt the horses too. They are dispicable. And while some people think it is unfair to mostly blame the Republicans, they seem to be the ones who like guns the most and who don’t want to interefere in anything tha makes someone a buck (like allowing people to buy baby tigers and lions to exploit and to kill for trophies).

  18. Than you for listing the groups supporting the bill…This needs to be made very public….The state of Wisconsin deserved a serious law suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dr. David L. Mech for all your support and Ken Salazar, as well in the Dept of Interior!

    • Read my comments above & see that KEN SALAZAR IS no ones friend. I talked to someone I can’t identify & he said that he is a despoiler of the earth. He doesn’t care about the horses or wolves, it’s what ever lines his palms..
      please e mail him & tell him you object to his plans.
      also Bob Abbey, but he’s just a puppet, Director@blm.gov
      If we all called, e mailed as well as post here this we be a BIG IMPACT ON THESE morons.

  19. There’s really no side in government the people can trust anymore – the Democrats are not much better nowadays. It’s all about money. I was also disappointed to see Donald Trump’s sons “grinning” over dead animals in the news also. :(

  20. Some good news (3/13/12):

    “In its first vote on the issue since 2008, the U.S. Senate today decisively voted down an amendment to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration (vote count 41-57).

    This amendment, offered by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), not only sought to open the Arctic refuge’s coastal plain to drilling, but also would have allowed drilling in vast areas of our nation’s coastal waters, including the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, offshore Virginia and Alaska’s Bristol Bay, would have approved the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and would have reinstated 11th hour regulations from President Bush that would allow massive commercial-scale leasing of our western public lands for oil shale and tar sands developments.”

  21. when will it end? legislators are following the money – totally uncaring about the animals it hurts(kills). until or unless we can stop the money flow to legislative pockets – all our screaming to stop the killing will go unheeded. I personally can (and will) refuse to buy anything from Wisconsin – and other wolf kill states – although I don’t know if it will do much good. too many people don’t know what is going on or they just don’t care.

  22. Reblogged this on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife.

  23. This is just one more thing to keep me despondent, but I am thrilled about the vote to keep drilling out of ANWR. I have fought to keep that pristine for decades also.

  24. All that work for nothing. Sorry Wisconsin, but I won’t be back anytime soon.

  25. This breaks my heart, and for today I feel as though we are fighting a losing battle. I do so want to see the hearts of man care that this splendid wild animal be a part of our wilderness.
    I’m so sorry wolves of wisconsin- I send my love. Now you must watch your every step and that most likely won’t save you. Man is more the beast than you.

  26. Evil = legislators of Wisconsin.

    • Evil = sacrificing others for one’s own gain and that is what they have done. Once again, our beautiful wolves have been placed on their evil sacrificial altar. Obama = deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to wildlife.

  27. iam so sad about the wolves that i have words to expres myself!!!!!!!!!! iam so upset!!!!!! i can not believe how evil the legisletors are!!!!!!!!!!!! iam in pain beyond everything for the wolves, only god knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pray everynight for them for thir babies, for the mothersto be for all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I will be organizing a boycott of everything Wisconsin related via Change.org and ThePetitionsite.com I will post links as soon as the letters and petitions are up.

    Here’s what I think will get their attention:

    If as a group we exert economic pressure on the state and industries within it we will get their attention. There are vastly more people that would oppose the brutality of hunting and killing animals, especially wolves and particularly with the cruel methods permitted in this bill then there are people interested in slaughtering wildlife.

    As a block we have tremendous power. As individuals far less so. I say we go deep and wide. Target the state, the representatives that failed to heed the will of the people and particularly the industries that lobbied in support of this heinous piece of legislation.

    In addition, we need to make this pain felt far beyond those responsible. I suggest we target everything Wisconsin. The state’s tourism revenue, its dairy revenue, its state park revenue. Everything. In fact what I’m proposing is tantamount to economic sanctions against the state in every way we can effect them.

    Believe me the tens of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue will wake people up and could easily force an eventual reversal of this new law.

    There are plenty of people that would never take action on our behalf unless our actions force them to wake up and take notice.

    I’d appreciate suggestions or additional thoughts on this topic and would welcome collaborators in authoring the petition as well as the letter we should plan to copy to every significant economic entity we can uncover within the state.

    Also, please follow me on twitter @owstarr as I frequently post on these issues there.

    • I’m with you on this Oliver all the way. We have to target the only thing they understand $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  29. Well, Roy I started a petition that has cost The Grey a few million and that was just a stupid movie. I started another one that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of signatures being distributed to the Prime Minister of Thailand and protests in places as far away as London, so laugh all you want. We’ll see what happens…

  30. I am sorry to hear this. It is devastating to know that a human would want to kill a wolf. I don’t know what to think, what has made man turn against nature. I know not everyone is for this yet these people always seem to get their way. I call them earth’s destroyers. They are the same people, at heart, who are for pipelines, drilling in the Artic and various other acts of destruction to our earth. Surely the wolves are a part of our earth and have every right to be here. Wolves are a part of the balance of nature. Cows with all their methane gases pollute the earth. I have nothing against cows. But when it comes down to it we all know the fraction of cows taken by wolves is very small. The damage done by cows is large. Every hunter, rancher and everyone else against wolves should be ashamed.

