Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston’s Comments, IDFG Commissioner’s Meeting…

 Comment–Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners Meeting, March 21, 2012, Boise, Idaho

Hello, Commissioners,

I am Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston. I live in Cottonwood, Idaho. I am an Environmental Historian and wildlife rehabilitator. I am the author of four major books related to environment,  wildlife and human-wildlife relations, including my latest work from Penguin, Wolfsong: A Natural and Fabulous History of Wolves. I am also a journalist. I represent the educational  Ravensong Group and I represent the will of the American people.
     As an American and an Idaho tax payer, I call each and every one of you out.  I remind you that wolves are apex predators and wolves are a globally endangered species.  Anyone who manages to pass  Wildlife 101 in college understands that healthy elk herds need healthy predators. I could confuse you with more facts, but Commissioners, I know you are not really ignorant or stupid and you know the facts. Wolves do not decimate herds–wild or livestock. Less than one percent of livestock depredation comes from all predators–PERIOD.  And as for elk, deer and bison herds–the number of predators, including wolves, is dictated by the number of prey–not vice versa.
Wolves are a type of dog.
In fact, they are America’s dogs. What kind of man kills dogs? If a dog killer enters my neighborhood or your neighborhood–they would be stopped and arrested. Yet Idaho persists in killing America’s wolves. The American people demand that you reassess your roles in the brutal destruction of American wildlife resources. The American people demanded and implemented the Endangered Species Act in 1973. The American people spent $300 million in wolf recovery. This includes the wolves of the Northern Rockies–of which you and men of your ilk have slaughtered 524 since October 2011. You sell game tags and demand hunters obey Idaho game laws when it comes to elk and deer. Yet you sell wolf tags and do not punish wolf poachers, like the female outfitter and her husband in northern Idaho who deliberately lured a wolf and killed him–without a tag. And like OR-9, the Oregon wolf who was poached by a killer without a tag a few weeks ago. The American people demand justice for these wolves and the other 500 killed for no reason.
            Your clear plan is extirpation of all wolves in Idaho. The American people are not stupid and we are angry at your killing. The children of Idaho do not have decent education and many are hungry. Yet you, in your arrogance, complained that not enough hunters killed our wolves in the Lolo and you contracted with the brutal federal Wildlife Services and spent $35,000 of Idaho tax dollars to butcher 14 Lolo wolves. Wolves who were bothering no one and only wanted to live in peace in American wilderness. $35,000 could have paid an Idaho teacher’s salary for a year. And it could also have fed hungry children. Some would say America has been sleeping while you destroy our wolves and our tax investment. Commissioners, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED.
We are mad as Hell and we will not take your abuse of our investment and our wolves and wildlife any more. At this rate of your irresponsible killing and mismanagement,  you are putting Idaho wolves on the fast track to federal protection.
You have demonstrated that you are incapable of responsible wolf and wildlife management. We will see you in court and your state will remain boycotted. You can’t love Nature from the barrel of a gun.
Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston



Photo: wolf wallpaper

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  1. Wow. Powerful. Thank you for posting it.

    • You’re welcome Vincent.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Hi my Name is Gracie and I absolutely ADORE wolves. I am thirteen years old and wish that I could see a live wolf in it’s natural habitat. I also long to help protect wolves from their brutal fate. But as I have previously stated I am only thirteen and don’t know how I can help. Please I am desperately seeking advice can you help me?

    • So wonderful to hear from you Gracie, you are the future and your generation will decide how our wildlife is cared for. Please talk to your friends and make them aware of what is happening to the wolves. You can make a difference. You could even form a wolf club with like minded people your age.

      A pro-active idea. Make a montage of wolf pictures and glue them on artboard. You can find pictures in used magazines or newspapers. Then add your own words, maybe a poem, or just how you feel about wolves. Ask your friends if they will sign it, try to get as many signatures as you can and send it to the Governor of Idaho or Montana. Its a great way to make a statement and support wolves.

      And please keep reading the blog, we’re so glad to have you.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Gracie, what state do you live in ? I am so proud that you have the desire to love and protect the wolves as many of us do. There are many websites out there that you can look into that will beable to guide you in the right way. Howling for Justice is a very good start and has all kinds of information on different states and what is going on in those states. I am Arizona Rep. for Wolf Howl Coalition wish is forming world-wide and our Coorp. Learder is Wolf Tetem: website wolfhow.com Bless you Gracie , your Wolf Sister.
      Wind Dancer

      • Hi wind dancer,

        I had to remove your private email address, it’s a policy on the blog that personal information will not be displayed, for your protection, since anti wolfers read this blog as well. You can reach us now @ Wolf Warriors on FB, the new Timeline format allows pages to receive mail. Thanks so much.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Thank you. I have a wolf debate on Tuesday. Ugh I’m so nervous. I wound up doing the debate alone. This is because I would have wound up doing the whole debate myself no matter what group I was in. It’s truly pathetic actually. lol i am in a class full of of imbeciles!

      • I live in Montana and thank you. Ugh Sarah Palin is really getting on my nerves. Did you hear what she said on the news?

    • Gracie, a wolf is another kind than we, both fierce and gentle beyond our own capacities.
      I tell you this because I have studied psychology, anthropology, mammalogy, various kinds of ecology such as population ecology, and some other sciences; I tried hard to understand our species, and the wild species with whom we share the world.

      I’m writing back to you to tell you about a woman I know who is a biologist. She told me she followed her career because she so loved the great bears of America that she wanted to do whatever she could to help them, as we were wiping them out just by making roads through their world, as well as killing them out of fear, and never knowing them.

      You are 13 now. The wolf lives maybe 10 years in it wild, eager, enthusiastic life, although a few live longer.

      If you should decide to learn all you can of wolves because they have spoken to you in your heart, then please do so. Then you will be able to help them, whether you educate others about what you know, whether you advocate for their kind or their world, or if you care deeply enough about them to use whatever you learn, even if you spend your life doing something else. In 10 years, you might have taken a graduate degree.

      You might have written, photographed, studied them intently in their habitat, convinced many who don’t know that they are more, and more worthy of respect than any human yet completely understands..

      In the lifetime of a healthy wolf, you can become very effective on behalf of its children, grandchildren. In your very learning everyday from now on, you will change everyone you meet.

    • You have the heart of an angel. Best wishes for your success.

  3. Pretty clear, isn’t it? Now what?

  4. Dr Catherine Feher-Elston is very well spoken and she is one serious advocate for the wolves. I applaud her courage to stand up to the commissioners. She is an inspiration to all of us. I love that she is taking them to court. This may be the only way to get them to stop the killing. BRAVO! Dr Catherine! Bert C.

  5. Oh I thank God for this. Dr. Feher-Elston’s comments brings tears to my eyes, truly. I’m so sick and tired of the current political climate destroying our wildlife and environment and setting the strides people have worked hard for back decades, all under the guise of “individual property rights”. Idaho is fast becoming a lawless place and is an embarrassment to the nation.

    • Bless you. We must stop this killing. We must make Idaho and the federal government obey the will of the American people.

  6. Count me in! let’s make that a class action lawsuit, this senseless killing of the wolves must stop.

    • Brilliant idea, Tony. :)
      I know that something needs to be done
      to put an end to the needless and senseless
      death and destruction to our precious wolves.

  7. And the doctors tells the IDFG: “Time for your medication.” Good strong stand, Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston! And good to hear that we outnumbered the haters.

    The time has come. Time to fight back. Up the howls!

  8. I love you little Gracie, for your strength and the courage it took, to speak up on this forum. You can start by making your all your friends and relatives aware of what is happening now to America’s Wolves. As you can see by the above comment by this learned and passionate lady, Dr Catherine Feher- Elston, you can become educated about these animals that you love and spread the word far and wide, that you believe there is a very special place for them in our eco system. Until they are all gone, no one really knows how much they will be missed.I am talking about the environment and the lasting health of fellow predators in the areas in which they live. At 13, you have your whole life ahead of you to work for the things that you feel most passionate about. So, spread the word and write and share, wherever you can, how vital it is to spare the Wolves we have remaining. Right now they are being shot on sight, shot from helicopters, baited and snared. There is a debate going on as we speak as to whether live bait should be used to trap these magnificent and intelligent creatures…

    • guess what i’m going to send around a petition so I can start a wolf club in my school so maybe I can make a difference in our pathetic economy and I may be 13 but Obama will be hearing from me and VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!