  31. It’s completely unfair that the wolves and other animals have to die because people want SPORT! How would they react if I wanted to hunt them??? They would sue me broke. But with the wolves, it’s “Oh, we don’t care. We want entertainment.” and “They’re to many of them.” Sometimes, if I could, I would slap every single one of them. Have they no sense?!

  32. What happened with Sierra Club? I guess they are busy in promoting wind turbines….

  33. Thursday: Phone swarm anyone?

    1 Safari Club International in AZ: (520) 620-1220
    (The polar bear ‘hunteress’ (gag) is a member of Safari Club (SCI) and SCI supports hunting of threatened species, de-listing of endangered species. ) Their website is spin. Call them on the cruelty.

    2 WI govenors # listed above. (Just for the fun of it – he’s under recall
    and not the warm fuzzy type)

  34. Oliver, I’m from Wisconsin. Keep us posted.

    • So sorry your elected representatives are completely insensitive to the will of the people, the rights of native peoples or the plight of animals. It’s tragic what they’re allowing to happen. Every one of them should be replaced with people that have a conscience.

      • Yes Oliver, it was an absolute travesty how they waited until the middle of the night, when there was no time to have an informed debate or even consider the amendments the Democrats offered or testimony from the tribes or any science what so ever. It was cowardly and you can see by the list I printed who was behind the lobbying of this horrific bill.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  35. It was the Republican Congress that put wildlife into the budget. It was their vote that gave some states the power to delist wolves and other wildlife. Stop blaming the President. It will get us no where. When are people going to learn that bills and budgets are passed by Congress and the Senate, not the President. The President can veto a bill, but he is not a legislator. He did veto this budget, but Republicans threatened to shut down the government. I remember signing numerous petitions over this fight. My Democrat Congressman in Colorado who says that we need an abundance of wildlife was against this budget, but he was outnumbered by Republicans, because uninformed Americans voted for them. Thanks Wis. for voting Republican. You have voted people into office who get off on killing innocent animals, you spit on the face of my parents and others who fought for labor rights, civil rights, and Native American rights in the state of Wis. My heart goes out to all the wolves, children, Democrats and Independents, that suffer because of you. I hope all your dairy products rot on the shelves, that no one buys your beer, and that you lose all your tourists. I was born in Wis. and I’m very angry what you have done to my home state, the good people there, and the wolves. I am very angry that you are hurting the Ojibwe people and their brother the wolf. Thank you, Ojibwe people for letting me spend my summers on your land at Grindstone Lake when I was a child. My heart goes out to your people and the wolves!

    • Well stated, Ellen!

    • Ellen, I’m not a political person but you have to face facts. In 2009, mere months after Obama was elected he appointed a rancher to head the Interior and delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies. Wolves were then hunted just a few months off the list, starting in the Fall of 2009. A lawsuit was filed protesting the delisting by several environmental groups and in August 2010, US District Judge Donald Molloy relisted gray wolves in the N.Rockies once again. That’s when the wolf haters really went to work. Rep Simpson R-ID introduced a delisting rider into the House budget bill, which passed the House with the rider intact. Then there was some legal wrangling in the Senate and Senator Jon Tester D-MT inserted the wolf delisting rider into the Senate version of the budget bill. It was passed by the majority Democrat Senators, only three Democrats voted against it: Wyden, Levin and Leahy. President Obama signed the bill into law with the wolf rider intact and the rest is history. It is a sad story that not only would Democrats dismantle the ESA but that the President would betray and delist wolves TWICE. Those are the facts and there is no way to change them. I’m an Independent and bow to neither party but what happened was a travesty. That is why wolves are in the situation they are in today. To add insult to injury the USFWS under the Obama admin. just delisted wolves in the three Great Lakes states, two of which will hold wolf hunts, with the now infamous Wisconsin wolf hunt being the most brutal.

      Obama did all these things and there is no way to get around it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, I, too, voted for Obama and I expected real change and I am so disappointed. I agree he is responsible for that s.o.b. Salazar. I think we all need to do our homework on where people stand on wildlife issues before we cast our vote for any level of government. I honestly don’t know how I will vote come November because it is clear that both major parties basically suck. Maybe I will write in Barney the purple dinosaur for president.

  36. Im with you all the way,this is sad news.people have no right to kill these beautiful wolves,they were here before us and have more right to live on earth than we do.Also they are Gods creatures and not ours to take away,shame on the people that kill them.

  37. Im with you all the way,this is sad news.people have no right to kill these beautiful wolves,they were here before us and have more right to live on earth than we do.Also they are Gods creatures and not ours to take away,shame on the people that kill them.