  9. Magnificent and motivating. I would love to read her books. She’s going in the right direction when she brings in the taxpayer. This just makes me sick. I’ve never experienced such destruction of a spieces and to talk about wolves being America’s dogs – I sure hope this sinks in.

  10. Amazing and inspiring to hear such an eloquent voice speaking for our horribly victimized wolves. It would be even more amazing if someone from IDFG was actually paying attention.


  12. Dr Catherine Feher-Elston is not only an inspiration for our
    noble cause, she is also our morale booster and I applaud her
    for the courage to tell it like it is and she speaks the truth. :)
    She should also give all of the ignorant bumpkins in Montana,
    Wyoming, and other ruthless redneck states a major
    shellacking like she did with those brainless bureaucrats
    in Idaho!!
    Dr Catherine Feher-Elston is our hero and
    shows leadership to our noble cause. :)

    • Very well said WiZard, Catherine is a dedicated wolf advocate and put it all on the line at the meeting. She gave them a piece of her mind and it’s a long time coming. We are done being nice. The wolves are being slaughtered and IDFG marches along without giving the pro wolf advocates a thought. That has to change.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. THank YOU SO MUCH I AM speechless and IT was a wonderful Speech. OH how I love every single word you said. Powerful, truthful and Beautiful.
    Blessings I put you on my twitter account please follow..
    Devonna ELLEn Mcrae

    • Ellen thank you!! I can’t find your account for some reason. Do you have the link?


      • Wow this was last yr and I am just now reading it…I ask myself have I really been this busy? Please research my twitter is Ellen Mcrae.. let me know?

    • I just had an amazing thought! If we could raise enough money and buy enough land to support all wolves. Then why don’t we show the world who wishes to annihilate wolves what it would be like with out them. c’mon let’s show them what we r made of. If we pull this off we could prove to leave world once and for all that we NEED wolves!!!

  14. Well, that’s a hec of a speech, right from the head and the heart. Over the next few days I am going to e mail this little speech to everyone who matters, The White House, Newspapers, environmental papers, friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears! Sooner or later someone had to summarise the whole scenario succinctly and maybe here it is.
    “The pen is indeed mightier than the sword!”

    • Yes And it is about time we the people take control of our government i mean if a 13 year old is so concerned than shouldn’t adults be 2?!

  15. Woo Hoo ! Love your comment Dr Catherine !! :D :D

  16. The pen,music, song,painting,theater,dance..all “mighty” venues for our voices..Thank you Dr.Feher-Elston for your powerful words.I hope we ,we who care so deeply for the wolf, can and will use whatever gift we have to speak up and out for those animals who cry out ,but are not heard by the powers that be.Those same powers turn a deaf ear to us ,also.We must not give up. As i mentioned before,I have just had an art opening here in the southeast .It is an exhibit of drawings,painting and collages of wolves.This is how I can reach a larger audience, to help raise awareness of what is happening to our wolf brothers and sisters.One picture is titled”VOICES GATHER” and this is what I feel is happening with those of us who are speaking up and out.Remember the wolf credo:”VOICE YOUR FEELINGS!” Change is possible!!It takes time.Thank you to all who care and speak from your hearts.

    • I am righting a petition to send around my school and I WILL send it to Obama

      • That is an excellent idea Gracie. I hope you get lots of signatures. He needs to hear from you.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. Each individual state, receives their ” GO AHEAD ” from the BLM & Ken Salazar e mail “feedback@ios.doi.gov. If we e mail him to convey our dislike for this killing of wolves. also wild horses, etc. we may make an impact. Also Jeff Siddoway in Idaho is the senator who wanted LIVE BAIT,( puppies) for catching wolves. These people must be stopped if we want our wild animals to exist. We are their voice.
    Thank you for taking the time for all these animals.

    • I met with Siddoway and told him he was wrong. FYI–he and his family get millions in federal subsidies…

  18. Dr. Feher-Elston, thank you for saying so eloquently what thousands of Americans have been saying every day. I would have given almost anything to be at that meeting to hear her conviction. These arrogant blood thirsty killers need to be stopped. I see that there is a march on Washington on behalf of the wolves being organized in April of 2013. I think this is an excellent idea, I just hope that it’s not too late. As Idaho has so brutally demonstrated this year, a lot of wolves can be killed in a year. Folks, we need to talk about this issue everywhere we go, on every Facebook group or page, every online forum, in the grocery store check out line, at the water cooler at work….EVERYWHERE!. Most people do not even know this is happening and the majority of them that do are outraged. I have seen the public comments submitted to Idaho in response to their so called wolf management plan and the overwhelming majority of respondents are adamantly opposed to the hunting or trapping of American wolves. Speak out now people and let your voice be heard on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves!!

  19. God bless you Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston. These are the same words I have been screaming for over 40 years. I pray that these, pardon my description, but Neanderthals, take heed in your words, for they are accurate and true. Government officials have to stop the blood money for the kills. Defender’s have held meetings and gone out to farms and shown these farmers how to keep the wolves and livestock separate. What these farmers and hunters do not seem to understand is that a wolf needs a pack to bring down even an elderly or old elk, moose, bison. If they slaughter the whole wolf family and leave one….he will go after rabbits, berries, but he might try to take a lamb. They need a pack to keep the wild herds healthy, keep them moving so the grass does not become over-grazed, trees have a chance to grow where birds can make homes and raise their young. It’s a cycle. Hmm…wonder who that great person was that thought up this miraculous plan? Oh, yes…GOD!
    Thank you Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston.

    Anne DiNuci

  20. Anyone else want to start a protest… again? Come on, I’m tired of debaiting on YouTube, let us raise hell!

  21. AMEN!!!!!!!

  22. Well said, Dr.Feher-Elston.
    I totally agree with you.

  23. wow! so well thought out and passionate too. I thank all who speak out and just hope that the commissioners and others actually LISTEN! the public is waking up and realizing the falsehoods spoken by the ‘wildlife managers! maybe our wolves have a chance to live free after all!

  24. Nabeki:

    I put a potential plan on this website last night…but it is gone.
    Shall try it again?

    All of the speakers did a great job …just showing up. However,
    we need a plan. We need to go after the ranchers. Fish & Game
    is not really in charge….the ranchers are. Anyone remember when
    the Right for a Woman to determine whether she wanted a pregnancy
    or not….1988…..became legal? Remember that Idaho stated they
    would not permit Idaho women to have that right….The Supreme
    Court had said yes, we did. The women of American supported
    Idaho women’s rights by banning Idaho potatoes…lasted six months
    until the Idaho Courts gave in.

    We need to do something like this. Talk goes nowhere when you
    are dealing with issues of CATTLE AND CATTLEMEN’S INVENTED
    RIGHTS …unless it is in Court or banning something that hurts the Opposition. . The Cattle industry is unbelieveable STRONG. They have MONEY. We need a plan to hit them in their financial pockets. It is time to take ACTION; DO SOMETHING TO HURT THEIR POCKET BOOKS…
    Ban Beef across the country. All beef because this is a CATTLEMEN’S
    INDUSTRY; THE CATTLEMEN’S ASSOCIATION. They are going to continue killing the wolves AND WILL MOVE INTO MICHIGAN.
    We must do something drastic and quickly!

    Did my proposel get erased? Or, should I put it on again?

    Sandi Holland

    • Well with the whole “Cattle Issue” it’s the rancher’s fault 4 moving up there in wolf habitat in the 1st place

  25. So well said! I wish the media was there. I really wish the Government would listen to the people’s wishes!
    Thank you so much to Dr. Feher-Elston.
    All we really lack is organization…Pro-Wolf groups are too separate and we need to find a way to work together under one umbrella. I wish I had the place to hold a conference this September!