  38. one step forward
    now this,
    two steps back
    heartless manunkind
    his soul on crack:(

  39. Shame On Republician COngress for what they did to this National Treasure our WOLVes. THe descisions of the few will in return effect the whole. THe wolves do not belong to the National hunting Associations to destory. Every single person who knows anyone involved in this awful activity should email write, call and stand up boycot on the streets in front of GAME ANd FIsh they are backing this 100 percent to line there pockets with money and a job. We need the wolves care to be taken away from G and fish.. OUr government shame on them for letting this happen. WE all knew as soon as the Endangered Species Act was taken this would happen slowly from state to state. Do not eat cheese from there, do not tour there. IF every single person stops eating cheese from there and Puts them on a boycot list with IDaho, Montana, WY and make it hurt where the money comes from it will effect them.. a great deal.
    THe bad part is the hunting and hunters will not stop and BIllions of dollars is what is happening a SLAUGHTER Of OUR wildlife for the Few with EGo’s and NO HEart or respect for the EArth or any of the animals on this Earth.. PLease stand up and write, call and do whatever we can as a NATIONAL GROUP TO STOP THIS now another state to fight GOd Bless the WOlves and there struggles to survive?

  40. No! Now Wisconsin’s wolves are going to be slaughtered and tortured as well! Wolf recovery in the Great Lakes has been a huge success; why are they jeopardizing the population with hunting?! I am going to write to the Governor of Wisconsin and request that he veto this horrible bill when it reaches his desk for signing.

    By the way, the poor dead animal in the picture is an Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans thamnos).

    • The picture was taken in 1909 Carla and it’s not a very good picture. It’s labeled by Wikipedia as a wolf but that’s why I made the distinction “wolf or coyote”. It actually doesn’t matter because coyotes are even more persecuted then wolves with virtually no protection. It’s animal cruelty and abuse no matter which animal is involved.

      Writing to Scott Baker, the governor of Wisconsin, might be an exercise in futility because he will probably sign the bill with light speed but there is no harm in trying.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • From a scientific point of view, it is important to know what species it is. That way, scientists can estimate the (current and historic) distribution and abundance of a species.

        If it was a dead wolf, it would look more like this: http://home.centurytel.net/PAW/minnwolf.jpg

        Living specimens of each Canis species from the Great Lakes look like these:
        Gray Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus): http://www.lookpictures.net/photos/registered_photos/7517-gray-wolf-minnesota.jpg
        Timber Wolf (Canis lycaon): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/49/Canis_lupus_lycaon_01.jpg
        Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans thamnos): http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/living/animals/wildlife/images/eastern_coyote.jpg

        But you are right: from an animal cruelty perspective, it matters not what the species it. It’s still an innocent animal that is capable of feeling emotions and pain, and it is not right to destroy or abuse any living creature, regardless of its species.

        I love coyotes, and have seen them in the wild before. They are beautiful and wonderful creatures. It’s sad that coyotes get so persecuted and have little to no protection. I wish they gained more protection and respect; they deserve better than what they get. But I don’t think that’s going to happen as long as hunters are in control of Wildlife Management; they think coyotes (and Eastern Coyotes in particular) are destroying deer (once I saw a slogan that said something along the lines of “Save a Deer, Kill a Coyote” – now doesn’t that kind of slogan sound familiar?).

        When I become a Biologist, I’m going to try to promote respect for all predators. I’m also going to try to promote the non-lethal management of predators (and all other species).

        I don’t care if the odds are against me, I’m still going to write to the Governor of Wisconsin. I already have the letter written; I just need to send it. Oh, and his name is Scott Walker, not Scott Baker.

  41. I am outraged that such cruel unthinking people are electec to make these decisions

  42. This is outrageous that they can actually do such a cruel thing. They have no heart.

  43. For all the people that care about wildlife and wolves- with all the great work that Nabeki is doing we need people to get involved by calling the Wisconsin DNR and tell them you don’t support using wolves, bear cubs, coyotes or other wildlife as bait to satisfy the thrill killers in the Wisc Bear Hunters Assoc…..They use native wildlife as bait to “train” their dogs. Wisconsin law prohibits dogs killing wildlife. The Wisconsin Wildlife federation calls this abuse “tradition” and “recreation”.
    Please visit http://www.wiwildlifeethic.org and view the video(it is hard to watch) showing dogs ripping at a bleeding bear cub on the ground as their masters stand and watch…….
    We will expose this abuse and hold the Wisc DNR responsible.

  44. The recall election on June 5th is the best way to change all this. So, don’t forget to vote and tell all your friends to vote and boot out Walker gangsterism and cruelty.

    • If Walker is booted out will that negate any bills he signed, such as the horrific wolf hunt bill that allows hunters to chase a wolf with up to six dogs?


  45. **unemployment.. Please forgive the typo

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