    • ik that would b so cool

  26. Above link to post from Wolf Army thus….

    The Wolf Army needs the support of the people of the USA. Whilst it is all very well to voice our opinions and our dismay at the wanton animal cruelty perpetuated against the creatures and especially the wolves of the USA on the pages of Face Book, this has little to no effect on the actual killing and trapping. The wolves are being killed and tortured by the likes of the trapper(see page of The Wolf Army) without any opposition from anti cruelty organizations. Join our army by getting a membership. We have specific people to deal with this atrocity and enough support will enable us to start legal proceedings to bring about a change in the way laws are interpreted when it comes to animal cruelty. The future of the wolves is in your hands. In the final battle, choose your champion well. Have a great weekend!! (Vincent)

    • Nette..there are many wolf groups on FB and we should be working together. I’m very aware of the Wolf Army, they are doing a good job of spreading the word. We all have our part to play and I think as we move forward to build a strong grass roots wolf movement it’s important to reach out not to just the wolf groups but other wildlife groups as well, IE: the wild horse advocates, etc.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Why does the government give businesses free passes all the time? Why don’t they just give all the ranchers …., too?

        And Nabeki? I think you miss a anti-wolf member below.

    • Where do i sign up?!

      • There is a “sign me up button on the top of this page, which also gives you instructions on how to sign up. You can also friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Thank You for taking an interest in us and the wolves. Make sure you spread the word to your classmates for they are the future of this country. I think the petition is a great idea, having children as young as you singing a petition to save wolves should make him sit up and listen to our cause.

      • • Less then 1% of all livestock losses are from predators (98% are from WEATHER)
        • Wolves benefit the ecosystem and keep the prey animals numbers in check and keep them moving ( Obama should understand how important it is to keep prey animals numbers down since there is a HUGE problem with deer overpopulation in Maryland (they get hit by cars (causing about 150 deaths and $1.1 billion in property damage annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) starve in winter, spread diseases like lymes and destroy crops which harm farmers, etc)
        • They are very shy and generally do no harm us. In fact, a healthy wolf almost never harms a human, they usually run from them, even abandoning kills and dens to escape them
        • It is important for your petition to be signed because hunters have killed over 524 since October 2011, just in Oregon (shows that they cannot control themselves) and you should remind him how much we spent on wolf reintroduction ($30 million), and that wolf watchers pay millions of dollars in order to see wolves…alive.

        Thanks again for helping with our cause, I hope you get lots of signatures.
        P.S the sites that I used to find this information is below as well as more information I didn’t include





        http://www.defenders.org/programs_and_policy/wildlife_conservation/solutions/wolf_compensation_trust/wolf_predation_and_livestock_losses.php (and defenders of wildlife in general)
        http://www.wolf.org/wolves/index.asp (REALLY GOOD wolf website)

        (tell me if you don’t get any of these)

      • sorry about the length, but the reason I put down those facts was that I think a letter to Obama with the petition will strengthen your argument and those were some pointers of things you can discuss (Facts on wolves, Why you and your classmates are writing the petition and Why this is important)

        Again, thanks for supporting our cause and I hope you get lots of signatures

      • Thank you and god bless you. what i mainly try to remember is god made NO creature imperial over others

  27. Powerful and true words!

  28. Bless you and your words. Wish I could have been there to see their mouths drop.

    • Thank u so much 4 the support Michele

  29. The only way that the few remaining wolves in Idaho will be saved is if brave souls like Catherine have the courage to speak out about the injustice that is being done to wolves in her state.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

  30. When I was growing up in Wisconsin the only thing I wanted more than the whole world was the see a real living wolf. Not one in a reserve or a zoo, just one living in my backyard. Well 10 years later and over 3000 miles I’ve station myself in Alaska and I do get to see them time to time and I couldn’t be happier. But then there are those past the point of help (anti-wolves) and want to leave nothing but destruction in their wake.

  31. Speak for Wolves…Gardiner, Montana.June 28, 29, 2014. Show your courage. Be brave. End the Wolf Holocaust. End the war on wildlife. The Creator stands for life.

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